Top Resume Writing Services in Singapore

Top Resume Writing Services in Singapore

Why do I need to hire a resume writer?

Most regard resume writers as non-essential and superfluous. However, your resume might just need that extra magic touch up to stand out from stacks of drab cookie-cutter job applications.

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It is a common mistake for most to choose laziness and use resume templates (aka cookie-cutter resumes) because all they must do is fill in their vital background. However, in doing so they do not realize that employers are looking for more than vitals.

A resume writer who knows how to play the game is also committed to seeing you reap tangible results from your input.

The resumes written by such magic touch up experts extend beyond listing your present and past employers with a bullet list of your basic duties and responsibilities.

Employers desire to know how much you can contribute beyond flat academic grades, paper qualifications and extracurricular office positions held or past working appointments.

They desire to know the special competitive edge, the skills that make you a valuable hire.

A resume template does not show you how to move beyond dull statistics and facts.

You are an individual with peculiar strengths rather than a mere corporate automaton with no individuality and likewise, your resume should highlight strengths, achievements.

An employer’s time is a precious resource.

Going through huge stacks of resumes mostly lacking the kind of information they seek is not only tiring but drudgery and mind-numbing.

Your resume has to shine and be nothing short of spectacular if you desire to capture their attention.

Employers sift through “fluffy” or “boring” resumes and single out the ones that emphasize contributions, value, and prove tangible achievements, successes in projects completed.

Template or cookie-cutter resumes, beginning with the cliched, stereotypical, excessively seeking to impress self-peddling like: “I am success-oriented”, or “I always ace all my exam scores”, resembles a photocopy machine claiming to produce great copies. Alternatively, making general fluff statements like “possess excellent communication skills,” “fast learner,” “team player,” etc. simply fades into the drab masses of resumes that scream “boring” and “ordinary”.

Your resume needs to emphasize your value add, highlight your skills and capacities, and include career achievements and contributions you have made to all organizations you were part of.

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Job achievements are essential because they reveal your strengths in specific situations like problem solving, project management, time management, team leadership, employee relations, and communicating effectively in real situations beyond mere grades, statistics, offices held.

Always remember that any claim to strength you mention in your resume you must also be able validate.

Anyone can claim to have strengths and achievements, but not everyone lives up to promises or dazzling claims with no real evidence, experience, and history.

Make realistic assessments of yourself and promise accordingly rather than project an inflated image of yourself you cannot live up to on the ground.

Employers appreciate candidates who know objectively and realistically how they can contribute and have exceeded the bare minimum to go beyond submitting a dull template or mediocre resume.

It sends the message the candidate understands the employer’s time is valuable and finite, not worth wasting on empty boasts and fluffy promises.

Now you know what goes into a well-written resume and what motivates prospective employers to consider you a worthy candidate for hire. So, does your resume cut it or is it headed straight for the trash can? If not, contemplate working with a resume writer who is an industry expert.

How to Choose the Right Resume Writer:

Do market research— there exists a plethora of professionals out there who provide resume writing services.

But not all resume writers worth engaging.

If a resume writer claims to be a certified, double check it. Sadly, there are dishonest people out there making empty promises, claims, even adding false credentials and experiences.

Examine their Website — Find out to see if they specialize in your field or industry.

Read all testimonials of the quality of their work and how they have made solid contributions beyond fluffy promises.

Contact a few shortlisted — based on your research and conversation with each resume writer, you will have a better understanding of how they can help you and if they fit your needs.

Do not compromise your standards.

Take time to evaluate, assess and make a carefully weighed decision.

You may discover that hiring a resume writer is actually worth the investment. You are not merely hiring a ghost writer or fact checker which may be no more than data entry.

You are investing in your future, anchoring your career. It is a chance to clinch interviews for vacancies you know will turn out personally and financially fulfilling.

It will be turn out to a minor investment for clinching that golden goose career.

About Resume Writing in Singapore:

The Singapore job market is a jungle, Wall Street at its best, fiercely competitive because you compete with local and foreign skilled workers for finite jobs.

The end goal of resume writing is to land a job interview – which would hopefully lead to a job offer. But with intense competition for finite jobs, to stand out, you may need a professional resume writer to polish up your application.

