Top Science Tuition in Singapore

What Is the Purpose of Tuition?

Tuition is a teaching platform to provide students with academic-related instructions or content.

Most students seek tuition during their primary, secondary and college school periods.

In fact, tuition is one of the most profitable industries in Singapore.

Living in a country that emphasises the importance of education, students are always striving for academic excellence.

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The fundamental of good results is the bane of every student suffering in this perfect education system.

It is recognisable that tuition has become a necessary chore in the kiasu’ Singapore landscape.

Few students can escape from such stressful culture.


Education System in Singapore

  • Primary School

The number of subjects to be taken in primary school includes English Language, Mother Tongue Language and Mathematics – offered in Primary 1 and 2.

An additional subject, Science, will be introduced in Primary 3.

Based on online research, we have gathered definite figures for the overall tuition costs in primary school.

If you are looking to enrol your child in a local tuition class, expect to pay a sum of $1,920 – $5,760 per year for a single subject.

  • Secondary School

Depending on the course you take in secondary school, the tuition costs vary accordingly – depending on the subjects and time of education.

Lower secondary science is offered in secondary 1 and 2 as the gateway to different specializations in upper secondary science in secondary 3 and 4 such as pure biology, physics and chemistry (pure or combined).

Based on online research, we have gathered definite figures for the overall tuition costs in secondary school. If you are looking to enroll your child in a local tuition class, expect to pay a higher sum of $2,400 – $7,680 per year for a single subject.

  • Junior College (JC) for GCE ‘A’ Levels

For JC Students, they have to take up General Paper (GP) for their GE ‘A’ levels. This is added on top of 4 other core subjects which they have to take.

JC students can choose to either take up all 4 H2s or 3 H2s and 1 H1 subject. Students with a strong interest for any particular subject can go for the H3 subjects.

Undoubtedly, JC is stressful and expensive. Thus, we have gathered the overall tuition costs for JC students. If you have tuition for a single subject, expect to pay high amounts of $3,360 – $14,400 per year.


Sophia Education Top Science Tuition in Singapore

Science Tuition 

Sophia Education


The truth is Singapore’s school system doesn’t give enough personalized support to students. Teachers in schools just don’t have the resources to give students the proper support they need. Students need teachers who can teach in a fun and entertaining way, and better yet, who were top students themselves and know the more effective methods to studying. Just trying to bludgeon everything into a student’s brain by rote memorization is simply not good enough.

Sophia Education is the solution for all students. They provide students with the best teachers along with an environment that’s conducive to learning and improving how to learn.

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address #04-20 Singapore Shopping Center, 190 Clemenceau Ave, 239924
Telephone 9810 6666
Operating Hours Thursday-Friday: 1–9pm

Saturday-Sunday: 8am–9pm

(Hours might differ)

Monday: 1–9pm

(Hours might differ)

Tuesday-Wednesday: 1–9pm

Review  Positive: 5 Stars. – Lan Huang


AGrader Learning Centre

Science Tuition 

AGrader Learning Centre

Speciality AGrader Learning Centre is a popular tuition centre chain in Singapore with over 15 convenient locations islandwide offering high-quality tuition in Science, English and Creative Writing for Pre-primary, Primary, and Secondary Levels. 

 Along with regular weekly lessons, AGrader also provides EverLoop Improvement System, free after-class support where students have access to extra worksheets, and learning videos & can attend unlimited revision sessions to revise and improve.

 Not only that, but students also enjoy complimentary access to extra learning resources of up to 3 previous levels (e.g. P6 student receives everything from P3/P4/P5 too).

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 15 locations islandwide:
Telephone  9665 1713
Operating Hours
Click here for operating hours (differ by location)
Review 1
Very pleased with AGrader and their Everloop Improvement System as it provides additional worksheets to the students, and Bonus Bucks rewards upon its completion, which encourages participation from the students. This system is unique to AGrader, and it’s commendable. – Carissa Ku
Review 2
AGrader has helped my girl with her Science a lot, from understanding to knowing how to answer OEQ. AGrader everloop has also helped my girl in subject revisions that ensure she revised what she had learned. I definitely recommend others to join this tuition centre! – Sue Ng
Review 3
It was a fantastic tuition centre well managed by professional teachers. I signed up for almost all subjects and my 2 kids’ grades did improve with them. Well recommended. 5 stars! – Deon Ho


The Learning Lab Top Science Tuition in Singapore

Science Tuition 

The Learning Lab (Seletar Mall)

Speciality The Learning Lab offers tuition and enrichment programs for nursery, primary and secondary school, kindergarten and junior college students. The tuition centre helps students to connect with what they are learning to achieve excellent results at the PSLE and O Level examinations.
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Address Seletar Mall, 33 Sengkang West Ave #02-18 to 21, 797653
Telephone  6733 8711
Operating Hours Thursday-Friday: 1–9pm

