Top Plant Nurseries in Singapore (Updated 2024)

top plant nurseries in singapore

Cultivating your garden or green space begins with choosing the right plant nursery, a critical decision that impacts the health and beauty of your plants. Retail nurseries cater to the everyday gardener with a variety of plants and essentials, while wholesale nurseries and private nurseries serve more specific, large-scale or tailored needs. Evaluating a nursery’s range, the knowledge of its staff, and the quality of customer service is essential, whether you’re browsing in person or online. Understanding the methods used for plant cultivation and the essentials of plant care, such as the right soil and pot size, also plays a crucial role in ensuring that your plants thrive.

When choosing a plant nursery in Singapore, consider several key aspects:

  • Quality of Products: Assess the health and variety of plants and gardening supplies available to ensure they meet your gardening standards and needs.
  • Knowledgeable Staff: The expertise and willingness of the staff to assist and guide you can significantly enhance your nursery experience.
  • Customer Service Excellence: The level of customer service can be a deciding factor, as it reflects the nursery’s commitment to its clientele.

Visiting in person provides a tactile experience, allowing for a direct assessment of plant health and the service quality. Online nurseries, while convenient, require a cautious approach, emphasizing the importance of reputation and customer feedback.

Plant Care and Selection

Growing Methods: Understanding the nursery’s plant cultivation methods can offer insights into their quality and suitability for your garden.

Essentials for Plant Care: Adequate pot size, high-quality soil, and appropriate watering and lighting are fundamental for the health and longevity of your plants.

Whether in-store or online, buying a plant requires patience, research, and sometimes a bit of serendipity. In this quest, the chosen nursery becomes more than just a supplier; it plays a crucial role in enriching your garden and, by extension, your living space.

Here Are Some Plant Nurseries to Consider:


Top Plant Nurseries in Singapore (Updated 2024) 1


Bedok Garden & Landscape

About At Bedok Garden & Landscape Pte Ltd, we infuse every space with nature’s beauty through outstanding service and innovative gardening solutions. Our commitment to fostering a passionate gardening culture is matched by our dedication to social initiatives that benefit the community.
  • Innovative Gardening Solutions: Offering creative and practical solutions to meet all gardening needs.
  • Community Engagement: Deeply committed to enriching our community through dedicated social initiatives.
  • Passionate Culture: Cultivating a love for gardening among our team and customers, driving us to deliver exceptional service.
  • Telegram Updates: Stay updated with our latest plant arrivals and gardening tips by following our Telegram channel.
  • Exotic Plant Varieties: Sourcing a unique assortment of plants, including lavish lavenders from Japan, catering to diverse tastes and gardening projects.
  • Personalized Gardening Advice: Our knowledgeable staff provide tailored advice to help customers select the best plants and care for them effectively.
  • Innovative Gift Ideas: Beyond plants, we offer a range of creative gift options for those looking to share the joy of gardening with others.
Address 4A Bedok S Road, Singapore 469279
Contact +65 6244 2216

Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 9 AM to 7 PM
Review 1 “Friendly staff who let me stroll around the nursery. Not pressurised to buy their plants and stuff. Varieties of plants to choose from, once in a while discover an exotic one. Not exactly the cheapest around but there are some plants cheaper than nurseries along with Thomson. The only complaint, if any, is hoping they introduce free delivery for over a certain amount of purchase instead of $40 delivery fee regardless of the purchase amount.”
Review 2 “Convenient location to MRT. Good selection of healthy-looking plants. Was very happy to find both pandan and curry leaf plants here. Staff were kind enough to wash off the soil at my special request. They accept credit cards as well as cash. Gorgeous Orchids.”
Review 3 “Service was super helpful and knowledgeable. Cheerfully help me pick out the plants and pots I was looking for and helped me transplanted the plants beautifully. Price was super reasonable. Will go ask more often for my gardening needs. “


