The Top 20 Media Companies in Singapore   

who are the top media agencies in singapore

You need income. Income is derived from the business. Business is derived from sales. Sales are derived from marketing. Marketing is derived from Media.

At one point in time during the running of your business, you will need the services of a media company. However, with the ease of connectivity, most brands do not consider them mostly because they do not understand what they do.

Singapore has one of the most vibrant yet complex media sectors in the world today. On top of this, changing consumer demographics means that it will be a headache dealing with the media in-house. For this reason, you need the services of a media company to help you get your message out to the public in an efficient and effective way.

Media companies are entities that provide all manner of communication solutions, as well as media and marketing projects such as media buying, advertising, TV commercials and programs, branding, and more. In this article, we look at the top 20 media companies in Singapore today.

Businesses rely on stakeholders from different market environments. One stakeholder that a company cannot afford to ignore is the media. The media as a non-market player, the media comprises companies that handle, manage and specialise in content delivery. These firms specialise in the internet, print, TV, radio and traditional mail, among others. It’s the media that shapes the public perception of business.

The media has different elements and formats. For instance, broadcast technology is about sending or receiving different messages through cable or wireless means. Broadcast shares news and entertainment to audiences.

Nowadays, aspiring brands and companies prioritise getting media contacts. They focus on premium content and multiple media platforms to find and engage target audiences. Whereas the emphasis is on progressive media, especially social media platforms, there is still a lot that traditional media has to offer to start-ups and established brands.

What is the media?

Media denotes a variety of vehicles, mediums that relay messages, information or data to specific and general audiences. The media uses channels like television, radio, outdoor mediums or the internet to convey information to the public.

Media can be categorised into:

  • Broadcast Media- includes TV, Radio
  • Print Media- includes Newspapers, Magazines and other publications
  • Outdoor or Out of Home-includes banners and billboards
  • Internet-includes web-based broadcast and digital broadcasting

For businesses, Media caters to broadcasting, networking, print, digital, news and advertising streams and the like. These streams come with various infrastructure and regulations. Media companies that operate around these streams cater to the information needs of multiple end-users, who can be individuals or multinationals.

In selecting media channels to convey a message, media planers factor in aspects such as the nature of the products or services, market trends and requirements, message appeal, advertising goals and distribution plans. Other factors in play include the availability of media, competitor trends, the budget and the nature of business.

Understanding Different Media Outlet Types in The Singapore Marketplace

A majority of businesses in Singapore tend to analyse potential media outlets before they engage them to broadcast their messages. You must consider crafting your message using a public relations tool, such as a news release. Different media outlets in Singapore handle different messages and information using various formats. Here are insights about different outlets and how they impact


Daily newspapers, local and national, are a favourite means of sending messages about a Product, service event or happening. Daily local newspapers may emphasize regional or national level news, but Singaporean businesses can leverage them to cover business-oriented stories with a local angle. Companies need to find media contacts and coverage when sending out intended business information.


Like local newspapers, TV stations will prioritise regional and national level coverage. However, they will angle some of their features around the local scene. TV can invoke emotions with their concise storytelling formats and elements. Local businesses can leverage live coverage for their events to convey compelling brand messages and appeal.


Radio stations in Singapore provide programs and radio spots for advertising and informing the public. Local businesses can turn to radio to broadcast live events, especially if they have a large number of listeners who are interested in the company’s products or services.


Magazines are the perfect means of communicating long and in-depth brand stories. Small and large companies can leverage these publications to convey advertising and informational copy. Magazines with a national outreach are ideal if a business wants to reach out to a broader audience. Even though the relay speed is not as effective compared to social media, a magazine can tell and remind your audience about your business and its offerings for the long term.

Social Media

Social media is all the buzz in the Singaporean business front. It’s an all-encompassing platform that tells your audiences and other players about your business in a fast and direct manner. Today, social media influencers are the best partners that a company can get. With the use of graphics, images, video and live streaming, social media can help a business to engage, appeal and convert passive audiences into fanatical leads.

Notable Industry Trends Shaping the Media Industry in Singapore Trends

The evolving media world has become fragmented and more personal. Users can adopt different media to their fulfilment and gratification via personal devices. This is making Singaporean businesses to tailor their product, service and informational offers to suit the needs of targeted audiences.

