Top Towing Services in Singapore

top towing services in singapore

You’re cruising along the expressway, listening to your favourite tunes on the radio, thinking that it’s going to be a beautiful day. 

Suddenly, your engine light starts to blink, giving hints that your ride is heading for a breakdown!

Uh oh! 

There you are, in the middle of the highway. You’re feeling anxious and embarrassed about your situation. Some motorists are swearing at you for blocking the road. Others find an opportunity to take down the next potentially-winning 4D numbers. 

What should you do? 

What Should You Do When Your Car Breaks Down in the Middle of the Road? 

Look Out for Warning Signs 

Detecting warning signs will prevent your car from suddenly stopping in the middle of the road, causing traffic jams and other potential accidents.  

You can actually prevent a mid-journey breakdown even before you start driving. If your car is taking an incredibly long time to start, don’t even think about driving it! There could be several causes of it, and it’s best left to the mechanics to diagnose the issue. 

When driving, if one or more of these lights start to flash, you better pull over as soon as you can!

  • Engine Lights (including Check Engine)
  • Temperature Warning Light
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Light
  • Oil Pressure Warning Light  

Even without the presence of flashing lights, there are a few red flags to take note of. For example, if you’re hearing an irritating squeaky sound each time you use the brakes, it could be a sign that your brakes or brake pad aren’t doing well. 

Caution Other Motorists 

When the warning signs have nudged you to stop, don’t panic. Remember to turn on your hazard lights so that other motorist can make way for you to pull over. If you’re driving along the expressway, look for a road shoulder to pull over. If you’re driving along a regular road or street, keep to your left and find a spot where it’s not obstructing the traffic flow. 

Use your side view mirror to look out for any ongoing traffic before you exit your car. Once you’re out of the car, take out your red triangular warning sign. 

According to the Automobile Association of Singapore, this sign should be placed at least 3 cars’ length or more. This provides other motorists with adequate time and space to avoid your vehicle. 

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Stand Behind the Vehicle Impact Guards (VIGs)

When the triangular sign is placed, do not return back to your car. Instead, stand behind the metal barricades known as Vehicle Impact Guards (VIGs) as you start calling for help. Sure, you’re most likely standing on a patch of grass, together with a colony of insects. Yet, that’s much safer than waiting inside your car! 

Call for a Toll Service  

Just like admitting into an A&E ward, nobody wakes up one day and say, “I’m looking forward to enlisting a towing service today!” 

However, it’s always wise to keep a list of tow services on-hand for days like these! 

If your vehicle breaks down in the middle of an expressway, call EMAS at 1800-2255-582. LTA will provide a free towing service 24 hours a day. However, they will only tow your vehicle to the nearest designated carpark, instead of a workshop. 

Hence, you would still have to arrange for a towing service to send your vehicle for fixing. 

As you call for your towing service, remember to check how much can your motor insurance cover for your incident. 

Besides Emergencies, Towing Companies May Also Offer Services Like These: 

Multi-Storey Carpark Towing

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Towing a vehicle from a multi-story carpark can be very tricky. Unlike roads, motorists have to manoeuvre through the tiny, winding paths. 

Fortunately, some towing companies offer the skills, as well as the trucks and equipment to safely bring your car out from the building. 

Car Maintenance Services 

Towing services would usually have a workshop where they can help jump start your car battery, replace malfunctioning car parts and tyres. 

Heavy Vehicle Towing 

For larger towing companies, their towing fleet may include trucks that can tow larger vehicles, such as buses and other trucks. 

Luxury Vehicle Towing 

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If you have a prized-vehicle such as the Lamborghini, you will do all you can to protect it from the slightest scratch. 

Lucky for you, towing companies may also offer a unique towing service to ensure that your ride remains unscathed! 

Events/Roadshows Towing 

Like the luxury vehicle towing service, some towing companies can also provide safe transportation for exhibition cars at any events.  

