Top Steamboat Buffets In Singapore (Updated 2024)

Top Steamboat Buffets In Singapore

In Singapore, the tradition of steamboat buffets transcends its origins, becoming a beloved dining experience for many. It’s more than just a meal; it’s a ritual that brings people together, blending flavors and friendship in a simmering pot of joy.

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A steamboat buffet offers a unique dining experience where guests cook a selection of raw ingredients in a pot of boiling broth. Known locally as steamboat, this method is similar to a Chinese hot pot, offering a variety of meats, vegetables, and noodles for a customizable feast.

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Surprisingly, in Singapore’s warm weather, the steamboat remains a favorite choice. The process starts with a flavorful broth, ready to cook the added ingredients to perfection, making every meal a personal culinary adventure.

Steamboat buffets defy seasonal expectations, maintaining their popularity throughout the year. This enduring appeal highlights their comfort and versatility, offering a satisfying culinary experience any time.

The essence of a steamboat buffet lies in its diverse ingredients, each contributing to the rich tapestry of tastes and textures. From tender meats and fresh vegetables to delicate noodles and tofu, every component ensures a delightful and balanced meal.

With prices ranging from S$10 to S$50, steamboat buffets in Singapore cater to various budgets. This range makes it an accessible option for both modest and extravagant dining preferences.

Steamboat dining is as much about the experience as it is about the food. It’s a social affair that encourages interaction and cooperation, making it perfect for gatherings. This hands-on approach to dining not only entertains but also strengthens connections.

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To fully enjoy the health benefits of a steamboat buffet, consider these tips:

  • Sauce in Moderation: Limit your use of dipping sauces to manage sodium intake, enhancing the natural flavors of your ingredients.
  • Prefer Fresh Over Processed: Choose raw meats over processed options for a healthier meal with fewer additives.
  • Be Cautious with Prawn Heads: While flavorful, prawn heads are high in cholesterol. Opt for the body and tail for a healthier broth.
  • Watch the Temperature: Enjoy your broth once it’s cooled slightly to avoid the risks associated with very hot foods.
  • Eat Mindfully: Pay attention to your body’s fullness signals to avoid overeating, enhancing your dining pleasure.
  • Manage Soup Intake: As the broth concentrates, it can accumulate nitrites. Skimming off the top can make for a healthier consumption.

Steamboat buffets in Singapore offer more than just delicious food; they provide an opportunity for joyous gatherings around a shared pot of broth. Remember that the true essence of a steamboat buffet lies in its ability to merge flavor, health, and camaraderie into an experience to remember.


Here are the Top Steamboat Buffets in Singapore:


Kingdom Top Steamboat Buffets In Singapore

Steamboat Buffet

Kingdom Food: Goro Goro

About Nestled in the heart of Singapore at The Centrepoint, GoroGoro Steamboat & Korean Buffet serves as a culinary bridge connecting diners to the rich flavors of Korean and local cuisine through its steamboat dining experience. The name “GoroGoro” symbolizes the comforting sound of a bubbling steamboat, echoing the establishment’s commitment to providing a cozy, value-driven dining adventure.
  • Cultural Harmony: Merging traditional Korean steamboat with local Singaporean tastes to create a unique dining experience.
  • Soup Base Variety: Offers seven specially crafted soup bases, including the nourishing Korean Ginseng and the popular Mala Soup, catering to a spectrum of taste preferences.
  • Ambience: A welcoming atmosphere that pairs well with the communal dining experience, perfect for family gatherings or corporate events.
  • Food Selection: Over 70+ raw food items ranging from premium meats to fresh vegetables, ensuring a tailored dining experience for every palate.
  • Soup Bases: Highlighting our Korean Ginseng and Beauty Collagen Soup, perfect for those seeking both flavor and wellness benefits.
  • Raw Food Selections: An extensive array of over 70+ items, ensuring that every diner finds their favorite ingredients for the perfect steamboat creation.
  • Korean and Local Delicacies: Besides steamboat, we offer a selection of Korean and local snacks and dishes, adding variety to your dining experience.
  • 10 Tampines Central 1, Tampines One #03-16A, Singapore 529536
  • 176 Orchard Road, The Centrepoint #03-43, Singapore 238843
Telephone  (65) 65094281
Operating Hours
  • Centrepoint
    Mon-Fri: 11.30am – 3pm and 5pm – 10.30pm
    Sat-Sun & PH: 11.30am – 3pm and 5pm – 10.30pm
  • Tampines
    Weekday: 11.30am – 3.30pm and 5.30pm – 10.30pm
    Weekend & PH: 11.30am – 4pm and 4pm – 10.30pm
Review 1 “Love their selection of vegetables! The meat selection is great, but the vegetables selection is beyond many. For liver lovers, they have them as part of the buffet! Also, love the deco and layout of this branch. Lunch buffet is Super good value. We paid less than $18 each after taxes. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼Took mainly videos of this place so check out the vids. 😋”
Review 2 “A lot of cooked and uncooked food varieties to choose from this place. Nice ambience with good services. I prefer the collogen and bak Kut Teh souping for my steamboat.”
Review 3 “The food spread is really good but do come for dinner if you like its Korean fried chicken wings; it’s not served during lunch. There’s a lot of value for money during the right hours and foreign tourists do frequent this place at centre point orchard. The steamboat soup base is decent but mostly come here because of the cooked food and variety of options.”


