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If you want to elevate your sales team’s abilities, knowing how to select the top sales courses in Singapore is crucial. This guide will walk you through the process, from identifying your training needs to evaluating course content, trainer qualifications, and expected ROI. It’s time to make an informed choice that ensures your investment in sales training pays off.

Key Takeaways

  • Practical sales training in Singapore optimises the sales team’s performance, builds brand loyalty, enhances customer experience, and drives business growth while equipping sales professionals with skills to sell without heavy discounting.
  • When selecting a sales course, one should assess the team’s needs, establish SMART training goals, and preemptively address potential challenges, such as scheduling remote teams to tailor a program that aligns with business objectives.
  • A thorough evaluation of the sales course content, structure, delivery methods, trainer credentials, price and duration comparison, endorsement via client reviews, and post-course support is crucial for ensuring a valuable and impactful training experience.

Top Sales Courses in Singapore: A Brief Overview

Several top-tier sales training courses are available in Singapore’s dynamic business hub. SOCO Sales Training offers one such course, recognized as Singapore’s Best Sales Training Provider. They provide a comprehensive sales training program that covers the following areas:

  • Sales
  • Leadership
  • Social media
  • Customer service
  • Mindset
  • Networking

Their approach to sales strategy is based on an entire sales cycle and funnel model and focuses on seven selling pillars. These pillars are essential to an effective sales cycle and process and contribute to a successful sales strategy.

Another noteworthy sales training provider is The Knowledge Academy. Known for its comprehensive course content, experienced instructors, and flexible learning options, The Knowledge Academy offers courses with lifetime validity.

Fundamental courses include the 1-day Closing Sales Training Course and a Storytelling Course, emphasizing closing sales techniques and effective customer communication.

The Remote Selling Training Course is an excellent option for clients seeking skills for effective online sales. This course covers selling strategies, videos, slides, client screen sharing, trust-building, and meeting management.

For telesales professionals, The Telesales Training Course hones refined communication skills, effective questioning techniques, active listening, and adaptability in communication styles. For those interested in sales analytics, The Training Course covers critical sales performance and indicators, measurement techniques, and using sales analytics tools.

Each of these courses provides comprehensive training, experienced instructors, and flexible learning options, making them some of the top sales courses in Singapore.

Sales Success Conductor(TM) by Sales Symphony

sales training - Sales Success Conductor(TM) by Sales Symphony

Sales Course

Sales Success Conductor(TM)

  • Holistic, systematic
  • Workshop-based involving training, coaching, advisory, consultancy
  • Conversion-training
  • Strategy, Self, System and Service
  • Business planning, time optimisation, personal branding, complex account management, communication, networking, rapport building, phone etiquette, questioning techniques, customer service, relationship management
  • LinkedIn lead generation and sales
  • Outcome for lead generation, deal closures, win, productivity, competition, competitive, high value, practical management, excellence and success
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sales leaders
  • Sales professionals
  • 2-day, 1-day, half-day, Lunch and Learn, and online sessions, depending on company needs based on topics and the level of sales experience.
  • Customised workshops and coaching programmes are available.
Course Fees
  • From USD240 onwards for online to face-to-face customised workshop-cum-coaching packages
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  • to be advised

Effective Selling Skills by Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS)

sales training - Effective Selling Skills by Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS)

Sales Course

Effective Selling Skills

  • Successful salespeople don’t just focus on selling. Their main priority is generating genuine interest in their products or services. You need practical sales skills to pull this off. Throughout this course, you’ll have salespeople walking you through the selling process. You’ll also get to practise your sales skills for professionalism and confidence. 

Why You Should Attend This Course:

  • In this workshop, the salespeople will walk through the sales process, practice sales skills to gain confidence and professionalism for increasing sales productivity and performance.
  • Gain power of positive sales mindset towards achieving sales targets. 
  • Develop the skills, confidence and professionalism to make sales a success.
  • Practice highly successful sales habits for better performance.


  • This is a practical, interactive and lively workshop. Facilitator will engage and encourage peer and group practices using realistic sales scenarios when conducting gap analysis for their reflection, review and, critiques on areas of improvements.
  • Participants engage in experiential hands-on learning through mini-lectures, assessments, group discussion, role plays, skills-building activities and simulated case studies.

Who Will Benefit?