Saturday-Sunday: 9am–6pm

(Hours might differ)

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 1–9pm

Review 1
The Learning Lab is a great help for our kid who was struggling in her studies. Teacher Lyn, the teacher that was assigned to her group, is so dedicated and easily identified the weak spots of my child when it come to English and Mathematics. My child admits that she find these subjects boring. Her teacher uses her creativity to entice my child to become curious and enthusiastic in learning these subjects. Now my child is active both in school and in TLL and her score greatly improved. Thank you teacher Lyn and TLL. – Fleisher Rowleyar
Review 2
My husband and I are happy with our child’s progress and I can say that TLL is way better than any other tuition center. My daughter started to attend sessions at TLL when she is P3. They help her to be ready with her primary journey through guided activities and in-depth coaching. Feed backing greatly boosts her confidence and she was able to realize which points she needs to focus and work harder. What she learns from TLL is really applicable to their school’s performance task. I highly recommend The Learning Lab because it is worth the price. – Rine Chang
Review 3
The Learning Lab is one of the best tuition center that delivers their promise to unlease the potential of your child and make them prepared for PSLE. I could testify that. I send my eldest to TLL when he was P4 as a part of his preparation for PSLE in 2019. His scores on Science and Math are not really good but when the results came, we are so happy that he passed PSLE with scores we never thought he could have. Thank you TLL for helping our child improve and pass the assessment. – omor sadia


The Pique Lab Top Science Tuition in Singapore

Science Tuition 

Singapore Primary School Science Tuition Centre – The Pique Lab

Speciality Over at The Pique Lab, they focus on creating the best learning experiences for primary school students.

The tuition centre uses relevant data and research in our approach to formulate their methodology. Till date, they have helped more than 7,836 primary school students achieve phenomenal improvements in their Science grades. They also have a proven methodology and a highly experienced team to help your child get the results he/she desires.

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 10 Jalan Serene #02-20 Serene Centre, 258748
Telephone 8621 1533
Operating Hours Thursday-Friday: 12–9pm

Friday: 12–9pm

Saturday: 9am–7pm

Sunday: 9am–7pm (Holiday opening hours)

Monday: Closed (Holiday opening hours)

Tuesday-Wednesday: 12–9pm

Review 1 Pique Lab was the best decision in helping my daughter with her Science. The notes are very comprehensive, detailed and extremely helpful. Since attending lessons at Pique Lab, my daughter has been scoring more than 86% for all tests and that is a huge improvement from where she was before. The dedication of the teachers at Pique Lab, the notes as well as the templates greatly helped! She looks forward to the lessons each week as the lessons are fun and never dull. My daughter started with the CCI Course and then enrolled for the weekly class. I highly recommend Pique Lab to any parents who are considering Pique Lab’s Science program, it is no doubt the best decision and investment I have done for my daughter. I am extremely thankful to Pique Lab for helping my child improve tremendously and boost her confidence and love for the subject that she was once weakest in. Thank you Pique Lab team – you are awesome!! – Nattasha J.
Review 2
My girl has issues answering flow chart questions and she is bad in Matter and process skills. She loves the P4 CCI Science Course and now she find Science interesting. She said she finally mastered all the concepts. Mr Derrick is very funny and has a fun approach to all topics. – Hsiao huei Loh
Review 3
My son found the P4 CCI Science Course very beneficial as it helped him to gain a better understanding of the key concepts and key words needed to do well in his paper. Previously he studied very hard and answered SECTION B to the best of his ability with concepts but he lacked the key words and relating to the question or diagram. Now he finds it easier to understand and answer them. Thank you Ms Lim – he said you demonstrated patience, respectful guidance and enthusiasm when interacting with the students. In addition, when he asked you questions or brought his home tests to obtain your explanations, you were always prepared with the answers and nothing fazed you. His marks have improved to a Band 2 in SA2 from a Band 3 in SA1 and he is more motivated to study and do better in Science now. He has asked to take this course again next year for SA2 under your tutelage. – Marilyn


Edukateyishun Top Science Tuition in Singapore

Science Tuition 

Yishun Tutor English Maths Science Tuition Centre

Speciality eduKate Yishun Tutors are dedicated to provide top tutors to teach children of all learning abilities and studying skills. Yishun’s students development are their top priority and hence, the tutors come from outstanding institutions to provide the best customised classes for their students.

The tutors are highly motivated, intelligent educated individuals from a diverse background and ethnicity, with years of experience in guiding children’s intellectual growth and stimulating their grey matter to attain solid exam results. Moreover, they help to develop useful life skills to tackle problems deep into their future undertaking.