Guofu Top Steamboat Buffets In Singapore

Steamboat Buffet


About Established in 2005, Guo Fu Hotpot revolutionized the Singapore hotpot scene by introducing the personal hotpot experience, allowing diners to enjoy their own pot with a selection of premium beef and unlimited xiao long bao. This innovative dining concept ensures a personalized, clean, and hygienic meal, setting Guo Fu Hotpot apart as a distinguished choice for hotpot enthusiasts.
  • Innovative Dining: Introduced Singapore’s first individual hotpot experience, focusing on personal, clean, and hygienic dining.
  • Soup Base Selection: Ten distinct soup bases crafted to complement a wide variety of fresh ingredients.
  • Culinary Diversity: Offers three hotpot dining options – Set Meal, A La Carte, and the popular A La Carte Buffet, catering to all dining preferences.
  • Personal Hotpot: Each diner enjoys their own hotpot, emphasizing hygiene and personal taste preferences.
  • Free Flow Xiao Long Bao: Unlimited serving of freshly made xiao long bao, a unique offering that enhances the hotpot experience.
  • Extensive Menu: Over a hundred fresh and high-quality food items across meats, seafood, vegetables, and more, complemented by a selection of in-house special dipping sauces.
Address 20 Cross Street, Cross Street Exchange #01-31/32/33, Singapore 048422
Contact Tel: (65) 65570906


Operating Hours Mon-Sun: 11.30am – 10.30am
Review 1 “My go-to place for affordable steamboat with high quality meat. The 肥牛 fatty beef is the highlight for me. Love the 微辣 mildly spicy soup. You can request for a personal pot if you dont want to share. Have to make reservations beforehand though, as it gets pretty crowded even on weekdays. Great customer service too.”
Review 2 “Amazing quality. Seriously! The xiaolongbao is the best I have ever had too. Definitely worth visiting and coming back to”
Review 3 “Guo Fu has moved to a new location which is more convenient, brighter look and more comfortable feel. I think, that was why the buffet price increased too. Also, note that the buffet price excludes the soup base and drink. So, you will need to pay extra for those.”


Top Steamboat Buffets In Singapore (Updated 2024) 1

Steamboat Buffet

Shabu Sai

About Shabu Sai brings the authentic Japanese hotpot experience to Singapore with its array of meats, seafood, vegetables, and diverse broth choices. Originating from the harmonious blend of “shabu” — the sound of swirling ingredients in a pot, and “sai” — vegetables, this chain has delighted diners across its eight outlets since its inception.
  • Unique Concept: Pioneering the Japanese hotpot scene in Singapore with a focus on freshness and variety.
  • Cultural Blend: Integrating the essence of Japanese “shabu shabu” with local Singaporean flavors to cater to diverse palates.
  • Diverse Choices: Offering an extensive menu that includes a wide selection of meats, seafood, and vegetables suitable for every diner, including vegetarians and vegans.
  • Extensive Broth Selection: Featuring a range of broths made from fresh ingredients, including pork bone, chicken, and tomato, allowing diners to customize their hotpot base.
  • Quality Ingredients: A commitment to freshness and quality with a variety of meats, seafood, and vegetables prepared for the perfect hotpot experience.
  • Innovative Dining Options: Providing diners with multiple dining choices, including set meals and an a la carte buffet, ensuring a satisfying meal regardless of appetite or preference.
  • 1 Woodlands Square, Causeway Point #05-14/15, Singapore 738099
  • 5 Changi Business Park Central 1, Changi City Point #B1-28/29, Singapore 486038
  • 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall #B1-133, Singapore 038983
  • 3 Simei Street 6, Eastpoint Mall #03-06, Singapore 528833
  • 3 Gateway Dr, Westgate #B1-12, Singapore 608532
  • 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central #08-09/11, Singapore 238896
  • 10 Tampines Central 1,Tampines 1 #02-04, Singapore 529536
Telephone (65) 64621557
Operating Hours Mon-Sun: 11.30am – 10pm
Review 1 “Wagyu beef is very good!”
Review 2 “Our favourite shabu shabu restaurant! Price is affordable, food selection is good and fresh. The meats are also of good quality, though the beef has considerable amount of fat. The Eastpoint branch is very cosy and spacious. You can also have free water for drink. We always love to come here and enjoy our dining time while chatting. They also have variety of soup base selection. Our favourites are the soup of the month and seaweed.”
Review 3 “Super worth it during lunch. Not too crowded.”


