Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

What Is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a term that hardly crosses our minds when travelling. However, it’s pretty significant insurance that protects and covers unforeseen losses incurred while travelling to other countries. The most recent example is based on a survey conducted by NerdWallet with 2,000 Americans. From the statistics, we can infer that only one in five Americans bought travel insurance for travelling prior to COVID-19. Little did they know that the global pandemic has increased the awareness and importance of travel insurance. Most will likely purchase travel insurance for future leisure trips after the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 disease.

What Travel Insurance Covers

Many insurance or flight companies sell tickets or travel packages, providing consumers the option to purchase travel insurance. The basic travel insurance covers damage to personal property, rented equipment such as rental cars, or even the cost of paying a ransom. The main travel insurance covers trip cancellation or interruption, baggage and personal effects, medical expenses, and accidental death or flight accident. Undoubtedly, no one wishes to experience such crises; but it’s better to buy it for guaranteed safety and security.

Other coverage includes 24/7 emergency services, such as replacing lost passports, cash wire assistance, and re-booking canceled flights. Moreover, some travel insurance packages may duplicate existing coverage from other providers or provide protection for costs that are refundable by other methods. It’s better to check if you have any existing insurance that also covers travelling risks before heading to buy a new travel insurance.

Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Allianz Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company

Allianz Travel

Speciality By applying your travel insurance through Allianz Travel, you and your family will be protected on your vacation from unforeseen situations.

In case you were to incur medical expenses, Allianz Travel will cover sudden sickness, accident, hospitalization and evacuation, travel inconvenience such as luggage delay, trip cancellation or theft.

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12 Marina View, #14-01, Asia Square Tower, 2, 018961
Telephone 6327 2215
Operating Hours 24/7 daily
Reviews “Bought the annual Gold plan online for my mum. She had to cancel her air tickets to Australia and Vancouver due to the covid-19 lockdown around the world. The airlines refunded the air tickets but charged a cancellation fee which we proceeded to claim with Allianz, and the claims were processed and approved quickly. Money was received within 2 weeks. Would highly recommend Allianz!” -Eileen See

“I got my luggage delayed during my trip in Thailand in 2018, Allianz travel insurance have been helpful when I inquiry before buying the insurance, during the luggage delayed happen, and afterwards to claim. Response have been very fast and accurate.  Claim is also very fast. I would give 5 stars plus plus plus if possible.” – Lynda

“Allianz is so customer centric! I incurred expenses 3 months claiming period is over so I called up Allianz and explained my situation to them and provided reasons why it was not included in claim form previously. Allianz accepted my explanation and processed my claim once more! Kudos to Allianz for providing great customer experience! Will continue to support Allianz Global Travel packages.” -Carmen Lim

Allianz Travel is a top travel insurance provider in Singapore that offers comprehensive coverage for single and multi-trip plans. One of the key perks of Allianz Travel is their 24/7 worldwide emergency assistance, which provides travelers with immediate support and guidance in any unforeseen event or emergency.

Additionally, their plans cover a wide range of travel-related incidents, including trip cancellations, delays, medical emergencies, and more. Allianz Travel also offers optional add-ons, such as adventure sports coverage, which makes it an excellent choice for adventurous travelers.

HL Insurance Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company

Hong Leong Assurance

Speciality Hong Leong Assurance is a leading online insurance company that offers a wide range of insurance, including travelling coverage. The most popular one is Travel Protect360, which is the only travel insurance that provides a No Claim Discount and Immediate Medical Claims.
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11 Keppel Rd, #11-01 ABI plaza, Singapore 089057
Telephone  6702 0202
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9am – 6pm
Reviews “The experience with Rajni was a superb one. She was professional, attentive and patience to answer my queries. More importantly, HL Assurance offers the best value for money for the comprehensive motor insurance.” -DC

“The relationship officer who called me is very professional. Despite my request to call back 3 times, she performed her job professionally without showing any emotional displeasure. Glad that HL had such qualify relationship officer.” Jimmy Wan

“Proactive in following up with customer on renewal. Very pleasant & meticulous representative who took the time to explain all the details. Good value product offering. Thank you.” -Jason Lim

Hong Leong Assurance is a trusted travel insurance provider in Singapore that offers an array of comprehensive coverage policies for travellers. The affordable premium rates are one of the attributes that make this insurance ideal for budget-conscious travellers.

