Top Social Media Courses in Singapore

Nobody can refute the impact of social media platforms on modern lives. It is everywhere, unavoidable, and powerful – you use it to link up with family and friends, as well as getting the latest news.

Studies show that 45% of the global population uses social networks regularly. The primary reason for this high usage is the increased acquisition of mobile devices, meaning that more people can access the internet regardless of their location. 

Besides allowing you to interact with other people, social networks also enable you to share content, both for entertainment and commercial purposes. This explains why more people are undertaking social media marketing courses in Singapore and beyond.

The following are the top social media training courses available in Singaporean institutions.

Equinet Top Social Media Courses in Singapore


WSQ Social Media Marketing Certification Course – Equinet Academy 


The WCQ Social Media Marketing Certification Course by Equinet Academy is a fun and interactive program that enables you to learn these crucial skills to improve your organisation. It equips learners with the concepts, frameworks, and tools required to prosper in social media marketing. 

Moreover, this program is suitable for beginners and intermediates, as it covers the art and science of social media marketing. The course instructor is an experienced marketer who is familiar with various social media marketing tactics. His training approach includes a mixture of individual practices, brainstorming sessions, and team exercises. 

Furthermore, this program has local and international case studies, demos, hands-on activities, and role-playing scenarios that enable course participants to learn how to create, develop, and measure the progress of their social media marketing campaigns. 

Course duration: 2 days


S$888 (after 90% SSG subsidies)






Social Media Marketing – Singapore Management University


The social media marketing course from the Singapore Management University allows you to harness the rich potential that social networks promise. More specifically, it enables you to understand how social platforms can grow your business by improving various sales funnel stages, from lead generation to conversion rates. 

Additionally, this course comes with multiple tools that can improve the effectiveness and productivity of your marketing campaigns effectively. You can discover how landing page optimisation and a well-thought-out content marketing strategy can improve your conversion rates. 

Course duration: 2 Weekday Evening


Pricing: S$1,712



Coursemology Top Social Media Courses in Singapore


Social Media Marketing Course Skills Future – Coursemology


The Social Media Marketing Course from Coursemology equip you with the skills needed to succeed at marketing on social platforms. These networks can improve you and your company significantly. After undergoing this program, you will know how to use various marketing tools and networks and how creating helpful content can enhance brand awareness. 

Regarding content, this program teaches how to develop marketing goals and content that improve your brand awareness and market presence. You can also monitor and provide recommendations on how you can improve how you use social networks. 

Course duration: 3 days





SUSS Top Social Media Courses in Singapore


Social Media Marketing in Practice (MKT555) – Singapore University of Social Sciences


This course aims to equip learners with skills that enhance the profitability of their social media marketing campaigns. Precisely, students will learn how to create websites, Facebook ads, YouTube channels, and targeting and retargeting adverts. Because the instructor uses a workshop approach when teaching, you must have a laptop during the lessons. 

Upon completing this program, you will know the benefits of social media marketing and have the skills needed to establish a social channel to improve your business. 

Course duration: 3 weeks





NUS Top Social Media Courses in Singapore


Social Media Marketing – National University of Singapore


Due to the increased popularity of social media, less people are using traditional means such as billboards and TV to advertise their businesses. Social platforms are gaining traction among business people because they are affordable and have a wider reach than their traditional counterparts. Moreover, they enable you to target specific audiences.

With this course, you learn how to become social media savvy and increase your ability to implement the right social media marketing strategies. This course is a part of the Digital Innovation and Design Series by the National University of Singapore.

Course duration: 3 days





Temasek Top Social Media Courses in Singapore


Specialist Diploma in Digital Marketing and Communication Management – Temasek Polytechnic


This program is jointly offered by Temasek Polytechnic and the Singapore Management University. Upon completing the course, scholars will be able to create and implement digital marketing and communication strategies and execute social media campaigns and other marketing activities.

Unlike other courses in this list, this specialist diploma is more comprehensive. It includes modules such as social media marketing, search engine marketing, and digital content management.

Course Duration: 1 year (part-time)





UpGrad Top Social Media Courses in Singapore


Executive Course in Strategic Digital Marketing – UpGrad


UpGrad is an upcoming online education portal that provides an array of professional courses. The executive course in strategic digital marketing is offered in partnership with the Business School of the University of Cambridge. Additionally, students get mentorship from industry professionals of their choosing. 

Regarding the curriculum, this course teaches you how to use tools like Hootsuite and Google Analytics, both of which are crucial in improving the performance of your social media campaigns. Besides, you get to choose your preferred mentor for one-on-one sessions and also attend offline workshops. 

