Top Travel Insurance in Singapore (Updated 2024)

Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

When planning a trip, securing travel insurance is a critical step in safeguarding your journey against unforeseen events. In Singapore, the travel insurance market offers a variety of policies tailored to cover everything from trip cancellations and medical emergencies to lost luggage and travel delays. These policies are invaluable, providing a safety net that allows travelers to initiate claims for unexpected occurrences during their travels, such as lost or delayed luggage.

Purchasing travel insurance is straightforward and accessible, often available as an add-on during online flight bookings or directly from insurance companies’ websites. Carrying a printed copy of your policy document is advisable, ensuring you have essential information at hand for any necessary reference during your travels.

Key Benefits of Travel Insurance:

  • Emergency Medical Assistance: 24/7 support for emergencies including medical evacuations.
  • Medical and Hospital Costs: Coverage for unexpected medical treatments abroad.
  • Accommodation and Travel Expenses: Financial protection against additional costs due to illness or injury.
  • Family and Companion Coverage: Support for emergencies affecting close relatives or travel companions.
  • Home Emergency: Assistance for urgent returns in case of significant incidents at home.
  • Financial Protections: Compensation for accidental death, disability, and loss of income.

Understanding Travel Insurance Coverage

1. Comprehensive Coverage

  • Definition: Offers broad protection, including medical expenses, trip cancellations, baggage loss, and more.
  • Best For: International travel, especially to remote or high-risk areas.

2. Medical-Only Coverage

  • Definition: Focuses on covering medical and hospitalization expenses abroad.
  • Best For: Travelers with existing trip cancellation coverage or those less concerned about non-medical risks.

3. Specialized Plans

  • Definition: Tailored for specific travel needs, such as adventure sports, study abroad, or senior travel.
  • Coverage: Varies widely to suit the unique risks associated with the purpose of travel.

Best Travel Insurance Companies in Singapore for 2024

Travel insurance becomes a pivotal part of trip planning, offering not just peace of mind but also practical financial protection. This guide will explore the top travel insurance options available in Singapore, aiding travelers in finding policies that best match their needs, and ensuring a safer and more secure travel experience.


Allianz Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

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Travel Insurance Company

Allianz Travel

About Allianz Travel is a top travel insurance provider in Singapore that offers comprehensive coverage for single and multi-trip plans. One of the key perks of Allianz Travel is their 24/7 worldwide emergency assistance, which provides travelers with immediate support and guidance in any unforeseen event or emergency. Additionally, their plans cover a wide range of travel-related incidents, including trip cancellations, delays, medical emergencies, and more.
  • Global Support Network: Access to a wide-reaching assistance network, ensuring help is always available, no matter where you are in the world.
  • Customizable Plans: A variety of plans tailored to different types of travel, from short leisure trips to extended adventures, providing flexibility and choice to customers.
  • Innovative Solutions: Leveraging technology to streamline claims processes and enhance customer experience, making it straightforward for travelers to manage their policies and seek assistance when needed.
  • Award-Winning Service: Recognition for exceptional customer service and support, reflecting the company’s dedication to exceeding traveler expectations.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Policies cover a range of scenarios, including trip cancellations, medical emergencies, and luggage loss, ensuring travelers are prepared for the unexpected.
  • COVID-19 Coverage: Specific inclusion of COVID-19 related incidents in policies, offering travelers additional security in the current global health landscape.
  • Adventure Sports Coverage: Specialized options for adventure enthusiasts, covering activities that are often excluded from standard policies.
  • 24/7 Assistance Services: Round-the-clock access to support services, providing immediate help and advice, from medical emergencies to travel disruptions.
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12 Marina View, #14-01, Asia Square Tower, 2, 018961
Telephone 6327 2215
Operating Hours 24/7 daily
Review 1 “Bought the annual Gold plan online for my mum. She had to cancel her air tickets to Australia and Vancouver due to the covid-19 lockdown around the world. The airlines refunded the air tickets but charged a cancellation fee which we proceeded to claim with Allianz, and the claims were processed and approved quickly. Money was received within 2 weeks. Would highly recommend Allianz!”
Review 2 “I got my luggage delayed during my trip in Thailand in 2018, Allianz travel insurance have been helpful when I inquiry before buying the insurance, during the luggage delayed happen, and afterwards to claim. Response have been very fast and accurate.  Claim is also very fast. I would give 5 stars plus plus plus if possible.”
Review 3 “Allianz is so customer centric! I incurred expenses 3 months claiming period is over so I called up Allianz and explained my situation to them and provided reasons why it was not included in claim form previously. Allianz accepted my explanation and processed my claim once more! Kudos to Allianz for providing great customer experience! Will continue to support Allianz Global Travel packages.”


