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Mastering the art of public speaking is important in all aspects of life – education, business, and the public arena.

It’s a skill that comes with so many benefits. It wields the power to inform, inspire, persuade, motivate, teach, transform, enlighten, and so on. The list is endless.

In the world of business, public speaking could help you increase sales, build a compelling brand, evangelise your company’s mission, negotiate lucrative deals, adapt to changing markets, and so on.

There’s a long host of things your company can achieve through public speaking. The best part is that this is a skill that can be perfected through training and practise.

Businesses that invest in offering public speaking training to their employees are more likely to succeed. Reason being, they’re training their employees to be disciplined listeners, which will see to it that they’re able to critically analyse complex information and present it in a manner that best benefits the company.

What’s Public Speaking?

Public speaking can be defined as the art of presenting a speech to a live audience. Before the 20th century, public speakers were referred to as orators while the discourse itself was referred to as orations.

Public speaking has significantly advanced from oration. It’s less about the theatrical performances associated with oratory and more about audience participation and reaction.

So many elements feed into the skill of public speaking – body language, recitation, delivery, feedback, and conversation.

Why is Public Speaking Important?

Public speaking is a great tool for marketing your products and brand. Being able to persuade and win over a crowd is a skill that could carry you far.

It’s rife with positive outcomes – starting with the fact that it’s good for establishing authority.

Done correctly, and it may get more people interested in your brand or products, which could mean more business opportunities for you.

Ultimately, being a good public speaker makes you a great marketer – and why not, a better version of the person you were meant to be.

As a marketer, whenever a chance to speak in public presents itself, grab it and make the most of it. Learn to pour your emotions out and cash in on the power of words.

The Life-changing Benefits of Public Speaking in Marketing

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The positive impact of good communication skills can be felt in all aspects of life. Whether you’re looking to embark on a political career, set up a business, or start a career as a keynote or motivational speaker, good public speaking skills will inch you closer to your goals.

In this section of the post, we’ll be highlighting the benefits of public speaking. We plan to help you broaden your horizons and explore the options in front of you. We encourage you to find out about the events around you and sign up to speak at a few of them.

Here’s what public speaking will do for your brand:

Make Your Name Memorable

Tired of people forgetting all about you or your business as soon as you’re out of the picture?

Give people something to remember, and that will be a problem of the past. You don’t have to be the one that’s always reminding people of where you met.

Just put out a nice presentation, or send out the most personable representative, and your brand or name could be remembered for years.

Make Your Business or Brand More Personable

Public speaking allows you to build a rapport with an audience that you couldn’t reach via Facebook or any other platform. You have a chance to introduce the people you’re addressing, to your business and give them a general overview of your brand and everything you stand for.

This is the easiest way to inspire trust in the audience you’re addressing.

Once you’ve succeeded to create a connection with your audience, you can bet they’ll be more confident to trust you for business.

Grow Your Network

Public speaking offers you a perfect chance to grow your network or get your business known.

You’ll be hobnobbing with different professionals, both inside and outside your field of operation, thus growing your network.

You’ll also get to meet different people and exchange pleasantries and contact numbers.

The more these people warm up to you, the easier it will be for you to reach out to them for business or any kind of favour.

Establish Yourself as an Authority

Public speaking will shape how business individuals and customers perceive you or your brand.

Many of them will start viewing you as an industry expert.

Your reputation will grow, leading to many of the people you’re addressing to start viewing you as an authority in everything that relates to your brand.

Both your name and the name of your brand will grow simultaneously. And the more your brand gains a strong reputation, the more attention it will attract, which translates to more business for you.

Grow Your Website

After addressing your audience, you can be sure most of them will be Googling your name to try and learn more about you.

You should be able to see your site traffic swell.

This also comes as the perfect link building opportunity. Some of the attendees will want to talk about the event, and one thing you can be sure of is that you’ll be receiving lots of online citations and backlinks in the process.