Traditional media is evolving

Although traditional mainstream media preference seems to be declining, it still commands a huge following in Singapore. The digital transformation may have cannibalised traditional medial, newspaper and TV has transformed too. Indeed, these companies have adapted to the transition, and they are accessible on digital platforms.

Why Media Is Important for Singapore Businesses

Singaporean businesses on different levels benefit from getting positive and regular coverage in the mainstream media. Such exposure gives firms a shot in the arm in their operations. The multiplier effects derived from such coverage mean additional ROI and engagement levels soar. Here are the reasons why is the Media Important for Singaporean businesses

Low-Cost Media Campaigns

the advent of social media has revolutionised how businesses speak to their audiences. Over 90% of the population in Singapore depends on social and digital platforms to receive news and information. Fortunately, local publications have digitised their operations, and they help companies to reduce advertising costs. It’s easy to run a branding campaign through social media by strategically placing a story on a publication’s link on Facebook or Twitter

It gets your message to a broader audience

Different media forms such as TV, newspaper, radio to the web help you to get your message to a broader audience. These media channels promote your company to convey specific messages to the right audience clusters. It’s easy for a community level business to break into a new market after placing an ad on a regional publication or newspaper.

It provides free publicity and exposure

Local and national level businesses in Singapore enjoy free media coverage. Businesses leverage news to report events and occasions for free. A company must invest in getting media contacts. It’s the only guarantee that they will get their product launch event covered. Free media coverage establishes your legitimacy, and potential customers feel more inclined to associate with your brand.

It sways user opinions

The media has immense power that shapes opinions. From a business perspective, the media can tell your brand story in a way that influences how customers connect and interact with your business. On the flip side, media can generate negative opinions, but a discerning company or organisations need to have a mitigatory pan in place should such a crisis happen.

Benefits of media companies to SMEs in Singapore

New and traditional media are relevant to a large number of Singaporean businesses. Organisations are spending large to place ads throughout home mediums. Others are social media crazy, and a good number still goes for a local newspaper ad. numerous benefits are arising from the media. Some include:

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Media Creates Awareness

When your business shares info with a local or regional publication, it presents an opportunity to be found by a wider audience. An advert on a regional publication or a radio mention about your business gives you the much-needed exposure. With a better profile, your business builds trust, and it can attract the best talents. In the end, it helps to grow and drive up productivity.

Media boosts Credibility

If your business gets media coverage, potential customers gravitate towards your brand. They are likely to perceive you as an authority. Your products and services become the first options that a user prefers when they need to solve their problems. As long as you have the right media contacts, your business credibility will keep rising from the coverage you get consistently.

Social Media Builds Your Online Reputation

If you prioritise new media platforms like social media, it offers your business the chance to boost user engagement. Social media reaches out to millions of potential customers. If your business is in a reputation crisis, the platform offers a visible platform where you can turn around a crisis into a positive outcome.

Social Media Aids Reputation Management

Just as critical as everything else is your online reputation. Customers like it when you proactively engage them on social media. If anything, that’s how you get them to leave behind a positive feedback or put out a positive word for your business. Better yet, the positive feedback you receive on social media will be visible for everyone to see.


Interview Questions for Hiring a Media Agency in Singapore

Hiring a media company to drive your communication agenda is an intricate process. Different media companies in Singapore cater to the communication needs of different verticals. You need to choose and hire the one that is well versed in communication strategies in your industry or niche. Here are some interview questions to ask when interviewing potential media companies.

Do You Understand My Industry?

When hiring a media company in Singapore, ask them whether they have handled a similar communication campaign. The best firm should be well versed in your core needs and pain points. They should provide industry-specific references to confirm they are the right fit.

Why do you want to work with us?

It’s essential to identify a media company that is passionate about your business success. If they believe in your venture, they” ll execute a killer communication strategy. Your business should pick a media agency that wants to know what you’re offering. From there, they will know how to create captivating pitches that sell your brand right away.

Why Should I Work with You?