HL Insurance Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company

Hong Leong Assurance

About Hong Leong Assurance is a trusted travel insurance provider in Singapore that offers an array of comprehensive coverage policies for travellers. The affordable premium rates are one of the attributes that make this insurance ideal for budget-conscious travellers.
  • Diverse Plan Options: Tailored insurance plans including single trip, annual, long term, and specific coverage for families and seniors, catering to a wide range of travel needs.
  • No Claims Discount: Rewards travelers with up to 10% off on their next purchase for not making any claims, encouraging safe and careful travel.
  • Current Promotions: Offers additional savings through promotional codes and group discounts, enhancing the value for travelers and their companions.
  • Maid Protect360 PRO: Extends its insurance services to provide comprehensive coverage for domestic helpers, ensuring both the employer’s and maid’s well-being are safeguarded.
  • All-Inclusive COVID-19 Coverage: Offers up to $200,000 in overseas medical expenses for COVID-19, ensuring travelers are covered for any health-related issues abroad.
  • 24/7 Travel Concierge: Availability of round-the-clock support centers to provide assistance and global teleconsultation, ensuring help is always a click away.
  • Quarantine Allowance: Includes up to $1,500 in quarantine allowances as part of its comprehensive COVID-19 insurance benefits.
  • Flexible Policy Adjustments: Allows for policy modifications in response to COVID-19 related changes, providing flexibility for travelers’ peace of mind.
  • Protection Against Travel Inconveniences: Covers travelers for various disruptions, including baggage loss and travel agency insolvency, ensuring a smooth travel experience.
Pricing Click here to enquire
11 Keppel Rd, #11-01 ABI plaza, Singapore 089057
Telephone  6702 0202
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9am – 6pm
Review 1 “The experience with Rajni was a superb one. She was professional, attentive and patience to answer my queries. More importantly, HL Assurance offers the best value for money for the comprehensive motor insurance.”
Review 2 “The relationship officer who called me is very professional. Despite my request to call back 3 times, she performed her job professionally without showing any emotional displeasure. Glad that HL had such qualify relationship officer.”
Review 3 “Proactive in following up with customer on renewal. Very pleasant & meticulous representative who took the time to explain all the details. Good value product offering. Thank you.”


MSIG Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company


About MSIG is a well-known travel insurance provider in Singapore that offers comprehensive single and multi-trip plans. One aspect that earns it a spot among the best insurance providers is the high medical coverage limit. This medical coverage makes it ideal for travellers who may require extensive medical treatment or hospitalization while overseas. The add-on options include adventurous activities coverage and sports coverage. No matter where you travel, you are guaranteed 24/7 emergency assistance from the best health facilities.
  • Wide Range of Coverage: Protects against various travel-related issues, ensuring travelers are safeguarded against unforeseen events.
  • COVID-19 Benefits: Enhanced plans include comprehensive COVID-19 coverage for overseas medical expenses, evacuation, as well as travel cancellation and postponement.
  • Pre-Existing Conditions: Offers specific plans like TravelEasy Pre-Ex® for travelers with stable and controlled pre-existing medical conditions, covering high overseas hospitalization and evacuation costs.


  • TravelEasy® Travel Insurance: This flagship product offers extensive coverage, including for COVID-19, making it suitable for a wide audience.
  • TravelEasy Pre-Ex® Travel Insurance: Specifically caters to individuals with pre-existing medical conditions, providing them with the necessary coverage for peace of mind while traveling.
  • Global Study Overseas Student Travel Insurance: Designed for students pursuing education abroad, offering protection for accidents, illnesses, and more, with flexible coverage periods ranging from one to twelve months.
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4 Shenton Way, SGX Centre, Singapore 068807
Telephone 6827 7602
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 845am – 530pm
Review 1 “I was paid $20 by MSIG to repair the wheel of a damaged (one year old) luggage bag after more than 2 weeks of claim submission.  Tried appealing to MSIG that there is high risk that the wheel may be damaged again (after repairs) and it will be extremely inconvenient if I were overseas.  MSIG came back to state that this is under their T&Cs. Please read carefully before you buy.”
Review 2 “Filed a claim for travel disruption with legit reasons, even called CSO beforehand who said it can be claimed. But they refused to honor it in the end with a copy n paste reply. Their TnC is also very broad and is meant to confuse the hell out of u so u won’t be able to fight back. Avoid at all cost.”
Review 3 “Convenient location. Friendly and helpful staffs”


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FWD Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company

