Top Trends In Web Designing You Should Bear In Mind In Singapore

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The average internet user may not realise it, but the trends in web designing are always revolutionising in Singapore. We can all attest that the sites seemed to impress site visitors in the early 2010’s would certainly not perform well today, but it is hard to notice the slight changes in design that occur each year.

The changes in web design practices appear slowly, but they are worth to be given attention. Even if you do not have much expertise in the field of SEO and your skills only involve what you do in your website building platform, you can use these top web design trends to avoid finding your website out of date.

  1. Microinteractions

Microinteractions gets animation an extra step with regard to audience engagement. These are animations that react to what your visitors do on the site. For example, you can include animations that appear when the user scrolls down your content to enhance the UX of the audience. Users ale likely to get a feeling of satisfaction when they realise their actions influence the design they get, even if it is only in slight ways.

  1. Hamburger Menus

This is a web design trend that is most commonly used on mobile platforms because it is a simple method of developing a menu that uses little space. It has now started becoming famous tool for desktop platforms as well. The hamburger menu takes all the pages from the pages in your main menu and places them behind the Hamburger icon. It is ideal for those who need a very clean website design. However, you should only use this trend if you have a good reason because it may not be right to some users.

  1. Exceptional Fonts

Adding a unique font to your website is a simple way of including personality to your site and make making it stand out among the others in your niche. While unique fonts are part of what a visitor notices in a website, you can use them to highlight the key words in your text and adding style. Ensure that you choose a font that is easy to read for your users while enhancing style to your webpage.

  1. Responsive Design

This is not a new trend, but it is ongoing. The use of mobile devices is increasing, and ensuring that your website works well on their platforms is crucial. Your audience frankly won’t stay in your website if it has a disappointing mobile user experience, and is poor for SEO above all other things.

Developing a website that is responsive for both mobile and desktop platforms is a continuing trend. Responsive designs ensure that your users get all the same information on both platforms, while still enjoying an experience that is user friendly.

  1. Floating Navigation

Most of the websites in Singapore have their navigation at the top of the page. New possibilities are emerging, and floating navigation is one of them. Floating navigation offers a great UI and UX through keeping all navigation options present and visible no matter where the user is on the page.

  1. Chatbots

Most of the websites today have a section at the right bottom corner of their websites offering you a chance to chat with their support team. This ensures that any visitor with an issue can have it resolved immediately. However, it is challenging for most websites to offer the answers in real time.

One possible solution is development of a chatbot. Your website development agency can program your bot to answer the most popular questions from your visitors so as to enable customers get immediate response. You can also program the bot to direct the visitors on how best they can reach a representative from your team for more help.

  1. Bolded Colors

Bold texts enhance your website to stand out among others in its industry. Bold colours offer your website a unique user experience that compel your website to become memorable. You can utilise your choices of colour tactically to highlight the parts of your website you want people to see most.

  1. Animation

Your web design firm should enhance your site by adding some movements to your website designs. An increasing number of websites are incorporating background animations to attract the eye and catch the interest of the audience without getting distracted from the primary information on your page. You should ask your web design company to include this trend in your website to add some personality aspects and make it more engaging.

  1. Asymmetry

Asymmetric web design is another bold trend for websites in Singapore. It provides your visitors with a unique experience, especially because they it is not a common design at the moment. The visitors are likely to love your website due to the uniqueness of its design.

  1. Original Illustrations

Most websites developers today are resulting to original illustrations for the photos in their sites. They can help transform your website’s style and develop a totally exceptional experience. Custom illustrations always feel lively, while still saying something about your business.

  1. Visualisation of Data

Most businesses have realised the developing influence of data on the tools that determine how they operate. Most websites are now moving to the trend of integrating tools for data visualisation in their design. It becomes part of the visual identity and a characteristic aspect of your brand on the internet.

  1. Including Proof

Social proof is a method of convincing new audiences that you are capable by showing proof of your achievements with other customers. They may include the logos of businesses you have worked with, customer testimonials, and number of subscribers for blogs. You should look for a way to include social proof in the design of your site to offer a greater value to your new audiences.

  1. Tangible Design

Another trend that you should bear in mind when designing your Singapore website is including a tactile website design that by including more depth and shadowing to the images on their sites.

  1. Round Edges

The previous websites featured sharp edges, but web developers have started shifting towards round and edges. This website design trend offers the visitors an exceptional use experience.

  1. Comprehensible Designs

While you may not have physical challenges yourself, it is good to think of how people with physical challenges will experience your website. one of the emerging trends in website designing is developing websites that can be accessed by everybody.

Comprehensible designs provide all of your users with user-friendly interfaces to enhance the experience of all your visitors, while improving realism.


As in all times, ensure that all the aspects of your website design give priority to the user. Testing something new that you believe is interesting or cool is acceptable, but only if you are certain that the audience you are targeting will react to it cheerfully. Going for website design trends can be of great value, but you should always put your visitors first.

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