Top Private Driving Instructors in Singapore

Top Private Driving Instructors in Singapore

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Getting a driver’s license is akin to a rite of passage to adulthood in the developed world. It’s not uncommon to see several teenagers lining up at driving centres just to get this goal checked off their list. If you’re an adult without a driver’s license, don’t worry. It’s never too late! This is what we’re here for – To help you find the most suitable driving instructor so that you can also get this checked off your box! 

For the sake of clarification, we are talking about driving instructors for Class 3 and 3a, licenses for driving manual and automatic transmission cars respectively. 

Driver’s license? Why should I get one? 

Singapore’s transport system is so efficient, and driving’s so expensive here. 

I’m probably not going to get a car. What can a driver’s license do for me? 

I understand where you’re coming from. Yet, I like you consider looking beyond driving as a utility. Driving is also a skill and can be an asset

Having a driver’s license can bring about not just convenience for yourself. It also raises your level of professionalism up in the eyes of your clients. You can choose to give them a lift, which can also put you in a service-oriented, responsible light, in their eyes. 

Regardless of whether they’re your clients or your friends, you should always look upon giving someone a lift as an honour. People will have a positive impression of you, especially when you saved them from walking under the hot sun just to wait for the next bus to arrive in 10 minutes!

Some people may also associate driving with taking a hike in nature, as driving, especially at night, can be therapeutic.   

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A driver’s license is also almost recognised worldwide. You can use it for official identification purposes when entering into a restricted place or opening up a bank account. 

Yes, while you’re concern about the expenses of buying a car, you can always rent one instead! 

Obtaining a Driver’s License in Singapore

If you’re reading up to here, I presume that you’re a Singaporean or PR, above 18 years old, and are medically fit for driving. If you’re a foreigner, you can check out this link for more information on how to apply or convert your foreign driver’s license for local purposes. 

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Choosing an Instructor – Driving Centre vs Private 

Regardless of whom you’ll be learning driving from, you’ll be required to go for an eye test at one of the 3 driving centres, which costs $1.82. You’ll also need to pay $6.42 for your driver’s license photos.

The 3 driving centres in Singapore are Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC), ComfortDelGro Driving Centre (CDC) and Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC). 

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In these centres, you can also obtain both manual and automatic transmission licenses, as well as licenses for buses, lorries and motorcycles. 

Alternatively, you can also choose a private driving instructor. Here are the main differences between a driving centre instructor and a private instructor. 

Theory Lessons 

To start off, you’ll have to take a Basic Theory Test (BTT), which costs $6.50. When you pass it, you’ll be issued with a Provisional Driving License (PDL). The PDL costs $25 and is valid for 2 years. Upon completing the BTT, you’ll also have to sit for a Final Theory Test (FTT), which also costs $6.50. You have to pass your FTT before you can register for your practical driving test. 

If you’re enrolled in one of the 3 centres, you’ll be required to sign up for theory lessons, which sets you back by around $69.55 for 4 lessons. 

However, if you’re signing up with a private instructor, the lessons are optional. All you need is just to take the tests. You’ll just be required to purchase the theory textbooks, which only cost a couple of dollars online. Yet, it’s highly advisable to attend a lesson or 2 to better understand what will be tested. 

Driving Centres Instructors are Costlier, But Offers a More Structured Practical Curriculum 

If you’re totally new to the realm of driving, having a structure might be helpful for you. You can learn driving systematically. Driving centres also include circuit lessons in your package. There are also various courses within the school where you can practice your manoeuvres through different environments — for example, SSDC’s multi-storey driving circuit. However, with a structured curriculum, there’s a minimum amount of classes you have to take. 

On average, you will have to complete around 20-odd sessions for a manual course, and 18-20 sessions for an auto course, before you can take your test — each lesson on average costs around $68.48 to $85.60. The fees will also vary according to peak and off-peak hours.

Bear in mind, all the 3 driving centres will also require an enrolment fee from you. This enrolment fee will last for a year. BBDC charges around $96.30, while SSDC and CDC charges $174.09 and $171.20 respectively. 

Private Practical Lessons are Cheaper, But It Also Depends on How Fast You Learn! 

If you’re retaking your practical and have some basic driving knowledge, a private instructor might be easier on your wallet, considering how much you’ve previously spent! There’s no minimum amount of sessions required. It all depends on how fast you’re able to learn and grasp everything. 

A private lesson on average will set you back only by $25-$35 per lesson. However, it does not cover the fees for the circuit lesson, which will cost about $60 per lesson. 