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 664 Yishun Ave 4, Singapore 760664
Telephone 8222 6327
Operating Hours Thursday-Sunday: Open 24 hours

(Hours might differ)

Monday: Open 24 hours

(Hours might differ)

Tuesday-Wednesday: Open 24 hours

Review 1 My best tutor. Went to a few tutors before Mr Wong, didn’t improve, and it all changed right after. When I attended his first class, I knew this is something special. He is quite fast, but it is also his technique to make us learn faster. Once you get used to his ways, it is the best lessons you will enjoy learning a lot from.

Go try at least a few lessons, for Secondary Math and see it yourself. Highly recommended. – Maya Toh

Review 2 Impressed with the tutor for Secondary 3 Additional Mathematics this year.

Put my mind at rest once my daughter returned with 25/30 for her second topical test. Not bad considering she failed her first.

The tutor will address all her weaknesses and she gains confidence knowing what she can do. Exceptional. – Jane Ow

Review 3
Picked up my kid and she is all smiles. Always a pleasure to send my girl here. She looks forward to lessons and such a rare thing to find a tuition centre that makes my child want to learn. Happy with the outcome. Pleasant experience. – Cherie Tang


Edukate Punggol Top Science Tuition in Singapore

Science Tuition 

eduKate Punggol Tutors for English Mathematics & Science Tuition

Speciality Full time Tutors, NIE, Uni Graduates and Professional Degree holders are the tutors for Punggol Primary and Secondary English, Math, Science Tuition with small group tuition of 3 pax (max). The tuition centre is dedicated to provide top tutors to teach and bring a depth of professional experience and knowledge to those who are eager to expand their talents, minds, and skills.
Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 83 Punggol Central, Singapore 828761
Telephone 8222 6327
Operating Hours Thursday-Friday: 3–9pm

Saturday-Sunday: 9am–6pm

(Hours might differ)

Monday: 3–9pm

(Hours might differ)

Tuesday-Wednesday: 3–9pm

Review 1 Online lessons this month with my kids came up better than expected. With the use of face to face webcam, a lot of of notes and clear instructions, my kids are learning like when in a physical class. Did not see much of a difference between their virtual and physical class as my kids enjoyed it as much and totally intrigued with the new way of learning.

Also, I finally understood why my kids improved under their care over the last two years as I was nearby the desktop looking at how they teach. Well setup, clear and concise, engaging.

Impressed. Well worth the investment.

Well done! Quite well designed online classes that helped a lot even with the times we are in, best compromise and I do recommend them to you. – HL Joyce

Review 2 Does the job. Took my daughter from a borderline pass to a B within 6 months of lesson. My daughter is happy.

Very encouraging atmosphere from the classmates and tutors. Strong recommendation. – Elise Winn

Review 3 Highly recommended. Small group of only 3 students. I scored an A1 for my E Maths GCE O levels after attending 2-3 years of their tutorials.

Lessons are organized to help me understand as I am average in Math but they helped me to tackle the syllabi’s requirements. Highly detailed and careful tutors.

Only problem is they are result oriented so I have to make sure I don’t miss their lessons and the next lesson is a level up. – Rae Ann Chua


Miss Chen Top Science Tuition in Singapore

Science Tuition

Ms Chen’s Science Tuition

Speciality Ms Chen holds a Bachelor Degree in Life Sciences from NUS. She has 18 years of tutoring experience under her belt, and also has 8 years of teaching experience in Nan Chiau High School, a SAP secondary school.

Being on the frontline of the teaching arena for so many years, Ms Chen is familiar with what it takes to develop her students to get better grades for both O and A levels. Almost all her students showed vast improvements in their grades and even topped their classes for science, with the exception of lazy students with poor attitude. 70-80% of her students scored distinctions at both O and A levels examinations.

Being a NIE-trained teacher, Ms Chen is constantly in touch with the changing syllabus. She also knows how examinations are being set and what the markers are looking for in students’ answers.

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #01-2124 Block 347, Singapore 560347
Telephone 9788 6170
Operating Hours Thursday-Friday: 3–10pm

Saturday-Sunday: 9am–10pm

(Hours might differ)

Monday: 3–10pm

(Hours might differ)

