Top Tamil Tuition Centres in Singapore

Top Tamil Tuition Centres in Singapore

Does your kid face problems in studying the Tamil language?

Common Struggles Students Face

There are regular difficulties confronting parents who encounter challenges in coaching, tutoring their kids in Tamil language.

Matching a suitable tutor to your kid might prove a challenge, difficult also, because matching a well fitted tutor for your kids may stretch over a long period.

Within Singapore, Tamil refers to one of four formal languages mostly spoken by the largest Indian ethnic group in Singapore.

Tamil also remains the language holding the lengthiest history of being formally taught in Malaysia and Singapore.

Tamil has widespread use in India or Sri Lanka, so Singapore is 1 of 3 nations around the globe to make Tamil an official language.

Still, when considering the universal usage of English as an official language within Singapore, Tamil – with Malay or Chinese – remains a difficult subject to master to many Singaporean school-goers.

A Solution

Home-based Tamil tuition may help your kid with learning Tamil.

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Proficiency in Tamil language: Private tuition may help students to quickly acquire better capacities for learning, reading, writing, conversing with fluent Tamil.

Appropriate, suitable tutoring to learn the specialized language: In contrast to mathematics with the training in application of formulas, studying a language like Tamil gradually improves only with regular use, practice.

Careful screening of tutors: Tutors come with rich teaching experience in tutoring Tamil, explaining complex concepts in simple terms.

1:1 Student to tutor ratio:  Personalized study for Tamil linguistics lets students’ study at the pace they can cope with.

Results-based tutoring: In contrast with schoolteachers holding a content heavy pedagogy.

Tamil tutors understand they need produce tangible grades or risk getting terminated promptly for not delivering results.

Flexibility with tutors: Parents may promptly terminate poor-match/ zero-improvement tutors, then look for the tutor that fits their kid’s learning needs better. They need to see tangible results to remain convinced of the tutor’s worth.

Top Tamil Tuition Centres in Singapore

Tamil Cube Top Tamil Tuition Centres in Singapore

Tamil Tuition Centre


Specialty Tamilcube, a division of Comsys Technologies Pte Ltd, is the largest educator and publisher in Singapore dedicated to learning and teaching of Tamil language. Tamilcube Learning Centre specialises in teaching Tamil language to all levels including preschool, primary, secondary and to adults. Their tuition classes are available online as well.

Services: Tamil E-Learning Platform, Tamil books, guides, story books, resources, Tamil tuition

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 10 Upper Dickson Road Singapore, Singapore 207470
Telephone +65-6618 6567
Opening hours 10 am to 6 pm
Review  A great place to learn Tamil.


Jai Learning Hub Top Tamil Tuition Centres in Singapore

Tamil Tuition Centre

Jai Learning Hub

Specialty Mdm. Devi is an established Tamil Tutor with 10 years of tutoring. She is a double degree graduate (Tamil, English). She has experience teaching Tamil in community centers. She has produced many A* and A1 students for PSLE and O levels respectively every year, providing highly qualified and skilled tutors.

Services: Qualified tutors, skilled tutors, Tamil tuition, Tamil classes, Tamil enrichment

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address Blk 291 Yishun St 22 #01-363 (2nd floor) S760291. Yishun, Singapore 760291
Telephone +65-9825 4743
Opening hours 6.30 pm to 9 pm (Weekdays)
10 am to 9 pm (Weekends)
Review 1 Jai Leaning Hub has dedicated teachers and my son enjoys the lesson. The teachers put in great effort to deliver their lessons. Their given notes are very useful for my son. Their fees are very reasonable.
Review 2 Great place for kids to study Tamil via play and learn. Here kids can have interactive studies. Teachers are dedicated and excellent. The resources used never made the kids feel bored.
Review 3 My son and daughter enjoyed learning here and improved in their Tamil. Jai learning hub is a very dedicated tuition centre who motivates and encourage to excel in the language. Highly recommended tuition centre🙏🙏


Wordsmith Top Tamil Tuition Centres in Singapore

Tamil Tuition Centre

Wordsmith Learning Hub

Specialty They are renowned book publisher for assessment books related to MOE Syllabus, Singapore. They are running Premier Coaching Centre and Workshops for Students/Parents with kids pursuing their Primary and Secondary Level Education. They have published so far 60 Products under Tamil Assessment books and Audio/Video category based on MOE syllabus.

