Top Tuition Centres In Singapore

The Best Tuition Centres in Singapore

The Top 15 Tuition Centres in Singapore

Is your little champ struggling with their classwork? Or perhaps they just need a push to reach their full academic potential? A tuition centre might be a great idea.

However, before tossing your kiddo into a tuition centre, you might first need to check if the place is MOE-registered. Has the school employed MOE teachers? That isn’t just red tape — it’s your assurance that the tutors there are legit, the syllabus is up to scratch, and, most importantly, the environment is safe for your little one.

Currently, there are 779 MOE-registered tuition centres in Singapore. That’s a large number, enough to leave Singaporean parents and students with some serious analysis paralysis.

So, to take things a step further, you might also need to check if the school has been around for years and if they have glowing reviews from parents. 

What are their lesson fees and class size? Interestingly, small-sized classes are better, especially since tutors will have more time to focus on each student and accord them more help.

#1. Everyday Tuition

Everyday Tuition | MediaOne SIngapore

Meet the dynamic duo behind Everyday Tuition: Dr. Anngieline Lu and Mr. Vitor Lee. This power couple, armed with post-graduate degrees in education, serve as the pillars of this tuition centre. It’s not just their educational qualifications that impress — it’s their practical experience, too. 

Dr. Lu, once part of the MOE teaching force, spent seven years shaping the teaching skills of MOE educators at the National Institute of Education. On the other side, Mr. Lee, showing off his leadership chops, sits as the company’s CEO.

At Everyday Tuition, you’ll find that classroom joy and academic ambition go hand-in-hand. Thanks to their uplifting and supportive learning space, students are motivated to learn and earn as many grade jumps as possible. The cream of the crop? Their teachers. 

These education doyens are no strangers to the local education system — most of them are Ph.D. graduates, ex-MOE teachers, and experienced tutors who know how to get the best out of students.

Subjects Taught

The Centre specialises in Math, English, Chinese, and Science for primary and secondary school students. The two centres offer online, hybrid, and offline classes.

The physical branches are at Katong Shopping Centre and Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. 


Registration Fee: S$30

Their tuition fee price depends on your kid’s subject combination: 

  • Fee for Lower Primary: S$99/month per subject 
  • Fee for Upper Primary: S$99/month per subject 
  • Fee for Lower Secondary: S$125/month per subject 
  • Fee for Upper Secondary: S$125/month per subject 

Their package prices start from $99/month.

Levels: Primary

  • Secondary


  • Math
  • English
  • Chinese
  • Science

Class Options: Online 

  • Hybrid 
  • Offline

Experience: 10+ years of teaching experience 

  • Ex-MOE teachers 
  • Ph.D. graduates

Phone: (65) 8500 8938



Google Reviews: 5.0 after 79 Reviews

#2. Vispark

Vispark Singapore

VISPARK is your go-to digital classroom, infusing life into learning with its engaging courseware and specialised teaching strategies. Their two flagship programs — Spark Math and Spark Chinese, are built on solid, research-backed curricula and delivered by experienced Ex-MOE teachers.

Every VISPARK class is designed with a low student-to-teacher ratio, ensuring each child receives a tailored learning experience. But it doesn’t stop there. They’ve taken education to the next level by introducing gamification and animation to their teaching methods. 

Even the most challenging concepts become fun and easy to understand. Plus, they offer the ultimate online convenience — your little one can learn anytime, anywhere. 


Registration Fee: S$50 

Their tuition fee price depends on your kid’s subject combination. 

Fee for Primary/Secondary Students: S$120/month per subject  

Their package prices start from $99/month. 

