Top Swimming Schools in Singapore

top swimming schools in singapore

Swimming is one of the most popular forms of exercise out there. It’s cheap, simple to learn and you can reap lots of benefits!

Benefits of Swimming

There’re way too many benefits to swimming that I’m going to divide this section into 2 parts! The first part lists the benefits of signing up your kids for swimming, while the second highlights the rewards of learning swimming as an adult.

Benefits of Signing Up Your Child for Swimming

I’m sure you’ve been through swimming lessons at least once in your life. Either your parents signed you up, or you had mandatory swimming lessons as part of your school’s fitness programme. 

Whether you enjoyed your lessons or not, you should not deny your kids of learning this fun and practical sport! 

It’s an Amazing Way to Bond with Your Babies

If you have an infant, joining them in a swimming lesson is an excellent opportunity to have a 1-on-1 bonding. Even at such a tender age, your little ones are already forming neural connections around their brains! Whatever experience, be it positive or negative will significantly impact your child’s life! 

Swimming with your infants is an excellent way for serve and return interactions. According to the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, these form of communications can be a significant boost to a child’s brain development. This ultimately affects their physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

Builds Muscles and Motor Skills 

Swimming is a great way to build muscles and strengthens many parts of a person’s body, including their brain, heart, lungs and legs. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for your child to develop coordination and balance. 

Along with building muscles, time in the pool can help your baby improve their coordination and balance. While it can be a challenge to move those tiny arms and legs at the same time, any small coordinated movements can help develop your baby physically. 

Builds Spatial Awareness

Swimming allows children to be conscious of their surroundings and their relationships to it. Spatial awareness is also linked to developing excellent social skills, greater creativity, as well as better linguistics and mathematical abilities

Improves Your Child’s Confidence and Discipline

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Swimming, like any other forms of exercises, releases endorphins and helps you child feel good about himself/herself. Additionally, through the swimming school’s systematic way of grading, your child will feel a sense of accomplishment each time he/she passes a level.  

Swimming is also a great way to boost your kid’s endurance and resilience levels. Your child will learn to push on in tough situations. Think about how your child can recreate this scenario in other areas of his/her life, such as studies!

Benefits of Swimming for Adults

Some of the following benefits may apply to kids, but I believe these benefits would appear more enticing to you!

So let’s dive right in! No pun intended.

It’s the OG Full Body Workout! 

YouTube video

Before other exercise trends were invented, swimming has always been a great source of strengthening the entire body. 

Let’s take a look:

Arms – Regardless of which style you’re swimming in, the resistance of the water will help build up your biceps and triceps muscles. Sure, you won’t come out of the pool looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you would develop lean muscles over time.  

Shoulders – Many professional swimmers spot broad shoulders, thanks to the constant use of their upper body strengths. 

Chest – Both the breaststroke and the butterfly style can build muscles around your pectorals.  

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Core – Your abs are put to work when you’re controlling your balance on the water. One such example is the action of kicking your legs up and down repeatedly. This movement will directly engage your core muscles. 

Legs – Your legs play a vital role in propelling you forward, especially in the frog-style. Constant resistance contact with the water will result in muscle build-up around your leg area. 

Glutes – The use of your legs in kicking and paddling will also directly have an impact on your glutes. 

Back – Your back, especially the lower part, is essential to maintain your form. When that happens, those muscles surrounding that area will be activated. The butterfly style can also help activate your latissimus dorsi in your back, creating the famous “V-shaped” back. 

Respiratory System – Swimming is a cardiovascular activity that helps build up your lung capacity and efficiency. It also strengthens the heart and facilitates better blood circulation around your body. For weight watchers, swimming can also help you burn lots of calories and fat!  

Low Impact Exercise

Unlike land sports, you’re able to exercise without putting any pressure on your joints, due to the buoyancy of the waters.

It’s the Gateway to Other Fun Sports!

What do wakeboarding, sailing, water polo, canoeing, kite surfing, jet skiing and other fun activities have in common? 

Knowing how to swim is crucial to fully enjoy these sports! If you’re participating in competitions, such as the Iron Man Triathlons, you need to be an excellent swimmer to do well! 

Improves Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Earlier, I talked about how the release of endorphins in exercise can help us feel good about ourselves. The sensation of water massaging on our bodies can also induce relaxation in us. 

