Top Security Services in Singapore

Top Security Services in Singapore

Given Singapore’s status as a first world city and renown for high living standards, the demand for protection of property and warehouse spaces and offices remains a high priority. Security guards are commonly sighted at private condominiums, factories and at offices as owners seek protection from crime and unwanted intruders.

About security services in Singapore

Security services are required at a wide variety of private property and office spaces, in addition schools, construction sites, factories, hospitals, commercial buildings, condominiums, hotels, clubs, and concert or high traffic events like IT shows. The more established security agencies are accredited by Singapore Police Force and Security Association Singapore.

Top Security Services in Singapore

YSS Security Top Security Services in Singapore

Security Services

YS Security Services

Speciality About: Provides trained, licensed security officers who undergo stringent screening standards. Integrates technology and manpower to provide cost effective security solutions. A centralized communications center manned by controllers supporting employees operates 24 hours. Security employees undergo constant upgrading with technological expertise and undergo regular inspection by site supervisors to ensure standards.

Services: Licensed security officers, Security solutions, 24/7 response, on-site consultancy, Technological solutions

Pricing Request a quote :
Address 50 Gambas Crescent #08-11 Proxima @ Gambas Singapore 757022
Telephone +65-96631753
Operating Hours 8.30 am to 5.30 pm
Client funny share, Mohammad Farhan bin Yasin, Sivaneshri Selvaraj
8 reviews9 months ago
High profilp serservi


Metropolis Top Security Services in Singapore

Security Services

Metropolis Security Agency

Speciality They seek to be the best of security agencies, providing quality services in security, and setting industry standards for being at the forefront of security services. Metropolis prides itself on providing generous off-site support to deployed guards through operations, logistics and moral support from management staff including inspectors and administrators.
Services: Security services, High standards, Trained guards, Off-site support, Management support
Pricing Request quotation:
Address 20 Sin Ming Lane #08-63 Midview City Singapore 573968
Telephone (65) 6352-6769
Operating Hours 8.30 am to 6.00pm
Client Crston Tan, Deepaliva Bala,Benjamin Tan,thiran king, Suryah Prakash
Review Sharya Vad
2 reviews
9 months ago


Security Masters Top Security Services in Singapore

Security Services

Security Masters Services

Speciality They seek to provide the best professional service in security management by seamlessly integrating security guard practice and management support. They promise trained staff and additional customer service and crisis management from all staff. They also promise documentation, timely reports, follow-up reports, and trained relief staff as replacements in emergencies.
Services: Security services, Management support, Customer service, Crisis support, Relief staff
Pricing Request a quote:
Address 140 Paya Lebar Road #08 – 17 AZ @ Paya Lebar Singapore 409015
Telephone +65 6345-1011
Operating Hours 9 am to 6pm
Client Kamal Raj, boy sandhu,Thenesh Kumaran,Zulaiha Salleh, jack eng
Review Kamal Raj
Local Guide ・22 reviews
6 months ago
One thing i like about this agency is its very easy to communicate with office. Also payment on time. Any issue just call them. Simple. No drama whatsoever. Hope you all get more assignments


Volantra Top Security Services in Singapore

Security Services

Volantra Security Agency

Speciality Voluntra as its name suggests, is electric as an agency and guarantees the power of reliability, accountability, protection, and professionalism in services. They pride themselves both on extensive knowledge of security protection and effective practice of the principles and protocol they have internalized. They promise professionalism and integrity in service.
Services: Trained security staff, Professional service, Reliable service, Knowledge, Security protocol
Pricing Request a quote :
Address 3 Coleman Street, #04-22 Peninsula Shopping Centre, Singapore – 179804
Telephone +65 62642644
Operating Hours 24/7 via web