FWD Insurance

About FWD is a respected travel insurance company whose single and multi-trip plans cover flight delays, loss of luggage, and emergency medical expenses. If you are hospitalized or seek outpatient treatment while on vacation or a business trip, the insurance company will cater to all expenses.Another highlight is that all FWD policies cover travel inconveniences such as flight delays and cancellations. You can also expand the coverage by adding terrorist and sports coverage. FWD Insurance is a reliable and customer-friendly travel insurance option for any traveller.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Boasts a high Trustpilot rating, reflecting positive customer feedback from thousands of reviews.
  • Affordable Plans: Competitive pricing starts from S$14 for a 3-day trip within ASEAN countries, making travel insurance accessible to individuals.
  • Advanced Purchase Option: Offers the flexibility to purchase insurance up to 180 days in advance, ensuring travelers are prepared well before their trip.
  • Comprehensive COVID-19 Coverage: Includes up to S$200,000 for COVID-19 related medical expenses, addressing the current travel concerns.
  • Emergency Assistance: Provides unlimited emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, showcasing FWD’s commitment to traveler safety.
  • Cancel For Any Reason Add-on: Enhances the base plan by allowing travelers to cancel, postpone, or cut short their trip for any reason, offering an additional layer of flexibility.
  • Optional COVID-19 Coverage: Tailored for the pandemic era, this optional add-on ensures travelers are covered for COVID-19 related medical expenses.
  • Generous Medical and Evacuation Cover: Up to S$1,000,000 coverage for overseas medical expenses, coupled with unlimited emergency medical evacuation and repatriation.
  • Baggage Protection: Covers up to S$900 for baggage delays and up to S$18,750 for theft or damage to personal belongings, including baggage, with an efficient claims submission process.
Pricing Click here to enquire
6 Temasek Blvd, #18-01 Suntec Tower, Four 038986
Telephone 6820 8888
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9am – 6pm
Review 1 ” I recently just made a travel claim for my overseas trip under FWD and I am impressed by the efficiency of their service and claim refund to me!
The claim process has been seamless and easy, and the price of the insurance is affordable and competitive. Sincere appreciation to the team for their efficient service and hardwork during this COVID-19 period!”
Review 2 “Had to make travel claims due to covid-19 and my claim in-charge, Jie Yang, was super patient in listening to my case and explaining to me the claim procedures. Though the claims took some time, he followed up well and my claims were approved! This is my 3rd time purchasing their insurance and the payouts after approval have been quite fast. Do read their contract carefully though as some categories can only be claimed once.”
Review 3 “Customer Service is excellent! Especially Grace Chong from customer engagement team, she is very patient to help with the error I’m facing while doing the online purchase. Have bought multiple policies from FWD and will definitely engage their service again.”


Aviva Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company


About Aviva is best known for providing some of Singapore’s most comprehensive travel insurance policies. The medical coverage is extensive and includes emergency medical expenses, outpatient treatment, and hospitalisation.

One unique feature that sets the policies apart from others is the Pre-Existing Medical Condition Benefit. This feature covers expenses related to pre-existing medical conditions that are stable at the time of purchasing the policy. You need to provide details of the condition when buying the policy, though.

Speciality At Aviva, they help to look after their customers, with a forward-looking mindset with full confidence.

Aviva is a huge group insurance company that caters to customers, large enterprises, multinational corporation (MNC) regarding life, travel, health and accident coverage.

Pricing Click here to enquire
4 Shenton Way, #01-01 SGX Centre, Singapore 068807
Telephone 6827 7988
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 845am – 630pm
Review 1 “So far so good! Happy with the 2 savings policies I have with Aviva as I feel the returns are competitive. Out of convenience, I also tend to use Aviva for travel insurance whenever I travel – purchase process is very simple and straightforward.”
Review 2 “Had a great claims experience under Group Insurance policy I have with Aviva. Customer Service Exec was extremely helpful and helped with letter of guarantee which resulted in cashless hospitalisation. All in all, they did what they suppose to do – paid my claim!”
Review 3 “So many poor reviews here. No wonder. My grandson also has problems with claims under Aviva, not willing to pay and have to jump through hoops to keep trying to claim. Till date still not claimed in full and dragging of feet all round.”