Xiangcao Top Steamboat Buffets In Singapore

Steamboat Buffet

Xiang Cao Yunnan Original Ecology Hotpot

About Xiangcao Yunnan Hotpot stands as a pioneer in Singapore, introducing the city to the first Yunnan mushroom broth health hotpot. With locations at 494 North Bridge Rd and 1 Liang Seah St, Xiangcao invites diners into a world of authentic Yunnan cuisine, blending tradition with a health-conscious approach.
  • Authentic Yunnan Cuisine: Offers a genuine taste of Yunnan with a focus on healthful mushroom broths.
  • Unique Dining Experience: Provides a cozy, immersive dining environment perfect for families and friends.
  • Extended Hours: Catering to late-night cravings, Xiangcao now welcomes guests until 3 AM, perfect for night owls.
  • Festive Celebrations: Engages the community with festive specials, celebrating occasions like the Lunar New Year with grand feasts.
  • Signature Mushroom Broth: A standout with its nourishing and flavorful base, promising a steamboat experience that is both delicious and healthful.
  • Diverse Menu: Offers an extensive selection of fresh meats, seafood, and vegetables, catering to all dietary preferences, including vegetarian and vegan options.
  • Innovative Additions: Continuously updates its menu with creative dishes like Yunnan Rose Pie and Bamboo Rice, adding a unique twist to the traditional hotpot.
Address 26 Liang Seah St, Singapore 189047
Telephone (65) 6635 8243
Operating Hours Mon-Sun: 12pm – 1am
Review 1 “Good to go for the premium buffet package. Wagyu beef slice incloded. The tomato soup base are good”
Review 2 “very nice mushroom soup. Mala and tomato soup is the combo we usually go for.”
Review 3 “Very good hotpot. Four different soup bases, wife loves the Mushroom soup base. Was looking for a replacement for J-pot after it moved out from Parkway Parade and found something even better. A wide variety of sauces and condiments to choose from.” – James.G


Top Steamboat Buffets In Singapore (Updated 2024) 2

Steamboat Buffet

Jinji Teochew Steamboat

About Teochew Traditional Seafood Steamboat offers an authentic dining experience in the heart of Joo Chiat Road, Singapore, where tradition meets the finesse of Teochew cuisine. Since its inception in 2011, this establishment has become a cherished spot for locals and visitors alike, seeking the unparalleled taste of Teochew-style steamboat.
  • Cultural Heritage: Rooted deeply in Teochew culinary traditions, offering a genuine taste of heritage in every dish.
  • Prime Location: Nestled in the vibrant Joo Chiat Road, providing a welcoming environment for family celebrations and casual get-togethers.
  • Quality Ingredients: Committed to serving dishes made with the freshest seafood and finest ingredients, ensuring a flavorful and healthy dining experience.
  • Teochew-style Broth: A clear, flavorful broth that is both comforting and rich in taste, forming the perfect base for the steamboat.
  • Seafood Selection: Offers an exquisite array of seafood, including prawns, fish, and clams, selected daily for their freshness.
  • Traditional Teochew Dishes: Apart from steamboat, the restaurant prides itself on a variety of Teochew delicacies that showcase the essence of this rich culture.

176 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427447

(65) 6348 8924
Operating Hours Mon-Sun:
12:00pm – 2:30pm
5:00pm – 11:00pm
Review 1 “Great tasting food, prompt service. You have the option of soup or porridge base. Ingredients are fresh. We ordered the chicken soup base and it tasted super thick and yum. Reservations are recommended. They also offer other signature dishes as well, the fried tofu was out of the world.”
Review 2 “Good hotpot. The prawn and rice porridge mix super yummy. Love the crispy bean curd.”
Review 3 “The signature soup base is very tasty. Fish balls and dumplings are so yummy too. Beef and pork slices are pretty but a bit expensive. I’ll come back here again for the steamboat. You can enjoy free corkage here too.”