chin ling Top Plant Nurseries in Singapore


Chin Ling Nursery

About Established in 1984, Chin Ling Nursery has been the go-to landscape builder and garden center for over three decades, offering an extensive range of products for gardening enthusiasts. With a commitment to delivering a comprehensive home and garden experience, we pride ourselves on inspiring, educating, and providing meaningful interactions to all visitors.
  • Extensive Experience: More than 37 years of expertise in the gardening and landscaping industry.
  • Comprehensive Product Range: A vast selection of plants, gardening necessities, outdoor furniture, and garden art to suit every outdoor space.
  • Educational and Inspirational: A dedication to offering an experience that educates and inspires gardeners of all skill levels.
  • Award-Winning Excellence: Recognition through numerous awards, including the LIAS Award of Excellence, for outstanding landscape design and build quality.
  • Outdoor Timber Furniture: Famous for our durable and stylish outdoor timber furniture, especially the Chengal Timber Benches renowned at the Singapore Botanic Gardens since 1986.
  • Landscape Design & Build: A skilled team providing luxury outdoor living spaces and garden design styles tailored to individual lifestyle needs since 1987.
  • Managed by The Garden Store (S) Pte Ltd since 2009: A transition that marks the beginning of a new generation garden center experience, maintaining top service quality.
  • Awards and Recognition: Multiple accolades, including the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise 2015 and several LIAS Awards of Excellence, showcasing our commitment to quality and innovation in landscape design.
Address 10 Bedok S Road, Singapore 469274
Contact +65 6448 8602

Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 10 AM to 5 PM

Saturday, Sunday and PH: Closed

Review 1 “I have been buying plants from Chin Ling Nursery for quite some time now, and I have always enjoyed the overall shopping experience with them. The nursery itself has a great variety of plants that are very well taken care of by the amazing staff, all of whom are very friendly and approachable. They also have excellent knowledge of plant-care, which I truly appreciate, and this includes the delivery guys too. I have visited some other nurseries, but I always still do prefer buying my plants from Chin Ling Nursery. Thanks for all the beautiful plants, that now surround my house. I will definitely be back for more.”
Review 2 “Just wonderful. The flowers are all well taken care of and in near perfect condition. Flowers are all very floriferous and beautiful. Worth they more expensive price tag that comes with such well taken care plants.”
Review 3 “Knowledgeable and helpful staff almost always on hand, and good quality/ healthy plants. I have not had a purchase here that I regretted. They also take good care of their plants unlike some nurseries in the area that are more focused on selling their stock. “


Top Plant Nurseries in Singapore (Updated 2024) 2


Chye Heng 

About Chye Heng Orchid Garden, evolving since the 1970s from a modest nursery to a comprehensive One-Stop Plant Centre, specializes in both retail and the rental of plants for events and offices. Now in its third generation of leadership under Mr. Shane Teo Han Keong, it continues to flourish, embracing its founders’ legacy while steering towards a green future.
  • Decades of Expertise: Boasting several decades of experience, transitioning from a small orchid seller to a leading plant center.
  • Family Legacy: A rich heritage passed down through three generations, highlighting commitment and passion for greenery.
  • Community and Eco Focus: Dedicated to promoting green culture and eco-friendly practices within the community.
  • Customer-Centric Services: A promise of excellence in customer service, ensuring satisfaction with every interaction.
  • Innovative and Quality Products: Continually offering top-quality plants and innovative gardening solutions tailored to customer needs.
  • Orchids and Potted Plants: Renowned for an exceptional selection of orchids and a wide variety of potted plants catering to different preferences.
  • Events and Office Plant Rental: Providing comprehensive rental services for events and offices, ensuring spaces are enhanced with the beauty of nature.
  • Personalized Gardening Solutions: Tailored advice and solutions for individual gardening projects, backed by years of expertise.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: A commitment to sustainability, offering products and services that align with eco-friendly values.
Address 22 Bah Soon Pah Road, Singapore 769967
Contact  +65 6449 0585

Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 9 AM to 6 PM
Review 1 “Wide varieties of plants for both indoor and outdoor. Very friendly staffs willingly to share ideas and teach about planting. Bought 2 plants and definitely will go there again. “
Review 2 “We have been customers of Chye Heng since before they moved from Bedok to Mandai. their recommendations are excellent and their plants are well-tended, so we travel all the way from Bedok to shop there. “
Review 3 “Good customer service and well-rooted plants. After walking through the whole stretch for plants, I would not recommend any other shops around here. “


