Top Photography Studios in Singapore (Updated 2024)


Amidst the continuous advancements in smartphone camera technology and sophisticated photo editing apps, Singapore’s photography studios distinguish themselves by offering something truly special.

When it comes to professional photography, it’s far more than just snapping pictures; it’s about crafting images that stand the test of time. These aren’t just photos; they’re tangible legacies that blend the best of contemporary techniques with a timeless elegance. Imagine stepping into a studio where, beyond the camera, you’re greeted with personalized styling services designed to ensure you look impeccable in every shot. It’s this attention to detail that elevates every capture, whether it’s marking a significant life milestone or simply freezing a moment of personal significance in time. Professional photographers, with their deep understanding and refined skills, excel in drawing out the essence of each subject, making every photo session uniquely memorable. This blend of artistry, personalized attention, and technical expertise is what sets professional photography apart, turning fleeting moments into lasting memories.

Opting for professional photography services over your handy smartphone camera comes with a host of benefits:

  • Expertise and Vision: Professional photographers bring a unique blend of artistic vision and technical skill.
  • Superior Equipment: Studios are equipped with state-of-the-art cameras, lenses, and lighting that smartphones can’t match.
  • Personalized Experience: From styling services to capturing your natural beauty, professionals ensure you look your best.


The studio experience is about bringing your vision to life, with a variety of creative options:

  • Versatile Backdrops: Choose from an array of settings to match your theme or mood.
  • Green Screen Magic: For those imaginative shots, studios can transport you to any world.


An exceptional photographer doesn’t just capture moments; they curate an experience that resonates deeply. Their skill lies in making you feel at ease, a crucial element for capturing natural and striking images. This atmosphere of comfort is essential for seizing those candid, spontaneous moments that lend authenticity and depth to your photographs. It’s about the laughter that breaks out unexpectedly, the smiles that happen when you’re not posing, and the genuine expressions that flash across your face.

For businesses, the right images can significantly enhance brand perception:

  • Storytelling: Professional studios excel in crafting visual narratives that engage and resonate.
  • Brand Enhancement: From product shots to corporate branding, the quality of your images reflects the quality of your business.

Making the best choice involves a few key considerations:

  • Your Objectives: Identify what you want to achieve, whether it’s personal memories or professional branding.
  • Studio Capabilities: Look into their equipment, style, and portfolio to ensure a good fit.
  • Open Communication: A positive relationship with your photography team is crucial for a successful outcome.


Without further ado, let’s go through the top photography studios:


Babygraphy Top Photography Studios in Singapore



About Babygraphy offers a comprehensive suite of photography services designed to accompany families as they navigate through life’s various stages, from maternity and newborn phases to family portraits. This studio is dedicated to capturing and preserving the fleeting moments of family life, turning them into everlasting memories.
  • Dedicated Teams: Babygraphy boasts specialized teams, including a Mommy Team to ensure your baby’s comfort and a Photographer Team skilled in capturing your baby’s best moments.
  • Customized Shoot Venues: The studio offers Venue Suggestions for clients uncertain about the location, ensuring the setting perfectly complements the shoot’s theme.
  • Personalized Experience: Understanding every family has a unique story, Babygraphy prides itself on Creating Personalized Experiences, ensuring every shoot reflects the individuality of the family’s journey.
  • Maternity Photoshoots: Celebrating the anticipation and beauty of impending parenthood.
  • Newborn Photography: Capturing the innocence and charm of newborns in timeless photographs.
  • Family Portraits: Fostering connections and commemorating the evolving journey of family life.
Address 1 Yishun Industrial Street 1, A’posh BizHub #03-30 Singapore 768160
Telephone +65 8444 8993
Review 1 “Jaden and his team are very professional when it comes to baby photography. He knows how to make sure that the baby as a model will not be under pressure or stress every time the photo taking is in progress. He is patient enough to wait when he feels that my baby needs to feed or need to change diapers. Overall, great experience at the comfort of our own home! Thank you Babygraphy!”
Review 2 “Jayden and his partner are very professional when carrying out the shoot, well equipped with professional camera and lighting devices, Jayden is able to capture great angles and makes the photos shine. They are also great at handling baby and very gentle when moving my son for poses as well as changing his outfits. Very friendly and passionate! Had a great time for the shoot, we would recommend his services for new parents. Thank you!
Review 3 “Jaden and Felicia were pretty great and very patient with our cranky boy. All the outfits were provided and very adorable! Really happy with the end results:)”


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Live MOments Top Photography Studios in Singapore