Sovereign Top Security Services in Singapore

Security Services

Sovereign Security Services

Speciality They provide security manpower for commercial and industrial sectors. These include condominiums, industrial sites, shopping malls, construction sites, banks. Aside from security services permanent and temporary, Sovereign provides trained dogs and handlers, and private investigation services. Sovereign is accredited by Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD) and Security Association Singapore.
Services: Security manpower, Commercial building patrol, Condominium patrol, Trained dogs, Private investigation
Pricing Request a quote:
Address 75 Bukit Timah Road, #06-08/09, Singapore 229833
Telephone +65 6339 0800
Operating Hours 24/7 via
Client Sivasekaran govindsamy, R C, Komathi Pakarisamy, Durai Siv
Review Sivasekaran govindsamy
1 review
a year ago
Sovereign security is an excellent company. A very good pay master. Most of the staffs are 15 years in service with sovereign. Referring to the review of Mr.Durai siva i totally disagreed his comments.


Deep Security Top Security Services in Singapore

Security Services

Deep Security Services

Speciality Deep Security is well established for security. It is licensed by the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD) of the Singapore Police Force. CEO, Tejdeep Singh is trained in security consulting and maintains staff training personally. Deep security is a preferred event security provider. They provide security for private property.
Services: Security service, Security training, Security consulting, Events security, Property patrol
Pricing Request a quote:
Address Address: 39 Woodlands Close #08-80 Singapore 737856
Operating Hours 24 hours
Client lp richard, Lam Seng, SH Wong,TJ Singh, Jennifer Ferrer
Review Lam Seng
2 reviews
a year ago
Excellent Choice For Event security, Guards are very Professional and Service Level is Excellent


Orizon Security Top Security Services in Singapore

Security Services

Orizon Security Services

Speciality Orizon Security Services aims to provide effective security services to clients in the private and public sector. They seek to provide reliable, trained security officers to clients and supplement their patrol with remote monitoring from technology to safeguard premises and facilities. Management is available 24/7 to respond remote threats off-site.
Services: Trained security staff, Surveillance technology, Accredited security staff, Privacy and manpower protocol observed
Pricing Request quote at:
Address 701 Geylang Road, Teambuild Centre, Unit 04-01 Singapore 389687
Telephone +65-6741 1554
Operating Hours 9am to 6pm
Client Xavier Jing, Rowie Villacrusis, Terence Lim, appadurai dhanushkodi ramanathan
Review 1 Xavier Jing
1 review7 months ago
Security officers are friendly and efficient at work. Will recommend their services to friends and family


Strive Security Top Security Services in Singapore

Security Services

Strive Security Services

Speciality Strive Security is rated grade A 2020. It charges affordable rates and its team is service-oriented. The manpower is highly experienced and complements patrol with technology. Strive also promises speedy response to emergencies and 24/7 monitoring of all sites. Sites are also checked randomly to ensure quality. Guards are trained.
Services: Accredited officers, Competitive rates, Service-oriented, Surveillance technology, 24/7 surveillance
Pricing Request for quote:
Address 8 Ubi Road 2 #04-07 Zervex, Singapore 408538
Telephone +65-62917069
Operating Hours 24 hours
Review Suganya Sivaji
1 review
8 months ago
Strive has always been prompt and neat with what they do. Strive gives the strongest manpower and team to the assigned site and is always prompt in giving the best customer service. Someone who is looking for a security needs for your business should contact strive as they will give a good quote as per your requirements.


SG ISS Top Security Services in Singapore

Security Services

ISS Security Services

Speciality ISS is highly established with over a hundred years’ experience in Security industry and have solid expertise in Security practice. ISS protects clients against theft of assets and information. ISS works with clients to identify threats and devise solutions. Security staff are motivated and skilled, and trained for customer service.
Services: History of security intelligence, experience, Security expertise, Service-oriented, Trained staff
Pricing Request a quote:
Address No. 1 Jalan Kilang Timor #10-00 Pacific Tech Centre Singapore 159303
Telephone +65-2279711
Operating Hours 9am to 6pm
Review  Antonio Baguette
2 reviews3 months ago
It’s very nice


