Top Team Building Services in Singapore

top team building in singapore

The key to a successful enterprise often relies on cohesive teamwork within the organization and having healthy group dynamics as well as a democratic structure between leaders and subordinates rather than a tyranny. Many such services have emerged in Singapore to enhance team cohesion and rapport.

Extra-office team building activity often improves group dynamics and rapport which leads to company cohesion and productivity. Team building is a notion of vocation and career in which employees are viewed as members of complexly composed teams rather than as individual workers.

Teambuilding is said to have benefits of self-improvement, communication, leadership skills and the ability to collaborate and progress together as a team to solve problems.

About Team Building Services in Singapore:

Team Building companies often provide custom packages tailored to clients needs. They often provide experiences which engage all members of corporate outfits with intense communal and bonding experiences to enhance group identity and cohesion.

Role playing games, sports, dance, arts and craft, meals, games, competitions, music, karaoke, treasure hunts, fantasy movie adventures are just some instances of custom-made team building solutions that local team building firms offer.

Cook outs, rock climbing, Disney escapades and Indiana Jones missions are just some of the intensely engaging, invigorating team building adventures these firms tailor to meet client’s team bonding and community building agendas.

We may not build connections with colleagues till we know them more personally and have shared memories, so team building adventures are opportunities to bond and get to know office mates better. Simulations like the Amazing Race, Prison Break, Fashion runway shows, F1 challenge, history tours, beach Olympics create fantasy roles which immerse groups in a simulation. They then share the terror and panic of a common problem confronted such as finishing the race or breaking out of prison. In the process, they are forced to cooperate and collaborate to overcome a common obstacle or achieve a common goal.

Jobs in corporate Singapore can be a depressing affair if workers are always hidden behind cubicles and only know their colleagues as the photocopy lady or the assistant supervisor at their firm. It makes working a tedious, mundane and dreary affair if one is an anonymous cog in an office wheel where one just clocks arrivals and departures in an impersonal space.

That can all change if these co-workers are taken out of their drudgery for that escapade at Sentosa where one may role-play Princess Leia being rescued by the dashing colleagues from the office. Alternatively,  in a rock climbing adventure, one may scale that impossible rock wall at Pasir Ris, and your colleagues  then help you to scale that daunting wall. You then emerge as more than just that dull clerk at the office and are now a rock climbing hero who saved the day.

Cooking adventures are also great bonding opportunities as they require collaboration. Suddenly colleagues from China share Sichuan recipes and colleagues from India share Masala recipes. French colleagues bake fancy pastries and whip up escargot dishes. It is thus a wonderful opportunity to share indigenous culture and ethnic dishes.

Some popular team building packages include:

  • Virtual Escape Room @ The Fun Empire – From $20/Pax
  • Virtual Amazing Race @ The Fun Empire – From $20/Pax
  • Virtual Party Mania @ The Fun Empire – From $20/Pax
  • Virtual Nightfall @ The Fun Empire – From $20/Pax
  • Terrarium Workshop @ Terrarium Singapore – From $30/Pax
  • Art Jamming on Canvas & Tote Bags @ The Fun Empire – From $28/Pax
  • Candle Making Workshop @ The Fun Empire – From $35/Pax
  • Leather Workshop @ The Fun Empire – From $40/Pax
  • Clay Making Workshop @ The Fun Empire – From $40/Pax
  • Cooking Class @ The Fun Empire – From $40/Pax
  • Flower Arrangement Workshop @ The Fun Empire – From $75/Pax
  • Ninja Tag @ The Fun Empire – From $15/Pax
  • Bubble Soccer @ Bubble Bump Singapore – From $15/Pax
  • Poolball @ Poolball Singapore – From $15/Pax
  • Escape Room @ The Fun Empire – From $20/Pax
  • Saber Tag @ Saber Tag Singapore – From $20/Pax
  • Laser Tag @ Laser Tag Singapore – From $15/Pax
  • Combat Archery @ Combat Archery Tag Singapore – From $15/Pax
  • Bullet Strike @ The Fun Empire – From $15/Pax
  • Paintball Singapore @ The Fun Empire – From $50/Pax
  • Cosmic Bowling @ The Fun Empire – From $18/Pax
  • Giant Board Games @ The Fun Empire – From $10/Pax
  • Giant Whack A Mole @ The Fun Empire – From $15 / Pax
  • SaberFit® @ SaberFit Singapore – From $20/Pax
  • Boxing Fitness @ The Fun Empire – From $38/Pax
  • Trampoline Singapore @ The Fun Empire – From $38/Pax
  • Dragon Boat @ The Fun Empire – From $45/Pax
  • Kayaking @ Water Sports Centre, Singapore Sports Hub – From $12/Pax
  • Cycling Tour @ Let’s Go Bike! Singapore – From $60/Pax
  • Island Tour @ Jane’s SG Tours – From $75/Pax