Top Plant Nurseries in Singapore (Updated 2024) 3


Candy Floriculture

About Since its inception in 1981, Candy Floriculture has grown from its roots as Candy Greenhouse & Flowers into a leading floral wholesaler and distributor in Singapore. Rebranded in 2006 to adapt to the dynamic market trends, it now offers an extensive range of services and products, backed by a team renowned for its innovation and expertise in floral design.
  • Established Legacy: With over four decades in the industry, evolving to meet contemporary demands.
  • Award-Winning Excellence: Recognized for outstanding contributions to events like the bi-annual Singapore Garden Festival.
  • Diverse Product Range: A vast selection of fresh flowers, plants, pots, glassware, and garden furniture.
  • Comprehensive Services: From landscape design, construction, maintenance, to event prop rentals and plant leasing for offices.
  • Global Sourcing: Weekly imports of flora from around the globe ensure a fresh and diverse supply.
  • Fresh Flowers and Plants: Weekly imports from international markets cater to both retail and corporate sectors, ensuring a vibrant selection year-round.
  • Unique Garden Furniture: Offering both ready-made and custom-built garden furniture to complement any outdoor space.
  • Event Decoration: A dedicated team designs and executes bespoke decor for weddings, festivals, and corporate events, elevating any occasion.
  • Landscape Solutions: Tailored landscape design and maintenance services for projects of any scale, emphasizing quality and precision.
Address 567 Thomson Road, Singapore 298183
Contact  Tel: +65 6256 6788


Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 8 AM to 7:30 PM
Review 1 “Candy was quick in her response in rectifying an issue I had during the delivery process. She definitely prioritises her customers. The plants that arrived were in great quality too. Highly recommended! “
Review 2 “Great plants and prompt service! Found them online through their website, which has a wide variety of plants, herbs and other gardening essentials. Ordered 7 herbs online. Placed the order late at night and was pleasantly surprised when they delivered the next morning itself. the plants were healthy and beautiful! Was concerned about the health of one of the plants because it looked slightly blackened. Happy to say that their staff was prompt to reply to my email and replaced the plant within a few hours! Strongly recommend and would definitely buy from them again. “
Review 3 “Candy Floriculture transformed our event with their breathtaking decor. Their attention to detail and creative flair made all the difference.”


corona sg Top Plant Nurseries in Singapore


Corona Florist & Nursery

About Corona Florist & Nursery, a staple in Singapore’s gardening community since 1950, offers a diverse range of gardening products and services. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, they’ve adapted to modern demands while providing comprehensive solutions for both amateur and seasoned gardeners.
  • Long-Standing Reputation: Established over seven decades ago, offering a rich history and deep understanding of gardening needs.
  • Wide Range of Products: From planting media to garden tools, catering to all gardening essentials under one roof.
  • Expert Landscaping Services: A team of CUGE certified professionals ready to transform any garden space into a dream landscape.
  • Commitment to Convenience: Providing hassle-free delivery services across Singapore, ensuring gardening supplies are just a call or click away.
  • Adaptable and Responsive: Continuously evolving to meet customer needs, even amidst challenging times like the Covid pandemic.
  • Planting Media and Fertilizers: A curated selection of soils, fertilizers, and soil additives tailored for various plant types.
  • Garden Pots and Accessories: Offering an array of planters, pots, and stands to suit any aesthetic or functional gardening requirement.
  • Pest Control Solutions: Comprehensive range of pesticides and garden care products to tackle any pest outbreak effectively.
  • Landscaping Materials: From pebbles and bricks to custom landscaping options, facilitating both beauty and utility in garden designs.
Address 388F Clementi Road, Singapore 599473
+65 6466 2827
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 9 AM to 5:45 PM
Review 1 “Great knowledge and suggestions of what plants for my place. They ask which direction I wanted my plants to be placed. Great selection of plants. Plants are healthy. Will be a place I recommend for plants. “
Review 2 “Good reliable place to pick up plants, seeds, and gardening supplies. they also deliver. At the time of this writing, delivery is free with $150 purchase or more. Please call to check. You can also drive in to pick stuff up. Staff is friendly and very helpful. No pressure picking out your plants, they want you to pick the plant that speaks to you! The staff is also very knowledgeable and if they don’t know the answer to your question, they’ll refer to someone who does. Too often you get a non-committal or made-up the answer in Singapore when staff don’t have an answer. Thoughtful service where they carry big bags of plants to your car and also lay out newspaper before they load stuff in the car. “
Review 3 “Very nice staff and a great collection of indoor and outdoor plants and also herbs. Plus they have beautiful pottery and all kinds of soil and fertilisers. Everything for reasonable prices. Would and will recommend. “


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Far east Flora Top Plant Nurseries in Singapore