Impact Top Security Services in Singapore

Security Services

Impact Security Services

Speciality Impact Security is licensed by Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD). They seek to provide quality security service to condominiums, factories and industrial parks, malls and commercial buildings and construction sites, for events. They keep abreast with technology updates to improve service. Top management comprises personnel from the Singapore Police.
Services: Trained guards, Accredited guards, Surveillance technology, Security intelligence, Event security
Pricing Request a quote:
Address 45 Jalan Pemimpin #10-00 Foo Wah Ind Bldg Singapore 577197
Telephone +65 65709358
Operating Hours 9.30am to 6.30 pm


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Live Sensory Top Security Services in Singapore

Security Services

Live Sensor Security

Speciality Live Sensor was established in 2005 by former police and security specialists. It has since grown to be a leading security agency locally. Live Sensor provides trained guards, security equipment, and security consulting and training services. Aside from patrol security, they also provide criminal and commercial investigation service and intelligence.
Services: Trained guards, Security expertise, Security training, Security equipment, Private investigation
Pricing Request a quote:
Address One Tannery Building, No 1 Tannery Road #09-04, Singapore 347719
Telephone +65 67475443
Operating Hours 24/7 via website


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Pico Guards Top Security Services in Singapore

Security Services

PICO guards

Speciality Pico Guards, established in 1995, has a proven track record of service excellence and providing trained, reliable security personnel to clients. Their security personnel are customer-oriented, trained and they are a professional practice that spans Singapore. They promise professionalism in service and are a successful practice with 600 guards employed.
Service: Trained guards, Professionalism, Quality guards, Service-oriented, Island wide deployment
Pricing Request quotation:
Address Singpost Centre 10 Eunos Road 8 #13-05A Singapore 408600
Telephone +65-62974020
Operating Hours 24 hours
Client Dilip Gobind, Tyler Koh, Vicky Krish, Siew Gek Ang. Muhhamed Zuhelmi
Review 1 Pierce Ang
1 review3 years ago
The company to build real world experience and develop relevant interpersonal, organisational and critical thinking skills necessary to take you well through the rest of your career. Also a great place to develop your career within Pico Guards


Ras Security Top Security Services in Singapore

Security Services

RAS Security 

Speciality RAS security is established for service excellence and registered with Police Licensing & Regulatory Department of the Singapore Police Force. RAS is managed by ex SAF AND Singapore Police Force members who have rich security expertise and experience. They thus have the skills and expertise to run professional security services.
Services: Trained guards, Accredited guards, Skilled management, Security training, Security expertise
Pricing Request a quote :
Address Mega@Woodlands 39 Woodlands Close #08-80A Singapore 737856
Telephone +65-6754 3140
Operating Hours 24 hours
Client Ramzan khan, TJ Singh, Lye Leng Low, Jasdeep Singh, Lam Seng
Review 1 TJ Singh
11 reviewsa year ago
Excellent Company


Rightmen Top Security Services in Singapore

Security Services

Rightmen Security Services

Speciality Rightmen strives to excel in the security industry locally. They strive to be service-oriented and to train staff with security intelligence and protocol. They seek high levels of professionalism and teamwork. They aim to fulfil client needs and demands to their best and fulfil regulatory standards while pleasing clients simultaneously.

· Provision of WSQ trained Security Officer to Chief Security Officer.
· Provision of ad hoc security officer for events or upon request.
· Provision of customised technologies to supplement site operation.
· Provision of remote CCTV Monitoring.

Pricing Request quote at:
Address 10 Anson Road #34-02 International Plaza Singapore 079903
Contact 65-64290255

Email :

Operating Hours 9am to 5pm
Clients Thinalan Saravanan, yem yem yem, Firdaus, Amir Abdul Majid, Michael Y
Review 1 Review:
Dynodice 88
1 review3 months ago
Very Great company with no problem Of payMaster, Always on dot. salary keep increasing of review. Excellence Place to stay..