After completing this course, you will receive a certificate jointly issued by UpGrad and the Cambridge Judge Business School. You will also join an alumni group run by both institutions. UpGrad also works with recruiters to help scholars land jobs in the digital marketing niche.

Course Duration: 4 months (part-time)





Cet Academy Top Social Media Courses in Singapore


Social Media Marketing – Ngee Ann CET Academy


The social media marketing course can help you grow your business by building your brand, helping you reach the right audience, and improving sales through creating relevant content. By the end of this short course, learners have the essential knowledge and practical skills that enable them to integrate effective social media marketing strategies. 

Moreover, you learn how to set social media marketing objectives and create a plan that suits your business needs. You will also know how to select the right social media platform to reach the right target audience. This entry-level course is ideal for in-house marketers who desire to improve their knowledge of social media marketing. 

Course Duration: 2 days





SUTD Top Social Media Courses in Singapore


Meme-mify your Social Media Marketing – Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)


This entry-level course teaches how to improve your marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram using memes. Upon its completion, students have the skills needed to create lead generation campaigns and enhance audience engagement. 

You can take this course independently or as a part of the Graduate Certificate in Social Media Marketing. The latter has 12 units, covering topics such as SEO, web analytics, content marketing, and paid search. 

Course Duration: 5 Days







LinkedIn for Business Essential Training – Tertiary Courses Singapore


As the name suggests, this course teaches you how to use LinkedIn to improve your sales, brand awareness, lead generation, and recruiting goals. You also learn the different types of LinkedIn Ads and the strategies you need to employ to ensure that you reach your target audience and achieve your goals without overspending. 

People who should attend this course include business owners, marketers, and recruiters. It is advisable to carry a laptop with you for hands-on training. If you do not have one, the course provider will lend you one throughout the program. 

Course Duration: 1 day (7.5 hours)





PSB Top Social Media Courses in Singapore


Diploma in Business Administration (Digital Marketing) – PSB Academy


This program is perfect for professionals working in the accounting, economics, marketing, and management fields. It covers topics such as display advertising, email marketing, paid search advertising, and search engine optimisation. Upon completion, students will have social media marketing knowledge and the ability to use leading social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to generate leads and improve conversion rates. 

After getting the diploma certificate, graduates get a direct entry to study Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Business at the University of Newcastle in Australia. If you want to enroll in this program, you must have 2 GCE in your A-level exams or a PSB certificate in Business Management, or at least eight years of work experience.

At the end of the core module, you will undertake the official Google Analytics certification est. If you pass, you will receive the Google Analytics Individual Qualified (GAIQ) certificate, which remains valid for 18 months after the issuance date.

Course Duration: 12 months (full-time and part-time)


S$6,592 for Singaporeans S$11,385 for international students



General Assembly Top Social Media Courses in Singapore


General Assembly Digital Marketing Course


Despite being a new entrant into the Singaporean market, General Assembly has extensive experience in training professionals from various industries, include business, technology, and engineering. The institution offers full-time and part-time digital marketing courses that last between 10 to 13 weeks. It has US-based mentors, making it ideal for students who want to gain an international perspective.

The courses cover multiple aspects of digital marketing, including HTML, CSS and web design, UX and UI design, data analysis, social media marketing, website optimisation, etc. Although advanced and intermediate marketers can also improve their knowledge by taking this course, it is ideal for beginners. 

Course Duration: 1 week on accelerated programs, 10 weeks part-time





Lithan Top Social Media Courses in Singapore


Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing – Lithan Academy


Lithan Academy is a branch of Lithan Education, a group of six campuses spread across Asia. The institution primarily teaches courses dealing with Information and Communication Technology (ICT), offering them at various levels depending on the learner’s experience. 

When you undertake this diploma, you learn the basics of digital marketing and how to use tools such as AdWords and Google Analytics. By the end, you will be able to set up an effective pay-per-click campaign on search engines and run advertising campaigns on various social media. 

It is worth noting that this course is only open to individuals aged above 21. 

Course Duration: 3 months full-time, 9 months part-time





Marketing Institute Top Social Media Courses in Singapore

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Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies Course – Marketing Institute of Singapore


The Marketing Institute of Singapore is a non-profit organisation that teaches sales and marketing courses to interested parties. The integrated digital marketing strategies program first equips you with the fundamentals of social media marketing, after which you learn how to do search engine optimisation, social media marketing, email marketing, etc. 

Furthermore, this course covers real-life case studies of digital marketing before concluding with a hypothetical campaign. You can use this campaign to assess the extent of your knowledge after the course.

Course Duration: 2 Days





Mad School Top Social Media Courses in Singapore


Diploma in Digital Marketing – M.A.D School


In 2003, the M.A.D School became the first Asian learning institution to offer integrated advertising, marketing, and design courses. Its diploma in digital marketing covers several topics, such as social media, content creation, branding, web optimisation, etc. 

