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The digital marketing landscape of Singapore is experiencing some dramatic changes. For instance, several local print media have ceased producing print publications; one of those media houses is Today, which stopped printing in 2018.

This doesn’t mean they’re out of business; no, they’re more on the screen than they are on the paper. Another significant revelation is SMX (Singapore Media Exchange), established at the start of 2018, which was established by Mediacorp and Singapore Press Holding, Singapore’s two major media houses, as a one-stop digital advertising marketplace. These and other ventures guarantee a bright future for Singapore’s digital marketing landscape.

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Rapid Changes in Consumer Habits in News Consumption

Singaporeans are increasingly turning to the internet as the primary source of news they do with print media and television. Pretty every other country in the world is experiencing this shift. What makes Singapore unique is that this shift is characterised by mainly 35-year-olds and younger folks preferring to get everything via their smartphones.

Media houses have cited two reasons for going digital: the cost of publishing has gone high while demand for printed newspapers has gone low and, the penetration of smartphones and social media in the population has made it necessary to reach readers where they hang often, and that’s the internet.

Increase in Need for Internet Marketing to Take Advantage of the Boom in Ecommerce

As of 2019, YouTube is the most popular social network in Singapore. With an internet penetration of 84 percent, this is something online marketers would smile for. Data also shows that ecommerce in Singapore is proliferating, with average Singaporean spending over US$1,000 every year against the global average of US$634.

In 2018 alone, Singaporeans spent US$4.1 billion in online purchases. This figure has been rising at an average of 13 percent for the last 5 years and is expected to keep this trajectory for the foreseeable future. YouTube and Facebook advertisements are the most effective way of showcasing your products to Singaporeans.

Augmented Reality Advertising

The success of Snapchat filters, digital city guides, and Pokemon Go are enough to convince any digital marketer in Singapore that augmented reality might be a new frontier if you want to reach the masses.

Augmented reality is poised to an impactful tool for brand communicators to use in social media campaigns. Facebook has already added the necessary features that support this technology, and some brands, specifically IKEA and Audi, have already joined it.

  1. Why Is Social Media Marketing Important In Singapore?

Source: SBR Technologies

To give credit where it is due, social media can be considered the biggest drive to internet use, by a huge part, across Singapore and the globe in general. Let’s be honest, before Facebook hit the stage in 2008, we only went online when necessary, maybe to send an email or search for important information.

But with the advent of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and the popularity of the smartphone, the internet became a regular hangout for most of us. As of 2019, roughly 4.6 million Singaporeans are on one or several of the popular social networks. This figure is projected to increase to 4.7 million by the end of 2023. As you can see, no brand can afford to ignore social media marketing in Singapore. Here is the importance of social media marketing in Singapore:

Large potential audience

By promoting your brand on social media, you are introducing it to around 4.6 million Singaporeans. You stand to generate a huge number of leads from such a huge pool of potential clients. Although not every marketing strategy will work as expected, the potential of bagging considerable leads from such a huge audience is high.

Creating awareness and recognition

Singaporeans won’t transact with you if they have no idea about who you are. Declaring your presence on social media is an excellent way of familiarising your brand and products to the audience. Irrespective of your area of specialisation or industry, you can establish contact, engage, and influence social media’s audience to trust your brand and transact with it.

Makes your brand human

The era of the soulless and faceless corporation is over. People want to deal with other people who understand their needs and would waste no second to mingle with them. Social media is an excellent place for a brand to look human and freely connect with people. This way, people feel connected to their favourite brand.

Cuts your marketing costs

Social media is among the cheapest channels for promoting your brand and marketing your products or services. If you consider the CPM (cost per thousand impressions), social media ranks better than any other marketing channel. Sometimes merely being present on social media and engaging your audience is enough, even though the cost of staging Facebook or Twitter campaigns is considerably affordable.

Shows authenticity

People are bored with the old school corporate-style posts that appear too dry and official. Social media is the best place to socialise with your audience and let out the real personality of your brand. What’s the voice of your brand? How does it present itself? You can answer these questions through the tone you assume on social media.

  1. What Are The Top Social Media Platforms In Singapore?

Singapore has around 82 percent internet penetration rate, which is way above the global 50 percent penetration rate. The number of Singaporeans with smartphones is higher than any other nationality in South East Asia. These stats mean two things: your brand must be online, and if it is already there, it is necessary to have a mobile-responsive website.