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A private instructor will also charge an enrolment fee, which is usually cheaper than that of a driving centre. You’ll be looking at around $50-$90. 


Driving Instructor Top Private Driving Instructors in Singapore


Private Driving Instructor

Speciality Private Driving Instructor offers instructors with more than 30 years of teaching experiences. Additionally, in an industry dominated by males, they also provide female instructors for female students.
  • Private Driving Lesson Class 3
  • Private Driving Lesson Class 3A
  • Private Driving Lesson Refresher
Pricing Click here for rates.
Location 22 Sin Ming Lane #06-76 Singapore 573969
Telephone +65 8851 8360
Review 1

(Taken from website) 

“I found a private driving instructor on this website. The instructor is very experienced. I managed to pass my TP in one try.”
Review 2

(Taken from website) 

“I learn my driving with Mr Kang. He is dedicated and patient. He is good at correcting my mistakes when I drive. Thank you for your recommendation.”
Review 3

(Taken from website) 

“I passed my TP after taking around 20 lessons with Mr Quek. He has been a private driving instructor for more than 30 years. He is able to spot my weakness and correct me easily. Thank you for the service.”


Pass Driving Top Private Driving Instructors in Singapore


Pass Driving 

Speciality Mr Peck Chin Huat is a driving instructor of more than 30 years. His students’ first-time passing rate is 60.3%, higher than many schools out there. His lessons are systematic, so you’re able to follow up easily. You can simply reach out to Mr Peck and schedule an appointment through a phone call.
Pricing Click here for rates.
Locations  Meeting points at various MRT Station: Yio Chu Kang, Yishun, Sembawang, Admiralty, Eunos, Ubi Ave 4.
Telephone +65 9730 4050
Operating Hours
  • Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 3:30 pm (off-peak)
  • Monday – Friday 3:30 pm ~10 pm and Whole of Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays (Peak)
Review 1

(Taken from website)

“Passed on the first attempt!

Initially, I enrolled in one of the driving schools in Singapore. But I found that it is not cost-effective as the school lesson fees are rather high and I would get different instructors to teach me for every lesson. Moreover, it was not easy for me to book the practical lesson dates that I wanted in school as the slots were usually full. Therefore, I was thinking of engaging a Private Instructor so that I could get more flexible hours to learn driving. However, I hesitated to do so when I heard some negative feedbacks on learning through Private. Below are the 2 common feedbacks:

Myth #1: You can’t get earlier test dates because the School will get them first.

Myth #2: School is easier to pass than Private.

I was fortunately that I did not encounter such problems in Myth#1 and Myth#2 because I engaged Mr Peck Chin Huat as my Private Instructor. I knew about him through the Traffic Police website that shows the passing rates of Private Instructors. He has one of the highest passing rates in Ubi. More than half of his students passed for the first time! In fact, I also passed for the first time despite that I am a slow learner. I got my Traffic Police test date within 6 weeks from the day I started my first driving lesson, all thanks to Mr Peck. Therefore, within a short period of 6 weeks, I get my driving license! I took 21 driving lessons and only spent about $1000 to get my Class 3A license.

Hereby, I would like to thank Mr Peck for his teaching skills and efforts to guide me throughout this challenging period and I highly recommend Mr Peck to anyone who wants to pass in the first test at the lowest price paid!

Yours sincerely,



Le Driving Top Private Driving Instructors in Singapore


Le Driving Instructors

Speciality Le Driving Instructors offer friendly and approachable, patient, as well as efficient methods for you to pass your driving test at once. For as low as $30/hour, they offer fetch and send services from over 30 MRT stations. Besides English, Mandarin, Chinese Dialects and Malay speaking instructors are also available.
Pricing From $30/hour
Address Pickup is available from over 30 MRT stations.
  • Manual: 8333 8392 (Richard)
  • Automatic/Refresher: 8782 6525 (Sean)
Review 1

(Taken from website)

“Like many, one of the biggest stumbling blocks in obtaining a driving license was finding a suitable instructor. I was looking desperately around the web for an instructor who matches my preferences. I then stumbled upon le driving instructors and I thought, why not give it a try (since it’s free)

What happened after impressed me. I was contacted by Le Driving the next morning, informing me that they have already found me an instructor! They also helped me in arranging the first lesson, and the rest is history.

Efficiency at its finest! Thank you Ledrivinginstructors!”

Review 2

(Taken from website)

“I was looking to change my driving instructor as my previous instructor has an extremely packed schedule and I did not want to wait 8-10 days in between lessons.

Looking for another instructor was a hassle, and my friend recommended me to Ledrivinginstructors. They found me an instructor the next day!