Tuesday-Wednesday: 3–10pm

Review 1 Ms Chen is an experience tutor with an incredible amount of resources for us. She is able to explain difficult concepts with simple terms as well as provide concise notes . Despite only joining the class at the end of J1, Ms Chen has helped me improve tremendously. Really grateful to have been under her guidance and attained an A at the A levels!! – yifei
Review 2
My son joined Ms Chen’s Chemistry tuition when he was in NYJC year 1 as he had difficulty coping in school. From persistently ungraded in school to attaining grade B at 2019 “A” level exam, I must thank Ms Chen for her patience and different teaching technique adopted for my son. By the way, my girl has attained A1 for her “O” level Chem last year. I’m sure she will do just as well for her “A” level under the guidance of Ms Chen. – ExpatLady Sha
Review 3
Ms Leong was my physics tutor for over 3 years, from the time I was midway through secondary school up till when I finished my A levels. She has never failed to communicate complex concepts concisely to me, and she is always there to address any and all of my questions. Under her guidance and with the help of her meticulously prepared worksheets / practice papers, I was able to consistently do well in physics and achieve results that I could be proud of. – Shien Ashley Hsu 


Samuel Math Top Science Tuition in Singapore

Science Tuition 

Samuel Math And Science Tuition

Speciality Li Minghui Samuel provides JC (A Level H1, H2, H3) and Secondary School (O Level, N Level) Math and Physics tuition in Singapore. Parents looking for a modern tuition centre offering advance maths & science tuition for their children can get a head start at Samuel Math and Science Tuition on their academic programmes.
Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 509A Yishun Ave 4, Singapore 761509
Telephone 9177 5074
Operating Hours Thursday-Friday: 6pm–12am

Saturday-Sunday: 8am–12am

(Hours might differ)

Monday: 6pm–12am

(Hours might differ)

Tuesday-Wednesday: 6pm–12am

Review 1
Thank you for teaching me and always being so patient with me, especially when I was starting to learn the new chapters and also when I make all those careless mistakes. You are very approachable and friendly, always trying your best to guide me along, allowing me to improve from a F9 last year to where I am now. I am really grateful to have been taught by you! – Clarisse Aw
Review 2
Samuel is an excellent and intelligent tutor with many years of experience. He understands the needs of his students well and promotes holistic development of the students. He knows how to keeps his students engaged and encourages them to think out of the box. Parents can be rest assured that their children are in good hands! – Waynne Koh
Review 3
Mr Samuel is a very good tutor. He motivates me and helps me set realistic goals for my subjects. Thank you cher! – Celest Yong


Science Edventure Top Science Tuition in Singapore

Science Tuition 

Science Edventure Education Centre


Located in Bishan, Science Edventure Education Centre specialises in providing primary and secondary science tuition. It was established in 2003 with the purpose of making science easy-to-score and fun to learn for every student. To achieve this, their lessons incorporate the right balance of improving a child’s academic results without compromising on fun.

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 269 Bishan Street 24, #B1-192, Singapore 570269
Telephone 6456 3242
Operating Hours Thursday-Friday: Closed

Saturday: 9am–7pm

Sunday-Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 3–6:30pm

Wednesday: 3–8:30pm

Review 1 Mr Jason’s lessons are very interesting and educational. Highly recommended. – Eleanor Lo
Review 2 I have been attending Science Edventure for 3 years. Mr Jason is a very good teacher. He makes Science a very interesting subject through experiments. These experiments makes us remember some of the science concepts. He has a lot of useful notes which help us in the exams. I like his lessons very much. – Hayden Chua
Review 3 I must thank Mr Jason for guiding my child in getting an A* for his PSLE Science. We did not expect our child to do so well as he could only get a low A grade for Science in school. Unlike many other Science tuition centres, Mr Jason’s Science class is never boring. My child would always share with me the fun experiments that they did in class and sometimes they would even bring home fun toys related to some science concept. In addition, Mr Jason was very helpful and patient in answering my son’s doubt, especially near the exam period and late through some nights. He was also able to point out my child’s weaknesses and guided me in doing effective revision with my son at home before PSLE. The notes given during the 5 days revision in September holiday was extremely useful too. Sending my child to Science Edventure was the best decision I had ever made. Thank you once more Mr Jason! – Bee Luan


APM Top Science Tuition in Singapore

Science Tuition

APM Tuition Centre

Speciality APM Tuition Centre specialises in Physics and Mathematics tuition for students of all levels such as PSLE, O Level, IP, IB, IGSCE and A levels. Their tutors have good years of experience and proven track records of developing student’s grades. The centre also provides a small class setting of 6 students or less.
Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 15A Woodlands Ave 6, Singapore 738996
Telephone 9836 4183
Operating Hours Thursday-Sunday: 8am–10pm

(Hours might differ)

Monday: 8am–10pm

(Hours might differ)

Tuesday: 8am–10pm

Wednesday: 8am–10pm

Review A tutor who is able to coach the student using his teaching technique effectively, enabling the student to understand the concept fully and tackle the questions effortlessly! – Wanqing Ye