Additionally, swimming also help sharpens your mind and reduce the chances of dementia and cognitive decline. 

Popular Trends in Swimming

The sport and business of swimming are continuously evolving to suit our survival, social and emotional needs. 

Relevant authorities, upon witnessing several drowning incidents in pools, have also created programmes that will help swimmers of all ages to develop water survival skills. 

To generate more revenue, swimming schools are also innovating new courses that will entice swim enthusiasts. 

Check out if any of these trends interest you! 

Open Water Swimming 

YouTube video

Open water swimming refers to swimming in uncontrolled bodies of water such as seas, lakes and oceans. Whether it’s for a triathlon training or gaining a fitter body, this carefully-planned course can take your swimming game to a whole new level!  

However, you would need some fundamental swimming skills to qualify for most open water courses. 


Introduced by National Water Safety Council (NWSC) in 2010, the SwimSafer programme is designed to help swimmers: 

  • Improve their swimming techniques.
  • Equip themselves with water survival skills and avoid drowning incidents. 

According to MyActiveSg, the SwimSafer 2.0 programme consists of the following modules:

  • Entries and Exits
  • Sculling and Body Orientation
  • Underwater Skills
  • Movement/Swimming/Strokes
  • Survival Skills
  • Rescue Skills 

Platform Diving and Plunge-In Courses

Want to enter the pool in style? Some swimming academies offer you a chance to learn how to dive from the platform, or just plunge-in from any sides of the pool! 

Apps Where You Can Learn Swimming Yourself!

YouTube video

SwimtoFly, a fitness academy in Singapore, has developed an app where you can learn swimming techniques for free! Of course, if you’re enjoying the app, you can also consider signing up for a proper course where you can receive appropriate guidance and stroke corrections! 

Mermaid Courses and Parties 

YouTube video

Mermaiding has several benefits, both physically and emotionally for ladies. Besides working on the upper body strength and endurance, gowning on the mermaid tail can also induce self-confidence. 

Mermaid schools can also organise parties and photoshoots where you can enjoy a day of being the goddess of the waters!

Swimming Instructor Courses

Swimming academies that wish to expand their manpower or businesses may also offer classes for potential swim instructors. Be sure to check out the accreditation that you’ll receive upon completing the course.  

Lifesaving and First Aid Courses 

These courses can help students become more conscious swimmers who can rescue someone’s life. These are definitely valuable skills which you can use even when you’re not swimming! 

Tips to Choose a Swimming School

Whether you’re choosing a school for your kid or learning as an adult, the following pieces of advice are evergreen. They should be considered before you sign your cheque. 

Instructor’s Qualifications 

The swimming instructor must have a qualification approved by relevant sports authorities. Any swimming teacher that is registered with the National Registry of Coaches (NROC) can give you peace of mind. This organisation has one of the strictest pre-requisites handed out to prospective swim coaches in Singapore. 

To be registered with NROC, the candidate must go through:

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  • An integrated swimming programme
  • A lifesaving course 
  • A basic sports science course 
  • An AED-certified first aid course

Other organisations that offer recognised certifications locally are Swimming Teacher’s Association (STA) and AUSTswim. Do note that teachers with these 2 qualifications can only conduct classes in private pools, such as condominiums.  

Safety Practices 

YouTube video

Swimming schools with SwimSafer and Lifesaving programmes would place safety at its paramount. 

If the school doesn’t offer any of these programmes, don’t panic. Find out from the instructors how can they ensure that you or your kid’s safety is guaranteed at all times. 

Ideally, you should head down and observe how the instructors handle the students to create a safe and fun class for all. 

Seek for a Trial Class

YouTube video

While it’s essential to observe, you should request a trial class for you or your kid. 

Experiencing the swimming class first-hand will allow you to find out if you’re comfortable with the lesson structure. Make sure you’re able to grasp your instructor’s method of communication and catch up with the rest of the students. If you’re not able to, time to find another school! 

If your kid’s attending the class, factor his/her opinion into your decision making. Your child needs to be in an environment where he/she feels happy and excited to learn.  

Training Equipment

Make sure that the school provides an adequate supply of kickboards, safety floats and pull buoys for training. They are essential during classes, especially for novice swimmers. 

Swimming Pool Factors 

If you or your kid have sensitive skin, choose a class that is conducted in a salt-chlorinated pool. If the temperature of the waters scares you a little, consider a class in a pool with indoor heating. 