About LiveMoments LLP, established in 2010, strives to offer exemplary photography services to its clients, ensuring memories are captured with elegance and professionalism. With a journey from its inception focused on Instant Print services to a broad spectrum of offerings including Corporate Events and Weddings, LiveMoments has proven its dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Client-Centric Approach: LiveMoments prioritizes the interests and satisfaction of clients, aiming to deliver unparalleled service and quality.
  • Versatile Services: From Instant Print to capturing the grandeur of Weddings, LiveMoments caters to a wide range of photography needs.
  • Continuous Growth: Demonstrating resilience and adaptability, LiveMoments has expanded its services to include Photobooths, Event Coverage, and more.
  • Quality Assurance: Committed to excellence, every project is an opportunity for LiveMoments to showcase its skill in creating timeless memories.
  • Instant Print Photography: Offering instant mementos with real-time projection, perfect for engaging guests at any event.
  • Corporate Event Coverage: Capturing the essence and hard work behind corporate functions, conferences, and gatherings.
  • Wedding Photography: From pre-wedding shoots to capturing the magic of the actual day, ensuring every “I do” is remembered forever.
  • Commercial Photography: Illustrating the best of your brand with professional and impactful images.

Address 18 Boon Lay Way, Tradehub21, #04-141, Singapore 609966
Telephone: +65 96888654
Review 1 “My husband has only one criteria when choosing our photographer, that is he or she must take good candid photos as he was not into artificial poses. And LiveMoments delivered just like what he asked for, and more! My husband is impressed with the quality of the photos, how it captures the emotions of the day perfectly.”
Review 2 “One of the most amazing teams to be working with! LiveMoments had been nothing but a joy to our family and friends! Professionalism was great, and at the same time was able to connect with the people around as well! You’ll have no regrets choosing them, go ahead and let their passion warm you up!”
Review 3 “LiveMoments’ photographer, I dare say, absolutely the best flash photographer I know. We hired him as a roving photographer for our wedding dinner with instant photo prints and live projection. His pictures captured the lighting and mood of our enchanted-themed wedding exactly as it was. Not just making our guests look stunning in posed shots, he was able to capture candid and emotive expressions, as well as the important moments. With his easy going and fun nature, it was a joy to have him there. Even our guests had so much fun with him. The quality of the photo prints was better than others that I’ve previously hired for corporate events. Highly recommended for all weddings and events. Very reasonably priced as well.”


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Top Photography Studios in Singapore (Updated 2024) 1


Vision Photography

About Vision Photography is a Singapore-based photography company led by Daniel Parker, an English expat and European photographer with a special focus on newborn, family, and maternity photo sessions. Daniel offers a versatile range of photography services including events, birthdays, and cake smashes, tailored for both outdoor natural shots and studio settings with creative lighting.
  • Experienced Leadership: Under the guidance of Daniel Parker, Vision Photography offers a personalized touch to every shoot, ensuring quality and creativity.
  • Versatile Photo Sessions: Whether it’s Outdoor Adventures or Studio Masterpieces, the company caters to diverse preferences with an extensive range of settings and styles.
  • Home Visit Option: Recognizing the comfort of familiar surroundings, Home Visits are available for those seeking intimate, lifestyle-oriented images.
  • Newborn Photography: Capturing the delicate early days of a newborn with patience and care, including home visits for lifestyle shots.
  • Family and Maternity Shoots: Creating cherished memories for families and expectant mothers with a blend of traditional and creative styles.
  • Birthday Parties and Cake Smash: Bringing fun and festivity to birthdays with vibrant themes, props, and of course, cake!
Address 12 West coast crescent, West Cove Condo #07-05, Singapore 128042.
Contact Telephone: (65) 9179 9439
Review 1 “From the initial enquiry and lengthy email conversation to discovering our goals and accommodating our requests, Dan was simply fabulous! Super professional and thorough, he put great effort to learn our preferences and made some fantastic suggestions of his own. It was our first maternity shoot, but Dan made us feel so much at ease with his humour and understanding nature and kept the entire shoot very natural and relaxed. We also planned a newborn/ family session with him. But were nervous that our 4-week-old baby may not be comfortable during the photoshoot at the studio or we may end up not achieving the poses and pics we really wanted! But thanks to Daniel and our luck with Zubin, it went so smooth. Dan is incredible with babies, super patient and has some amazing tips to share. We are thrilled with the pics from both the maternity and newborn/family photoshoot. I would absolutely recommend him for his passion, energy and skill with the camera to everyone seeking to creating lovely memories with a fabulous photographer.”
Review 2 ”Daniel took our first family portraits since the birth of my son 8 months ago. So, asides from my husband and I, he had a 3-year old girl, and 8-month old boy, our dog to contend with – and he did an amazing job! In particular, we were super impressed by the genuine smiles and laughs he was able to get from our daughter and we loved how the photos came out. He was fun and easy to work with. I would recommend him to anyone!”
Review 3 “I met Daniel at my son’s former preschool three years ago. He was the photographer for their school photos, and there was an option for families to have their photos taken. I’m so glad we took that option because every year for the last three years, he is our go-to person for our annual family photos! Daniel is very professional and knows how to work with young kids. His work is exceptional, he is able to catch the precious moments during photo shoots. His work speaks for himself.
I have recommended him to a few friends and they shared the same sentiments. Thanks Daniel for another fun experience for our family this year! All the best!”