Services: Tamil Assessment books, Premier Coaching Centre, Workshops for Students/Parents, Tamil tuition, Tamil classes

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 19 Mackenzie Rd, 02-02, Singapore 228678
Telephone +65-9060 7625
Opening hours 2 pm to 8 pm


Smile Tutor Top Tamil Tuition Centres in Singapore

Tamil Tuition Centre


Specialty SmileTutor is the industry-leading tuition agency that delivers unparalleled level of service. With the industry’s most comprehensive tutor database and experienced coordinators, their services help parents, students, and tutors find each other more Efficiently, Effectively, and Easily. At SmileTutor, they believe in the power of a good education – empowering students.

Services: Tamil tuition, the industry-leading tuition agency, private tutor-matching services, home tuition, comprehensive tutor database

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 21 Bukit Batok Crescent #22-76 Singapore, Singapore 658065
Telephone +65-6266 4475
Opening hours 9 am to 8 pm
Review 1 Smile tutor found a good Math tutor T-Leng Eng for my son who’s in Sec 4. He was able to clarify and explain the Math concepts to my son which enabled him to pass his Math paper, which was quite an achievement!
Review 2 Teacher Zandra is such a patient, supportive and loving Teacher. She provides useful supporting study materials for my girl. My girl total loves her lesson. Thank you, Teacher Zandra!
Review 3  Thanks SmileTutor for your great recommendation of Angeline. She is very attentive to my daughter’s needs and has a great way of method teaching. She provides very good materials and honest feedback too. 🙂


Mindflex Top Tamil Tuition Centres in Singapore

 Tamil Tuition Centre

Mindflex Tamil Tuition

Specialty The Best Tamil Tuition in Singapore
They Tamil Home Tutors who provide Tamil Tuition for:Preschool Tamil Tuition
Primary Tamil Tuition
PSLE Tamil Tuition
O Level Tamil Tuition
N Level Tamil Tuition
A Level Tamil Tuition
Secondary Tamil Tuition
JC Tamil Tuition
IBDP Tamil Tuition
International / IGCSE Tamil TuitionServices: Undergraduate Tutors, Full-Time Tutors and EX/Current MOE Teachers, Tamil tutors, Tamil home tuition
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 10 Anson Road #21-02, International Plaza, 079903
Telephone +65 9695 3522
Opening hours 24/7


Champion Tutor Top Tamil Tuition Centres in Singapore

Tamil Tuition Centre

Champion Tutors

Specialty At “ChampionTutor”, their Tamil tutors in Singapore will train your children in reading, writing, and speaking Tamil. Unlike math and science, there is no short cut formula to learning Tamil, for excellent results, consistent practice is the only mantra. Tutoring can give children time apart from classroom practice to learn.

Services: Mother Tongue languages, Tamil tuition, Tamil tutors, reading, writing, speaking Tamil

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 22 Sin Ming Lane, #06-76 Midview City, 573969
Telephone +65-6850 5040
Opening hours 24/7
Review 1 At the moment I am happy with Teacher Khairun. She brings her own rough paper to illustrate the workings of the mathematical problems. She uses the modelling technique which I am familiar with. She shows more than one type of method to solve the problem sum and asks me to use the method that I am comfortable with. She shows understanding when I do not complete her homework because she knows that I have a lot of school homework to do as well.
Review 2 Chan TC is flexible, will add more hours if he has an exam coming. He’s friendly, personable and extremely knowledgeable. My daughter loves to ask questions and he’s always able to answer hers, or if not he’ll look it up.
Review 3 From the very beginning, Tutor George has understood Angelo’s needs and has customized the lessons to the boy’s learning style, so to engaging and motivate him. George’s teaching strategies are working well, as Angelo is growing more confident about his communication and enjoys attending George’s lessons.


Nanyang Top Tamil Tuition Centres in Singapore

Tamil Tuition Centre

Nanyang Tuition

Specialty Are you looking for the best Tamil Tuition in Singapore? Does your child need proficient Tamil Home Tutors? If you also want to provide your child with Tamil Private Tuition, Nanyang Tuition has potential and experienced Tamil teachers who can handle your primary, secondary, and JC level children, Tamil tuition.

Services: Tamil Tuition, Tamil Private Tuition, Tamil Home Tutors, Tamil teachers, Tamil education

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 5008 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 #04-09 Techplace II, Singapore 569874
Telephone  +65- 8298 7978
Opening hours 10 am to 8 pm
Review 1 Thank you Miss Lee from Nanyang Tuition. The recommend tutor gets along with my child and showed responsibility in delivering the lesson. She as able to test and assess his abilities first before giving him further activities. Tutor has exceeded my expectation!

Highly Recommend this Home Tuition Agency to parents.