You should also consider whether the pool is indoor or outdoor. The former can ensure that lessons will carry on, regardless of weather conditions. If the class is conducted at an outdoor pool, find out what’s the school’s approach to weather-affected lessons. Their arrangement should be something that sits well for you and your kid.  


Pools on peak periods, such as the weekends can be filled with a number of swimming classes from different schools. This could be an obstruction to your learning. If that’s a concern for you or your kid, choose a non-weekend timeslot.

Special Needs Friendly Classes

YouTube video

If you or your kid has any health or developmental conditions, you need to find a school that caters to learners with special needs.

Special needs classes can provide a safe and conducive place to motivate you along your swimmer’s journey!

*The following list is not ranked in order.

elite coach Top Swimming Schools in Singapore

Swimming School

Elite Coach Singapore | SwimtoFly

What They Offer
  • Classes for 2-year olds to Triathlon and Ironman Preparation
  • Swimtofly Certified Level 2 Swim Teacher Training Programme
  • SwimtoFly App available to Learn Swimming Yourself
  • Swim Classes in French
  • Fitness and PT Training
  • Muay Thai and Boxing Training
  • Dance Classes
  • Virtual Fitness Classes
Pricing Click here for pricing details.
Address 191B Thomson Road, Singapore 307632
Contact Details 
Review 1 “As someone who has been swimming both recreationally and competitively for over 20 years, I have to say, what Christian is doing here is amazing. A very skilled teacher. You can actually feel how relaxed he makes you just by watching his videos, and I believe anyone can learn to swim from this. From kids to adults, even you’ve had fear of the water. People around the world will enjoy life more and be safer knowing how to swim because of him.”
Review 2 “Provides careful instructions for starters and experienced… I do a lot of cross-training and wanted to do more than fight the water for hours on end. I find this app brings me what I need to improve my skill both programming and showing how to.”
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Happy Fish Top Swimming Schools in Singapore

Swimming School

Happy Fish Swim School

What They Offer
  • Baby to Adult Classes
  • Lady Classes (including Prenatal Classes)
  • Swim Classes for Autistic, Cerebral Palsy, and other Special Needs Children
  • Private Family Classes
  • School Classes
  • Corporate Classes
  • School Holiday Classes
  • Life-Saving Courses
  • Platform and Swimboard Diving Lessons
  • Open Water Swimsafe Course
  • Competition Preparation
  • 12 Happy Fish Pools around Singapore and Malaysia (including 2 coming soon).
  • Happy Fish Pools treated with high-quality salt chlorinator and UV filter.
  • Happy Fish Pools temperature is maintained at 30 – 32 degrees celsius during lessons.
Pricing Click here for a list of rates.
Address Click here for a list of venues, operating hours, and contact numbers.
Telephone Click here for a list of venues, operating hours, and contact numbers.
Operating Hours Click here for a list of venues, operating hours, and contact numbers.
Review 1 “Great small little place. This is an indoor swimming pool so your child does not have to worry about coldness and rain. Friendly staff and coaches. The opposite has a Havey Norman warehouse and the True Fitness gym so parents can go for shopping or a workout while your child is learning swimming.”
Review 2 “My sister and her husband are really happy that they enrolled their child on this swimming school when he was 8 months old. The swimming instructors are pro in teaching little babies to swim. I myself is so fond in watching these kids swim. Highly recommended!”
Review 3 “Swimming class for children. Because it is an indoor & heated swimming pool, you can take lessons without worrying about the weather. Private lessons are also available.”


stateswim Top Swimming Schools in Singapore

Swimming School

State Swim

What They Offer
  • Swim and Play – Waterbabies and Kindergarten Programme
  • 400 Gold – Systematic Swim Progression Classes for Kids 4 and Up
  • Health and Sports Programme – Team Training Programme for Kids
  • SWIMVAC School Holiday Programme
  • Adult Programme
Pricing Contact +65 8123 0103 for pricing details.
Address North Wing #L4 Access is via Lobby M from B1, B2 and L1 – Between Towers 1 and 2.
Telephone  +65 8123 0103
Operating Hours Click here for a list of timetables.
Review 1 “State Swim is a great level and skill-based swim training programme for kids. Unlike many swim classes in Singapore, progress is clear and measurable and the kids are motivated to master the skills and get their certificate to move to the next level. Really good system. Facilities are suitable too.”
Review 2 “I was pleased by the quality of customer service provided by state swim. As soon as you walk in you’re greeted with smiling faces! As for their pool, I was surprised to see that they use such quality lane ropes as good as those you’d find in competition pools. A definite 5 star from me.”
Review 3 “The temperature of the water is well managed so it won’t be too cold during the rainy weather. Great facility and importantly, it’s clean. Had a good experience trying out the adult swimming program.”