NTUC Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company

NTUC Income

About NTUC Income Travel Insurance is crafted to provide travelers with robust protection against unforeseen events, enabling them to explore the world with confidence. With comprehensive coverage that includes new COVID-19 variants, Income ensures that travelers can experience the joys of discovery without the worry of potential travel mishaps.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Up to $15,000 for overseas transport and accommodation, including COVID-19 variants, ensuring broad protection.
  • COVID-19 Protection Included: Offers up to $1,000,000 for COVID-19 medical expenses overseas, with no add-on required, emphasizing ease and convenience for travelers.
  • 24/7 Medical Emergency Hotline: Immediate assistance anywhere in the world, showcasing Income’s commitment to traveler safety.
  • Flexible Plan Options: Choice between yearly and single-trip plans, catering to both individual and family needs, with special coverage for adventurous activities.
  • Enhanced Benefits for Renewals: Yearly plan renewals enjoy additional limits on selected benefits, rewarding loyal customers with even more comprehensive coverage.
  • Adventurous Activities Coverage: Extends protection to include high-adrenaline activities such as skiing, bungee jumping, and skydiving, catering to adventure seekers.
  • Family Coverage Options: Tailored plans for families traveling with children, providing a holistic cover that ensures peace of mind for all family members.
  • No Add-on Required for COVID-19: Simplifies the insurance process by including COVID-19 coverage in all plans, reflecting Income’s proactive approach to current global health concerns.
  • Overseas Hospital Allowance: Up to $50,000 for inpatient hospitalization due to COVID-19, further bolstering the travel insurance’s comprehensive nature.
Pricing Click here to enquire
Address Outlets
Depending on outlets
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9am – 530pm
Review 1 “Probably because it’s 1730hrs on a weekday, there wasn’t much crowd hence the wait wasn’t that long.”
Review 2 “At the entrance I was greeted by a lady who asked what I’m there for. She helped me press for a queue number and asked me to wait for it to be called. When the number came up and went to the counter, the service staff saw me holding on to cash and said the counter only accept Nets. The staff then help me get a queue number to the only counter that can do cash transaction. Everything went smoothly. Didn’t have to wait long for the whole process. Overall a pleasant experience. Keep up the good work.”
Review 3 “Good service.”


Ergo Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company


About Travelling overseas doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. Prepare for any eventuality by buying one of ERGO’s comprehensive travel policies. The premiums are affordable, and there are regular discounts you can leverage to save money.
  • Pre-Departure Assurance: Access to a 24/7 hotline for essential travel information and coverage for trip postponement or cancellation starting 60 days before departure.
  • Extensive Coverage During Your Trip: Offers up to SGD1,000,000 for medical and dental expenses, including unlimited worldwide emergency medical evacuation and specific coverage for adventure activities and home protection.
  • Post-Trip Medical and Dental Treatment: Continued care with coverage for follow-up medical and dental treatment in Singapore up to SGD50,000, and additional benefits for baggage delay and hospital allowances upon return.
  • 24/7 Worldwide Assistance: Dedicated hotline for immediate support for lost passports, medical emergencies, and more, emphasizing ERGO’s global commitment to assistance.
  • Comprehensive Personal Accident Cover: Activates three hours before departure, offering a safety net from the very start of your journey.
  • Innovative Coverage Options: Tailored benefits for a wide range of travelers, including provisions for cruise vacations, extreme sports, and pregnant travelers, showcasing ERGO’s understanding of diverse travel needs.
  • Home Content Protection: Unique feature covering home contents and valuables against incidents like fire and theft while traveling, extending peace of mind beyond personal safety to property security.
  • Unlimited Emergency Medical Evacuation: Ensures that in case of severe medical emergencies, travelers have the support needed for immediate evacuation, no matter the location.
  • Special Family Plan: Children who are 18 years old and below are covered by the plan. 24/7 worldwide emergency hotline for assistance in case of an emergency or unprecedented events is another highlight that makes ERGO the go-to travel insurance company.
Pricing Click here to enquire
5 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038985
Telephone 6829 9199
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 830am – 530pm
Review 1 “I did my Travel delay claim by just filling the form up and also forward a copy to the claim department thru email within 2 weeks they get back to me the claim is successful. Also customer officer was helpful when I call in to enquiry to me how to fill the claim.”
Review 2 “Totally nonsense company that want your money but make it hard to pay out claims. My maid cut her finger while preparing for food, the cut was so bad that I need to bring her to A&E. Her maid insurance claim was rejected because they say it was not “accident”. If that is not consider accident I wonder what is their definition of accident.”


