What are the Top Social Media Platforms in Singapore and Their Stats

what are the top social media platforms in singapore

Here are the Top Social Media Platforms In Singapore:

  1. Facebook

  2. YouTube

  3. WeChat

  4. LinkedIn

  5. Pinterest

  6. Twitter

  7. Instagram

  8. Snapchat

  9. Tumblr

Statistics Of The Top Social Platforms In Singapore

Knowing the top social media platforms in Singapore and their stats will help you come up with a robust social media marketing strategy for your company. In the past, Facebook was the most popular and widely used platform in the country, but over the last couple of years’ Singaporeans have started embracing other platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat.

A recent report shows that Singapore that 82% internet penetration rate. That is higher than the global average rate of 50%. It is also important to point out that the country has the highest mobile penetration is the entire Asia Pacific region at 86%. Based on this statistics, it is essential to make sure that your website design is responsive to succeed in getting leads online.

The total number of mobile phone social media users in Singapore has been consistently rising over the past 3 years with 3.2 million users in 2017 to 3.3 million in 2018 and is expected to hit 3.4 million in 2019. The top 5 most viewed and used social media networks in Singapore are Whatsapp in first place with 73%, YouTube with 71%, Facebook at 70%, Instagram with 40% and Facebook Messenger with 42%.

Singaporeans enjoy high-speed internet connection on broadband and mobile. Currently, the average mobile download speed is 44.37 Mbps and 180.61 Mbps on broadband. All these statistics contribute positively to the growth of social media platforms in the country.

Additionally, 7 out of 10 Singaporeans actively use social media and 1 out of 10 users learn of a new product through advertising on social media platforms. These numbers are expected to increase in 2019 and that is the reason more businesses are turning to digital marketing to reach a wider audience. The time that Singaporeans spend on social media has grown exponentially over the years as well, with the average time spent per individual daily clocked at 2 hours 6 minutes, which is 8% of the entire day.

Here is a comprehensive review of the top social media platforms in Singapore and their stats.

Facebook Statistics in Singapore

3.5 million Singaporeans are active Facebook users, and most of them use their mobile devices to access the platform. The penetration rate for Facebook users is 85% and the highest percentage of users who are avid Facebook users are between 25 to 34 years of age.Research also shows that 1 in 4 Singaporeans on Facebook go through their newsfeed even when watching TV. 17 minutes out of one TV hour is spent on Facebook.

This platform is still the most popular in the country, but it is losing the young users to other new platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. The year 2018 was not a good one for Facebook as the number of local users dropped from a high of 83.1% in May 2018 to 59.8% by December.However, the number of Facebook users has been predicted to hit 3.47 million come 2022.

The Singapore government has signed an agreement with Facebook to place approximately 143,000 civil servants on Facebook Workplace.

Facebook Messenger Statistics in Singapore

Facebook Messenger enjoys a 42% penetration in Singapore compared to other social media platforms. The massive popularity of Facebook fuels its popularity in the country. As mentioned earlier, Facebook has more than 3.5 million users.

YouTube Statistics in Singapore

The total number of YouTube users in Singapore is estimated to be more than 4 million. 4 out of 5 Singaporeans who are connected to the internet and conversant with social media platforms consider YouTube the best source of videos online.

As mentioned earlier, the country has the highest smartphone penetration in the world. 60% of Singaporeans who are fond of this platform watch the videos using their mobile devices. This segment of the audience finds it easier to locate exciting content on YouTube on their mobile devices than on TV.

60% of YouTube users also find it more beneficial to do research on a product via videos on the platform before making a sound decision on their purchases. Most of the users are between the age of 16 and 34 years.

The report also shows that 87% of internet users in Singapore who are aged between 35 and 60 years old access YouTube at least once per month. Six out of ten users who were polled agreed that they often visit the platform to watch one video but end up watching at least three more videos. 60% of YouTube users find more content that resonates with their interests and preferences more compared to TV.

