Top Preschools in Singapore

Top Preschools in Singapore

Is your child ready for school?

So how do you decide which school or program is right for them? Childhood development experts at Media One will be sharing some useful tips on this.

You don’t just settle on the first preschool program that checks up; you have the following concerns to address first:

  • Will your child be safe?
  • Will your child gain social experience?
  • How’s the school’s environment like? Is it loving, nurturing, and with boundaries?
  • Will your child be comfortable with the school’s environment?
  • How will the school affect your child’s confidence?

A good preschool program is one that addresses all these concerns. You have to give yourself at least nine months to evaluate your options and choose a program that’s best suited for your child.

Top Preschools in Singapore

What’s Preschool?

Preschool (also referred to as nursery school, pre-primary, or playschool) is an early childhood education program for children between the age of 3 and 5. Essentially, it’s meant to educate a child through play and active interaction.

It differs from the traditional daycare in the sense that it emphasises on learning and development rather than just watching over kids.

What’s Preschool Important to a Child?

Enrolling your child to a high-quality preschool program will help to improve the child’s life for the better. Here are some of the ways a good preschool program may help to improve your child’s life:

  • They acquire basic capabilities that may help them lead a successful life in the future
  • high-quality preschool programme can improve your child’s behaviour, achievements, and school readiness, especially for economically disadvantaged kids.
  • Other studies also show that such kids end up earning more money and gaining more experience that will see to it that they have more stable homes and end up becoming more responsible citizens.
  • It prepares kids for kindergarten, both socially and academically
  • A good preschool program may also help your child improve their communication and language skills. It may also help them develop fine motor skills, besides inspiring their creativity.

Qualities of a Great Preschool

Here are some of the classroom and teaching activities that contribute to a high-quality preschool program for your child:

  • Opportunities to learn about persistence when working on tasks. Opportunities to learn about good listening skills and how to follow directions and take in instructions.
  • Focus on literacy and language skills. The program should also incorporate book reading
  • Teaching problem-solving skills to kids
  • Helping the child develop a solid vocabulary and expanding their knowledge horizons. The program should focus on keeping the child informed on the current matters and least-known facts.
  • A fun way to learn about beginning skills, including numbers, the alphabet, and spatial awareness
  • Emphasis on scientific thinking. The program must inspire curiosity about life, the world, and a child’s immediate environment. Children must be encouraged to ask questions and never accept anything at face value.
  • Opportunities for the kids to engage in art, music, and dramatic play
  • An educational program that doesn’t just end with the teachers. Parents must be involved and made to take part in some of the classroom activities.

The Warning Signs of a Bad Preschool Program

When you select a preschool program for your child, you should be aware of some of the warning signs that may prompt you to look the other way. These warning signs include but are not limited to:

  • Complaints from other parents. If the school evokes lots of negative reactions from other parents, take that as a red flag.
  • Inattention to the rules they have established or installed in place. How keen are they on reporting time, holidays, homework, etc.? Do they adhere to these rules themselves, or is it just a paper thing?
  • Any sign that they’re hiding something. Are they averse to the idea of a parent arriving at the school unannounced?
  • No learning structure or structure that appears to be too flexible
  • Lack of age-appropriate toys and activities
  • Underqualified staff
  • Large class sizes
  • An expired license
  • A school that puts so much pressure on a child by putting them on an academic fast-track. Too much homework and unnecessary academic programs.

Type of Preschool Programs to Enrol Your Child in Singapore

Private Preschool

Private preschools operate as independent non-profits, for-profits, or organization-sponsored educational facilities.  They claim an overwhelming majority of preschool enrolment in Singapore. In most cases, they’ll be running as part-day programs.

Public Preschool

These are government or state-funded preschools. Usually, they’re administered by a local school board, but may also be administered by a local contractor that’s paid for by the state. As with private schools, they can operate as a part-day or full-day.

Top Preschools in Singapore


Montessori is a progressive, curriculum-based, child-directed learning. It believes in equipping children with hands-on experience. Plus, it lets little ones take the lead, with teachers acting as a guide. The point is to let children learn at their own pace without restricting their movement in the classroom.

Regio Emilia

This preschool program values children as more capable, resilient, and strong. The program was discovered in Italy, and it’s based on a progressive approach. What happens is that the program tries to adapt to the community from which the children are raised. It’s also children driven and more centred on the child’s interest.