Paradise Top Steamboat Buffets In Singapore

Steamboat Buffet

Beauty In The Pot

About Beauty in The Pot specializes in blending the art of healthy dining with the joy of hotpot cuisine, offering a dining experience that emphasizes wellness and flavor. With a dedication to creating nourishing soup bases and a menu of fresh, high-quality ingredients, Beauty in The Pot stands out as a destination for those seeking a fulfilling hotpot meal that doesn’t compromise on health or taste.
  • Health-Forward Dining: Offering six nutritious soup bases that combine rich flavors with health benefits.
  • Chef-Crafted Ingredients: A menu curated with care, featuring ingredients and homemade specialties designed to complement the soup bases perfectly.
  • Signature Dish: Don’t miss the Signature Homemade Fish Tofu, known for its delicate texture and prepared fresh daily.
  • Welcoming Ambiance: The restaurant’s interior is designed to be bright and inviting, making it ideal for various occasions.
  • Nourishing Soup Bases: Each soup base is crafted with health and beauty in mind, offering benefits that go beyond taste.
  • Fresh and Quality Ingredients: Emphasis on the freshness of ingredients, ensuring every hotpot meal is both delicious and wholesome.
  • Exclusive Offerings: The Signature Homemade Fish Tofu is a must-try, available only at Beauty in The Pot for a unique taste experience.
  • 78 Airport Boulevard, Jewel Changi Airport #B2-224, Singapore 819666
  • 11 Tanjong Katong Road, KINEX #03-38, Singapore 437157
  • 23 Serangoon Central, NEX #02-01, Singapore 556083
  • 176 Orchard Road, The Centrepoint #05-16, Singapore 238843
  • 1 Vista Exchange Green, The Star Vista #02-24, Singapore 138617
  • 1 Harbourfront Walk, VivoCity #03-08A, Singapore 098585
  • 3 Gateway Drive, Westgate #03-10, Singapore 608532
Telephone (65) 6235 3557
Operating Hours
  • Westgate, Changi Airport & The Star Vista
    Mon-Sun: 11.30am – 11pm
  • Vivocity
    Mon-Sun: 11.30am – 3am
  • The Centrepoint
    Mon-Sun: 11.30am – 6am
    Mon-Sun: 11.30am – 10pm
Review 1 “This posh steamboat restaurant is all pink. I love the interior and decoration. they have wide variety menu in a min ipad which very interactive. Service is excellent. They have very friendly and attentive crew. Will definitely come back again.”
Review 2 “A trendy restaurant in the city. Great location and atmosphere. We had a wonderful selection of dishes that we had from the set of 6 dishes which were all delicious and very well chosen. Service was outstanding. A must see when you visit Singapore! Food is incredible! Service is phenomenal! My favourite restaurant!”
Review 3 “best steamboat place. love the soup base so much. the ingredients are all fresh as well :)”


Imperial Treasure Top Steamboat Buffets In Singapore

Steamboat Buffet

Imperial Treasure

About Imperial Treasure represents the pinnacle of authentic fine Chinese cuisine, having established a remarkable presence since its inception in 2004. With a portfolio spanning over 20 restaurants across global metropolitan cities, including Singapore, the group has been honored with numerous accolades, making it a beacon of excellence in Chinese fine dining.
  • Award-Winning Excellence: Garnering over 50 prestigious awards, including multiple Michelin Stars and recognition in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants.
  • Global Footprint: Boasts a presence in key cities worldwide, offering an unparalleled dining experience from Singapore to Paris.
  • Signature Dishes: Known for the iconic Super Peking Duck among an array of exquisite Chinese delicacies.
  • Diverse Culinary Offerings: Features a variety of Chinese cuisines including Fine Teochew, Shanghai, and Cantonese, alongside a specialized steamboat selection.
  • Michelin-Starred Menus: Imperial Treasure’s menus are crafted to meet the standards of Michelin gastronomy, with several outlets awarded Michelin Stars for their culinary excellence.
  • Super Peking Duck: A standout offering, the Super Peking Duck is celebrated for its authentic preparation and exceptional taste.
  • Fine Dining Locations: Strategically located at prime locales such as Orchard Road and Marina Bay Sands, ensuring easy access for both locals and tourists.
  • 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard #04-12A, Singapore 238801
  •  1 Kim Seng Promenade, Great World City, #01-140, Singapore 237994
  • 111 Somerset Rd, TripleOne Somerset #02-14 to #02-19, Singapore 238164
Telephone (65) 6836 6909
Operating Hours
  • Orchard & Somerset
    Lunch: 11am to 3pm
    Dinner: 6pm to 11pm
  • Promenande
    Lunch: 11am to 3pm
    Dinner: 6pm to 11pm
Review 1 “Great and healthy place to choose. Great food. Love their broth. Really good to have this on rainy days. And you can view sparkly lights outside ion lining itself. Great place to spend with family, friends, even a date. Food really fresh, none of them are factory made. Even they made their own prawn, fish, squid ball too!”
Review 2 “Fine ingredients and soup base. Prefer their sauce too as compared to other steamboat restaurants. Spacious and comfortable environment. Service is prompt too.”
Review 3 “The level of service and quality of food at Imperial Treasure truly matches its Michelin recognition. An unforgettable experience.”