In 2018, local content on YouTube saw a surge in popularity as 8 out of the top 10 trending videos were locally produced. Not only did more Singapore creators join the platform in the past year, there were also a total of 8 local channels that garnered over 1 million subscribers. 

WeChat Statistics in Singapore

The total number of WeChat users worldwide is a little over 1 billion monthly and is expected to grow in 2019. With its popularity growing rapidly outside of Mainland China, its reach has extended to Singapore andas of thethird quarter of 2017, WeChat had 840,000 users in Singapore.  A majority of the users are youth aged between 16 and 25 years old. This interactive mobile messaging application is ranked number 8 among mobile apps with the highest number of monthly users in Singapore.

The application is very popular in China and experts project a surge in users in the coming months due to the increase in the number of Chinese tourists and nationals relocating to Singapore.

LinkedIn Statistics in Singapore

Singapore is considered one of the most connected countries globally on LinkedIn with 2.3 million users in Singapore. This makes up almost 40% of the country’s population and the age group with the number of LinkedIn is between 25 to 34 years old.The average number of connections per LinkedIn user in the country is 152. You can market your brand on this platform using:

  • LinkedIn Ads
  • LinkedIn Display Ads
  • Company Page Upgrades
  • Custom Groups
  • Partner Messages

Pinterest Statistics in Singapore

9.84% of social media users in Singapore use Pinterest and is ranked 19th among the most popular platforms in the country. It has 0.7 million users in the country, and 46.2% of Singaporeans use the platform to find information about products, user experiences, and reviews.

You can use the platform to share visuals such as pictures of your products to this audience. Since most businesses in Singapore rarely use it for marketing, there is less competition, and so your chances of getting high-value leads from this platform are high.

Twitter Statistics in Singapore

Twitter is also one of the top social media platforms in Singapore, and so it is imperative to consider using it for marketing purposes. More than 27% of Singaporeans use Twitter, and by the end of 2018, the number of active users is expected to exceed 500,000.

56% of all users in the country are between the ages of 15 and 24 years old. 28% of the users are between the age of 25 and 34 years old.

The top 3 Singapore Twitter accounts with the most following are Aaron Aziz Official with 2 million followers, JJ Lin with over 1 million followers and The Straits Times, having hit 1 million followers recently.

Apart from using premium ads to promote your brand on this platform, you can hire one of the influencers who already have a large following to pass the message to the largest audience possible in the country.

Snapchat and Instagram Stats in Singapore

63% of internet-connected Singaporeans use Instagram to socialize with their friends and colleagues through photo and video sharing. There are 1.9 million active Instagram users in Singapore. 54% of all users are female, and it is estimated that 85% of the users are below the age of 45 years. 85% of users aged 16 to 24 years of age use Instagram compared to 58% who use Snapchat.

Another research revealed that 33% of all internet users in the country aged between 55 and 65 years old are now conversant with Instagram and use it regularly, testament that Instagram is slowly getting popular with the older generation, giving rise to the term “Insta-gran”.

On the other hand, Snapchat has not gained much traction despite the increased usage from 19% to 37% between 2017 and 2018. The platform is still behind countries such as Malaysia (37%), Hong Kong (46%) and New Zealand (39%)

With regards to advertising on Snapchat and Instagram, businesses have been advised to take caution not to overdo it as 22% of users have confessed to actively ignoring advertising content while 24%feel overwhelmed by brand content.This could be because the younger generation is more inclined to put their trust in their peers and bloggers rather than direct content from brands and businesses.

Tumblr Statistics in Singapore

Tumblr is one of the least favorite social media platforms in Singapore with only 2.44% of social media users. Just like Pinterest, this micro blogging and social networking site does not have many users in the country, and so there is less competition.

These are the top social media platforms in Singapore that you can use to market your brand to the over 3.4 million social media users in the country. Be sure to study how each platform functions as well as the features available to get the most results. If in doubt – call MediaOne today for a free consultation on how we can help you make waves over Singapore social media.