A play-based curriculum is thought to be the most natural way for children to learn. It utilises different types of plays to teach important life skills to children. The program focuses on independence and sharing, as opposed to following a rigid plan. Children also get to learn through music, sensorial play, and crafts. Essentially, it’s about letting kids be kids.

Waldorf Steiner

Waldorf Steiner focuses on what makes each child unique. It’s about leading the children to a path of self-discovery, where children get to learn through self-initiated plays. Children learn through sensorial experiences, which focuses on letting them explore their environment.

Whole Brain Learning

This mode of learning for preschool kids is based on the right brain + left brain research. It tries to integrate subjects that touch on both sides of the brain to develop a child’s learning capacity fully. Moreover, it recognises results as being as important as the process of learning. Children are taught through music, play, and art for a well-rounded education.

Child Care Centres

Childcare centres cater to working parents or those with a busy schedule. They’re usually open the whole day (from 7 am to 7 pm) for parents to drop off their kids and pick them in the evening when they leave work. Most of them provide meals and snacks to children enrolled with them and may even take them through a learning program.

Anchor Operators

The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA), an extension of the government of Singapore, came up with the Anchor Operator program in 2009. The scheme tries to fund approved operators of early childhood operators from all across the country. It’s also tasked with the role of regulating these centres, besides providing them with all the resources they might need for the curriculum guidelines.

What to Consider When Choosing a Preschool in Singapore

Here’s your ultimate guide to choosing the best preschool program for your child:


Your priority should be to find the most creative, hands-on, and academically challenging preschool for your child. However, you’ll have to be realistic with the choices you make. Your child will need to be dropped off and picked from school. So, is the school reasonably accessible to you?


Different preschools have different teaching philosophies and methods. While some will emphasise on using a more traditional approach, others will prefer a more flexible alternative that perhaps puts more emphasis on playing and extra-curricular activities. You’ll have to choose a program that resonates with you and your child’s needs better.


Bilingualism has a significant role to play in your child’s success in the future. While some preschool programmes offer a full Mandarin programme, others have run a bilingual programme that may benefit your child more.

School Hours

How many hours is your child willing to stay in school? If they like the school they’ll have no problem spending the whole day there. However, if they’re the type that would prefer to spend their time at home, then you might want to enrol them to a school that runs for a half a day or a few hours.

Learning Environment

Look around for pictures of the school. You can do this by checking out their website or visiting the school physically. Is the school technologically advanced? Do they have a larger playground or space? Remember to also look around for outdoor play areas.

Child-to-Teacher Ratio

How many students does one class accommodate? If one teacher has to attend to a large number of children, that means they won’t have enough time to attend to your kid. Your child needs individualized attention, which can only be achieved when the school has sufficient teachers.


Don’t overburden yourself by enrolling your child in a preschool that’s beyond your means. Unless you don’t consider money as an issue, you might want to take advantage of the government subsidies offered for some preschools.

Questions to Ask While Touring a School

Before you settle for any preschool, give it a tour and ask all the right questions. We’ve compiled a list of questions to ask the school to find out if it’s a good fit for your child:

Which Philosophy do you Use to Approach Childhood Education?

There are so many philosophies a school may employ in the classroom. You want to find out about this philosophy and research about it before you can go ahead and register your kid — ditto for religious-based programs of the schools. You want to make sure their religious programs align with how you intend to raise your kid.  

How do you Approach Discipline?

The school’s discipline approach must be quite similar to how you approach it at home. It’s all about consistency.

What’s Your Security Measures?

The school should have protective measures in place that work to ensure your child stays safe. Who’s allowed to get into the school? And how’s their pick up and drop off procedures like?

What’s the educational background of the Teachers?

Preschool teachers tend to have different career paths and qualifications. There’s no harm in inquiring about the educational background of the person responsible for teaching your kid.

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What’s your student-to-teacher ratio?

The smaller the number of this ratio, the better. Your child could use more attention from the teacher. So, it helps to make sure the school has employed enough teachers.

What’s the School’s Daily Routine?

For this, the school should be able to provide their time table. What you’re looking for is the balance between academics and play. That way, you can start preparing your kid on what to expect at school.

Do kids need to be Potty Trained?

Some schools may offer to help you potty-train your kids. However, some may require you to potty-train them first before bringing them to school. What you don’t want to do is push your child a little too hard. So, you might want to choose a school that’s willing to work with you on this issue instead of putting too much pressure on the child.

