Top Pottery Studios in Singapore

Top Pottery Studios in Singapore

Pottery making is one of the oldest practices in the world. Evidence of shaping clay and ceramic materials into various objects and shapes is reported at archaeological sites all over the world.

Pottery products may function as a houseware to hold food or water, or may be displayed as a decorative piece that may hold historical or cultural significance.

In modern Singapore, pottery products in our households serve an aesthetic purpose. Pretty pots or vases littered with intricate designs add a classy touch to our living space. Some may even help contain indoor plants, with colours that complement the plants that they hold. Increasingly, Singaporeans look to pottery products to artfully beautify their home.

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From buying to making pottery

It is not uncommon to see your friends or relatives posting about their recent virgin experience at a pottery studio. For some, what may have started out as a weekend workshop may have blossomed into a therapeutic pastime. The pursuit of perfection and the endless possibilities of pottery products to create may be addictive.

The best part is that you can bring your own pottery pieces home with you! Pieces that serve more than just a keepsake, pottery pieces like a small pot to hold succulents, a small plate to hold your keys or even a jar to contain aromatic scents. Decorative items with a touch of you can make your house more homely.

Check out these pottery studios in Singapore to bring out your inner artist!

The Clay People Top Pottery Studios in Singapore


The Clay People Ceramics Studio

Specialty / Pricing
  • Muddy hands (1 session, 2-3 hours per session, $15 per hour)
  • Introductory hand building course (8-20 sessions, 2-3 hours per session, $10 per hour)
  • Introductory throwing course (8 sessions, contact for price)
  • Advanced hand building course (8 sessions, contact for price)
  • Advanced throwing course (8 sessions, contact for price)
Address ​1003 Toa Payoh Industrial Park #07-1527 Singapore 319075
Contact Tel: +65 9692 8030


Operating Hours By appointment only


Potter's Guilt Top Pottery Studios in Singapore


The Potter’s Guilt

Specialty / Pricing
  • Pottery Do-It-All (3 hoursx 1 session $80)
  • Pottery on the wheel experience (1.5 hours $55.00)
  • Pottery on the wheel (2.5 hours X 8 sessions $480)
  • Hand building workshop (2 hours X 8 Sessions $400)
Address 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, #01-03, Singapore 168976
Contact Email:
Operating Hours By appointment only


Arudio Top Pottery Studios in Singapore


Arudio ceramic

Specialty / Pricing
  • Basic course on throwing wheel pottery making (5 X 3 hours session for $300 with free glazing)
  • Advanced course on throwing wheel pottery making (10 X 3 hours sessions for $550 with free glazing)
  • Basic course on hand building pottery making (5 X 3 hours for $300 with free glazing)
  • Advanced course on hand building pottery making (10 X 3 hours for $500 with free glazing)
  • Glazing classes (1 X 2 hours for $35)
Address 11 Woodlands Close #09-30 Singapore 737853
Contact Tel: +65 96568591


Operating Hours By appointment only


Ceramic House Top Pottery Studios in Singapore

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Ceramic House

Specialty / Pricing
  • Hand building trial classes (2 hours for $70)
  • Throwing trial classes (2 hours for $80)
  • Hand building beginner classes (10 sessions for $480)
  • Wheel throwing advanced classes (10 sessions for $580)
  • Children’s classes (2 hours for $70)
Address Blk 9004 Tampines St.93 #02-102 Singapore 528838
Contact Tel: +65 6784 0024


Operating Hours Tuesday (9.30am – 12.30pm and 6.30pm – 9.00pm)
Wednesday (9.30am – 12.30pm and 6.30pm – 9.00pm)
Friday (10.30am – 1.30pm)
Saturday (2.00pm – 5.00pm)
Sunday (10.00am – 1.00pm)


Studio Asobi Top Pottery Studios in Singapore


Studio Sobi

Specialty / Pricing
  • Living clay pottery workshop (3 hours, 1 session, $80)
  • 2 hour Hand-building: For both small and large groups (up to 50 pax).
  • 3 hour Hand-building & Electric Wheel: For smaller groups up to 12 pax.
  • Pottery class (regular course) Hand-building (4 sessions x 2.5 hours): S$240
  • Pottery class (regular course) Manual Wheel (5 sessions x 2.5 hours): S$300
  • Pottery class (regular course) Electric Wheel (10 sessions x 2.5 hours): S$600
Address Hougang Ave 2, Block 705, Singapore 530705
Contact Tel: 92488882