Before hiring a media strategy company, ask them to demonstrate why you should pick them instead of their competitors. Consider checking their communication teams and whether they hold unique creativity in the course of offering their communication services.

Do you offer out of the box solutions?

Other than checking the past projects that a media company has handled, ask prospecting media agencies to show you the unique and effective strategies they use to get the best results. Creativity and mastery of the latest trends in the media industry make your message go viral.

If it’s a social media marketing campaign, chose an agency that goes in-depth to study and understand your target audience. It’s the only way they can craft campaigns that resonate with the intended demographics or audience.

The Best Web-Based Media Channels Examples in Singapore

Although traditional media has a significant impact on Singaporean businesses, more emphasis seems to on emerging media channels and platforms. These forms of digital media promise organizations a fast and broader reach.

If a company is launching a product or rebranding, they are likely to resort to social media. A live-streamed launch can capture a broad audience meaning the product or service being launched is likely to hit the ground running. Here are some examples of new media channels that Singaporean businesses can leverage.

Internet Media

The modern world has gone digital. Over 60% of the country’s population depends on the internet for information, entertainment and business purposes. Information over the web can be in the form of text, video, audio and infographics.

Social networks 

Social media is the lifeline of many businesses in Singapore. The power of social media can transform a stagnant business into a success story in a short time. Local and national level businesses turn to social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest, among others. Their potential to reach a global audience and their user-friendliness, businesses cannot afford to ignore these platforms

Online forums 

Niche businesses are likely to go for online forums to discuss and find solutions to specific problems. An online forum is a web-based medium where people congregate virtually to ask, discuss and share solutions. Businesses can turn to these fora to gain niche-specific knowledge, and they can share insights that assist other ventures.


Podcasts are audio series that cover a particular topic or theme. They can be accessed via a PC or a smartphone. This platform allows individuals or businesses to share in-depth knowledge and communicate with a global audience.


A webinar is the online version of the usual seminar. Presentations are done online in real-time. Webinars rely on audio and visual elements. Businesses can exploit the power of a webinar to demonstrate product and service capabilities. It’s ideal when a company wants to educate target audiences with the webinar host being the instructor.

Modern businesses rely on different types of media companies and mediums to discover market info and trends. Today, it’s easy to access information through a variety of channels and devices. Media companies can convey market information to any location on the globe in real-time. Let Media One help your business. Contact us.

mediaOne The Top 20 Media Companies in Singapore   


This company has competitively priced services, and this makes them one of the best media companies in Singapore. They cater to companies of various sizes right from start-ups to small and medium businesses, as well as established companies.

MediaOne has a wide range of services including website design and development, digital marketing, SMM, SEM, online reputation management, as well as an SEO audit tool for their client’s websites.

The agency has over ten years’ experience in the Singapore industry, and with their mastery of the trends shaping the industry, you should give them a call on +65 6789 9852 for a free consultation. You can visit any of their offices; the headquarters is located at 40B Tras Street Singapore 078979, while the West branch is located at 1 Bt Batok Cres #08-38 WCEGA Plaza, Singapore 658064.

band agency The Top 20 Media Companies in Singapore   

Band Media Agency

This award-winning Media Company in Singapore that help brands improve their communication to the public. They ensure this by offering a wide range of services including digital, design, direct, and corporate marketing.

On top of this, Band Media Agency offers advertising, CRM, events planning, demand, and lead generation. It ranks as one of the top agencies for using a media-neutral approach to their advertising approach, which allows clients to place their ads on their preferred media platforms.

They have a professional team that will help in all aspects of idea conceptualisation, design, implementation, channel marketing management, direct marketing, and consumer relationship techniques, digital and social marketing solutions.

You can visit their offices at 10 Raeburn Park, #02-10, Singapore, 088702. You can also contact them via the website for a free quote and a look at their current and previous clients.

4 media The Top 20 Media Companies in Singapore   

Four Media

This media company has professional communication experts that walk with the client right from idea conceptualisation, strategy, execution and follow through to production. Four Media’s competencies has enabled them to attract domestic and foreign clients, which is based on understanding the client’s business before embarking on the project.

They have a wide range of services, which are pegged on effectiveness and practicality. They specialise in branding, advertising, and design of event campaigns, digital marketing, visual identity, logo design, and print design.