A big thank you to the guys at Le Driving!”

Review 3

(Taken from website)

“I just want to say a big thank you to Ledriving for helping me out with this process, initially I thought the free service sounded too good to be true but it really was.

Ledriving really helped me out by introducing me to a great instructor Mr Lai. I count myself fortunate when I hear my friends tell me about their difficult instructors. I’m 12 lessons in now and looking forward to circuit lessons!”


SG Driving Instructors Top Private Driving Instructors in Singapore


SG Driving Instructors

Speciality SG Driving Instructors offers class 3 and 3a, as well as refresher courses. The instructors come with over 25 years of teaching experiences, producing many successful first-time passers.
Pricing $35/hour + $85 enrolment fees
Locations  Available at Bukit Batok Driving Centre, Comfortdelgro Driving Centre or Singapore Safety Driving Centre.
  • 815 Bukit Batok West Ave 5, Singapore 659085 (BBDC)
  • 205 Ubi Ave 4, Singapore 408805 (CDC)
  •  2 Woodlands Industrial Park E4, Singapore 757387 (SSDC)
Telephone +65 8118 0135
Review 1

(Taken from website) 

“Passed the test on my first try! Thanks so much for the arrangement, will definitely recommend to any of my friends who are looking for a Private Driving Instructor too.”
Review 2

(Taken from website) 

“Simply the best. I failed my first test spending more than 1,5k of my own savings. After finding a Driving Instructor here, I passed on my next try. Thank you once again!”
Review 3

(Taken from website) 

“I was looking urgently for a Private Driving instructor to fit within my schedule as I am working a full-time job. Thanks to SgDrivingInstructors, I can now take classes that fit within my tight schedule.”


Private Driving Top Private Driving Instructors in Singapore


Driving Instructor

Speciality offers an interactive and user-friendly form, where they’ll match you up with a suitable driving instructor within 48 hours. Their instructors are effective, friendly and have over 30 years of teaching experiences. You’re able to get private instruction for both automatic and manual transmission, as well as refresher courses. Additionally, upon signing up, you’ll receive an exclusive Practical Driving Test Guide.
Pricing From $57 per lesson.
  • 815 Bukit Batok West Ave 5, Singapore 659085 (BBDC)
  • 205 Ubi Ave 4, Singapore 408805 (CDC)
  •  2 Woodlands Industrial Park E4, Singapore 757387 SSDC)
Review 1

(Taken from website)

“Thank you so much for introducing and matching me to Mr Tan, he is an excellent instructor. He taught me so well that I managed to pass my test on my very first try!”
Review 2

(Taken from website)

“It was so easy and affordable to register on the website compared to the others, and that’s not even mentioning the instructor’s skill and coaching ability! I absolutely loved the service provided.”
Review 3

(Taken from website)

“I was so surprised that I passed my Class 3 test in one try haha. Thanks for getting me a good instructor and guiding me through the process to help me get my licence so quickly.”


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Driver’s License: Automatic vs Manual 

With more and more cars leaning towards the automatic model, getting an automatic license seems like a practical route. You can save close to a few hundred dollars with an automatic course. 

However, a manual license, though costlier, has its own benefits too. 

Manual (Class 3) 

A manual transmission car requires you to master the art of clutch pedals, shift knob, throttle and shifting different gears to change the car’s speed.  

While the cost of learning to drive this transmission is more expensive, purchasing and maintaining a manual car is much cheaper. 

With a manual driving license, you can legally drive an automatic car without getting another license. Having a class 3 license also allows you to sign up for a class 4 or 4a exam. When passed, you can drive a heavy vehicle which exceeds 2,500 kilogrammes or an omnibus respectively. 

Automatic (Class 3A)

Automatic driving is a more convenient option, especially when the car does away the gear shifting responsibilities for you. This alleviates the physical strain on your limbs and makes it easier for you to concentrate on the road. Automatic cars are also better at handling steep terrains. 

Automatic cars are generally more expensive and difficult to maintain. You cannot legally drive a manual car with a class 3a or automatic driver’s license, let alone getting a class 4 or 4a license. 

I’ve completed my driving lessons. What’s next?

Congratulations! You’re most likely ready for your Practical Driving Test (TP). The test fee for both private and centre students is $33. However, the test car rental fee for centre students is much cheaper; you’ll be looking at around $200, as compared to private students who’ll have to pay about $400.

If you’re lucky to pass this round, you’ll need to apply for a Qualified Driving Licence (QDL), which can be done online. This license will only set you back by $50.

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