Operating Hours By appointment only


Mud Rock Top Pottery Studios in Singapore


Mud Rock Ceramics

Specialty / Pricing
  • Beginners pottery x 5 lessons = $315/pax
  • Advance pottery x 5 lessons = $280/pax
  • Adhoc one-off trial sessions = $83/pax
  • Little Mud Rockers Children course x 4 lessons = $180/pax
  • Private workshops
Address 85 Maude Road, Singapore 208357
Contact Tel: +65 6291 1186


Operating Hours By appointment only


Pottery Jungle Top Pottery Studios in Singapore


Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle

Specialty / Pricing
  • I love pottery workshop (one time off) hand building only (2 – 2.5 hours, 1 session, Adult $35, Child $25, Parent and child $45)
  • I love pottery workshop (one time off) hand building and potter’s wheel (2 – 2.5 hours, 1 session, Adult $60, Child $60, Parent and child $65)
  • Trial potter’s wheel workshop (one time off) (2.5 hours, 1 session, above 14 years old $75)
  • Mini potter’s wheel workshop (one time off) (1.5 hours, 1 session, above 13 years old $35)
  • Long term potter’s wheel course (3 hours, 10 sessions, $300)
  • Private group workshops
Address 85 Lorong Tawas Singapore 639823
Contact Email:
Operating Hours Monday – Sunday: 9am – 5pm


Uppottery Top Pottery Studios in Singapore


Urth & Phire Pottery Studio

Specialty / Pricing
  • Wheel pottery (trial) (1.5 hours, 1 session, $60)
  • Wheel pottery (beginner) (2 hours, 8 sessions, $400)
  • Wheel pottery (advance) (2 hours, 8 sessions, $450)
  • Studio practice packages (2 hours, 5 sessions, $10/hour)
  • Pottery Lessons
  • Team Building
  • Handmade Tableware
Address 2 Pereira Road, #05-02A 2connectt@TS, Singapore 368024
Contact Tel: +65 9770 4862


Operating Hours Mon and Thu: Closed

Tues – Wed and Fri: 10am to 4pm – 7pm to 9pm

Sat and Sun: 10am to 6pm


the 8th year Top Pottery Studios in Singapore

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Specialty / Pricing
  • Phase I: Wheel throwing – domestic objects (3 hours, 10 sessions, $499.20)
  • Phase II: Wheel throwing – decorative objects (3 hours, 10 sessions, $499.20)
Address 37 Lor 23 Geylang, #08-03 Yu Li Industrial Building, Singapore 388371
Contact Tel:  +65 6904 4403


Operating Hours Tuesday – Saturday: 1.30pm – 10.30pm
Sunday: 1.30pm – 7.30pm
Closed on every Monday and PH.


School of Clay Art Top Pottery Studios in Singapore


School of Clay Arts

Specialty / Pricing
  • Intro to pottery workshop (one off) (1 session, $95)
  • Pottery fundamentals (hand building) (4 sessions, $250)
  • An introduction to throwing on the potter’s wheel (4 sessions, $290)
  • Studio membership (independent practice) ($450 for 10 sessions or $250 for 5 sessions)
Address School of clay arts Ubi Techpark #07-33 (Lobby B) Singapore 408564
Contact Tel; +65 9177 5764


Operating Hours Tuesday: 1030 – 1330
Wednesday: 1030 – 1330 h / 1400 – 1700
Saturday: 1030 – 1330 h / 1400 – 1700
Sunday: 1330 – 1630