Top Steamboat Buffets In Singapore (Updated 2024) 3

Steamboat Buffet


About COCA Hotpot marries the vibrant essence of Thai cuisine with traditional Cantonese hotpot’s soulful warmth, creating a unique dining experience that has resonated with Singaporeans since 1987. Known for its diverse array of seafood hotpot ingredients and house specialties like Fish Glue and Handmade Dumplings, COCA continues to delight diners with its innovative offerings and premium selections.
  • Thai-Chinese Fusion: A pioneering blend of Thai spices and Cantonese cooking techniques, offering a distinct hotpot experience.
  • Endless Variety: From an array of seafood ingredients to COCA’s signature House Specialties, the menu promises something for everyone.
  • Premium Selections: Luxuriate in upscale offerings like the lobster buffet and hua diao chicken phoenix pot.
  • Elegant Ambiance: Each outlet, from Suntec City to Takashimaya S.C., showcases a unique décor theme, enhancing the dining atmosphere.
  • Membership Perks: Birthday promotions and exclusive benefits for COCA members, adding value to the dining experience.
  • Signature House Specialties: Including the much-loved Fish Glue, Shrimp Paste, and Handmade Dumplings, known for their freshness and quality.
  • Lobster Buffet: An indulgent option for seafood lovers, featuring succulent lobsters as part of the hotpot feast.
  • Hua Diao Chicken Phoenix Pot: A luxurious broth enriched with the flavors of hua diao wine, offering a nourishing and aromatic base for the hotpot.
  • Modern-Chic Interiors: Each location is thoughtfully designed, whether it’s the contemporary-clean décor at Suntec City or the modern-chic vibe at Orchard Road, ensuring a comfortable and stylish dining environment.
  • 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City #02-440, Singapore 038983
  • 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City #04-23, Singapore 238872
  • 5 Stadium Walk, Leisure Park Kallang #02-01, Singapore 397693
Telephone (65) 6259 7176
Operating Hours
  • Suntec City & Kallang
    Mon – Fri :
    Lunch: 11.15am – 3pm
    Dinner: 6pm – 10.30pm
    Sat & Sun :
    11.15am – 10.30pm
  • Ngee Ann City
    Mon-Fri: 11.15am – 10.30pm
Review 1 “Premium buffet. Fresh and high quality seafood. Value for money compared to ala carte. Highly recommended.”
Review 2 “Marvellous steamboat. Good service. Good variety of tasty broths. Handsome spread of seafood n meat for the steaming pot.”
Review 3 “A very good place for steamboat.. tasty soup (chicken).. fresh prawn.. and many other selections.. Nice!!”


Teng Sheng Top Steamboat Buffets In Singapore

Steamboat Buffet

Teng Sheng Korean 

About Teng Sheng Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant, offers a family-friendly dining environment where guests can indulge in an extensive selection of Korean BBQ dishes without the worry of GST or service charges. Free parking on Sundays and Public Holidays adds to the convenience, making it an ideal spot for gatherings.
  • Family-Friendly Atmosphere: A perfect spot for gatherings, offering a relaxed dining experience.
  • No Extra Charges: Diners appreciate the absence of GST and service charges, making it a cost-effective option.
  • Free Parking: Added convenience with free parking available on Sundays and Public Holidays.
  • Extensive Menu: A vast array of Korean BBQ options to satisfy diverse tastes and preferences.
  • Strategic Location: Situated within ITE College Central, it’s a hidden gem in Ang Mo Kio, offering a unique dining experience away from the usual hotspots.
  • Wide Range of BBQ Options: From spicy Korean pork to non-spicy selections, there’s something for everyone, including both traditional and unique dishes.
  • Ideal for Groups: With ample seating and a variety of menu options, it’s suited for large groups and family gatherings.
  • Customizable Dining Experience: Patrons can tailor their meals to their liking, choosing from a rich selection of meats, sides, and sauces.
Address 2 Ang Mo Kio Dr, Blk F F02-09, Singapore 567720
Telephone (65)  6659 5155
Operating Hours Mon-Sun: 10am – 10pm
Review 1 “Reasonable price, nice environment, service is good, staffs friendly, variety of foods 👍👍👍”
Review 2 “Korean BBQ! Varieties of beef chicken pork veges fruits desserts & drinks. Friendly fast attentive cosy comfy ambience for romantic intimates and families. Free wifi. “
Review 3 “It a hidden Gem restaurant in AMK . 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 🫰🏻🫰🏻🫰🏻 my wife n son love it so much!!


