The Top Online Classifieds Advertising Websites In Singapore

The Top Online Classifieds Advertising Websites In Singapore

Came here looking for places to find pre-owned goods? If so, here’s a list of top-rated ad posting platforms in Singapore.

Singapore is a great city-state, boasting rich and well-decorated history and culture. It’s one of the world’s classic, with a true meaning – which makes it a great place for business. From financial markets to domestic shopping centers, any imaginable business venture in Singapore stands a good chance to flourish.

Singapore people are tech-savvy, with an upward of 90% owning smartphones and about 84% having internet access. A clear proof that Singapore people both understand and make good use of internet-based services.

For Singapore business owners, the bulk of demand for their goods and services lies online. With big online demands, it makes more sense for them to target local markets – considering, that’s where the market is concentrated.

Hence the reason there are so many classified advertising platforms featuring all sorts of ads from almost all local regions in Singapore.

Here’s a list of the best of them:

Gumtree Singapore

Topping the list of the most popular and most visited classified ad platforms in Singapore is Gumtree. The site enjoys heavy traffic, which sees to it that it connects thousands of sellers and buyers in Singapore every month.

As an international platform, Gumtree also serves a number of other countries besides Singapore, including Ireland, United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa, Hong Kong, and Poland to name a few.

Outstanding features about the platform

  • The platform allows users to access seller’s contacts, including their phone number and email address. Users can also contact sellers directly on the platform using the contact form provided, even without signing up on the site.
  • Users don’t need an account to post ads on the platform
  • Posting ads is absolutely free
  • Marketers have the option to post up to 10 product images
  • The site has the friendliest user interface. Both sellers and buyers can intuitively tell where to find specific content or listing on the site.
  • It has both Android and iOS mobile apps, which allows users to access the ads via their smartphones.


STClassifieds is another well-known ad posting website in Singapore, having been first launched on March 24th, 2006. It’s as such considered one of the oldest classified ad posting websites in Singapore.

At the time, STClassifieds used to go by the name ST701 Shops, only to rebrand a couple of years later to what it is now.

Users have the option to either sell or buy new or used goods, including home furniture, computers, electronic products, fashion apparel, utensils, and baby and children items among others.

Features that make the platform special

  • Users can view the contacts of sellers including their phone number and email address. They’re also allowed to contact sellers via the contact form provided without even signing up for an account.
  • You don’t need an account to post your ad on the site.
  • Ad posting is free.
  • You’re allowed to post up to 10 photo images.
  • User-friendly interface, super easy to both use and navigate
  • Has a huge library of images that you can use as cover photos for your ads, just in case you haven’t taken one for your products or services.

Craigslist Singapore

Craigslist was first established in 1996, which makes it one of the oldest classified ad posting platforms – next to STClassifieds. The platform serves an upward of 700 cities in more than 70 counties, of which Singapore happens to be part.

What makes Craigslist standout is its ultra-simple site architecture. Speaking of which, users will intuitively have an easy time both using and understanding the site.

But perhaps more interesting is the fact that the site loads faster than almost all of the platforms it’s competing with.

What Makes this Platform Special?

  • Users are allowed to view sellers’ contacts – that’s their phone number and email address. They can also contact them on board without signing up for an account.
  • Users don’t need to sign up for an account to post ads.
  • Users don’t pay to post or view ads.
  • You can upload up to 24 images of your product.
  • The platform has a special category called personals where users can post or look for dating-related ads.

Locanto Singapore

Locanto is an internationally renowned classified ad platform. Established in 2006, the company has expanded to over 50 countries, offering their services to an upward of 1600 cities.

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In Singapore, the site would be set in 2007, and has greatly advanced to be considered one of the best-classified ads networks in Singapore.

Top Features of the platform

  • Again, sellers are allowed to share their phone numbers and email address with buyers. They can also be contacted directly on site using the contact form provided.
  • You don’t need an account to buy something or post an ad. You can however decide to sign up on a whim at zero cost.
  • Posting ads on the platform is free as well.
  • You’re allowed to upload up to 10 product images.
  • Listed Ads can be searched based on location. Users are allowed to place dating-related ads.
  • They have an Android or iOS app that users can download and be able to access the platform on their mobile devices at ease.
  • Flaunts a user-friendly interface that’s almost similar to Craigslist.

Singapore Expats

Singapore Expats is one of the leading classified ad posting websites in Singapore, and it’s all for a number of good reasons.

The first being it’s among the few ad posting websites in Singapore that also features a community forum. Besides classified ads, the platform also features a category for online dating and property listing.

All the services provided are completely free. But in order to post an Ad or contact a seller, you’ll be required to sign up with them — at no fee of course.

Key Features of the site

  • Users are required to sign up for a free account to post an Ad or contact a seller.
  • Classified Ads are 100 percent free, except for one category, “Share, Flat or Room for Sales,” which requires that you shell out $8 for every Ad you post.
  • Users are allowed to upload up to 5 images for every ad posted.

