Top Online Directories in Singapore (For Listing and Citations)

Top Online Directories in Singapore (For Listing and Citations)

Looking for top online directories in Singapore (for listing and citations)? Singapore has a thriving business community, and as per the figures from the Singapore Department of Statistics, there are thousands of businesses catering to over 5 million residents. This means that there will always be a customer for what you are selling. However, this is easier said than done. Local and digital marketing is a crucial aspect of getting your brand in front of your target audience.

One of the best ways to ensure brand recognition is by the use of online listing and citations. If you have not yet tried them out, you could be missing out on one of the best digital marketing strategies in Singapore. We have prepared the top online directories in Singapore (for listing and citations), that will help you get more exposure in the future. Besides this, listings and citations are one of the ways of future proofing your business.

What Are Local Citations Listings?

According to Rachel Morgan from Local Site Submit, local citations are mentions of your business on an external authority website such as a local listing service. The citations comprise of business information such as the name of your business or organization, your address, and phone number.

In most cases, local listing sites do not provide backlinks to your website, but they are still vital in that the citation will improve your search engine rankings, and drive organic traffic to your site. Other than this, the citations will establish you as a member of the Singaporean community, and it will help you in converting leads into paying customers.

To excel in local SEO, you need to keep in mind the following factors

  • Have as many quality links from local websites as possible
  • Have a consistent business name, address, and phone number (NAP)
  • A physical location that is close to the location of the searcher
  • Have positive reviews
  • On-page SEO
  • Quality location citations

Since online directories will improve your local SEO, it is necessary that you get on board. We have compared the various online business directories in Singapore and below, you will find those that will improve your brand recognition and engagement.

Top Online Directories in Singapore (For Listing and Citations)

Before you go looking for online directories to publish your business listing and citations, you must do your first keep your house in order. Ensure that you have provided the information you would list the in a citation on your website, but not necessarily on every page. You should also ensure that the information is consistent on all the platforms that you have placed a business listing. This will be the best way to show potential customers that they can trust your business. Without further ado, let us get into it.

Yelp Singapore

According to Yelp, the site aims to connect people with local business. It allows users to post reviews as well as rate businesses and it is considered to be one of the best online directories in the world leave alone in Singapore. All you need to do is claim your business on Yelp, and create a business login. After this, you will be able to respond to reviews via direct message, add a link to your website and more.

Top Online Directories in Singapore (For Listing and Citations) 5

Yellow Pages Singapore

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Yellow Pages has to be the oldest business directory in the world. While you might be familiar with the hardcopy directory did you know they have an online version? Like Yelp, Yellow Pages Singapore offers you the chance to claim your business, and above that, you get a chance to advertise your business on the directory, as well as provide a free website audit. Other than showing where your business is located, Yellow Pages allows you to add your products to their product catalogue.

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Singapore Business Directory

This online directory offers more than a mere business listing. By claiming your business on the Singapore Business Directory, you can also add your social media links to your listing to increase your brand recognition. The directory has 17 main business categories, over 200 sub-categories, over 1900 listings, and more than 6400 registered users. It only allows registered users to post a listing, and you can register via email, or Twitter, or Facebook.


This directory not only allows you to list your business in Singapore, but you can get tips on the trends that are shaping the Singapore business environment. They have a one-off payment for your listing with the assurance that your listing will remain on the directory forever. They also undertake business comparisons and rank the best businesses in every niche in Singapore. You can find the benefits of listing with GrowBusiness on the plans and pricing section of their website.

Top Online Directories in Singapore (For Listing and Citations) g

Singapore Advice

Singapore Advice is not your everyday local business listing directory. It also offers a phone directory, and it goes to the extent of giving your business a free place page on their site. Listing is free, and it has a comprehensive listing process of all online directories. You get to add business keywords and categories to help in visibility.

Hot Frog

The site has around 140,000 people making 44,000 business enquires per month on average. Hot Frog allows you to not only list your business on the website, but you can update and edit your listing. The login process is easy and straightforward. They also provide business tips on the Small Business Hub that are geared toward improving your business practices.

Street Directory Singapore

The Street Directory Singapore has a map of Singapore that takes up a huge chunk of the site’s homepage showing as well as popups meant to show potential customers guides to their preferred businesses in Singapore. Better yet, you get to specify the district in which your business is located for a more localised search. Street Directory also allows you to update your listing when you have special offers and discounts. You can also view their Enterprise Solutions here. Be sure to use the Singaporean website since they offer directories for several countries.

ZipLeaf Singapore

This is one of the biggest online business directories in Singapore that offers consumers a means of finding local businesses. Other than providing the services in Singapore, ZipLeaf is available in 15 countries across the world. Despite this, they are keen to provide localised content for each country. Add your business to the directory for free, and update your listing as you grow your business.

Top Online Directories in Singapore (For Listing and Citations) h

Directory SG

The directory has a minimalistic design, and it might feel like it does not offer much promise. However, it is one of the biggest Singapore business directories, and all you need to do is sign up to submit your business listing. Directory SG has ten listing categories, and they also offer advertising services and exemplary customer support.


This is an international online business directory offering its services to 19 countries across the world. In Singapore, Simapages offers business listings for all industries, and thanks to their SEO strategy platforms, they have become one of the most preferred business listing platforms in Singapore. You will need to create an account to list your business and showcase your business to the world.