BH Auto Top Towing Services in Singapore


BH Auto Services Pte Ltd

What They Offer
  • Car Towing
  • 24-Hr Car Battery Replacement
  • Car Leasing Services
  • Vehicle Spare Parts

Blk, 1 Sin Ming Ind Est Sector C,#01-111 to 117, Singapore 575636

  • +65 6559 8944
  • +65 9101 3232 (24-Hours Hotline)
Operating Hours
  • 0900 – 2300 (Mon – Sat)
  • 1000 – 1600 (Sun) 
  • 24-Hours Standby for Emergency
Review 1 “My car broke down on me in the middle of the car, at peak hours. Was Super stressful, but I got Eric’s number & called him. Immediately, he said he will come down save me. Within a short period, he arrived & packed up my car in a professional & experienced manner. We then proceeded to his workshop at Sin Ming, and his engineers attended to my car in a prompt manner. I wish there are more honest & holistic car workshop like this in Singapore!”
Review 2 “I’m glad I took the courage and made an exception to try out BH Auto as I’ve always gone to Subaru workshop at Leng Kee. The reviews here was very helpful and completely validated with Eric’s prompt response right through to when I dropped my car and getting it back. They use original parts, is a 1 stop shop for all car services and command reasonable costs. It also helps that they’re an authorised workshop for established insurers as it takes a team of experts to do what they do. Such a great team work to see and special thanks to Ah Suan and team for a superb work done. I’m sold. Will come back for maintenance work.”
Review 3 “Very good service by the team. Boss Eric is friendly and gives good advise on tire change. Will definitely recommend anyone looking for a good car workshop!”


Kaolin Towing Top Towing Services in Singapore


Kaolin Towing

What They Offer
  • Multi-Storey Carpark Towing
  • Recovery Services
Address 22 Sin Ming Ave, Singapore 570405
  • +65 9651 8877
  • +65 64520716
Operating Hours 24-Hours
Review 1 Excellent customer service with good workmanship.”
Review 2 “Fast response and quality towing. Bro Andy makes sure my bike is properly secured and updated me once it reaches workshop. Good workmanship!!”
Review 3 “Best service for towing, friendly staffs despite the midnight rain.”
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ACM Top Towing Services in Singapore



ACM Services Centre

What They Offer
  • Car Servicing
  • Body Repair
  • Diagnostics
  • Accident Claims
  • Affordable Towing Services From $28
Pricing Starting from $28
Address 10 Ang Mo Kio Ind Pk 2A, #03-16 AMK Autopoint, Singapore 568047
Telephone +65 91117978
Operating Hours 24-Hours
Review 1 “Very kind and friendly. Able to share some tips n tricks. Knowledgable. A fast transaction. Will go there again for the next servicing.”
Review 2 “Very personalised service and the people there are very warm and friendly. The admin lady remembers every single detail i shared with her during our conversation and even bothers to follow up in my next servicing appointment 😂”
Review 3 “After changing workshops so many times, only ACM is able to convince me to return for my periodic servicing and maintenance. Their down to earth prices and profession staff simply puts me at ease. Great job ACM. Keep it up!”


ARS Top Towing Services in Singapore

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ARS Automotive Recovery Singapore – Car Battery Replacement & Car Tyre Repair Services

What They Offer
  • Auto Emergency Towing
  • Flatbed Towing
  • Light to Heavy Duty Towing
  • Motorcycle Towing
  • Luxury Vehicle Towing
  • Tow Dolly
  • Accidental Removal Services
  • Car Battery Replacement Services
  • Jumpstart Services
  • Car Tyre Repair Services

*$10 OFF all car breakdown services during Covid-19 period. 

Address Business Address is strictly for Call-in Appointments only (We go to our customer’s location)
Contact +65 8618 9000


Operating Hours 24-Hours
Review 1 “The service was so efficient and convenient for me. They were very honest about the status of my battery and everything were done very fast.”
Review 2 “Came at 2 am, still bubbly and nice. High recommended”
Review 3 “Respond to my emergency immediately, came within half an hour and manage to rectify my issue with the radiator host. Thank you for the great service. 10/10 would recommend to anyone having emergency issues. Excellent 24hrs islandwide service!!”