Keep Your Clients Informed

Public speaking offers you a chance to shape the public’s perception of your brand.

You have a chance to direct their way of thinking and create a mental image of everything you represent as a brand.

Those sitting in your presentation or seminar already have an interest in whatever your brand is offering. What you’ll be doing on your end is saving them the trouble of locating some of this information on their own.

Build Leadership Skills

Leaders speak for themselves. They know how to command respect by airing their minds out instead of letting others speak for them.

It doesn’t matter if your oratory skills aren’t anything to write home about. The fact that you’re confident enough to stand in front of a large crowd and speak your mind that alone is enough to cement you as a leader that others should learn to respect.

Through the power of persuasion, you can change minds and influence hearts. It’s like opening your mind and letting the world take a glimpse of your viewpoints and overall perception of the world.

The Four Different Types of Public Speaking

The speech you give in any public speaking event will always vary depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

What we’re basically trying to imply is that there are four different types of public speaking – ceremonial, informative, persuasive, and demonstrative.

Ceremonial Speaking

At some point in your life you’ll be asked to stand up and give a speech in a ceremony. It’s worth noting that how you address an audience at a ceremony shouldn’t be the same with how you address a business audience.

Examples of ceremonial events that you may be asked to speak at include graduations, weddings, funerals, and birthday celebrations.

These events are informal and do not require much from you, apart from acknowledging the event, toasting to the person behind the occasion, and delivering a personal speech based on the connection you have or had with the person.

Persuasive Speaking

This type of speech tends to be more glitzy or showy. It’s mostly associated with lawyers, politicians, and members of the clergy.

It takes a lot of practise to perfect this type of speech. You have to play with voice inflections and language nuances to convince your audience into doing something.

In most cases, the speaker will have a stake or personal interest in the outcome. A common example is a politician fishing for votes or an evangelist trying to win new members over so they can come to their church.

Persuasive speakers are masters of using a strong language or emotional appeals in their speech.

Demonstrative Speaking

Role-playing and science demonstrations are part of demonstrative speaking. It includes any type of speech where the speaker has to describe actions and how to perform them.

You’ll have the speaker explaining the step by step process of doing something. Like for instance, you may have a speaker teaching an audience on how to run an effective digital marketing campaign in Singapore.

The ultimate goal of demonstrative speaking is to equip the audience with the much-needed knowledge on how to get something done.

Informative Speaking

People give informative speeches to state facts. They’re meant to offer insights or explain a complex concept.

Lecture courses, motivational speaking, and conferences all fall under informative speaking.

People attend a public speaking conference or event to learn something new and expand their horizons.

The speaker is not after convincing their audience or getting them to do something for them. They only care about disseminating information and leaving the rest to the audience.

Public Speaking Trends to Follow in 2020

These public speaking trends will help you connect with your audience on a deeper level and take your presentations to a whole new next level.

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Increasingly Casual Presentations

Buttoned-up, austere presentations are fast becoming a thing of the past. People are becoming less concerned about professional code of conduct and more interested in quality. It’s nothing out of the ordinary to see a speaker dressing casually in a business meeting.

If anything, this only makes them look approachable, likeable, genuine and reliable. Business meetings are rarely held in auditorium-like venues but in lounges and bar tables.

No one will judge you for abandoning your suit for a more casual business outfit. You also don’t have to restrain your meetings to a large business room. You can move it to a bistro, and there’ll be no one to question your decision.

Participation and Connection

The right mindset to wear while giving a speech is one of heading it, not giving. Your audience doesn’t just want to see you talk. They want you to involve them and grant them the opportunity to participate and chime in with their contribution.

They want to give feedback, relate your speech to an experience they had, and even expound on some of your ideas.

Learn to incorporate live surveys in your speech, have someone tweet your speech and be sure to read some of their comments to your audience as you go. Urge the audience to offer their opinions as well, and even cold call someone from the crowd to answer a question or state their thoughts on the topic.