Yelu Singapore

Yelu is more than an online business directory in Singapore. As soon as you have listed your business on the site, and customers visited your business, they can leave reviews for the service and products you provide. You can add as much information about your business on the listing including images of your actual location and store. They have over 290,000 companies listed on the site and over 4,000 products to date. They have different citation listing plans with each coming with its unique benefits. You can also remove your company from the site whenever you want.

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Top Online Directories in Singapore (For Listing and Citations)

Times Business Directory

This directory provides a comprehensive compilation of businesses in Singapore including Singapore 1000 and SME 1000 companies. It is the ultimate site for businesses that want to increase the reach of their business. It is a highly acclaimed business directory and it is a member of the Times Publishing Group. Other than the particulars of your business, you will need to give the details of a contact person in your organisation during the registration process. Users also get to sample the trending news in Singapore right on the homepage.

Opendi Singapore

The site boasts of over 3 million unique visitors every month, and it is a perfect platform to list your business. The they offer free listings and the process is easy and straightforward. You will also need to give the details of the contact person in your organisation in addition to the business information.  It groups the business listings by location, and this ensures that you Opendi users can find your business with ease. Users also have the chance to leave reviews about your business, so be sure to provide value and excellent customer service.

Kompass Singapore

Kompass sorts all the listed companies into categories making it easier for users to find your business. The platform offers businesses access to a search tool that is organised by business sector and region. It has proved to be useful for locating new customers and scaling your business in the process. However, you need to constantly keep updating your business information to improve your chances of getting noticed by customers. Listing on Kompass Singapore is free of charge.

Tuugo Singapore

This platform has as many as 35 categories with a section of the recently added companies on the homepage. This could work in your favour since you will get hassle-free exposure, but only if you have created an appealing listing. Creating a listing for your business is free and creating your business page is a two-step process.


This platform offers you the chance to create a permanent business profile for free. It also allows customers to leave reviews of your business and this will help you identify the best business practices to uphold and those that you will need to change or discard.  You can create a business profile for your listing using your email address, or via Facebook after which the steps are is easy and straightforward.

Lesser-Known Online Directories Where You Can List Your Website

If you are a business owner, online entrepreneur, SEO professional, or a website designer in Singapore, you undoubtedly understand the importance of listing on well-known directories that are huge and frequented by online visitors. However, have you ever thought about other lesser known online directories that you can list your website? Here are some of them.


Using Skaffe, you will need to locate the best category that explains the service or product that you want to submit. You will then click “Suggest URL” and follow the guidelines on submission. The editors are interested in compliance with guidelines on submission, originality of content, and quality when reviewing submission requests. The option for free submission is processed within 30 days and is open during business hours.


GoGuides provides a simple submission service that costs $69.95 for a lifetime listing that is processed in 24 hours. All you need is to find a relevant directory category for your site and click the option that says “Add URL.”

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Best of the Web

It has a very simple submission process. Click on the button that says “Submit Site” at the top of each page, enter your website details (title, URL, description among others) and leave the rest to editors. The directory then reviews every submission for the quality of content then places the website in the relevant category. It offers a range of price options, and they have bulk submission deals for enterprise and agency clients. The directory provides a valuable resource on a particular subject matter due to the human review process.

If you want more exposure on the internet, these lesser known directories can offer invaluable help if you send quality traffic to listings and assist search engines in discovering new content. Are these great listings? Yes, they are. They can help your site rank better in search results and pull more customers on your side just like any other popular directory.

3 Actionable Tips to Improve Your Local Listings

In as much as listing your business on an online directory will help your local SEO, there are already thousands of business listed before you, and without a doubt, a thousand more will come after you. However, with the following tips, you will be able to improve your local listings and ensure you get maximum visibility.

Verify your Business Name, Address, and Phone

This is the first thing you ought to do to ensure that you improve your local citations. Besides this, your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) will also help you improve your local SEO with search engines since the data you provide is used in geo-targeted searches. To verify, ensure that your NAP is consistent on your website, social media platforms, and in all your listings.

Look for Local Links

This might be a tad bit difficult since you do not have much control over the links from local sources as you have on verifying your NAP. However, you can work on getting quality local links by joining the local chamber of commerce, hosting an event, giving interviews on the local media channels, participating in local networking groups, as well as sponsoring a local charity or sporting event.

Use Niche Online Directories

General online business directories can be too crowded to get you the visibility you need to grow your business. While the niche directories might be hard to come by, they will provide you with the proper visibility for when a customer is looking for the products and services in a certain niche. It will also help you in getting local links by virtue of being pooled together with other businesses in your niche.


While there is much desire to get the best SEO strategy for your website, local SEO also help in getting you the necessary organic traffic through geo-targeted searches. Local citation listings will also give your customers a means to contact you as well as help build your website’s authority with search engines.

These top online directories in Singapore (for citations and listing) are an inexpensive way to get the word out to potential customers about your business. Most of the directories will offer the listing for free, while others will charge a fee for advertising and increasing the visibility of your listing. Read more about Singapore digital marketing here. 



What are the classified ads for local citation in Singapore?

– Yelp Singapore
– Yellow Pages Singapore
– Singapore Business Directory
– GrowBusiness
– Singapore Advice
– Hot Frog
– Street Directory Singapore
– ZipLeaf Singapore
– Directory SG
– Simapages
– Yelu Singapore
– Times Business Directory
– Opendi Singapore
– Kompass Singapore
– Tuugo Singapore
– EnrollBusiness


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