Claseek Singapore

This is among the most visited classifieds websites in Singapore. Claseek Singapore is a free user-generated classifieds platform that features a simplified interface that allows users to post products or go through products that have been listed by sellers. The site lets you search, buy, sell, or exchange products.

The site is beautifully segmented into various categories. Each category features different ads ranging from cars and jobs to housing and personals. This way, it is easy to post ads or find whatever you intend to buy.

Claseek Singapore similarly has an interactive platform that allows users with common interests to share information. The website is particularly helpful to sellers since they can customise their ads by incorporating videos and pictures. These ads can also be shared on various social media platforms to give them much-needed visibility.

Claseek Singapore Main Features

Arguably, the most notable feature about this classifieds website is its simple interface, which makes it easy to post ads and find products and services that you might be looking for. Once you log in to search for particular product or service listings, pop-ups will appear on your screen with suggestions of related products. This makes it easy for you to compare different products.

The site is also navigable, user-friendly, and optimised for mobile. This ensures that you quickly get whatever you are looking for without spending too much data. Once you click on an ad, you can easily access seller’s contacts thus making it easy for you to contact them. The site allows you to contact sellers via the platform even without creating an account.

Singapore Classifieds

Singapore Classifieds is one of the go-to websites for individuals who want to sell products and services online, buy, compare prices, or even window shop. This website provides a fresh and interactive online selling and buying experience, and it’s easy to understand why it is popular among Singaporeans.

Whether you are looking for vehicles, real estate, jobs, hotels, or even a date, Singapore Classifieds has it all. The simplified website is neatly laid-out thus making it easy to find whatever you are searching for.

Posting on Singapore Classifieds is free, and therefore, you don’t need to worry about spending an extra coin. Unlike most classifieds websites, which often look jumbled up, Singapore Classifieds is designed with product categories neatly segmented.

If you intend to place an ad, browse ads, or search ads, you don’t need to navigate through the entire site to find the relevant page. Likewise, Singapore Classifieds features a “Happenings” section, which comprises blogs with industry-related posts. Therefore, visiting the site goes beyond selling or buying products and services.

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Singapore Classifieds Main Features

The most incredible feature about this classifieds website is its basic looking and neat home page. Different product categories are listed, and you only need to click on whatever you are looking for to access dozens of listings.

Singapore Classifieds website is also broad given the fact that it covers dozens of products, which are divided into categories that are easily recognisable. There is also a mobile app version of the website, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The website similarly provides an easy-to-use service, which connects individual buyers and sellers and to businesses within their locality and beyond. This makes it even easier for them to either sell or buy products online.

RedAd Singapore

Despite being a relatively new classifieds website, RedAd India is the go-to platform for individuals looking to post ads, announcements, messages, and events. This website allows you to post ads relating to anything be it real estate, cars, auto parts, business and household services, dating, and everything in between.

RedAd Singapore connects millions of buyers and sellers and also brings on board dozens of service partners in one interactive and exciting platform. This classifieds service allows users to locate and see ads online besides helping sellers to reach prospective buyers. Therefore, it is the perfect platform for both consumers and advertisers.

Besides providing a platform for selling or buying goods and services, RedAd Singapore enables users to establish contacts for future business. The site also offers an array of other services including email forwarding and event calendars. Discussion forums are also provided on the site for the exchange of information among users.

On RedAd Singapore’s homepage, it is clearly stated that simplicity is the site’s philosophy. This is attested to by the minimalist appearance of the website, which makes it easy for anyone including first-time buyers/sellers to find their way around. Users can browse through different product categories without necessarily signing up.

Creating a user account on RedAd Singapore is free irrespective of whether you are a buyer or seller. The process of creating an account is straightforward and takes less than a minute since you only need to provide your email address and preferred password.

RedAd Singapore offers free classified services to Singaporean local users only. If you are an overseas advertiser, you will be required to pay up to $30 per month. Even so, you are guaranteed value for your money because the site gives you access to thousands of buyers in Singapore and beyond.

RedAd Singapore Main Features

The most exciting and exceptional thing about the RedAd Singapore classifieds website is its “Featured Hot Ads” and “Top 10 New Ads In Last 30 Mins” sections. This section contains new products, which have just been listed on the site. This way, you can quickly snap up products that have only recently entered the market.

The website also provides its users with links to sites that they might find useful including the weather channel and the revenue agency. Besides this, it is easy for buyers to search for ads within their locality and in other cities since the site’s search service is customizable. The site similarly had a fast and accurate multi-language translation service meant for users who do cannot speak or read Singapore’s native languages.

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It’s a Wrap

Singapore is one of the most developed and innovative countries in the world. For a country where 90 percent of its population can be found online, online promotion is a vital point in business success.

Posting classified ads is one of the ways you could promote your business online and get to boost up sales. There exist a lot of classified Ad posting websites in Singapore, but the list above covers only the best ones you’re likely to find.

For more information concerning classified Ads and how best you could use them to break sales, kindly consider contacting MediaOne for free classified and SEO consultation.



Free Online Classified Posting in Singapore?

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– STClassifieds
– Craigslist Singapore
– Locanto Singapore
– Singapore Expats
-Claseek Singapore

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