Kyowa Top Security Services in Singapore

Security Services

KNOWYA Security Guard Services

Speciality KNOWYA has a track record of service excellence. This has brought in over 100 client assignments in Singapore. They seek to deliver service quality and reliability to meet client needs and to remain a leader in the security industry. With 300 guards and 24/7 operations , most clients are MNCs.
Service: Trained guards, service excellence, service reliability, large pool of guards, 24/7 support
Pricing Request quotation at:
Address 1 Tannery Road, #04-02/03 One Tannery, Singapore 347719
Telephone +65-6741 3688
Operating Hours 24 hours
Clients Royce Cheng, Gobi Kesavan, Jiwan Singh, Ren Jie, Saheena Shukur
Review 1 Gobi Kesavan
12 reviews6 months ago
The Company is flexible in give staff OFF days and payments are very punctual. Some of the Operation schedule by AOM & SM is bad due favourisiam. The Office staffs the Account Dept., do not co-ordinate well and the Security Offices are always short of pay. ( The account Dept., have pay cut without checking property.)


Prosegur Top Security Services in Singapore

Security Services

Prosegur Security Services

Speciality Prosegur is a local subsidiary of an international security agency. As an MNC, it offers the advanced technology and maximized business efficiency that its size leverages. A global company spanning 4 continents, including Asia, Europe,Latin-America,Oceania it seeks to establish peace and security for clients globally. Prosegur is of international repute.
Services: Trained Guards, Security consultancy, Advanced technology, International standards, Global presence
Pricing Request quotation at:
Address 11 Lorong 3 Toa Payoh Jackson Square, Block B #03-26 Singapore 319579
Telephone +65-63895187
Operating Hours 8am to 6pm
Client Thiam Heng Ang, Albert Lian, sen Patrick, Nicky ng Kok Hong, Bob Poh
Review Albert Lian
Local Guide ・32 reviewsa year ago
“Be respected, be well-paid” so reads the slogan in its advertisement in the papers… Yeah, it’s true. Well, at least, comparatively so la… Compared with many other security companies, this one pays reasonably much better than they do…It’s an international security company employing many personnel in its wide array of sites…


SecurityPersonnel Top Security Services in Singapore

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Security Services

Security Personnel Singapore

Speciality About: Founded in 2001 and licensed by the Singapore Police Force to carry on the business of a Security Guard Agency. Security Personnel provides holistic human resources solutions for security services, both front line, auxiliary, relief, administrative and backend operations. They seek smooth service, professionalism, innovation and value budgeting for clients.
Services: Trained personnel, Accredited staff, Holistic security solutions, Professional delivery, Value budgeting
Pricing Request quotation at:
Address 187A Thomson Road Goldhill Centre Singapore 307630
Telephone +65- 6253 5562
Operating Hours 10 am to 5.30 pm
Client mages waran, Kannan Siva, Thana Kr, Praka Lathan, Pushpavalli Mayandi
Review 1 mages waran
Local Guide ・13 reviewsa year ago
Very good in the training of security officers; officers were updated on security issues like Terrorism Attacks and latest security knowledges required of the jobs. The top management is a concern of the well being of the security officers.


KH Top Security Services in Singapore

Security Services

KC Security

Speciality KC Security strives for service excellence; they seek to deliver honest and sincere service towards customers and customer tailored solutions. Certified bizSAFE Level 4 and ISO 9001:2008 for security services, they are also members of the Member of Association of Certified Security Agencies (ACSA) and Asian Professional Security Association (Singapore).
Services: Trained personnel, service excellence, integrity, honesty, Industry accreditation
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address No. 2 Clementi Loop #04-02, Logis Hub @ Clementi, Singapore 129808
Telephone +65-6745 3889
Operating Hours 9am to 5pm
Client Manoj Kumar, supaiah nagan, Jaysel Ang
Review 1 Manoj kumar
Local Guide ・85 reviews10 months ago
Worked at qbay tampines, nice sit