White Room Studio Top Photography Studios in Singapore


White Room Studio

About Founded in 2009, White Room Studio has become a hallmark of exquisite portrait photography in Singapore, nestled in the historic River Valley. With its family-run ethos, the studio blends heartfelt creativity and unique natural light to craft not just photos, but meaningful experiences.
  • Boutique Family-Run Team: At its core, White Room Studio values the intimate touch only a family-run business can provide, ensuring each photoshoot is personal and heartfelt.
  • Historic Shophouse Studio: The 2400 square foot studio boasts a rich heritage ambiance, complemented by an open balcony and European-inspired architecture, offering diverse and creative backdrops.
  • Diverse Media Recognition: Featured in prestigious publications and media outlets, including Tatler Singapore and Harper’s Bazaar, highlighting its esteemed reputation.
  • Eco-Conscious Commitment: For every photoshoot booked, White Room Studio plants three trees, underscoring their commitment to environmental stewardship.
  • Family & Kids Photography: Capturing the essence of family bonds with a blend of spontaneity and natural expression.
  • Newborn, Maternity, and Bridal Sessions: Specializing in significant life moments, offering both studio and on-location shoots to accommodate individual preferences.
  • Corporate Photography: Providing professional imagery that enhances corporate branding and individual professional profiles.
Address 219 River Valley Road, Level 2, Singapore 238277
Telephone: 6235 7037
Review 1
“It was a last minute decision to have a family photo shoot due to 2 important events that happened over that weekend.
Firstly, my son is able to bring back his #1 uniform from camp and it’s my hubby birthday on Sunday. Initially I was told Sunday were fully booked but Audrey worked tirelessly in the evening and next morning responded that she is fitting in the schedule for me on a perfect timing for us. Excellent customer service.
We were also lucky to have Dan as our photographer and the whole shooting was fun, warm and comfortable. Just finished the viewing with Elaine whom is helpful and accommodating. It is difficult to choose as we love most of the shots. Can’t wait to receive the final products.”
Review 2
“We had a family portraiture shoot towards the end of last year captured by Delun and couldn’t recommend the studio more highly – everything was seamless from booking a session with Elaine, being given clear directions by Delun as to how best to capture my family, and through to receiving the finished product.
Alison as the Digital Imaging Artist was extremely patient in hearing our preferences on the hard copy photo album layout (we went through at least five iterations!!!) and needless to say, delivered an outstanding product that we will cherish for many years to come!
Thanks again to the team at White Room Studio! Book a session with them – you will not be disappointed!”
Review 3
“Our experience with them are amazing !!
They have a very professional team. They send text reminder messages to you, keep everything on schedule and their response are quick. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their studio a lot. Its big, spacious and beautiful, totally stress free when we took photos. Elaine, our photographer is a nice lady. She is friendly, patient and a good listener. I am planning to do a photo shoot for my 10th year wedding anniversary with them even though there is still many years to go!”


Top Photography Studios in Singapore (Updated 2024) 2


The KYT Studio 

About The Kyt Studio, nestled at 3 Gambas Crescent, S757041, stands as a boutique visual media agency established in 2016, specializing in both photography and videography. With a foundation in fine art, the studio’s approach blends creative impulse with intuitive execution, aiming to craft visual narratives that resonate deeply.
  • Creative Expertise: Led by a fine-art-trained photographer with over a decade of experience, The Kyt Studio excels in transforming imaginative concepts into tangible artworks.
  • Comprehensive Services: From Photography to Moving Images, the studio offers a wide array of visual media services to cater to diverse client needs.
  • Versatile Studio Space: Boasting a Spacious and Light-filled Studio, The Kyt Studio provides an ideal setting for a variety of photographic styles and projects.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Praised for its professional and amiable environment, the studio ensures every project is handled with utmost care, fostering creativity and satisfaction.
  • Photography: Specializing in capturing moments with authenticity and artistry, tailored to each project’s unique narrative.
  • Moving Images: Offering videography services that encapsulate dynamic stories with visual finesse and narrative coherence.
  • Studio Rental: Providing a versatile space equipped with extensive amenities for both aspiring and professional photographers and videographers.
Address 21 Woodlands Close, Primz Bizhub, #06-32, S737854
Contact Telephone:  +65 9880 4429
Review 1 “Misc. Management
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
We’ve already held two castings at Kyt Studio. The space is large enough to accommodate a number of people (subject to Phase 2 production restrictions of course!) and the natural light works great for our needs. A dependable and professional staff keep the studio tidy and conducive for all patrons. Would definitely make repeat bookings.”
Review 2 “Can I just say that this is the BEST studio that I’ve worked in, on multiple occasions. Not only is the natural lighting super great, they have curtains that completely blocks out the light if you just want to rely on studio lights. In terms of the equipment they have, it’s fully stocked with everything you need, saving us so much on the rental of equipment costs. The owner of the studio is exceptionally responsive and replies even in the wee hours of the night. Definitely will book again 🙂

