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Buying properties in Singapore is expensive

It is no secret that buying a property in Singapore is an expensive affair. With land scarcity in Singapore, it is a constant stiff competition between developers to find a good plot of land to build properties. It is no wonder home purchases or rental costs are often considered as big-ticketed items for anyone living in Singapore.

Thankfully there are a slew of resources to help you better understand the property landscape in Singapore!

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Property blogs help you understand the property landscape in Singapore!

Whether you are a first-time homeowner, property agent or real estate investor, you definitely want to stay abreast of latest updates within the property landscape or upcoming property projects. This is where subscribing to property blogs can be extremely helpful!

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Breaks down complex terminology

There may be times whereby we come across certain property lingo that leaves us scratching our heads. What is a freehold condominium? What does T.O.P (Temporary Occupation Permit) mean?

While certain terms may be unfamiliar to those working within the real estate industry, most of us may not be entirely familiar with these terminology. This is where property blogs help to break down these complex terms into layman words, allowing us to better understand these real estate terms as well as the context that they are typically used in.

Provides unbiased reviews on various types of properties

From HDBs and Executive Condominiums to landed houses and residential cum commercial properties, there is a wide selection of properties here in Singapore. So which should you purchase or invest in?

Property blogs help to provide you with the lowdown on the various types of property in Singapore. This could include in-depth analysis of the number of floors, expected completion date, and indicative prices. Some property blogs even provide additional details such as amenities and background of the developer.

Shares latest updates and news on properties in Singapore

The property landscape in Singapore can be fairly unpredictable. An en-bloc announcement on a particular property can cause the property’s price to suddenly shoot up. Or perhaps with the Government’s announcement on building a new MRT line, rental prices for residential properties along the new MRT track may gradually increase. 

Given the unpredictability within the real estate industry in Singapore, you definitely do not want to miss out on any news or updates. Subscribing to a property blog is a great way to stay updated with the latest developments within the real estate industry in Singapore.

Offers a community of like-minded individuals

Got a burning question regarding a new property development in Singapore? Or perhaps seeking some investment advice on a certain commercial property? The best place to start is by reaching out to other readers of property blogs!

Besides bringing people the latest news and developments within the real estate industry, property blogs also provide a platform for like-minded individuals to connect and exchange any ideas or comments regarding the property market in Singapore.

Connects potential buyers with property agents and vice versa

Some property blogs offer a platform for property agents to advertise their services, allowing potential home buyers to connect with established and credible property agents. This helps to streamline and speed up the home-buying or home-rental process!

Here are the top 20 property blogs in Singapore to check out:

Whether you are looking to stay on top of real estate trends in Singapore or intending to purchase your very first home, here are some of the top 20 property blogs in Singapore to check out:


STACKED Top Property Blogs in Singapore

Property Blog

Stacked Homes

  • Since 2017, Stacked Homes has been providing the latest property news and reviews on property in Singapore.
  • Properties reviewed include condos, HDBs, En Bloc and more
  • Offers podcasts and live sharing sessions
Contact Top Property Blogs in Singapore

Property Blog


  • Property portal shares with its readers all things property, financial, commercial and rental, including a section dedicated to property agents
  • Also provides home listings
Contact 6464 0552


Propseller Top Property Blogs in Singapore

Property Blog


  • Real estate agency Propseller writes about property guides and insights in Singapore, simplifying the complex property market
  • Hosts webinars to educate general public on properties in Singapore
Contact Contact via form here


Property Guru Top Property Blogs in Singapore

Property Blog


  • PropertyGuru began in 2007 when the founders were trying to look for a new home in Singapore.
  • Today, their blog delivers relevant content and actionable insights for readers to make a confident property decision
  • Offers platform to connect potential buyers with agents
Contact Contact details here
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Dollar Back Top Property Blogs in Singapore

Property Blog

DollarBack Mortgage

  • DollarBack Mortgage shares mortgage specific knowledge previously well kept within the banking industry to the general readers
  • Also focuses on home loans and provide reviews
+65 9816 4855


iProperty Top Property Blogs in Singapore

psg digital marketing

Property Blog


  • readers are delivered the latest property market news on trending housing prices, market trends, and HDB-related news
  • Includes investment opportunities, property tax, agent news
Contact 65 6255-4411


Property Soul Top Property Blogs in Singapore

Property Blog

Property Soul

  • Property Soul shares experiences as a property investor in Singapore and on how readers can build wealth through properties
  • Offers consultation services
Contact Contact via form here


Prop Invest Top Property Blogs in Singapore

Property Blog

Property Invest SG

  • Property Invest SG is a local news publication that covers property news and developments.
  • Highlights relevant property investment opportunities
Address 120 Robinson Road #15-01 Singapore 068913 Road
Contact Tel: (65) 6123 4567

Email :

Contact via form here


Second Property Investor Top Property Blogs in Singapore

Property Blog

Second Property Investors

  • Property investor and consultant Gary Seah shares his knowledge and know-how on property investment with regular home owners on his blog
  • Offers case studies and testimonials
Contact Contact via form here


iCompare Loan Top Property Blogs in Singapore

Property Blog

iCompare Loan

  • iCompare Loan was set up with a main goal to educate readers on home loans for refinancing or new property purchase
  • Allows readers to calculate their potential hosuing loan
  • Offers other additional services including interior designers and various types of loans
Contact 9782-8606 / 6100-0608