Review 2 Miss Jasmine is very approachable & encouraging, which boost my son’s confidence. We are very satisfied with her. Thanks for engaging her for my son. Highly recommended home tuition agency if you are looking for a home tutor.


Tamil Amuthu Top Tamil Tuition Centres in Singapore

Tamil Tuition Centre

Tamil Amuthu Learning Center

Specialty Tamil Amuthu Learning Centre was established in 2020 with the intention of providing affordable and quality Tamil tuition services to the Singaporean Tamil community. Since their founding in March of that year, things have gone well for them. They have been able to transform the grades and lives of students.

Services: Tamil tuition services, Tamil teachers, Tamil classes, Higher Tamil classes, Tamil private tutoring

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 163 Bukit Merah Central, #03-3603, Singapore 150163
Telephone +65 98235403
Opening hours 4 pm to 7.30 pm


Stanford Tuition Top Tamil Tuition Centres in Singapore

Tamil Tuition Centre

Stanford Tuition

Specialty They are the best Tamil tuition agency of choice – Secondary 1 to 5 O-level Tamil. They will fulfil your requirements as per your request. Their Tamil tutor will travel to your place and provide 1-to-1 effective Tamil tuition and higher Tamil tuition at your home, Secondary school, O-level Tamil.

Services: Tamil tuition agency, Tamil tutor, Higher Tamil Tutor, Tamil tuition, higher Tamil tuition

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 111, North Bridge Road #21-01, Peninsula Plaza Singapore 179098
Email +65-6962 1165
Opening hours 9 am to 10 pm
Review  Very reliable and good relationship.


Tamil Guru Top Tamil Tuition Centres in Singapore

Tamil Tuition Centre


Specialty TamilGuru is a Professional Tamil Tuition Centre focusing only on the Tamil Language. They are located at near to Hillview MRT station and remarkably close to Bukit Batok, Bukit Gombak, and Bukit Panjang. Their coaching methods are different from others to train the students on basics to develop grammatical skills.

Services: Tamil Tuition Centre, Tamil Language, grammatical skills, assessment books, course material contents

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 6 Hillview Rise, Singapore 667980
Telephone +65-9270 9970
Opening hours 8 am to 12 pm, 2 pm to 9 pm
Review 1 My daughter studied your books for HMT for A level. Your books are very good and it helps my daughter a lot. I am really thank to Author sakthi. The books are so good and had more exercises to practice. Thanks again.
Review 2 “Tamilguru is the Best Tamil Tuition Centre in Singapore 😍” Teachers lead by Mrs. Sakthi are dedicated, committed and friendly. 🤩Great memories 🙏THANK YOU for helping my children to achieve the best ma’am 😊”
Review 3 best tuition centre.


Bright Tutor Top Tamil Tuition Centres in Singapore

Tamil Tuition Centre

Bright Tutor

Specialty At BrightTutor, they offer effective Tamil tuition for Primary, Secondary & Junior College levels. If you are an adult wanting to pick up Tamil as a conversational language, they provide home tutors for you too. Their Tamil tuition rates are the most affordable in Singapore, so speak to their team.

Services: Tamil Language, Tamil tuition, mother tongue language, native language, Tamil tutor

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 986A Jurong West Street 93, Singapore 641986
Telephone +65- 9058 3085
Opening hours 24/7
Review 1 Have gotten the second tutor from them for my second youngest child. Will say that the tutors they have recommended is really reliable. Thank you!
Review 2 This is a very good platform for students and teachers to know more about each other. for students, they will choose a teacher who suits them more according to the information given by the tutors. for tutors, this is a source of new income.
Review 3 Their coordinators are really friendly and efficient. It takes just about 2 days for them to find a suitable tutor for my daughter


Coco Tutors Top Tamil Tuition Centres in Singapore

Tamil Tuition Centre

Coco Tutors

Specialty Many Singaporean students have always faced the difficulty of learning Malay or Tamil as a second language. Learning a new language requires intensive memorization, practice, and hard work to memorise the words and word usage, grammar etc. Students who find out the methods and effective ways to learn Malay, Tamil.

Services: Tamil Tuition, word usage, grammar, Tamil as a second language, Tamil writing, answering Tamil comprehension

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 88 Dawson Rd, #43-43, Singapore 142088
Telephone +65-9177 9055
Opening hours 24/7


Einstein Tuition Top Tamil Tuition Centres in Singapore

Tamil Tuition Centre

Einstein Tuition

Specialty They assign you a Tamil home tutor in 3 quick steps. First, tell them exactly what you are looking for in a tutor. Second, their coordinators will look through our database of carefully screened and pre-qualified tutors to find a match for you, FREE! 3 choices of tutors for you to choose.