Webinars are the new trend. Public speakers don’t have to book a physical venue to organise an event. It’s now possible to organise a live event online and have an audience attend.

It’s a cost-friendly way to set up an event because it eliminates the need to travel or hire a physical venue.

Presentation Slides

The over-produced videos and exaggerated PowerPoint slides are now fading. In their place, comes the casual, instructor-like presentation approach.

They’re being replaced by smartboards and whiteboards, which allows you to take notes and even draw pictures during your presentations.

It’s a dynamic approach that a modern audience can resonate with best. It’s visually interesting and has a way of keeping the audience locked in during the entire period of your presentation.

Amateur Movies

You don’t have to waste your time explaining something when you can make it roll in real-time and a video. Amateur movies aren’t hard to produce or that costly to plan and execute.

If you can afford to plan a speech, then you certainly have time to create a short movie that touches on some of the areas you’ll be covering in your speech.

You can start by teaching yourself how to use video editing software. Or better, find a freelance video editor or video production team and let them help you produce a short-scripted movie on a topic you’ll be covering.

Group Technology

Furnishing your meeting room is not enough. You need to equip it with the right selection of tech tools and equipment for meetings.

Go ahead and gather large screens, iPads, iPhones, and pocket projectors. Your team need all these gadgets and tools to hone their presentation skills.

PowerPoint still rules. But there are better alternatives out there – Google slides, Prezi, Slide Rocket, and Keynote.

Focused Presentation

The basic rule of thumb is that you should concentrate on the three most important ideas, with the hope that a small section of your audience will be able to remember these ideas.

You’re even allowed to assess your audience for this.

It’s to be however noted that you won’t always be addressing a bigger audience. If anything, the audience that tends to attend events and corporate meetings is increasingly becoming small.

While this raises the alarm, the silver lining is that a smaller audience is easy to welcome to a personal setting, where you’ll be fostering an even deeper connection with your audience, and among the participants, as well.

Seven Free Ways to Learn Public Speaking Skills

Now that we’ve established that public speaking is one of the most sought-after skills, we’d like to offer some suggestions on how you can learn it for free.

Use the resources below to up your public speaking game and overcome the fear of addressing a group of people.

Give Amazing Presentations (Udemy)

Udemy courses are rarely free. However, they have a great presentation and public speaking course that’s absolutely free. All you have to do is sign up, and you’ll be allowed to download the course without even entering your credit card details.

This course is owned and presented by a renowned business school professor and author, Professor Chris Haroun.

In this course, Haroun tries to dig into different speeches from people like Meryl Streep, Ronald Reagan, and Steven Jobs. He analyses everything and even guides you on how to take a cue from these great speakers and give amazing speeches, too.

An Intro to Public Speaking (Coursera)

This course is prepared and presented by none other than Dr Matt McGarrity, a well-decorated lecturer from the University of Washington.

It’s a 10-week course that focuses on helping you articulate your thoughts in a manner that your audience will have an easy time understanding you.

Matt also tries to teach you how to prepare an impromptu speech and deliver it successfully.

He also teaches about persuasive and informative speech, and everything there’s to know about how to perfect the art of public speaking.

Free Online Speaking Course by Sarah Lloyd

There’s a reason Sarah Lloyd is one of Pearson’s bestselling author. And that’s because she understands the art of public speaking like nobody’s business.

And she now has a six-week free public speaking course that you can take advantage of today and conquer the fear of speaking publicly.

All you have to do is follow the ginger public link provided and sign up on the site, and the course will be delivered right into your email box.

Lloyd focuses on delivering quality and not delivering a speech for the sake of it. She puts a lot of emphasis on brevity on how to cut on fluff and deliver your speech clearly and more concisely.

The Art of Public Speaking

Dale Carnegie is a household name in the field of public speaking. Here’s authored so many best-selling books, of which “the-art-of-public-speaking” is part.

A volunteer narrator would then offer to record the book into an audio format that’s now available to be downloaded for free.

