Top Physics Tuition in Singapore

top physics tuition in singapore

Is this your final year? Do you still have no idea what’s going on? 

What Is Physics?

Physics is one of the fundamental branches of science studying the nature and properties of matter and energy. It helps us understand motion and behavior through space and time, and the related concepts of energy and forces. 

On its most basic level, the study of physics would include mechanics, heat, light and other radiation, sound, electricity, magnetism, and the structure of atoms.


Our Singapore Tuition Industry

Given Singapore’s scarcity of resources, we make up for our lack of quantity with high quality services. This means that our workforce is highly educated, providing top notch skills that make us incredibly marketable. The emphasis on education has led to a competitive and driven student population, always looking to improve themselves. 

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From this emerged the tuition industry, lending a hand to students who are weaker academically, so that they too may realize their fullest potential. Based on the Household Expenditure Survey conducted by the Department of Statistics from October 2017 to September 2018, Singapore’s tuition industry has ballooned to a staggering S$1.4 billion.

Physics Students in Singapore

Given such benefits of taking physics, it is unsurprising that the subject is gaining popularity. The combination of “PCME” – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics is one of the more popular choices in Junior Colleges. 

In 2017, the number of students deciding to take physics rose by 3.5% from 2016, to 36,578 students. This became the highest number of students taking physics since 2014 and the second highest since 1993. 

The 2017 report found that while the total number of A-level entries across all subjects fell by 1%, the number of entries for physics as a proportion of total A-level entries rose from 4.2% in 2016 to 4.4% in 2017.


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Top Physics Tuition in Singapore

best physics tuition Top Physics Tuition in Singapore

Tuition Centre

Best Physics Tuition Centre

  • Tuition centre focuses exclusively on Physics
  • A-level, O-level and IP students
  • Founded by Mr Tony Chee, an ex-MOE school teacher with First Class Honours in Physics and Math

JC2: $450 per 4 lessons (2 hrs each)

JC1: $400 per 4 lessons (2 hrs each)

S4/IP4: $350 per 4 lessons (2 hrs each)

S3/IP3: $300 per 4 lessons (2 hrs each)

Address 170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #B1-32, Singapore 588179

Blk 261, Waterloo Street, #02-20, Singapore (180261)

Blk 503, Bishan Street 11, #01-450 Singapore (570503)

Telephone +65 8700 9189
Operating Hours Bukit Timah: Monday-Sunday: 9am – 10pm


Monday-Friday 330pm-930pm


Review 1 After attending this tuition for just about less than a year i can already see the improvement in my grades in physics jumping from a fail grade to a distinction. Initially i thought i hated physics and i didn’t want any part of it. However now after this lessons i feel differently for physics and he has helped me to understand certain concepts better and teach us answering technique which felt so understandable which allowed me to take an interest in physics. I would definitely recommend this for anyone taking physics!
Review 2 I signed up for Mr Chee’s class during Secondary 4 when my Physics results were quite lacklustre. Through his classes where he methodically explains various Physics concepts and shows how they are applied in real life, his classes serve to consolidate our understanding of Physics and foster a greater interest in it. He has definitely helped me improve for both my O and A levels.
Review 3 Nice and cosy environment with great and friendly teacher! Can stay back and ask questions also


singapore physics Top Physics Tuition in Singapore

Tuition Centre

Singapore Top O-Level Physics Tutor

  • O level physics tuition
  • Every year, 2 out of 3 students get a good distinction for their O-level Physics paper
Pricing Contact for more information.
Address Contact for more information.
Telephone  +65 8157 6308
Operating Hours Monday-Friday: 11am-10pm

Saturday-Sunday: 9am-10pm

Review 1 I would like to thank you for making the impossible to possible, within a span of 6 months, you bring Amos grade from C6 to A2. You are excellent! Thanks once again for Amos Ng excellent GCE O Level 2018 result, and he will be definitely able to enter his VJC with the 4 points. Thank you.
Review 2 I joined Mr Goh’s class during secondary 3 as I was doing very badly for physics. I had been getting Cs and could not understand the concepts fully. However, after Mr Goh patiently clarified all my misconceptions and doubts he has helped me attain an A2 for my O levels.
Review 3 Thank you Mr Goh for your dedication, patience and encouragement. My daughter was discouraged by her poor grades despite trying to study Physics. She even wanted to give up Physics for her prelims but thanks to your constant guidance, clear teaching and encouragement, she persevered and came to like the subject. She could always ask you any questions or clear her doubts anytime. Her confidence in grasping Physics grew. Thank you once again Mr Goh.


calvin kong Top Physics Tuition in Singapore

Tuition Centre

Calvin Kong Physics Tuition

  • Physics tuition with a physics lab
  • Teaches O-Level, A-Level, IP and IB
  • Former senior MOE Physics teacher

JC2: $95 per lesson

JC1: $90 per lesson

S4/IP4: $85 per lesson

S3/IP3: $80 per lesson

Material fee : $60 (Sec) , $80 (JC)

Address Clementi Avenue 3 #01-261 Block 449, 120449
Telephone +65 8246 5685
Operating Hours Closed on Mondays and Fridays.