Sompo Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company


About Sompo is another reputable travel insurance provider in Singapore. Details of each policy are clearly articulated on their user-friendly and mobile-responsive website. Their plans cover a broad range of travel-related incidents, such as delays, trip cancellations, loss of baggage, and more. You can also opt-in on terrorism and adventurous coverage if you intend to participate in outdoor activities such as hiking and rock climbing.
  • Innovative Coverage Options: Features unique benefits like the highest rental vehicle excess cover and the first insurer to cover rental vehicle windscreen and tyres.
  • Exclusive Services: Offers exclusive cashless outpatient services while traveling in Japan, highlighting Sompo’s commitment to providing exceptional support to travelers.
  • Automatic Policy Extension: Introduces an “Automatic Extension of Policy” feature, allowing travelers to extend their coverage for up to seven days in unforeseen travel emergencies or delays.
  • 24/7 Assistance: Ensures travelers can access assistance anytime during their trip, enhancing the travel experience with reliable support.
  • Enhanced COVID-19 Coverage: Tailored plans that include comprehensive COVID-19 protection, ensuring travelers can navigate the pandemic landscape with confidence.
  • Medical and Travel Inconvenience Coverage: Extensive coverage for medical expenses incurred overseas, along with compensation for travel delays, and loss or damage of baggage and personal belongings.
  • Unique Rental Vehicle Cover: Distinguishes itself by offering unparalleled coverage for rental vehicles, including windscreen and tyre damages, setting a new standard in travel insurance.
  • Cashless Outpatient Service in Japan: A standout service offering cashless medical assistance for travelers in Japan, exemplifying Sompo’s dedication to customer care and convenience.
Pricing Click here to enquire
05-01/06 Land Tower, Raffles Place, Singapore Land Tower, 048623
Telephone 6461 6555
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 830am – 530pm
Review 1 “Called the 24/7 Emergency Hotline to seek assistance for a faulty Wall Switch that was emitting black smoke on a Sunday night. The male operator was extremely helpful and had called back to check on the status of the summoned electrician. The Electrician was on time and very professional with his trade. He even shared a lot of trade knowledge with me so as to ensure safety with the various electrical switches. I truly appreciate both their professional and timely services on this Sunday night. Thank you Sompo.”
Review 2 “Our preferred Travel Insurance company and accident plan. Tenet had being great in service with innovative plans. Have being recommending Sompo (tenet) since 2015.”
Review 3 “In the same year, I had my handphone pickpocketed twice, once in Italy and recently in Portugal. I thought I would have problems with the second claim but was surprised that the claim was approved in less than 2 weeks. Good job, Sompo!”


Tokio Marine Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company

Tokio Marine Insurance


Tokio Marine Insurance is another top travel insurance company known for comprehensive policies and all-inclusive medical coverage. If you’re injured in an accident, the policy will cater to emergency medical treatment and hospitalisation expenses.

  • Two Plan Options: Offers Premier for unparalleled protection and Classic for those prioritizing budget over extensive coverage, catering to diverse traveler needs.
  • Family and Group Coverage: Includes tailored plans for families and groups, ensuring collective peace of mind throughout the journey.
  • Global Insurance Expertise: Backed by Tokio Marine’s authoritative presence in the insurance sector, authorized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, reflecting trust and reliability.
  • Comprehensive Insurance Solutions: Beyond travel, provides a spectrum of insurance products including Property, Casualty, Life, and Health coverage.
  • Premier Plan: Designed for travelers seeking total peace of mind with extensive coverage.
  • Classic Plan: Tailored for explorers who wish to allocate more funds towards their experiences, offering essential protection.
  • Flexible Family Coverage: Accommodates single and annual trips for families, ensuring that both adults and children are comprehensively covered.
  • Group Travel Protection: Offers a specialized group coverage option, making it ideal for friends or colleagues traveling together.
Pricing Click here to enquire
663 Buffalo Rd, Singapore 210663
Telephone 6221 6111
Operating Hours Mondays to Friday: 8.45am – 5.45pm
Review 1 “I have not claimed with tokio marine. But their price is competitive and they have loyalty discount. Still with tokio marine for my family travel insurance. My friend feedback that she was able to claim her luggage damage. Application process is fuss free. I applied for Annual plan with 20percent discount. I bought the policy the night before I flew. Got it done within 5mins.”
Review 2 “Broke my camera during my holiday. It was a devastating accident for any photographer. My holiday almost ruined until i remembered i bought travel insurance and I got my camera repair covered!”


Great Eastern Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company

Great Eastern

About Great Eastern stands out as a top choice for travelers seeking reliable and comprehensive coverage. Its travel insurance policies cover a wide range of scenarios, from medical emergencies to trip cancellations and even personal accidents. They also offer optional coverage for activities such as winter sports and adventurous pursuits, making them an ideal option for thrill-seekers. Great Eastern also offers a 24-hour emergency hotline, which is incredibly beneficial for travelers facing unforeseen challenges abroad.
  • Extended COVID-19 Coverage: Offers up to $150,000 for medical expenses and emergency evacuation due to COVID-19, with automatic extension of coverage up to 30 days if hospitalised or quarantined overseas.
  • 24-Hour International Assistance: Provides around-the-clock support, including up to $1 million for emergency medical evacuation, encompassing emergency dental treatments, TCM, and chiropractic care.
  • Protection Against Travel Inconveniences: Up to $15,000 coverage for flight cancellations, loss of baggage, and other travel disruptions, ensuring travelers are safeguarded against unexpected events.
  • Adventure Activity Coverage: Encourages travelers to indulge in adventurous activities like mountaineering and snowboarding, covered at no extra premium.
  • Exclusive App Offers: For existing customers, the Great Eastern app simplifies the purchasing process and offers a chance to win 100% cashback on travel insurance purchases.
  • Worldwide Protection: Extensive medical coverage that supports travelers globally, with added benefits for emergency dental treatment, TCM, and chiropractic care.
  • Travel Inconvenience Coverage: Robust protection against a range of travel inconveniences, ensuring financial security and peace of mind.
  • No Extra Premium for Adventure: Unique offering that covers high-risk activities without an additional premium, appealing to adventure seekers.
Pricing Click here to enquire
1, Pickering St, #01-01 Great Eastern Centre, 048659
Telephone 6248 2000
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9am – 530pm
Review 1 “Nothing much here unless you are a customer of great eastern and are here to make claims or make enquiries for insurance. Even so, parking is a problem as they only got drop off point.”
Review 2 “Excellent service!”
Review 3 “2 policies with GE since 1993 & 1995, wanted to change the beneficiary but need the previous beneficiary to give consent….end up I decided to cancel both policies. A nice lady by the name of Ms Chow May Fern is serving me after a very short wait, she noted one of the policy is 24 years old and on the 25th year will be getting a special bonus. Glad that with her advise I’ll gain an extra 10k and if I wait even longer to the 30th years I’ll gain extra 20k. So I decided to cancel just 1 policy and hold on to the one other for another 6 more years. Special thanks to Miss Chow may Fern for her professionalisms.”