In the book, Dale tries to describe how to use hand gestures and your voices to stress your points, while exuding confidence in the speeches that you make. He also goes on to talk about how you can persuade an audience through nothing else but speech.

Public Speaking (Course Saylor Academy)

This is a good course if your plan is to delve deeper into the topic and understand the theory behind public speaking and everything it entails.

The course is more textbook – designed around a widely read book on public speaking, “Stand Up, Speak.”

The course will take you about 93 hours to finish, but once you’re done with everything, you’d have learned quite a lot to want to dig through anything else.

Public Speaking Project

This course is billed as a collection of virtual tools that will be helping you shape up your public speaking skills.

The course is developed and delivered by various public speaking professionals dedicated to providing free instructional materials based on their original work.

In the course, you’ll be provided with a free public speaking e-book, video modules, virtual classrooms on presentation and public speaking, and a wide range of interactive public speaking activities that will be helping you hone your public speaking skills.

Don’t worry about how the website looks – it’s still a work in progress. Just register and you’ll be allowed to download the materials provided at absolutely zero cost.

Public Speaking Tips (Toast Master)

Toast Master is a public speaking group boasting upwards of 332, 000 members from all around the globe. The platform offers a platform where people meet and learn from each other.

The platform hosts more than 15,400 clubs that anyone is allowed to join, regardless of where they are in the world. If you can’t find a club to join, there are plenty of informative and helpful articles on public speaking that you might want to bury yourself into.

The platform also offers a wide range of free resources on different public speaking topics, including – but not limited to – how to prepare a speech, how to give sales pitches, how to present awards, and so on.

20 Public Speaking courses & Course Providers to Sign up for in Singapore Today

It’s time to polish up your public speaking skills in a real classroom, and get trained by professionals.

It’s to be however noted that being a good public speaker is not about the training you receive, but how much you practise after.

That being said, here are five places in Singapore that you can sign up for a public speaking course today, and get started with everything on the right foot.

Course 1: Adults Public Speaking Course in Singapore (Knowles Training Institute (KTI))

KTI is well-known for offering some of the best public training courses in Singapore.

You’d have an easy time agreeing with this statement if we let you know that ST Engineering and Mediacorp are among the happy clients that have undertaken their public speaking course.

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This course always signs up between 5 and 20 participants, not more not less. The participating candidates will then be provided with all the materials they need to brush up their public speaking skills and show significant improvements at the end of it all.

Among the material provided during the course of the two-days training include a Public Speaking Learners Guide, an Essential E-book, Key Takeaway Notes, Course Handouts, a MindMaps Pack, a 30-Day Action Plan, an Online Video Course, An Infographic Pack, and an Audiobook.

Participants are awarded with a public speaking certificate upon completing the course.

Course Duration: 2 Days. Starting from 9 to 5.

Course Fee: $S500

What You’ll be Learning:

  • How to distinguish between different public speaking methods
  • How to identify the nature of your audience while preparing your speech
  • How to outline your speech
  • How to flesh out the outline of your speech
  • How to overcome stage fright while delivering your speech
  • How to respond to the difficult questions that your audience asks
  • How to deliver the speech you prepared and command your stage like a boss.

Course 2: World Champion Public Speaking Certification Course (Public Speaking Academy)

Toastmasters International sponsored the World Public Speaking Championship of 2016, and Darren Tay was crowned the winner.

It’s then that Darren decided to set up this course after partnering with Public Speaking Academy, which offers a series of public speaking courses for both kids and adults.

The world Champion Public Speaking course is a regular training class that signs up a maximum of 15 students with every enrolment they have.

It’s a practise intense training, where the participating student spend 70% of their time practising everything they’ve learned in the classroom.

At the end of the lessons, students are handed video recordings and printed handouts of the speech they delivered so they can evaluate their performances and identify all the areas that they need to improve on.

Course Duration: 3 months (on a weekly basis)

Course Fees:

$720 for the entire 3 months.

