Top Online Therapy Programs in Singapore

Top Online Therapy Programs in Singapore

Top Online Therapy Programs in Singapore

Top Online Therapy Programs

Overview of Online Therapy Programs

As the internet has become a widely used platform in the 21st century, online therapy programs also potentially offers itself as a platform with all the benefits of receiving professional face-to-face counselling. Online therapy programs are more convenient, accessible, widely available, and advancing along with technology as compared to physical therapy sessions. This means that there is an increasing array of therapists using online communication technology to deliver healthcare services remotely. In another word, it is a convenient alternative to traditional forms of physical counselling.

Online therapy programs, often known as online therapy or virtual therapy are becoming more trendy and relevant in its practice. It has since emerged as one of the most popular online therapy solutions; where more people are getting involved in the process due to its effectiveness.

The most common tools for delivering online therapy services include emails, texts, online chats, and online video conferencing. While online counselling may not be suitable for everyone, this new idea helps to explore the various kinds of online therapy, as compared to traditional physical counselling therapy.


Online therapy

As online therapy programs continue to be adopted, individuals may choose non-verbal online therapy options, such as email or texting, or verbal online therapy options, such as counselling through phone or video calls. The presence of such multiple array of options allow for more therapeutic delivery options for individuals seeking for counselling. This also gives them the variations to choose from their personal comfort level with technology.

The use of email or texting as a method of communication is mostly catered to a group of individuals who are more comfortable with non-verbal communication or they are too busy and prefer the convenience of communicating with a therapist at any time or place without speaking.

While convenient, private, and relatively affordable online method of texting or emailing is used, it may not work for all. The use of phone or video calls, on the other hand, is most catered to a group of individuals who are seeking counselling via verbal communication on platforms, such as Zoom/TalkSpace/Webex/Google Meet etc. It enables both patients and therapists to communicate through texts, audio, and video in real time.

Phone calls allow the therapist to comfort and counsel the patient with his knowledge and skills in the field of therapy work. Video conferencing calls allow the therapist to observe the patient’s facial expressions and physical real time responses; not noticeable over phone or messaging platforms. This helps him/her to better understand the patient as body language and facial expression have a lot to say about their mental health. It will also lead to a better connection between all therapists and patients.

The length of online therapy sessions will range between 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the patient’s needs and the therapist’s treatment method(s). It will also vary as some patients prefer to communicate with their therapists via email or text message, but others may opt for phone or video calls equivalent to physical face-to-face counselling sessions.

Professional licensed therapists with relevant knowledge and skills can treat mental health conditions such as depression, panic disorder, anxiety via online platforms as effectively as in face-to-face counselling sessions. Although some patients still prefer to meet up face-to-face as they are not sure of the effectiveness, there have been a few studies that offer evident effectiveness of online therapy programs.


scc Top Online Therapy Programs in Singapore

Top Online Therapy Program

Singapore Counselling Centre

  • Professional counselling and psychological services
  • Assistance program and workshops
  • Sessions are conducted in various languages
Pricing Click here to enquire
Operating hours Mon-Thu: 9AM –7PM

Sat: 9AM –5PM

Closed on Friday & Sunday

Contact number +65 6339 5411
Address 51 Cuppage Road (behind The Centrepoint), #03-03, Singapore 229469


stress Top Online Therapy Programs in Singapore

Top Online Therapy Program


Speciality Provides help to anybody, including teenagers, pregnant mothers, and working professionals:
  • Anxiety and depression counselling session
  • Psychological treatments for depression and anxiety
  • Free initial consultation
Pricing Click here to enquire
Operating hours Mon-Sat: 10AM –10PM
Contact number +65 9863 9408
Address 7 Straits View Marina One East Tower #05-01, Singapore 018936


therapist asia

Top Online Therapy Program

Therapists Asia – Singapore Counselling Services

  • Counselling sessions
  • Psychological treatments and consultation
  • Recovery Mentoring
  • Recovery Planning
  • Relapse Prevention
Pricing Click here to enquire
Operating hours Mon to Fri: 24/7
Contact number +65 3163 1879
Address 7 Temasek Boulevard #12-07 Suntec Tower One, Singapore 038987


safe space Top Online Therapy Programs in Singapore

Top Online Therapy Program

Safe Space

  • Family therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Couple therapy
  • Friend therapy
Pricing Click here to enquire
Operating hours Mon to Fri: 9AM –8PM

Sat: 9AM –12PM

Closed on Sunday

Contact number
Address A Space Between, 10 Anson Rd, #28-14, Singapore 079903


tlh counselling Top Online Therapy Programs in Singapore

Top Online Therapy Program

The Lighthouse Counselling

  • Individual therapy
  • Couple therapy
Pricing Click here to enquire
Operating hours Mon-Fri: 9AM –7PM

Sat: 9AM –2PM

Closed on Sunday

Contact number +65 8299 4866
Address 105 Cecil St, #06-02 The Octagon, Singapore 069534


elephant Top Online Therapy Programs in Singapore

Top Online Therapy Program

Elephant Therapy 

  • A world of empowered and flourishing human beings to empower communities through the provision of exemplary and pioneering therapy and training
Pricing Click here to enquire
Operating hours Mon-Fri: 24/7
Contact number +65 62241545

87 Club Street, 3rd Floor, Singapore, 069455 | Tel: 62241545



Who Is Suitable

Online therapy programs are available for everyone as long as they want to adopt the service. However, we will provide a comprehensive list of individuals who are best suited for such programs:

  • Individuals who live in areas with limited access to mental health professionals,
  • Individuals who are busy and their responsibilities have interfered with their abilities to schedule face-to-face physical sessions
  • Individuals who find that online counselling is a more affordable and convenient way to get necessary help
  • Individuals who are in the age range of children to elderly

However, it is highly recommended that individuals who are facing serious mental, emotional, or behavioural conditions to seek face-to-face professional counselling (with regular consultations and medications provided).


Here are some pros of online therapy programs, and the ways in which they have been used to treat mental conditions such as anxiety and depression for better well-being and mental health.

Online therapy programs offer necessary services to individuals who are seeking help in rural areas or other isolated locations with limited access to therapists. Moreover, it is a more affordable, quick, accessible options to all patients as compared to physical face-to-face sessions.

The sense of anxiety and depression that grips many people as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for mental health services and the need for socially distant healthcare formats. Online formats help meet this need by providing a safe alternative to face-to-face meetings.


Besides the pros of online therapy programs, there are also some cons of online therapy programs.

The interactive technology used in online therapy programs involve phone or video apps like Zoom, TalkSpace, Webex FaceTime, and Google Meet, which can make some patients feel uncomfortable for being exposed, or distracted and uneasy by their displayed image. Being in front of a screen may not be as easy as it seems, as some patients feel like they are being watched. The consultation will then be affected significantly as patients are not focused on giving accurate answers to therapists.


The cost of online therapy programs can range up to $100 per session – depending on which provider you are looking for and source of platforms (verbal or non-verbal). It is usually less expensive than face-to-face physical counselling sessions.

Finding a Good Online Therapy Program

Finding a good online therapy program is important, especially when it comes to meeting your different needs. Online therapy program is the most affordable option you can easily find amongst all therapeutic options.

If you are looking for the most professional online therapist, do not be afraid to enquire and ask questions to existing professionals. To provide an extensive help, we have provided a comprehensive list of online therapy programs in the table below for better matching individuals with the right licensed and experienced professionals with relevant knowledge and skills.


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