I was recommended by a friend, so I already knew Ya Ting is good and I contacted her with ease. It turned out better as Ya Ting will communicate with me before and during the photoshoot, answering all my queries. These days, it is easy to take selfies, but when I cannot see myself, I become conscious about whether I looked good etc, but Ya Ting gave me a lot of positive promots and it wasn’t as nerve-wrecking as I thought, cos it can be tiring and stiff after you have to smile constantly in front of the camera, thus it turned out to be a pleasant experience.

Other than the basics like good lighting and excellent photography skills, I think what stands out is the positive vibe Ya Ting and the studio gives out. The human touch is not something you get at every studio. Highly recommended to everyone, especially first timers.”

Review 3 “I’ve know Kyt for 3-4 years now. Ever since she took pictures of me for the first time, I never wanted anyone else to take pictures of me. That’s how good she is. I’ve never felt uncomfortable or disappointed because Kyt knows my best angles and poses and ensures the shots are great. She is very passionate, dedicated and her work shows it all. Kyt has been my resident photographer ever since and I always look forward to having different styles and aesthetics for all my photoshoots. Thank you Kyt! You are amazing! These are some of my favourite shots by Kyt.”


Top Photography Studios in Singapore (Updated 2024) 3


Daniel Sim Photography

About Daniel Sim Photography, a distinguished name in Singapore’s wedding photography landscape, prides itself on capturing the essence of each couple’s love story. Established with a deep passion for storytelling through the lens, Daniel and his team specialize in creating vibrant, candid, and heartfelt moments, ensuring every photograph is a testament to the genuine emotions of the wedding day.
  • Personalized Approach: Tailored sessions that set couples at ease, highlighting natural interactions and genuine emotions.
  • Expert Team: A creative team skilled in both posed and candid photography, adept at capturing the unique essence of each couple.
  • Swift Delivery: Prioritizing client satisfaction with a quick turnaround of just two weeks for image delivery.
  • Versatile Portfolio: Proficient in photographing across Singapore’s myriad of venues, from intimate solemnizations to grand celebrations.
  • Client-Centric Service: Dedication to capturing intimate, candid, and real moments throughout the wedding day, ensuring a memorable experience.
  • Candid Wedding Photography: Focusing on genuine, unposed moments that reflect the true spirit and emotion of the wedding day.
  • Vibrant Color & Lighting: Utilizing creative angles and lighting to enhance the natural beauty and excitement of the occasion.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From solemnizations in iconic hotels to garden weddings under the stars, offering complete wedding day photography.
  • Quick Turnaround: Commitment to delivering beautifully edited photographs within two weeks post-event.
Address Home Studio
Contact Telephone:  +65 9178 8450
Review 1 “We engaged Daniel for both our solemnization and wedding day. Really glad we found him. He is easy going and he makes us feel at ease during the shoot giving simple instructions for us to follow as both of us are awkward infront of the camera. And as everyone can see, the pictures turn out great. Oh we also love how he will take time to find good spot/lighting for us to take photos and that show how detail a person he is. Would definitely recommend him to our friends. 1f44d_1f3fc-9412819
Review 2 We had good time with Daniel! He gave us clear guidance, which created Unique layout with nature light. We are really impressed to see photos! He used the lighting of the nature so beautifully. I would absolutely recommend Daniel to other couples with different cultures!
Review 3 We got Daniel for our casual pre-wedding photoshoot and couldnt be happier with our decision. Daniel was proactive & fun. His dedication and passion were visible through his actions. He made us feel very comfortable through the entire shoot. Loved the turnout of each and every photo as his attention to every small detail, emotion, expression & love that were captured through the photoshoot! Keep up the great work Daniel!! Thank you for capturing amazing memories for us!