G4S Top Security Services in Singapore

Security Services

G4s Singapore

Speciality G4s is a subsidiary of an international security solutions provider. Their global presence makes them a significant player in the local security industry. Their services include manned security, electronic security, 24 hour crisis management, events security and project management. They value professionalism and cost-effective security solutions with enhanced surveillance technology.
Services: Surveillance technology, Security solutions, Electronic security, 24 -hour surveillance, manned security
Pricing Request quotation at:
Address 380 JALAN BESAR #10-06/12. SINGAPORE 209000
Telephone +65-6392 4140
Operating Hours 9am to 6pm
Clients Dilip Gobind, Junaidi Mohd, Lee Seck Guat, kanasamy tanabal, Sebastian Wong
Review 1 Junaidi Mohd
9 reviews3 months ago
Your officer are very good ,I bump with one of your officer I was lost in Nanyang university and he help me to show the way to the building I was glad he is wear smart and very knowledgeable ,I forget to see his name plump tanned Malay chap.


Detecs Top Security Services in Singapore

Security Services

Detec security services

Speciality Detec security services provides security personnel, control room supervision with 24 hour technology surveillance, comprehensive security packages to meet budgets,site management and audit to tailor to specific events, patrol needs and budgets. Detec is service oriented and client focused, promote staff welfare and cater mainly to condominiums and commercial buildings.
Services: Security personnel, control room supervision, surveillance technology, site management, Audit service
Pricing Request quotation at:
Address 60 Paya Lebar Road,#11-42 Paya Lebar Square,Singapore 409051
Telephone +65-63486940
Operating Hours 9am to 6pm
Client Clients:Mat Max, Jgnext Foru, Allen Tan, Ashvin Kai, Su-yin Tham,Richard Koh
Review 1 Reviews:
Ashvin Kai
1 review2 years ago
Good security


Ranger Investigation & Security Services

Security Services

Ranger Investigation & Security Services

Speciality Services:
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Security Technology Supplying/Installation
  • Private Investigation
  • Commercial Investigation
  • Fraud Examination
Address 808 French Road #07-183, Singapore 200808
Contact Email :

Telephone : 9698 8142


Trends observed in Singapore’s security services

Singapore is renowned for being a safe destination with low crime rates. As such potential security guards undergo rigorous training and certification as required under the Private Security Industry Act. Guards require licensing by the police force under Police Licensing and Regulatory Department to be a certified practicing Security officer.

Sample costs of security services in Singapore:

The salary of a typical security guard in Singapore is typically $2399 per month. Packages for security services vary according to the size of the team requested, frequency of patrol required and back up options, the type, size and scale of event patrolled, the level of security needed, and prices scale up accordingly with event size and manpower needs. Quotations are provided by security agencies based on the size, scale, level of security requested, back up options for emergencies, the experience level of officers sent and scale according to level of security, the size of manpower needs and expertise sent.

Benefits of security services:

The security service industry in Singapore is highly localized and established with local accreditation schemes with the Singapore Police Force and Security Association of Singapore. While both foreign and local talent are employed all undergo rigorous training by the Singapore Police to ensure they understand crime deterrence and proper security defense protocol. The relative wealth and low crime levels in the state has made the demand for security a ubiquitous necessity and there is a large variety of security service firms and these are largely private companies ensuring free access to all consumers though accreditation is through the Singapore Police.

Editor’s Note:

While every precaution has been made to ensure the accuracy and fairness of this listing, we acknowledge that they may be inaccuracies. Therefore, we urge you to contact the service provider above for the correct information and/or contact us with the correct information.

If you are a service provider and wish to be featured in this listing (MediaOne reviews are read by hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans), please contact us at There is no charge! Please allow us up to 3 working days to review before adjusting the information or including your entry.

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