Brain Matter Top Science Tuition in Singapore

Science Tuition

Brain Matter Tuition @ Bishan

Speciality Brain Matter seeks to build a positive and fun culture that engages and nurtures their students, promoting meaningful learning and character excellence. Their ultimate dream is to establish an oasis for students to seek help and receive encouragement. The tuition centre limits their class size to not more than 5 so that the professional teachers can provide personalised attention to individual students.
Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 503 Bishan Street 11, #01-448, Singapore 570503
Telephone 9791 1234
Operating Hours Thursday-Friday: 2–9pm

Saturday: 10am–7pm

Sunday: 10am–7pm

(Hours might differ)

Monday: 2–9pm

(Hours might differ)

Tuesday-Wednesday: 2–9pm

Review 1
The center is really good my grades have improved and Ms Phoebe is caring and teaches math well by answering questions and step by step explanations. Highly recommended, try it yourself and you’ll know. – Cenat
Review 2
Teacher Phoebe and Natasha are really patient, encouraging and nurturing! The learning environment is conducive, and class size is just nice. Ms Phoebe ensures each class size is just nice, so that the teachers could provide personal attention to each student in every session and help them tackle their weakness. Excellent results is definitely achieved after one term of coaching! Thank you, Phoebe and Natasha! – Norman
Review 3
My children were pretty much D grade students but after attending Brain Matter, they became self motivated and achieved A within a short period of 6 months. Teachers were very committed. Thank you Brain Matter for creating such an awesome learning journey for mu kids. Thankful. – Joey Koh


Miracle Learning Center Top Science Tuition in Singapore

Science Tuition

Miracle Learning Centre Pte Ltd

Speciality Miracle Learning Centre was established to help students learn better and faster. This is done by providing an easy-to-understand explanation of concepts with good application techniques. This helps students to score well with much less effort and time. They help academically weak and strong students excel in school.

Miracle Learning Centre also believes every child and everyone is a ‘MIRACLE’. Thus, their teachers and students can expect to go on and create more miracles in their lives and other people’ lives.

Pricing Click here to enquire
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road #03-01, Beauty World Centre, 588177
Telephone 6463 8756
Operating Hours Thursday-Friday: 3–10pm

Saturday-Sunday: 9:30am–7pm

(Hours might differ)

Monday: 3–10pm

(Hours might differ)

Tuesday-Wednesay: 3–10pm

Review 1 Miracle leaning centre has been very effective for me. I attend math, chem and physics in miracle learning. I have made tremendous improvements in my maths from an E8 to an A1
For chem, I jumped from a C6 to an A1 and for physics, I jumped from a C5 to an A1. The teachers here are very patient and helpful, they are always ready to help me whenever I need help with my homework and assignments. If you want to achieve your maximum potential with minimal effort, miracle learning centre is the place for you! Sign up and you will get to find out so much more! – Zachary Cheong
Review 2
Mrs Lew helped me fall in love with chemistry and eventually i pursued chemical engineering in poly. I still go back from time to time to visit and catch up with Mrs Lew, she is a teacher who inspires and cares about her students. – Leolaw
Review 3
Mrs lew is my science teacher and she is a very good teacher. She has helped me a lot and i enjoy the subject much more now. The lessons are very informative and interesting. – Chloe Lim


Tinker Lab Top Science Tuition in Singapore

Science Tuition

TinkerLab – Science Learning Centre for Children

Speciality TinkerLab provides science tuition and enrichment programmes for primary school children and science consultancy and training services for primary science students. Moreover, TinkerLab offers help such as enrichment lessons and online MCQ to matters related to primary school science to two group settings.
Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 985 Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534731
Telephone 9224 2505
Operating Hours Thursday-Fiday: 2–8:30pm

Saturday: 10am–6:30pm

Sunday: Closed

Monday: 3–8:30pm

(Hours might differ)

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 2–8:30pm


Emanuel Science TUition Top Science Tuition in Singapore

Science Tuition 

Singapore Primary School Science Tuition – Bedok


Singapore Primary School Science Tuition imparts best tutoring services, and it is one of the renowned tuition centre in neighbourhood areas. Their approach is to develop and empower your children to succeed in core subjects such as English, Math, Science and so on.

