Top Psychologists in Singapore

Top Psychologists in Singapore

What is a Psychologist?

Generally speaking, a psychologist is someone who studies mental states and human social behaviours. While we have the stereotypical image of a psychologist as someone who provides therapy by getting you to speak about your struggles (often called psychotherapy or ‘talk therapy’), in reality the psychological field is a lot more varied and nuanced than that.

There are psychologists who delve deep into clinical research instead of practicing psychology, and as such do not engage with patients or clients. Those that do practice are also further subdivided into numerous specialisations.

For the purposes of this list, we will focus on psychologists who provide therapy, help negotiate mental health struggles and encourage overall well-being.

What is the difference between a psychiatrist, psychologist and a counsellor?

Psychiatrists are certified medical doctors with medical degrees who specialise in mental health, and most importantly, are able to prescribe medication if necessary. They operate on the clinical side of psychology, dealing with and treating the physical signs and symptoms of mental health. Psychologists do not have a medical degree, but are mental health professionals who have advanced degrees at Master’s or Doctorate levels. They deal with the behavioural aspect of mental health by encouraging the patient to develop healthy mental habits and practice mindfulness. Psychiatry and psychotherapy often go hand in hand.

A counsellor is similar to a psychologist in that they also provide therapy and psychoeducation – however they are not qualified to make psychological assessments or give diagnoses.

Examples of psychological services

Psychological services are not always provided on an individual basis. In fact, it might sometimes be more beneficial to attend therapy sessions in pairs (especially for couples) or groups (such as for families or those who are struggling with addiction). Psychotherapy doesn’t always have to take place in person, either. In fact, therapy can take place over the phone, through a video call, or even through text. This makes therapy highly mobile and accessible, to ensure that those who require such services can get the help they need.

Psychological services aim to address mental and behavioural issues that the patient has been struggling with, and to provide healthy ways to come to terms with and cope with such issues. An example is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), a type of talking therapy where the psychologist helps the client explore thought patterns and processes when approaching problems in life. The psychologist can identify unhelpful behavioural patterns and encourage the patient to free themselves from negative coping mechanisms or associations when dealing with issues like anxiety and depression.

Psychological services are helpful to almost anyone dealing with troubling issues in their lives, and not just ones related to mental health struggles. Patients dealing with grief, trauma, difficult relationships and stress will all benefit from therapy sessions with a trained psychologist.

Other psychological services include psychological assessments (vital for certain careers), interventions and crisis management, just to name a few.

Below, we present to you our list of top psychologists in Singapore, who have all been highly-rated by their clients.

Blossom psychology



Psychology Blossom

Psychology Blossom is a team of highly qualified psychologists that endeavour to provide clients safe spaces where they can work through issues and empower themselves. In terms of the treatment, the PB team works to provide a personalised experience for every client. Anyone that comes in for psychotherapy is encouraged to be active participants in their sessions, enabling the psychologists to get a better grasp of their situation and equip them with the necessary tools to get through life’s obstacles
Telephone +65 8800 0554
Operating Hours
9am – 6pm from Monday – Saturday. Closed on Sundays.



Eugenia Gajardo Top Psychologists in Singapore


Eugenia Gajardo

About Eugenia (MASocSc (Prof Counselling) , SAC Registered Clinical Counsellor, ECTA Clinical Supervisor) is a well-established, knowledgeable, highly intuitive and inspiring Counsellor & Psychotherapist. She has over 30 years experience in the personal growth and development field, and provides counsel and guidance specific to her clients needs. Her approach is straight-forward, deeply empathetic and compassionate, while at the same time, non-judgemental, pragmatic and practical. She helps clients to create alignment between what they think, say/do and feel, as she believes that only in a space of inner congruency, peace and happiness can be found.
Pricing From $350 for a 50-min session over Skype and $500 for an individual 80-min session

1 Taman Serasi, #02-05, Botanic Gardens View, Singapore, 257717

Telephone +65 9176 0985
Operating Hours
Monday-Friday: 8am – 7pm
Saturday: 8am – 3pm
Sessions at out of practice hours and public holidays are available, however, surcharges of 25% and 50% respectively, are applicable in all cases.