  • Any sales executives or newly appointed salesperson who wants to master the art of fundamental selling skills. Also for sales professionals who want to refresh their sales skills.
  • 1 day, 9 to 5
Course Fees
  • $705
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  • Marketing Institute of Singapore

Sales Mastery and Success by Trillion

sales training - Sales Mastery and Success by Trillion

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Sales Course

Sales Mastery and Success

  • Salespeople have to deal with an aggressive market. It’s stiff competition for everyone involved. It’s a 2-day sales training course that seeks to empower salespeople with effective negotiation, presentation, and sales skills.
  • It’s a course that will elevate you from an average salesperson to an outstanding one. Its main focus is to give salespeople the right grounding from which they can build their sales expertise. The program is designed to use the same, field-tested marketing strategy being used by some of the world’s best performing brands.

Learning Objectives:

  • Breakthrough closing ratios
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Higher motivation and greater enthusiasm
  • Stronger customer relationship based on value rather than price
  • Greater power and influence with the customers
  • Enhance overall Sales performance
  • 2 Days
Course Fees
  • Call (65) 6823 1260 to find out
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Strategic Sales Training Programme by Jacky Lim

sales training - Strategic Sales Training Programme by Jacky Lim

Sales Course

Strategic Sales Training Programme

  • You’ve heard about the adage, “facts tell, but stories sell.” This course was created based on this simple concept – selling through storytelling. Throughout the course, you’ll be taught about how to use stories to clearly articulate the value of your brand or the products or services you’re offering.
  • You’ll be taught about how to trawl around for the best stories being narrated by your best customers so you can share them with your new customers and inspire trust.

Key Training Outcomes:

  • Understand the complex human mental process and overcome buying resistance.
  • Tell a story which creates an emotional connection and leaves an indelible impression.
  • Use stories to building rapid trust with your customers.
  • Narrate a story using the 3-Act Structure and build urgency while getting a buy-in.
  • Create a powerful personal brand through stories.
  • Master the 3 narrative types and powerful persuasive techniques to excel in the sales presentation.
  • Master the storytelling matrix and communicate your stories with purpose.
  • Turn your customers’ stories into ultimate referral marketing machine.
Phone Number
  • (65) 9822 7132
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  • 261 Waterloo Street, #03 – 27 Waterloo Centre, Singapore 180261

How to Win and Close Deals by Jobscentral Learning

sales training - How to Win and Close Deals by Jobscentral Learning

Sales Course

How to Win and Close Deals

  • This course seeks to empower sales professionals with the ability to handle different interacting situations effectively. Powerful closing skills are vital towards creating deals that can lead to higher earning and much-needed revenue for your business.
  • It seeks to empower sales professionals with deal closing capabilities and the ability to handle the resistance they encounter in their sales process.

Who’s it for?

  • Directors, sales executives, and managers with sales and marketing functions. Any individual that wants to close more deals.


Are Online Sales Courses Right For You?

Are you looking for a remedy to level up your sales performance? Do you think that conventional sales training programs aren’t doing much to help? Then, you’ll need online sales training courses.

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Top Online Sales Training Courses You Can Enroll Today

Sales Fired: B2B Sales & Business Development Course by Skillshare

sales training - Sales Fired: B2B Sales & Business Development Course by Skillshare


Sales Course

Sales Fired: B2B Sales & Business Development Course

  • This skillshare class walks you through the basics of mastering the selling process. It teaches you how to build a scalable sales process that can help you start closing new clients more consistently.
  • They’ll also teach you about the psychology that drives customers to proceed with a purchase and all the things that a product more desirable. In the end, you’d have learned how to write your own pitches and sales scripts that turn “maybes” into “yes.”
  • Who’s it for? entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers, and creatives.
Course Fees
  • Free
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B2B Sales by LinkedIn

sales training - B2B Sales by LinkedIn

Sales Course

B2B Sales

  • B2B Sales is a course created to help learners master the art of meeting new prospects, handling a typical sales day, dealing with rejections, and closing sales. It’s a handy course for new salespeople and anyone building a sales team.
  • After you complete the course, LinkedIn will award you with a certificate of completion, which will be automatically added to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Who’s it for: Beginners, anyone building a sales team
Course Fees
  • $24.99
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Sales and Marketing by Acudemy

sales training - Sales and Marketing by Acudemy

Sales Course

Sales and Marketing

  • The course starts by taking you through the basic rules governing sales people. It gives you an overview of what’s expected of you as a salesperson. It also teaches you about the right mindset to adopt, how to handle gatekeepers, how to cold call, and so on.
  • You’ll also learn about how to set up meetings, the right questions to ask potential clients, and how to use presentation guides.
  • Who’s it for? Anyone interested in sales, especially beginners.
Course Fees
  • Not indicated. You’ll have to email them to find out. 
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High Impact Selling by Kellogg School of Management