Saturday-Sunday: 930am-430pm

Tuesday-Thursday: 230pm-830pm

Review 1 I highly recommend this physics tuition centre. Mr Kong really takes the effort to make sure that every student understands what he teaches in the classes. His lessons are very easy to understand and very engaging. He also takes time after classes to answer our questions, be it from the lesson or from school. His notes are very useful and simplified to ensure we understand every topic well. He is a very easy going teacher and also very kind. His classes are never dull and boring and he tries to make sure to help us students to enjoy this subject.
Review 2 I enjoyed Mr Kong’s lesson every Sunday. His class is never dull and boring, instead he uses humour to lighten the rigour of learning and understanding physics. Besides his superb teaching style, his notes, worksheet, and practical is of great tools to allow me to understand and practise physics with a breeze. Lastly, the summarised notes of 44 pages comes in handy whenever I do worksheets. It is easy and fast to refer to any page and most importantly to boost my memory.
Mr Kong would provide more details on the questions we would ask him about, allowing us to better understand them. He makes the subject more bite-sized and manageable to tackle. I really feel content and happy with the help I received under Mr Kong’s teachings, so I recommend this tuition centre to someone struggling with Physics.
Review 3 The learning environment is conducive and beneficial for learning. I have really benefited from the resources, they’ve made learning physics so much easier. Thankful for all the online and face-to-face consultations with Mr Kong! Would highly recommend this tuition centre!


learning for keeps Top Physics Tuition in Singapore

Tuition Centre

Learning For Keeps (Tampines) – Physics Tuition for O Level and IP

  • 90% achieved A1, A2 or B3
  • O Level and IP Physics Tuition since 2010
  • Small group class and one-to-one home tuition available
Pricing Tuition Fee: $320 per 4 sessions
Discounted Fee: $300 per 4 sessions*
(The fee will be $225 and $375 for months with 3 and 5 sessions respectively)*Sign up now to lock in your discounted rate until end of Sec 4/Year 4.

Registration Fee: $50 (one-time, non-refundable)

Address 201A Tampines Street 23, #01-1061, Singapore 521201
Telephone +65 8201 5955
Operating Hours Sunday 2pm-830pm
Review 1 Mr Loh is able to explain physics concepts in such a way that I can understand. Thus, I was able to apply the concepts learnt on questions.
Review 2

After I joined Mr Loh’s class, his patient guidance and continuous practices helped me to improve tremendously. His class has also sparked my interests in physics as I begin to realise that physics can be applied in our daily lives.

Review 3

Physics has always been a really tough subject for me but Mr Loh’s lessons made those concepts that were once difficult easy to understand.


the physics cafe Top Physics Tuition in Singapore

Tuition Centre

The Physics Cafe

  • Mr Dave Sim, founded The Physics Cafe after teaching in Raffles Junior College for 6 years
  • Secondary school and Junior College physics
  • Customised 1-1 private lessons
  • Learning should be fun: tuition centre has a foosball table, complimentary pantry and an in-house cafĂ©
Pricing Private Lessons
  • Secondary Physics: $150/hr
  • JC Physics – $400/hr

Ad-Hoc (Ala Carte Lessons)

Choose type of class and find rates here.


Contact them for more information on group lessons.

Address 187B Thomson Rd, Goldhill Centre, Singapore 307630
Telephone +65 9100 1235
Operating Hours Saturday-Sunday: 9am-7pm
Review 1 I really love this tuition center! Mr Sim is really dedicated and concise when teaching. The teachers are straight to the point and the lessons are structured to cater to struggling students. Their notes are amazing and the teachers are actually concerned with our grades. Comparing to other tuition centers, the courses aren’t sorted by topics. Unlike other centers, where you have to pay money for each topic, they cover every topic to help boost grades. I really appreciate how fast and concise everything is, there’s no fuss over money or additional courses or classes. Thank you so much!
Review 2 PMC has been a really helpful site for learning, allowing me to grasp seemingly daunting concepts within a few lessons time. The tutors are helpful and have answered many of my questions, guiding me along the way to find the correct answer logically.
Review 3 I like that the tutors are very clear when they teach and I can understand the work easily. They are also very friendly and will help you anytime.