Levels: Primary and Secondary

Subjects: Math and Chinese

Class Options: Online



Address: 12 Marina View, #10-02 Asia Square Tower 2, Singapore 018961


Phone No.: (65) 6980 8801

Google Reviews: 5.0/5.0 after 30 Reviews

#3. SG Physics, Chemistry, & Math (SGPhysicstuition)

SG Physics, Chemistry, & Math (SGPhysicstuition)

Meet SG Physics’ highly-acclaimed, five-star ex-MOE teachers who’ve turned teaching into art. Equipped with an infectious passion for imparting knowledge, they’re not just good. They’re the best. They’ve been in the trenches, coaching a legion of over 1,000 students throughout the years, and they’re raring to mould even more young minds.

The Centre doesn’t just play catch up with the syllabus — they’re practically in a committed relationship with it. They refresh their educational resources as often as most people check their social media (maybe even more).

Their dedication ensures that every student is armed with the right information, keeping the dreadful “I’m lost in class” scenario at bay. And guess what? This tried-and-true method is so efficient that a staggering 80% to 85% of their pupils typically snag those enviable A to B grades after going through their lessons.

Registration Fees: S$50

Fee for Primary/Secondary Students: 

  • Secondary 3 Subjects: S$70/online lesson, S$75/On-site (Physical) Lesson 
  • Secondary 4-5 Subjects: S$75/online lesson, S$80/On-site (Physical) Lesson
  • Junior College 1/Year 5 Subjects: S$95/Online lesson, S$100/On-site (Physical) lesson
  • Junior College 2/Year 6 Subjects: S$100/Online lesson, S$105/On-site (Physical) lesson


Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Math

Levels: Secondary Junior College

Teaching Options: Online classes

Cost: S$70 to S$105/Lessons

Phone: (65) 8135 6556

Locations: 4 branches

Experience: 20+ years


Google Reviews: 3.9/5.0 after 7 Reviews


#4. Edufirst Learning Centre

Edufirst Learning Centre

EduFirst Learning Centre is a three-time champ, snagging the “Best Enrichment & Learning Schools” award in Singapore — not just once, but thrice. They’re all about offering top-tier education services tailored to squeeze every ounce of potential from each kid. And the cherry on top? They keep their classes small, capping student numbers at a mere eight students per session. 

Populated with a crew of seasoned educators, this Centre is always on its toes, ensuring the syllabus stays fresh and aligned with the MOE’s high standards. They’re like tailors but for learning materials — custom-crafting resources to fit each little learner’s unique needs perfectly.

What do parents love about Edufirst? They’re big fans of the constant progress updates they receive about their kiddos. And if they ever want to chat about little Timmy or Tina’s latest quiz score, they can pick up the phone or text them anytime! But wait, there’s more. Check out their complimentary homework clinic, the perfect solution for all those hardworking parents juggling spreadsheets by day and algebra queries by night.



  • Pre-Primary
  • Primary
  • Secondary

Subjects: Mathematics, English, Chinese, Reading, Writing, Creative Writing, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mother Tongue, Social Studies, Principle of Accounts

Teaching Options: Group classes and private tutoring

Class Size: 4 to 8 students per class

Phone: (65) 9106 7716 

Locations: 15 branches in Singapore 

Experience: Over 12 years of experience 


Registration Fees: S$50 

Deposit: One-month fee

Address: 405C Fernvale Lane, #01-103 Fern Spring, Singapore 793405

Lesson Fees:

  • Pre-School Students: S$140 to S$160/month for four sessions
  • Primary School Students: S$160 to S$180/month for four sessions 
  • Secondary School Students: S$210 to S$240/month for four sessions

#5. Nullspace Robotics

Nullspace Robotics

Does your kiddo have an eye for techy stuff? 

Nullspace Robotics has got them covered! The enrichment centre is one of Singapore’s leading education providers in tech, offering a range of age-appropriate courses to prepare your little techie for the future. 

 Nullspace Robotics isn’t just another enrichment centre. They’re rocking the prestigious Accredited Trustmark. The Ministry of Education has also handpicked them to run the Computer Enrichment Programme for all nine  Gifted Education Programme primary schools in the country.