Top Photography Studios in Singapore (Updated 2024) 4


Fion Boon Photography

About Fion Boon Photography, established in April 2016 by Fion, has swiftly become a cherished name in Singapore for capturing life’s most precious moments through photography. With a deep-seated passion ignited by the discovery of newborn photography, Fion transitioned from a corporate life in Melbourne to creating unforgettable photographic experiences with an emphasis on quality, originality, and comfort.
  • Diverse Photography Services: Specializes in Maternity, Newborn, 1st Year, and Cake Smash photography, offering a wide range of options to capture life’s early milestones.
  • Expert Training: Fion has been mentored by international photography luminaries such as Ana Brandt and Lorna Kirkby, ensuring high-quality sessions informed by global best practices.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Known for exceptional patience and professionalism, the studio has earned a reputation for making clients feel comfortable and wonderful during their photo sessions.
  • Referral-Driven Success: The majority of clients come through referrals and word-of-mouth, a testament to the studio’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.
  • Feedback and Affirmations: Client feedback and the smiles at the end of each session affirm the high-quality work and positive experience provided by Fion Boon Photography.
  • Maternity Photography: Capturing the beauty and anticipation of pregnancy with elegance and sensitivity.
  • Newborn Photography: Specializing in tender, beautifully styled sessions that highlight the innocence and wonder of newborns.
  • 1st Year and Cake Smash: Celebrating milestones and birthdays with vibrant, joy-filled photography that captures the essence of childhood.
Address 288A Compassvale Cres, Singapore 541288
Contact Telephone: +65 91218879
Operating Hours 9 am – 5 pm (Mon – Sat)
Review 1 “Fion and Elmer were super friendly and energetic. They tried all ways to make baby smile and capture different sides of him. They were also very accommodating to all our requests. Highly recommended!”
Review 2 “Impeccable service provided by an awesome couple. Both Elmer and Fion are gentle and patience with handling baby. It is also thoughtful of them to include parent in the newborn photoshoot as a complimentary service. Definitely will recommend them to my friends!”
Review 3 “Thank you Fion Boon photography for making our baby so comfortable and relax thru the shoot. Love the pics so much!”


Top Photography Studios in Singapore (Updated 2024) 5

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MamamMiyo Photography

About MamaMiyo Photography specializes in capturing the fleeting moments of maternity, newborns, babies, and families, offering professional photography services in Singapore. Located at 82 Lorong 23 Geylang, Atrix Building, this studio is renowned for its ability to create lasting memories through beautiful, heartfelt photographs.
  • Focused Expertise: Concentrating on Maternity, Newborn, Baby, and Family Photography, ensuring specialized attention to each session.
  • Customer Satisfaction: With a 4.9 rating from 165 reviews, reflecting high levels of client satisfaction and trust.
  • Convenient Services: Offers curbside pickup, catering to the needs and convenience of their clients.
  • Accessible Location: Situated in the heart of Singapore, making it easy for clients to visit.
  • Affordable Quality: Providing quality photography services at a reasonable price range, making precious memories accessible to more families.
  • Maternity Photography: Capturing the beauty and essence of pregnancy with artistic and tender care.
  • Newborn Photography: Specializing in gentle, serene photoshoots that capture the innocence and charm of newborns.
  • Baby Photography: Focusing on the milestones and joyous moments of baby’s first year.
  • Family Photography: Creating timeless family portraits that capture the unique bond and love within families.
Address 25 Upper Serangoon View, Singapore 534046
Contact Tel: +65 9760 0798


Operating Hours 10 am  – 6 pm (Tue – Sat)
Review 1 “We chanced upon MamaMiyo Photography and we are fortunate to have Lesley as our photographer for our maternity and newborn shoots. Lesley and her assistant were very gentle and patient towards our baby. We are happy with how the photos turned out. Thank you once again for capturing these moments!”
Review 2 “We signed up for the maternity and newborn photoshoot with Mamamiyo photography and are extremely pleased with the service provided. The price is reasonable and we really love the final photos. Would highly recommend Mamamiyo photography.”
Review 3 “Lesley is very accommodating and professional. She is very patient and is good at handling toddler and newborn baby. All the photos turn out really awesome! My family is very pleased with what we saw and experienced during the session. Would definitely highly recommend Mamamiyo Photography service by Lesley.”