Top Team Building Companies in Singapore

TV Workshop Top Team Building Services in Singapore

Team Building Services

TVworkshop Asia

Speciality TVWORKSHOP provides remote virtual team building services. As working from home trends and stays, they seek to keep teams together through virtual activities rather than on site. Hosts direct virtual meetings through video conferencing software. International participants may join from any location. Activities include office Olympics, Pictionary, charades, music makers.


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  • company retreats in/around Asia
  • virtual online team building
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Notable Clients
  • Shell Singapore
  • SAP
  • Ministry of Manpower
  • Ministry of Education
  • Singapore Police
Pricing Request a quote:
Address 26 Sin Ming Lane #06-121 Singapore 573971
Telephone +65864 84186
Email [email protected]
Operating Hours Monday-Friday 7am–10pm

Saturday 9am–5pm

Sunday 12–5pm

Review 1 “Team Building Singapore! Thank you for the great moments created during our video-making session! Everyone truly enjoyed themselves and I could see relationships forming at a deeper level, trespassing geographic barriers and culture differences (even within Asia!) ”

– Huzaimah Pakari, Marketing Strategist, Employer Branding HR Shell Singapore

Review 2 “It was just a great day we had today with the entire Kone HR team Asia Pacific! What a fun, what an engagement and enthusiasm. Never seen before on other previous team bonding activities. Thanks a lot Emile Leus and Simon Yap of TVworkshop Asia Singapore. You have done a great job with us! Cheers.”
– Sreelakshmi Menon, Marketing and Communications Director
Property Guru
Review 3 “Today was a fantastic team bonding day! Lot’s of fun and the team really enjoyed being on camera, creating the script and seeing the end results. My team even won the Oscar prize! Unique team activity to brand your company. Highly recommended team bonding activity in Singapore”.

Lewis Ng, Chief Business officer at Property Guru Group Singapore


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Jambar Top Team Building Services in Singapore

Team Building Services

Jambur Team Building

Speciality The work environment can be intimidating if we do not find allies in colleagues. Jambur dissolves barriers between colleagues through team building. Through the satisfaction we gain from solving shared challenges, we form bonds. The firm began with employee motivation and trust building. They seek to pose rigorous challenges to groups, building teams.

Services: Team-building, Employee trust, Problem solving, Employee motivation, Team activity

Pricing Request a quote:
Address #06-01 Chan Khoo Kong Huay, 29 Lorong 29 Geylang, Singapore 388078
Telephone +65-6635 7741
Operating Hours 9am to 6pm
Client Selena Wong, Nuevo Techsolutions, Yee Ting Tay,

Praveen Ravi Kumar, Jambar Barbara

Review Selena Wong

Great activities planned. Fun too


Dopenkitchen Top Team Building Services in Singapore

Team Building Services

D’Open Kitchen Cooking

Speciality They strengthen teams through culinary classes. They challenge people to collaborate, create, cook, and enjoy the process of whipping up dishes, savoring each other’s company in the process. Their menus feature a wide range of cuisines from local fare, international to finer cuisine. They are easily reached at 10 Anson Road.

Services: Team-cooking, culinary appreciation, team building, Culinary training, International dishes

Pricing Request a quote: [email protected]
Address 10 Anson Road Singapore 079903
Contact +64 82286217

Email : [email protected]

Operating Hours 8am to 10pm
Client Esperenza Choo, Derrick Phang, Chew Xing Yi, Nerio Musa, Gwen
Review Esperanza Choo

Had our team bonding activity here and we picked the mystery box challenge. It was a fun experience. Trish and her team were very helpful and accommodating. We made out booking pretty late yet they managed to craft out a menu to suit all the participants dietary requirements. We were given ingredients to complete a salad, pasta and mango pudding. But our team went above and beyond to craft more out from the allocated resources.


Action Teams Top Team Building Services in Singapore

Team Building Services

Action Teams

Speciality Action team delivers custom made packages to fit clients team building needs. They enhance communication, build trust and belief in employee integrity, bring compliance to goals, foster creativity, innovation, forge mutual respect, train leaders, enhance teamwork. Activities include corporate grand prix, murder mystery, golf competition, Jenga etc.