Or $340 collected on the first month of signing up

$240 on the second month

And $140 on the third month

Course Outline:

  • Body Language
  • Body Language Skills
  • PowerPoint Presentation Skills
  • Persuasive Speech
  • Impromptu speaking techniques
  • Interview skills
  • Advanced Linguistic Skills
  • Emceeing

Course 3: Effective Public Speaking Workshop (British Council Singapore)

British council is a global organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. The organisation was established in 1934.

One of their most notable training programs is a public speaking workshop that they opened not long ago. The program is open to anyone with the hunger to improve their public speaking skills.

It’s a practise intense program, where participants are made to choose a topic and deliver a speech on it.

Course duration: 2 Days

Course Outline:

  • How to plan create, and deliver a perfect speech
  • How to plan for impromptu talks
  • How to manage emotions

Course Fees: $1122 (inclusive of GST)

Course 4: Presentation Skills Program (Be the Voice academy)

As the name suggests, The Voice is a training centre dedicated to helping the people of Singapore polish up their public speaking skills. The institution believes that public speaking is an art that can be learned in a classroom and perfected through practise.

The course was started by Brian Lee, a renowned coach for emcees in Singapore. The academy offers a wide range of individual, corporate, and education programmes that you can enrol for today.

Their clients include shell and SMU. The institution also tries to focus on the finer details of conducting a successful presentation.

Duration: No fixed duration for the course. You might have to contact the academy for this.

Course Fees: No fixed amount for course fees. Again, you might want to inquire directly from the academy.

Course Outline:

  • Presentation skills and secrets
  • How to overcome stage fright

Course 5: Speaking with Confidence (SIM Professional Development)

SIM has more than 500 business and executive training programs that it offers.

This program is one of their many spoken communication offerings targeting supervisors, admins, support staff, executives, and so on.

The program is headed by Tan Teck, a respected professional speaker and voice trainer.

Participating students will be heading home with a dictionary and other materials that they’ll be using to polish up their English-speaking abilities and improve their public speaking skills.

Course Fees: Non-members pay $690, while SIM members pay $600. The SIM institution also offers a discounted early bird fee of $540, while non-members are welcomed to sign up as members to enjoy the discounted rates.

Course Duration: 2 Days

Course Outline:

  • How to Prepare a Speech and write it down
  • How to conquer stage fright
  • Voice production
  • Vocal expression
  • Pronunciation technique
  • How to articulate your points

Course 6: Speak Sell Succeed

Speak Sell Succeed conducts public speaking classes and presentation skills training for Entrepreneurs & Executives in Singapore over a span of 8 sessions. Each lesson focuses on a particular presentation or public speaking topic. Subsequently, learners will go through some activities and exercises before doing a speech or presentation on stage. Finally, feedback and suggestions will be given accordingly at the end of each delivery.

Course Duration: 8 Sessions ( 2h/lesson )

Course Outline:

  • Recognize speaking habits, behaviours & patterns
  • Embrace unique styles, preferences and aspirations
  • Conquer fear & anxiety
  • Command confidence & power
  • Understand & employ various speech types and structures

Course Fee: $960

Course 7: Experiential Pte Ltd

Experiential provides in-depth corporate training programmes like conference and event presentation coaching. Programmes are tailored for executives to help you be your best self as a relaxed, confident leader by the time you deliver your message like a winner at your next event.

Course Duration: Click here to enquire

Course Outline:

1-1 coaching
Messaging structure
Stage presence

Course Fee: Click here to enquire

Course 8: Red Dot Academy

Red Dot Academy conducts programmes in debate to help students excel in challenging the norm. They help students develop an independent opinion and possess the ability to be understood by others.

Course Duration: Click here to enquire

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Debate
  • The Point-of-View Series
  • Tournament Training Squads
  • Performance Training
  • Custom School Programmes

Course Fee: Click here to enquire

Course 9: Aventis Learning

As an Award-Winning Corporate Training Provider, Aventis offers an exciting suite of over 200 seminars, courses & customized workshops annually. They conduct public workshops, online training and customized training.