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learner's lodge Top Physics Tuition in Singapore

Tuition Centre

Learners’ Lodge@Bishan JC Physics Tuition

  • More than 10 years of experience
  • Digital technology and innovative teaching methods blending with a sound curriculum
  • IP Tuition, JC Tuition, O Level tuition, 1-1 Home Tuition
Pricing Contact for more information.
Address 236 Bishan Street 22, #B1-154, Singapore 570236
Telephone +65 6458 1764
Operating Hours Monday-Friday: 3-9pm

Saturday-Sunday: 9am-630pm

Review 1 Learners’ Lodge provides a really comfortable and conducive place for lessons. The lessons are chill, without much pressure, which motivates me to follow along without feeling anxious. All the teachers are also really nice and caring, they would always be willing to clarify our doubts and stay back to answer our questions. I would really recommend Learners’ Lodge to JC students!
Review 2 Thank you for your meticulous preparation of your notes and lessons! I have become much clearer about Physics and look forward to your lessons every week. Happy Teacher’s Day, Mr Daniel Yeo!
Review 3 Hey Mr James Tan! Thank you much for being a great teacher, I really mean it! I think it’s awesome how you show us practices outside the notes which are really helpful! Also to mention how helpful the notes you gave us have been! Something I haven’t seen in other teachers, is that you always never fail to give us real-time tips on how to study for our A levels, and also how to manage our sleep and time so we can maximise our energy when doing the papers as it can be so draining. This motivation is really what we all need at this period of time, as studying is so stressful and it really helps lift our mood and give us some hope for the future. Never stop inspiring other students just like how you inspired us!
Although it’s not been very Long since I joined, I really have seen tremendous improvement in my physics! Moreover, I also feel that there’s a quote that pulls it all together. “An average teacher explains complexity, a gifted teacher reveals simplicity.” Thank you for making physics so much more manageable! There are some tips you gave that I find so much simpler than what is taught in my school. On that note, I’ll like to wish you a very happy Teacher’s Day!


kung fu physics Top Physics Tuition in Singapore

Tuition Centre

Kungfu Physics Tuition

  • Founded by Mr Gabriel Tan who is a former Raffles JC Lecturer and HOD in Catholic High School
  • Physics tuition for both Secondary and JC students

Sec 3: $320 every 4 x 2hrs

Sec 4: $340 every 4 x 2hrs

JC1: $360 every 4 x 2hrs

JC2: $400 every 4 x 2hrs

Address Bishan Street 11, #01-456 Block 503, Singapore 570503
Telephone +65 9653 3573
Operating Hours Monday-Friday, Sunday: 9am-1030pm

Saturday: 830am-1030pm

Review 1 Mr Tan is an excellent teacher and supporter. Lessons with him are the most productive and engaging. Being exposed to a wide range of question types, I built up the confidence to tackle this intimidating subject and managed to improve from a U at the start of the year to a distinction for A levels.
Review 2 My boy B.Ong failed his Physics at the beginning of the year. After Mr Gabriel’s conscientious and dedicated efforts to break down the subject into smaller bites for the students so as to make the subject fun and interesting to digest, he managed to score an A2 during his Maris Stella Sec 4 Prelim exams! Thank you for your hard work, Mr Gabriel! Really grateful for the time and efforts put in towards getting the kids to love and enjoy the subject!
Review 3 Mr Tan conducts his lessons in an interesting and engaging manner, allowing us to understand and apply new concepts more easily. He also ensures that all his students keep up with the pace of his teachings, and clarifies our doubts patiently. I would say that his constant guidance has allowed me to make significant improvements.


concept first Top Physics Tuition in Singapore

Tuition Centre

Concept First Physics Tuition Centre

  • Fully equipped science laboratory
  • Secondary school and JC Physics
  • 1-1 Consultation slots
  • foundational concept videos
  • 24/7 whatsapp helpline
Pricing Regular Classes: contact them for more information here.


Holiday Classes

O Levels

  • Current Student: $80/class
  • New Student: $90/class

A Levels

  • Current Student: $70/class
  • New Student: $100/class
Address 449 Clementi Avenue 3 #01-261 (Level 2, 120449
Telephone +65 8246 5685
Operating Hours Closed on Mondays