sales training - High Impact Selling by Kellogg School of Management

Sales Course

High Impact Selling

  • This course focuses on the key techniques that have been so fundamental in propelling some of the most successful brands in the world. It’s based on the idea that the process of selling a product is just as important as the process of developing it.
  • The class commences by dishing out some solid pointers on how to identify your target audience and understand their requirements.
  • Who’s it for? Sales professionals who are part of a sales team. Those managing a sales team. Any professional who wants to sharpen their sales skills and become more confident and efficient in selling.
Course Fees
  • $1, 950
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Sales Machine: Sales Training B2B Sales Master Course on Udemy

sales training - Sales Machine: Sales Training B2B Sales Master Course on Udemy

Sales Course

Effective Selling Skills

  • Udemy has so many sales training courses that you can enrol for today, but this one stands out for so many obvious reasons. It’s a course to sign up for if you’re looking to understand some of the proven sales methodologies that successful companies use.
  • Through the course, you’ll be taught about body language, master tonality, pitching products, handling rejections, and so forth.
  • Who’s it for? Sales professionals who want to add new skills and polish their sales skills.
  • This course includes: 2.5 hours on-demand video, 8 downloadable resources, Access on mobile and TV, and Certificate of completion
Course Fees
  • $194.99
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Understanding the Importance of Sales Training

Understanding the Importance of Sales Training

Why is sales training crucial to digital marketing anyway? Well, the answer lies in its core objective. It focuses on enhancing the ability of your sales and digital marketing professionals to sell your products or services effectively. In the ever-changing market landscape of digital marketing, it equips your team of sales reps with the skills to:

  • Navigate these changes
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Enhance customer experiences
  • Improve resilience

Thus driving business growth.

However, the benefits of sales training extend beyond just business growth. It holds the key to unlocking customer loyalty. Sales training strengthens brand loyalty and retention by diagnosing customer needs and business pains and offering solutions. Moreover, it endows the top performers on your team with the necessary skills, tools, and techniques to maximize sales results.

Sometimes, selling without discounting prices can be a daunting task. But with the right selling mindset and practical sales training, including sales management training, your sales force, including sales managers, can master this critical lifelong skill.

The training focuses on crucial sales techniques like building trust and strong customer relationships, understanding customer motivation, closing bigger deals, and enhancing your team’s selling skills.

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Tailored training improves sales professionals’ ability to adapt their approaches when working with varied industries, businesses, and buyers. Trained sales professionals demonstrate resilience, effectively handling rejection and maintaining performance even in adversity. This resilience, coupled with the skills learned from sales training, makes your sales force a formidable force in the market.

Identifying Your Sales Training Needs

Identifying Your Sales Training Needs

Identifying your sales training needs is the first step in your journey towards an effective sales training program. Start by reviewing your sales data, such as:

  • revenue
  • conversion rates
  • customer satisfaction
  • retention rates
  • referrals

This will help assess the current sales performance of your sales team and identify areas for improvement.

Feedback collection is another crucial aspect of identifying your sales training needs. Be it from your own sales reps, staff, managers, or customers, feedback can uncover the challenges faced by your team and highlight the training opportunities available.

This, in turn, will guide you in defining clear training objectives that focus on the specific skills and knowledge your sales team and client need to improve the alignment of customer behaviour with your business goals.

Establishing SMART training goals ensures that your goals are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

By doing so, you set clear sales targets for your sales training program, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of the training and track the progress of your team.

Finally, identifying potential challenges, such as scheduling for remote sales teams, is crucial. By developing preemptive solutions to these challenges, you can ensure the effectiveness of your digital marketing and sales training and minimize potential disruptions.

Evaluating Sales Course Content and Structure

Evaluating Sales Course Content and Structure

Choosing the right sales course requires careful evaluation of its content and structure. You want to ensure that the course content aligns with your goals of effectively closing deals, handling objections, and strengthening the value proposition. This alignment is critical for meeting your sales objectives and ensuring your team gets the most out of the training.

The structure and duration of the course also matter. Consider Udemy’s B2B Sales Masterclass, for instance. This 3-hour format provides enough depth without requiring an unnecessary time commitment. Thus, evaluating the course duration helps you gauge if the course offers the right balance between depth of content and time commitment.

In today’s fast-paced world, sales training must adapt to technological advances and changing sales environments. Choosing an adaptable and up-to-date course ensures your sales professionals continue to perform effectively and minimize errors.

Measuring the impact of your sales targets and training is another crucial aspect of sales target evaluation. This can be done through outcomes, behaviour changes, and the extent of methodology adoption. Such measurement helps validate your investment in the sales target and training programs and ensures that the training positively impacts your sales team’s performance.