At Nullspace, your kiddos won’t just be twiddling their thumbs — they’ll dive headfirst into the riveting world of engineering and programming! It’s all about getting their hands dirty, like building their own robots and dreaming up electronic projects. And it doesn’t stop at the regular weekly programmes. They even have fun-packed workshops for holidays.

Phone Number: (65) 9066 3641


Address: 1 Stadium Place #01-72, Singapore 397628 (Kallang Wave Mall)

Levels: For 7 seven to 16

Address: 35 Rochester Drive, #03-07 Singapore 138639

Course Packages and Pricing Information: 

  • Course Level 1: $45/hour 10 hours Session ($450)

Choose between 4 sessions at 2.5hours or 5 sessions at 2hours

  • Course Level 2: $43/hour 20 hours Session ($860)

Choose between 8 sessions at 2.5hours or 10 sessions at 2hours

Course Level 3: $40/hour 60 hours Session ($2400)

Choose between 24 sessions at 2.5hours or 30 sessions at 2hours

Google Reviews: 4.8/5.0 after 65 reviews

#6. Agrader Learning Centre

Agrader Learning Centre

Ready to level up your kiddo’s learning game? Say hello to Agrader Learning Centre, your passport to academic awesomeness. Serving more than just English, Math, Science, and Creative Writing, they’re a powerhouse of knowledge, dishing out top-tier tutorials for all pre-primary, primary, and secondary champs. With 16+ easy-to-access locations across Singapore, Agrader’s got something for everyone.

It’s best known for its Everloop Improvement System, included as a bonus with your weekly lessons, which provides essential after-class support, ensuring the learning doesn’t stop when the class does.

Students are spoiled for choice with a treasure trove of additional worksheets. They can dive into insightful learning videos, ready to explore. They can attend as many revision sessions as they fancy, in-person or from home, to polish and perfect their skills. It’s an all-you-can-learn buffet. 

Every enrollment gives students a free pass to a goldmine of extra learning goodies from up to three previous levels. So, for instance, their P6 ninjas get their hands on all the learning materials from P3, P4, and P5, too. This treasure includes anything and everything — worksheets, exam-cracking questions, and those illuminating learning videos. It’s about nurturing those brain cells to become better, bolder, and brighter.

Since its inception, AGrader Learning Centre has been an academic lifeline for over 20,000 whiz kids, boasting a whopping 83.4% success rate in boosting students’ performance — and that’s without any pre-selection shenanigans. 

Registration Fee: No upfront registration fee

Deposit: Waived deposit for the first four lessons

Lesson Fees:

  • Pre-primary: 4 Lessons at S$155
  • Primary: 4 Lessons at S$169 to S$195
  • Secondary: 2 Lessons at S$200 to S$250 for 4 lessons

Levels: Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary

Subjects: Mathematics, Science, English, Creative Writing

Class Size: Max 12 students per class

  • Locations: 19 locations. You can find them here: 

Experience: 9 years

Cost: S$155 to S$250

Phone: (65) 9665 1713



#7. Math Science Guru

Math Science Guru

Unleashing academic acumen for over two decades, Mr. Allen is the brainchild and the one-person army behind Math Science Guru. His dedication to his craft is unwavering, offering a unique teaching experience with a personal touch. Each class, having a cozy size of 3-5 students, assures everyone basks in the full glow of Mr. Allen’s attention and expertise. 

True to its moniker, Math Science Guru imparts knowledge in Math and Science, catering specifically to Primary and Secondary scholars. The offering spans subjects like Chemistry, Physics, A Math, and E Math — quite a treat. What’s more, they’re throwing in a free trial class for 90 minutes, giving you a taste of their teaching style and course content.

The centre promises to catapult your scores from a dismal F9 to a jaw-dropping A1 in just 12 weeks. If they fail to deliver, they’ll fully refund you, no questions asked. With a prestigious alumnus of over 3,000 scholars boasting splendid results, it’s not just a claim. It’s a proven track record.

