Top Software Development Companies in Singapore

Top Software Development Companies in Singapore

In today’s fiercely competitive business world, you need to provide your customers with the best possible user experience. If you overlook this important element, you risk losing clients to competing businesses in your niche.

The first step to delivering such an experience is by investing in custom software that runs seamlessly and makes your brand easily recognizable. This ensures that you not only retain your existing customers but also increases your chances of attracting new clients.

To get first-rate software solutions, you have to enlist the services of the top software development companies. Here is an overview of the best firms that offer excellent software development services in Singapore. 


Octal IT Solution

Octal IT Solutionoctal software Top Software Development Companies in Singapore is an international software development company that has offices in Singapore, India and the United Kingdom. The company launched 11 years ago and is a partner to several prominent tech companies such as Microsoft, NASSCOM, Amazon Web Services, STPI, D&B, and many others.

The firm offers custom software development services to clients in the hospitality, healthcare, entertainment, education, online retail, telecom, and lifestyle industries. Their clientele has over 1100 companies, including notable brands such as Skype, Fiat, Aviva, and Vodafone.

Some of the services offered by Octal IT include web development, mobile app development, designs, software development and Microsoft solutions.

 You can reach their Singapore office by calling +65 8420 4780 and +65 3158 2596.

rocketech Top Software Development Companies in Singapore


Rocketech is a software development agency that specializes in mobile and web applications, as well as customer management and resource management training systems. It is also among the few companies in Singapore that develop fintech and blockchain platforms and applications. Also, Rocketech develops AI solutions and chatbots, which further highlights its commitment to implementing futuristic technologies. 

The four-year-old company has impressive clients in its portfolio, including Walmart, Vodafone, McKinsey & Company, Unilever, and IQ Option.

For more information about Rocketech, visit their headquarters at 4 Battery Road, #25-01 Bank of China building, Singapore 049908. You can also call them on +65 6408 8009. The company also has offices in Kyiv, Ukraine and Moscow, Russia.

intelegain Top Software Development Companies in Singapore

Intelegain Technologies

Intelegain Technologies is a global innovation and technology firm that has a presence in Singapore, Dallas, Mumbai, and Sydney. Since its creation in 2000, the company has served over 350 clients across 25 countries, with the most notable of the bunch being Bayer, Tata, Canon, and Ericsson.

The company offers a range of software development services, including web app development, mobile app development, software product development, big data analytics, the Internet of Things, and software QA & testing services. Also, you can hire a developer from the company to help you with JavaScript, Python, ASP.NET, Blockchain, and AI and so on.

You can find the Singapore office on 111 North Bridge Road, #21-01 Peninsula Plaza Singapore 179098. If you prefer calling, you can reach them on +65 6405 1839.

ingic Top Software Development Companies in Singapore


INGIC  is an international software development and digital marketing company. The company started in 2012 as a desktop app development platform. Over the years, their portfolio expanded, and now includes mobile app development, software development, web and CMS development, corporate branding, and digital marketing.

INGIC’s client base consists of 1500 companies from 29 countries. The most prominent brands include LG, Renault, Porsche, Citizen, and Dubai Airports.

While their headquarters are in the US, you can reach INGIC’s Singapore offices on Level 39, Marina Bay Financial Tower 2, Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018983. Their phone number is +65 9159 3925.

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Web Crayons

Web Crayons primarily deals with the design, marketing and software development.  The company specialises in web development, mobile app development, graphics and web design, CMS and web maintenance, branding and advertisement, and digital marketing.

The company, which started in 2011, has delivered over 1,000 projects and received positive reviews from the majority of their clients. Their services cut across various sectors, including e-commerce, health and fitness, travels and hotels, on-demand solutions, education, and social networking.

You can reach Web Crayons Singapore via email on

agile lab Top Software Development Companies in Singapore

Agile Lab

Agile Lab launched in 2005 intending to develop great software solutions for businesses in Singapore. The company thrives on adopting and implementing new methodologies and technologies.

Agile Labs serves Singapore and Vietnam, specializing in web app development, mobile app development, API development and Blockchain development.

To get more info about Agile Lab, visit their offices at 73 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #02-28 Singapore 139952.

bosch Top Software Development Companies in Singapore

Bosch Software Innovations

A subsidiary of the larger Bosch Group, Bosch Software Innovations Singapore is a company that designs, develops and operates software and system solutions for clients in agriculture, smart homes, retail energy, mobility, and manufacturing industries. Besides developing software, Bosch also provides its customers with the organizational know-how to enable them to transform their services digitally.