Considering Different Learning Formats

The learning format of a sales training course can significantly influence its effectiveness. The format should align with your sales team’s learning styles, preferences, and needs. For instance, if your team prefers hands-on learning, a course with practical exercises and real-life examples would be more effective than a purely theoretical course.

Choosing the most suitable sales training method often requires a blend of different teaching methodologies. Such a blend considers the trainees’ needs, subject matter, and resources available, thereby ensuring a holistic learning experience.

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Modern technologies, like learning management systems, can play a crucial role in deploying diverse training methodologies and effectively monitoring participant progress. These technologies enable real-time tracking of progress, making it easier to gauge the effectiveness of the training.

Consider, for instance, the Cegos training provider. They offer customers various delivery methods for sales training, including face-to-face, e-learning, and blended courses, accommodating clients with different learning preferences. By providing clients with such flexibility, Cegos ensures that every learner can benefit from their course, irrespective of their learning preference.

Assessing Sales Trainer Credentials For Sales Training

Assessing Sales Trainer Credentials For Sales Training

Choosing a sales trainer is akin to choosing a guide for your journey towards sales excellence. As such, assessing the trainer’s credentials is crucial. Review their sales industry experience and expertise in alignment with your training objectives. This will ensure that your trainer has the necessary practical knowledge and expertise to guide your team effectively.

Another essential aspect to consider is the relevance of the sales trainer’s industry experience to your team’s specific training needs.

For instance, if your business operates in the tech industry, a trainer with expertise would be better equipped to understand your team’s unique challenges and provide relevant solutions.

Look for a trainer with a track record of successfully delivering impactful sales training.

Consider, for instance, the achievements of organizations like SOCO Sales Training, which has trained over 50,000+ sales managers and representatives across the APAC region. Such a track record is a testament to the trainer’s ability to deliver practical training and can give you confidence in their ability to guide your team.

Comparing Course Fees and Duration

Cost and time commitment are vital considerations when choosing a sales training course. Sales training in Singapore varies in cost based on the training type and provider. E-learning costs about $500 per person, while group training ranges from a few thousand dollars to over $10,000 daily. Thus, comparing course fees is crucial to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

Online sales courses, such as GoSkills’ comprehensive course, cost $29 per month, while in-person options, like FirstCom Academy’s Effective Selling Skills course, can cost $240 after subsidies. Such variations in cost highlight the importance of comparing different classes to find the one that fits your budget.

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Course durations also vary. For instance, Coursera offers sales courses such as Mastering the Selling Process for a monthly subscription of $39.99. This course takes about four months to complete and requires a three-hour weekly commitment. By comparing course durations, you can choose a comprehensive training course without consuming too much of your team’s time.

Course durations range from short one-day trainings like The Knowledge Academy’s Soft Skills Training and the Storytelling Course to more extended formats like Coursera’s 17-hour Successful Negotiation Strategies and Skills course. This wide range of durations allows you to choose a course that fits your team’s schedule and learning needs.

Finally, it’s essential to consider the potential return on investment. Many companies that invest in sales training often experience a high return on investment, with many recovering course costs between 1 to 6 months after course completion, depending on business profitability and volume. This potential return on investment is a crucial factor to consider when comparing course fees and duration.

Seeking Recommendations and Reviews for Sales Training

channel marketing sales training strategies

When choosing a sales training course, seeking recommendations and reviews from potential customers can be valuable. Client feedback and testimonials provide real-world evidence of a sales techniques course’s impact, helping you gauge its effectiveness.

Potential participants can find valuable insights from past trainees by reviewing client testimonials, and feedback showcased on providers’ websites, like those of SOCO Sales Training. Such testimonials can give you and more sales team leaders a glimpse into past trainees’ experiences, helping you assess whether the course would be a good fit for your team.

Feedback collection and analysis are essential for evaluating the sales training experience. By collecting feedback from past trainees and more customers, you can assess whether participants reach their sales goals after the course and identify areas for improvement.

Comprehensive reviews should address various training aspects, with a course overview including training effectiveness, engagement during the course, and how the skills learned are applied in routine sales activities. Such comprehensive reviews give you a holistic view of the course’s effectiveness and impact.

Analyzing Post-Course Support and Resources

Once the training course is over, the real test begins. Can your team apply what they’ve learned in the real world? This is where post-course support and resources come into play. Follow-up coaching and access to materials are essential to ensure that skills learned during sales training are retained and effectively applied in the field.

Assessing the commitment to post-training support is critical. For instance, SOCO Sales Training offers weeks upon completion of reinforcement content and post-training evaluations. Such support ensures that your team continues to benefit from the training long after it’s over.