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Four Media also offers integrated marketing communications, digital solutions, marketing automation, social media management, e-commerce solutions, cross border marketing, traditional media, interactive media, and capability development.

You can contact them for a free consultation and quote on the phone using +65 62543051, or walk into their offices on 114 Lavender Street #10-83 CT Hub, Singapore 338729.

the secret little agency The Top 20 Media Companies in Singapore   

The Secret Little Agency

Since 2007, The Secret Little Agency has revolutionised the communications industry, and it has brought immense impact to businesses, creativity, as well as the culture in Asia. With headquarters in Asia, TSLA now works across Asia via a series of custom networks managed from the head office in Singapore, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

Their services include idea conceptualisation, creating a market strategy, advertising, and content marketing. They work with clients from a wide range of industries including RedMart, the Economic Development Board, POSB, DBS, Zespri, Nokia, Myojo, Netflix, Ong Shunmugam, Tiger Beer, Telenor, and many more.

For a consultation and a quote on their services, email them using [email protected]. You can also walk into their offices at Clarke Quay, Singapore.

dream The Top 20 Media Companies in Singapore   

Dream Solutions

This media company has been operational in Singapore since 19898, and despite being one of the oldest agencies in Singapore, it has kept up with the times. With that said, they bring years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in executing their services.

They provide a variety of media-related services to brands of various sizes, and in different industries. Their services include events management, advertising, design, and promotion, branding, printing, and production. Their portfolio features brands such as Adidas, Singapore Children’s Society, POND’S, Essilor, Singapore Brands, and more.

Dream Solutions also offer product launches, roadshows, and they will handle all the processes of branding. You can contact them using their contact form on the website, or walk into their offices for a free quote and consultation at Ubi Ave 3, #03-24 The Vertex 408868.

vizeum The Top 20 Media Companies in Singapore   

Vizeum Singapore

Since 2003 when Vizeum entered into the Singaporean market, they have raised the bar in offering communication and media buying solutions. It is under the Dentsu Aegis Network, which is one of the leading networks redefining the way brands communicate with the public.

Despite being under a network, Vizeum Singapore has services that are independent of the other agencies under the network. They specialise in media planning and buying services, which include activities such as strategy, and planning, programmatic management, account and regional management, attribution and analytics, creative and adoption, design, database management, and CRM.

They have amassed a variety of clients including Air New Zealand, Abbott, BBC, BMW, Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance, Accor Hotels, Airbnb, Dominos, Expedia, Carousell, Red Bull, Ninja Van, Xero, Panasonic, Vodafone, and more.

Vizeum Singapore is located on 1 Wallich Street, #22-01 Guoco Tower, Singapore 078881. You can also call them on +65 65014900 for a free consultation and quote.

Havas The Top 20 Media Companies in Singapore   

Havas Asia Pacific

Havas is headquartered in Paris and was founded in 1835, and with offices in over 100 countries, it is one of the biggest global communication solutions provides. The Asia Pacific office is located in Singapore, and its focus is on digital marketing.

Their services involve media buying and execution, advertising, mobile marketing, brand strategy and design, social and performance marketing, content studio, analytics and decision sciences, engagement planning, digital, direct, and event marketing, PR and corporate communications, product development, as well as experience design.

Call the Havas Singapore office using +65 6317 660 for a free consultation and quote, or walk into their offices on 80 Robinson Road, #20-01, Singapore 068898, Singapore.

mobvista The Top 20 Media Companies in Singapore   


This agency is headquartered in Guangzhou China, and it is one of the world’s third-party mobile value discovery platforms. They pride themselves in providing user acquisition, mobile analytics solutions, monetisation, to app developers across the globe.

To do this, they have a several offices across the globe with one in Singapore. Their mission is to share the content and services of universal quality and standard with everyone. They have three service groups that have an array of services under them. This includes top media marketing solutions, programmatic marketing solutions, and performance-based marketing solutions.

They have amassed an incredible list of clients including Rovio, Alibaba Group, Tencent, BitMango, Amazon, Uber, NetEase Games, and more. You can walk into the Mobvista offices located at Kulstana, 9 Temasek, Boulevard 31F, Suntec Tower 2, 038989, Singapore for a free consultation and quote.