Services: Tamil Home Tutor, Tamil tutor, 3 choices of tutors, carefully screened, pre-qualified tutors

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address #04-209 Hougang Street 21, BLK 208, Singapore 530208
Email +65- 6288 7238
Opening hours 9 am to 5 pm


Edge Tuition Top Tamil Tuition Centres in Singapore

Tamil Tuition Centre

Edge Tuition

Specialty The Leading Higher Tamil Tuition Agency in Singapore. They offer the most comprehensive and rigorous Higher Tamil private home tuition for the following levels and subjects:


Preschool Tamil Tuition

Primary School Tamil / Higher Tamil Tuition

Secondary School Tamil / Higher Tamil Tuition

Junior College Chinese / Higher Malay Tuition

Services: Tamil Tuition, Primary School Tamil, Higher Tamil Tuition, Secondary School Tamil, Preschool Tamil Tuition

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 28 Seletar Green View, Singapore 805126
Email +65-96374802
Opening hours 7 am to 10 pm
Review Really friendly and value service with a large pool of qualified tutors! The agent helped to analyze the current education scene and introduced an experienced tutor, who managed to engage my sister well. Now my sister enjoys Maths a lot more, has greater confidence and even looks forward to tuition lessons.


Think Tamil Top Tamil Tuition Centres in Singapore

Tamil Tuition Centre

Think Tamil Academy

Specialty Back in 2018, a dream was conceived – to bring the love of Tamil across the island in the most enjoyable way possible in young minds. Today, the very dream has expanded into an entire franchise of educational institutes, enrichment centers, childcare centers, international online classes, a student care center.

Services: Love of Tamil, educational institutes, enrichment centers, Tamil tuition, international online classes

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 1022a Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534760
Telephone +65 86508608
Opening hours 24/7


Janus Top Tamil Tuition Centres in Singapore

Tamil Tuition Centre

Janus Academy

Specialty They are a modern language school that aims to help people of all ages learn languages using innovative methods and appreciate them as living organisms rather than just academic subjects. With the help of smartphones, software and of course, the Internet, their method will help you to acquire any language.

Services: Learning Tamil online, school holiday programs for children, courses for adult learners, Tamil tutor, corporate language training courses

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 86 Marine Parade Central, #03-213, Singapore 440086
Telephone +65 8852 8902
Opening hours 9.30 am to 4.30 pm


Tutor Bee Top Tamil Tuition Centres in Singapore

Tamil Tuition Centre


Specialty TutorBee was founded in 2008 to offer home and group tuition services to students. They are a leading agency in Singapore with over 11,000 tutors in their database. Their team of tuition coordinators will screen, assess, and match you with a suitable home tutor. Their matching criteria matched student needs.

Services: Pre – School Children, Primary School, Secondary School, JC & IP, IB & IGCSE

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address Jurong West Central 1 #01-81 Blk 692, 640692
Telephone +65- 9177 8598
Opening hours 9 am to 10 pm


Udemy Top Tamil Tuition Centres in Singapore

Tamil Tuition Center


Specialty Upskill your people with virtual training. Empower your remote workforce to learn what they need when they need it. Online learning from global experts across tech, business, wellness and more to help your employees do whatever comes next. Achieve learning outcomes, faster. Create impactful and relevant learning paths to achieve.

Services: Learn Tamil Through English, Learn more than 1000 words, Tamil language, 14 hours of video, 500 pages of worksheets

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 408 North Bridge Rd, #02-01, Singapore 188725
Telephone +65-6635 8116
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm


Preply Top Tamil Tuition Centres in Singapore

Tamil Tuition Centre


Specialty In 2012, Preply was created to showcase to the world what good language learning looks like. But beyond computer screens and language lessons, you might be wondering who the people behind Preply really are. They call each other Preplers, and they have one common vision: shaping the future of learning.

Services: Tamil language, Tamil tutors, Tamil online tutoring, Tamil private tutoring, Tamil classes

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 167 Corey Rd #206, Brighton, MA 02135, United States
Telephone +1-888-3836917
Opening hours 24/7


Tutoroo Top Tamil Tuition Centres in Singapore

Tamil Tuition Centre


Specialty TUTOROO is a teaching platform that links up students with language tutors. The TUTOROO team will coordinate, facilitate the entire recruitment process to ensure each student is suitably paired with an ideal tutor who best matches their wants, needs and budget. For students, they provide a large database of tutors.