Swimming School


What They Offer AQZOG Swim School offer Swimming Lessons for all ages in both public and condo pools in Singapore. Established since 2007, it has successfully trained many to swim well and has good passing rate for swimsafer certification. AQZOG was founded by Coach Raymond who is currently a NROC 3- (Master Coach) and a member of ASTA as well as a certified swimsafer trainer and assessor.


  • Swimsafer Program
  • Holiday Swim program
  • Stroke correction (All ages)/ Competitive swimmer welcome
  • Butterfly technique Correction
  • Toddler swimming program
Address Clementi Swimming Complex, 520 Clementi Ave 3, Singapore 129908
Telephone (65) 65669752


MArsden Top Swimming Schools in Singapore

Swimming School

Marsden Swim School

What They Offer
  • Singapore’s only Tier 1/Gold Standard AUSTSWIM school.
  • Progressive Swim Classes for Infants to Adults.
  • Stroke Development Programme
  • Adult and Kids Swim Squads
Pricing Click here for a comprehensive list of rates.
Address Click here for a list of locations.
Telephone +65 69091436
Review 1 “My little one has been learning here since she is 9 months old. Teacher Shana is super awesome and my girl always looks forward to her class. Fun songs during lessons to capture their attention when young and fun activities as well! I can see my little one learning steadily throughout the different levels and it’s great! Flexible makeup policies here especially for kids who tend to get sick easily. Thumbs up and definitely money well spent!”
Review 2 “When thinking about starting a little one out with swimming there really isn’t going past Marsden Swim School. We’ve tried others in Singapore and you just don’t get the same balance between top professionalism and a warm and friendly approach that you get from Sam and his team. Top-notch, top marks from us and our little one couldn’t be happier.”
Review 3 “Coach Arnaud is the master of managing a group of young children – maintaining the magical balance between having fun and learning new technical skills. He keeps them interested and motivated and somehow manages to give each child in the class personalised attention too. (Our son has been with Marsden from age 2 and is currently 4.5.) My husband and I decided we needed to go back to school, and our strokes are improving too with Coach Arnaud’s help!”


swim lab Top Swimming Schools in Singapore

Swimming School

The Swim Lab

What They Offer
  • Systematic Swim Lessons for Infants and Kids
  • Small Class Ratio (1:4 for Toddler Classes, 1:6 for Beginner Classes, 1:8 for Intermediate Classes)
  • “Semi-Competitive” Development Classes
Pricing Click here for pricing details.

681 Bukit Timah Road, Hwa Chong Institution, Singapore 269782

Telephone +65 9424 4655
Review  “Patient coaches who always give pointers for improvement at the end of the lesson, plus organised peripheral support from Lindy and Jade.”


Singapore Swimming Academy Top Swimming Schools in Singapore

Swimming School

Singapore Swimming Academy

What They Offer
  • Swim Classes for Infants to Adults
  • Ladies’ Classes
  • Total Immersion Classes
  • SwimSafer Awards Kids Swimming Classes
  • Singapore Swimming Proficiency Awards Classes
  • Lifesaving Courses
  • 6 months to 6 years old – $650 per term
  • Kid’s Group Classes (including SwimSafer and Singapore Swimming Proficiency Awards Classes) – $70 per month
  • Kid’s Private Classes – $70 per lesson
  • Adult’s Group Classes – $200 per course
  • Adult’s Private Lessons – $70 per class
  • Ladies’ Group Classes – $280 per course
  • Ladies’ Private Lessons – $75 per class
  • Total Immersion Group Classes – $468 per course
  • Total Immersion Private Lessons – $250 per lesson

Click here for Kid’s Classes pricing details.