Costs, Hidden Charges, and the Whole Dime

  • No admission fees
  • Lesson fee available on inquiry

Levels: Primary, Secondary

Subjects: Math and Science

Locations: 1 branch

Experience: 20 years

Address: 91 Bencooleen Street, 189652, Singapore

Phone: (65) 8233 2805


Google Reviews: 1 5 Star Review


#8. Academia

Founded by a Princeton graduate and top local student, Academia is on a mission to nurture empowered, intelligent, and confident individuals. The teaching method employed at Academia seamlessly blends the best of Singapore’s education system with strategies re-engineered from liberal arts colleges and educational research institutions. In other words, they’re giving your child the best of both worlds.

At Academia, tutors employ engaging teaching methods that equip students with the skills necessary to thrive academically and beyond. The academicians, including Oxbridge and the Ivy League specialists, consistently refine the curriculum to deliver the most current and relevant educational experiences.

 This precise methodology has resulted in impressive achievements: over 60% of their students achieved AL1s in the 2021 and 2022 PSLEs; nearly 100% secured A/B grades in the 2021 and 2022 O-Levels; and above 70% earned distinctions in the 2021 and 2022 A-Level General Paper.

  • Tuition Centre: Catering to students starting from Primary 1 and beyond
  • Tenure: Over a decade of demonstrated success and ongoing achievement
  • Track Record: Consistently delivering top-notch educational service, validated by a decade-long history of excellent academic results.

Contact Details: 

Address: 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #03-02, #03-40/41 Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177

Phone: (65) 6634 2208



Subjects: Holistic Education, Ip Math Tuition, Jc H2 Math Tuition, Jc Math Tuition, Junior College Math, Junior College Tuition

Tuition Fees: from Sgd200

Google Reviews: 4.9/5.0 from 124 Reviews

#9. The Pique Lab

The Pique Lab

The Pique Lab, a tuition centre focused on primary school science education, employs the distinct Complete Concept Integration (CCI) methodology. This approach is designed to promote swift academic achievement among young learners.

Why have over 16,938 parents placed their confidence in this Science Tuition Centre? Their trust stems from the Centre’s practical and proven methodology, which has yielded exceptional results for primary school students in their Science tuition classes. The Complete Concept Integration™ (CCI) methodology, a fruit of years of meticulous research and development by a team of education specialists boasting over a decade of teaching experience, has consistently demonstrated its efficacy. 

This CCI™ methodology has enabled numerous primary school students to attain remarkable academic success easily in an impressively short period.

Address: 557 Bukit Timah Road, Crown Centre #01-06/07, Singapore 269694

            10 Jalan Serene, Serene Centre #02-05A/17A/18/20, Singapore 258748

Phone No. : (65) 8621 1533



Levels: Primary 3, 4, 5, 6

Secondary 1, 2, 3, and 4

Google Reviews: 5.0/5.0 from 6 reviews

#10. Irwin’s Study

Irwin’s Study

Founded by Irwin, a former MOE lecturer, and tutor with an educational background from Oxford University, London School of Economics, and Raffles Institution, Irwin’s Study stands out as a unique tuition centre specialising in General Paper (GP). 

The sessions are held across two centres, offering a conducive and flexible learning environment. Irwin’s dedication, expertise, and impressive academic background shape the core of this tuition centre’s philosophy, ensuring a high-quality educational experience for all students. 

Using a holistic approach, Irwin’s Study aims to cultivate students’ critical thinking and analytical skills, preparing them for the rigorous GP examinations. With consistently positive feedback from students and parents alike, Irwin’s Study has rightfully earned its spot as one of the top tuition centres in Singapore.

Address: Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #B2-13, Singapore 588179

Phone no: (65) 9833 3156


Classes: GP Tuition, Secondary English Tuition

Google Reviews: 4.9/5.0 from 75 Reviews

#11. Learners Lodge

Learners Lodge

Learner’s Lodge has been offering academic assistance for more than 15 years. In this period, they have observed common issues among the students seeking help. Recognising these challenges has given them invaluable insights into students’ learning gaps, enabling them to develop effective teaching strategies. 