Piyali Chakrabarti Top Psychologists in Singapore


 Dr. Piyali Chakrabarti

About Dr. Chakrabarti is a Singapore Registered Psychologist (SRP) and an Approved Supervisor recognized by the Singapore Psychological Society. She earned her Psy.D in Clinical Psychology from the Professional School of Psychology, California, USA, after completing her M. Phil from the renowned Central Institute of Psychiatry (CIP) in India. Prior to that, she has completed her master’s in applied psychology from the University of Calcutta. Piyali previously served as Head of the Department of Psychology at the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS).
Pricing Fees to be discussed, website lists an estimate of $140 to over $200 as an average for a 50-minute psychotherapy session in Singapore
Address Scott Psychological Centre, 360 Orchard Road, International Building, #10-10, Singapore 238869
Telephone  +65 6733 8919
Operating Hours Monday – Friday : 9am-6 pm

Saturday: 9am-3pm


Dr Jasmine Badge Top Psychologists in Singapore


Dr Jasmine Badge

About If you are struggling to overcome painful problems or you simply want to develop your potential and live a fuller life, it can be helpful to have a caring, knowledgeable and skillful person to talk to. That is what I offer.

I will make sure you feel seen, heard and appreciated as a unique individual in all of your richness and complexity. While I will help you understand the nature and origins of your problems, I will also help you see and use all of your strengths and talents toward making the life you want. Today you are one step closer to a new you where you feel empowered and on a positive path to growth and well-being.  
As an experienced and competent psychotherapists, my goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. While I can’t change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life. By applying complementary therapy approaches and techniques, I will unearth long-standing behavior patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life.  

If you’re looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you’re just ready to move in a new direction in your life, I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Pricing From $300 per 60-min session for individual therapy
Address The Central, SOHO 1, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #09-19 Singapore 059817
Telephone +65 9792 2290
Operating Hours By appointment only


International Counselling Top Psychologists in Singapore


International Counselling & Psychology Centre

About International Counselling & Psychology Centre (ICPC) was founded in 2015. The professional team brings over 40 years collective experience providing supportive mental health services in an international environment, both to the expatriate and local community, and within the region. ICPC’s team understands – as professional therapists, and from their personal experience of working and living internationally – the challenges faced by children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.

Our therapists have lived and worked internationally and have supported clients from over 30 different cultures; guiding children, teens and adults, from the home to the classroom, and into the world.

Pricing Contacting them is required for further information
Address International Counselling & Psychology Centre, 360 Orchard Road, #06-08 International Building, Singapore 238869
Telephone +65 6734 6463
Operating Hours Counselling hours are available 7 days a week, including early evenings


Geraldine Tan Top Psychologists in Singapore


The Therapy Room Pte Ltd 

About The Therapy Room prides itself as a centre that incorporates different psychological techniques to manage the client’s concerns in the most effective way. We embody the fullest extent of professionalism and work towards providing a diverse spectrum of services. The Therapy Room is committed to helping our clients reach their maximum potential in their well being.

The principal psychologist, Geraldine Tan, holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (California) and a Masters in Applied Psychology (Singapore). She has almost two decades of experience working with individuals with a multitude of psychological problems. Geraldine is trained in a number of techniques including, Choice and Reality Therapy (CTRT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR). Geraldine constantly updates herself with the latest methods and research in the field, and is dedicated providing top quality care to each of her patients. TTR also conducts workshops and talks for numerous organizations.

  • Therapeutic interventions for adults and children
  • Psychological tests for personality, intelligence, forensic, career,and achievement
  • Support groups for suicide-bereaved mothers and professionals in a related field
  • Camp Global® – a three-day camp for young children to cultivate mindfulness, stress management and resilience, social skills, and goal-setting using psychotherapeutic techniques
  • Workshops, training, and talks at organizations and schools
  • Adults and children, including those with mood disorders, developmental disorders, grief and bereavement, addictive behaviours, and marital issues
  • Major corporations like government ministries, pharmaceutical companies, and local universities
Pricing Contacting them is required for further information
Address Orchard Shopping Centre #08-03321, Orchard Road Singapore 238866
Contact Tel: +65 6467 8903