The number of Singaporeans on popular social networks has been rising exponentially over the years, and it is now, as of 2019, reckoned to be around 3 million users. Social media marketing is only impactful if you know where your potential customers like to hang often. Here are top social networks in Singapore in no particular order:

Facebook Messenger

Users: 3.5 million

Did you know that, at 3.5 million, Singaporeans form the largest Facebook user base in the world for people aged between 25 and 34 years? Yes, and most of these users access Facebook using smart devices (smartphones, tablet computers). The government agreed with Facebook to add around 143,000 of its civil servants to Facebook Workplace.


Users: 4 million Singaporeans

Most Singaporeans on the internet prefer YouTube as their number one source of videos. At 4 million, it is estimated that 4 in every 5 Singaporeans opens YouTube almost daily. And because the country has one of the largest smartphone penetrations in the world, most of those who visit YouTube do so with smart devices.


Users: 840,000

Over two-thirds of WeChat users in Singapore are young individuals aged between 16 to 25 years old. WeChat is ranked eighth among Singapore’s most popular mobile apps. It turns to be more popular than WhatsApp, its main rival globally.


Users: 2.3 million

At 2.3 million users, you can rest assured that close to 40 per cent of Singapore’s population is on LinkedIn. An average Singaporean on LinkedIn has around 152 connections. There are multiple marketing options on LinkedIn partner messages, custom groups, company page upgrades, LinkedIn display ads, and LinkedIn Ads.


Users: 700,000

It is estimated that around 9% of Singaporeans on social media user Pinterest and 46 % of them go there to find details about reviews, user experiences, and other product details. It is a great place for a business to share visual images of its products.


Users: 500,000

Around 28 percent of Twitter users in Singapore are individuals aged between 25 to 35 years. You can use Twitter Ads to promote your brand on Twitter. The Straight Times, Aaron, and JJ Lin are three most-followed people and entities in Singapore.

Snapchat and Instagram

Users: 1.9 million on Instagram and

Most of the Instagram and Snapchat users in Singapore are 25 years old or younger. Facebook seems to be unpopular among the individuals in this age bracket, probably because parents are more likely to follow their kids on Facebook but seldom do so on Instagram and Snapchat.

  1. Is Social Media A Good Place to Sell My Goods and Services?

Social commerce, or the concept of marketing and selling products and services via social media, is an unavoidable way of generating sales for any organisation that’s keen for profit-making. There are several reasons for embracing social media as a marketplace for your products and services. Here is why social media is an excellent place to sell your goods and services:

Business metrics generated by social media tools

Every social network with an advertising platform gives the advertisers an assortment of tools to track the progress of their campaigns. With such tools, you can analyse your marketing efforts and determine whether the ROI is worthwhile or not.

We all know that carrying a campaign you can’t measure its progress is a complete waste of time. Measuring the progress can help the brand to make changes to the campaign where necessary.

Authentic traffic and engagement

The bigger your audience is on social media, the higher the conversions. Better yet, every piece of content you share on social media gets real engagement. People who engage your content more often also more likely to transact with you. By appearing in your audience’s timeline often, you are actually branding yourself.

Personal engagement

As far as the internet is concerned, there is no closer a business can get to its audience past social media. The engagement between the audience and the brand is more personal. Therefore, you can personalise your offers as per the needs of your audience.

Also, people like being close to a brand and engaging at any time they please. And there is that part of your audience that may follow you on social media to be the first ones to know when you’ve rolled a sumptuous offer or coupons.

The viral factor

You can start your campaign on social media and inadvertently sweep throughout the internet. Your audience is allowed to like and share your content as widely as they can.

This helps spread your content to individuals you didn’t even target in the first place. If your content is catchy and appealing to the audience, it may become viral all over social media and even the internet. Such publicity could translate into two things: more brand recognition and more conversions.