Address Click here for a list of venues.
Telephone +65 6680 6530
Review 1 “My children had a great time during the swimming classes at Yishun Swimming complex. The coaches are friendly and patient and willing to clarify any doubts and correct the mistakes the students make when any is present. Thanks!”
Review 2 “I highly recommend Singapore Swimming Academy as the team is professional, well organized and patient towards their students. My daughter has benefited and enjoyed her swimming lesson under the guidance of coach Lucas and coach Chong. They are caring and patient, and at the same time drives the students to achieve better strokes and faster speed.”
Review 3 “An amazing initiative to teach life-saving skills. Accessible to all.”


Able Aquatic School Top Swimming Schools in Singapore

Swimming School

Able Aquatics

What They Offer
  • Baby to Adult Swimming Classes
  • Special Needs Swimming Classes
  • Aqua Aerobics
  • SwimSafer Version 2.0 Training
  • Singapore Swimming Proficiency Award (SSPA) Training
Pricing Contact +65 8808 2083 for pricing details.
Address Click here for a list of venues.
+65 8808 2083


Pacific Swim Team Top Swimming Schools in Singapore

Swimming School

Pacific Swim Team 

What They Offer
  • Kid’s Classes – SwimSafer Programme, Lifesaving Programme, Distance Swimming Awards Programme, Singapore Swimming Proficiency Award (SSPA) Programme
  • Adulting Classes
  • A comprehensive range of Lifesaving courses from Beginners to CPR Cross Reg levels
  • Competitive Swimming Training (Has a record of producing swimming champions in Butterfly category)
Pricing Contact +65 9856 8280 for pricing details.
Address Click here for a list of locations and schedules.
Telephone +65 9856 8280
Operating Hours Click here for a list of locations and schedules.
Review 1 “I would like to commend Coach Kenny for being extremely patient in guiding my son, who is trying to overcome his fear of deep waters. Coach Kenny has been encouraging him along and I am very appreciative of his efforts. Thank you for your guidance ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”
Review 2 “My 2 children join the class with fear of water. But now they enjoy it so much. The lessons are interesting & the coaches are patient & fun too.👍☺”
Review 3 “Haydn started his swimming lesson with Pacific Swim approximately 1.5 years ago. He’s now in the advance beginner class. With Pacific Swim, not only that he can learn basics in swimming, he gets to learn other water survival skills too.

The instructors are very professional. I’m amazed how the instructors can handle such a big group of students yet still be able to give special attention to each of the students individually. This is important because each of the students are unique and not all of them can swim and learn at the same pace.

Haydn’s safety in the pool is my upmost priority. With Pacific Swim, I’m convinced and assured that he’s always in the good hand. Besides the team of instructors, I can see 1-2 life guards who is always on duty.

Pacific Swim has an online portal too. It’s very useful for busy parents who wants to keep track of their kids progress and achievement, only with just few clicks!

We strongly recommend Pacific Swim to all parents who wants the best in swimming for their kids. The fees are very affordable too.”


Aqua Bambinos Top Swimming Schools in Singapore

Swimming School

Aqua Bambinos

What They Offer
  • Babies and Children Swimming Classes
  • Advanced Children Swimming Classes
  • Indoor-Heated, Salt-Chlorinated Pools
  • Other facilities include heater showers, baby changing stations, and a children-friendly waiting area.
  • Trial Classes available
Pricing Reach out to them through the contact information below for pricing details.
  • Click here for address, phone number and business hours for Serangoon Gardens Indoor Pool.
  • Click here for address, phone number and business hours for Jalan Selaseh (Seng Kang) Indoor Pool.
  • Click here for address, phone number and business hours for Serangoon Gardens Indoor Pool.
  • Click here for address, phone number and business hours for Jalan Selaseh (Seng Kang) Indoor Pool.
Operating Hours
  • Click here for address, phone number and business hours for Serangoon Gardens Indoor Pool.
  • Click here for address, phone number and business hours for Jalan Selaseh (Seng Kang) Indoor Pool.
Review 1 “We’ve brought our 2-year-old daughter for swim classes her the past 6 months. The instructors are very patient as our child gradually builds her courage to swim and play in the water. Classes are 30 mins long and class sizes are normally 3-5 babies with 1 parent accompanying. We’ve been regularly going for Saturday morning classes (we picked 10 am). Highly recommended for parents who want to build swim confidence and exposure for their kids!”
Review 2 “Facilities were great, coaches were patient with the kids and the pool was well-maintained! Definitely well-recommended for parents who are looking for an indoor swim school for their infants!”
Review 3 “Girls have been going for quite a while now – water temp is perfect. Coaches have been very patient and my girls enjoy swimming a lot here. Will definitely recommend.”