Tips on How to Leverage Social Media Platforms for Marketing

Social media is the best thing that has happened to digital marketers, and with Singapore having more than 3.4 million social media users, you should use it for marketing your brand. With that said, few digital marketers know how to leverage social media platforms to increase brand awareness and engagement.

Besides this, it can be frustrating since top social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are giving preference to individual posts rather than paid ads and marketing oriented posts. In this section, we will look at actionable tips on how to leverage social media platforms for marketing.

Where Does Your Target Audience Spend Their Time?

Several studies show that as much as 70% of Singaporeans are social media users and 10% of these users learn of a new product or service from social media.

While Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most famous social media platforms, it is worth investing in a market study to know which social media platform your target audience uses often.

Study How Each Platform Works

There is more to social media platforms than making posts and expecting overwhelming support from your followers. Besides this, most social media users tend to ignore ads and promotional posts.

This makes it necessary that you learn how each social media platform functions and the available features that can work in your favour. With this in mind, you will be better placed to choose the best social media platform for your marketing campaigns.

Run Contents to Increase Brand Awareness and Engagement

Presently, running contents on your social media page is one of the best ways of leveraging your social media platforms for marketing. This activity will increase your followers, online presence and visibility, as well as overall brand engagement.

The key to a successful contest is to offer something irresistable and of high value to your target audience. With that said, you should use social media contest tools to automate the process of creating and managing the contests.

top social media platforms

Here is a proper procedure of how you should run contests on social media platforms

  • Outline your goals (do you want more followers? Do you want increased sales or subscriptions?)
  • Choose the most convenient social media platform to host your contest
  • Have a specific time when the contest will end and the winner announced
  • Look at these social media contests ideas, choose one, and create your unique contests
  • Promote your contest with sponsored ads and other tactics to get as much visibility and traction as possible

The promoting part is the most difficult, but your audience can do the heavy lifting for you. Set the contest in such a way that every person who shares the contest on their profile, or completes tasks such as sharing on Facebook or Twitter, or Pin on Pinterest, they get extra entries and a higher chance of winning the prize.

Carefully Curate Your Social Media Content

If you are posting content on your social media platforms to keep up with the Joneses, you are doing it wrong. You should put in a lot of thought to every piece of content you post on social media. Here are a few guidelines on what you should post on various social media platforms

  • Facebook – it is good for news, and entertainment related content. However, Facebook Groups are a better way to engage your audience compared to Facebook Pages
  • LinkedIn – It is the right network for engaging with your B2B audiences on a professional level. You should take advantage of LinkedIn Pulse, to publish and distribute your content
  • Instagram – It is perfect for high-resolution static images and short videos, but it will not do much good in directing traffic to your blog or website
  • Pinterest – It is similar to Instagram, but with a focus on high-resolution pictures only. However, it is much more effective in driving traffic to your website, blog, and other social media platforms than Instagram

With that said, the content you post on social media ought to follow this criterion

  • Address your audience directly
  • Use copywriting techniques
  • Begin your post with snappy and witty introductions to hook the reader
  • Switch the posts up with different types of content, for example, link the posts to videos, blog posts or even ask survey questions
  • Always write a description on every link you post. Putting just the heading is a waste of time

Keep “Salesy” Language and Tactics to a Minimum

Have you ever wondered what makes content to go viral? The trick is simple; the creators do not make it obvious that they are doing marketing.

Instead of the usual sales language, strive on creating relationships with your customers. This includes creating an emotional connection with  your audience. Once have that figured out, you will see increased trust from your customers, and they will begin buying from you.

In a SproutSocial study, over 57% of social media users find it annoying when brands use promotions with an excessive use of sales tactics. Another aspect of creating trust between you and customers on social media is to publish valuable content that will be of help you with your audience.

Use the Right Tools

With the right social media tools, you can beef up your social media marketing strategy and see improved results. Automation, on the other hand, is the key to social media success for businesses. However, you might end up trying a variety of social media automation tools before finding the appropriate one for your brand.