With the Missed Connect Benefit feature, the company will compensate you for missed flights due to delayed arrival of the previous flight. The plan also comes with comprehensive medical coverage, which includes outpatient treatment, emergency medical expenses, and inpatient treatment. Hong Leong Assurance also provides coverage for baggage loss, flight delays, and trip cancellations.

MSIG Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company


Speciality MSIG goes above and beyond their limit to protect your lives. The insurance company provides comprehensive general insurance plans for all your travel, motor, health, life and so on.
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4 Shenton Way, SGX Centre, Singapore 068807
Telephone 6827 7602
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 845am – 530pm
Reviews “I was paid $20 by MSIG to repair the wheel of a damaged (one year old) luggage bag after more than 2 weeks of claim submission.  Tried appealing to MSIG that there is high risk that the wheel may be damaged again (after repairs) and it will be extremely inconvenient if I were overseas.  MSIG came back to state that this is under their T&Cs. Please read carefully before you buy.” -Tony Lim

“Filed a claim for travel disruption with legit reasons, even called CSO beforehand who said it can be claimed. But they refused to honor it in the end with a copy n paste reply. Their TnC is also very broad and is meant to confuse the hell out of u so u won’t be able to fight back. Avoid at all cost.” -KJ Ong

“Convenient location. Friendly and helpful staffs” -Shana Ng


MSIG is a well-known travel insurance provider in Singapore that offers comprehensive single and multi-trip plans. One aspect that earns it a spot among the best insurance providers is the high medical coverage limit. This medical coverage makes it ideal for travellers who may require extensive medical treatment or hospitalization while overseas.

The add-on options include adventurous activities coverage and sports coverage. No matter where you travel, you are guaranteed 24/7 emergency assistance from the best health facilities.

FWD Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company

FWD Insurance

Speciality FWD Insurance is one of the top online insurance companies in Singapore. The company offers a wide range of insurance solutions from car, travel, maid and life with a definite focus on providing customers a differentiated experience using remarkable medical network and excellent service levels.
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6 Temasek Blvd, #18-01 Suntec Tower, Four 038986
Telephone 6820 8888
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9am – 6pm
Reviews ” I recently just made a travel claim for my overseas trip under FWD and I am impressed by the efficiency of their service and claim refund to me!
The claim process has been seamless and easy, and the price of the insurance is affordable and competitive. Sincere appreciation to the team for their efficient service and hardwork during this COVID-19 period!” -Amanda Lim

“Had to make travel claims due to covid-19 and my claim in-charge, Jie Yang, was super patient in listening to my case and explaining to me the claim procedures. Though the claims took some time, he followed up well and my claims were approved! This is my 3rd time purchasing their insurance and the payouts after approval have been quite fast. Do read their contract carefully though as some categories can only be claimed once.” – Heidi Won

“Customer Service is excellent! Especially Grace Chong from customer engagement team, she is very patient to help with the error I’m facing while doing the online purchase. Have bought multiple policies from FWD and will definitely engage their service again.” -Amanda Neo

FWD is a respected travel insurance company whose single and multi-trip plans cover flight delays, loss of luggage, and emergency medical expenses. If you are hospitalized or seek outpatient treatment while on vacation or a business trip, the insurance company will cater to all expenses.

Another highlight is that all FWD policies cover travel inconveniences such as flight delays and cancellations. You can also expand the coverage by adding terrorist and sports coverage. FWD Insurance is a reliable and customer-friendly travel insurance option for any traveller.

Aviva Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company


Speciality At Aviva, they help to look after their customers, with a forward-looking mindset with full confidence.

Aviva is a huge group insurance company that caters to customers, large enterprises, multinational corporation (MNC) regarding life, travel, health and accident coverage.