Services: Tailored packages, Team building, Communication, Trust and integrity, Creativity and innovation

Pricing Request a quote:
Address 37 Keppel Road, #1-03/1632, Tanjong Pagar Distripark, Singapore 089064
Telephone +65 9387 1866
Operating Hours 8.30 to 7.00 pm
Client Geh Chin, Eliana Scent, Sarah Smith, Jorgr Mov, Lincoln Chan
Review Geh Chin

Had an amazing experience with Action Teams! I attended team bonding and team building activities workshop there.The facilitators were very friendly.Highly recommended.


The Fun Empire Top Team Building Services in Singapore

Team Building Services

The Fun Empire

Speciality The Fun Empire is a leading team building and events firm in Asia. They seek to deliver fun, joy and engagement and create unique, fun events to build teams. Some activities include Saber Tag, SaberFit, Ninja Tag, Combat Archery Tag, Bubble Bump, Poolball, Laser Tag, Art Jamming, Leather workshop, etc.

Services: Fun events, Enjoyment, Team building, Role-play games, Sports

Pricing  Request a quote:
Address 5B Guillemard Road, Level 3 Wing Fong Building, Singapore 399685
Telephone +65 6515 4146
Operating Hours 9am to 10pm
Client Rachel Tan, weiqing, A Google User, Jia Fang Foo, Nicole Tan
Review Rachel Tan

Enjoyable art jamming session! Spent a nice afternoon painting with our group of friends and we had a fun time. Our event facilitators were helpful and polite during the event. All materials are provided so you just need to turn up and start painting on your art canvas.


Home Team NS Top Team Building Services in Singapore

Team Building Service


Speciality HomeTeamNS builds teams through play. They create engaging and fun events to build corporate teams through unleashing creativity, innovation, and enhancing collaboration, trust. Activities include Adventure quest, Shoot-off shoot-out, uno bowl, family day, drumming, sppedball,rock wall, abseiling, pool rafting, tele-match, laser quest, human foosball. Packages are customized to client needs.

Services: Team building, Play, trust building, collaboration, Sports and games

Pricing Request a quote: [email protected]
  • 35 SMITH STREET #01-01 SINGAPORE 058945
Telephone +65-6708 6600
Operating Hours 9.00 am to 9.30 pm
Client Ray Phay, Jerry Quek Cheng Pang, Qaseh Mimi, Anandhu Suresh, Judith Chen
Review Ray Phay

Great venue to conduct your team cohesion activities. With many different style and varied activities to choose from, the sky is the limit to which you can do!

Engage the hospitality staff and seek their advice. Their professionalism and expertise will help to cover and organise the events to achieve your intended outcomes!


Adventour Top Team Building Services in Singapore

Team Building Services


Speciality AdvenTour creates fun, team building events for corporate or personal use. Events can be half-day, full-day or simple icebreakers. Venues are flexible and equipment and transport is provided. Activities include Connecting Singapore, Hunter vs Predator, One Dynamics workshop, Synergizer,Fun fitness bootcamp, Monopoly Race, Smart Race, Amazing Race, Yacht charter.

Services: Team-building, Games, Sports, Role-play games, Logistics

Pricing Request a quote:
Address 116 Jalan Bukit Merah #01-1655 Singapore 160116
+65-6779 1031
Operating Hours 9.30 am to 6.30 pm
Client Guang Ming Chng, Joyce Lee, Toto Dwiarso, Atiqah Zulkifi
Review Guang Ming Chng

Enjoyed the event hosted!

The price for the experiences worth every penny, though the experiences with was awesome, I hope to have a even better next time!


Cohesion Top Team Building Services in Singapore

Team Building Services


Speciality Cohesion creates team-building games which are invigorating and thrilling. Through action-packed games and sports, they enhance teams through intense physical and mental challenges. Games enhance creativity and problem solving. They also cement bonds between teammates which helps office dynamics. Activities include bubble soccer, archery tag, laser tag, sword tag, dodgeball.