Top Photography Studios in Singapore (Updated 2024) 6


Coco Creative Studio 

About COCO Creative Studio stands at the convergence of passion and perfection, driven by a team of talented photographers, videographers, editors, and marketers. Established to exceed client expectations, the studio blends creativity with professionalism, ensuring each project from commercial photography to 3D animation and video production leaves a lasting impact.
  • Diverse Expertise: Offers a wide array of services including Commercial and Corporate Photography, Video Production, and Creative CGI, catering to various industry needs.
  • Award-Winning Quality: Recognized for excellence with Prestige Awards for Best Video Production and accolades as a top photography studio, affirming its commitment to delivering superior results.
  • Integrated Creative Solutions: Beyond photography and videography, provides Branding, Social Media Content Creation, and PR services, serving as a one-stop creative agency.
  • Professional Team: Comprises dedicated professionals passionate about turning creative concepts into reality, ensuring clients’ visions are brought to life with flair.
  • Global Reach: With bases in Singapore and France, COCO Creative Studio boasts an international perspective, catering to a global clientele.
  • Photography Services: Specializes in capturing compelling images for Corporate Headshots, Fashion & Beauty, Food & Beverage, and Event Photography.
  • Video Production: Expertise in creating engaging content for Advertising, Corporate Marketing, Social Media, and Documentary Video Production.
  • Creative CGI and Animation: Offers cutting-edge 3D & CGI Animation services, elevating visual content with innovative techniques.
  • Comprehensive Media Creations: Delivers a complete suite of creative solutions, including Graphic Design, Branding, and Digital Marketing Strategies.
Address 277, Joo Chiat Road #02-02, Singapore 427531
Contact Tel:
  • +65 6909 7427 (Office)
  • +65 8799 1395 (WhatsApp)


Operating Hours 9 am – 6 pm (Mon – Sat office hours; Shoot time is flexible)
Review 1 “I went to Coco Creative’s studio in Singapore to shoot editorial modeling.
The treatment was excellent, all the people in the studio were very kind. A girl in the studio assisted me during the photo essay.
Jose is very meticulous with the lights, which led to the images being really amazing.
My agency was delighted with the photos. I look forward to shoot again with Coco Creative!!”
Review 2 “I had Jose shoot my event last month and I’m so grateful that he did, his photos and videos were incredible to relive the memories again! He always chose the right moments stealthily and such a great person to work with! Definitely will be booking him and Coco Creative Studio for all my photography/videography needs henceforth! ❤️”
Review 3 “Had the best time taking a family pawtrait here. Photographer was so efficient and smooth at giving direction. Studio is spacious and the setting super comfortable. It was easy to get a perfect shot because everything was perfect! Thank you Coco Creative Studio!”


Top Photography Studios in Singapore (Updated 2024) 7


EO Digital Studios

About EO Digital Photographics, established in 2004 and situated in Singapore, has become a premier photo studio known for its exceptional ability to capture life’s special moments. As the chosen official photographer for significant events like the NTU Convocation for the Class of 2023 and several Polytechnic Graduations, they specialize in delivering high-quality, memorable stage photos.
  • Official Photographer Honors: Selected as the official photographer for NTU Convocation and Polytechnic Graduations, showcasing their trusted expertise.
  • Comprehensive Services: Offers a wide spectrum of photography services including Graduation, Family Portraits, Lifestyle, Corporate, Wedding, Commercial, and Event Photography.
  • Quality and Professionalism: Dedicated to providing exceptional experiences and good quality in every photograph.
  • Versatile Expertise: Capable of handling everything from intimate family portraits to large-scale events, ensuring every important moment is perfectly captured.
  • State-of-the-Art Techniques: Utilizes the latest in digital imaging and retouching to enhance and perfect photos.
  • Graduation Photography: Capturing milestone moments with professional stage photos during graduation ceremonies.
  • Family Portraits: Celebrating family milestones with beautifully crafted portraits.
  • Lifestyle Photography: Documenting the essence of everyday life and special moments.
  • Corporate Photography: Providing polished and professional images for corporate needs.
  • Event Photography: Covering a variety of events with a promise that no event is too big to capture.
Address 2 Gambas Cres, #06-20 Nordcom II, Singapore 757044
Telephone +65 6536 3267
Review 1 “Very professional! Photographer was very patient and accommodating with our changing requirements. They were also very flexible and nice about our request of not sticking to their packages. Also, their new studio at Woodlands is very spacious and open. The photos were delivered to us personally by the photographer and the photos were in good quality! Would definitely recommend!”
Review 2 “My family and I enjoyed the photoshoot, and are very happy with the photos. Vince and Yolanda displayed excellent service throughout. I would recommend them to anyone looking for professionally taken studio shots! :)”
Review 3 “Very professional service, the whole photo-taking experience is very comfortable. Appreciate all the extra miles they have gone throughout the session.”