About, established as Singapore’s premier online florist, has been captivating hearts with its vast selection of floral arrangements, gifts, and hampers since its inception. Offering same-day delivery services across Singapore, this florist ensures that each bouquet and gift is a testament to its dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Extensive Selection: A diverse range of over 1,000 flower and gift options available for every occasion.
  • Unmatched Convenience: Provides reliable same-day delivery throughout Singapore, ensuring timely surprises for your loved ones.
  • Quality Assurance: Direct sourcing from reputable farms guarantees the freshest flowers, from roses and lilies to exotic blooms.
  • Innovative Offerings: Beyond traditional floral arrangements, they offer unique subscriptions and customisable options for a personal touch.
  • Award-Winning Service: Recognized as Singapore’s No. 1 online florist, with a high customer satisfaction rate reflected in their stellar Google Reviews.
  • Same-Day Flower and Gift Delivery: Expertise in fulfilling last-minute orders without compromising on quality, offering peace of mind for all gifting needs.
  • Creative Floral Arrangements: Skilled florists craft stunning arrangements that cater to both traditional and contemporary tastes.
  • Customized Hampers and Gifts: From gourmet treats to wellness products, each hamper is thoughtfully assembled to celebrate life’s precious moments.
  • Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Options: A commitment to sustainability is evident in their curated range of green and eco-friendly gifts.
  • Global Delivery Network: An expansive delivery network that not only covers Singapore but also offers international flower delivery, including to Hong Kong and Malaysia.
Address Thomson 

565 Thomson Road, Singapore 298184

City Square Mall 

180 Kitchener Road #B1-16, Singapore 208539

Contact  Thomson 

+65 6251 2323

+65 6958 8398

City Square Mall 

+65 6958 8399

Operating Hours Thomson 

Monday to Sunday and PH: 8 AM to 9 PM

City Square Mall 

Monday to Sunday and PH: 10 AM to 10 PM

Review 1 “Staff was very informative and diligent. If you are unsure, just approach them for advice and direction. A vast number of plants to choose from. All kinds of pots and gardening accessories. Great prices too. “
Review 2 “Absolutely beautiful flowers of very high quality. I am also confident that they are the most reasonable in Singapore. I highly recommend using them. “
Review 3 “Great stock of any type of flowers that you can find, I love to come over at this place from time to time, looking at some houseplants or look for birthday bouquets. And the smell of fresh flowers is fantastic. “


Top Plant Nurseries in Singapore (Updated 2024) 4


Island Group

About Island Landscape & Nursery has been transforming spaces with lush greenery since 1976, growing from a humble retail nursery into a comprehensive garden center. Known for pioneering innovations in the industry, they offer holistic solutions to gardening and landscaping needs, enhancing both indoor and outdoor environments with an expansive range of plants and services.
  • Innovative Leadership: A trailblazer in hydroculture techniques, significantly expanding the possibilities for indoor plant cultivation.
  • Exotic Plant Introduction: Continuously introduces new plant species to Singapore, refreshing landscapes with unique botanical varieties.
  • Retail Experience: Offers an immersive shopping experience with creatively arranged plant displays, accessible during both day and night.
  • Industry Recognition: Acknowledged by numerous publications for its contribution to creating beautiful, green environments.
  • Trusted Expertise: Boasts an impressive portfolio of clients, affirming its status as a go-to expert for landscaping and nursery needs in Singapore and beyond.
  • Modern Hydroculture: Specializes in advanced hydroculture systems, enabling healthier and more diverse indoor gardens.
  • Exclusive Plant Varieties: Provides access to novel plant species not commonly found in Singapore, perfect for clients seeking distinctiveness.
  • Enhanced Retail Concept: Their garden center is designed for customer exploration, showcasing a wide variety of plants and garden design ideas.
  • Professional Landscaping Services: Offers full-scale landscaping services, from design to maintenance, catering to both residential and commercial projects.
Address 3 Joan Road, Singapore 298897
Contact  +65 6254 9867
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 9 AM to 7 PM
Review 1 “Fantastic and knowledgeable staff – all very friendly and extremely efficient. Great range of plants. Fast and reliable delivery service. “
Review 2 “Always able to buy the type of plants that I want. The staffs are helpful and they have a good selection of outdoor plants. The staff has done a wonderful job to recommend the vase and did a re-pot immediately. “
Review 3 “Good selection of outdoor plants and indoor plants. Helpful and friendly staff. Join as a member with $200 spend and get storewide 15% discount but they often have huge sale in July as well. The cold room is tiny compared to KM net door though.”