Direct Asia Top Travel Insurance in Singapore

Travel Insurance Company

DirectAsia Insurance

About DirectAsia Insurance is a standout travel insurance company in Singapore, offering comprehensive coverage and affordable pricing. One of the key features that make them the best is their flexibility in customizing policies to suit individual travel needs. This allows travelers to choose the coverage they need without paying for unnecessary features.
  • Accident Protection: Offers lump sum payouts for severe injuries or death, highlighting the policy’s extensive personal accident coverage.
  • Emergency Assistance: Includes emergency medical evacuation, ensuring critical support during urgent health crises, showcasing DirectAsia’s readiness to assist.
  • Personal Belongings Protection: Covers loss or damage to personal items, including tech gadgets, providing peace of mind for travelers’ valuables.
  • Comprehensive Disruption Coverage: Ensures compensation for trip cancellations or disruptions due to unforeseen events like natural disasters or civil unrest.
  • Optional COVID-19 Coverage: Adds a layer of protection specific to the pandemic, offering reimbursement for COVID-19 related disruptions.
  • Family and Child Coverage: Ensures that children receive the same level of coverage as adults under the Family Plan, catering to the needs of traveling families.
  • Compassionate Visit and Pet Hotel Benefits: Extends coverage to include compassionate visits and pet hotel stays, reflecting DirectAsia’s understanding of travelers’ wider concerns.
  • Optional Coverage for Domestic Helpers and Extreme Sports: Provides flexibility to include domestic helpers in the family plan and cover for extreme sports and activities, demonstrating DirectAsia’s adaptability to diverse traveler needs.
Pricing Click here to enquire
20 Anson Rd, #08-01, Singapore 079912
Telephone 6665 5555
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 8am – 8pm
Review 1 “Apart from very competitive rates, their service is excellent _ even during COVID lock down. Subsequent to selling my first vehicle they transferred the NCD quickly and efficiently and sent my rebate. I highly recommend this firm for vehicle insurance.”
Review 2 “Yeah its cheap and quick, but claims are another matter. Many fine print and exclusions – so beware.”
Review 3 ” I’ve been purchasing my travel policies with Direct Asia for quite some time now, but never needed to claim. During my last trip however, i had to make some medical claims. Having had previous bad experience with large insurers, i was worried and skeptical that the claim won’t go through. Lo & Behold, was i wrong! Besides some slight delay in getting back to me (because its peak period), they processed the claim so quickly and without giving me much hassle. Which is very unlike my previous experiences with other insurers where they simply try to make it so difficult for you to make a claim. Kudos to Direct Asia for being an honest, and reliable insurer!”


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Top Travel Insurance in Singapore (Updated 2024) 1