What do you Prioritise on?

This question is meant to help you understand the school’s main point of focus.  Are they focused on academics, play, or a mix of both?

What do you expect from me as a Parent?

Don’t wait to be hit by surprises. The school should spell it out in advance. What do they expect from you? How much would they want to see you get involved? Their answer should match the expectations you have.

What do you love most about working with Children?

This should help you understand the teacher and why they chose this career path. In which case, a good teacher is one that’s passionate about kids.

Am I allowed to explore the classroom? And Can I Bring My Child with Me?

Shadowing will help you understand how the school operates and how a typical day looks like for the school. It will also help you determine if indeed that’s the right school for your child.

Any Parent that will be willing to share their experience with you?

You can ask about some of the parents or look around for a parent you know and let them talk about their experience with the school. This could be a neighbour or a friend whose child went through the school program.

Top Preschools in Singapore

The Staff

During the tour,  you have to keep your eye out for the staff that will be interacting with your kid. Find out about the Following:

How the Teacher Interact with Kids

There should be a conversational flow between parents and the kids. One way to tell if the teachers really care about what the children have to say is if they’re willing to get down to the children’s eye-level when talking to them.

Look around for Staff Members that Genuinely Care About Children

Teachers that genuinely care about children will be in all smiles. You’ll see them laughing with kids. There’ll be a lot of interactions going on between them, as well as high-fives, hugs, and encouraging words and kid banter.

Staff who Are Passionate about What they do

You can’t ascertain this from just looking. You have to talk to individual teachers and see if their passion shines through. You can also inquire about the school’s turnover rate. Take it as a good sign when the staff members have many years of working with the school.


How’s the communication like between the school and the various stakeholders?

Their Communication with Parents

Ask the school’s director about their handbook and communication habits. The handbook must fill in parents on what to expect. Calendars, monthly newsletters, and emails are some of the ways the school may communicate with parents.

Communication Regarding Children

How do teachers communicate with parents regarding their kids? It could be via weekly emails, daily notes, and communication apps. Remember: there’s no right way to handle the communication. What’s important is that there’s an open line of communication between parents and the teachers involved in the lives of their children.

Behaviour Management

Ask the management about the behavioural guidelines of the school. There should be properly spelled, age-appropriate expectations, with clear rules and consequences. Remember to also ask about how the staff teaches children to solve the misunderstanding they have with peers.

Class Schedule

How much time is dedicated to Playing?

Children learn better through play. So, it’s incredibly important that it’s among the things that the school prioritises on. How much time do children have to play? Some schools refer to this as the “choice time” or “centre time.” During this time, children are organised into small groups and made to explore different concepts, like exploring their names, telling stories on wild animals, and engaging in other educative activities.

Varied Group Sizes

Children should have time to interact with each other. Some schools call it the calendar time or circle time. During this time, teachers can share books with different groups or ask them to engage in some sort of play. Even more important is for the children to have one-on-one time with their teachers.

Time to Play

Kids need time to run around, play, ride bikes, climb, etc. outside. This is their time for paling up and making new friends.


A Teaching Plan

A preschool curriculum doesn’t have to be all the same for the whole school. Instead, the school director must understand the needs and goals of each age group and come up with a curriculum that works best for each one of them.

Hands-on Activities

It bears repeating that children learn best through play. The best type of learning for them is where they’re fully immersed. Their learning isn’t restricted to the inside of a classroom. They should be touching blocks, holding books, moving math manipulatives, dancing, listening to music, etc.

Their Learning Should Include all the Details

Music, real pre-writing, arts and crafts, sensory play, science experiments, etc., all this should feature in the learning curriculum. Of course, not all these topics can fit in a day’s schedule. But there should be time for each one of them during the entire course of the week. The point is to focus on well-rounded children.