Bosch is currently focusing on the Internet of Things, one of the most exciting developments in the technology industry. The company regularly purchases smaller tech companies to add to their knowledge.

You can find Bosch Singapore offices at 11 Bishan Street 21, Singapore 573943. Alternatively, you can call them on +65 657 122 20.

netset Top Software Development Companies in Singapore


Netset identifies itself as a technology partner that offers innovative custom software solutions for business in Singapore. The company has a market experience exceeding 10 years, and its client base includes startups, Fortune 500 companies, enterprises and tech challenges. Besides development, Netset also offers consultancy services regarding mobile development, web development, and cognitive techs such as robotics, chatbots and blockchain.

Some prominent companies that use Netset software solutions include Kenya Airways, KIA, GT Bank, Interswitch and Guthy Renker. 

You can learn more about Netset by visiting their offices at JTC Summit 8 Jurong Town Hall, #24-05 Singapore 609434.

mitrais Top Software Development Companies in Singapore


Mitrais has two lines of business – software development services and software product services. The software development division specializes in Microsoft, web, mobile and Java development, as well as cloud computing and software testing. The software products division develops custom suites for the mining and healthcare industries.

The company launched in 1997 but started developing software in 2000.

To get in touch with Mitrais Singapore, call +65 6407 1331. Their head offices are in Bali, Indonesia.

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altitude labs Top Software Development Companies in Singapore

Altitude Labs

Altitude Labs is a leading web and mobile app development firm with a presence in Singapore, Hong Kong and San Francisco. The company, which also specializes in UI/UX design, offers its clients a competitive edge by incorporating data science and actionable artificial intelligence into their solutions.

Some of the apps developed by Altitude Labs include Apple Daily, Zalora, DBS, Rioted Games, and Booqed and so on.

Altitude Labs launched in 2013. You can request for a quote via their website.

frontline Top Software Development Companies in Singapore


Founded in 2010, Frontline is Singapore’s pioneering mobile app development company. Their products focus on providing a great experience to the user. Besides iOS and Android apps, Frontline also develops web apps and cross-platform e-commerce solutions.

The pedigree of the brands that use Frontline software makes it one of the top software development companies in Singapore. Some of these brands include PayPal, Samsung, HP, Nanyang Technological University and the Ministry of Education Singapore. The company also infuse cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality, big data and AI into their solutions.

You can get additional info on Frontline products at their offices on 50 Gambas Crescent, #10-53 Suite A, Proxima @ Gambas, Singapore 757022.

mobile now group Top Software Development Companies in Singapore

Mobile Now

Mobile Now focuses on various aspects of mobile apps, including mobile consultancy, UI/UX design, development and maintenance. The developers also cater for a wide range of builds, from simple standalone and single platform apps to multiplatform apps that require server integration and deployment of CMS.

So far, Mobile Now has over 40 apps developed for clients in the automotive, B2B, finance, gaming, healthcare, lifestyle, media, retail and travel industries. The apps include Infiniti, Home Flex, Heineken Green Room, and KYC Super App.

The company has its office on 49 Jervois Road, #04-02 Singapore 249081. You can reach them on phone by calling +65 9177 9117.

stellen info tech Top Software Development Companies in Singapore

Stellen Infotech

Stellen Infotech is a provider of web and mobile app solutions that targets SMEs. The company, which launched in 2011, specializes in technologies such as Java, Microsoft .NET, PHP, WordPress, HTML, and mobile development.

Some of the notable clients using Stellen Infotech solutions are Texas Boot Company, Influencer Port, Massey n Duffy, Glamour Wedding, and the Belleza Hair Salon.

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To get more information about Stellen Infotech, visit their offices at 03 Raffles Place, Singapore. Alternatively, you can reach them by calling +65 8317 2205.

awebstar Top Software Development Companies in Singapore


Awebstar is a one-stop design, development, software and digital marketing company. Regarding software development, this company offers CRM systems, Queue Management Systems, salon Management systems, HR management software, salon management systems and appointment scheduling solutions.

Several top companies use Awebstar products, including DHL, KPMG, Singapore Post, Singapore Polytechnic, Tetra Pak, and the National University of Singapore, and so on.