Course Duration: 8 hours live stream over Zoom

Programmes Offered:

  • Making it Right! The Ultimate Customer Service Recovery Strategy
  • Getting to a Yes: Negotiate Like a Lawyer
  • Powerful E-mail Techniques
  • Say It Right! Pronunciation and Voice Fluency

Course Fee: Click here to enquire

Course 10: Public Speaking

The Public Speaking Company specialises in providing training workshops to corporations for their employees. They are extremely popular due to their focus on practical application and value-based classes and have been featured on numerous publications like FOX, CNN and NBC news. Upon successful completion of any programme, attendees also get a Certificate of Completion.

Course Duration: Click here to enquire

Programmes Offered: 

10X Speaking Program™
Signature Public Speaking Program
Storytelling to Influence
Charisma for Executives

Course Fee: Click here to enquire

Course 11: Speech Academy Asia

With a strong pool of highly experienced and qualified trainers, Speech Academy conducts an extensive range of courses & workshops tailored to meet the individual at every stage of their life. Be it to make your child the next future leader to improving your charisma & personal branding at work, they offers individualized programmes to help you succeed.

Course Duration: Click here to enquire

Programmes Offered:

  • Public Speaking
  • Charisma & Personal Branding
  • Holiday Camps For Children
  • Corporate Customized Workshop
  • Private Coaching

Course Fee: Click here to enquire

Course 12: Advanced Communication Strategies (SMU Academy)

This programme is helmed by Eric Feng who has been training executives and the C-suite for over 5 years. He has trained for many major organisations such as Microsoft, Fuji Xerox, Pfizer, AIA, OCBC, FedEx and Shell. Eric has authored four communications books till date including “Get To The Point®” which has sold more than 12,000 copies. He has also been featured on Channel News Asia, Channel 8, The Straits Times and Business Times.

Course Duration: 2 days

Course Outline:

Course Fee: SGD1712.00

Course 13: Benjamin Loh

Benjamin Loh is Singapore’s premier speaking coach who specialises in executive speech coaching, high impact training and cross-generational speaking. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, executive or student, he can help you overcome the fear of speaking in public. He has been featured on over 50 occassions on local/regional media and has trained over 3000 clients to date.

Course Duration: From 2 hours

Programmes Offered:

  • Ignite Your Speaker’s Flare – Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training (1 or 2 Days Workshop)
  • Extended-DISC® Profiling for Communications, Handling Difficult People or Project Management
  • Professional Branding & Career Success for Young Professionals

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Course Fee: From $1,188

Course 14: Dale Carnegie

Whether to improve career opportunities, business performance and interpersonal relationships in corporate environments or personal lives, Dale Carnegie is a premier public speaking provider that offers development across all key topics.  Be it professional training for events, corporate training for your colleagues or simply improving leadership skills, they offer an array of training programmes for you to choose from to succeed in public speaking.

Course Duration: Click here to view

Course Outline:

  • Presentation Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Organizational Development

Course Fee: Click here to enquire

Course 15: As Many Minds

Researched and designed by Manoj Vasudevan, World Champion of Public Speaking, Next Level Leadership Readiness Expert and the author of international bestsellers in leadership and public speaking Presentation Training, As Many Minds conducts public speaking camps tailored for young children which is internationally sought after. The camp prepares your child to be future-ready with enriching, engaging and entertaining learning experiences to make your child speak, present and communicate effectively with confidence.

Course Duration: 4 days

Course Outline:

  • Public Speaking
  • Growth Mindset
  • Design Thinking

Course Fee: Click here to enquire

Course 16: Intellisoft

Intellisoft is a course provider that provides presentation skills training courses. They also offer corporate training with the flexibility of customizing according to your needs and can be conducted in-house. Their clients include AXA, BNY Mellon, CIMB Bank and DSTA.