Gao Express Top Towing Services in Singapore


Gao Express Towing Services (GETS)

What They Offer
  • Jumpstart Services
  • Battery Replacement Services
  • Tyre Replacement Services
  • Affiliated Malaysia Towing Services
  • Event/Exhibition Towing Services
  • Lock Out/Door Opening Services
  • Flatbed Towing
  • Multi-Storey & Basement Carpark Towing
Address 27 Marine Crescent, Marine Crescent Ville #10-01, Singapore 440027
Telephone +65 90090092
Operating Hours 24-Hours
Review 1 “Used Gao’s services many times. They’re one of the contractors for several call centres. One of the best service providers.”
Review 2 👍Responsive & Professional Service.”


Island Recovery Top Towing Services in Singapore


Island Recovery Services 

What They Offer
  • Multi-Storey and Basement Carpark Towing
  • General Towing Services
  • Heavy Duty Towing
  • Exhibition/Roadshow Towing
  • Motor Vehicle Locksmith Services
  • Sports/Luxury Car Towing Services
Address 59, Ubi Avenue 1 #07-08, Bizlink Centre, Singapore 408938
Telephone +65 91828211
Operating Hours 24-Hours
Review 1 “Excellent and fast service! I was stuck on the PIE as my tires got punctured by a nail. I proceeded to call my brother who advised me to engage a towing company and sent me the contact of the company he was familiar with. Thankfully the tow truck arrived within a short span of 15 mins. They towed my car to a cheap and reliable car workshop in Ubi as the experienced driver had a good understanding of the pricing of car workshops in Singapore. I took his advice and as suggested it was very affordable. I must say that the driver was very polite and professional. This is the first time this happened to me and therefore I was quite anxious, the driver addressed my worries very well and explained very clearly step by step the procedures that I must undertake. Would definitely recommend their services to the public!”
Review 2 “They came fast and reasonable priced. Friendly driver. Experienced of better than good service. Thank you.”
Review 3 “Friendly tow truck driver. Service with a smile. Hardworking and sincere guy.”


Jet Speed Top Towing Services in Singapore


Jet Speed Towing

What They Offer
  • 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Heavy Duty Towing
  • Skilled Technicians
Address 11, #09-01, Mandai Estate, Singapore 729908
Telephone +65 91796344
Operating Hours 24-Hours
Review 1 “Highly recommend… Good service and friendly…”
Review 2 “Good service and fastest responding.”
Review 3 “High responsibility and the best service provided. Will continually 100% support.”


Tow Truck SG Top Towing Services in Singapore


Tow Truck Singapore

What They Offer
  • 30-minutes Pickup
  • Jump Start Services
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Friendly Dispatchers
Pricing Lowest rates available. Call +65 31292390 or visit their website for a quote.
Telephone +65 31292390
Operating Hours 24-Hours
Review “I am from Benut Malaysia, but I went to Singapore to fetch my cousin at the airport. It was a two-hour drive on a stormy night. We had no visibility because of the rainfall so I pulled over somewhere in the woodlands. After 10 minutes, I could see in front of me again so we decided to leave.

My engine wouldn’t start. So I searched online for towing services in Singapore and I found this. I called them up and in about 15 minutes, I was ready for my car to be towed. Andrei showed up and told me that my battery is the only problem and I didn’t need towing. He replaced my battery in the pouring rain while I followed him around in my umbrella. Best service I ever got. 5 stars!” – Jessie Lee (Review taken from official website)


Vehicle Recovery Services Top Towing Services in Singapore


24 Hrs Tow Truck Singapore (Vehicle Recovery Services) 

What They Offer
  • 24-Hours Towing Services
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Mobile Tyre Puncture Services
  • Tyre Patching Services
  • Spare Tyre Replacement Services
  • Jump Start Services
  • Door Lockout Recovery Services
Address 7, Toa Payoh Industrial Park, Singapore 319059
Telephone +65 82851616
Operating Hours 24-Hours
Review 1 “This company was very responsive in my time of need. Was courteous and professional. I would definitely use them again and I highly recommend.”
Review 2 “There was a heavy downpour but still tried his best to reach early. I salute your service and attitude.”
Review 3 “Very reliable and rates is reasonable 👌”