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Trends in Resume Writing in Singapore:

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Balance Career’s Best Resume Writing Services of 2020 Runner-Up, Best Overall
LinkedIn ProFinder: Best Open-Source Platform
However, these international platforms are not localized, they may give you a template to fill but to flesh out your resume you may need a local who understands the Singapore job market specifically.


Sample costs of Resume Writers in Singapore:

$299-$499 SGD for, $100-$260 SGD for Hans Toh, $82 SGD for CareerSocius, $203-$271 SGD for Resumes Central, $250-$450 SGD for Resume Service Singapore.

Benefits of Resume Writers in Singapore:

The usual resume writing consultation starts with phone consultations with their specialist writer, then continuous email interaction including unlimited revisions to make sure that you’ll have a polished resume.

Thus the local resume writing is thus personalized, contextualized rather than a random cookie cutter generated experience and customized to the individual, understanding the local jobs market.

Resume People Top Resume Writing Services in Singapore

Resume Writing Service

Resume People Singapore

Specialty They are a team of highly trained professional resume writers, carefully selected for their recruitment expertise and their ability to understand your skills, experience and achievements, pen them to paper in a professional manner and align them with your career aspirations. They craft an exquisitely worded resume after extensive consultation.
Services: Research, consultation, drafting, document design, proof reading
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 6 Battery Road, Singapore, 049909
Telephone (65) 800 8528109
Operating Hours 9 am to 5pm


Executive Resumes Top Resume Writing Services in Singapore

Resume Writing Service

Executive Resumes

Specialty As a Singapore-based Executive Career Services Provider, their Team offers practical, relevant advice in the development of your professional, personal brand with regards to your career goals in the Singapore & Asian job market. Branding yourself involves preparation of a well prepared resume. They correspond to distillate strengths on paper.
Services: Resume writing, Linkedin Profile, Cover Letter, Package profile writing, customized profiling
Pricing Request a quote:
Address 8 Burn Road, #15-13 Trivex, S 369977
Telephone  (65) 8768 9497
Operating Hours 9 am to 6pm


Resume writer Top Resume Writing Services in Singapore

Resume Writing Service


Specialty Consultants take time to understand clients’ professional experience and skills in creating a resume of high quality. Consultants are patient with the revision process. They heed all requests in extensive detail. They write resumes tailored with proficiency, customization, careful crafting. They have the ability to immaculately detail career experiences, history.
Services: Resume writing, phone consultation, drafting, revisions, cover letter
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 160, Robinson Road, #08-01A Singapore, Singapore 068914
Telephone (65)-8371 5469
Operating Hours 9am to 6pm
  • Isaac liu
  • Eric Rhodes
  • MQ Wong
  • John S
  • Mark Lim
Review 1 isaac liu:
I had a really tough time in breaking out a professional & updated cv since i had not done one in a long time. My consultant, Jan was very patient and responsive to my questions. She has been very meticulous in assuring me every step of the day. Truly exceptional help in such tough times!
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Careersocius Top Resume Writing Services in Singapore

Resume Writing Service


Specialty CareerSocius is a social enterprise that helps job-seekers in Singapore build and enhance their personal brands to enable them to clinch their dream jobs. Lim Kai Ning started this social enterprise in mid-2017, spurred by the inequality she saw in Singapore’s recruitment industry. She seeks to democratize recruitment in Singapore.
Services: Resume writing, career coach, personal branding, cover letter, Linkedin makeover
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address NS3-01-03 50 Nanyang Avenue Singapore 639798
Telephone (65) 6790 4667
Operating Hours 9 am to 9pm
  • Johan Verhulst
  • Chuanzheng Foo
  • Kim Chong Er
  • Hanna Diyana
  • Yi Zhao
Review 1 Johan Verhulst:
I was blown away by the speed and expertise my branding buddy Derrick worked with and I highly recommend their services for anyone who’s looking for a job here and doesn’t have a resume that is geared up to this market.


