Top Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

Top Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

What is Omakase?

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Omakase, pronounced “Oh-Ma-Ka-Say” literally means “I trust you” in Japanese, and that’s you saying it to the chef in this context. An Omakase meal comprises multiple courses, all specially chosen and prepared by the chef, ensuring that the diner will get a unique experience.

Omakase originated from sushi restaurants and grew popular in the 1990s. This was due to the increasing number of people going into such restaurants and not know much about fish, which was the staple ingredient for most sushi dishes. Omakase was then introduced to save the customers from the trouble of thinking too hard about what to choose from the menu or the embarrassment of not knowing what’s the restaurant’s signature dishes.

Omakase has evolved over the years to be prevalent as part of Japanese culture. In Japan, Omakase is more than just a bespoke meal in a sushi restaurant, but an experience that you can request at every setting. From wine tasting to fashion (yes Omakase haircuts are a thing in Japan), though these ideals are not yet available in our local context.

How to enjoy an Omakase meal?

The first step to make sure you get to enjoy your Omakase meal, is to make a reservation at your preferred restaurant that provides Omakase dining. This will prevent disappointments such as being turned down at the front door when walking-in, which is often the case with popular Japanese restaurants.

Knowing what to expect too, will be a precursor to how much you enjoy the meal. Omakase menus often come with differing grades, where the higher the grade means more premium and exotic ingredients, and also more expensive the meal. Choosing the right fit in this case will mean you get to enjoy your meal with a peace of mind.

Usually, the chef will ask if there are any food allergies or dietary preferences, should they miss that out, be sure to sound that out to the restaurant. The chef will adjust the dish to suit your preference and you can be sure that you’re not missing out, as they will use equally premium ingredients, ensuring that you get a meal that is enjoyable and safe.

During the Omakase meal, the chef manages the pace of the dishes being served, and it is best to consume the dish immediately after it is served, as that’s the way the chef wants it to be eaten. Also, sushi dishes are often prepared by the chef with their intended amount of seasoning already in it, adding more on your own may not be a preferred choice by the eyes of most chef, since it’s Omakase that you’ve signed up for.

Sushi dishes, Omakase or not, are meant to be enjoyed in one bite, and especially so in Omakase. Since each dish is a masterpiece of the chef’s creativity, be sure to eat the sushi whole and savour the medley of tastes with each bite.

Omakase No-no’s

You may be tempted to ask the chef what is included in the dish prior to tasting it. While some chefs volunteer explaining the dish prior to serving (while they are preparing it), some don’t. However, it is only courteous to ask questions after finishing the dish, instead of before, which usually, they will be more than happy to share what fish they used, and what other exotic ingredient they added.

Ginger in Japanese meals are used as a palate cleanser between dishes and should at no point in time be used as a topping to your sushi dish (as tempting as it looks). Doing so will only invite frowns from the chef and maybe the other diners in the room too. A slice after a good one minute from the last dish is a proper gauge.

Sushi dishes prepared by the chef should already have wasabi in them. So, adding more on your own will only ruin the chef’s desired taste of the sushi. Hence, the only proper warrant for wasabi will be during the sashimi course, and do not mix the wasabi and soy sauce as that alters the flavour of both condiments and is a commonly observed faux pas.

There are more to Omakase dining etiquette, but do not let these rules deter you from experiencing some of the best dining experiences specially curated by chefs with an awareness of Japanese culture. Just keep these in mind, and dig in, enjoying a meal is never a sin, and every chef will be happy when their customers are happy.

Expected costs for an Omakase meal

Top quality ingredients are usually used in Omakase meals; hence they tend to belong to the pricier options in restaurants that provide them. A respectable and affordable Omakase can start from somewhere between 80-100 SGD, but it will not include some exotic ingredients, and definitely not wine or sake.

There are cheaper options, and there are definitely options that are way more expensive. However, the price does not necessarily correlate with the quality, as there are some cases of really good quality Omakase at the lower end of the price spectrum.

Why Omakase?

If you’re still not convinced, here’s more information on why Omakase beats the usual self-selected sushi choices.

The traditional Omakase has unlimited courses, with accompanying drinks (both alcoholic and not) that are poured generously. Your reaction to the opening course will set the tone for the rest of the courses, where the chef will construct right there and then.

In Singapore, most Omakase courses are pre-determined to an extent (due to the limitation of ingredients), but the beauty is in the interaction with the chef. Where they multi-task between preparing your dish and understanding your palate’s preferences, and if they find it appropriate, they may alter your subsequent dish slightly to give you a taste of their refined creativity.

When dining Omakase, it is best to be seated near or at the sushi bar. As each Omakase experience is a unique show on its own. With each dish being intricately pieced together, the presentation in Omakase dining is often remarkable. Also, seasonal variants of exquisite dishes provide the focal points that every diner may be enthusiastic to remember their meal with, think Kita Murasaki Uni alongside a generous serving of Ikura laid atop a complexly marbled Kobe Gunkan (yes, it is quite a mouthful).

Yes, if you’re wondering what numbers to call to book your next Omakase experience, below are the top few restaurants that offer you that experience that will have you craving for time and time again.