Little Splashes Top Swimming Schools in Singapore

Swimming School

Little Splashes

What They Offer
  • Chlorine-Free, Heated Indoor Mineral Water Pool
  • Infants to Adults Swimming Lessons
Pricing Click here for a list of rates.
  • 36 Yio Chu Kang Road, Singapore 545553
  • 300 Bedok South Ave 3, Siglap Community Center, #01-07, Singapore 469299
  • 28 Jalan Selaseh, Singapore 808446
  • +65 6241 4555 (Yio Chu Kang)
  • +65 6636 0016 (Siglap)
  • +656219 2555 (Jalan Selaseh)
Operating Hours Yio Chu Kang and Siglap
  • Monday to Sunday (except Thursday) – 9.30 am to 6.30 pm
  • Thursday – 12.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Jalan Selaseh 

  • Daily – 9.30am to 6.30pm
Review 1 “Great indoor swimming pool for kids and adults, friendly teachers.”
Review 2 “Friendly instructors. Place is clean.”
Review 3 “Great indoor swimming pool for kids and adults, friendly teachers.”


swish swimming Top Swimming Schools in Singapore

website design banner

Swimming School

SWISH! Swimming

What They Offer
  • Infants to Adults Swimming Classes
  • Special Needs Classes
  • “Auntie and Me” – Water Safety Skills and Confidence for Helpers
  • “Merfit” Swim Classes – For aspiring “Mermaids”
  • Birthday Swim Parties
Pricing Click here for pricing details.

72 Loewen Road, #01-08, Dempsey Hill, Singapore, 248848

Telephone +65 9832 2522
Operating Hours 9 am – 6 pm (Daily)
Review 1 “My daughters had a great time learning swimming here! Instructors are very enthusiastic and passionate about teaching and very professional in handling children. Great teacher to children ratio too. The only downfall is the changing room is a little too squeeze considering the number of children to the shower room ratio. Hope the facilities could be improved the next time around! Other than that, very good experience and would definitely recommend for all! :)”
Review 2 “Both my daughters have attended Swish and their swimming has improved in leaps and bounds. They are now so confident in the water and I have sen a great improvement in their technique. The coaches are enthusiastic, fun and attentive. Thank you for providing such a fun and friendly environment for my girls to learn how to swim!”
Review 3 “Staff truly amazing. Welcoming and very helpful. The coaches were very attentive with the children and there were plenty to give the adults comfort that all the children were safe. Definitely a place to recommend.”


Little Swim School Top Swimming Schools in Singapore

Swimming School

Little Swim School

What They Offer
  • Infants to Adults Classes
  • Temperature-Controlled, Salt-Chlorinated Indoor Pool at Westway
Pricing Click here for pricing details.
  • Westway – 27 West Coast Highway, Singapore 117867 (Annex Building behind Westway)
  • Queenstown Swimming Complex – 473 Stirling Rd, Singapore 148948
  • Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex – 202 Ang Mo Kio Ave 9, Singapore 569771
  • HomeTeamNS Sembawang Clubhouse – 301 Canberra Road, Singapore 759774
Telephone Contact +65 +65 6747 5232 for pricing details.
Operating Hours 10 am to 6 pm (Office Hours: Mon – Fri)
Review 1 “Coach Jin is excellent. Our daughter’s swimming skills and confidence has grown steadily under his guidance. He’s very patient and diligent esp with little kids.”
Review 2 “With teacher Jin’s patience and guidance, my 18 months old boy seems to like water a lot. He is now confident with water activity and is definitely enjoying his classes so much. We look forward to his class every weekend as we watch him learning and improving his ability in the water.”
Review 3 “We enjoy our experience at Little Swim School. The teachers and staff are always friendly and helpful.