Good man ceramic Top Pottery Studios in Singapore


Goodman Ceramic Studio

Specialty / Pricing
  • Trial hand building (2 hours, 1 session, $55)
  • Basic throwing (2 hours, 10 sessions, $680)
  • Basic hand building (2 hours, 4 sessions, $190)
  • Basic throwing (2 hours, 5 sessions, $340)
  • Family clay fun (2 hours, 1 session for 3 pax, $94)
  • Family wheel fun (1.5 hours, 1 session for 3 pax, $150)
  • Family throwing programme (2 hours, 4 session, $190)
  • My first clay mug (2 hours, 1 session, $55)
  • Pottery painting (1-2 hours, 1 session, $15)
  • Pottery for kids (2 hours, 1 session, $55)
  • Pottery for kids (2 hours, 4 sessions, $190)
  • Clay boot camp (3 hours, 1 session, $100)
  • Pot decorating techniques (2.5 hours, 1 session, $136)
  • Making a press mould (3 hours, 1 session, $136)
  • Firing and kiln operations (2 hours, 1 session, $68)
  • Using underglaze chalks and pencils (2 hours, 1 session, $136)
Address 90 Goodman Road, #01-37 Block G Goodman Arts Centre  Singapore 439053
Contact Tel: +65 6346 6351 / +65 9726 5210


Operating Hours Tuesdays – Sunday: 10.00am – 5:00pm


Euphoramics Top Pottery Studios in Singapore



Specialty / Pricing
  • Pottery workshops (4 hours, 8 session, contact for price)
  • Ceramics studio courses
Address 120 Hillview Ave, #06-05 Kewalram Hillview, Singapore 669594
Contact Tel: +65 9697 0728


Operating Hours By appointment only


Common Touch Craft Top Pottery Studios in Singapore


Common Touch Craft

Specialty / Pricing
  • Studio pottery
  • 1 time pottery experience (3 hour, 1 session, contact for price)
  • Corporate event
Address 44 Kallang Place Singapore 339172
Contact Email:
Operating Hours By appointment only


Usually usual Top Pottery Studios in Singapore


Usually Usual

Specialty / Pricing
  • Ceramic wheel throwing workshop (3 hours, 1 session, $150)
Address 426 Clemenceau Ave N, Singapore 229516
Contact Email:
Operating Hours By appointment only


Ves Top Pottery Studios in Singapore



Specialty / Pricing
  • 5 week plates / flatware course (wheel throwing) (2.5 hours, 5 sessions, $400)
Address 75 Jalan Kelabu Asap, Singapore, 278268
Contact Email:
Operating Hours By appointment only


Padme Hum Studio Top Pottery Studios in Singapore


Padme Hum Studio

Specialty / Pricing
  • Advanced group pottery class (2.5 hours, 10 sessions, contact for price)
  • Ad-hoc group pottery class (2 hours, 1 session, $85)
Address 1090 Lower Delta Rd, Singapore 169201
Contact Tel: +65 8611 4613


Operating Hours By appointment only


Boon's Pottery Top Pottery Studios in Singapore


Boon’s Pottery

Specialty / Pricing
  • 2 hour trial lesson (2 hours, 1 session, $70)
  • Hand building 4 classes (3 hours, 4 sessions, $280)
  • Wheel throwing 4 classes (3 hours, 4 sessions, $240)
  • Children’s class 4 sessions (3 hours, 4 sessions, $240)
  • Corporate team building
  • Group parties
Address Boon’s Pottery @ Tanglin Place 91 Tanglin Rd, #B1-01/02, Singapore 247918
Contact Tel: +65 6836 3978 / +65 9247 9609


Operating Hours By appointment only


Center Pottery Top Pottery Studios in Singapore


Center Pottery Singapore

Specialty / Pricing
  • Pottery wheel throwing (trial class) (2.5 hours, 1 session, $73.20)
  • Pottery hand building (trial class) (2.5 hours, 1 session, $73.20)
  • Group/corporate workshops
  • Mindful pottery (4 sessions, $697)
  • Mini regular classes (3 hours, 5 sessions, $345)
  • Full regular classes (3 hours, 10 sessions, $665)
  • Dragon Kiln + Pottery Wheel Workshop (3.5 hour, 1 session, Adults $98 Chil $95)
  • Glazing Class (3Arts) (1.5 hours, 1 session, $45)
  • My cup (2 hours, 1 session, $55)
  • Mother’s Day Special – Pottery Art of Love (2.5 hours, 1 session, $130)
Address Multiple locations
  • Jalan Bahar Clay Studios, 97L Lorong Tawas Singapore, Singapore 639824
  • 394 Joo Chiat Place Singapore 428078
Contact Tel: +65 9159 7119