DGG Resume Top Resume Writing Services in Singapore

Resume Writing Service

DGG Resume

Specialty Their resume writing service will help you to maximize your chances of securing an interview. Content optimization: Amending your resume content to best showcase your achievements, and to feature your top skills to attract the attention of potential employers. Resume organisation: Resumes are reorganized to prioritize strengths to improve opportunities. They served over 305 clients across 6 countries.

Services: Resume development, Cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile development

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address Online services only
Telephone (65) 9633 1065
Review “I’d like to compliment Daryl for the excellent service he provided. Daryl’s professionalism and ability to get to the bottom of the situation quickly exceeded my expectations. Within a short period of time, he is able to conclude and start the process of having my resume well corrected. Lastly, he is very patient and understanding. Worth the penny too!” -Terence Toh.


CV Writer Top Resume Writing Services in Singapore

Resume Writing Service

CV Writer Singapore

Specialty CV Writer Singapore is Asia’s leading career services consultancy with a proven track record in delivering high quality career and job search solutions. They ensure jobseekers in Singapore achieve their career objectives via dedicated, individualized career services. They use proprietary, methodological process that translates to interview-oriented CV, process-oriented CV writing.
Services: Information consolidation, strategy outline, CV preparation, review, resume writing
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 8 Burn Road, #15-13 Trivex, S 369977
(65) 9681 2409
Operating Hours 9 am to 6pm


Successful Resumes Top Resume Writing Services in Singapore

Resume Writing Service

Successful Resumes Singapore

Specialty With more than 25 years’ experience and 40 offices in 6 countries, Successful Resumes is a worldwide leader in professional resume writing. They have the privilege of working with some of the region’s senior leaders and professionals, managers, executives & technicians (PMETs) across a wide ranging variety of industries, jobs.
Services: Resume writing, cover letters, Linkedin profiles, personal branding, placement
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 80 Jurong East Street 21, Level 2, Singapore 609607
Telephone (65) 9177 8533
Operating Hours 9 am to 7.30pm
  • Guillaume Bernard
  • Renen Lim
  • Melissa lau
  • Riko Chan
  • Venkat k.
Review 1 Guillaume Bernard:
I had a very useful meeting with Mr Larry Lim who perfectly understood my need. His pragmatic approach is really appreciated.


The Resume Builder Top Resume Writing Services in Singapore

Resume Writing Service

The Resume Builder Singapore

Specialty They have created 1,000+ career-boosting, ROI-positive resumes for executives who are today leading Fortune 500 companies and visionary start-ups, unlocking value, creating jobs, changing the world. They can do the same for you. After consultation, they send a proposal which includes deliverables, project quotation, and timeline, with no hidden costs.
Services: Resume writing, personal branding, copywriting, research, resume customization
Pricing Request a quotation: (65) 9017 3749
Address 100 Peck Seah Street, #08-14, Singapore 079333
Telephone (65) 9017 3749
Operating Hours 10 am to 6pm


Excellence resumes Top Resume Writing Services in Singapore

Resume Writing Service

Excellence Resumes

Specialty The secret to personal branding is the importance of being able to market your skills, profile. The senior consultant who will oversee your personal branding will have outstanding experience in both recruitment and marketing, coupled with an immense knowledge in persuasive copywriting, a major reason why they achieve high success.
Services: Resume writing, personal branding, marketing profile, copywriting, digital expertise
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 1 Scotts Road, #24-10 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208
Telephone (65) 8595 2824
Operating Hours 9 am to 7pm
Review 1 Asyraf Salman
Fabien and his team are a great bunch of people to work with! Friendly, professional and effective. His services helped me improved my resume and landed me multiple job interviews and offers within 6 months. I continue to subscribe to his newsletters as I find those to be value-adding to my career. Thanks guys!