Kadence The Top 20 Media Companies in Singapore   

Kadence Singapore

This is an award-winning Asian hub that acts as a single point of contact for full-service market research across the Asian Pacific region and the world. Kadence Singapore has experience in both B2B and B2C circles.

This means that they can blend quantitative and qualitative research that helps brands communicate with hard to reach audiences. The Singaporean office has focus group facilities, an online scripting team, recruiters, and a call centre.

Kadence Singapore is method neutral, which means that they work within the client’s guidelines while providing professional advice in idea conceptualisation, strategy, design, and implementation. They have an impressive array of clients including Sony, Abacus, Singtel, Nikon, HSBC, Google, Samsung, Singapore Pools, Fox, iClif, Disney, Phillips, and more.

Their services include strategic planning, pricing, market entry campaigns, media buying and planning, programmatic management, retail, FMCG, and more. You can contact the Singapore office at the Kadence International #11-00 RB Capital Building 22 Malacca Street Singapore 048980. On top of this, you can get in touch with the customer support representative on +65 6372 8710.

Chrysler Communications

This media company in Singapore specialises in public relations and marketing communications. They have an integrated approach that caters to emerging and established brands in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong.

The Chrysler Communication’s mission focus is to establish powerful media campaign initiatives for domestic and multinational corporate brands and consumer lifestyle brands. Their services include strategic communications, media relations, reputation management, brand and third party partnerships, media training, and social impact.

Their client portfolio includes brands such as HASK, IndoChine, Montreux Jazz Café, Lawasia, Rubicon Reserve Wines, Salt Grill, and Sky Bar, National Healthcare Group, The Prime Society, The Vagabond Club Singapore, Women of the Future Awards Southeast Asia, and more.

On top of this, Chrysler Communications works with partners such as Telum Media, the Media Publishers Association of Singapore, Food4Media, Fabulation, TreavMedia, and Circus Social to improve its service offering.

For a free consultation and quote, please contact them via +65 9631 1670 or visit their offices on 331 North Bridge Road, Level 2 Odeon Towers, Singapore 188720. You can also use the contact form on their website.

neo 360 The Top 20 Media Companies in Singapore   


This agency is a subsidiary of NeoRanking Pte Ltd, a global digital marketing agency headquartered in Singapore. NEO360.Digital helps their clients to listen, reach, and engage with their customers in a bid to help them grow their business.

The agency offers bespoke digital marketing and media consultancy for businesses in the Southeast region and Australia. NEO360.Digital mission is to help businesses to achieve peak performance via progressive strategies for every stage of growth.

They have a wide range of services including display advertising, social media marketing, marketing automation, public relations, and corporate communications, SEO and SEM. The agency is located on 420 North Bridge Road, #06-29, North Bridge Centre, Singapore, 188727, Singapore. On top of this, you can contact the call centre on +6562527411 for a free consultation and quote.

Sirius Art

This doubles as a media and marketing agency that has an independent and certified media-buying arm. On top of this, Sirius Art has a variety of services including media buying and planning, IT services, event management, and digital marketing.

It is a 4As accredited media agency and their in-house staff that has a combined experience of more than 50 years. Given the customer reviews and responses, the professionals at Sirius Art has a strong editorial prescience, and this comes in handy for clients who want to create robust brand awareness, as well as building hype around their products and services.

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They are also masters of public campaigns, which they customise for each client. You can visit their offices located on 114 Lavender Street, CT Hub 2 #07-84, Singapore 338729.

dentsu The Top 20 Media Companies in Singapore   

Dentsu Mobius Singapore

This agency is part of the Dentsu Aegis Network that boasts of over 80 employees versed in a variety of disciplines in media and communications. For this reason, they are fully integrated, and they maintain their own identity despite being under a network.

Dentsu Mobius has a broad range of innovative services, which include marketing and communication strategies formulation via mobile apps, SEO, media planning and buying, creative execution, brand tracking, content creation, creative execution, and market analytics.