The minimum requirement for doing this course is ‘N’ level in your GCE exams, with a minimum of three credits. If you do not have these credentials, you might need to pass an interview.

Course Duration: 10 months part-time


S$5,900 excluding miscellaneous fees



The above courses will position you for success as a professional social media marketer. Before we look at the importance of social media training in Singapore, here is a table showing the level of internet penetration in the country and the projections. 


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Share of Population
















Internet user penetration in Singapore from 2018 to 2025 Source: Statista (* projected)

Importance of Social Media Training in Singapore

Social media training is now more crucial than ever, given that most people access the internet regularly. Individuals who previously served as corporate spokespeople are now social media managers. You risk losing ground to your competitors if you do not have a social media presence. 

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Unlike conventional media, social networks go beyond content distribution – you have to communicate and interact with our audience. Without engagement, there is no point in investing in social media marketing. This explains the importance of enrolling yourself and your staff in the courses listed in this article. 

The following are the top reasons why your organisation needs to invest in social media training.

  • It Improves Brands Awareness

The amount of engagement on your social media profile influences your brand’s reach. If more people like, comment, reply or follow your account, your brand will gain more popularity. 

When an individual interacts with a social media post, they are likely to be with friends at the time. If any of the friends engage, your following becomes bigger. Over time, this network gets more members, especially if your staff knows how to convince prospects to engage. 

  • Training Strengthens Your Social Media Policy

Although having a social media policy is vital to the success of your marketing campaign, it is only useful if the people who read it can understand it. You can use the best wording, but it is useless if the ones it is intended for cannot understand it. 

For this reason, it essential to train your staff so that they understand every detail of your policy. After training, they will implement the policy better, and your company’s productivity will improve. More importantly, they will be able to use your social media accounts better.

  • There is Less Trust in Official Channels

While most internet addicts share content impulsively, most businesses prefer channeling their communications through public relations representatives or their leadership. The latter approach is not effective because most people use social media nowadays. 

The reason behind the ineffectiveness of using official channels is that people are increasingly losing trust in institutions, especially against those in leadership positions. The distrust is more pronounced in government departments than it is in businesses. Using a CEO or a spokesperson to communicate to your target audience can result in you losing a substantial number of clients. 

The best way to curb this distrust is by investing in social media training. People feel more confident when subject matter experts address their issues, rather than being attended to by PR officers or CEOs, according to research

  • It Improves Productivity

Individuals who are proficient in digital marketing outperform their peers in every niche. According to a report from MIT and CapGemini, businesses that invest in technology and digital marketing get 26% more profit and have up to 12% more value than those that do not. Given that it also improves the way you interact and communicate with your customers, social media can improve your productivity significantly. 

  • It Reduces Employee Turnover

Recently, a substantial number of employers have had to deal with misuse of social media by current or former employees. Regardless, most employers still allow their staff to access social networks at the workplace. 

The problem is that only a few organisations teach their personal on how to use social networks responsibly, especially when they are at the workplace. Allowing your staff to access social media at the workplace without adequate training is an ineffective way to achieve compliance. 

How to Choose a Social Media Training Course

Nobody would have predicted that social media and digital marketing would be as popular as they are today. In fact, they are crucial to the success of any business’s marketing campaign. These two are particularly important to small and medium-sized enterprises as they give them to reach audiences that were previously available to large corporate organisations. 

With plenty of options to choose from, it can be challenging to find the right social media training course to sharpen your skills. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when making this selection. 

  • The Learning Method

Often, you have to choose between online classes and in-person training. The advantage of online classes is that you can learn at your preferred time, but you have to be self-disciplined. Some distant classes require you to submit assignments at a specified time, while others are more open. On the other hand, in-person lessons require you to attend classes regularly, and you can interact with your instructor one-on-one. 

With online classes, you can review the leaning material as much as you like. This is a benefit you cannot enjoy if you attend physical classes. Take time to choose the options that aligns with your needs. 

  • Content

Social media marketing covers several aspects, meaning that you have to analyze the content offered in a particular course before signing up for it. Some of the topics you can expect include the basics of social media marketing, how to use various marketing tools, analytics, developing effective strategies, etc. 

You might not want to learn all aspects at once, but ensure that you understand what you are going to learn. Also, it is wise to confirm if you need to learn the various topics in a particular sequence – you cannot start by studying advanced topics if you are not familiar with the basics. 

Moreover, make sure you know if the course has practical lessons. Are you going to learn plain theory, or will you learn how to use marketing tools?