Top Preschools in Singapore

Kindle Garden Top Preschools in Singapore


 Kindle Garden

About Kindle Garden is reputed for adopting a holistic teaching approach that supports diversity. They have a non-discriminatory curriculum that covers typically developing kids, as well as those with additional needs. Their system encourages students to embrace diversity and respect for one another. They’re all about nurturing respectful citizens of the future.
Programme Full-Day Care (7:00 am -7:00 pm From Monday-Friday)
Address 20 Lengkok Bahru, #02-05, Singapore 159053


Tel: (65) 6511 7660



Mulberry Top Preschools in Singapore



Mulberry Learning

About Mulberry Learning has a long-held reputation for their educational approach, where they help their students manage distractions so they can focus on the intended task. With their Reggio Emilia learning and comprehensive bilingual program, this education centre is determined to help you raise a more focused and eloquent individual.
  • Infant Care
  • Chinese Preschool
  • Preschool
  • Child Care
Address 12 Hoy Fatt Road, #02-01 Bryton House, Singapore 159506


Tel: (65) 6653 8082


Review “Teacher Marie is kind, sincere and approachable. She has helped Titus a lot in various areas. I’ve also received good feedback from Titus about Teacher Marie and he shared that he will miss her after he finishes K2. This shows that she has built a certain level of trust and relationship with him which I’m very appreciative of. Good job, Teacher Marie! :)”


Raffles Kidz


Raffles Kidz International

About Raffles Kidz International inspires children to be life-long learners through an exploratory and purposeful play approach to learning. They are an award-winning premium pre-school brand  with many parents providing favourable recommendations to families looking for the right school. They integrate the Montessori and Inquiry based approach to learning while offering a bilingual curriculum that caters to the holistic development of children. Parents also appreciate the seamless transition into primary school as the school helps to build a strong academic foundation.
Programme Infant Care & Child Care
Address Raffles Kidz @ Yio Chu Kang – 4 Tamarind Road, Singapore 806014
Raffles Kidz @ Bukit Panjang – 9 Galistan Ave, Singapore 669682
Raffles Kidz @ Punggol – 200 Punggol Seventeenth Avenue, Singapore 829646
Raffles Kidz @ Jurong West – 1 Yuan Ching Road #02-01/02, Singapore 618640


Tel: +65-6282 6319



Little Footprint Top Preschools in Singapore



Little FootPrint Preschool

About Little FootPrint has a comprehensive curriculum that’s focused on nurturing well-rounded children. Their staff consists of a team of passionate educators. Besides nurturing the young mind of children, the institution is also concerned about cultivating strong values. They have a more holistic approach, with one of the most qualified teams of educators you’ll ever come across.
  • Child Care (From 18 Months-6 Years)
  • Infant Care (From 2 -17 Months)
Address 200 Turf Club Road, The Grandstand, #05-08, Singapore 287994


Tel: (65) 6463 3465


Review “My son was a transfer kid but he was able to adapt to the new environment very quickly with the team of great teachers at LFP. The school place much emphasis on kid’s learning when doing activities with parents. Thumbs up for that!”


Kiddie winkie Top Preschools in Singapore



Kiddiewinkie Schoolhouse

About Kiddie Winkie was found on a vision of nurturing children that are more aware of the society they live in. Using their child-directed approach, which puts a lot of emphasis on creativity and cross-cultural awareness, this early childhood educational facility is more interested in raising confident individuals that are more outgoing and not shy of expressing their thoughts.
  • Infant Care
  • Child Care
Address 15 Scotts Rd, Building, 2nd Level Thong Teck, Singapore 228218
Contacts (65) 6463 3465


Bright Path Top Preschools in Singapore



Bright Path Inclusive Preschool

About Bright Path is an all-rounded preschool that offers tailored education programmes for kids. Their programs are designed based on the individual needs and requirements of each student. They cater to kids between the age of three and six, with an understanding that every child has unique learning needs.
  • Classes and Day Care
  • High-Quality Gluten-Free Menu
  • A Personalised Education
  • Early Intervention and subsidised Fee
Address 55 Fairways Dr, Singapore 286846
Contacts Tel: (65) 6873 1777



Shaws Top Preschools in Singapore



Shaws Preschool

About Shaws caters to the preschool needs of over 400 families in the country. They’re one of the leading early childhood education facilities that focus on teaching children through exploration and adventure. They have a child-friendly environment for teaching kids, as well as a trained and experienced staff that genuinely care about kids.
  • Bilingualism
  • Hands-on Learning
  • Confident Children
  • Sports Training


Tel: (65) 9789 2255


Review “We chose Shaws because their play based learning approach was inline with how we wanted to expose our child to education at an early age. We love that our son gets to do things like the evening play at the mud kitchen, something that we ourselves enjoyed as kids. Kobe loves Tuesdays because of Shaws Little League!”