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 504 Bedok North Street 3, Singapore 460504
Telephone 8389 1241
Operating Hours Saturday-Sunday: 9am–7pm

Sunday: 9am–7pm (Holiday opening hours)

Monday: Closed (Holiday opening hours)

TuesdayFriday: 12–9pm


Smart Lab Top Science Tuition in Singapore

Science Tuition 


Speciality SmartLab believes in helping students believe in themselves, whether through intensive tutoring or collaborative classroom learning. They are well stocked with all the necessary equipment, MOE-approved lab and classroom as well as professional tutors – creating the perfect place to put theory into best practice.
Pricing Click here to enquire
Address Blk 228 Bishan Street 23 #B1-71 Singapore 570228 (Registration & Classrooms)

Blk 243 Bishan Street 22 #B1 – 274 Singapore 570243 (Classrooms)

Telephone 6459 5282 / 6459 2351
Review 1
Smartlab has been a big helping hand in getting good grades. I am thankful for Mr Tan Wei Ee for never giving up on me. Thankful for the supportive teachers who consistently guided me and my classmates all through out. – Mr Ng
Review 2 It was a great choice to enrol in Smartlab. The teachers go above and beyond to me and my classmates. They help in any way they can to make sure that we pass. I am very grateful for all their hard work and dedication. – John
Review 3
Mr Vincent Lee was a dedicated and passionate physics teacher who gave his 100 percent in helping his students. My physics was generally weak but with Mr Lee’s help, he has made me curious and made me a better learner of the subject. – Jordan Goh


The Science Academy Top Science Tuition in Singapore

Science Tuition

The Science Academy

Speciality With an emphasis on rationality, numeracy, and the spirit of inquiry, The Science Academy aims to impart advanced skills in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

The centre believes that learning is an ongoing journey and challenges are simply a matter of perspective. This is what they do at The Science Academy – empowering their students to challenge themselves and reach higher as no mountain is too high to conquer. Thus, they keep them ahead of the pack, supporting them every step of the way.

Pricing Click here to enquire
Address Blk 192 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh #01 – 674 (Level 2) S310192
Telephone 6566 8425
Operating Hours Monday – Friday : 2pm – 10pm

Saturday: 9am – 6pm

Sunday: 9am – 8pm

Review 1
Big thanks to Mr Yu & Mr Teo for their clear explanations. They are very committed teachers who have helped to improve grades tremendously. They have always try their best to make sure all concepts are easily understandable. With their guidance, huge progress in matter of time. Once again thanks for the help in achieving A1 on ‘O’ 2019. – Vivian Zhang
Review 2 Mr Yu and Mr Teo,

It was a great 2 years with TSA for my years. From a failed or borderline grade in Sciences, my DD science jumped 2-3 grades in her O level. It is a great achievement for her. Without the help from the tutors, I think she may not achieved what she obtains now.

It is never a wrong decision to put my DD in TSA. During her journey in TSA, the tutors will checked with parent on the status on how the children progress and via versus. Make up classes is always available when the child can’t attend.

Thank you so much. – Michelle Yap

Review 3
Mr Teo and Mr Yu are equally experienced and professional tutors. They made sure all concepts taught are easy to understand for all the students and they have helped my daughter tremendously in her preparation for O levels. Would highly recommend! Thank you so much for your patience and guidance! – Terry Toh


Bright CUlture Top Science Tuition in Singapore

Science Tuition 

Bright Culture

Speciality Led by founder Mr. Joel Liu, the team is energetic, experienced and highly qualified. All of them are full-time chemistry tutors and most are ex-MOE teachers. This leads to its popularity as the best chemistry tuition centre in Singapore. The tuition centre has also been featured in the Straits Times newspaper for many times. With only one goal in mind, Bright Culture aims to help local students score their best for exams. Every single lesson is designed for maximum effect to help their students ace the exams.
Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 183B Thomson Road Goldhill Centre Singapore 307628

Tampines Ave 5, NTUC Income @Tampines Junction, #05-08 (Inside Adam Khoo Centre)

Telephone 9187 0820
Operating Hours Daily: 11am – 7pm
Review 1 I will never forget how Bright Culture has helped my daughter understand when she was struggling with her schoolwork especially in Science & Math subjects. The tutor especially Joel is so patience & encouraging to my daughter that her grades improved over the years. And his sense of humor helps my daughter learnt & enjoy the tutoring better. I truly appreciate his time you spent helping my daughter in many occasions. Thank you very much Bright Culture for nurturing my daughter to be a better student and person. Well done & keep up the good works! – Phyllidia Kwang
Review 2 I am grateful to Tr Joel with his professionalism, patience and passion in doing what he is doing. Beyond teaching the subject Chemistry, he has great chemistry with my son. He can connect with my teenage son, motivate him and spur him on when many times as a mother I cannot. I had come across many tutors yet Tr Joel stands out to be one who believes in his students. He never gives up on them. He takes time beyond his class to be his students’ big brother.

I strongly recommend Tr Joel. He holds the chemistry of a teacher of this generation.

Thank you very much and God bless Tr Joel and Bright Culture! – Adeline lim

Review 3 I have engaged Joel as a chemistry tutor for my daughter since when she was in secondary 3. He is v professional and passionate teacher.

My daughter was an average student. After his teachings, her results shoot through the roof.

He motivated her in her study and also often encouraged her to study smart.