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4 Shenton Way, #01-01 SGX Centre, Singapore 068807
Telephone 6827 7988
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 845am – 630pm
Reviews “So far so good! Happy with the 2 savings policies I have with Aviva as I feel the returns are competitive. Out of convenience, I also tend to use Aviva for travel insurance whenever I travel – purchase process is very simple and straightforward.” -Yvonne Yeo

“Had a great claims experience under Group Insurance policy I have with Aviva. Customer Service Exec was extremely helpful and helped with letter of guarantee which resulted in cashless hospitalisation. All in all, they did what they suppose to do – paid my claim!” -Sapna

“So many poor reciews here. No wonder. My grandson also has problems with claims under Aviva, not willing to pay and have to jump through hoops to keep trying to claim. Till date still not claimed in full and dragging of feet all round.” -Susan

Aviva is best known for providing some of Singapore’s most comprehensive travel insurance policies. The medical coverage is extensive and includes emergency medical expenses, outpatient treatment, and hospitalisation.

One unique feature that sets the policies apart from others is the Pre-Existing Medical Condition Benefit. This feature covers expenses related to pre-existing medical conditions that are stable at the time of purchasing the policy. You need to provide details of the condition when buying the policy, though.

NTUC Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company

NTUC Income

Speciality NTUC Income is one of Singapore’s most trusted leading providers for life, health, travel and car insurance as well as savings, investment and retirement plans.
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Address Outlets
Depending on outlets
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9am – 530pm
Reviews “Probably because it’s 1730hrs on a weekday, there wasn’t much crowd hence the wait wasn’t that long.” -Ryaziz

“At the entrance I was greeted by a lady who asked what I’m there for. She helped me press for a queue number and asked me to wait for it to be called. When the number came up and went to the counter, the service staff saw me holding on to cash and said the counter only accept Nets. The staff then help me get a queue number to the only counter that can do cash transaction. Everything went smoothly. Didn’t have to wait long for the whole process. Overall a pleasant experience. Keep up the good work.” -Hafidz

“Good service.” -Umarami


NTUC Income is a trusted and licensed travel insurance provider that provides comprehensive coverage to travellers with single and multi-trip plans. The affordable premiums make it accessible to even travellers on a tight budget.

One key attribute is the Family Plan feature that caters to families who intend to travel together. It includes children up to the age of 18. Over the years, the company has established cordial working relationships with hundreds of health facilities. These facilities enable it to offer 24/7 worldwide emergency assistance.


American Express Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company

American Express 

Speciality American Express is a global leading service company, offering customers with exceptional access to products, insights and experiences that improve lives and build business success. Part of the services they offer include travel insurance that is exceptional amongst travellers.
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11 Marina Boulevard, Financial Centre Tower 1, 018940
Telephone 6396 6000
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9am – 5pm
Review “The staff is very professional and helpful especially the customer service. They are so nice and understanding of what customer wants. Highly recommended as they are the best bank around in Singapore.” -Jong soo

“I just canceled my American Express Card today and the customer service was excellent; it was smooth and painless as compared to previous experience of canceling other credit cards.” -Shing Yenn Tan

“Their customer service is unparalleled. ” Teikchuan

This listicle of the top travel insurance providers in Singapore wouldn’t be complete without mentioning American Express. It’s an international company that offers comprehensive insurance policies for both single and multi-trip travellers.

One of the notable perks of American Express is the high medical coverage limit that is inclusive of virtually all conditions. The coverage is enhanced by a Global Assist feature which provides travellers with 24/7 unlimited access to medical and legal assistance, emergency cash transfer, and other inconvenience coverage.

Ergo Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company


Speciality ERGO is an insurance company that provides many comprehensive insurance packages that offers an array of benefits including the mandatory coverage for travel.

If you are a frequent traveller, you will find ERGO’s TravelProtect insurance is the best overseas travel policy that suits you. Travellers can enjoy superior cover for worry-free holidays or business trips at some of the most affordable prices in the local market.

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5 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038985
Telephone 6829 9199
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 830am – 530pm
Review 1 “I did my Travel delay claim by just filling the form up and also forward a copy to the claim department thru email within 2 weeks they get back to me the claim is successful. Also customer officer was helpful when I call in to enquiry to me how to fill the claim.” -Edwin

“Totally nonsense company that want your money but make it hard to pay out claims. My maid cut her finger while preparing for food, the cut was so bad that I need to bring her to A&E. Her maid insurance claim was rejected because they say it was not “accident”. If that is not consider accident I wonder what is their definition of accident.” -Zhixiong

Travelling overseas doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. Prepare for any eventuality by buying one of ERGO’s comprehensive travel policies. The premiums are affordable, and there are regular discounts you can leverage to save money.