Little Readers Top Preschools in Singapore


Little Readers-Genius Tots

About Little Readers operates as a child care and preschool centre, where they take in kids from as young as 15 months old up to 8 years old. They offer a wide selection of teaching programmes, preferred for being rich in English literacy. Also offered are English Enrichment Classes, Reading Comprehension Skills, Creative writing, and Primary One and Two Tuitions.
Address 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #03-08/09, Singapore 569933
Contacts (65) 8138 5397


Sunflower Baby HOuse & Preschool Top Preschools in Singapore


Sunflower Babyhouse and Preschool

About Sunflower Baby House assumes each child has unique needs and requirements. For this, they have adopted an efficient curriculum that targets different areas of development and learning in a child. They also offer daycare services, where they take in children from the age of 2 months up to those on Kindergarten level 2.
  • Half-Day Care (Monday-Friday, 1:30 am- 7:00 pm)
  • Age Group (Infant Care:2-18 Months, Child Care:18 Months- Kindergarten 2)
  • Flexi Care (Monday-Friday)
  • Full Day Care (Monday-Friday: 7:30 am-7:00 pm, Saturday:8:30 am-2:00 pm)
Address 200 Turf Club Road, #04-01 & 07/08, The Grandstan d, Singapore 287994


Tel: (65) 6463 1303


Review  ” Sunflower Baby House & Preschool was clearly our choice when we were scouting for an infant care centre for Sue-Ann. The comfortable environment with its caring team is one that we could immediately recognise when we first visited the centre.”


Tots & Teddies Top Preschools in Singapore


Tots and Teddies

About Tots & Teddies is a top-rated preschool in Singapore. It’s among the few preschool facilities that have grown to embrace a child-centred approach where kids learn by doing. That way, students can start practising critical thinking and decision making while they’re still growing. It’s even better because their programs are taught in bilingual (Chinese and English), and executed in small groups, using both formal and informal activities that together make the learning experience fun for kids.
  • Holistic Development
  • Safe and Hygenic Environment
  • Ample Attention
  • Exposure to Diversity
Address 62 Cecil St, #04-00, TPI Building, Singapore 049710


Tel: (65) 6816 0001



Mind Champs Top Preschools in Singapore


Mindchamps Preschool

About MindChamps is one of the most coveted preschools in Singapore, and many parents’ top choice for six years in a row. They’re one of the most technologically advanced preschool facilities. Their approach is more centred on the unique needs of each generation. Not to mention, they have a team of curriculum specialists that design their program based on their research and development across four key domains of Psychology, Education, Theatre, and Neuroscience.
  • Champion Mindset Theatre
  • MindChamps Allied Care
  • MindChamps O&G
  • Venue Rental
Address 30A Kallang Place, #01-01, Singapore 339213


Tel: (65) 6291 3068



Early Years Montessori Top Preschools in Singapore


Early Year Montessori

About Early Years Montessori was founded on the vision of providing children with the highest possible standards of early childhood education. They don’t consider themselves as a mere education facility, but a vibrant community of early childhood practitioners, families, and friends. The facility employs scientific methods of educating children with the aim of creating a system that helps to nurture qualities of independence, respect, and self-driven love for learning.  
Address 16 Sunset Drive, Singapore 597475


Tel: (65) 6469 1572



Brigton Montessori Top Preschools in Singapore


Brighton Montessori

About Looking for a preschool that focuses on a hands-on approach? Look no further than Brighton Montessori. This preschool institution has one of the most advanced curricula, enriched with a variety of programs, including kindergarten and pre-nursey. It’s even better because they try to limit the number of students per class to make sure that each student receives sufficient guidance and attention.
Programme ·      Pre-Nursery

·      Kindergarten 1

·      Nursery 1

·      Kindergarten 2

·      Nursery 2



Tel: (65) 6588 3883



British Counsil Top Preschools in Singapore


British Council

About British Council is an early intervention preschool facility that teaches children by first dividing them into small groups, and addressing them based on their unique needs. Students, of course, learn in a classroom setting, where each class is divided into a group of 4 or 8 children. In so doing, the assigned teacher can focus on the special needs of each child, while also teaching them how to socialise and work together as a team.
Address 30 Napier Road, Singapore 258509


Tel: (65) 6807 1599


Review “Excellent teachers who are so nurturing and patient. My boy is looking forward to school every day. Very clean and safe learning environment.”