Operating Hours Varies by location


Sam Mui Top Pottery Studios in Singapore


Sam Mui Kuang Pottery

Specialty / Pricing
  • Hand building (2.5 hours, 10 sessions, $480)
  • Wheel throwing (2.5 hours, 10 sessions, $550)
  • Ceramic knowledge course (2.5 hours, 10 sessions, $600)
  • Advance glazed knowledge course (2.5 hours, 10 sessions, $600)
Address 22, Jalan Kelulut Off Yio Chu Kang Road, Singapore 809039
Contact Tel: 64822424 / 64822525


Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9.30am to 1.30pm
Saturday: 9.30am to 6pm
Sunday: 10am to 2pm
Closed on Public Holiday


Taozeramics Top Pottery Studios in Singapore


Taoz Ceramics

Specialty / Pricing
  • Trial lesson (20-30 minutes, 1 session, $40)
  • Beginner (1 hour, 10 sessions, $600)
  • Intermediate (1 hour, 20 sessions, $1000)
  • Advanced (1 hour, 40 sessions, $1750)
Address Multiple locations:
  • 277 Orchard Road # 03-03 orchard gateway Singapore 238858
  • 2 Jurong East Central 1, JCube, #04-16. Singapore 609731
Contact Tel: +65 8342 2381


Operating Hours Daily: 11am – 8pm



Pottery can seem a soft hobby, taking scant amounts of time and cash, alternatively, pottery may grow to significant activity for your recreation. Were you simply a mere beginner, it may be wise options to attempt pottery casually, sign up for starter’s lessons. In case you are just commencing for lessons, below are certain suggestions on steps to start.

Reasons to try pottery:

Clay seems fun, also pottery may adjust slowly to individual mastery, skill, at any suited pace. Pinch urns could seem effortless to just anyone, encompassing junior kids. One can effortlessly study to craft one pinch urn within just under one hour.

Clay seems rarely dull; you could endlessly discover more angles, further, to engage in or further to craft. Start game to start thrilling crafts upon your entry into universe for pottery, as clay is possibly as deep or vast as original ground it returns to.

What is the process of pottery making?

YouTube video

The entire process of pottery making starts from the preparation of the clay. Kneading the clay helps remove air pockets trapped within and ensures that moisture content of the clay is consistent throughout.

Once the clay is prepared, potters can begin shaping the clay material into various shapes. The shaped clay products are then left to dry, removing a huge proportion of moisture, allowing the clay to better hold its shape. Firing of the clay product in a kiln permanently hardens and sets it in its final shape. Decorating the pottery product may be done before or after the firing of the clay body.

Types of pottery shaping

There are two main types of pottery shaping techniques: hand building and wheel throwing.

Hand building

Hand building in pottery making constitutes using your hands to form, knead and combine pieces of clay to form an end product. It is regarded as the easier of the two pottery shaping methods as there is a flexibility of time to achieve precision in shapes.

There are a few techniques in hand building: pinch, slab or coil.

In pinching, the potter shapes the pot by pressing, pinching and kneading the clay to form the shape of they wish to achieve.

In slab pottery making, the potter cuts slabs of clay of different shapes to be joined together to form the eventual shape of the pottery product.

Coiling involves rolling the clay into a long roll, the potter then coils the long roll of clay to eventually form the shape of choice.

Wheel throwing

Wheel throwing is a pottery making technique where the potter shapes a ball of clay as it rotates in the centre of a turntable. The turntable is typically spun by an electric motor, with the speed of rotation controlled by the foot or hand of the potter.

The potter begins by placing the ball in the middle of the turntable and centres the clay to ensure that the clay ball spins symmetrically. The potter then moulds the soft ball of clay by carefully squeezing, pulling and shaping the clay as it rotates on the turntable. By using a turntable, the potter is able to shape the clay into perfectly symmetrically circular shapes.

Decorating pottery

Decorating pottery pieces can be considered to be an art form on its own. Intricate patterns or abstract shapes embellished on pottery products can elevate the outcome of the final product. Besides aesthetics, pottery pieces have also been used as a canvas on which stories of cultural and historical significance are charted.

Factual recounts of significant events and stories describing popular folklore have been found to be inscribed on archaeological pottery pieces. Even simple recurring patterns painted on clay pieces may reflect the cultural background, providing insights into the origin and background of the people who once lived there. Modern art pieces and home decorations celebrate some of these designs. Even though the meaning behind some of these designs may be lost, the beauty of some of these remain.