Top Steamboat Buffets In Singapore (Updated 2024) 4

Steamboat Buffet

City Hot Pot

About At City Hot Pot, guests embark on a culinary journey that began in 2014, blossoming into a sought-after destination for those craving personalized hotpot experiences. From its first cozy eatery to becoming a staple across Singapore, City Hot Pot delights with individual pots, a variety of savory dishes, and a commitment to quality that transcends borders.
  • Innovative Dining Concept: Spearheaded the individual pot hotpot dining in Singapore, providing a unique, personal dining experience.
  • Strategic Expansion: From a modest 39-seater to a celebrated chain, showcasing its growing popularity and dedication to reaching more diners.
  • Culinary Excellence: Offers a rich selection of dishes that blend the best of Cantonese and Thai cuisine, meeting diverse palates.
  • Signature Dishes: Renowned for specialties like Fish Glue, Shrimp Paste, and Handmade Dumplings, promising quality and taste.
  • International Appeal: Attracts a global clientele, showcasing Singapore’s local hotpot culture on the world stage.
  • Individual Pots: Allows diners to customize their meals according to personal preference, ensuring a tailored hotpot experience.
  • House Specialties: Noteworthy dishes include Fish Glue and Shrimp Paste, each meticulously prepared to enhance the hotpot experience.
  • Premium Offerings: Features upscale ingredients like lobster, presented in a buffet style for an indulgent dining session.
  • Exceptional Service: Staff members like Mickey and Wei Wei are highlighted for going above and beyond, providing a warm, homely atmosphere.
Address  1 Raffles Place, One Raffles Place #04-28, Singapore 048616
Telephone (65) 6536 2185
Operating Hours 11.30am – 830pm
Review 1 “This is the best hot pot I’ve tried in Singapore! The soups are very good. I love the Herbal Chicken soup. Flavourful and sweet. The best part is ALL their ingredients are high quality and fresh. Highly recommended!
Service quality is also good. Staff are attentive and friendly without being intrusive. Very nice chill environment, no queues and no stress. One of the best kept secrets!!”
Review 2 “Had a steamy and delicious time at 旺爐 City Hot Pot – Steamboat Home Delivery in One Raffles Place! 🌟 Tried their set for 2, and it was a hot pot heaven that warmed my heart and filled my belly! 🍲Now, let me talk about the star of the show – the Braised Pork Rice. I tell you, it’s not your average hot pot add-on. It’s a game-changer, a taste sensation that sets 旺爐 apart.

The pork was melt-in-your-mouth tender, and the rice soaked up all those rich, savory flavors. Every bite was like a hug from your grandma’s kitchen – comforting and oh-so-delicious! 🥘🤤

旺爐, you’ve got the hot pot game strong! The variety of broth was impressive. The tomato and bakuteh soup was so flavorful, and the service was friendly. This place is a must-try for hot pot lovers!”

Review 3 “They are friendly and professional! Their service is really good and always keep checking that we need to refill our soup and clear up table fast that we can have more space to enjoy our food! Really love it!”


Long Qing Top Steamboat Buffets In Singapore

Steamboat Buffet

Long Qing

About LongQing, a distinguished name in Singapore’s hotpot restaurant scene, is celebrated for its unique steamboat collaborations and exclusivity in dining experiences. This establishment, known for its dedication to quality and flavor, has been a culinary haven for those seeking an unparalleled steamboat feast.
  • Exclusive Collaborations: Engages in unique partnerships to bring distinct steamboat experiences to diners.
  • Gourmet Broth Selections: Known for its rich and flavorful broths that serve as the foundation for every meal.
  • Diverse Menu: Offers a wide array of premium ingredients to complement its exquisite broths.
  • Warm Ambiance: Provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for family gatherings and intimate dinners.
  • Signature Broths: The heart of LongQing’s menu, each broth is meticulously crafted to enhance the natural flavors of the ingredients.
  • Premium Ingredients: A selection of high-quality meats, seafood, and vegetables, carefully chosen for freshness and quality.
  • Exclusive Dining Experiences: Offers limited-time menus and collaborations, ensuring a unique dining experience with every visit.
18 Hong Kong Street, Singapore 059661
Telephone (65) 6533 1618
Operating Hours Mon: Closed

Tues & Sun: 6pm – 11pm

Lunch: 12pm – 2.30pm
Dinner: 6pm – 11pm

Review 1 “Hands Down Best Hotpot in Singapore for me. Been coming for years and always consistently quality ingredients & taste. Very friendly service and restaurant setting. Highly recommend.”
Review 2 “Top quality. Freshest ingredients. Love the mushroom soup base. And the best part is – no MSG!”
Review 3 “It is the best hotpot place that uses no MSG in Singapore. My favourite is the mildest form of Mala and the mushroom broth base. The crispy beancurd skin and dumplings are absolutely great with these two broths.”