ProofPerfect Top Resume Writing Services in Singapore

Resume Writing Service

Proof Perfect

Specialty Founded in 2003, Proof Perfect is the first and longest-standing copywriting and content writing agency in Singapore, providing professional writing and editing services to MNCs and small businesses across a broad range of industries.
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 81A Clemenceau Ave, #05-18 Singapore, Singapore 239917
Contact (65) 69709200

Email :

Operating Hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 Faye Newton rated 5 stars


Script Top Resume Writing Services in Singapore

Resume Writing Service

Script Consultants

Specialty Want to create a strong brand personality? They can assist you with elaborated brand and corporate profiling which will form the basis of your brand’s positioning and enhance your marketing efforts. Script Consultants takes pride in their clarity of language and crafting engaging content. Their content writing, copywriting team impresses.
Services: Content writing, marketing, branding, copywriting, editing
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 67 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #02-10/17, UCOMMUNE, S 139950
Telephone (65)  9100 3501
Operating Hours 9 am to 5 pm
Review 1 Sidhi Dhir
Have engaged with Script for their services several times in the past. They are on time and always make sure the content is designed as per the customer’s needs. Would definitely work with them again in the future.


Whizwordz Top Resume Writing Services in Singapore

Resume Writing Service


Specialty Since their inception in 2004, WhizWordz have worked with thousands of companies and individual clients both locally and as well as across the globe, in almost every sector and industry, to find the right words to reach their business goals.Their team of exceptional copywriters are experienced in content writing.
Services: Copywriting, editing, branding, marketing, content writing
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 151 Chin Swee Rd, #13-04 Manhattan House, Singapore 169876
Telephone (65) 6600 3798
Operating Hours 9 am to 6 pm
  • Randy Sng
  • Catur Heru Wiboro
  • Natalie Chan
  • Mariani Tan
  • Elise Yan
Review 1 Randy Sng:
Hi all this company work very professional , keep it up


Singapore Assignment Help Top Resume Writing Services in Singapore

Resume Writing Service

Singapore Assignment Help

Specialty They have a team of experts who have been crafting resumes for young graduates in Singapore for decades, hence they are familiar with the key elements that a recruiter seeks in a resume to shortlist for an interview. Their professional resume writers enhance the quality of your CV, highlight skills, achievements.
Services: Phone consultation, resume writing, personal branding, editing, content writing
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 14, Robinson Road, #08-01A, Far East Finance Building, 048545
Operating Hours 24/7


Hudson Top Resume Writing Services in Singapore

Resume Writing Service


Specialty At Hudson, they know that matching people to the right roles to create that perfect ‘fit’ fuels business success and transforms people’s lives. That is why they are passionate about doing an incredible job for their candidates, enhancing employability. 10,000 people find permanent and contract employment through them yearly, gaining employability.
Services: Job search, Career advice, placement, employability skills, career consulting
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 20 McCallum St Singapore, Singapore 069046
Telephone (65) 6339 0355
Operating Hours 9 am to 5 pm
  • Kelvin Koay
  • Vinod
  • Emmanuel Delica
  • Deema Yanni Ma’at
  • Cassandra Ho
Review 1 Kelvin Koay rated 5 stars


Robert Half Top Resume Writing Services in Singapore

Resume Writing Service

Robert Half

Specialty Robert Half connects highly skilled candidates in Singapore with employers in temporary and permanent positions, for a variety of fields including accounting, finance, financial services and technology. Their employment services offer you search of open positions to find a career fit. They provide career consulting, job placement, career coaching/ advice.
Services: Career consulting, placement, career coaching, job matching, career advice
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 9 Raffles Place #40-02 Republic Plaza I Singapore 048619
Telephone (65) 6533 7778
Operating Hours 9 am to 6pm
  • Joshua Chia
  • Eric Botchwey
  • Grace Chen
  • Chen Jerry
  • Caryn Goh
Review 1 Joshua Chia:
I had the best experience with Robert Half Singapore. Stella Tan was proactive, efficient and encouraging and made things happen very quickly. She listened, made useful suggestions, gave good advice and honest feedback, looked out for me, and rooted for me through the whole process. I can’t say how thankful I am for her tireless efforts on my behalf. I would also like to thank Elise Tan who was most supportive and empathetic, who listened and gave sound advice when I needed it and who went the extra mile for me.