Every policy offers generous medical coverage and covers emergency medical expenses. Like NTUC Income, ERGO has a special Family Plan for people who intend to travel with their families. Children who are 18 years old and below are covered by the plan. 24/7 worldwide emergency hotline for assistance in case of an emergency or unprecedented events is another highlight that makes ERGO the go-to travel insurance company.

Sompo Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company


Speciality Sompo is equipped with comprehensive insurance coverage. As a travel insurance company, they offer plans for customers to rely on for an enjoyable, worry-free trip.
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05-01/06 Land Tower, Raffles Place, Singapore Land Tower, 048623
Telephone 6461 6555
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 830am – 530pm
Reviews “Called the 24/7 Emergency Hotline to seek assistance for a faulty Wall Switch that was emitting black smoke on a Sunday night. The male operator was extremely helpful and had called back to check on the status of the summoned electrician. The Electrician was on time and very professional with his trade. He even shared a lot of trade knowledge with me so as to ensure safety with the various electrical switches. I truly appreciate both their professional and timely services on this Sunday night. Thank you Sompo.” -Siang Tay

“Our preferred Travel Insurance company and accident plan. Tenet had being great in service with innovative plans. Have being recommending Sompo (tenet) since 2015.” – Jacent Ong

“In the same year, I had my handphone pickpocketed twice, once in Italy and recently in Portugal. I thought I would have problems with the second claim but was surprised that the claim was approved in less than 2 weeks. Good job, Sompo!” -Sin TL

Sompo is another reputable travel insurance provider in Singapore. Details of each policy are clearly articulated on their user-friendly and mobile-responsive website. The medical coverage is higher than most companies reviewed in this article.

Their plans cover a broad range of travel-related incidents, such as delays, trip cancellations, loss of baggage, and more. You can also opt-in on terrorism and adventurous coverage if you intend to participate in outdoor activities such as hiking and rock climbing.

The plans also have a unique feature called the “Automatic Extension of Policy,” which allows travellers to extend coverage for up to seven days in case of unforeseen travel emergencies or delays.

Tokio Marine Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company

Tokio Marine Insurance

Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore is an insurance company registered in Singapore, authorised by Monetary Authority of Singapore. As a global insurance company in Asia, the company offers consumer and business with Property , Casualty, Life, Travel and Health insurance coverage.
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663 Buffalo Rd, Singapore 210663
Telephone 6221 6111
Operating Hours Mondays to Friday: 8.45am – 5.45pm
Reviews “I have not claimed with tokio marine. But their price is competitive and they have loyalty discount. Still with tokio marine for my family travel insurance. My friend feedback that she was able to claim her luggage damage. Application process is fuss free. I applied for Annual plan with 20percent discount. I bought the policy the night before I flew. Got it done within 5mins.”  -Shareen Teo

“Broke my camera during my holiday. It was a devastating accident for any photographer. My holiday almost ruined until i remembered i bought travel insurance and I got my camera repair covered!” -Wengie

Tokio Marine Insurance is another top travel insurance company known for comprehensive policies and all-inclusive medical coverage. If you’re injured in an accident, the policy will cater to emergency medical treatment and hospitalisation expenses.

One of the unique features is the Terrorism Benefit, which provides coverage in case of terrorist attacks at the destination. This feature encompasses evacuation costs and medical expenses. Other travel-related incidents covered by the policies include loss of baggage, trip cancellations, and flight delays.

AIA Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company


Speciality AIA is one of the top-notch insurance companies in Singapore, offering the best packages for consumers. AIA’s Around the World Plus package is a travel coverage planning to provide overseas health insurance that protects travellers from trip cancellation, loss of baggage and other unforeseen circumstances.
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1 Robinson Rd, AIA Tower, Singapore 048542
Telephone 1800 248 8000
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 845am–530pm
Reviews “Insurance is a necessary evil, you can’t live without it but what is the point if you cannot make a claim when the need arises. Considering how expensive it can be to visit the Pediatrician, I bought the AIA Star Protector Plus for my 2 kids. It has been 4 years. The claim process has been smooth, if it is a claimable illness, I will request for a doctor’s memo, attach the bill with which AIA will do its due diligence on the medications dispensed before making reimbursement.” -Brian Cheung