Their tutors are highly qualified and well-equipped to provide personalised attention and cater to students’ individual learning needs. With a strong focus on developing students’ writing skills, Learner’s Lodge has produced remarkable results, with many of their students achieving great success in their A levels. 

Subjects Offered: The centre specialises in various subjects in the Junior College curriculum, including Biology, Chemistry, Economics, General Paper (GP), Maths, and Physics. They also provide support for H1-level subjects.

Address: Learners’ Lodge @ Marymount, Block 255 Bishan Street 22, #B1-462

Singapore 570255

Phone: (65) 6970-5650


Google Reviews: No reviews on Google

You can review them here:

#12. Ace Physics

Ace Physics

Ace Physics is a tuition centre specialising in Maths and Physics for JC and Secondary levels. Their experienced tutors use creative teaching methods and provide ample practice material to help students achieve their full potential. They also offer personalised consultations, allowing students to clarify doubts and seek guidance outside classes. Ace Physics has a commendable track record, with most students showing significant improvement in their grades after attending their tuition classes.

The tuition centre also provides tuition services for IB (International Baccalaureate), making it a one-stop centre for students preparing for various examinations. They have small class sizes to ensure maximum attention is given to each student, and their tutors are known for their engaging teaching styles that make learning enjoyable.

Locations: Choa Chu Kang, Admiralty, Woodlands

8 Woodlands Sq, #4-20 Solo 2 Wood Sq Singapore 73713

Syllabus: PSLE, IP, O Levels, A Levels, IGSCE, and IB

Class Size: Max 8 students per class

Levels: Primary, secondary, and JC

Phone: (65) 9836 4183



Reviews: No Google Reviews

#13. True Learning Centre

True Learning Centre

True Learn Centre is reputed for putting its students’ needs first. Their experienced and dedicated tutors believe in providing a holistic education to students, focusing on academic excellence and developing essential life skills.

Max conducts one-to-one tuition in Mathematics both on-site and online, catering to students from Secondary 1 to Secondary 4 and those preparing for the A-levels. His personalised approach and breadth of experience enable him to adapt to the individual learning styles of his students, fostering an environment conducive to effective learning.

  • Location: Novena, Kovan, and JCube
  • Address: 2 Kovan Road, Singapore 548008
  • Phone No: (65) 6708 9382
  • Subjects: Math, English, and Science
  • Level: Primary to Junior College
  • Google Reviews: 1 5-star Google Review
    #14. Mavis Tutorial Centre

Marvis Tutorial is one of the biggest tuition centres in Singapore, with 15 branches strategically located all over the island, including one in Malaysia. They specialise in mathematics, science, Chinese, writing, and English, from nursery to pre-university levels. They have a team of experienced and qualified teachers dedicated to providing quality education and helping students achieve academic success.

In addition to regular classes, Mavis Tutorial Centre also offers intensive holiday workshops and revision programmes for O-levels, A-levels, PSLEs, and other major exams. Their comprehensive curriculum covers the MOE syllabus and exam strategies, ensuring students are well-prepared for their exams.

  • Address: Multiple locations island-wide

Head Office: Blk 510 Tampines Central 1 #02-250

  • Phone No.: (65) 6786 8718
  • Website:
  • Levels: Primary, Secondary, and JC
  • Google Reviews: 4.3/5.0 from 26 reviews

#15. Berries World

Berries World

At Berries, children are taught Chinese through social interaction, value instilment, and curriculum comprehension. 

The centres are furnished with appealing and child-friendly features, specifically designed to create a clean, conducive atmosphere and encourages serious fun, facilitating the learning process. 

Address: Multiple locations

507 Bishan Street 11, #01-396 (Level 2), S (570507)

Phone no.: (65) 6338 2916



Levels: Pre-school, Primary

Skoolopedia: 4.7/5.0 from 21 reviews

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