Ikea Top Plant Nurseries in Singapore



About IKEA, globally renowned for furnishing homes with style and functionality, extends its expertise to greening indoor and outdoor spaces. Their plant section offers an extensive range of live plants, from desk plants to towering floor varieties, all aimed at transforming your living spaces into vibrant, green oases.
  • Diverse Collection: An impressive assortment of plants, including succulents, ferns, and flowering species, catering to every gardening need.
  • Plant Care Made Easy: Alongside plants, IKEA provides all necessary gardening tools and accessories, including pots in various materials and styles.
  • Accessibility and Convenience: Emphasizes ease of shopping with options for in-store purchase or online browsing, making plant shopping accessible to all.
  • Sustainable Choices: Showcases a commitment to sustainability by offering eco-friendly plant care options and encouraging greener living spaces.
  • Expert Advice Available: Staffed with knowledgeable personnel to offer care tips and help select the best plants for your space and lifestyle.
  • Desk and Floor Plants: Curated selections to enhance workspaces and living areas, from petite desk plants to statement floor specimens.
  • Pots and Planters: A wide variety of terracotta, ceramic, wood, metal, and plastic options to complement any interior design.
  • Gardening Tools and Care Products: From fertilizers to pest control, IKEA equips gardeners with everything needed to nurture and maintain healthy plants.
  • Seasonal and Rare Plants: Regularly updated stock including both common favorites and rare finds, perfect for collectors and enthusiasts.
Address Tampines 

60 Tampines North Drive 2, Singapore 528764

Contact  Tampines 

+65 6786 6868

Operating Hours Monday to Thursday: 11 AM to 9 PM

Friday and Saturday: 11 AM to 11 PM

Sunday: 11 AM to 9 PM

Review 1 “This is a truly world-class brand, the best place to buy stuff for home. With the best reasonable prices. And also they have good offers in the restaurant. The showroom had a few good entrances and exits, it’s almost like playing a game within a different showroom. You’ll definitely find what you like. When you’re about to move and you need ideas, IKEA is always a great place for inspiration and making your vision happen. “
Review 2 “IKEA Tampines is my preferred IKEA in Singapore.

Shopping and display aisles are spacious, making it pleasant hen exploring the store. It is also worth pointing out that the layout is way less confusing than that at Alexandra. Free parking and new roads have made IKEA Tampines increasingly accessible and appealing. “

Review 3 “Another marvel of decor store. this is the biggest store in Singapore. Enough parking space and has restaurants as well. Enjoy your time there. I just love going to IKEA.”


noah garden Top Plant Nurseries in Singapore


Noah Garden Centre

About Noah Garden Centre began with a simple mission: to make a wide variety of plants accessible to everyone, directly at their fingertips. With a vision of offering the most comprehensive range of ready-to-use gardening products and services in Singapore, they’ve created a platform where greenery is just a click away, aiming to enhance every space with the beauty of nature.
  • Wide Product Range: Offering an extensive selection of plants, pots, and gardening supplies to cater to every gardening need.
  • Convenience Delivered: Free delivery for orders above $100, ensuring plants reach your doorstep without hassle.
  • Customer-Centric Services: Exceptional pre and post-sales support to guide both novice and experienced plant enthusiasts.
  • Online Accessibility: A user-friendly webstore that allows for easy selection and purchase of plants, anytime and anywhere.
  • Community Engagement: Actively encouraging the joy of plant parenting through tips, workshops, and a dedicated Plant Parents Club.
  • Ready-to-Use Gardening Products: From potted plants ready for display to essential gardening tools, everything you need for a green haven.
  • Tailored Gardening Solutions: Expert advice and services including repotting and gardener service to keep your plants thriving.
  • Corporate Gardening Projects: Customized solutions for businesses looking to greenify their workspace and corporate gifts.
  • Educational Support: Offering plant care tips and workshops to help customers grow their gardening skills.
Address 1 SOON LEE STREET, #06-14, PIONEER CENTRE, Singapore 627605.
Contact  +65 8374 6156
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 6 PM

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Review 1 “Highly recommended! I’ve ordered from here twice and both times, delivery was good and customer service is even better! They really take time to provide you with information and advice. I have sent so many questions, from suggestions on what to get that will fit which planter, to issue on a plant received, and every time they have responded kindly and provided me assistance. “
Review 2 “Bought yellow palm, peace lilies, Ixora from Noah garden during Circuit Breaker. Online shopping was a breeze, delivery was prompt and plants were healthy and in good condition. Will definitely purchase again! “
Review 3 “Had a good experience with Noah Garden. they will inform in advance for any out of stock items and offer to exchange or refund. Delivery is fast too, within 2 days of purchase. Items came in good conditions. I’m happy with the quality of their services and items. Will buy from them again. “


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pick a plant Top Plant Nurseries in Singapore