” It’s already annoying to wait a long while to speak to someone when you call the hotline, don’t make it worse by going through the motion of verifying identity for general enquiries that doesn’t require client details! CSO should be discerning to know the difference than to go thru the motions.” -Tan weiwei

“On 31Aug2018 late noon, i went to submit my hospitalization claim documents by hand instead of by post so as to ensure all documents were correct and timely received by them. To my surprise, it was handled very fast and in an efficiently manner where I was led to 2nd level served with a small bottle of AIA mineral water by a smiley lady. I was promptly attended by Wesley Tan, a customer service representative who was warm and polite to attend to my needs within minutes. It was noted that the recent expansion of 2nd level was specially catered to premium clients and it was well served and deserved a 5-star like !” -Jody Tan

After researching different travel insurance companies in Singapore, AIA stands out as a reliable and trustworthy option. They offer comprehensive coverage for various travel needs, including medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and personal accidents.

One of the standout features of AIA’s travel insurance policies is their high coverage limits, ensuring that travelers have sufficient protection for any unexpected expenses. AIA’s customer service is exceptional, with a 24-hour hotline for any inquiries or emergencies. They also have a user-friendly website, making purchasing policies and filing claims easily.

Great Eastern Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company

Great Eastern

Speciality Great Eastern is one of the top insurance agencies in Singapore. They provide a broad range of online insurance solutions tailored to give customers the best assurance. Great Eastern provides the complete cover for travel trips wherever one goes with TravelSmart Premier.
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1, Pickering St, #01-01 Great Eastern Centre, 048659
Telephone 6248 2000
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9am – 530pm
Reviews “Nothing much here unless you are a customer of great eastern and are here to make claims or make enquiries for insurance. Even so, parking is a problem as they only got drop off point.” -Chris Lim

“Excellent service!” -Johnado

“2 policies with GE since 1993 & 1995, wanted to change the beneficiary but need the previous beneficiary to give consent….end up I decided to cancel both policies. A nice lady by the name of Ms Chow May Fern is serving me after a very short wait, she noted one of the policy is 24 years old and on the 25th year will be getting a special bonus. Glad that with her advise I’ll gain an extra 10k and if I wait even longer to the 30th years I’ll gain extra 20k. So I decided to cancel just 1 policy and hold on to the one other for another 6 more years. Special thanks to Miss Chow may Fern for her professionalisms.” – Leslie Loo

Great Eastern stands out as a top choice for travelers seeking reliable and comprehensive coverage. Its travel insurance policies cover a wide range of scenarios, from medical emergencies to trip cancellations and even personal accidents. They also offer optional coverage for activities such as winter sports and adventurous pursuits, making them an ideal option for thrill-seekers. Great Eastern also offers a 24-hour emergency hotline, which is incredibly beneficial for travelers facing unforeseen challenges abroad.

Direct Asia Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company

DirectAsia Insurance

Speciality DirectAsia opened in Singapore in 2010 with a definite goal of altering the face of insurance in Asia. Since 2014, DirectAsia became wholly owned while providing the best services and coverage for customers.
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20 Anson Rd, #08-01, Singapore 079912
Telephone 6665 5555
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 8am – 8pm
Reviews “Apart from very competitive rates, their service is excellent _ even during COVID lock down. Subsequent to selling my first vehicle they transferred the NCD quickly and efficiently and sent my rebate. I highly recommend this firm for vehicle insurance.” -Martin

“Yeah its cheap and quick, but claims are another matter. Many fine print and exclusions – so beware.” -Patrick Foo

” I’ve been purchasing my travel policies with Direct Asia for quite some time now, but never needed to claim. During my last trip however, i had to make some medical claims. Having had previous bad experience with large insurers, i was worried and skeptical that the claim won’t go through. Lo & Behold, was i wrong! Besides some slight delay in getting back to me (because its peak period), they processed the claim so quickly and without giving me much hassle. Which is very unlike my previous experiences with other insurers where they simply try to make it so difficult for you to make a claim. Kudos to Direct Asia for being an honest, and reliable insurer!” – Andrew C

DirectAsia Insurance is a standout travel insurance company in Singapore, offering comprehensive coverage and affordable pricing. One of the key features that make them the best is their flexibility in customizing policies to suit individual travel needs. This allows travelers to choose the coverage they need without paying for unnecessary features.