Some common methods of decorating pottery pieces include painting, carving and glazing the pottery pieces. These techniques may be performed either before or after the firing process.


Painting is one of the oldest methods of decorating pottery pieces. Paint can be applied before or after the firing process. However, paint pigments tend to change in colour as it matures and fuses to the clay after the firing process. Therefore, pottery paint would state its suitability to be used before or after the firing process and the final colour it is meant to be applied before the firing process. Glazing over a painted pottery product helps to lock in the paint.


Glazing a pottery piece seals it in an impermeable vitreous layer that fuses with the clay body when it is fired. This makes the pottery piece suitable to be used to contain liquid or food. Glazing can also add to the overall aesthetic of the finished pottery piece. Besides choosing between glossy or matte finish glazes, glazing is surprisingly technical and a skilled potter can control the glazing pattern, resulting in vastly different outcomes.


Carving pottery involves scoring or incising designs onto the soft clay before the firing process. Carved designs enhances the pottery piece not only visually, but adds a tactile component as well.

A skilled potter would be able to manipulate the carving tool to draw shapes and designs of varying depths in the clay, creating recesses in the product. This expands the possibilities of function and aesthetics that the pottery piece can serve. For example, creating multiple holes in a pot shaped piece can be used as a candle holder, with the holes allowing for the light to come through.

What location is suited to craft pottery?

Clay could well be confined to rooms or some shed of independent holdings. Clay grains are sand and may not come easily swept or wipe using home vacuum cleaners. The optimum den might hold:

Floors resistant to flood or breezy to clear, like some concrete and linoleum

Reach of water (still, zero clay ought to clog up drains.)

A solid table, including a formal kitchen top

A non-sticky top to craft in (refer below)

Solid shelving to dry urns

A rack or more holding containers for glazes, so pets or children may not reach them.

More choices are to slow down getting your free space to own as you experiment. The best option to try this could be to attempt beginner’s pottery lessons.

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Locate Clay or materials

Instant clay or glazes come rather quickly attainable. Such emerge within a range of colours or temperature intervals. Confirm via the home pottery and ceramic materials shop, artist materials shop, alternative art material shop. Home shops could be on hand to provide, alternatively you may seek for online stores.

Upon your accessing more supplies, you could seek to buy clay, glazes, or more material in more amounts. Getting bigger masses could get you discounts for full shipping charges, particularly when one does not live very close to ceramic supply stores.

Locate Kiln Grounds

Crisp green ware is suited to warm upon turning bone dry (not cool to sense any further). To get such, you require one kiln. For people simply starting off, the kiln is usually too pricey for purchase.

Question home potters for their renting of kiln space. Note that such are crafting the pots of their own or run under personal schedules. You could need to pause until they get a kiln opening that holds space to contain pots.

Were you seeking to find out about firing steps, seek suitable guidance, help, learning. You require experience to know all steps to warm a kiln. The potter could truly welcome the help for shifting and moving the kilns or watching them upon their warming.

The Pot is shrinking

Clay starts to shrink upon the drying out, certain shrinks greater than some. Pots alternatively shrink upon the warming up, usually upon baking to the most warm degree, heating. 

Pottery instruments that come handy

While one may shape pottery with just mere hands, you have possible tools which you could eventually deem suitable. Tiny beginner’s instrument pack are on hand holding most of needed, foundation basic instruments, holding some needed sponge. 

Recommended tools include:

Towels or even one apron

One tiny pail for shipping water or slurry upon you crafting.

Two or three big pails for clearing water.

One or further sponges to hold water for the clay or for clearing.

One big, tender brush (Sumi and bamboo are suited)

One wooden modelling (cutting) instrument

One potter’s needle.

One stiff Wire.

One container to put your instruments in

Crafting sheds

How much does it cost?

Pottery studios typically offer varying combination of workshops. There are workshops specifically for hand building only, wheel throwing only or a mixture of both.

Most studios offer a single introductory workshop that is planned to take one through the entire process of pottery making. They also tend to offer short term and long term courses ranging from five to ten sessions. The price range for a pottery workshop ranges as follows:

  • Introductory workshop (approx. 3 hours): $70 – 90 per pax
  • Short term course (approx. 5 X 3 hour sessions): $300 – 400 per pax
  • Long term course (approx.. 10 X 3 hour sessions): $500 – 600 per pax

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