I highly recommended him as a professional and motivated tutor. Kudos to him. – Serena Sim


Aspire HUb Top Science Tuition in Singapore

Science Tuition 

Aspire Hub

Speciality Aspire Hub has also been around since 2001, making it one of the first tuition centres operating on the island. Its team is composed of full-time academic coaches who devote themselves to helping students achieve their academic goals.
Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 03 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, 06A 144, Singapore 588177

1 Jurong West Central 2, JP1, #01-40/41/42, Singapore 648886

Telephone 6377 7318
Operating Hours Monday – Friday: 1:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Review 1 Teachers in there are helpful and friendly. Especially good in humanities. A must go for secondary school students who has problem in humanities or English. Seminars are also held often. – Elvy Neo
Review 2 Highly recommended to students who hate studying. The classroom environment has a supernatural aura that makes students hungry for learning. I have made miraculous improvement in 2 major school subjects for which I previously scored F9s for. It’s been a wonderful learning journey. – Vivien
Review 3 An excellent tuition that is very dedicated to teaching their students. – Wildon Tan


FA edu Top Science Tuition in Singapore

Science Tuition

Future Academy

Speciality Future Academy is one of the few tuition centres on the island that teach a wide range of subjects such as Mathematics, Science, English, Economics, Physics, and even General Paper. It boasts a team of highly trained and qualified tutors who have years of experience in their teaching credentials.
Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 175A Bencoolen Street #06-05, Burlington Square, Singapore 189650
Telephone 6884 6566
Operating Hours Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Review 1 Excellent and all-rounded tuition centre. Provides tuition of a variety of subjects with highly dedicated and amazing teachers! They are extremely helpful and do their best to help you whatever problem you have. The teachers’ teaching style is unique and they can adjust the lessons to the topics that you are facing difficulty in. – Ethan P
Review 2 It is amazing, the teachers are great there and I really enjoyed it. I really recommend it because it helped me with my math a lot and it is a very good place to learn. I think it was very good that I chose to go here because it was so worth it. I felt very safe and I could ask any question, and they would help explain how to get to the answers. I think that it was very amazing that they print sheets for you to work on based on what your doing and I think that was a thing I had never seen before. I think they have amazing teachers and the teachers would sit down with you and explain each question you did not understand. It really helped me improve in math and I think it got me more confident in myself and not wondering if I was right, and instead knowing I am right. It was really great and I think Ms. Chen is a great teacher. – Breit games
Review 3 Future academy is an amazing and frankly one of the best places to improve in many different things and I really think it was very fun as well. I really liked their teachers and how kind they were and it really helped me to learn. My teacher finds worksheets that help me improve and I really thought that that was a really cool thing, and when you are revising they guide you through it and it was a really good experience. I felt if I ever had a question I could always ask and not be shy because they were very good with explaining the hard questions that I did not understand. – Breit Butler


AA Tution Top Science Tuition in Singapore

Science Tuition 


Speciality Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry are the three main courses that All A’s Tuition Center specialize in. The team of highly-qualified and professional tutors are dedicated in helping their students improve their academic performance and to prepare them for critical examinations.
Pricing Click here to enquire
Address 170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Shopping Center, Singapore 588179

Katong Shopping Centre 865 Mountbatten Road Singapore 437844

Katong Shopping Centre #02-08(opp Tanjong Katong Secondary school)

93A Telok Blangah st 31 (Telok Blangah mrt)

Telephone 8345 1373


PMC Top Science Tuition in Singapore

Science Tuition 

Physics Math Cafe

Speciality The Physics Cafe is one of the leading tuition centers in Singapore specializing in Physics and Math. Over the course of 10 years, they have established their name in the industry and have been acknowledged by many publications all over the country.
Pricing Click here to enquire
Address [West] Bukit Timah Shopping Centre next to Beauty World MRT, 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #18-01 S588179

[Central] Goldhill Centre next to Novena MRT, 187B Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre S307630

[East] Singpost Centre next to Paya Lebar MRT, 10 Eunos Road 8, Singapore Post Centre #01-207 S408600

[North] Bishan North next to CHS and EJC, 2 bus stops from Bishan MRT 284 Bishan St 22 #01-201 S570284

Telephone 9100 1235
Review 1 I really love this tuition center! Mr Sim is really dedicated and concise when teaching. The teachers are straight to the point and the lessons are structured to cater to struggling students. Their notes are amazing and the teachers are actually concerned with our grades. Comparing to other tuition centers, the courses aren’t sorted by topics. Unlike other centers, where you have to pay money for each topic, they cover every topic to help boost grades. I really appreciate how fast and concise everything is, there’s no fuss over money or additional courses or classes. Thank you so much! – Jovan Tan
Review 2 PMC has been a really helpful site for learning, allowing me to grasp seemingly daunting concepts within a few lessons time. The tutors are helpful and have answered many of my questions, guiding me along the way to find the correct answer logically. – Ryan Siow
Review 3 I like that the tutors are very clear when they teach and I can understand the work easily. They are also very friendly and will help you anytime. – Faith


For some of the best-recommended Science tutors, you can click here

Benefits of Tuition 

When it comes to tuition, there is a variety of benefits – such as helping the students to gain more knowledge.