With a user-friendly website and hassle-free claims process, DirectAsia Insurance is an excellent choice for travelers seeking affordable and customisable travel insurance coverage.

AA Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company

AA International Insurance Agency

Speciality AA Insurance Insurance Agency has implemented a freeze on premium increases, and introduced insurance coverage such as travel, accident and so on.
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351, Jurong East Street 31, #01-79, 600351
Telephone 9386 8147
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9am – 6pm

Saturday: 9am – 1pm

Reviews “Competitive Prices and Knowledgable Staffs, had my road tax and company cars insurance done up instantly! Thumbs up!”

“Cheap Rates for Car Renewals this year! – Recommended as they compare a few insurers for your selections, Look for Ms. Ann!” -Jaydon Tan

“5 stars” -Shu Min

AA International Insurance Agency is a top travel insurance company in Singapore, offering comprehensive coverage and exceptional customer service. It offers a unique feature called “Trip Disruption Benefit.” This feature provides coverage for expenses incurred due to flight cancellations or delays, such as additional accommodation, meals, and transportation costs.

By choosing AA International Insurance Agency, you never have to worry about costly flight disruptions. The insurance company will cover such unforeseen expenses.

AXA Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company

AXA Singapore

Speciality AXA Singapore offers remarkable travel insurance coverage for consumers to travel the world with a peace of mind. The SmartTraveller Travel Insurance coverage is provided for all aspects of unforeseen circumstances – when you’re traveling for leisure or for work, studying or visiting friends and family abroad.
Pricing Click here to enquire
8 Shenton Way, #24-01 AXA Tower, 068811
Telephone 6880 4888
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9am–530pm
Reviews “My one experience of the place was chilling at the Starbucks. It still serves great coffee and has great customer service.” -Anjin Sang

“Paid for car insurance via credit card more than one month ago and receive no follow up. Couldn’t renew road tax. Ended up calling the customer service and asked for this to be expedited.” -G E Ng

“Taking too long to investigate cases, been almost half a year. Be very careful when you buy from agents who provide misleading information & illegally sign off on your behalf.” -John

When looking for a travel insurance policy, selecting a company whose policies are comprehensive or all-inclusive is imperative. AXA Singapore is an insurance company known for offering comprehensive coverage and world-class customer service. The high coverage limits ensure that travellers have sufficient protection for any eventuality.

By choosing this company, you will automatically be added to their “SmartTraveller” program, which provides travellers with a mobile app that offers real-time travel alerts and emergency assistance. This feature is incredibly beneficial for travellers who may face unforeseen challenges while abroad.

UEX Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company


Speciality UEX offers the best health insurance amongst other providers for expats and SME. The company develops a fair, human-centric and personalized solution for customers.
Pricing Click here to enquire
787A North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198755
Telephone 9852 4378
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 8am – 7pm
Review “Great experience, Greate service.” -Bouthelier clément

UEX is a rising star in the travel insurance industry in Singapore, offering innovative solutions and customizable policies to fit the unique needs of travelers. The policies are customisable, meaning you decide what the policy covers and coverage limits. UEX has also invested in an intuitive mobile app that enables clients to get emergency assistance and real-time travel push notifications/alerts.

Unlike many other travel insurance companies that exclude coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, UEX allows travelers to purchase additional coverage for their pre-existing conditions.

Now Health Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company

Now Health International

Now Health International provides award-winning international health insurance services for expatriates and locals. Their insurance coverage can be a suitable match for consumers who need a broad scope of coverage including travel and life insurance.
Pricing Click here to enquire
4 Robinson Rd, The House Of Eden, Singapore 048543
Telephone 6880 2300
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9am – 6pm
Reviews “Now Health have been excellent since the beginning, with clear communication channels and supportive staff.  They offered coverage for my partner even with a pre-existing condition (albeit at a higher premium), when many other insurance companies would not even consider us. They have a modern web interface, with easy claim submission and clinic locators. I also have been able to contact a member at the company at any point during the night/day – which is a big plus.  I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone seeking international health insurance.” -James