The Top 20 Social Media Marketing Agencies In Singapore

MediaOne Marketing


  • Social media marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Reputation management
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Search engine marketing

Key Clients

  • Philip Capital
  • MayBank
  • Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb
  • WWF
  • Direct Asia Insurance


Address: 4B Craig Road | Singapore 089664

Telephone: (65) 6789 9852

Digital Business Lab


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Listening

Key Clients

  • Infiniti
  • BNP Paribas
  • MoroccanOil
  • AIA
  • Polaroid Eyewear


Address: 1 George Steet, Level 10, Singapore 049145

Telephone: N/A



  • Facebook Marketing Services
  • Social Media Analytics

Key Clients

  • Nanyang Technological University
  • MindChamps
  • Marina Bay Singapore
  • Only Aesthetics
  • Koufu
  • Amara Singapore
  • Artmani Italia
  • Foto Hub


Address: 15 Enggor Street #05 – 04, Realty Centre, Singapore 079716

Telephone: +65 6802 3658



  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Gamification
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing

Key Clients:

  • Fujitsu,
  • NTU Ventures
  • Zii VueBox
  • Parkway Cancer Center
  • Swatchies
  • The Waffle
  • StemCord


Address: 30A Kallang Place #11-08/09, Singapore 339213

Telephone: N/A

Strategic Digital Lab


  • Account-based marketing
  • Branding awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Growth hacking
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Performance marketing
  • Web development
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Mobile app development
  • Search engine marketing

Key Clients:

  • PSB Academy
  • Enable Asia
  • DirectHome
  • Singapore Kindness Movement
  • Singtel
  • Golden Equator Wealth


Address: 61 Robinson Road, #12 – 01 Robinson Centre, Singapore 068894

Telephone: +65 6908 3770

Best SEO Singapore


  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Online reputation management
  • Website design

Key Clients:

  • Oishi Pan Bakery
  • EastWest SVC
  • Next Level Singapore
  • Monster Prints


Address: 30 Kallang Place #03 – 18, Singapore 339159

Telephone: +65 9687 8077



  • Social media marketing
  • Experimental activation
  • Branding
  • Consultancy

Key Clients:

  • Toshiba
  • Millenia Walk
  • Paper One
  • Funan
  • SkinSoul Switzerland
  • Singapore Design Week


Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, marina square #03 – 308, Singapore 039594

Telephone: N/A



  • Social media marketing
  • Online reputation management
  • Search engine optimisation

Key Clients:

  • Lenovo
  • Shiseido
  • Suntory


Address: 16 Collyer Quay #04 – 02, Singapore 049318

Telephone: +65 6557 0349



  • Social media marketing
  • ORM
  • Marketing audit
  • Web design
  • Google SEO
  • Google Ads

Key Clients:

  • Asia Retina
  • Dental Designs
  • Physiocative
  • HC Orthopaedic
  • Doctor X Dentist
  • One Face Skin & Aesthetics Clinic


Address: Healthmark Private Limited 31F, 9 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Tower 2, Singapore 038989

Telephone: + 63 596 135



  • Branding & consultancy
  • Creative & development
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media marketing

Key Clients:

  • Formosa Holiday
  • JLL
  • Divano
  • Ademco
  • Esplanade
  • City Gas
  • Hairdreams


Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square#03-308, Singapore 039594

Telephone: +65 9850 9409



  • Social media marketing
  • Online reputation management
  • Search engine optimisation

Key Clients:

  • Bank of Singapore
  • Marina Bay Sands
  • Lexus Asia Pacific
  • Harley Davidson Asia Pacific
  • Shangri La Hotels and Resorts
  • NTUC Income


Address: 11B, Stanley Street, Singapore 068730

Telephone: +65 6236 6400



  • Social media marketing
  • Digital lead generation
  • Search marketing
  • Digital advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Digital reputation management

Key Clients:

  • Hitachi
  • Qatar Airways
  • JLL
  • National University of Singapore
  • Prudential


Address: 111 North Bridge Road, #08-19, Singapore 179098

Telephone: +65 6814 2952



  • Social media marketing
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Call tracking/ProClick

Key Clients:

  • Rentokil
  • Avis Car Rental
  • TalariaX
  • Galmon


Address: 51 Goldhill Plaza #14-01, Singapore 308900

Telephone: +65 65338655



  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Media training
  • Thought leadership
  • Public relations

Key Clients:

  • ABA Production
  • Abalaki
  • Popbar
  • 90 Seconds
  • Singapore Yacht Show


Address: 41 Craig Rd, Singapore 089679

Telephone: +65 6221 7239

Amber Creative Digital Agency


  • Social media marketing
  • Web design and development
  • Google Adwords

Key Clients:

  • LCMS Traders
  • Kritika Online
  • iPayMy
  • Glovida
  • i-Global Holding
  • Hitcheed Digital Marketing


Address: 8 Burn Road, Trivex #7-11, Singapore 369977

Telephone: +65 6904 8865



  • Social media marketing
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Web design and development
  • Web maintenance

Key Clients:

  • Brow Art Asia
  • HealthLoco
  • Huiji


Address: 57 Ubi Avenue 1 #03-02, Ubi Centre, Singapore 408936

Telephone: +656513 8528 / +656513 8529

Mediawork Digital


  • Social media marketing
  • SEO
  • Web design and development
  • Branding and logo design
  • Website updates and maintenance

Key Clients:

  • Tune Protect
  • Mitsubishi Triton


Address: 128 Prinsep Street #01-01 Sin Thai Hin Building, Singapore 188655

Telephone: +65 8399 874

Noisy Crayons


  • Social media marketing
  • Community engagement
  • Media planning and execution
  • Digital marketing strategy

Key Clients:

  • Levi’s Singapore
  • Singapore Polytechnic
  • Maybank Singapore
  • Park Hotel Alexandra
  • Toshiba Malaysia


Address: 998 Toa Payoh North #03-25, Singapore 318993

Telephone: +65 6950 3368



  • Social media marketing
  • Social media management
  • Influencer marketing
  • Email marketing

Key Services:

  • Singtel
  • SooKee
  • Castlery
  • Suntec Singapore
  • Nanyang Technological University


Address: 14A Yan Kit Road, Singapore 088266

Telephone: +65 9374 0111



  • Search engine marketing
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Digital strategy consultancy

Key Clients:

  • 3M
  • Accenture
  • Canon
  • Comex
  • Aeroflex
  • Clinique
  • Saatchi & Saatchi


Address: 998 Toa Payoh North,#03-25, Singapore 318993

Telephone: +65 6950 3366



  • Social media marketing
  • SEO services
  • Mobile app development
  • Open source ERP
  • Web app development

Key Clients:

  • WTA
  • Ahuman
  • Phoenix Quartz Surfaces
  • Hebeloft
  • The Romance Collection
  • Metaphoria


Address: 11-03 Vision Exchange, 2 Venture Drive, Singapore 608526

Telephone: +65 6209 2631

Why Should I Hire A Social Media Marketing Agency?

Social media marketing is one of the must-have digital marketing strategies any organisation worth its salt can’t afford to ignore. While it is relatively easy to embark on SMM on your own and reap significant benefits, it is prudent to hire SMM professionals to undertake the task.

Here are 10 reasons why you should hire an SMM agency:

SMM agencies are knowledgeable about best SMM practices and budget maximisation tricks

If you want to remain competitive in your industry, you should hire an SMM agency than will only apply the most effective SMM practices while getting the most out of limited budgets. Towards the end of 2018, Facebook made changes to its algorithm to pay less attention to organic reach. Only the experienced SMM agency would get around such obstacles. Also, SMM agencies will help your organisation squeeze the most out of your limited budget. They know the best practices to structure the campaign and target the audience without on most of the popular social networks.

Measurable results

The agency will do all the targeting and go a mile further to provide analytics that shows the progress made by your campaigns. These tangible measurements are essential when examining your ROIs and making decisions whether to make changes on your campaigns, expand them, or scrap the altogether.

The SMM agency has all the tools and expertise needed to complete the task

The SMM agency will do what your organisation hired it to do. The agency has an experienced team of professionals and the right tools to bring the results you need. It is very much like outsourcing a technical task to people who know how to do it best instead of saddling your own inexperienced and/or poorly equipped employees to undertake it.

You don’t want to embarrass your brand

A poorly structured and executed social media campaign may flop and prove to be devastating to your brand. For instance, if you aren’t experienced or you don’t understand social media very well, you could post things that look humorous to you, but you may not know that a section of your audience would be offended with those same posts. The SMM agency, on another hand, always knows what to do and how to do it well.

The organisation will gain expertise by learning from the SMM agency

SMM agencies tend to think widely when trying to find what works best for every organisation they deal with. When you hire their services, your organisation gets to learn from their expertise and could apply them in the future without requiring hiring another agency. Better yet, SMM agencies like thinking outside the box, so there is a strong chance what your organisation will learn from them will be one of a kind in the entire industry.