You should also look into using social media management tools to take off the pressure of managing your social media platforms. More so, there are social media monitor tools that can help optimise your strategy.

However, you will need to create a budget and a list of requirements to ensure that you do not waste time and money on tools that will not work for you.

More Statistics About Top Social Media Platforms in Singapore


YouTube is surprisingly more popular in Singapore than any other social network. According to Statista, 87 percent or about 3.7 million Singaporeans stop on YouTube while surfing the web. This figure is just 1 percent ahead of WhatsApp, whose penetration stands at 86 percent. Close to 78 percent of Singaporeans used YouTube in 2017. Why have these figures jumped this much?

Singaporeans prefer YouTube over TV

The popularity of mobile devices has increased the users’ access to online content than before. Over 65 percent of surveyed Singaporeans cited the ease of finding interesting and relevant content on YouTube as the reason why they prefer the site. The most significant advantage YouTube has over regular TV is its ability to attract a wide variety of content creators who ends up providing every kind of imaginable content. The survey found that YouTube is more popular among the youngsters aged between 16 and 34 years, although the older folks are slowly joining the bandwagon.

With over 3.8 million Singaporeans visiting YouTube at least once every week, YouTube is a top destination for online marketers and content creators. It is estimated that average Singaporean use about 3.6GB of data monthly watching the popular videos on YouTube, which falls into four categories: music, carpool, how-to videos, and videos by local makers.

Shopping, Ads and more

Another research found that Singaporeans visit YouTube to find bargains and shop as it assists them in “trying before buying”. The same research found that three in four Singaporeans find YouTube more useful to search for demos of new products (especially electronics) and 41 percent are influenced by the videos they see on YouTube when choosing a brand to buy. Singaporeans also seem to be quite fine with YouTube Ads – they’re twice less likely to find these Ads to be inconvenient or intrusive compared to those seen on TV.

Recent research conducted by Google and Ipsos indicates that YouTube Ads receive 84 percent higher viewership compared to TV adverts. This is coupled by the fact that all adverts on YouTube are clickable, and as much as 95 percent of them are accompanied by sound which helps drive the brand’s message home.

YouTube is popular across all age groups in Singapore – who come to the site for education, entertainment, shopping, and much more stuff. With more Singaporeans using the site to search for a range of products, businesses eager to grow their client base should establish themselves on YouTube to build their brands and tell their stories.


WhatsApp is the second most used social network in Singapore. According to a Statista survey, 86 percent of Singaporeans on the Internet have registered with WhatsApp. Whether WhatsApp is a real social medium or a mere messaging app is debatable, but the company has made remarkable changes to the app since Facebook took over in 2014. Why is WhatsApp so popular among Singaporeans?

WhatsApp was the first web messaging app in Singapore

When WhatsApp Inc. rolled out the app in late 2009, just a few other messaging apps existed but not quite as convenient. At that time, the only app that came close to rivaling WhatsApp was Skype, which proved to be excellent in video and voice calling, but Skype was mainly for PC back then. When WhatsApp hit the stage, however, it was the only free messaging application available, and everyone jumped in with both feet. Today, there are plenty of other options available such as Viber and SnapChat, but WhatApp has remained the messaging app to beat among Singaporeans.

WhatsApp killed SMS

We could never thank WhatsApp enough for saving us from the telcos that used to overprice their SMS bundles back in the days. Besides the ridiculous pricing, sending a picture (it would be converted into MMS format at that time) to a friend was unfeasible to most people. VoIP communication was hard to complete as well. WhatsApp solved all these problems and now we can text, call, and send media over the internet to anyone located almost anywhere in the world, for free.

What has WhatsApp to offer to businesses?

WhatsApp hasn’t devised any clear way of monetizing the messaging app. In 2016, they removed the US$1 annual subscription. Perhaps one of the reasons why WhatsApp is popular is the fact that it is ad-free.


Facebook is the third most popular social network in Singapore, with 82 percent population share or about 3.6 million users. Roughly 3.2 million of these users access Facebook via mobile devices. Most of these users fall in the age bracket of 20 and 35 years.