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To get more information on Awebstar Technologies, visit their offices at 03 Raffles Place #08-01B, Bharat Building, Singapore 048617.

kpmg Top Software Development Companies in Singapore

Rainmaker Labs

Rainmaker Labs concerns itself with the development of mobile apps that offer great user experience and maximum ROI for their clients. The company uses its proprietary Mobility Platforms to ensure the production of top-notch mobile apps within short times.

Rainmaker has numerous standout clients, including Hitachi, Konica Minolta, Daimler, Ryde, and SCB. 

You can learn more about them at their offices on 25 Bukit Batok Crescent, Unit #09-03. If you prefer calling, use +65 6684 7858.

ibrandox Top Software Development Companies in Singapore

iBrandox Singapore

iBrandox is a company whose services include web design and development, SEO marketing, mobile app development, graphics design and e-commerce development. The company has more than seven years of experience, in which it has developed 150 projects and delivered end-to-end solutions to more than 50 startups.

Some of the industries benefiting from iBrandox products include Logistics, B2B websites, financial services, automobile, fashion, lifestyle and many more.

To get further information about iBrandox, visit their offices at 218 Levels 6, Orchard Road, Singapore.

singsys Top Software Development Companies in Singapore


Singsys is a high-end software development company that specializes in web design, iOS and Android app development. The company delivers mobile and web applications to both small and large businesses, including Fortune 500 companies.

The company serves industries such as beauty, education, law, logistics, real estate, finance, and travel.

You can get more information about Singsys at their offices at 1 North Bridge Road, 317-10 High Street Centre, Singapore 179094. Also, you can them on +65 6561 3900.

angler Top Software Development Companies in Singapore


Angler Singapore is a subsidiary of Angler Technologies India which specializes in web applications and mobile software development. The company works closely with Singapore SMEs that deal with software solutions as well as regular businesses.

Additionally, Angler provides tech SMEs with tools such as mobile frameworks, RAD tools, Microsoft Skills and other instruments need in the development of software.

You can learn more about the company at their offices at 417 Yishun Mall, Yishun Avenue 11, #01-331, Singapore 760417. You can also call the company on +65 9389 2999.

swag soft Top Software Development Companies in Singapore

Swag Soft

Swag Soft is one of Singapore’s revered software development companies. The company offers a comprehensive suite of services, including app development, game development, VR development, and AR development. After development, Swag Soft will take time to understand your business and help in formulating marketing strategies.

You can get more information on Swag Soft at their offices at 150 Jalan Besar #02-01, 208868. You can also call them on +65 9623 4947.

excent one Top Software Development Companies in Singapore

Excent One

Excent One is a technology solutions company that operates in Singapore and the Philippines. The firm primarily specializes in Microsoft .NET, SharePoint and mobile application development.  Some of their most notable clients include Wildlife Reserves Singapore, the National University of Singapore, CAT Tractors Singapore, and the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

To get a quote, visit Excent One offices at 10 Ubi Crescent, #07-46 Ubi Techpark (Lobby C) Singapore 408564 you can also call +65 6635 1496.

Top 17 Software Development Trends to Watch Out For

The above software development companies can help you get a custom software for your business. With trends in this industry-changing rapidly, it’s imperative to keep tabs on them to get value for money. Here are the top 17 software development trends to watch out for in 2022 and beyond.

  1. The popularity of Automated Code Reviews Will Increase

Nowadays, it’s not possible to manual review code due to the huge amount of code produced daily. Automated code review tools will become increasingly popular as they allow developers to review huge chunks of code quickly and accurately pinpoint errors. 

Consequently, the tools will help maintain high coding standards in businesses and organisations, thereby sealing security loopholes that hackers could use to steal confidential data.

  1. Outsourcing Will Take Centre Stage

The global software market is expected to clock $536.24 billion in 2022. The offshore software development services are expected to grow by approximately 11.72%. 

Most companies, especially start-ups, find it difficult to keep up with the dynamic software development industry. With new trends being introduced almost every day, experts predict that outsourcing demand will increase steadily.

Top Software Development Companies in Singapore 5

Companies are left with no option but to outsource their software development needs to experts who have the necessary skills and expertise. One of the benefits of outsourced teams is that that unlike an in-house team, they can offer a wide array of services such as product management, testing, and coding. 

More importantly, the teams have a vast network of talented developers in different programming languages. Therefore, they can complete software development projects faster and affordably.