Their office is located on 1 Wallich Street #22-01, Guoco tower Singapore 078881. You can also contact them to book an appointment for a free consultation or ask for a quote using +65 6734 0110. Their clients include Canon and Shiseido, among other highflying brands.

click true The Top 20 Media Companies in Singapore   

ClickTrue Pte Ltd

This is an online advertising and marketing media agency that provides its services to brands in Singapore and South East Asia. It helps brands strategize, design, and create captivating experiences for their online presence.

ClickTrue specialises in conversion and search strategies as well as in offering online and tech marketing services, which includes SEM, SEO, SMM, conversion rate optimisation, lead generation, web analytics consultation, and digital consultancy, among other enterprise solutions.

Some of their clients include the HMI institute of health sciences, Efficient Systems, MES Property, and more. You can contact them via the contact form on the website or call them on +65 6950 3366. You can also walk into their offices on 82, Level 7, Media Centre, Genting Lane, Singapore, 349567, Singapore.

infectious media The Top 20 Media Companies in Singapore   

Infectious Media

This internationally acclaimed programmatic agency with global partners that help deliver efficient and effective media campaigns to its clients. The agency has specialist teams and technology that focuses on doing programmatic work for advertisers.

The head office is in London UK with one branch office in Singapore. Infectious Media focuses on executing carefully planned and optimised programmatic solutions, which involve SEO, advertising, web design, UX/UI design, branding, content marketing, public relations, and social media marketing.

Their clients include Waitrose, B&Q, John Lewis, Shop direct, Expedia, MBNA, to name a few. They have a contact form on their website for customer support, but you can also visit the Singapore office at WeWork 22 Cross Street Singapore 048421.

Publicis Singapore

This agency is focusing on revolutionising the Singaporean and regional media market by creating leading strategies that focus on people. Their approach is poised at making their client’s brands unique, outstanding, and irretraceable.

Singapore is one of the 80 locations in the world, and this means that they have a huge pool of talent and markets to source creativity. This ensures that they stay ahead of the compaction to deliver exceptional media services.

Publicis Singapore offers a variety of services including brand content creation, advertising, media planning, and buying, programmatic management, design, CRM, strategy, customer acquisition and analytics, direct marketing, data management, point-of-sale marketing, digital production and marketing, web design and development, and more.

For an in-depth look at their full portfolio of services, look through their website or contact them for a free consultation and quote. On top of this, you can also visit their offices at Fuji Xerox Towers 80 Anson Road #33-00 Singapore 079907 Singapore.

zenith The Top 20 Media Companies in Singapore   

Zenith Optimedia

This agency has an experienced team that allows them to double in both digital and traditional media. Their services cover a wide range of media including broadcast, print, cinema, outdoor, as well as new media such as social, digital media, direct response, sponsored and search media.

Their services include strategic resources, communication planning, media finance and accounting, media consulting, execution, and evaluation. Zenith Optimedia works in at least 95 markets, and their focus is to grow their client’s business.

Their clients include Aviva, 21st Century Fox, Heineken, Cover Girl Magazine, NatWest, SAIC General Motors, Daimler/Mercedes, CampoFrio Food Group, Jazeera Airways, Sanofi, and more.

They have 6,000-strong personnel, and this allows them to tap into a large talent pool that also allows them to stay ahead of the competition. Book your free consultation by calling +65 6914 2600 or visit their offices located at 60 Anson Road, #07-01/02/03/04, Mapletree Anson, Singapore 079914.

kinetic The Top 20 Media Companies in Singapore   

Kinetic Design and Advertising

Since 2000, Kinetic Design and Advertising has continued to make a name for itself as a leading boutique design, interactive, and advertising agency. They aim to bring creative independence while sticking to the client’s marketing and public relations strategy.

They have a very interesting website that is like nothing you have ever seen, but it gets the message across. They have several services up their sleeve including advertising, digital strategy, branding, media planning, and buying, as well as web design.

Their advert singing service involves print advertising as well as broadcast video advertising. Their clients include global industry giants as well as domestic brands such as Singtel, Facebook, Levis, Hasbro, Nike, Nokia, K+, HBO, MINI, Unilever, CDL, UNIQLO, Zuji, and more.