Aroy Mak Top Steamboat Buffets In Singapore

Steamboat Buffet

Aroy Mak Mookata

About Aroy Mak Mookata brings the cherished Thai Mookata tradition to Singapore, allowing diners to grill and simmer their food to perfection. This eatery prides itself on serving up authentic Thai recipes, promising an unforgettable dining experience from the first bite.
  • Authentic Thai Experience: Offering a genuine taste of Thailand with traditional recipes and cooking methods.
  • Affordable Dining: Buffet prices start at an appealing $23.90, making it accessible for a wide range of diners.
  • No Extra Charges: Diners can enjoy their meal without worrying about GST, enhancing the value for money.
  • Family-Friendly Promotions: Features special offers such as ‘Kids Eat Free’, making it a favored choice for family outings.
  • Flexible Dining Hours: Open from 12 pm to 11 pm on weekends, accommodating both lunch and dinner plans.
  • Wide Selection of Ingredients: From fresh meats to seafood, vegetables, and Thai-specific items, allowing for a personalized mookata experience.
  • Signature Thai Tom Yum Mama Noodles: A must-try dish that promises a burst of flavors and comforting warmth.
  • Set Meals for Groups: Curated set meals offer a convenient option for groups, ensuring a shared and joyous dining experience.
  • Ala Carte Options: Starting from $1.80, allowing for an à la carte experience tailored to individual tastes.
476 Macpherson Road, Singapore 368191
Telephone (65) 9052 0555
Operating Hours Mon-Sun: 5pm – 1am
Review 1 “This is THE place I go to if I’m ever craving mookata because of the authentic sauces, and the friendly service! Plus, they have thai milk tea towers at 8 bucks! SUPER AWESOME! also, I love the thai sausages! Filled with authentic thai spices, just like the super tasty chilli sauces! Coconut and pandan ice cream is the dessert and it is super flavorful!”
Review 2 “Great value, great selection of marinated pork, and fairly good quality, a very sensible choice for mookata dinner”
Review 3 “Very good service. The waitress is attentive and give us good suggestions on the choice of meats. The drink especially the Thai milk tea is tasty. And finally the mokata is very savory and we enjoyed throughly the occasion. Will come back for the other choice next time.”


Shang Ping Hot Top Steamboat Buffets In Singapore

Steamboat Buffet

Shang Pin Hot Pot

About Shang Pin Hot Pot brings an authentic hotpot experience to Singapore, with a focus on quality and variety. With locations in Parkway Parade and Marina Square, it provides a cozy environment for diners to enjoy a wide range of hotpot ingredients, from fresh meats to handmade dumplings, in rich and flavorful broths.
  • Strategically Located: Accessible at Parkway Parade and Marina Square, offering convenience to diners across Singapore.
  • Diverse Menu: Features a rich selection of hotpot ingredients and premium broths to cater to every palate.
  • Exclusive Promotions: Regularly offers discounts and promotions, such as 25% off hotpot before 5:30 pm on weekdays and free-flow mulled wine on special occasions.
  • Private Dining Options: Availability of private rooms and custom menu options for special events and gatherings.
  • Rich and Flavorful Broths: A foundation of every memorable hotpot experience, with options ranging from traditional to innovative flavors.
  • High-Quality Ingredients: Emphasizes fresh, premium ingredients to complement the broths, including seafood, meats, and vegetables.
  • Handmade Dumplings and Taro Mochi: Known for its handmade delicacies that add a unique touch to the dining experience.
  • Customizable Dining Experience: Offers the flexibility to customize orders, ensuring a personalized meal for every diner.
6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square #02-102, Singapore 039594
Telephone (65) 65657666
Operating Hours Mon-Sun: 11.30am – 11.30pm
Review 1 “My best Hotpot restaurant so far! Price is reasonable and service is superb. Restaurant atmosphere is also very good. Will definitely come back again. Strongly recommended to call to reserve yr seats to avoid waiting.”
Review 2 “The soup base is deliciously prepared, together with the signature cold tofu and lean pork meat. It is the best Combination that you can have and must order for the treat. Tomatoes soup is a must order.”
Review 3 “Good service and nice selection. Complimentary fruits are do sweet”