Services: Tamil tutors, online Tamil classes, online Tamil tutoring, Private Tamil tutors, Tamil coaching online

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address CT Hub @, 339407
Email +65-9246 1794
Opening hours 24/7



See the list of the best tuition centres here.


Learn at a steady pace with well-screened Tamil tutors.

Choose from multiple tutors from tuition agencies to select, locate a suitable, qualified Tamil tutor.

Release your kid’s potential.

The best boost for your kid’s Tamil grades is usually Tamil Tuition.

Tuition can improve, facilitate your kid’s overall understanding, grasp of Tamil.

Tamil tuition

Tamil is an official language in Singapore spoken by the 3rd biggest ethnic grouping in Singapore, locally.

Still, many schools within Singapore do not conduct Tamil classes.

Students from distinct schools often get grouped for shared classes.

Subsequently, a very small proportion of curriculum time gets allocated for studying Tamil formally.

At tuition centers, agencies often conduct stringent selection, screening to recruit their Tamil teachers, often asking Tutors to conduct demo classes prior to hiring tutors to ensure tutors are good communicators or have firm grasp of Tamil foundations.

Tuition centers may dispatch highly competent Tamil tutors who work towards helping your kid master Tamil concepts well so they may score good results in their PSLE or O Level Tamil exams with proper coaching.

Stretch your kid’s mastery in Tamil. Let them find the best Tamil tutors they require to study Tamil and perform well in exams.

Student-centered Learning

It is a widely acknowledged fact that studying Tamil is rather challenging, stressful without coaching.

Tuition centers dispatch trained, friendly tutors in Singapore that help to provide your child that extra push they require to compete with peers in Tamil upon taking on Tamil home tuition locally.

Many tutors are eager to help your kid study Tamil to gain proficiency, so that they become fluent in their mother tongue language.

Tutors hold the experience required to impart an appreciation for, and improved interest in Tamil using their student-centered Tamil coaching.

Engage tutors and they might change your kid’s study time from ‘Hate’ to ‘Pleasure’ within a remarkably short period.

You have your kid’s grades at stake.

Get your kids the expert Tamil tuition they require to compete well with school peers.

Tamil is hard to learn.

Students must compose Tamil essays, which could prove hard for those who do not have steady immersion regularly with the language.

The fact remains apparent that such students often need to tap into the guidance of a Tamil private tutor to improve, train, guide their writing techniques.

Tackling Tamil effectively

A good Tamil tutor could aid your kid to better appreciate the Tamil dialect or the rising popularity of Tamil use.

With one-on-one tutoring delivered to your kid at any premise within Singapore, many tutors are often patient, polite, and approachable –and may put in great efforts to let your child learn Tamil with fun.

Agencies offer Tamil classes for adults from Singapore also.

A customized pedagogy practiced regularly often stretches the overall potential for student attaining high degrees of fluency in the language, to let your kid learns willingly and not hesitantly, grudgingly.

This lets them study well, and with proper guidance.

Tamil might initially seem hard to grasp, but eventually prove highly profitable to understand, practice within business contexts.

Tamil is an official language in Singapore predominantly used by the Tamil population of India and Sri Lanka.

Native Tamil speakers amount to around 70 million all over the world.

Applications for Tamil

Some good understanding of the Tamil language equips students with tools to understand the heritage of Tamil language or provides opportunities, provides entrance to opportunities within the international market.

Benefits of Tamil Tuition

Kids learn to be conversant in Tamil culture, heritage and may pick up basic Tamil vocabulary or grammar.

Kids also study how to converse fluently in the language.

Much like Hindi, Tamil is not often spoken widely in schools.

Thus, the probability of students struggling or slipping up with the language might prove much greater.

If kin, community, and friends just speak English to kids, mastering Tamil language might prove much harder.

Still, getting a firm grasp of Tamil with the aid of private Tamil tutors might let students learn methods to utilize their mother tongue with better competency and precision – beyond just scoring good grades in academic tests.

Low-cost Tamil Tuition Charges in Singapore

Categories: Part-Time Tutor

Full-Time Tutor

School Teachers

Pre-School     $20-25    $30-40    $50

Lower Primary      $20-25    $35-40    $50-60

Upper Primary      $25-35    $35-50    $55-70

Lower Secondary $25-35    $35-45    $60-70

Upper Secondary $30-40    $45-50    $65-80

Junior College       $50-60    $60-75    $90-120

Adult Language    $35-45    $50-60    –

International School    $30-50    $40-60    $70-



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