1. Personally Addressing the Students’ Needs

Tuition is very effective in helping students to address their doubts in a smaller class setting.

It helps them to analyse problems on a deeper level and score good marks on the exam.

Tuition helps the weaker students to catch up academically using more remedial work and interaction.

It is a significant platform to stimulate optimum performance and prepare students for the exam.

2. Guarantees Good Results

Tuition specifically helps students to score well in exams.

The professional tutors will provide many exam-oriented questions so that they are prepared to answer the questions and achieve excellent results.

In fact, most students have good track records after attending local tuition classes. Many parents send their kids to good tuition classes, hoping they will ace school exams with flying colours.

In short, students can deepen or increase their knowledge about the topics of core subjects.

Tuition also gives extra knowledge that is possibly useful in the future. Students who attend tuition classes tend to have the edge over others.

3. Balance Academic and Recreation Time

It can prevent students from wasting their time doing recreational activities such as watching movies, playing games and shopping with friends.

Tuition can help to balance their time efficiently by reducing the time taken for recreational activities. It is important to balance their free time so that time is not wasted on unnecessary activities.

In conclusion, attending tuition classes is beneficial for students.

It gives an edge to students who attend tuition. They are able to perform better due to the improved knowledge of their core subjects.


Total Costs of Tuition in Singapore

Parents should be in the best position to know what is the total costs of tuition in Singapore.

If you are a worried parent looking to send your kid(s) to tuition, here is an illustrated picture with the estimated costs of tuition in Singapore.

The overall costs eventually depend on how much you will spend on tuition materials.

It will certainly cost more if you are sending your children to tuition from pre-school to university:

Top Science Tuition in Singapore 1



Increasing Trend of Science Tuition

With an inclination of students taking the science stream in Singapore, the number of science tuition classes has increased over the years.

It is understandable that science is a subject that requires a strong grasp of the concepts, and not just solely hardcore memorisation.

Thus, many students have sought science tuition which uses engaging and effective methods to explain concepts easily. For instance, some tutors are experienced in providing useful tips to answer the trickiest science exam questions.

As compared to school teachers, they have more time to make concepts easy to understand – such as relating the use of scientific concepts to daily life. These real-life examples help to stimulate an easy impression of the concept into the minds of students.

It helps students to apply these concepts easily across different questions in their examination papers.

For your child to build a strong foundation in the subject of science, it is paramount that they attend a tuition class early.

With a strong team of professional science tutors, one can expect to be guided in a prime and significant position to excel in their examinations.

Most local tuition centres offer primary school (PSLE) science tuition, secondary school science tuition, and junior college science tuition.

The accessibility and availability allow students to experience a great journey with the tutors, knowing that they are in good hands.

Thus, we have gathered a good listing of remarkable science tuition centres in Singapore. All students can expect to receive excellent academic results and meaningful learning journeys with these professional tutors.


What to Expect from Science Tuition in Singapore

YouTube video

Amongst all core subjects, we will be focusing particularly on science.

So what can local students expect from science tuition?

  • Better Teaching 

Perhaps a professional tutor with a good understanding of science terms and concepts.

Students can also expect to gain greater interest in science through scientific experiments.

To clearly understand the science concepts and answer questions correctly, it’d be wise to attend science tuition classes.

Undoubtedly, the science tutor will spend more time analysing and explaining important concepts to you.

  • Personal Experience

The science tutors will teach you in a smaller class setting with more interactions and explanations.

Some science tutors know how to engage students with interesting topics; keeping them attentive during science lessons.
Tuition emphasises the importance of practice, which exposes students to a huge variety of real examination questions to improve their answering skills and build their confidence in examinations.
This unique teaching will certainly make lessons fun and meaningful for all.
Overall, not only do students improve significantly in their academic results under the guidance of professional tutors, the unique teaching methods used in tuition classes have deepened students’ learning beyond their academics.

Editor’s Note:

While every precaution has been made to ensure the accuracy and fairness of this listing, we acknowledge that they may be inaccuracies.

Therefore, we urge you to contact the service provider above for the correct information and/or contact us with the correct information.

If you are a service provider and wish to be featured in this listing (MediaOne reviews are read by hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans), please contact us at

There is no charge! Please allow us up to 3 working days to review before adjusting the information or including your entry.

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