Operating Hours Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm

Saturday: 9am to 1pm


Maria Luedeke Top Psychologists in Singapore


Maria Luedeke

About Aspire Counselling offers private face to face and online counselling service for individuals, couples, families and children. We also offer corporate services such as mental wellness talks, crisis counselling, and employee counselling packages. Our services are provided by Maria Luedeke. Maria is a highly qualified Counsellor with international educational qualifications from U.S. and Australian institutions including a M.A. in Guidance and Counselling and over 200 additional hours of professional certification training and clinical supervision. Having lived and studied in Europe and worked in the US and Asia extensively, Maria possesses a solid multicultural approach and sensitivity counselling Clients from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. Her counselling experience working in clinical, corporate and school settings enable to provide valuable insights when developing holistic treatment plans.

Maria believes in using a collaborative approach with Clients to aid them in developing self-efficacy, resiliency and self-empowerment through their innate strengths and abilities. Utilising her experience, Maria empowers individuals to achieve what they aspire to and provide tools to respond, rather than react to life challenges. This enables growth, happiness and success in all facets of personal and professional life.

Pricing Contacting them is required for further information
Address 10 Winstedt Road, #01-04, Singapore 227977
+65 8748 2964
Operating Hours By appointment only


Mind what Matters Top Psychologists in Singapore


Mind what Matters

About Started in 2013, Mind what Matters comprises a team of mental health specialists whose aim is to provide professional, targetted and effective evidence-based psychology services. We strive to destigmatise mental illness and optimise psychological well-being through open conversations, understanding and change. We are passionate about helping people through their issues and beyond to thrive in their lives.
Pricing Contacting them is required for further information
Address 306 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park #01-03, Singapore 247973
Telephone +65 9172 9132
Operating Hours By appointment only


Center Pschology Top Psychologists in Singapore


The Center for Psychology

About The Center For Psychology started at Camden Medical Centre in 2005, before we moved to our current location. Since then, we have grown to provide more services, added more staff, and served a larger audience. We have provided services for the local communities as well as clients from all over the globe who reside in Singapore and in neighbouring countries.

Our team members are highly trained, fully committed and caring professionals who work together to provide quality psychological consultations and counselling to the most professional and ethical standards. We use the latest clinical tools and methodologies to advance the emotional, spiritual, relational, behavioral and mental wellbeing of our clients. We believe that such treatments can bring about healing for our clients and ultimately our communities.

All our clinical staff members adhere strictly to and are guided by the ethical and professional standards stipulated by the American Psychological Association (APA), Australia Psychological Society (APS), American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), British Psychological Society (BPS), and Singapore Psychological Association (SPS). We are committed to maintain the integrity and complete confidentiality of our clients.

Pricing Contacting them is required for further information
Address 491B River Valley Road, #04-01 Valley Point Office Tower, Singapore 248373
Telephone +65  6733 2893
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 10am- 6pm

Saturday: 9am – 3pm


Leonardo Talpo Top Psychologists in Singapore


Leonardo Talpo

About Leonardo is an energetic training facilitator, and public speaker. He has been delivering own designed soft-skills trainings to in-house corporates and public in Singapore for Singaporean managers and staff for the last 10 years. He also works in his Private Practice as Relationships/Marriage Counsellor and coach. His gentle sense of humor, together with his relaxed and confident style can be of real inspiration to his clients and audiences. His expertise is in that of ‘relationships at work and family’, teaching how to handle conflicts, challenging discussions, to negotiate solutions and connect with the use of Effective Communication.

He brings to his clients his creativity and experience, together with lessons gained through his own life challenges and his several studies in the area of human development. By combining his own knowledge in psychology, counseling, NLP coaching techniques and his long term business experience in the corporate and educational world, Leonardo has the capacity to help people like business executives and educators to create solutions to today’s challenges of retention, recruitment, work-life balance, self-confidence, challenging conversations, presentation skills, stress, relationship issues, family issues, mediation in situations of conflict and emotional burnout.