  • Assessment Method

There is no point in undergoing training if there is no assessment test upon completing the course. Some programs require you to sit for an exam to test your knowledge, while others need you to develop a project. Likewise, some provide continuous assessment tests, while others evaluate your progress at the end. 

Generally, courses that test practical skills are better than those that test the theory. With practical exams, you display the knowledge that you have acquired. On the contrary, you can pass theory exams by cramming. 

  • Qualifications

Many people go for training courses to gain a qualification from a recognisable body like Google, IBM, and City & Guilds. Having a recognized certification shows that your program meets the required industry standards. This certification can make your CV or LinkedIn profile more appealing to prospective employers.

Before you sign up for a course, ask for the level and quality of certification you will receive. Often, you get to choose between in-house courses or a complete program. Regardless of your pick, ensure that it meets the required quality assurance standards.  

  • Course Accreditation

Accreditation shows that multinational bodies that operate in Singapore and beyond regulate the course you are planning to do. It also means that the training provider is subject to regular checks to assess the quality of the lessons they offer and their assessment procedures. 

When you that a program is CPD accredited, it meets the standards set by the continuous professional development (CPD) organisations. However, these courses do not undergo regular checks.  

  • Level of Training

Another factor to consider when choosing a course is the level of training. For instance, it can be an award, a certificate, or a diploma. The depth of a course changes with its level – a diploma covers more aspects than a certificate, the same way an award is less detailed than a certificate. 

It is worth noting that some course providers label their programs as either ‘certificate’ or ‘diploma’ without proper accreditation. In such cases, the label signifies the depth of the curriculum. 

  • Course Duration

How much time will you need to complete the course? How long are the classes? Can you attend on a part-time basis? Is an accelerated program available? It is essential to evaluate the time you need to complete a course and make the most of it. 

Some courses last for days, while others require over a year to complete. The course duration usually depends on its depth and what you intend to do upon completion. Generally, programs with a lot of practical content last longer than those that emphasize theory. 

Accelerated programs are ideal if you have time constraints. However, they require more commitment and focus. It is advisable to take courses at a regular pace because it gives you more time to concentrate and apply the skills you acquire when learning. 

  • Quality of the Course

The quality of a course goes beyond the accreditation process and assessment methods used. You need to pick a program that gets regular updates in conformity with the latest trends in various social media platforms. Taking an outdated course is not only a waste of time and money, but it can also hurt your business. Ideally, a program should get at least one update annually. 

Alternatively, you can assess the quality of a program by asking others for their opinion and how undertaking the course impacted their lives. Lastly, find out if the course developers are qualified trainers who can adapt their teaching approach to suit each student’s unique needs.

  • Level of Support

The level of support you get when learning influences your performance and the amount of knowledge you acquire. Some of the methods used to offer support to students by course providers include online forums and discussion groups, one-on-one meetings, email, and telephone calls. 

 When analyzing the level of support offered, consider checking reviews from previous students. Are they positive or negative? Do they cater to the unique needs of people with physical impairments? More importantly, remember to check the flexibility offered suppose anything happens to you while studying. 

  • Pricing

It can be confusing to compare the prices of social media training courses. The best way to discover if a course is cost-effective is by analyzing its feature – what it includes and what it does not. Find out if there are additional expenses like exam fees, certification fees, and other miscellaneous expenses.

In most cases, accredited courses tend to be more expensive than regular programs. Because of the expensiveness of these courses, ensure that you pick a choice that will return your investment. 

Essential Certifications for a Social Media Marketer

 While taking the courses mentioned above is a significant step towards achieving your career goals, you can go a step further by having additional digital marketing certification. These certificates ensure that you are proficient at other aspects of online marketing other than social media, making you marketable in the job market. 

The following are some essential certifications that can make you stand out among other digital marketing managers.

  • Google AdWords – this shows that you know how to use Google’s paid search platform.
  • Googles Analytics – this shows that you can effectively measure the progress of a social media marketing campaign.
  • HubSpot – this certification improves your content creation skills and makes your campaigns more effective. 
  • Facebook Ads Certification – this acknowledges your proficiency in creating effective advertising campaigns on Facebook. 
  • YouTube – besides being the world’s most popular video-sharing platform, YouTube is the second largest search engine. This explains why having this certification is crucial for any ambitious social media marketer.


Studies show that 90% of Singaporeans aged between 15 and 34 consume the shows they love online – as a business person, this is an opportunity you cannot afford to pass. If you are yet to invest in a social media marketing campaign, you are losing a chance to increase your productivity and maximize your profits.

The best place to start your social media marketing campaign in Singapore is by signing up for one of the courses offered by MediaOne Marketing. We guarantee quality, affordability, and a high level of support to all our students. 


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