“I would highly rate the communication and service I have received through Now Health International so far. I have (luckily) only had to claim once but the process was smooth and very easy. I received my compensation within days.” -Laura Nicholson

“I’m really happy with my insurance policy from Now Health. I’d been searching for a global health plan for a while, as I travel regularly. But most policies seemed to have a million different benefits that I wouldn’t use. I basically just wanted emergency cover. I stumbled across the WorldCare Essential plan and it is exactly what I’d been looking for.” -Roman Henry

Now Health International is a top-tier travel insurance company that offers flexible and customisable travel insurance policies. You only pay for what you need, thus saving money on your travels. The company also has a dedicated mobile app that allows clients to manage their policies while on the go. The app provides instant travel alerts, emergency assistance gateways, and travel safety advice.

In terms of pricing, Now Health International’s policies may be slightly more expensive than other options, but their comprehensive coverage, high limits, and unique features make them worth the investment.

Pacific Prime Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company

Pacific Prime

Speciality Pacific Prime Singapore offers many insurance solutions for expatriates & local customers. They are able to consistently provide their customers the best coverage including travel insurance.
Pricing Click here to enquire
Cross Street Exchange #14-05, Cross St, 18, Singapore 048423
Telephone 6346 3781
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 8am – 7pm
Reviews “Mr Jarret Mathew from Pacific prime was very professional and helpful in selecting the right insurance service. He patiently answered all queries and always responded within 24hrs.Highly recommended.” -Anuj Kumar

“Had a very good experience with their staff. First, with Michael B. and then with Celestino P. The customer service is very good and staff available and very patient. I recommend.” -Kadi Baeur

“Highly knowledgeable in his products. Bolster that with strong customer focus, empathy and a good listening ear to understand the unique needs of his customers is godsend. Jarett Mathew exhibits both and more! Contrary to my selected plan, he proposed a more superior one which meets my immediate needs (at no extra costs)! Responsive even during the weekend when I had enquiries. Truly an insurance professional made in Heaven!” -Chiew Pat

Pacific Prime is a leading travel insurance company in Singapore that offers exclusive coverage options. The policies cover a wide range of medical expenses, including emergency medical treatment, evacuation, and hospitalisation.

The policy’s most popular feature is the Medical Evacuation coverage which caters to emergency medical evacuation services. This feature will come in handy if you have a pre-existing condition that requires specialised treatment back home. In terms of pricing, Pacific Prime’s policies are competitively priced, making them an excellent option for travellers on different budgets.

Expat Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company

Expat Insurance

Speciality As the leading insurance broker company of the year, Expat Insurance provides reliable insurance plans and recommendations for expats in Singapore. Local consumers can safeguard their interests and get in touch with the company for insurance package such as travel coverage.
Pricing Click here to enquire
20 Upper Circular Rd, Singapore 058416
Telephone 6401 9201
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9am – 6pm
Reviews “My husband and I have had the help of Expat Insurance since moving here to Singapore. We are extremely pleased with their prompt, helpful and professional customer service, the wide range of offers they provided us and would recommend them to anyone who needs assistance in finding the right insurance here. Patricia has been especially helpful with specific queries and has efficiently answered all of our questions over the last year.” -Bernadette Ferreira-Jorge

“I have been using Expat Insurance for the last two years to get insurance for my wife. They have been very helpful and have guided me through all the questions. I would like to call out Melissa specially as she helped us quite a bit from getting the quotes to helping us with doubts/concerns. If you are looking for insurance in Singapore, I would highly recommend Expat Insurance.” -Suyash

“My original insurance was just costing too much. I asked Sharon from Expat Insurance to provide me with some options based on what I needed and what was available on the market. Not only did I get a cheaper rate (save over $2000 per year) but I was also able to get much better cover for my needs over and above what I had before. All in all, an excellent outcome.  To top it off, Sharon from Expat Insurance made the process so simple and understandable so I was able to make my decision based on clear facts.” -Antonio

Expat Insurance is a top travel insurance company in Singapore that offers a range of comprehensive policies for travelers. One of the standout features of their policies is their “Emergency Cash Advance” service, which provides travelers with emergency funds in case of theft or loss of their money or travel documents. This feature can be incredibly helpful in situations where travelers are stranded without access to cash.