You’ll save some money

Hiring an SMM agency saves you money in two ways: firstly, you won’t need to buy the tools necessary to launch and execute your campaign successfully, and secondly, they will squeeze your budget to get the most out of it. Perhaps the biggest benefit is the time you’ll save by contacting the experts to complete the task faster than your in-house team.

Qualities of a Great Social Media Marketing Agency

It is easy to select an SMM agency for your organisation because you have more than enough options to choose from. However, all SMM agencies aren’t necessarily the same. And while hiring an SMM agency can be a good investment when you consider the fact that your social media campaigns will run deep into the future, selecting a wrong SMM agency could prove costly to your organisation.

For these reasons, you would want to choose only the best and reliable SMM agency from the pack. Look for the qualities when selecting your SMM agency:

Level of expertise

A great SMM agency should have expansive expertise in social media marketing across several social networks. Does the agency have a proven record? How many projects has it undertaken? What is the success rate of its previous projects? You might think you are nitpicking, but the fine details you would get by asking these questions can help you separate a truly great SMM agency from a pack of not-so-great agencies.

It is data-driven

A great SMM agency places a high price on data, analytics, and measurements – the agency knows the success of your campaign depends on data and ability to deduce inferences from the analytics. With that said, you want to hire an agency that will get the analytics right, track the success of your campaigns impeccably, and help you get more ROI from them.

Team of experts

An SMM agency is as great as its team of professionals. The agency can never be successful without having the correct team of experts. So if the team is qualified and is experienced enough to do great work, you can rest assured the same expertise will be reflected in your projects is you hire them. Do not be shy to dig into the qualifications and experience of the professionals in your potential SMM agency.

Right tools

Having a team of great professionals is one thing, and having the right tools to complete the task is another. Today we have an array of incredible high-tech tools essential for bringing the necessary results to realisation. It would a shock to meet an SMM agency that doesn’t use those tools. A great SMM agency is also knowledgeable about the latest technologies in the industry.

Knowledge of the customer’s needs

A great SMM agency will take no time to understand your needs and come up with solutions to those needs. If the agency doesn’t understand its customers, leave alone their needs, it is probably not experienced in the industry, hence unsuitable for your project.

Focus on revenue generation and growth of the business

Most digital marketing companies focus too much on beautiful design, lead generation, and user engagement – they seldom think of how to connect such strategies with the profitability of the organisation. An SMM agency of that kind isn’t great. A great agency should keep in mind the organisation’s need to generate revenues from social media marketing strategies because that is one of the reasons why the organisation would venture on social media in the first place.

Tools a Social Media Marketing Agency Would Use

SMM tools have three benefits: they shorten the time spent on setting up the marketing strategies; they boost productivity and; increases the efficiency of the entire drive. Besides, SMM tools can prove beneficial in handling an array of other things, including:

  • Managing multiple accounts
  • Monitors the keywords and hashtags
  • Schedule posts when you’re unable to go online
  • Do the necessary analytics and prepare reports
  • Allow several team members to work on a single task simultaneously

Here are the top SMM tools every dedicated SMM agency must possess:


With Agorapulse, managing your social media accounts becomes as easy as winking. This application neatly lists your accounts on a dashboard on the left part of the screen while allowing you to use the rest part of the screen replying to messages in your inbox, monitoring the engagements on your posts, and publishing new content.


Buffer almost beats Hootsuite when it comes to scheduling. It also comes with a bunch of easy to use analytics features and options to share your content across more than one social network and accounts. The ease of sharing content across social media networks becomes even easier when you install Buffer extension on your Chrome browser.


Feedly puts your content’s indentation on autopilot. It is also a great tool to use if you are eager to understand what influencers from which niche are talking about. To make the most out of Feedly, add the RSS feed(s) of your favourite writers or blogs, and the tool will trickle their content down your screen, all organised by topic and time.


Are you bad at graphics design that you would want a tool to help edit photos and choose themes for your blog? Just install Canva. It comes with most fonts, colours, and templates you need to add the magic on your pictures. Some of the stunning images you create with Canva can be used as part of your social media content.