Services: Team building, Fun games, Fun sports, Creativity, problem solving

Pricing Request a quote:
Address 38 Jln Benaan Kapal, Singapore 399635
Telephone +65-96200787
Operating Hours 9am to 5pm
Client Swee Leng Seah, S N, Belle Belle,Yavin Nicholas,Renae C
Review Swee Leng Seah

I didn’t expect much from this team bonding activity as I thought it would be boring. It’s turned out that it was fun and a great workout. Thank you Binn and Benny!elle Be


Gardens with Purpose Top Team Building Services in Singapore

Team Building Singapore

 Gardens with Purpose

Speciality They seek to enhance team identity to boost productivity and cohesion in the workplace, thus also improving worker welfare and workplace dynamics. They also seek to create caring, nurturing workplaces. They seek to bring nature and healthy lifestyles to offices and engage teams in health and nature workshops, plant decoration.

Services: Team building, productivity, staff engagement, staff cohesion, health and nature workshops

Pricing Request a quote:
Address 1 Bah Soon Pah Road, Plot A18 Singapore 769959
Telephone +65- 6546 5801
Operating Hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review Inezzionne Sohl

Very engaging, informative and fun. We had half a day team bonding at their Bah Soon Pah class and Lyon taught us how to grow our own organic vege. Materials were supplied by them. Slides were shown to guide us along. It’s a fun hands-on session! I left filled with knowledge!! Highly recommend taking up the courses with them!!! They have a lot other courses to offer


Happy Sparrow Top Team Building Services in Singapore

Team Building Services

Happy Sparrow Adventures

Speciality Happy Sparrow designs unique, exhilarating team building trips for corporate outfits which are off the beaten track. Adventure trips are customized for clients. These include overseas hiking, and outdoor trips. They seek to thrill and excite with fun activities that break ice. There are theme packages to choose and customize.

Services: Custom packages, Unique team building, Outdoor activity, adventure trips, Overseas trips

Pricing Request a quote:
Address 156 PSL Industrial Building Macpherson Road #09-01 Singapore 348528
Telephone +65-9682 5987
Operating Hours 9am to 6pm
Review Robin Jarvis

My company is quite sizable so I was worried that having a team building session of more than 50 people was quite impossible. I contacted Happy Sparrow to see if they catered to such an event. They were helpful in informing us on what and where we could do our session. I’m glad that our team building session was successful. Will definitely make this an annual event.


Team Bonding Top Team Building Services in Singapore

Team Building Services


Speciality TeamBonding provides online and virtual team building services. They bring remote teams together to bond, build up camaraderie through virtual meetings, activities. Virtual team meetings forge a sense of group identity, collective purpose. The online activities reinvigorate team identity and shared purpose, bringing remote individuals together. This reduces their sense of distance or  isolation.

Services: Team building, Online activity, Virtual meeting, Group identity, Shared purpose

Pricing Request a quote:  [email protected]
Address 4 Greenmead Ave, Singapore 289397
Telephone +65-91781234
Operating Hours 24/7 via website
Review Carine Nguyen

We had a great time with SingExperience who organized our Team Building activity (Heritage Race) in November 2019. Great customer service, very flexible with customization based on our requests, responsive, good value for cost. On the D-day, all went very smoothly, good quality devices and app. The debrief was very fun thanks to a great host. I definitely recommend them.


Fun Works Top Team Building Services in Singapore

Team Building Services


Speciality Funworks envisions fun as the key to building teams. They work on building relationships with purposeful activities and strengthen company culture. They seek fluidity and versatility in order to be client oriented and tailor packages rather than standardize. They seek to fulfil corporate objectives with cost-efficient packages, strategizing welfare enhancement.

Services: Fun, team building, enhancing relations, corporate objectives, enhancing welfare

Pricing Request a quote:
Address #04-59, 33 Ubi Ave 3, Tower A Vertex, 408868
Telephone +65-6743 3077
Operating Hours 9am to 6pm


Tirian Top Team Building Services in Singapore

Team Building Services

Tirian Innovative Solutions – Intelligent team building

Speciality Tirian is a leading provider in corporate team building services, problem-solving games, team games, leadership training, innovation workshops, creativity classes, keynote seminars on creativity and innovation. Programs are customized to clients’ needs. Intelligence-building games put teams in problem-solving virtual scenarios, while team competencies are stretched in whodunit games, sports.

Services: Corporate team building, Gamified simulations, Intelligent team-building, Leadership  training, Innovation workshops, Creative thinking skills

Pricing Request a quote:
Address 1 Raffles Place, Level 24, Singapore 048616
Operating Hours 9 am to 5 pm
  • MOH Holdings
  • PSA
  • Keppel Corporation
  • Singapore Monetary Fund
  • P&G
  • J&J
  • Allianz
  • Citibank
  • Daimler / Mercedes Benz
  • Four Seasons Hotels
  • Cisco Systems.