Another unique feature of Expat Insurance’s travel insurance policies is their “Sports Coverage” option. This feature provides coverage for a range of adventure sports and activities, including bungee jumping, scuba diving, and skiing, making it an excellent choice for adventurous travelers.

QBE Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company

QBE Insurance 

Speciality QBE Singapore is part of the QBE Insurance Group, one of the world’s top 20 general insurance and reinsurance companies. Consumers can find out more about their personal travel insurance via the website.
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QBE Insurance is a top travel insurance company in Singapore that offers a range of comprehensive policies for travelers. One of the standout features of their policies is their “Terrorism Cover” option. This feature provides coverage for acts of terrorism, which can be especially important for travelers visiting destinations at higher risk.

QBE Insurance also offers a “Smart Traveller” program, which provides travelers with valuable travel advice, health and safety tips, and emergency assistance, ensuring that travelers are well-prepared for any potential challenges they may encounter while abroad.

How Travel Insurance Works

The process for applying a travel insurance is same as applying for a car or home insurance. If you experience a car accident or have a crack in your bathroom, you file a claim to the insurance company. This applies to travel insurance as well.

If something unfortunate happens during your trip, you’ll need to file a claim to your travel insurance company to be reimbursed. For example, if your baggage is delayed or lost during the trip, you’ll need to submit a claim to seek reimbursement. Travel insurance is certainly useful in unpredictable scenarios like this.

When you’re ready to buy a travel insurance package, you can purchase directly from the travel insurance company online. Sometimes, a pop-up browser will appear when you’re booking for a flight online. Often, travel insurance is offered on the spot when travelling. It is best recommended for customers to print out the document for proof and bring it along with you during travel. This helps you and foreign personnel in giving the right instructions to proceed and follow.

Benefits of Travel Insurance

If you’re still pondering about the purchase of travel insurance, here’s some benefits of buying it.

Overseas emergency medical assistance 

Travel insurance helps to provide overseas energy assistance for 24 hours coverage. This  covers medical evacuations, ambulances and funeral arrangements during emergency situations.

Overseas emergency medical and hospital costs

If there is a sudden emergency situation (such as injury or illness that needs hospital stays or surgery) that requires the need to go to hospital suddenly, travel insurance is good enough for coverage.

Accommodation and travel expenses

If you’re sick or injured and can’t travel home, travel insurance will cover your unforeseen additional accommodation and travel expenses.

Family emergency

Travel insurance covers for unexpected travel expenses if a close relative or the person travelling with you dies, becomes disabled or gets injured; thus requiring the need to be hospitalised.

Travel insurance coverage for travelling companion

As a friend, if your travelling companion is unable to continue with their holiday due to unforeseen injury or illness, the expenses can be reimbursed by travel insurance.

Unforeseen situation at home 

If you need to return home due to an unforeseen situation (illness, accident, injury death) at home, the flights will be covered bu travel insurance to get you home as soon as possible.

Hospital cash allowance

Cash allowance will be provided by the travel insurance coverage if you were to hospitalised for more than 2 days overseas.

Accidental death

In unforeseen circumstances of accidental death, a death payment will be provided within 12 months of travelling trip.

Permanent disability

If you were to suffer from permanent disability such as loss of sight or limbs during the trip, a disability payment will be paid for at least 12 months after you return home.

Loss of income

If you’re injured during your trip and can no longer work, you’ll be paid a sum for loss of income for a good period of time.

Unlike car insurance, many would think that it is not compulsory to purchase travel insurance. However, if you are traveling away from home, especially away from your home country, travel insurance can be extremely important. In unforeseen circumstances, a sum of coverage is ready for you.

For instance, it would be extremely difficult for most travellers to pay $50,000 for emergency medical expenses – during unforeseen crises. And even if travellers have that sum of money on hand, it would still be difficult to make the arrangement for evacuation. The travel insurance companies would handle the situations properly in such unfortunate events so travellers have nothing to worry about.

Many people assume that their usual health insurance would take care of everything and anything; making a misconception that they don’t need additional travel insurance. Thus, it is important for all travellers to make sure that their existing insurance cover travelling risks and they are adequately covered.

Travelling is more enjoyable when you’re insured against the unexpected circumstances. Therefore, we present to you the top 20 travel insurance in Singapore – with best coverage, security and assurance.

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