Kinetic Design and Advertising is an intrinsically different media company in Singapore, and it means that they will make all the difference in your campaigns. Call them on +65 6508 6851 to book an appointment, or walk into their offices on 316 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427567.

govt The Top 20 Media Companies in Singapore   


It is one of the few independent media companies in Singapore, and it is focused on disrupting the industry to churn out campaigns that do not come off as advertising. It has a team of 50 professionals with diverse backgrounds, and together they are blurring the line between age-old advertising, data science, pop culture, consumer experience, and tech innovation.

GOVT has provided a wide range of media based services since its launch in 2012 including digital strategy, advertising, event planning and marketing, and social media marketing. They have provided these services to clients such as Netflix, Chang Beer, the National Gallery Singapore, Nescafe, Airbnb, History, OCBC Bank, Maggi, Hagen-Dazs and more.

They are active on social media, which is one way to contact them, but you can also contact them on the phone via +65 6802 7645. Other than that, you can visit their offices located at 315 Outram Road, #11-03, Tan Boon Liat Building, Singapore, 169074 for a free consultation and quote.

wpp The Top 20 Media Companies in Singapore   


This media agency has gone up the ranks to become one of the top media companies in Singapore by bringing brilliant people together to build better futures for their clients. They do this by creating transformative ideas that are evident in the outcomes of the campaigns.

WPP blends communications, experience, technology, and commerce and this gained them the title of the world’s most effective media and Communications Company in the world for the 8 years in a row in 2019.

WPP has specialty companies that allow them to focus on the delivery of quality service in a variety of industries including media, integrated networks, PR and public affairs, health and wellness, production, as well as brand consulting. You can contact them on +65 6508 5219. Better yet, you can meet the professionals at their office on 50 Scotts Road #03-01, 228242 Singapore.



Businesses are finding it more difficult to get their promotions and messages to the public due to increased competition. However, with the changing media demographics and consumer tastes, it has become necessary to hire a media company in Singapore. We hope that the above list of the top 20 media companies in Singapore will help you narrow down to your preferred agency.

Contact us today for digital marketing services in Singapore, which include leveraging a variety of media to reach out to your target audience.

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Bugs are among the most unpleasant aspects of the software development process, whether you’ve worked on a little side project …

How Does A Virtual Private Network Work

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re either a small business owner who’s looking to expand your reach, or an …

Digital Identity Theft: How to Protect Yourself from Scams and Fraud

We are always online in this day and age of technology, which makes personal data more exposed than ever. Digital …

The Legal Consequences of Cybersecurity Breaches in Singapore

Technology has advanced greatly in the digital age. It paves the way for a higher risk of cybersecurity breaches. There …


What Are Virtual Fitting Rooms and How Do They Work? (2023)

Shopping for clothes online can be tricky. It’s difficult to know how something will look and fit without trying it …

Planograms: What They Are and How They’re Used in Visual Merchandising

As a retailer, you know the importance of creating an appealing and organised display of your merchandise. The way you …

PSG Grants: The Complete Guide

How do you kickstart your technology journey with limited resources? The Productivity Solution Grant (PSG) is a great place to …

The Importance of Authenticity in Your Brand Voice Strategy

Most companies are aware of the value of branding. The reputation of a firm may make or break it, after …

Featured Snippet Optimization: Complete Guide In 2022

You’ve probably seen the boxes that pop up at the top of the SERP featuring a summary of an answer …


15 Ways to Remain Empathic While Still Making Deals

Empathy is an essential quality in any negotiation. It allows you to understand the other party’s perspective, build trust and …

10 Prospect Qualification Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Sales

10 Prospect Qualification Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Sales Prospecting is one of the most important aspects of sales. It’s …

How Pros Write Business Proposals To Win New Clients

As a business owner or entrepreneur, one of the most critical skills you need to have is the ability to …

Baidu SEO: Optimising Your Website for Chinese Audiences

In today’s interconnected world, expanding your online presence to capture international markets has become essential. When targeting the Chinese market, …

Time Management Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs (Free Tools)

Are you one of the entrepreneurs juggling multiple tasks, constantly racing against the clock? Do you often find yourself overwhelmed …

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