Michael Page Top Resume Writing Services in Singapore

Resume Writing Service

Michael Page

Specialty At PageGroup, they create opportunities for people to reach their potential. This includes their clients, candidates and employees. PageGroup provides recruitment services and career opportunities on a local, regional and global level. Their business has expanded, diversified internationally in multiple industries, disciplines. Their recruitment consultants provide career coaching, placement strategy.
Services: Recruitment, placement, career advice, career consulting, human resource consulting
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address One Raffles Place Office Tower 2 #09-61 Singapore 048616
Telephone (65) 6533 2777
Operating Hours 8.30 am to 6.30pm
  • Nora Paiso,
  • Arnab Sengupta
  • Vincent Poon
Review 1 Arnab Sengupta:
This was the first time that I have engaged with Michael Page and I was very impressed with their commitment and professionalism in Nick Huang. Nick was a great advocate and partner in setting me up for success by keeping me informed about opportunities and coaching me throughout the process. He anticipated all his clients needs and concerns and proactively and effectively addressed and managed expectations. Wouldn’t hesitate to refer Michael Page and Nick moving forward.


CV Sharpers Top Resume Writing Services in Singapore

Resume Writing Service

CV Shapers

Specialty CV Shapers provides Professional Writing Services (CV / Resume, Cover Letter, Professional Branding over LinkedIn) – Bespoke services to brand, market jobseekers, develop a profile that will help achieve noticeable results and also substantial increases in appearance of your profile to recruiters when they search for specific keywords featuring your skills.
Services: Resume, CV, Cover letter, Linkedin profile, Professional branding
Pricing Request a quotation:
Address A-7, First Floor, Saraswati Vihar, Outer Ring Road Pitampura, New Delhi – 110034 (India)
  • +91-7017810975
  • +91 9068860405
Operating Hours Open 24/7


Vteach Top Resume Writing Services in Singapore

Resume Writing Service


Specialty VTeach offers the Resume and Interview skills workshop. This workshop is aimed at people who want to brush up their skills whether they are applying for a job now. The Centre works with people from all sectors including the public sector, voluntary sector, corporate sector, private sector, preparing job-market candidates.
Services: Interview skills, resume writing, placement, career consulting, job market preparation
Pricing $285 for 1-day course
Address 10 Anson Road #31-12 International Plaza Singapore 079903
Telephone (65) 6673 4479
Operating Hours 9 am to 5 pm
Client Bass & Beat
Review 1 Bass & Beat rated stars


Right Management Top Resume Writing Services in Singapore

Resume Writing Service

Talent Solutions: Right Management

Specialty RightChoice offers transitioning employees’ access to specialist coaches that assess job search readiness and connect talent to opportunities that match their capabilities and interests. This tailored approach accelerates landing rates and increases individual satisfaction. They conduct upskilling events for job search. They coach on how to target job leads, networking.

Service: Career coaching, career consulting, career transitioning, job market preparation, placement

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 1 Wallich St, #09-02 Guoco Tower, Singapore 078881
Telephone (65) 6532 4100
Operating Hours 9 am to 6 pm
  • Rabiul Hossain
  • Edna Kong
  • Lilin Xu
  • Joachim Tan,
  • Juri Deuter
Review 1 Rabiul Hossain:
Thank you Timothy for your guidance in last few weeks through multiple sessions that helped me to understand current scenario better and helped me in my career transition. You were always available in short notice to answer my queries. I truly appreciate your coaching and guidance.


Quantico Top Resume Writing Services in Singapore

Resume Writing Service


Specialty Résumé Writing Workshop Singapore: Résumés (and CVs) go beyond job consideration tools. A résumé is a self-crafted invitation to an interview. Hence, a résumé is about qualities you want an interviewer to observe. In this course on résumé-writing, they design and create benefit-driven stories that are career-centric and not self-centered.
Services: Resume writing, interview skills, placement, job market preparation, professional branding
Pricing $550 for workshop
Address One Fullerton Level Two, 02-17/20, 1 Fullerton Road Singapore 049213
Telephone (65) 6573 7370
Operating Hours 8 am to 8pm
  • jimmothy87
  • Jin Kang
  • Jeff Au
  • Elaine Chong
  • Aaron Tan
Review 1 jimmothy87:
Terrific instructors and a mind-blowing workshop. The stuff they teach and cover here isn’t to be found easily anywhere. Great post-workshop support as well. Almost six months later and they’re just as supportive as ever. Highly recommended. Thank you Quantico.


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