Thanks to Teacher Evelyn for her patience and understanding in teaching our child. She uses games and fun activities to interest and engage the children. Swim class is always fun!”


swimming lessons coach Top Swimming Schools in Singapore

Swimming School

ISplash Swim School

What They Offer
  • Toddlers to Adults Classes (SwimSafer Syllabus Available)
  • Holidays Classes
  • Ladies Classes
Pricing Click here for pricing details.
Address Jurong West Swimming Complex – 20 Jurong West St 93, Singapore 648965

Senja Cashew (Bukit Panjang) Swimming Complex – 101 Bukit Panjang Road 01-01/02, Singapore 679910

Choa Chu Kang Swimming Complex – 1 Choa Chu Kang St 53, Singapore 689236

Bukit Batok Swimming Complex – 2 Bukit Batok St. 22, Singapore 659581

Telephone +65 8869 0089
Review 1 “I am grateful to have found a committed and professional team of coaches. Their passion for coaching life skills is a Gem. high energy and fun. As a parent, it’s peace of mind that our child learns something and enjoys the learning process.”
Review 2 “Thanks to Isplash Swim School instructors who made the swimming lessons fun and interesting for my gals. The coach is very patient with kids and they are very passionate about teaching. We switched from a private instructor to Isplash because my gals didn’t show any progress after few months and my younger daughter starts to show phobia of the swimming pool. The lessons conducted by Isplash is more structured that I can see the difference on how my gals progressed. Now both of them can swim happily, thanks to Isplash coach. You all are great!”
Review 3 “A right place to learn swimming. Thanks for your patience!”


aqua ducks Top Swimming Schools in Singapore

Swimming School


What They Offer
  • Babies to Adult Classes
  • Competition Training
  • Domestic Helper Water Safety
  • aquaFit
  • Holiday Camps

Besides Babies & Toddlers, Preschool and Learn to Swim classes, you can also join us for Competition Training, Domestic Helper Water Safety Adult Swim Training and aquaFit lessons.

Pricing Click here for a list of fees and term dates.
Address Click the links below for a list of venues.
Telephone +65  6463 5554
Operating Hours 9 am – 5 pm (Office Hours: Mon – Fri)
Review 1 “We are really satisfied here! Having been a professional swimmer myself I really appreciate the educational approach in this Swimming school. And for the German expats: Our instructor, Jens, speaks German which could be an ice breaker for small kids.”
Review 2 “The best place to bring your kids for attentive swimming lessons where staff give 100% focus on developing your child’s potential.”
Review 3 “Great instructors, simple but well-maintained facility. “


swim lessons Top Swimming Schools in Singapore

Swimming School

Little Fishes 

What They Offer
  • Baby to Adult Classes
  • SwimSafer Syllabus Classes
  • Ladies Classes
  • Family Classes
  • Private Classes
  • Corporate Classes
Pricing Contact +65 9643 6331 for pricing details.
Address Click here for a list of venues.
Telephone +65 9643 6331
Operating Hours 10 am – 5 pm (Office Hours: Mon – Fri)
Review 1 “Instructor Steven is a friendly and patience coach. The lesson taught in a fun and interesting way so the kids like it very much and making them feel motivated. Keep it up!”
Review 2 “A big thanks to Steven for his kind and patient guidance. He corrected some of my errors and I become a better swimmer. Some of his butterfly drills are slightly different from the ones in the youtube, so in case you want to know what’s different, feel free to learn from him!”
Review 3 “Hard to find a coach who can make the swimming lessons with fun and interesting. Can see his patience and perseverance during lesson with kids. Highly recommend to all who are going to start the Swimming lesson from now. 👍👍👍👍👍👍”


swim fun Top Swimming Schools in Singapore

Swimming School


What They Offer
  • Infants to Adults Classes
  • Distance Training
  • Competition Training
  • Stroke Correction Training
  • Lifesaving Courses
Pricing Contact +65 9060 3236 for pricing details.
Website Facebook Page 
Telephone +65 9060 3236
Review 1 “Mr Oh is a very professional and friendly coach. Will highly recommend him to other people.”
Review 2 “Extremely awesome and patient coach.”
Review 3 “Mr Oh is a great coach with a lot of patience. Has been with Mr Oh for nearly 9 years!”