Pick a Plant

About Founded over a decade ago by Kevin Cheong, Pick a Plant has grown from a modest beginning into a cornerstone of the Singapore airplant community, thanks to the passionate support of enthusiast collectors. It has become a hub for those looking to delve into the world of exotic airplants, offering not just plants but also knowledge, workshops, and a sense of community.
  • Community-Driven Origins: Thrived on the contributions and support of Singapore’s pioneering airplant collectors and enthusiasts.
  • Exotic Collections: Specializes in importing unique airplants, expanding Singapore’s horticultural diversity.
  • Educational Workshops: Offers workshops facilitated by seasoned collectors to spread awareness and understanding of airplant care and cultivation.
  • Foundational Support: Built on a solid foundation of shared knowledge and cultivation techniques from key figures in the airplant community.
  • Engagement and Support: Continues to receive unwavering support from airplant enthusiasts, emphasizing the nursery’s role within the community.
  • Airplants: A wide variety of exotic and rare airplants that cater to collectors and new enthusiasts alike.
  • Cactus and Succulents: Alongside airplants, offers a curated selection of cacti and succulents for diverse gardening needs.
  • Gardening Accessories: Provides essential accessories for airplant care, from terrariums to specialized fertilizers.
  • Workshops and Services: Conducts workshops aimed at educating plant lovers on the nuances of airplant care, fostering a knowledgeable community.
Address 50 Old Choa Chu Kang Road Track 14, Singapore 698940
Review 1 “Terrific wide selection of air plants. Easy to pay via PayNow or cash too. A map on the website to help find it would be good, but every other plant place in the complex is very helpful in giving directions. “
Review 2 “Pick a Plant has a lot of variety and the staff is very friendly and accommodating. Price is reasonable. Wanted to get 1 for my girl and end up we chose up 2. We had a great bonding as we DIY our decor according to our preference. “
Review 3 “A lovely nursery specialising in tillandsias but have a good range of succulents, cactus and even ornamental plants. Prices are affordable and the staff are knowledgeable and friendly. It’s a fun experience to go down and pick your own plants and surround yourself with greenery. “


Top Plant Nurseries in Singapore (Updated 2024) 5


Sing See Soon Floral & Landscape

About Sing See Soon is an esteemed florist and landscaping expert in Singapore, with a rich heritage dating back to 1879. As a fifth-generation family-owned business, it has earned a reputation for innovative and stunning floral and landscape creations, catering to an illustrious clientele including celebrities, socialites, and royal families.
  • Established Expertise: With over a century of experience, it stands as a pioneer in floral design and landscaping in Singapore.
  • High-Profile Clientele: Trusted by an elite clientele, from event organizers to royal families, for their dedication to quality and creativity.
  • Family Legacy with Modern Vision: Balancing traditional values with a push towards digital innovation, ensuring the love for plants and flowers reaches every customer.
  • Passion for Perfection: Every creation is crafted with love, embodying the family’s belief in the power of love to make the world whole.
  • Comprehensive Services: Offers a wide range of services from express flower delivery to extensive landscaping projects, and interactive workshops at their Simei Experiential Garden Centre.
  • Floral Design: Expertise in creating breathtaking floral arrangements for every occasion, sealed with the signature Sing See Soon touch of love.
  • Landscaping Services: Offers professional landscaping solutions, transforming spaces into verdant sanctuaries.
  • Digital Innovation: Embracing digital trends to ensure that beautiful plants and flowers are just a click away for everyone.
  • Educational Workshops: Conducts workshops aimed at sharing the joy and knowledge of floral art with the community.
  • Bespoke Celebrations: Specializes in curating flowers and landscapes for weddings, corporate events, and other celebratory occasions.
Address Simei

5 Simei Lane, Singapore 528710


32 Punggol E, Singapore 828824

Contact  Simei 

+65 6904 3029


+65 6285 2777

Operating Hours Simei 

Monday to Sunday: 8 AM to 8 PM


Monday to Sunday: 8 AM to 6 PM

Review 1 “Good nursery. A beautiful collection of flowering evergreen and bonsai plants. Also, you can buy gardening stuff, flower pots, soil, manure, seeds and other related things. Cash and cards both accepted. “
Review 2 “Newly opened nursery in Simei. Finally, one that’s near home. It occupies the plot of land opposite Moriah-Bible Presbyterian Church. Parking is available within the compound. Easily accessible by public transport too. Nearest MRT is Simei MRT station. You can take a 20 to 25 mins slow walk from MRT. There’ll be more plants next week. “
Review 3 “Pretty large shop with a huge variety of plants, pots and fertilisers. Prices tend to be mid to high, but staff are friendly and eager to help. Ample parking and they are open from 8 AM to 8 PM. “