Travel Insurance Company

Tiq Singapore

About Tiq Travel Insurance by Etiqa offers innovative and comprehensive travel insurance solutions, making it your ideal companion for both local and international trips. Known for its user-friendly online buying experience, Tiq provides extensive coverage including a COVID-19 add-on to ensure travelers are protected at every stage of their journey.
  • Versatile Transportation Coverage: Ensures all forms of transportation are covered, providing a broad safety net for different travel arrangements.
  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions: Includes coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, catering to the needs of all travelers.
  • Automated Flight Delay Benefit: Introduces a hassle-free automated payout for flight delays, enhancing convenience for travelers.
  • 24-Hour Worldwide Emergency Support: Delivers round-the-clock assistance, offering peace of mind with additional services like flight check-in reminders and baggage belt collection details.
  • Value-Added Services: Offers full refunds for policy cancellations and automated flight delay benefits, ensuring travelers receive immediate support without the need for claim submissions.
  • COVID-19 Add-On: A dedicated add-on that power-ups your coverage against COVID-19 related incidents, providing a lump sum payout for hospitalization due to COVID-19 after returning to Singapore.
  • Ease of Purchase and Claims: Recognized for its best online buying experience, Tiq ensures a smooth and efficient process from purchasing to claiming, underscored by its popularity among travelers.
  • Innovative Features: Unique offerings such as flight check-in reminders and detailed baggage collection information, aiming to enhance the travel experience beyond traditional insurance coverage.
Pricing Click here to enquire
One Raffles Quay, #22-01 North Tower, Singapore 048583
Telephone +65 6887 8777
Operating Hours Mon to Fri, 8.45am to 5.30pm
Review 1 “Great experience, Greate service.”
Review 2 “Claiming was very smooth and fast. Tiq even knows the flight details of their customers. Fast customer service too!”
Review 3 “Have bought this travel insurance a few times, even before COVID. Recently bought the basic plan for travel use, although the cost shown is not inclusive of COVID coverage, it can be selected as part of an add-on. The final price is still affordable. The coverage is extensive enough for a short trip. Very quick and swift to apply, also applied it through SingSaver for the additional cashback! Overall, it’s very worth it.”


Top Travel Insurance in Singapore (Updated 2024) 2

Travel Insurance Company

Allied World

About Allied World’s Travel Protector insurance is crafted to provide comprehensive protection for travelers in the modern landscape of travel. It offers a robust plan that ensures travelers, from adventure seekers to family vacationers, are covered against common travel inconveniences and medical emergencies, now including options for COVID-19 coverage.
  • Adventure Activity Protection: Offers coverage for a wide array of activities, ensuring adventure enthusiasts are protected.
  • High Coverage Limits: Features up to $1,000,000 in personal accident benefits and up to $500,000 in overseas medical expenses.
  • Specialized Plans: Tailored coverage for both solo travelers and families, catering to specific needs with plans that include senior and child protection.
  • Comprehensive Support: Provides unlimited emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, along with 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance.
  • COVID-19 Add-on: A specialized add-on that comprehensively covers expenses incurred from COVID-19 disruptions, medical treatment, and quarantine situations.
  • Full Range of Travel Activities Covered: From scuba diving and skiing to trekking and bungee jumping, the policy ensures peace of mind for various adventure pursuits.
  • Personal Accident and Medical Expenses Coverage: Significant coverage for accidents on public transport and medical expenses abroad, including COVID-19 diagnosis.
  • Travel Inconvenience Coverage: Protection against trip cancellations, including those caused by the insolvency of a travel agency, and coverage for loss of travel documents and cash.
  • Family and Group Policies: Offers the convenience of group policies for multiple individuals and comprehensive family plans that cover all children under a single policy.
Pricing Click here to enquire
8th Floor 60 Anson Road #08-01 Mapletree Anson Singapore 079914
Telephone +65 6423 0888
Operating Hours 8:30 am – 5:30pm (Mon-Fri)
Review 1 “Their policies are customizable to suit my specific needs, whether for business or leisure trips. Their 24/7 emergency assistance is invaluable, and their claim process is hassle-free.”


Top Travel Insurance in Singapore (Updated 2024) 3

Travel Insurance Company

Budget Direct Insurance

About Budget Direct Insurance Singapore is a trusted provider of travel insurance solutions. With a focus on delivering cost-effective and comprehensive coverage, they cater to travelers seeking individual, group, or family insurance options.
  • 24 Hours Worldwide Assistance: Enjoy peace of mind knowing that no matter where you are in the world, round-the-clock emergency assistance is just a call away.
  • No Limit to Number of Trips: Opt for an Annual policy and benefit from unlimited cover for overseas trips without the hassle of providing trip details each time.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation: In case of serious medical emergencies, Budget Direct Insurance ensures you get safely evacuated and back home.
  • Coverage Against Terrorist Attacks: Their standard policy includes protection against unforeseen terrorist attacks.
  • Immediate Cover: From the moment you purchase your policy, you’re covered, offering protection should anything unexpected occur before your journey begins.
  • Individual Travel Insurance: Ideal for solo travelers, this policy provides coverage for the insured person traveling alone.
  • Group Travel Insurance: Covering 2-10 people traveling together, this option offers cost savings with discounts on premiums for groups.
  • Family Travel Insurance: Designed for families, it provides coverage for up to 2 adults and 4 dependent children traveling together, with flexibility for non-related adults to be covered as well.
Pricing Click here to enquire
190 Clemenceau Avenue, #03-01
Singapore Shopping Centre
Singapore 239924
Telephone 6221 2111
Operating Hours Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 5pm
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays
Review 1 “Serve my purpose to have a reasonable coverage with reasonable premium payments.”
Review 2 “Good rate and benefits for travel insurance. But since I have yet to travel or have submitted any claims, I don’t know what will happen. I had purchased travel insurance on other sites and it was simple to claim for my visit to the hospital (for constipation).
Review 3 “The car insurance is very reasonable with good coverage. Also bought a travel family plan insurance with reasonable cost and comprehensive coverage.