Concisely, software developers who are determined to enhance their companies’ operations have to adopt working with outsourced teams to stay ahead of the competition and keep up with the trends.

  1. More Focus on Coding Standards

Dissatisfaction levels are high in the software development industry due to the hired teams lacking the necessary skills or not having a clear understanding of how to complete various tasks. The main areas companies’ complain about are software maintainability, readability, and overall quality.

Top Software Development Companies in Singapore 3

The surest way to ensure that clients get software that matches their needs and expectations is by paying more attention to coding standards. If adhered to, the measures will enhance the maintainability and readability of code. Consistent should be one of the key pillars during coding. Enhancement of the two will significantly boost the quality of the software.

  1. Rise of Web 3.0

Over the last couple of months, web applications have been steadily transitioning from conventional static pages to more interactive and sophisticated experiences. In 2022, it’s expected that web 3.0 applications will become more popular.

Interactivity and sophistication are two primary factors that will set these new applications ahead of the competition. Because they are developed using JavaScript, these web applications are exceptionally responsive and dynamic.

Developers will also benefit from the new computer hardware that complete operations faster and more efficiently. The web three applications will be only available on high-end mobile devices and desktop browsers. However, the developers are actively working to make the applications compatible with more devices.

  1. Adoption of Cloud-Native Technology 

Cloud-native technology has been around for a while but will now dominate the software development industry as companies strive to develop better software. This software will run seamlessly in distributed hybrid, private, and public clouds. Other related products will function smoothly on multiple servers.

  1. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligent Approaches

Software development companies will widely use artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches to build futuristic software. Through AI, the software will be able to interpret data with great precision and make recommendations/predictions without the need for the developers to program them explicitly.

On the other hand, machine learning supports software development with more automated decision-making capabilities thanks to its predictive analytics

The two technologies will greatly enhance the quality of services offered by software development companies. For example, AI-powered software will help companies make informed decisions based on the data analysis reports, and programmers won’t have to program the software to generate custom reports frequently.

  1. Wider Use of Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics was launched almost at the same time as AI and ML. It has become increasingly important in the development of modern software. As the name suggests, it relies on statistics, data mining, and machine learning to predict future outcomes and events. 

Top Software Development Companies in Singapore 4

For instance, companies can predict the future demand for a particular product based on existing data on buying patterns. With that information, they can prepare accordingly to ensure they have enough inventory to meet the precedented demand.

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Predictive analytics has also proven to be effective in helping companies decide which features to add or remove from a product. In addition, the analytics reports help them know how well a product will perform in the market weeks before it’s launched by analysing the available market data.

In a nutshell, software developed using a predictive analytics approach is more reliable, functional, and efficient than conventional software. This is based on the fact that their decision-making capabilities are unmatched, and they quickly adapt to changes in the market. 

  1. Increased Attention on Cybersecurity with DevSecOps

Cases of hacking have become common over the last decade despite the continued adoption of software with robust firewall and malware detection software. As software development companies strive to offer hack-proof solutions, attention on DevSecOps will increase in 2022 and beyond. 

Top Software Development Companies in Singapore 1

This technology focuses on software security, development, and functionality to enhance its overall safety. It will enable in-house software managers to detect loopholes and malware early before they wreak havoc in the system. Note that hackers have advanced tools that exploit even the slighted vulnerabilities in the system. DevSecOps will significantly contribute to the overall safety of the software.

  1. More Shift to Python Programming Language

Python programming language is widely used in data analysis, prototyping, scripting, machine learning and more. Many programmers prefer it since it’s easier to learn than other programming languages and has a vast user base.

Top Software Development Companies in Singapore 2

Software development companies will start using python programming more to increase functionality, efficiency and productivity of the software. The cost of developing software with this language is also low due to the large user base.

  1. Entry of No-Code or Low-Code Solutions

John Johnson, a renowned programmer, once said first solve the problem, then write the code. Most software development projects take months to complete.

In 2022, we expect to adopt low-code or no-code solutions to speed up the development process. This approach allows software development companies to build products without spending hours writing code. 

You may ask, how is it possible to create software without coding? This approach entails dragging and dropping the various components required for the software to work on a visual interface. One of the benefits is that it allows developers, even those with limited skills and expertise, to develop software much easier and faster.

Small businesses on a shoestring budget can leverage this approach to create applications to assist with their daily applications. However, they may have to invest in advanced software that can handle huge amounts of data as the business grows.