RAymond Phang Top Photography Studios in Singapore


Raymond Phang Photography

About Raymond Phang Photography, an internationally acclaimed wedding photography outfit, brings a blend of creativity and madness to the art of capturing life’s most significant moments. Known for their team of “crazy monkeys mad about photography,” they specialize in creating unique, story-driven photographic experiences that capture the essence of each couple’s journey.
  • Award-Winning Excellence: Recognized internationally for their innovative approach to wedding photography.
  • Creative Storytelling: Each photoshoot is conceptualized uniquely, telling the couple’s individual story through imaginative and expressive imagery.
  • Versatile Photographic Style: Whether it’s a maternity photoshoot or capturing the adrenaline of working with the Singapore Police Force, Raymond Phang Photography adapts to bring each narrative to life with vibrancy.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Praised for their dedication and professionalism, ensuring a fun and memorable experience for every client.
  • Innovative Techniques: Utilizes cutting-edge equipment and creative lighting to enhance the mood and impact of each photo.
  • Conceptualized Wedding Photography: Crafting bespoke photo narratives that encapsulate the love story and personality of each couple.
  • Maternity Photography: Offering creative and personalized maternity shoots that capture the beauty and anticipation of parenthood.
  • Corporate Projects: Demonstrated expertise with large-scale corporate projects, including a notable shoot for the Singapore Police Force.
  • Creative Lighting and Setup: Expert use of lighting and innovative setups to create dramatic and impactful imagery, even in challenging environments.
Address 17 Beach Rd, Singapore 190017
+65 8138 3397
Review 1 “Raymond and team are very professional, creative, patient, and produce speedy work. They’re receptive to feedback, and also provided my team with professional advice moving forward.

A great experience working with them for commercial photoshoots, and would definitely recommend them to anybody looking for work that doesn’t compromise on quality.”

Review 2 “Thank you, thank you, thank you for this shoot 😍 Clever conceptualisation aside, I got to put instant noodles in my mouth regardless of how terrible it tasted. 😆 Everything else, is sheer genius.”
Review 3 “Every image has its challenges, the right key opens the right door. We manage to cross every obstacle as a team and well done my friend, you lead the way to an awesome and enjoyable shoot for everyone!”


Top Photography Studios in Singapore (Updated 2024) 8


Mount Studio

About Founded in 2017, Mount Studio has quickly risen to become a key player in Singapore’s photography and videography industry. With a focus on creating professional and smooth shoots, their studio is equipped with state-of-the-art gear and facilities, supported by a team of seasoned photographers, videographers, hair & makeup artists, and fashion stylists.
  • Experienced Professionals: Boasts a team of industry veterans specializing in Photography and Videography, ensuring high-quality outcomes.
  • Comprehensive Services: Provides a broad range of services from Corporate and Commercial Shoots to Family, Couple, and Wedding Photography, catering to diverse client needs.
  • Full Production Services: Offers end-to-end solutions including conceptualization, talent sourcing, styling, and post-production, making it a one-stop studio for all photo and video production needs.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Features three well-equipped studios for photo and video shoots, complete with lighting, props, and modern amenities.
  • Trusted by Clients: Garnered over 190 Five Star Reviews, reflecting their commitment to client satisfaction and quality service.
  • Corporate and Commercial Photography: Capturing the essence of brands and businesses with professional imagery.
  • Wedding and Event Videography: Creating memorable videos that capture the essence of special occasions.
  • Portrait Photography: Offering individual, couple, and family portraits that beautifully capture personal stories.
  • Photo and Video Studio Rental: Providing fully equipped studio spaces for independent projects, with amenities that support a variety of shoots.
Address 45, #07-04 Jln Pemimpin, 577197
Telephone +65 9061 0089
Review 1 “We engaged Mount Studio for product photography and we are very pleased with the outcome. Our sales increased after the website revamp and one of the contributing factors was of the good photos taken by them. We highly recommend their service. The photographer is very professional too.”
Review 2 “Great experience with Mount Studio. Lyn was incredibly professional with my queries. They were also flexible to my specific needs and very efficient, especially under circuit breaker measures. Highly recommended.”
Review 3 “Did a dance shoot with them last year and had a wonderful time! Excellent service and staff who were very accommodating to our requests and needs. Also, the photos turned out amazing! 100% recommend.”


Top Photography Studios in Singapore (Updated 2024) 9


Ashley Low Photography

Address 62 Ubi Road 1 Oxley BizHub 2 #08-01 Singapore 408734
  • +65 6443 3953
  • +65 9640 3774
Operating Hours 9 am – 6 pm (Mon – Fri)
Review 1 “Our baby was a nightmare to shoot but Ashley handled it so well! The studio environment was great and comfortable, and there was even a play area section with tons of toys to entertain our little one. Despite our baby being so difficult and fussy, Ashley remained ever patient and calm during the entire session. We were very pleased with the outcome of the photos and the photoshoot itself was an experience of its own for our family!”
Review 2 “We visit Ashley Low Photography and I m impressed by their service and had a good time over at the studio. Thank you, Ashley, for helping my lo for his photoshoot and indeed it was a great one and Ashley is very patient with kids and her assistant do help up even when lo is crying. And the studio is awesome 👍”
Review 3 “We went for a cake smash photoshoot with Ashley. She’s patience, friendly and good with kids. My girl was shy initially and she managed to warm her up pretty quick. Satisfied with the photos!”