Jack Seo Top Property Blogs in Singapore

Property Blog

Jack Seo

  • Property agent Jack Sheo has been in real estate since 2010. He shares his deep expertise on his blog, helping readers navigate the real estate market with ease
  • Offers readers option to get a second opinion about any real estate situation
Contact 65-9337-8483


Bluenest Top Property Blogs in Singapore

Property Blog

Bluenest Blog

  • Bluenest blog provides the latest and most up-to-date guides of everything one need to know about selling, buying or renting a property in Singapore.
  • Includes real-life success stories
  • Provides connection with landlords and other homeowners
Contact Contact via form here


Estate Magnates Top Property Blogs in Singapore

Property Blog

Estate Magnates

  • Estate Magnates specialize in finding the right Singapore property to meet your foreign property investment needs
  • Out of many property websites Singapore is providing, they aim to be highly informative
  • Help readers to make sound real estate investments without additional help
Contact 65 96329840


Selling SG Top Property Blogs in Singapore

Property Blog

Selling Singapore

  • Featuring Properties in Singapore with the Selling Singapore Website
  • Selling Singapore Nick Tan & Associates are dedicated to bringing only the best value and trust to their clients
  • Specialising in creative digital marketing and proactive sales strategies, they help sellers sell well and buyers buy into a value that fits their objectives.


  • Property Listing & Creative Marketing
  • Property Portfolio Management
  • Sale of Developer New Launch
  • Acquisition and Sale of Private Properties
  • Housing Consultancy, including Value-added Services such as Renovation & Legal
Address 480 Lor 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore 310480
Contact 65 8157 4855


Propwise SG Top Property Blogs in Singapore

Property Blog


  • is a Singapore property blog dedicated to helping readers understand the real estate market and make better buying, selling, renting and investing decisions – minus all the hype and misinformation.


Holland Property Top Property Blogs in Singapore

Property Blog

Holland Property

  • News and property (rent and sale) in Singapore’s foremost bohemian hotspot: Holland Village
  • Highlights new property listings or new condo developments
  • Provides testimonial on properties in Singapore Holland Village
Contact Contact via form here


You Home Top Property Blogs in Singapore

Property Blog

  • Buying or Selling a home in Singapore, promises to walk with potential clients with every step of the way
  • Focuses on understanding the client’s finances and needs and is determined about delivering the best solutions and results for them
  • Offers their professional thoughts and opinions
Contact Contact via form here


Prop SG Top Property Blogs in Singapore

Property Blog

  • Focuses on new condominium launches in Singapore
  • Readily available team to address any queries or questions
  • Key topics focuses on private property in Singapore
Contact 65 6750 4655


Oh My Home Top Property Blogs in Singapore

Property Blog

Oh My Home

  • From property search to mortgage, renovation, legal, documentation, and more services in one place
  • Offers options for people to buy, sell, lease, and rent on your own pace for free. Guaranteed no hidden costs or fees payable
  • Not only an advertising portal for agents. All features and services here are created to serve homeowners and home seekers
Contact 65 6886 9009


Clearly Surely Top Property Blogs in Singapore

Property Blog


  • Make smarter financial decisions with their powerful yet easy-to-use tools and great content
  • Tips, tricks and uncommon wisdom to help clients get more out of their money from property.
Contact Contact via form here

Tips when purchasing a property in Singapore

Check your eligibility

The type of property that you intend to purchase ultimately depends on your eligibility. Most properties in Singapore fall into these 3 categories: 

  • Public housing, which are HDB flats
  • Hybrid of public and private housing: Executive condominiums (ECs)
  • Private property: private condominiums and landed homes

Your eligibility depends on various factors, including your age and whether you are purchasing the flat with a partner.

Plan your budget by doing the math

Purchasing a house is a huge commitment. Besides the price of the property itself, you will have to consider other costs such as stamp duty, agent’s fee, renovations, and furnishing. There is also the downpayment, which is the upfront cost that you have to fork out when purchasing the property.

If you intend to purchase a public house, there are government subsidies and grants that can help to offload some of that financial burden.

To understand how much you potentially need to pay for your house, the best way to start is to get an estimate of the housing loan that HDB or the banks will grant to you. The loan amount is dependent on yours (and your spouse’s) current income, current savings, and age. Ideally, you should get your estimated loan amount before you begin your home-search. This helps to filter out properties that are beyond your budget, and allow you to focus on properties that you are comfortable to commit to financially.

Consider your priorities and purpose of purchasing a property

What is your intention in purchasing a property? Would it be for yourself or for your family? is it meant for investment purposes and you intend to rent it out? Knowing your intentions in purchasing a property can help to pinpoint your preferred property location and type of property.

For instance, if you are intending to purchase a new home for your family, you may want certain amenities such as school or shopping malls within the vicinity of your home. On the other hand, if you are considering renting out your property to expats working within the Central Business District, you may consider properties that are within the CBD area or nearer to public transport amenities.

Research in your housing loan options

There are typically two types of housing loans available: HDB loan and bank loan. Most people tend to assume that HDB loans are cheaper. However, that may not always be the case as HDB loans are pegged to 0.1% above the CPF interest rate. This translates to a total interest rate of 2.6% that you have to pay annually.

Interest rates for bank loans may fluctuate from time to time. However, this is also largely contingent on the market economic situation. Some banks may also offer promotional interests rates from time to time. The difference in interest rates could help you to save thousands in the long run!

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