  1. Incorporation of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has gained massive traction across the globe. There is a ton of blockchain-powered products for businesses in all categories. To make the software more reliable and secure, software development companies will start using blockchain technology.

Simply put, blockchain is a distributed database that allows users to create a ledger that is 100% secure and tamper-proof transactions. Nowadays, this technology has been instrumental in creating cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Top Software Development Companies in Singapore 6

Improved security means that businesses and organisations will be able to use the software to do daily tasks and exchange data across teams. Because the database is tamper-proof, they won’t have worry much about data breaches as before. 

  1. More Use of Microservices

One of the factors that you must consider when investing in software is user-friendliness. Your team should be able to use the software with ease. Microservices is a new way of structuring software that is expected to become more popular in the coming months and years.

This structural design allows developers to subdivide or break the application into manageable parts. The subdivision boasts the software’s efficiency and makes it more user-friendly. In addition, it enhances communication between the different sections of the software, thereby promoting the attainment of the expected results.

  1. Use of Analytics and DevOps for Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is one of the crucial phases in software development that you cannot afford to skip. It ensures that the specific requirements and needs are met amicably before the final software is released.

Analytics and DevOps will improve the quality of the software and confirm that every feature is functional. This will be done through automated tests before the official release to the public. The software development companies will rely on analytics tools to understand how the end-users interact and use the software to complete various processes. 

The information gathered will help the company make decision that has major ramifications for the quality of the software. For instance, they will add new features or change the interface based on user feedback. After improvements, more tests will be done to confirm that the new features are delivering the expected results. 

  1. Personalisation Through Internet of Behaviour (IoB)

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Apart from user experience, personalisation is another key aspect software developers consider when creating products. It’s predicted that the Internet of Behaviour will be widely used to personalise software. 

Note that IoB is related to the Internet of Things (IoT). The only difference is that IoB goes beyond just gathering personal data from devices such as smartphones to analyse people’s behaviour. It focuses on how users interact with devices and applications.

According to Gather, 40% of the world’s population will be targeted with IoB by 2023. Start-ups will use this technology to request software development companies to develop software that resonates with their target customers. 

Already, sites such as Facebook and YouTube use IoB to display personalised video feed and ads to users. 

  1. Continuous Delivery Will Be a Must

For many years, continuous delivery has been an option or a competitive advantage in software. Now, it will be a must-have for any company that wants software that can catapult it to the next level.

What is continuous delivery? Simply put, it’s a scenario where the software development team keeps a copy of deployable code to enable them update software fast. 31.7% of software developers release new updates every 1-4 weeks. 

More adoption of the continuous delivery concept will help developers implement changes on software based on user feedback and promptly identify bugs and other issues. Start-ups will gravitate towards companies that can develop robust software in shorter sprint cycles. 

  1. Introduction of Progressive Web Apps

Mobile technology is best known for its dynamic nature, and progressive web apps will make it even more powerful. It comprises of new generation web 3.0 and native mobile applications with enhanced browser capabilities. 

Concisely, PWA will eliminate the need to download an application while browsing through a native-like application experience on mobile devices.

Since Google introduced this concept in 2015, PWAs have recorded a 36% higher conversion rate than native mobile apps. The fact that these apps are inexpensive to create, maintain and more responsive makes them more ideal for companies keen on providing the best user experience to their customers. 

  1. Distributed Cloud to Support Remote Operations

Cloud computing is not a new concept, but how it will be implemented in the distributed cloud will make all the difference, especially in the realm of user experience. 83% of companies stored their workload on the cloud in 2020. 

The total value of video streaming applications powered by distributed cloud technologies is expected to have a total market worth of $59.14 billion by 2022.

Moving forward, businesses will start hosting all or at least a majority of the essential backend services on a distributed cloud topology instead of a single server. Since the services will be supported on a different cloud, the businesses will be able to provide quality services to customers in multiple geographical locations. 

Dropbox, Vimeo, and Salesforce are some companies that have already adopted this technology. 



There you have it – these are the best software development companies in Singapore.  We recommend going for a company that has proven experience in your niche.  If you are unable to find one, make sure that your choice demonstrates the ability to adapt their product to suit your business needs. The software should be complemented with robust digital marketing services such as email and social media marketing campaign

Get in touch with us for the best digital marketing services in Singapore. 

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