PostPlanner is a master scheduler when it comes to Facebook posts. But every other tool comes with this feature. So PostPlanner evolved a little and added few cool features such as identifying the best performing for a given hashtag social media account or topic.


This social intelligence tool helps you discover brand new target audiences, segment them, and create content that would be appealing to them. Besides, it gives you an understanding of your audience by giving you some insights about what they like and how they engage with content on social media. It also helps you track and prepare reports when you are optimising your audience engagement.


Tweepi is designed to help you acquire more Twitter followers. It will identify users who are more likely to be interested in your topics then help you engage them by mentioning their usernames in your tweets, following the, or adding them on a list.


This security tool works with all top social networks, twitch, as well as Apple’s Store and Google Paly to protect your brand from hackers that might be looking for ways to take over your social media accounts. Besides, ZeroFOX helps you protect your brand’s reputation by removing impersonation profiles, removing disruptive and offensive content, and protecting your followers from scammers.


Followerwonk was exclusively made for Twitter. With Followeronk, you can analyse your Twitter audience and make optimisations at a click of a mouse. It also creates a suggestion list of people you might be interested in following.


This tool gathers real-time data as fast as would want it to. These bits of data can be used to prepare reports, measure real-time performance metrics, and export them as tables or graphs. It also suggests to you who to engage more and how to boost the effectiveness of your content.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics is Twitter’s free tool availed to users for free to measure the performance of their marketing campaigns. It will reveal to you the number of impressions received by your tweets, your tweeting activity, profile visits, number of mentions, and engagements, among other bits of information.

This sneaky tool allows you to eavesdrop on your competitors, connect with your influencers, monitor the performance of your campaign, and make some tweaks on your profile. It is one of the free campaign research tools you don’t want to lack.

Some Broad Strategies A Social Media Marketing Agency Might Use

The success of your social media marketing can depend on an array of factors; the strategies employed by your SMM agency are some of them. You only hire the agency you think is qualified for the task and let it embark on it in hopes that the company will apply everything at its disposal to make things work. Here are some of the strategies your SMM agency may employ:

Using chatbots

Chatbots are starting to take over internet-based customer care survive platforms. They offer a better alternative to humans when you’re looking for a way you can respond to the queries lodged by your customers. Today, chatbots are flexible enough to not only integrate into sophisticated websites but also social media accounts as well. This is especially plausible because most people, especially millennials, are more comfortable interacting via social media than on corporate websites. Chattypeople and other similar platforms can help you integrate and AI-like chatbot on your social.

Here are the advantages of chatbots:

  • You must not be a programmer to create them
  • Can satisfactorily answer your customers’ questions
  • They can respond to orders sent from the comments section or and Facebook messenger.
  • They can flawlessly integrate with popular payment channels

Establish a personalised experience for your clients

If your SMM agency decides to integrate chatbots, they will automate some repetitive tasks and even go further to establish a more personalised experience for your clients. To get the most out of this strategy, consider creating ads that redirect the audience to your Messenger window where your chatbot is located. Connecting your chatbots with your ads brings four benefits:

  • Makes your customers change the traditional view they have about you always trying to sell things to them
  • Creates a more personal customer experience
  • Can increase sakes dramatically
  • Creates a fan base of loyal customers

Create a quality content marketing strategy

Great content is worth its quality in gold – if the content is of high quality, the audience will keep engaging it, and that’s all you need to make this strategy successful. However, quality content could be a waste if it is not posted using the right schedule. If you get the scheduling right, you will attract the attention of the correct customers at the correct time. Quality content can be created free of charge, but you’ll be shocked at its ability to attract a large number of organic audiences.

Create a community feeling for the audience

Yes, followers are a valuable metric on social media, but they are not everything you need to succeed. Your brand shouldn’t always sound like a robot – it’s boring and can be a turnoff. The brand should connect with the audience by adding a pinch of emotions and humour that they can relate with because, you know, social media is mainly about socialising. And if you bore your audience with the same kind of content for a long time, they’ll just quit following you. Here is how the brand may be interactive with the audience:

  • Asking the audience to like and share the content without imploring them
  • Once in awhile sharing and liking the audiences’ posts
  • Providing the audience with useful or newsworthy information instead of details after details of your products
  • Asking the audience to express their opinions on a range of issues
  • Posing questions to your audience

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