Tuesday-Friday: 1-9pm

Saturday-Sunday: 930am-5pm

Review 1 Personally, I think that Mr Calvin Kong is good in using numbers as well as real life demonstrations to explain difficult concepts to us. With his well elaborated explanations, I am able to have a deeper understanding of physics concepts and also a better group of concepts I have previously struggled with. Even though I have only been with concept first for about 1 month, I have positively benefited from the weekly lessons as well as from the resources given that greatly complements Mr Kong’s teachings. Indeed, concept first ensures that students are able to have a good grasp of physics concepts before moving on to gaining mastery of the topics and eventually, good mastery of Physics! Putting your child in concept first will ensure that he/she will be well prepared to combat mind boggling physics questions in his/her secondary school life!
Review 2 Before I joined this tuition center, i was very unsure about the concepts and hated the subject. However, the teacher made lessons very easy to understand, the practice questions given every lesson helped me improve my answering technique. Mr Kong is also very helpful to every student and never fails to answer my questions. He has also created a two paged notes for each chapter, these notes allowed me to grasp the main points of each chapter very easily. This tuition center motivates students to achieve their best scores.
Review 3 The notes provided were extremely helpful and easy to understand, even for someone like me who is weak in physics. A lot of work had been put into them to make them as beneficial as possible as well. Lessons were always enjoyable, due to Mr Kong’s jovial personality and sue of different objects to demonstrate different concepts. The practical workshops were also extremely helpful at revising and going through the different methods of experimentation. Mr Kong is very patient and takes time and effort to explain things, going the extra mile to stay back after lessons to answer questions


sophia education Top Physics Tuition in Singapore

Tuition Centre

Sophia Education

  • 10 years teaching experience, ex Hwa Chong Tutor Mr Zhang
  • H1/H2 JC Physics, IP and O Levels
Pricing Contact them for more information.

Or Sign Up Here.

Address #04-20 Singapore Shopping Center, 

190 Clemenceau Avenue, 239924

(Beside Dhoby Ghaut MRT exit B)

Telephone +65 9810 6666
Operating Hours Contact them for more information.
Reviews Reviews by students here.


raymond's studio Top Physics Tuition in Singapore

Tuition Centre

Raymond’s Math & Science Studio

  • Tuition classes for Secondary and JC Physics
  • Intensive classes during the holiday
Pricing Secondary 3/4: $250/month for 4 x 2 hours

JC1: $300/month for 4 x 2 hours

JC2: $310/month for 4 x 2 hours

Address 82 Marine Parade Central, #01-600, Singapore 440082
Telephone +65 6222 8222
Operating Hours Monday-Friday: 12-10pm

Saturday: 9am-630pm

Sunday: 9am-9pm

Review 1 Ms Karmen is a really encouraging and patient teacher. She helped me improve tremendously in both my physics and chemistry. Whenever i did not understand something Ms Karmen would patiently explain it until I finally understood.
Review 2 At some point of time , i would feel like giving up on physics as i didn’t really know how to explain for those open ended and looking at my physics results make me feel that i’m not able to get a good grade for physics but you gave me the motivation and encouragement that i actually can do better. When i needed help , you will be there to help me and guide me of how i can answer the question despite how easy the question may be .
Review 3 Ms Karmen is a very caring and friendly teacher who is willing to put in her time and effort to help me improve tremendously from F9 to B4 for my science physics and a C5 for my overall combined science result. Her patience and dedication to help us improve, the motivation and the belief that it was possible and never too late to improve, had rlly helped me and my friends to not give up and work hard towards our goal. I am indeed grateful for her and lucky to have her as my tutor.


For other recommended tutors, you can click here.

Benefits of Taking Physics

  1. Helps develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
  2. Learn how the universe works
  3. Opens many doors to a wide range of career opportunities
  4. Complements different subjects, example mathematics and chemistry
  5. For science and engineering courses in university, studying physics beforehand would give you a good foundation. It might even be a prerequisite to some degrees.


Tips for Revising for Physics

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To summarize the video, here are the 5 tips given:

  1. Print out the syllabus and use it as a checklist
  2. Alternate between topics to strengthen your memory and understanding of the topic
  3. After reading your notes, try to write it out from memory on a fresh piece of paper
  4. Always remember to practise examination papers
  5. Mark down topics you did not get right in the exam papers and revise those

However, with the highly competitive education standards in Singapore, you might still find yourself struggling with the subject of physics in school. Other than school notes and tuition centre enrichments, some of you might still be wondering how you can better yourself on your own.

Online Study Resources

If you have no time to make your own notes or require additional help clarifying concepts, do check out these online study resources.

  • MiniPhysics: find physics revision notes for Junior College H1/H2 or O Levels Physics here.
  • Khan Academy: find video tutorials to assist in certain topics or concepts relating to Physics here.
  • TickNinja: find Physics notes uploaded by seniors and alumni, for A Levels, O Levels and IB here.


How many more grades are you willing to watch fall as your peers ace their examinations? Getting a rock solid foundation is crucial in your later years of study. If you’re facing problems with physics, get help now before the final examination. Sign up for tuition before it’s too late! 

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