Pricing Contacting them is required for further information
Address Office & Counselling Studio, Leonardo Talpo, 360 Orchard Road # 10-10, International Building, Singapore – 238869
Telephone +65 9088 0146
Operating Hours By appointment only


Fernhill Top Psychologists in Singapore



About Fernhill Psychologists and Counsellors are experienced and professional providers of Psychology, Counselling, Psychotherapy, Mental Health Assessment, Supervision, Lectures and Training.

We have been providing confidential counselling and mental health services to the expatriate and local community in Singapore since 2003.

Our team comes from Australia, UK, Europe and Singapore.

Pricing Fees range from $190 to $200 per hour and are pro-rated when the session is more or less than 1 hour.
Address 27 Woking Road, Wessex Estate, Singapore 138705
Telephone +65 9623 4461
Operating Hours Monday – Thursday: 9am-8pm

Friday: 9am-7pm

Weekends by appointment only


Alliance Counselling Top Psychologists in Singapore


Alliance Counselling

About Alliance Counselling is a team of multilingual counsellors and psychologists. We provide empathetic professional support and guidance to men, women, couples, children, teenagers and familiesAlliance also offers educational institutions partnering, clinical supervision, corporate workshops and psychological assessments.

Our team’s philosophy is to work in harmony with our clients from the expatriate and local communities to provide them with the highest level of confidential care and support. Our goal is to assign the right therapist for each client so they feel comfortable and able to pause in a peaceful and safe environment.

Based in Singapore since 2009, our clients trust our professional therapists who take a genuine interest in their clients’ concerns. We provide our clients with the tools and skills to cope with life’s challenges in each stage of their life. Alliance Counselling has supported clients from more than 60 different cultures. We speak English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hindi.

Pricing From $235.40 (incl. GST) for a 50-min session
Address Alliance Counselling, 501 Bukit Timah Road, #04-03, Cluny Court, Singapore 25976
Telephone +65 6466 8120
Operating Hours Monday – Friday: 8am-8pm

Saturday: 8am-5pm

Sunday: 9am-4pm


Muhammad Jaikal Bin Jamil Top Psychologists in Singapore


Muhammad Haikal Bin Jamil

About Haikal received his Master degree at the National University of Singapore (NUS), under a full scholarship awarded by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS).

Before entering private practice, he has gained much experience in both hospital and social services settings. These experiences have provided Haikal with many opportunities to work with a large variety of clients. His clientele ranged from individuals who needed psychosocial support to cope with their circumstances, to individuals who faced economic and social challenges in overcoming longstanding mental health issues.

Haikal adopts a wide range of approaches in his work, including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Choice Theory & Reality Therapy (CTRT), Motivational Interviewing and Mindulfulness, suited to the needs of his clients. He is accredited by the Asia Pacific Certification Board as a Certified Substance Abuse Therapist, and is certified as a psychiatric rehabilitation practitioner by the U.S. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association. He is also a Registered Supervisor with the Singapore Psychological Society, and provides supervision for Masters-level postgraduate students and to psychologists/counsellors in various organizations.

Haikal adopts a collaborative and client-centred approach in his work. He believes that the journey in therapy is a partnership, where his role is to assist his clients in becoming aware of obstacles in their growth and empowering them to remove these obstacles.

Pricing From $180-200 for a 60-min session
Address Icon @ Changi, 228 Changi Road, #03-07, Singapore 419741
Telephone +65 6538 2686
Operating Hours Monday – Friday: 9am-5.30pm


Adelphi Psych Top Psychologists in Singapore


Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic

About Our clinicians comprise psychiatrist and therapists who are experienced in their expertise, caring in their approach, passionate in helping their patients and proactively contributing to society. They held clinical leadership positions in the civil service and restructured hospital before entering private service.
Pricing From $235.40 (incl. GST) for a 50-min session
Address 1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi #04-32, Singapore 179803
Telephone +65 6250 9833
Operating Hours Monday-Saturday: 10am-7pm


Neo Cooper Top Psychologists in Singapore


Neo Cooper Psychology Clinic

Neo Cooper Psychology Clinic utilizes an all embracing and non-judgmental approach.  We provide psychological interventions and treatments including psychotherapy and counselling for a wide array of mental health conditions, emotional and behavioral challenges, as well as meeting day to day needs. 