BTS Towing Top Towing Services in Singapore


BTS Towing Services

What They Offer
  • Breakdown Vehicles
  • Export and Import of Used Vehicles
  • Transportation of New Vehicles
  • Transportation of Vehicle to Scrap Yard
  • Luxury Vehicle Towing
Pricing Visit their website to get a quote.
200A, Sengkang East Road, Singapore 541200
Telephone +65 96311733
Operating Hours 24-Hours


4Wheelz Towing Top Towing Services in Singapore


4Wheelz Towing and Recovery Services

What They Offer
  • Towing Services for All Kinds of Vehicles
  • Accident Recovery Services
  • Crane/Winch services.
  • King Dolly Services
  • Spare Tyre Changing Services
  • Jump Start Services

*4Wheelz Tows all kinds of vehicle, according to the website. 

  • Car – $50
  • Van – $60
  • Lorry – $70
Address Blk 872B, Tampines Street 86, Singapore 522872
Telephone +65 98266442
Operating Hours 24-Hours
Review 1 “Very friendly and punctual person. Advised me on the necessary..Highly recommended!!👍 Good job.”
Review 2 “Radzi was quick to reply to my queries and even helped to pick up my keys at my workplace. Thank you so much Radzi for the quick and prompt rescue! You’re my hero!”
Review 3 “Muhammad was early and he advised me accordingly. Recommended me to the proper workshop.”


AJ Towing Top Towing Services in Singapore


AJ Towing Services

What They Offer
  • General Towing
  • Multi-Storey and Basement Carpark Towing
  • Luxury Vehicle Towing
  • Motorcycle Towing
  • Events/Roadshow Towing
  • Accident Removal Services
  • Bulk Vehicle Transportation Services
  • Battery Replacement Services
Address 19 Senoko Loop, #04-00, Singapore 758169
Telephone +65 86006229
Operating Hours 24-Hours


SG Towing Top Towing Services in Singapore


Singapore Towing

What They Offer
  • Light to Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery Services
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Hoisting Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Police Escort
  • Insurance Claims
Address 22 Sin Ming Lane, #06-76, Midview City, Singapore 573969
  • +65 98302645
  • +65 85717384
Operating Hours 24-Hours
Review 1 “Verey good towing services.”
Review 2 “Call for towing of my prime mover and reach location swiftly. Very good, will use your services again if need any assistance.”
Review 3 “Thank you for your help towing my trailer, came within 20 mins. Highly recommended.”


Yishun Top Towing Services in Singapore


Yishun Towing Pte Ltd

What They Offer 
  • Light to Heavy Duty Towing
  • Kind Dolly
  • Flatbed Towing
  • Mobile Cranes
  • Concrete Pumpers
Address 4015, Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 1, #01-502, Singapore 569631
  • +65 96288480
  • +65 90718480
Operating Hours 24-Hours


Kian Soon Top Towing Services in Singapore


Kian Soon Towing Service

What They Offer
  • Light to Heavy Duty Vehicle Towing
  • Flatbed Towing
  • Exhibition Towing
  • Wheeled Air Compressor Towing
  • Winching Services
Address 153 Bukit Batok Street 11, Singapore 650153
  • +65 9672 9382
  • +65 65696609
Operating Hours 24-Hours
Review 1 “A good one. Recommended.”
Review 2 “(Translated by Google) It ’s easy to use the trailer service for the first time, call them and arrive soon! Good!”
Review 3 “Fast service.”