Conducting a post-training review is an opportunity to analyze outcomes, celebrate training successes, and refine future training content based on feedback. Such reviews can help you assess the effectiveness of the training and identify areas for improvement.

Learning objectives are another crucial aspect of post-course support. They help to communicate what’s expected from participants, guide post-training assessments, and ensure the applicability of the learned material in practice. Setting clear learning objectives provides your team with a roadmap to success.

Finally, integrating sales simulations, AI-supported role-playing exercises, and play exercises post-training enhances sales skills’ proficiency and real-world application. Such role plays and exercises allow your team to practice their selling skills in a safe environment, thereby boosting their confidence and effectiveness in the field.

Accreditation and Industry Recognition

Accreditation and industry recognition are crucial when choosing a sales training course. Selecting accredited and recognised courses by reputable industry bodies enhances both credibility and career prospects. This is particularly relevant in a competitive job market, where accreditation can give your team an edge.

Institutions that offer accredited and industry-recognized sales training courses in Singapore include:

  • Singapore Institute of Retail Studies
  • Singapore Management University
  • Institute of Technical Education
  • NTUC LearningHub Pte. Ltd.
  • Temasek Polytechnic

These institutions are renowned for excellence, and their courses are widely recognized in the industry.

Accreditation enhances the course’s credibility and ensures that the course content meets industry standards. This means that your team will be learning relevant and up-to-date skills and techniques, thereby enhancing their effectiveness in their role-playing in the field.

Furthermore, industry recognition adds value to your team’s resume. Employees who have completed an industry-recognized course are often more attractive to employers, enhancing their career prospects.

Finally, accreditation and industry recognition ensure the course’s quality. By choosing an accredited course, you ensure that your investment in training is well-spent and that your team receives high-quality training.

Customization and Adaptability of Sales Training

Online Business - Digital Product Sales Training Dynamics

Customization and adaptability are key features in a sales training program. Tailor-made sales training content can significantly boost engagement and retention by aligning with a company’s specific products, services, strategic goals, and customer demographics.

Custom sales training programmes can enhance sales teams’ performance by providing relevant product knowledge, various selling strategies for handling typical customer objections, and real-time coaching. By tailoring the sales training programmes to your team’s specific needs, you ensure they learn skills directly applicable to their roles and improve customer relationship management.

Such personalization in sales training promotes flexibility by catering to different employee levels and focusing on the most pertinent product or service information. This ensures that every member of your team, regardless of their role or experience level, benefits from the training and contributes to building strong customer relationships.

Moreover, customized training can foster a sense of unity and trust within the team, improve overall morale, create positivity, and elevate employee and customer satisfaction levels. By tailoring the training to your team’s needs, you demonstrate your commitment to their professional development, boosting morale and team unity.

Finally, customization and adaptability ensure that your training program stays relevant in the face of changing business objectives. Regularly updating the training content and incorporating feedback ensures that your team always stays ahead of the curve.


In conclusion, selecting the top sales training courses in Singapore involves considering various factors such as understanding the importance of sales training, identifying your training needs, evaluating course content and structure, considering different learning formats, and assessing trainer credentials.

It also requires comparing course fees and duration, seeking recommendations and reviews, analyzing post-course support and resources, ensuring accreditation and industry recognition, and ensuring customization and adaptability.

Top sales courses in Singapore, such as those offered by SOCO Sales Training and The Knowledge Academy, offer comprehensive content, experienced and expert instructors throughout, and flexible learning options. By choosing the right sales management training course, you can empower your sales team with the essential skills and knowledge they need to excel in their roles and drive business success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is sales training essential?

Sales training is crucial as it equips your team with skills to sell products effectively, navigate market changes, maintain customer relationships, build brand loyalty, enhance customer experiences, and drive business growth. It’s a valuable investment in your team’s success.

How do I identify my sales training needs?

To identify your sales process and training needs, review sales data and customer relationship management, collect feedback from staff and customers, define training objectives and SMART goals, and identify potential challenges to overcome objections to ensure the effectiveness of the sales process. This will provide a comprehensive understanding of your training needs.

What should I consider when evaluating the content and structure of a sales training course?

Consider whether the course content aligns with your sales goals and covers topics like closing deals and handling objections. Also, evaluate the structure and duration of the course to ensure it remains relevant in evolving sales environments.

What are some top sales training courses in Singapore?

It would be best to consider the sales training courses SOCO Sales Training and The Knowledge Academy in Singapore, which provide comprehensive content, experienced instructors, and flexible learning options.

How can I ensure the effectiveness of sales training?

To ensure the effectiveness of sales training, provide post-course support and resources, like follow-up coaching and access to materials. This will help retain and apply the skills learned during training effectively.

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