Wharton Top Preschools in Singapore


Wharton Preschool

About Wharton combines Montessori, theme-based, and inquiry-based learning. It’s designed to create an environment where the key attributes of your child can be nurtured – confidence, resilience, social integration, discipline, and compassion. They have a series of activities that enable them to achieve this, including speech and drama, art and craft, and various indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Advanced Stage
  • Playground
  • Intermediate Stage
Address 15 Serangoon North Ave 5, Singapore 554787


Tel: (65) 6755 3218



SHHK Top Preschools in Singapore


Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Preschool

About Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Preschool operates with a simple guiding principle. Teachers are considered as facilitators, parents as partners, and children as active learners. They have a plan-do-review model that encourages participatory learning and a sense of reflection and purpose in children.
  • Social and Cognitive Development
  • Living Garden
  • Life Skill Education
  • Holistic Character Development
Address 5 Sennet Road, Singapore 466781


Tel: (65) 6589 9503


Review “My son is a good-natured and keen learner who has shown improvements with the school’s help… Thank you greatly.”


Hollandse School Top Preschools in Singapore


Hollandse School Preschool

About HSL was started close to a century ago. They’re one of the most renowned international preschools in Singapore, having opened its first classroom in 1920. The school stands out not for their longevity in the industry, but also for their unique learning ambitions.
  • Individual Attention
  • Dutch Education
  • Cooperative Learning
  • International Dimension
  • 21st Century Skills
Address 65 Bukit Tinggi Road, Singapore 289757
Contacts (65) 6466 0662
Review “I think IPC is unique to the HSL. This is something other schools do not do. I love the variation in themes within the IPC, but also the way of working.”


White Lodge Top Preschools in Singapore


White Lodge

About Try asking for a recommendation from parents who’ve enrolled their children to a preschool, and most of the suggestions coming in will be for White Lodge, especially from foreign parents. The reason being the school has greatly invested in activities that help to strengthen the bond between parents, students, education, and all the other stakeholders.
Programme ·      Play Group

·      Kindergarten

·      Nursery

·      Pre-Nursery

·      Pre-Kindergarten

Address 171 Chin Swee Road, #10-09 CES Centre, Singapore 169877
Contacts (65) 6255 4230


Swallows and Amazons Top Preschools in Singapore


Swallows and Amazons

About  Swallows & Amazon focuses on the EQ or the emotional development of their students. The institution also recognises the fact that children don’t learn the same way, and that each student has a specific area that they excel in. For this, they have developed an 8-intelligence learning style that allows them to look into the individual needs and requirements of each child and come up with a suitable learning style for them. 
Programme ·      Extra Curricular Activities

·      Early Learning Centres

·      Transportation

Address The Grandstand, South Carpark, 200 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287994


Tel: (65) 6762 8158


Review “The teachers are amazing. The teachers have taught the kids a lot and made them excited to learn about the topics they’re doing in school. When my child goes home, he always want to find out more about what he has learned in school and to continue the learning from there.”


Kids Mansion Top Preschools in Singapore


Kids Mansion

About  Kids Mansion provides a rich, bilingual environment for children to explore their freedom, nurture their critical thinking, inspire intellectual curiosity, and promote resilience, kindness, and self-worth.
Programme ·      Child care

·      Infant and Toddler Care

Address Blk 18, Boon Lay Way, Tradehub 21, #01-131, Singapore 609966


Tel: (65) 6659 9947



Josiah Montessori Top Preschools in Singapore


Josiah Montessori

About Josiah Montessori is focused on providing the following to students enrolled with them: freedom within limits, independence, and respect for the development and psychological needs of children. This is the principle that guides their teaching methods and all the processes involved.
Programme ·      Toddler Care

·      Kindergarten

·      Pre-Primary

·      Infant Care

Address 3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-618 to 620, Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983


Tel: (65) 6336 6906





 Genesis Childcare 1989

Services Infant Care, Childcare, playgroup, Nursery 1, Nursery 2, Kindergarten 1, and Kindergarten 2
Address Block 433 Tampines Street 43 #01-61/63/65 S520433


Tel: 96664141





What is the good quality of a Preschool?

– Opportunity to learn
– Focus on literacy and language skills.
– Teaching problem-solving skills to kids
– Helping the child develop a solid vocabulary and expanding their knowledge horizons.
– A fun way to learning things
– Emphasis on scientific thinking.
– Engage in art, music, and dramatic play

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