Hiryu Top Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

Omakase Restaurant


  • Impeccable ambience
  • Traditional dishes with a contemporary twist
Address 39 Tras St, Singapore 078978
Contact 6788 9188
Price Starting from $188++
Reviews 1. Mind totally blown away by the quality of food here. What an experience and I will strongly recommend this to anyone. Never regret.! 👍

2. Was blown away by Hiryu the first time I was there until today! The best omakase in town! It is a tradition now to have it once a month.

3. One of the finest Japanese Omakase in town. Come here on Monday and surprisingly packed with 2 rounds seating which I don’t really like. Invited by my colleagues and the sashimi and sushi was really fresh and tasty. One unique one is the last dishes of the bowl that consist of Uni, ikura, foie gras, grilled pork and truffle. However, I think the use of truffle for most of the dishes a little overwhelming! The ingredients used is premium and price is also premium !!! Due to the rush and we finished such premium dinner with 1 hour and a little disappointing of such rush!


OmakaseMasaaki Top Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

Omakase Restaurant


  • Ingredients air flown directly from Toyosu Market
  • Extravagant presentation and plating
Address 26 Beach Road, South Beach, B1-17, Singapore 189768
Contact 6388 1555
Price Starting from $180++ for lunch, $280++ for dinner
Reviews 1. This probably one of d best sushi eating experience i ever had and i do love sushi ! And surprisingly for its quality, the price seems 2 b reasonable because I have been in a number of compatible sushi restaurants which the prices have been exorbitant yet can’t match Masaaki quality. The only let down is the dessert but even then still above average. Service was excellent and i particularly liked the seating arrangement which a bit unusual yet innovative. Highly recommended 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

2. Was one of the very best Sushi experiences we have ever had in Singapore. Chef Masa San is a fun fella that has got a good sense of humour and is outrageously experienced. It is obvious that he absolutely loves what he does! Fantastic! Environment was fantastic. Service was great.

3. One of the sushi joints that has reignited my hope for great sushi in Singapore – enter Sushi Masaaki.
As we had picked the $250 lunch set, it came with an additional temaki (monkfish liver) and a special dish (hairy crab topped with uni). Truth be told, I could replace the special dish with like 3 servings of the monkfish liver hand roll. It was so flavorful and just different to the now “usual” hand rolls. Just downright tasty!
Other highlights were:
– Chawamushi: yes, you read that right. Great texture, packed with right amount of flavour and had quite a bit of kinder surprise within!
– Iwashi aka Sardine sushi: not usually a fan, this surprised me as it had zero of your usual “fishy-ness” caused by it being, well, sardine. Very flavorful, very clean. Very good.
– Sawara aka Spanish mackerel sushi: was smoked and paired with (not Japanese) mustard!
– Uni Ikura don had a different flavour as it was also mixed in with some Japanese pickles and that gave it its oomph as a differentiator to the other sushi joints
– having a Bincho-aburi styled sushi: all delightful!
Chef Masaaki was also friendly and generous with the portions. I sincerely hope he continues to be in the long term as one often find shrinking portions so 🤞🏼
Lastly, as with all sushi, the rice is a heck of an important component and IMHO, I think the sushi rice could be slightly improved to not disintegrate if you hold a sushi using your fingers. 😅


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Cho Omakase Top Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

Omakase Restaurant

Cho Omakase

  • Reasonable price
  • Beautiful presentation
  • Fresh and fine ingredients
Address 63 Chulia St, #01-03, Singapore 049514
Contact 6223 1276
Price Ranging between $50-150++
Reviews 1. Great quality lunch omakase for reasonable price! Even the lunch sets came with sashimi and ice cream. Food was good and the chef even came to check in on us after. Location and setting is good for team lunches.

2. Excellent food, affordable and great quality! Had a 5 course meal at a price you have to experience to judge yourself.
The portions is generous (chopsticks on bowl for reference). Other places you will get more rice than unagi – this is obviously not the case here.
Nice cozy place with very attentive staff, there was not a time we needed to ask for help. Nice place to host a simple business lunch.
Will definitely come back again to try other things … with friends.

3. Great ambience and friendly service! And the food was fresh and good too!


Shoukouwa Top Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

Omakase Restaurant

Shoukouwa Restaurant

  • 2 Michelin Stars
  • Large variety of dishes per set
  • Refined yet cozy ambience
Address 1 Fullerton Rd, #02-02A, One Fullerton, Singapore 049213
Contact 6423 9939
Price Starting from $480++
Reviews 1. I would actually give the place 6 stars because I’ve given other sushi places 5 stars and this is better. Totally deserving of its 2 Michelin stars. A lot of interesting fishes were featured, and each was executed perfectly. Service and ambience are also top-notched.

2. Undoubtedly the best Omakase experience you could get in Singapore. The sushi chef was incredibly professional, friendly and a master at his craft. The staff members were also attentive, highly knowledgeable and cordial.
The ingredients were very fresh and presented in unique and satisfying combinations. Would highly recommend and I hope to make a return visit soon.