You quickly and perceptively understood our strong company culture. Even to this day your input still has an impact on how we solve problems and work together as a team.

General Manager Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts


Team Building SG Top Team Building Services in Singapore

Team Building Services

Team Building Singapore

Speciality Team Building Singapore has built itself up to be a reputable team building service provider. They deliver professionalism and service excellence in projects. They are known for honesty and integrity in transactions. They heed feedback. Activities include Remote Team building,Amazing Singapore races, Team profiling, CSR, Olympics games, collaborative teamwork.

Services: Team building, virtual team building, Games, Role-play games, Sports

Pricing Request a quote:
Telephone +61 9155 6624
Operating Hours 6.30am to 10 pm
Clients Angel Amin
Review Review: Angel Amin

Fantastic day. the events were such great fun.


The Coffee Roaster Top Team Building Services in Singapore

Team Building Services

The Coffee Roaster

Speciality Coffee Roaster has pioneered large scale coffee workshops in Singapore, hosting up to 150 participants per meeting. There are a variety of workshops to choose and customize, like latte art experience, coffee knowledge and appreciation, coffee painting, coffee brewing. Hands on, teambuilding activity and competitions build up team ethos, identity.

Services: Coffee workshops, custom team-building packages, large workshops, coffee brewing, team building

Pricing  Request a quote:
Address 205 Upper Thomson Road, Yew Lian Park  Singapore 574345

10 Kent Ridge Crescent, #01-02

AS8 Building, National University of Singapore Singapore 119260

Telephone +65-8661 1035
Operating Hours 9.30 am to 6.00pm
Clients Restless Buddha, Athanasius Koh, Xianhui zeng,Chew How hoo, Jon Tan
Review Athanasius Koh

With a vision to provide Amazing Coffee Experiences, The Coffee Roaster is a cafe with great and affordable coffee and extremely friendly staff. The lighting is also great for food photography. House blend is a combination of Guatemalan, Brazilian and Colombian beans. In addition, The Coffee Roaster also holds workshops to teach knowledge and skills such as latte art pouring and coffee painting.


Success Team Top Team Building Services in Singapore

Team Building Services

Success Team Building

Speciality Success Team building began in Thailand but has been in Singapore for 5 years. Singapore is preferred as a safe locale for corporate events. They organize company retreats. They organize retreats throughout South-east Asia for any goal and budget. They manage events and build teams. Large events include Outward-bound,Bintan.

Services: Team building, company retreats, event management, corporate events, overseas retreats and sports

Pricing Request a quote:
Address Midview City 26 Sing Ming Lane Singapore 573971
Telephone +65 86484186
Operating Hours 8am to 9pm


Pulse Active Top Team Building Services in Singapore

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Team Building Services

PulseActiv Singapore

Speciality PulseActiv are experts in team building. They seek a balance between creating fun events and achieving corporate objectives. They thus create fun, energetic events while ensuring corporate team building goals are met. Goals such as teamwork values, effective communication, leadership, conflict resolution are instilled during activities. Customized packages are provided.

Services: Team building, communication, leadership, fun games, leadership training

Pricing Request a quote:
Address 44 Kallang Place, Four Star Building, #05-07, Singapore 339172
Telephone +65 81618861 / 96969513 / 97392361
Operating Hours 9am to 6 pm
Client Fabian Tan, Merewyn Ho, Kassie Tan,Ong Terence, rohit kumar
Review Fabian Tan

This is the 2nd time we have engaged PulseActiv for our corp event. It is super fun and engaging! will definitely recommend their service to everyone.


Catalyst SG Top Team Building Services in Singapore

Team Building Services

Catalyst Singapore

Speciality Catalyst Singapore designs remote, face-to-face and hybrid team activities to build teams. They operate under license by Asia ability, an international firm known as leaders in team building.  They add to an impressive portfolio by customizing packages. They maintain high standards for execution and bring extensive experience to team building.

Services: Remote team building, Events management, Premier events company, Team-building expertise, Hybrid team activities

Pricing Request a quote:
Address One Raffles Place, Tower 2, Level 20, Singapore 048617
Telephone +65-6808 5819
Operating Hours 9am to 5pm


Right Impact Top Team Building Services in Singapore

Team Building Services

Right Impact Team Building

Speciality Right Impact is a known people developer. They design team-building programs that are progressive and interactive experiences. Adventure and experiential learning are strategies. They foster awareness and cultivate team performance through training practices and behaviours. The experience is facilitative, reflective, interactive. Activities include running, team mural, mohawk walk, CSI team.