People's Vehicle Group Top Towing Services in Singapore


People’s Vehicle Towing Services

What They Offer
  • Light to Heavy Duty Towing
  • Tire and Wheel Alignment Services
  • Vehicle Servicing and Repair
  • Sales of Spare Parts
  • Spray Painting Services
  • Motor Claims Framework (MCF)
  • Car and Van Rental Services

Blk 3005, Ubi Ave 3, #01-68, Singapore 408861

Telephone ​+65 67431987
Operating Hours
  • 9.30 – 6.00 pm (Mon – Sat)
  • 24-Hours (Towing Services)


AAS Top Towing Services in Singapore


Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS)

What They Offer
Services are for members only. For non-members, there’s an on-going promotion (June 2020) at:
  • $112 (1-year Membership)
  • $169 (3-years Membership)

For members, normal “hook-and-go” towing is free. However, $64.20 is chargeable for:

  • Accidents
  • Dolly Tow
Address 2, Kung Chong Road, #03-01, AA Centre, Singapore 159140
Telephone +65 67489911 (Members)

+65 63338811 ext *148 (Non-Members)

Operating Hours 24-Hours


Shenton Top Towing Services in Singapore


Shenton Recovery

What They Offer
  • General Towing
  • Multi-Storey and Basement Carpark Towing
  • Tactical Towing
  • Events and Roadshow Towing
  • Mobile Tyre Repair Services
  • Onsite Spare Tyre Services
  • Vehicle Locksmith Services
  • Car Removal Services
  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Onsite Jump Car Start Services
Address 21, Woodlands Close, Primz Bizhub, #08-44, Singapore 737854
Telephone +65 97838383
Operating Hours 24-Hours
Review 1 “Excellent service from towing my car on time to a highly recommended car workshop to sending me back home. Indeed great service & valuable advice during the towing service ride. Towing fee is very affordable as compared with others. Will highly recommend this towing service to others!”
Review 2 “Great and fast services. Engaged them for a punctured tyre and the staff worked at a very fast and efficient pace which got the job done very quickly. He also gave very good advice on maintaining the car. Highly recommend them and will engage them again in the future for any issues.”
Review 3 “Shenton is a very humble guy. He gave us the option of taking which expressway and also gave us valuable insight to how we should maintain the car. Thank you for your services!”


Joo Keong Top Towing Services in Singapore


Joo Keong Towing Service

What They Offer
  • Light to Heavy Duty Towing
  • Luxury Car Towing
  • Flatbed Towing
Address 424, Bukit Batok West Ave 2, #01-235, Singapore 650424
Telephone +65 65635620
Operating Hours 24-Hours
Review 1
“Swift Recovery!”
Review 2 “10/10”


Spark Top Towing Services in Singapore


SPARK Car Care, a Subsidiary of ComfortDelGro

What They Offer 
  • 24-Hour Breakdown and Towing Services
  • Flat Tyre and Flat Battery Changing
  • Free Towing if Vehicle is Repaired at SPARK Care Centre
  • Jump Start and Restart Services

*Terms and Conditions Apply 

Address and Telephone 
  • 205 Braddell Road S(579701)
    Tel: 6383 8110
  • 59 Loyang Drive S(508969)
    Tel: 6214 8300
  • 45 Pandan Road S(609286)
    Tel: 6338 8778
  • 383 Sin Ming Drive S(575717)
    Tel: 6553 0400
  • 7 Sungei Kadut Way S(728791)
    Tel: 6369 7369
  • 320 Ubi Road 3 S(408649)
    Tel: 6848 5721
Operating Hours 24-Hours
Review 1 “Mr. Foo is very professional and knowledgeable about the various conditions of my cars. He always provide sound and reasonable advice that allows me to make wiser decision on servicing & repairs. I would definitely recommend my friends to SPARK Car Care.” – Review taken from official website
Review 2 “I was served by James Lim when I send my car in for servicing and check at the Braddell workshop. I’d like to compliment his friendly and attentive service, coupled with dedication. He is an asset to the team at the Braddell workshop and look forward to have him look after my car when I send it in for any work done.” – Review taken from official website
Review 3 “Annabella provided professional service and gave good advice on taking care of my car. I am very happy with the service and for her friendly smile too. Thank you!” – Review taken from official website




Excel Towing Services

What They Offer 
  • ccident/Breakdown towing
  • Battery Change service
  • Door lockout service
  • basic onsite vehicle repair.
Address 521 Jurong West Street 52, #07-213
Telephone (65) 8468 4690)


Editors Note:

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