Beauty Box Top Photography Studios in Singapore


The Beauty Box Studio

About Ashley Low Photography, celebrated for capturing the fleeting moments of infancy and family bonding, specializes in newborn, baby, and family photography. Established in Singapore and located at 62 Ubi Road 1, Oxley BizHub 2, the studio boasts a perfect 5.0 rating from 100 reviews, underscoring its commitment to preserving the precious first year of a baby’s growth alongside family memories.
  • Focused Specialization: Dedicated exclusively to newborn, baby, and family photography, ensuring mastery in capturing these special moments.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Maintains a 5.0 rating based on 100 reviews, reflecting unparalleled client trust and satisfaction.
  • Thoughtful Themes: Known for floral-themed photoshoots and creative concepts that highlight the delicate beauty of its subjects.
  • Personalized Sessions: Each photoshoot is tailored to capture and preserve the most precious moments of life, from snug sleeping babies to siblings’ loving interactions.
  • Expertise & Passion: Ashley Low’s passion for photography is evident in their ability to create magical moments, reminding them why they fell in love with photography – the power to encapsulate life’s fleeting beauty.
  • Newborn Photography: Capturing the serene and delicate essence of newborns with creative and gentle photoshoots.
  • Baby Photography: Documenting the myriad expressions and milestones of babies in their first year.
  • Family Photography: Creating timeless family portraits that showcase the love, bonds, and joyful moments of families.
452 Chan Brothers Building, North Bridge Road, 02-00, Chan World Holidays, 188733
Telephone +65 6835 3012
Operating Hours 11 am – 7 pm (Mon – Sat)
Review 1 “I had signed up for an extended family shoot – scheduled shortly after CNY. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were not able to make it. The management was kind enough to offer us an extension of 2 months for the same package or redeem the deposit paid on any other packages. We greatly appreciate the gesture. We had our shoot eventually in March 2020 and had a lot of fun. The lady assisting him (I assume it was Angel) gave us recommendations on poses and etc. I’d probably come back again for a corporate shoot :D”
Review 2 “Wonderful experience! Hair and makeup were super professional, everyone was experienced and knowledgeable. They really make you feel comfortable and give you the best tips and advice to ensure that the photo you want meets all expectations. I thoroughly would recommend them to others! 10/10”
Review 3 “Excellent service by Angel and Elvin. They went the extra mile to get me comfortable, as I am usually quite uncomfortable to smile for a pose and that day was a bad hair day for me. Last Friday the announcement was made to close all non-essential services. Their professionalism and their skills were evident. To meet the deadline, the team sped up the post-production process and yet quality wasn’t compromised. The post-production was a smooth one. Thank you for meeting the deadline before the initiation of the 1-month circuit breaker order.”


Gloria Photo Studio Top Photography Studios in Singapore


Gloria Photo Studio 

About Gloria Photo Studio specializes in capturing significant moments through their photography services, offering everything from convocation and family portraits to individual and corporate photography. Nestled in the heart of Singapore, this studio prides itself on creating timeless pieces of art that commemorate life’s most cherished occasions.
  • Expertise in Portraiture: With a keen focus on capturing the essence of individuality, each portrait is crafted to reflect the unique personality and story of the subject.
  • Family Memories: Specializing in family portraits, the studio excels at creating visual narratives that celebrate the bonds and joys of family life.
  • Corporate and Professional Imaging: Understanding the importance of a professional image, Gloria Photo Studio offers comprehensive corporate portfolio services, ensuring that your professional presence is communicated with clarity and style.
  • Convocation Photography: A commemoration of academic achievements, providing graduates and their families with lasting memories of this pivotal milestone.
  • Family Portraits: Focused on capturing the warmth and love of family connections, turning fleeting moments into enduring memories.
  • Corporate Portfolio: Tailored to meet the specific needs of professionals, these sessions are designed to enhance personal branding and corporate identity.
Address 1 Irving Pl, #06-13, Singapore 369546
Telephone +65 6538 4883
Operating Hours 12 pm – 7 pm (Daily, except Wednesdays and Public Holidays)
Review 1 “We had our family photo taken here at Gloria in Nov 2019. They have all the graduation gowns from the universities my children graduated from. No hassle, beautiful photos taken. Size and frames settled within the same afternoon, and we got them all good quality prints and framed!! Great!!”
Review 2 “I would like to express my deepest and sincerest thank you to your photographer and everyone else in your team who dedicated their time, effort and professionalism in our photos. I am very pleased and satisfied with the end products. Mr Heng had captured our best smiles and encapsulated the best moments and our smiles in the pictures. I love the photographs.”
Review 3 “Thank you Gloria team so much for the beautiful photos. Having this family photo is one of our long-waited wishes. My grandma tears after seeing the photographs! Thank you for making it come true and the wonderful experience! Great service and very patient team! Definitely will engage their service again!! *Thumbs up* 👍🏻🌟👏🏻”


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