Services: People development, team building, interactive activity, experiential learning, adventure

Pricing Request a quote:
Address 167 Jalan Bukit Merah, Tower 4, #06-12 (SR24), Connection II, Singapore 150167
Telephone +65 6693 5367
Operating Hours 24/7 via
Clients Manoj Aravindakshan
Review Manoj Aravindakshan

An award-winning team building company and provider of a host of human capital development solutions led by a dynamic and committed duo. They talk about spreading happiness at the workplace, and they are passionate, energetic and committed towards that endeavour!


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Lost Sg Top Team Building Services in Singapore

Team Building Services

LOST SG Escape Room Singapore

Speciality Lost Sg creates team building experience through simulations of escape room scenarios. Cohesion is fostered through confronting groups with escape scenarios. They seek to stimulate minds, stimulate dialogue, design safe activities that are not strenuous, thus improving cohesion and productivity of teams. The games promote collective brainstorming and group dynamics.

Services: Team building, Escape simulation, Brainstorming, Dialogue, Group cohesion

Pricing Request  a booking:
Address 1 Sophia Road, #03-01/02/03 Peace Centre, Singapore 228149
Telephone 67171688
Operating Hours 11am to 10.30pm
Client Ryan Neo, Wei Qian Mu, Ashwath Thiagaraja, Fang Wei, Yongni Han
Review Ryan Neo

The puzzles were interesting and unique, it really requires your brain to think hard and actively participate in the activity. The staff were friendly and provided assistance whenever needed. Overall a satisfactory experience.


Fragment Room Top Team Building Services in Singapore

Escape Room

The Fragment Room

Speciality Not exactly like an escape room, The Fragment Room allows you to escape from the stress of reality by destroying and breaking real things to your heart’s content.
Pricing Click here to enquire
490 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 368198
Telephone 6970 0343
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 12pm to 10pm
Review 1 The staff is so nice, friendly and accommodating. Not only was it extremely fun but it also is good to release anger. The choice of weapons and the bluetooth speaker are great! – E David
Review 2 Love everything about this place, from the brutalist interior design to their wide selection of craft beers! And the smashing, of course. Big range of weapons to use, and run by very cool guys; good vibes, good vibes. – Clarence Marulius
Review 3 Hilarious fun! Additional items to smash like televisions and appliances are a little expensive. Room used is probably ideal for 2 people, especially when swinging bats and hammers. Great team, who were very safety conscious. – Stephen Downie


Trends in Team Building Services in Singapore:

Many Team Building Service providers create highly engaging activities, role-playing games, escapades. Some even work on problem solving and create game rooms which require solving puzzles or reading clues to escape. Then there could be motor races, karaoke, fantasy role play, detective mysteries and golf competitions etc.

The idea is to create an immersive situation and simulation which creates a sense of group anxiety or stress about a problem that confronts them collectively. This requires bonding and collaboration to overcome a shared obstacle or brainstorm solutions. Otherwise, groups engage in vigorous events like kayaking or rock climbing to get team members to compete in teams. This builds  rapport and cohesion between group members.

Sample costs of Team Building Services in Singapore:

Team building packages are often tailored according to needs and charges vary with the number of participants, insurance plans, size of events, cancellation plans, scale of events, complexity of construction and preparation, as well as costume costs for role play and props needed etc.

Outdoor sports activities like boat races or kite-flying  are likely priced lower than elaborate fantasy role play games. These are far less elaborate and require minimal pre-event preparation.

Benefits of Team Building Services Singapore:

Holding events locally reduces flight costs and lowers risks of random overseas mishaps or accidents which would cost unpredictable charges as hospital bills may pile up beyond government subsidies for citizens.

Holding bonding events locally also allows more regular preparation field trips and rehearsals. Singapore while small is modern and developed enough for complex escapades like Disney hunts to be arranged. Meanwhile, a hiking trip in Kota Tinggi for instance may pose greater safety risks. Singapore is small but relatively safer and easier to navigate.

Editor’s Note:

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While every precaution has been made to ensure the accuracy and fairness of this listing, we acknowledge that they may be inaccuracies. Therefore, we urge you to contact the service provider above for the correct information and/or contact us with the correct information.

If you are a service provider and wish to be featured in this listing (MediaOne reviews are read by hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans), please contact us at [email protected]. There is no charge! Please allow us up to 3 working days to review before adjusting the information or including your entry.


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