Top Steamboat Buffets In Singapore (Updated 2024) 5

Steamboat Buffet


About Suki-Ya stands out in Singapore’s culinary landscape for its dedication to providing heartwarming dining experiences that don’t break the bank. Offering unlimited slices of top-quality beef, pork, and farmed chicken alongside a fresh vegetable bar, Suki-Ya makes for an ideal destination for health-conscious diners looking for a cozy hotpot meal.
  • Affordable Luxury: Enjoy unlimited top-quality meats and fresh vegetables at reasonable prices.
  • Health-Conscious Dining: A diverse vegetable bar ensures a balanced meal with every visit.
  • Comfortable Ambiance: Spacious interiors are designed to create a warm and welcoming dining environment.
  • Exclusive Promotions: Regular deals like 1-FOR-1 Sukiyaki buffet dinners and special offers for SAFRA and 11B members enhance the value for diners.
  • Family-Friendly: Special promotions allow kids to eat for free, making it a preferred choice for family outings.
  • Unlimited Meats and Vegetables: Diners can indulge in as much beef, pork, chicken, and vegetables as they like, all prepared to perfection.
  • Signature Soups and Broths: A selection of flavorful soups serves as the perfect base for your hotpot, each designed to complement the fresh ingredients on offer.
  • Exclusive Buffet Upgrades: Opportunities for complimentary premium buffet upgrades add an extra touch of luxury to the dining experience.
  • Promotions and Discounts: Ongoing deals like big-group discounts and Citibank promotions provide added incentives for group gatherings and celebrations.
  • Central 2, #03 – 07A Jurong Point, Singapore 648886)
  • 201 Victoria Street, #04-14/15 Bugis+, Singapore 188067
  • 1 Jelebu Road, #02-16 Bukit Panjang Plaza, Singapore 677743
  • 205 Hougang Street 21, Level 2 Heartland Mall Kovan, Singapore 530205
  • 1 Stadium Place, #01-35 Kallang Wave Mall, Singapore 397628
  • 6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-183B/C Marina Square, Singapore 039594
  • 68 Orchard Road, #04-62 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839
  • 1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-102/103 VivoCity, Singapore 098585
  • Bugis+: (65) 6884 5778
  • Bukit Panjang Plaza: (65) 6765 8815
  • Heartland Mall Kovan: (65) 6288 4918
  • Kallang Wave Mall: (65) 6702 1752
  • Marina Square: (65) 6337 9969
  • Plaza Singapura: (65) 6835 9406
  • VivoCity: (65) 6377 0070
Operating Hours Mon-Sun: 11.30am – 9pm
Review 1 “Great for lunch. Lots of variety and very affordably priced with the lunch promotion!”
Review 2 “Good service and decent quality of food with a nice selection of sides!”
Review 3 “Suki-Ya never disappoints! The meats are always fresh, and the vegetable selection is impressive. It’s our go-to spot for a healthy and satisfying meal.”


Zhong Hua Top Steamboat Buffets In Singapore

Steamboat Buffet

Zong Hua Steamboat

About At Zhong Hua Steamboat, patrons can look forward to indulging in an array of premium and fresh steamboat ingredients without the worry of a hefty price tag. This hotspot on Beach Road is a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to providing a satisfying and heartwarming dining experience that resonates with a diverse clientele.
  • Extensive Ingredient Selection: Offers an impressive range of fresh meats, seafood, vegetables, and more for a customizable steamboat experience.
  • Affordable Dining: Known for its budget-friendly pricing, ensuring a great meal doesn’t have to break the bank.
  • Outdoor Seating Available: Diners can enjoy their steamboat feast alfresco, enhancing the dining ambiance.
  • Reservations Accepted: Allows for convenient planning ahead, ensuring a seamless dining experience.
  • Responsive and Commendable Staff: The team at Zhong Hua Steamboat is noted for their quick action and helpfulness in emergency situations.
  • Fresh and Quality Ingredients: Emphasizes the freshness of its steamboat ingredients, ensuring a delightful meal every time.
  • Variety of Broths: From richly flavored to light and healthy options, catering to all taste preferences.
  • Dedicated Service: Staff are commended for their prompt and attentive service, making diners feel at home.
  • Perfect for Group Gatherings: The restaurant’s layout and atmosphere make it ideal for families and large groups.
Address 95 Beach Rd, Singapore 189699
Telephone (65) 6337 1655
Operating Hours Mon-Sun: 10am – 5am
Review 1 “Great place to eat. Be prepared for a big meal. We had an 8 hour stop over in Singapore and made straight here. The staff speak little English but make up for it in enthusiasm. The other customers will help too. Basically you sit at your table with a hot grill. A bowl of soup is placed in the middle. You select meat, veg, fish then cook it yourself on the grill. The staff will give you suggestions. You can go up as many times as you want and take as much time as you like. Good atmosphere full of locals. Whole lot will cost you S$25 each about £15.”
Review 2 “Delicious food at an insanely affordable price, 10/10 would go again. Boss was super nice to us. Best steamboat in Singapore. 👌🏻”
Review 3 “Open until wee hours of the morning, has BBQ and steamboat”


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