Course Duration: 1 day

Course Outline:

  • The Art of Public Speaking
  • Preparing Your Presentations
  • Content is King: Building Optimum Content
  • The Challenges in Public Presentations
  • Delivery Techniques For Stellar Presentations
  • Nailing It With Style
  • Participants’ Presentation

Course Fee: Click here to enquire

Course 17: Speak with Confidence for Personal & Professional Success (Marketing Institute of Singapore)

Course Duration: 8 hours

Course Outline: 

  • Managing the Fear of Speaking
  • Creating First Impressions
  • Fundamentals of Presentation
  • Organisation and Delivery Skills
  • Professional Speaking Skills

Course Fee: S$705

Course 18: London School of Business & Finance (LSBF)

Internationally renowned, LSBF is a pioneer in business education. From day one, the school has adopted a global mindset, offering industry relevant programmes that are tailored to the career goals of students. Having garnered countless of accolades under their wing such as T.E.D. Awards, they provide a unique learning experienced that is deeply rooted in giving the practical industry experience to face the real world. They are strongly supported by excellent student services conducive to learning; contributed by committed staff.This course is designed to help any professionals who are taking on the challenges of professional presentation, and require a structured approach in order to present effectively and confidently.

Course Duration: 2 days, 10am to 5pm / 12 hours

Course Outline:

  • Maximizing the Most of Meetings
  • Body Language
  • Sticky Situations
  • I Can Just Send an E-mail, Right? 
  • Add Punch to Your Presentation

Course Fee: $856

Course 19: GIG International School

GIG International School offers adult learners to attain internationally recognised teacher training certificates and professional development courses. They are the only Cambridge Professional Development Centre in Singapore. Clients infclude teachers from government and international schools, lecturers from polytechnics and ITEs, as well as tutors from tuition centres. Their course on public speaking is tailored to develop excellent oratory skills. Upon completion, participants will also get a Certificate of Professional Practice – Public Speaking
Accredited by LTTC, UK.

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Course Duration: 7 weeks

Course Outline:

  • Take the Terror Out of Your Talk
  • Knowing Your Audience – Psychological preparation for delivery
  • The Art of Body Language – to enhance verbal delivery
  • Vocal Variety & Voice Projection
  • Verbal Fillers & Pauses
  • Evaluate to Motivate – Creating a positive learning environment
  • Techniques for Impromptu Speaking
  • Handling Questions and Answers

Course Fee: Click here to enquire

Course 20: Win With Words

Headquartered in Singapore, Win With Words (W3) is a specialised education provider with a proven track record in gifted education globally. Their classroom to boardroom programme encompasses comprehensive curriculums to smake your child win with words in both their academic and social life.

Course Duration: 4 terms/year

Course Outline:

  • Ceremonial and impromptu presentations
  • Negotiation skills
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution skills
  • Executive summary and feedback skills
  • Managing a group discussion

Course Fee: Click here to enquire

Final Thoughts

There goes your ultimate guide on how to become an excellent public speaker in Singapore.

But what’s more terrific about this guide is that you don’t necessarily need to become a skilled public speaker suddenly. Your only task in this is to deliver your message to an audience that will be benefiting from it. At the same time, make sure you’re having a blast while delivering the speech.

It’s that simple.

Have anything to say about the guide? You can contact us for more information on any of the topics we’ve covered or if there’s anything else you’d like us to cover.

How can I learn public speaking online?

Below are seven free ways to learn public speaking skills online:
1. Give Amazing Presentations (Udemy)
2. An Intro to Public Speaking (Coursera)
3. Free Online Speaking Course by Sarah Lloyd
4. The Art of Public Speaking
5. Public Speaking (Course Saylor Academy)
6. Public Speaking Project
7. Public Speaking Tips (Toast Master)

How should I speak in public?

These public speaking trends will help you connect with your audience on a deeper level and take your presentations to a whole new next level:
• Be approachable
• Involve your audience
• Concentrate on the three most important ideas

Author Bio

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