dolp swim Top Swimming Schools in Singapore

Swimming School


What They Offer
  • Kids and Adults Classes
  • SwimSafer Classes
  • Private Classes
  • $70 per month (Kids Classes)
  • $250 per course (Adults Classes)
  • $300 per 4 lessons (Private Classes)
Address Click here for a list of locations.
Telephone +65 9661 3609


swim sg Top Swimming Schools in Singapore

Swimming School


What They Offer
  • Kids and Adults Classes
  • SwimSafer Syllabus Classes
  • Stroke-Based Classes
  • Plunge-In Classes
  • Holidays Classes
  • Private Swimming Classes
  • Lifeguard Courses
Pricing Click here for pricing details.
Address Click here for a list of venues.
Telephone +65 9685 6605
Review 1 “My son used to have fear in swimming & we worried one day if he fell into the pool accidentally, might not survive. I am surprised after a few lessons at Yio Chu Kang swimming pool, instructor Victor helped my son to overcome his fear and addressed our concern. We thank him for coaching my son to swim.” – Review taken from official website.
Review 2 “I worked in the air-conditioned office for many years and now retired, poor in health. After I signed up for swimming classes at woodlands pool with coach Steven, my health improved greatly and I thank steven for fine-tuning my lessons to suit me. I greatly recommend SwimSG swimming lessons.” – Review taken from official website.
Review 3 “I approached many coaches for my 3 years old kids swimming lessons. Most said too young and can’t take in. I happened to speak to Coach Steven at Jalan Besar Swimming Pool. He has many different custom-made floats catering for young kids. During his classes, my daughter was able to gain more confident in swimming through floats custom-made to her size.”- Review taken from official website.


swim classes Top Swimming Schools in Singapore

Swimming School

Friendly Dolphin

What They Offer
  • Infants to Adults Classes
  • Stroke Correction Classes
  • Speed Training Classes
  • Long Distance Classes
  • Lifesaver Courses
  • Open Water Classes
  • Swim Safer Certification
Pricing Click here for pricing details.
Address Click here for a list of venues.
Telephone +65 8745 3645
Review 1 “This is a great company. great customer service and fair term and conditions for both the parents and the instructors. I managed to learn only one easy stroke while my child get to kick off his water phobia and bad practices from previous swimming lessons! Highly recommended.”
Review 2 “Friendly and nice instructors from Friendly Dolphin Swim School! I strongly recommend this school if you are looking for all levels or groups of swimming lessons”
Review 3 “This school is really good in teaching swimming. I went for their small group adult swimming lessons and i can now at least swim breast stroke and freestyle without any aid after 12 sessions. As a firefighter myself, i had always been restricted by the water phobia i had since young due to the accident. I am glad i took the courage to learn this skill and know that i will further advance myself now in my career as well as personal exercise routine. Swimming checked!”


ace dolphin Top Swimming Schools in Singapore

Swimming School

Ace Dolphin

What They Offer
  • Classes for Kids 4 – 12
  • Private Classes
  • 4 Lessons – $70
  • 3 Months – $180
Address Swimming Classes conducted at Bishan, Pasir Ris, Tampines, and Yio Chu Kang.
Telephone +65 9105 5244
Reviews Click here for a list of testimonials.


o you gu Top Swimming Schools in Singapore

Swimming School

Oyougu Aquatic

What They Offer
  • Baby Swim Class
  • Preschool Swim Class
  • Kids Swim Class (Swimsafer, SSPA)
  • Adult Swim Class
  • Special Needs (Autistic etc..) Swim Class
Pricing  Click here for pricing details
Address Swimming Classes are Conducted at:
  • Woodlands Swimming Complex – 2 Woodlands Street 12, Singapore 738599
  • Bishan Swimming Complex – 1 Bishan Street 14 Singapore 579778
  • Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex – 202 Ang Mo Kio Ave 9, Singapore 569771
  • Ang Mo Kio Swimming Complex – 1771 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Singapore 569978
Telephone (65) 9021 7440
Reviews 1 “Wonderful coaches! I can now swim for short distances underwater and have gained confidence as a swimmer. I am now floating on my back by myself.” – Lionel Guo Weiliang
Review 2 ”I tried the whole December holiday to get my 5-year-old daughter comfortable in the water without the use of a floating device. I even went ahead and signed her up for 9 swimming lessons with other instructors but had no luck. It was very incredible how the instructors at Oyougu had my daughter put her face in the water after spending 15 minutes with her during her first lesson and had her start swimming after the 3rd lesson. I strongly recommend Oyougu to everyone.” -Raj Sugumal
Review 3 “My children have been attending swimming classes at Oyougu for 2 months now. We love the class sizes and how students are grouped according to ability. The program has given my children great confidence and great survival skills. Coaches are wonderful, approachable, and encouraging. I particularly love the way they make swimming fun without the need to compromise on techniques. We have already made wonderful friends from swimming classes.” – Wendy Yao Wai Yen


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