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Top Revenue Generation Tips for Singaporean Businesses

Top Revenue Generation Tips For Singaporean Businesses

Let’s imagine that you have selected a quality web hosting service and your business website is now up and running. What additional steps will you need to take in order to ensure that your enterprise is seen by as many Singaporean consumers as possible?

This is an important question to answer, as your ultimate success will depend upon the choices which are made from the very start. Let us therefore take a look at some top revenue generation tips you should consider following as well as why obtaining the services of professional e-commerce like ​​ could be an excellent solution to keep in mind during the entire process.

More Than Product Promotions Alone

It is common for novice entrepreneurs to assume that products will sell themselves once they are embedded within an active web page.

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The exact opposite is actually true.

The only way that businesses will succeed within the competitive online community is to stand out from their contemporaries. This begins and ends with the design of the website itself.

Poorly designed websites suffer from several potentially fatal drawbacks such as:

  • Slow page loading times.

  • Blind outbound links.

  • Pages which do not function as they should.

  • Insecure payment gateways.

  • An incompatibility with mobile devices.

    These seemingly minor flaws can quickly evolve into very real problems; particularly if you are dealing with the Internet-savvy generation.

    It is critical that all coding and HTML is correct, as even slight errors can cause an entire website to crash. However, this is often easier said than done.

    Most business owners have little experience when dealing with coding issues. Even if they are able to determine the underlying problem, it can be nearly impossible to rectify within a short period of time.

    This is why experts recommend that a third-party e-commerce provider is chosen. What advantages will you be able to experience?

    Partnering with a Powerful E-Commerce Provider

    There are many e-commerce firms on the market today and it can be difficult to know which one to select. The most important parameter to take into account is ease of use. After all, it makes little sense to commit to a contractual agreement if you are uncertain how basic utilities function.

    The best providers in the business simplify processes to such an extent that they can be manipulated by those who possess only a limited knowledge of coding. A handful of other advantages to be experienced when working with a quality e-commerce solution include:

• Numerous payment gateways and transaction options.

  • On-the-spot customer support if needed.

  • A kaleidoscope of business and sales templates to choose from.

  • Full integration with mobile devices.

    Selecting the right online marketing tools

    Choosing the correct online marketing tools is like picking up the right weapon to bring in a war. You simply want to have that competitive edge over the other businesses in your niche.

    Just imagine having a tool that allows you to see what works and what not. A tool that could help you see the bigger picture. A tool that allows you to understand your competition.

    We are lucky that the advent of the internet also brought us a bunch of marketing tools to choose from. So the challenge for business owners like you will be facing along the way is the identification of the right set of tools that could help you in creating, tracking and managing your business marketing efforts.

    Here is a list of crafty online marketing tools worth considering:

  • MailChimp – did you know that if you are not taking advantage of any email marketing technology you are counting your business in the 20% of companies that are still in the dark about this? That’s right! Crafting and executing your own email marketing strategy, or growing your subscribers’ list, is now easier than ever with the use of tools like MailChimp.

  • Hubspot – this one is preferred by those who want to have a good working marketing funnel order. From blogging, SEO, social media, down to lead management, marketing automation and analytics – this software is fully loaded.

  • Hootsuite – we know all too well by now that social media plays a big part of any company’s success. You simply have to have a social media marketing in place to stay competitive in this era

and Hootsuite can help you manage all your social media properties.

  • Google services – the search giant also offers a selection of tools

    that could help your marketing efforts, especially Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager which you can configure so you get data on user interaction and other KPIs you want to track.

  • SEO/SEM tools – two options come to mind; Ahrefs and SEMRush. These two have been head to head in the battle of giving data that may help you one up your competition. Just imagine having a backdoor where you can see where the competitors are allocating their efforts.

  • Buzzsumo – this tool is particularly helpful if you want to dig around and learn more about the market you are dealing with. For instance, understanding what your competitors are talking about and which contents work for them that you too could deliver.

  • Crazy Egg – we sometimes want to understand what our visitors like and don’t like about our website. To cut through the guesswork, here comes Crazy Egg. Their split testing features allow us to see the areas that require changes and generate better results moving forward.

    By the way, e-commerce platform providers, like Shopify, are well too aware of the importance of these tools that is why you will most likely see them allow integration of these online marketing tools or at least have a marketplace that allow developers to create and offer these integrations with ease.

    Engaging a qualified digital agency

    Unless you are going for a Do-It-Yourself approach, your time is better spent on actual business dealings than on time-consuming groundwork of implementing, tracking and fine-tuning marketing efforts. To help your business grow, you will need a trustworthy and competent digital partner to manage your online marketing needs. To find a qualified digital agency, you have to:

● Be clear of your needs and budget
● Demand full transparency
● Find them credible and experienced enough ● Ask for previous engagements – case studies ● Scrutinize their portfolio
● Trust your gut

Singapore is currently experiencing unprecedented levels of growth and most analysts agree that this trend is only expected to gain momentum in the coming years. This is why businesses need to ensure that they are working with the best tools in the industry. Those which develop a strong foundation are much more likely to rise above their peers.


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