spa flora Top Plant Nurseries in Singapore


Spa Flora

About SPA Flora, nestled in the serene locales of Thomson Road and Bedok South Road, stands as a sanctuary for plant lovers. Offering an expansive selection of tropical plants and a full suite of gardening products, SPA Flora is your go-to destination for cultivating your personal garden paradise, supported by the expertise of professional nurserymen and landscape advisors.
  • Tranquil Shopping Experience: The peaceful environment of SPA Flora provides a delightful backdrop for selecting plants.
  • Expert Advice Available: Benefit from the knowledge of seasoned nurserymen and landscape advisors to make informed gardening decisions.
  • Comprehensive Product Range: From exotic tropical plants to all essential gardening tools, find everything needed for gardening endeavors.
  • Specialized Services: Offers professional garden landscape and maintenance services, catering to a wide array of clients including residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors.
  • Accessibility: Open daily from 8.30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m., ensuring flexibility for visits at your convenience.
  • Garden Landscape and Maintenance: Tailored solutions for creating and preserving stunning landscapes across various properties.
  • Plant Rental and Decoration: Enhance your events, offices, or living spaces with beautifully curated plants available for rent.
  • Wide Variety of Tropical Plants: A diverse selection of tropical flora to suit any gardening project or landscape design.
  • Gardening Supplies: An extensive inventory of gardening essentials, from soil and fertilizers to tools and accessories.
Address Bedok 

8 Bedok S Road, Singapore 469273


553 Thomson Raod, Singapore 298139

Contact  Bedok 

+65 6241 6622


+65 6252 8512

Operating Hours Bedok 

Monday to Sunday: 8:30 AM to 7 PM


Monday to Sunday: 8:30 Am to 7 PM

Review 1 “We’ve purchased about 3 to 4 times from this location. We chose them mostly for their white pot selection and were pleasantly surprised with the quick delivery (some as quick as next day or just 1 to 2 days after). They potted the plants for us and had them delivered. Definitely out go-to spot. We will return in the future! “
Review 2 “My go-to place to buy various plants. I love they don’t flow me around, unlike right next door. Bought several herbs and flowers and they are all flourishing. “
Review 3 “Finding SPA Flora has been a boon for my gardening hobby. Their extensive range of plants and supplies, coupled with expert advice, has made all the difference.”


Top Plant Nurseries in Singapore (Updated 2024) 6


Song Lang Garden

About Song Lang Garden, nestled at 378 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore, is a premier nursery known for its vast assortment of indoor and outdoor plants, seeds, and comprehensive garden equipment. Renowned for its commitment to bringing new stock to satisfy the green thumbs of Singapore, Song Lang Garden is a cherished destination for both novice and experienced garden enthusiasts.
  • Diverse Range of Plants: Offers a wide selection of plants that cater to every gardening need, from air-purifying indoor plants to sun-loving outdoor varieties.
  • Garden Equipment and Supplies: Stocks an extensive array of gardening essentials, ensuring gardeners have access to high-quality tools and supplies.
  • Expert Advice: Provides professional guidance from knowledgeable staff, helping customers make informed decisions for their gardening projects.
  • Community Engagement: Actively participates in community events, demonstrating their commitment to spreading the joy of gardening.
  • Regular Stock Updates: Keeps gardeners informed about new arrivals and limited stock through social media, ensuring plant lovers don’t miss out.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Plants: Specializes in a broad spectrum of plants that thrive in different environments, from the comfort of your home to the expanse of your garden.
  • Seeds Collection: Offers a variety of seeds for gardeners interested in growing their plants from scratch.
  • Gardening Equipment: Provides all the necessary tools, from basic gardening sets to advanced equipment, catering to all levels of gardening expertise.
  • Plants Rental/Decoration: Delivers exceptional plants rental and decoration services for residential, commercial, and industrial settings.
Address 378 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437134
Contact  +65 6344 3232
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 8:30 AM to 7 PM
Review 1 “The staff were very helpful and knowledgeable. Plenty of pot and plants here. the herbs are very nice too. “
Review 2 “Love to come to Song Lang Garden and usually bring back a new plant or two. Good selection of plants, helpful staff, and home delivery when needed. “
Review 3 “Conveniently located with easy access/parking. Staff are knowledgeable about the merchandise they sell and offer helpful advice. “


huahng Top Plant Nurseries in Singapore


World Farm (Hua Hng Trading)