Facebook seems to be losing its younger users (folks aged between 15 and 18) worldwide partly because of the highly unpopular “parent friend request” problem – young folks tend to lose the fun interest in the site once their parents befriend them. They usually end up on Instagram which is more photo-central but less appealing to parents. Why is Facebook popular among the older Singaporeans?


Facebook is perhaps the easiest social network to use out there. A person as young as 13 years old can have a clear understanding of how the site works within hours of signing up.

To a lot of young people, it is the first place you meet your old high school friends after graduating. And the fact that the features are incredibly easy to navigate and use makes Facebook great both for the seniors and young people.

Source of information

Facebook has joined together over 1 billion people worldwide. If something went viral as far off as Hong Kong, you’d be able to see it through your friend before seeing it on TV.

It has also changed the way we follow the news; instead of having to open all your favorite news sites one by one, you can follow them on Facebook and let the snippets of daily top news slide down your timeline. You can also air an opinion on trending topics and even initiate a discussion with others.


If you are not chatting and liking pictures and videos of kittens, you could be playing Facebook games or using interesting applications. Besides, you can easily join a random group and begin chatting with total strangers. So Facebook is more of a boredom killer.

Sharing options

Facebook gives users multiple sharing options – videos, feelings, status, location, etc. – in a significant degree of length.

No Adult Content

Adult content is still visible in some social networks but not on Facebook. Sharing nude or pornographic content can result in the suspension of the account or criminal action. The fact that Facebook takes this issue seriously makes parents to be more willing to let children on the site.

Why any business in Singapore would want to have a presence on Facebook

No business worth its salt would be willing to lose the opportunity of showcasing its products and services to the 3.6 million Singaporeans on Facebook.

Ponder over this: an average Facebook user spends about 40 minutes on the site, every day; around 92 percent of social marketers do advertising on Facebook; over 30 million business entities run Facebook accounts; the most popular CTA buttons on Facebook are Shop Now (74 percent), Learn More (10 percent), Book Now (8 percent), Download (4 percent), and Sign Up (4 percent). There are more than enough reasons why a business should go out to harness the power of Facebook:

Gathering more leads

Businesses can join and grow their user base on the site. As a business, just having followers on Facebook is not enough, you need to make a connection with them. Smart businesses gather their leads on Facebook and form email lists – so that you can make contact with the community away from Facebook. Most businesses do this through giveaways, newsletters, and contests – and it is a proven system.

Using Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is to Facebook what web page analysis is to the web – an essential tool used to track such information as unique views, wall posts, fan statistics, photo views, audio plays, videos, etc. The introduction of Facebook Insights has allowed application producers, domain administrators, and page operators to have a better understanding of the user trends on their pages.


According to Statista, Instagram claims 59 percent of Singapore’s internet users. This makes it the fourth most used social network in Singapore. Below, we look at the factors that make Instagram so undeniably popular, especially among the young Singaporeans:

Instagram works well on mobile than anywhere else

Instagram seems to have been specifically made for mobile use. That’s understandable considering that more and more internet users prefer to accomplish tasks and surf the internet using smartphones rather than laptops or desktop computers.

Instagram is image first and images last

People are more responsive to imagery than text. We find it easier to interpret visual information than digesting audible cues and written words. This is one of the reasons why visual marketing (influencer marketing in particular) has gained great success in recent years. Images are of great priority to Instagram that captions are trimmed after a given word count, making them secondary to pictures.

Instagram is easy to use

Instagram’s interface is intuitive and straightforward. You must not click on the like button to like a photo, a simple double tap on the image is enough. Better yet, Instagram constantly rolls out improved features (including slideshows, Instagram TV, stories, and filters).

Reasons why any Singapore based business should consider marketing its brand on Instagram

As of 2019, the total number of Instagram users is more than 700 million, with over 2 million of them being Singaporeans. Here is why you need to consider marketing your brand on Instagram:

Instagram is part of Facebook: This has made it easier to target your Instagram audience using Facebook data. All scheduling and budgeting tasks, the creation and setup of ads are completed through Facebook. As an advertiser, therefore, you don’t require to begin from scratch, once you have already advertised on Facebook.