Top Travel Insurance in Singapore (Updated 2024) 4

Travel Insurance Company


About Chubb Insurance Singapore boasts a rich heritage with over 50 years of insurance expertise, dedicated to providing high-quality travel insurance solutions. With a focus on delivering efficient claims handling, global accessibility, and 24/7 overseas emergency assistance, Chubb is committed to ensuring travelers enjoy a safe and worry-free journey.
  • Quality Travel Cover: With decades of insurance experience and millions of satisfied travelers, Chubb Travel Insurance offers top-notch coverage at affordable prices, catering to a diverse range of travelers, including frequent flyers, families, budget-conscious holidaymakers, adventure seekers, and sports enthusiasts.
  • Efficient Claims Handling: Chubb prioritizes a fast, fair, and efficient approach to claims processing, ensuring expedited outcomes and improved results for policyholders.
  • Global Network: Purchasing travel insurance from Chubb grants access to a global network of travel experts. Backed by extensive resources and local expertise, Chubb’s Singapore operations are bolstered by a worldwide presence.
  • 24-Hour Emergency Assistance: Chubb Travel Insurance includes Chubb Assistance, a 24-hour overseas emergency hotline, ensuring immediate support whenever and wherever it’s needed during your travels.
  • Customizable Plans: Chubb offers four distinct plan types, each with customizable benefits tailored to suit the needs, destination, and budget of every traveler.
  • Saver Plan: An affordable option with basic coverage, ideal for travelers heading to Batam, Bintan, and Malaysia.
  • Economy Plan: Designed for worldwide travels (excluding Cuba), offering higher coverage limits compared to the Saver Plan.
  • Business Plan: The preferred choice for both leisure and business travelers, providing comprehensive benefits and generous cover limits.
  • First Plan: The most comprehensive option, offering an extensive range of coverage and the highest limits available in Chubb’s offerings.
Pricing Click here to enquire

138 Market Street
Level 11-01 CapitaGreen
Singapore 048946

Telephone (65) 6836 2922
Operating Hours Mondays to Fridays, 9.00am-5.00pm
Review 1 “I was very impressed with Chubb Insurance. I bought a vacation insurance with Chubb and managed to claim easily. Was supposed to go to Phuket for a trip with my family but due to COVID-19, the trip had to be cancelled. Chubb refunded my air tickets as well as my hotel stay. I just had to submit the reservations i have made with the airlines and the hotel. Thumbs up for Chubb. Will definitely purchase any travel insurance with them!”
Review 2 “Have been using Chubb Annual plan for over 3 years. Competitive pricing, good coverage and easy auto renewal (you have options)”
Review 3 “I have been a repeated customer of Chubb Travel insurance over the years. It is fast to buy on their website and is hassle free.”


Top Travel Insurance in Singapore (Updated 2024) 5

Travel Insurance Company

Liberty Insurance

About Liberty Insurance Singapore is a trusted name in the insurance industry, offering a range of travel and leisure insurance solutions to meet your specific needs. With a commitment to providing peace of mind during your adventures, Liberty Insurance has been serving travelers for years.
  • Tailored Travel Solutions: Liberty Insurance specializes in tailoring insurance solutions to match your specific travel and leisure requirements.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Their policies go beyond the basics, offering comprehensive protection that covers various aspects of your travel, ensuring you have peace of mind.
  • Diverse Range of Plans: Liberty Insurance Singapore’s specialty lies in providing a diverse range of plans, including specialized coverage for golfers, students studying abroad, personal mobility device users, and adventurous globetrotters.
  • Specialized Plans: They offer specialized insurance plans like GolfCare, Overseas StudentCare, PMD Insurance, and TourCare Plus, catering to different types of travelers.
  • Trusted Reputation: With a strong reputation in the industry, Liberty Insurance is known for its reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Personal Mobility Protection: Liberty’s PMD Insurance safeguards you against costs and expenses arising from 3rd party liability while using personal mobility devices.
  • Global Adventure: TourCare Plus encourages you to explore the world with confidence, knowing you have reliable coverage to take on new adventures.
Pricing Click here to enquire
One Raffles Quay #25-01 North Tower Singapore 048583
Telephone 1800-LIBERTY (5423 789)
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 5.30pm
Review 1 “Great coverage options and seamless claims process. I’ve been a satisfied Liberty customer for years.”
Review 2 “Liberty Insurance truly understands travelers’ needs. Their specialized plans are a lifesaver, especially when studying abroad.”
Review 3 “TourCare Plus gave me the confidence to explore new horizons worry-free. Liberty Insurance delivers on their promise of comprehensive protection.”


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