About Hua Hng Trading Co Pte Ltd stands as a beacon for gardening enthusiasts across Singapore, offering a vast array of plants, ceramic pots, and gardening supplies since its inception. With locations in Jurong and Sungei Tengah, Hua Hng caters to a wide range of gardening needs, from novice plant lovers to seasoned landscape professionals, ensuring every garden can bloom to its fullest potential.
  • Extensive Product Selection: From lush foliage to elegant ceramic pots, find everything needed to cultivate a beautiful garden.
  • Expertise and Experience: Decades of serving Singapore’s gardening community, providing unmatched knowledge and customer service.
  • Innovative Gardening Solutions: Offering the latest in gardening trends and technologies, including specialized fertilizers and energy-saving grow lights.
  • Accessible Locations: Conveniently located in Jurong and Sungei Tengah, with a wide range of products to explore in person.
  • Online Shopping Convenience: A seamless digital shopping experience, ensuring gardening essentials are just a click away.
  • Ceramic Pots: A diverse collection of ceramic pots in various sizes and colors, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any plant.
  • Specialized Fertilizers: Tailored nutrient solutions for flowering plants, ensuring vibrant blooms and healthy growth.
  • Gardening Accessories: From watering cans to pine bark and grow lights, everything needed to enhance the gardening experience.
  • Soil Mixes: Premium quality soil mixes, including desert and pond mix, to suit a variety of plant types and gardening projects.
Address 15 Bah Soon Pah Road, Singapore 769962
Contact  +65 6257 3259
Operating Hours Monday to Saturday: 8 AM to 6 PM

Sunday: 9 AM to 1 PM

Review 1 “One of the best nurseries in Singapore! We were looking for a proper tree and they had a ton! The uncle that was helping us is a walking encyclopedia for plants. He could name every plant and their characteristic s and how to care for them at the drop of the hat, surer kind and friendly too. We were really impressed! The farm is very well maintained and each plant is properly labelled. Well worth a trip from the city! “
Review 2 “A vast selection of plants and everything you ever need for gardening! The staff are helpful and efficient. parking is limited so if you intend to drive, avoid days that stocks come in. Prices here are reasonable and highly recommended!”
Review 3 “A wide selection of plants at very reasonable prices compared to the typical florist or commercial nursery. There’s more of a wholesale vibe here. Staff are knowledgeable and helpful but do try to avoid the peak hours during the weekends as it can get too crowded and the wait to pay can get quite long! “


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Lai Seng Nursery and Florist

About Lai Seng Florist, a family-owned nursery cherished since 1990, is committed to enriching Singapore’s green spaces with quality plants and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Located at 6 Bedok South Road, this florist and garden center thrives on providing a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants, seeds, and gardening equipment, backed by decades of expertise and a genuine passion for plants.
  • Decades of Dedication: A legacy of over three decades in nurturing Singapore’s love for gardening with an emphasis on quality and customer care.
  • Extensive Plant Selection: Offers an impressive collection of plants, catering to both indoor and outdoor gardening enthusiasts.
  • Gardening Expertise: Knowledgeable staff provide valuable care tips and advice, ensuring the best outcomes for your gardening projects.
  • Community Engagement: Actively involved in gardening events and educational content, fostering a strong plant-loving community.
  • Curbside Pickup Available: Ensures convenience and accessibility for customers, complementing their commitment to exceptional service.
  • Rare and Tropical Plants: Specializes in sourcing unique and exotic plant varieties, including anthurium hybrids and other rare aroids, making them a go-to for collectors.
  • Gardening Supplies and Equipment: A one-stop shop for all gardening needs, from ceramic pots to specialized fertilizers and gardening tools.
  • Educational Workshops: Offers workshops and expert advice to educate and inspire the community about the joys and benefits of plant care.
  • Plant Rental Services: Provides plant rental and decoration services for events, adding a touch of green to any celebration.
Address 6 Bedok South Road, Singapore, Singapore
Contact  +65 6449 7386
Operating Hours Monday – Sunday: 8:30am – 7:30pm
Review 1 “My go to place every year especially for Lunar New Year plants. The quality of the plants they sell are of good quality without the worry of insects/pests and their knowledge of how to take care of the plants helps. Superb customer service! First time getting the Red Lion Amaryllis and it bloomed so pretty during CNY after following the tips from them.”
Review 2 “Desmond is an awesome, kind and giving guy! Heard of them through a plant friend and attended just one fb live, finally met him in person at planters market. 11/10 recommend”
Review 3 “Extremely delighted with my purchase of the ficus lyrata variegated and of course kudos to the extremely friendly sales guy who helped me with the purchase !”


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