Instagram ads are less intrusive and, therefore, less likely to upset your targeted audience.

You can integrate Shopify with your Instagram campaigns and sell products instantly.

Instagram registers a higher engagement rate compared to any other social network, thanks to its emphasis on images

When determining the overall success of a campaign, Instagram pays less attention to comments, likes, and counts, and instead emphasises on total recall and reach.

Most internet users use smartphones to socialise, read news and post stories. Most of the smartphones sold today feature powerful cameras that can capture top-quality pictures immediately and post them on Instagram. Anybody can be a photographer. When you combine this flexibility and the variety of filters provided by the app, the platform becomes attractive to businesses eager to make more picture-some campaigns involving millions of photo-loving users.

In terms of cost and ROI, Instagram delivers the best results. It is less time-consuming and more effective compared to other internet marketing channels.


Twitter is the fifth most popular social network in Singapore, with a 34 percent share of total users. Twitter seems to be a favourite of mainly the famous and the rich.

It is also remarkably unpopular among people aged below 20 years, moderately popular among those aged between 20 and 35 years, with a similar approval among the individuals aged between 55 and 64 years. This could be partly because of its less intuitive interface and emphasis on trending topics rather than sharing photos and interacting with close individuals.

According to Statista, just 600,000 Singaporeans are on Twitter. This is a significant number, though, if you consider the total population of Singapore. Twitter is a great place to promote your brand and services via Twitter Ads which displays ads in the form of promoted tweets, promoted trends, and promoted accounts.

These ads are clearly marked as “Promoted” to help the user distinguish them from regular tweets. Twitter also uses location targeting to display relevant tweets to users. Whether you are looking for an alternative to the popular social networks or a new advertising platform, Twitter Ads provides an excellent option to anyone interested in marketing products and services to people aged over 25 years old.

Future Social Media Marketing Predictions

It is estimated that they are more than 2 billion active social media users in the world. Bearing this number in mind, it is logical that corporations in Singapore should be spending more time engaging with their audiences on social media platforms. Social media marketing has however become increasingly difficult. Here are future social media marketing predictions.

Live video content will dominate news feeds

Marketers’ will face the challenge of innovating on the emerging marketing platforms that continuously embrace live video content such as Facebook Live, AR/VR and Snapchat. Although traditional channels (print and social) will remain, live video content will dominate news feeds with different companies competing for customers to advertise their products and services on their platforms.

Constant need for user experience

Many things may change on social media marketing, but the reason that people use social media will remain. To feel and be connected is the primary reason that people use social media. Brands have the chance to package information in an engaging, entertaining, and unique way for their audiences. Many brands are on social media, the relevance and exceptional experience you provide will keep you ahead of your pack.

Empathy in content topics

The past has shown us that the unexpected can and will occur. From elections to referendums, it is a divided world. Content topics from social media marketers have to be empathetic and in line the needs of users. The human nature and the innate ability to comprehend and share the feelings of other people/users in content creation will increasingly come into focus.

Change in social media marketing focus

It will not only be about broadcasting to reach as many individuals as possible, and as often as possible. It is about personalization, targeting individuals with specific content that is tailored based on who they are, what they do and what they are interested in, among many other traits. More brands have embraced this focused approach and others have no choice but to follow suit.

Surviving and creating an impact on social media marketing does not have to be complicated. As these predictions point, it will boil down to simple ideas that uncover the needs of the social audience and developing value in content creation that attracts them to come back again and again.


The social media marketing landscape is continually evolving, and it is essential that you stay ahead of your competition. This makes it mandatory that you monitor the trends shaping the social media-marketing sphere.

Along with the tips above, you will be able to achieve the goals you have outlined in your social media marketing strategy. Contact us today for the best social media marketing and management services in Singapore.


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