Regardless of racial or religious background, gender or sexual orientation, we can assist with a diverse variety and provide these services to both locals and expats in Singapore. In addition to psychological and counselling services, we also provide life coaching and career counselling. We are also affiliates with a range of other medical and legal service providers. Please check our website for more information.

Pricing Contacting them is required for further information

Neo Cooper Psychology Clinic. Scott Psychological Centre. International Building. 360 Orchard Rd. Unit 10-10. Singapore 238869

Telephone +65  9777 6292
Operating Hours By appointment only


BL Lim Top Psychologists in Singapore


Dr BL Lim Centre for Psychological Wellness

About Dr Lim Boon Leng / Dr BL Lim (Psychiatrist Singapore) is a Medical Doctor in private practice who specialises in Psychiatry and treats youth, adults and the elderly. He has special interests in depression and other mood and anxiety disorders as well as ADHD in children, Adult ADHD and youth psychiatry. He has experience helping international and expatriate patients. His practice is located in Gleneagles Medical Center / Gleneagles Hospital (Singapore).  He is known to be an approachable, reassuring and good-natured psychiatrist. He recommends a consultative and collaborative approach between the doctor and the patient as he believes this to be the best way for you to achieve a good recovery and wellness in your mental health.
Pricing Contacting them is required for further information
Address 6 Napier Road, #09-09, Gleneagles Medical Centre, Singapore 258499
Telephone +65 6479 6456
Operating Hours Monday-Wednesday

Friday: 8.30am-5.30pm

Thursday and Saturday: 8.30am-1pm


How are psychological services beneficial?

  • Coping with mental health issues

Psychological services directly benefit those struggling with issues like obsessive behaviour, anxiety, depression, or trauma. This is accomplished by helping patients cope with the physical symptoms of their afflictions (eg panic attacks, difficulty breathing) and teaching them techniques to help make such episodes easier. With enough time, therapy sessions can slowly pave the way to recovery and allow patients to lead a less disruptive life.

  • Understanding interpersonal relationships

It is often difficult for us to puzzle out our emotions and predict our reactions to certain situations, such as when we fly into a rage or wallow in grief. It is an even greater challenge when it comes to dealing with others. Therapy can help us give a voice to our emotions and psychologists can help us learn how to deal with them better. It can also give us a deeper understanding and empathy when it comes to interpersonal relationships. For example, family and marriage counselling are crucial in helping to bridge divides and save relationships. The therapist acts as a non-judgemental and impartial third party who listens to differences in opinions and helps everyone come to terms with their differences.

  • Managing your emotions and learning useful mindfulness techniques

Repressing our emotions is never a good thing, especially since they almost always return with a vengeance. If we don’t deal with the issue at hand, it doesn’t magically disappear and in fact only grows with time. Attending therapy and talking to the psychologist about pent-up emotional frustrations invites a different perspective from the psychologist, and working through such issues is crucial in managing our stress levels. You might think that talking to a friend accomplishes the same goal, and while that is partly true, a psychologist goes further by giving you the knowledge to identify why you are feeling a certain way, whether it is unhealthy, and how to deal with it. In other words, psychologists can arm you with the right tools to help you manage your emotions.

Research has shown that therapy has long-term benefits and that the lessons learnt during therapy can be applied to future situations. Since therapy helps in identifying unhealthy repetitive thought patterns, patients can avoid the same pitfalls they suffered previously when confronted with crises in life. Daily practice of mindfulness techniques and relaxation methods taught to them through therapy are also beneficial in maintaining a healthy mental state and overall well-being, and this gives them the confidence needed to face future issues, no matter the circumstances. Simply put, therapy can enhance one’s quality of life.

  • Complete privacy

Perhaps one of the most important things a therapist can provide is confidentiality. What you tell your psychologist during therapy sessions will never be shared or discussed with anyone else. Many people are afraid to deal with their issues not because they don’t want to, but for fear of judgement and humiliation. A psychologist provides a safe space for you to lay out your problems in confidence, so that long-repressed issues can finally be resolved.

Editor’s Note:

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