3. We were very lucky to have the head chef to serve us when we dined at Shoukouwa on 8 July 2020.
The ingredients are so fresh and so thoughtfully prepared that it brings out the flavor of the food – we felt like heaven with every bite.
The food is best paired with sake. We had 十四代。It was smooth and sweet and flavorful.
Service is exceptional and we enjoyed our dining experience there. It’s unquestionably worth the 2-Michelin Star. We will definitely visit again.


Fukui Top Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

Omakase Restaurant

Fukui Omakase

  • Reasonable prices
  • High quality ingredients
  • Monthly refreshed menu
Address 25 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 238969
Contact 6509 0909
Price Starting from $88++ for lunch, $188++ for dinner
Reviews 1.Fukui Omakase certainly raised the bar on sushi prices in the city, giving cover to several other restaurants that specialise in omakase meals and need to charge enough to serve fish of the highest quality.
Head Chef Nick Pa’an’s craftsmanship, his relaxed, friendly mood, and the quality of his fish are unexcelled.
A truly unforgettable dining experience.2. One of the best Japanese food I’ve had, so fresh that it smells like the ocean , great balance of taste, Texture and presentation. Their uni just melt in my mouth. Their sushi is unique and tastes incredible. I loved every dish presented.

3. Service is very good, from the staff and the chef. Knowledgeable and very friendly to enquire what you want to know. Any request from us is all fulfilled. Very nice atmosphere. Good chill out place for drinks.


Shinzo Top Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

Omakase Restaurant

Shinzo Japanese Cuisine

  • Provides complimentary sake pairing
  • Reasonable prices (with cheaper offer options)
  • Friendly and hospitable staff
Address 17 Carpenter St, Singapore 059906
Contact 6438 2921
Price Starting from $80++ for lunch, $188++ for dinner
Reviews 1. A good Chef makes a whole lot difference to the food. Thank you Kevin San for serving us the best & quality sashimi every time we visit. You can feel the passion he has in making sushi or any creations that comes out from that delicate pair of hands.
Waitress are very attentive and clears away the empty plates immediately, and even refill your cup without having to prompt them.
Kevin never fail to amaze us every time we visit. He knows his ingredients well and how to keep them fresh and bring out the taste of the fish/food that he is serving.2. First Omakase and had to say it was a good experience. The service staff were very attentive and the food was exquisite. The chef even shared a sample portion of a dish not in our package. Clearly, was pleased with the entire experience along with the price point.3. Helmed by the ex-head chef of Sushi Jin, Chef Patrick delivers a beautiful omakase menu for those who dine at Shinzo. You can look forward to fresh premium ingredients, clean fresh falvours, artful plating, and warm service. It’s not one of those super stuffy japanese joints where everyone converses in whispers. Would highly recommend!


Kyuu Top Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

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Omakase Restaurant

KYUU by Sunshui

  • Robatayaki dishes (Japanese charcoal grill)
  • Extensive beverage menu
  • Contemporary setting and cozy ambience
Address 29 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089136
Contact 6221 7098
Price Starting from $129++
Reviews 1. The reason I came is coz of the fish roe overflow , really very impressive with salmon roe and sea urchin. Big portion with reasonable price, satisfied meal.

2. Great outing! Ambience was quiet enough for conversations and food was fresh and so tasty. Was surprised with the tomato, so unassuming yet bursting with flavours. Overflowing ikura don was a great final course before dessert of chocolate ice cream.

3. Their sea urchin and salmon roe taste sweeter and better than other places in Singapore. I wonder what sorcery they did but their food is so satisfying and impressive 😍. Highly recommended for a big meal and celebration.


Omakase Restaurant

Omakase By Maison Ikkoku

Address 20 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198885
Contact Tel: 6294 0078


Price $188++
Reviews 1. Don’t tell anybody about this little hidden gem!! 1f92d-1717486Awesome food, awesome service, awesome cocktails!! Really great music too 1f609-9664557
Just the kind of place you wish you owned yourself – will definitely come back…. SOON!

2. We have been fans of Maison Ikkoku – the cocktails and their food – for years, and were delighted that 10-course Omakase is back. The new Omakase did not disappoint. Ethan and his team had delivered again. The service, food and cocktails were excellent as always. We are looking forward to the relaxing of COVID restrictions and the music and atmosphere reviving. We will be back soon!

3. Bespoke cocktails and great sushi with excellent service, This is the place to go if you are looking for custom-made cocktails, good quality food  with excellence service. The mixologist will create unique cocktails base on your preference and it delivered exactly what we wanted. The food was great as each dish was prepared with attention to details.
The service staff is friendly and attentive.It makes our day an enjoyable one.


Kisho Top Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

Omakase Restaurant


  • Sake pairing
  • Toriyama Wagyu dishes
Address 29 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228224
Contact 6733 5251
Price Starting from $250++ for lunch, $450++ for dinner
Reviews 1. What an experience. Best Japanese Restaurant in Singapore for me. The uni especially top notch. Recommend to try the Grilled Unagi and Shirauko. So delicious. Will be definitely returning again in the future to try other selections.

2. I had the pleasure of dining at Ki-sho last saturday and had a tremendous experience.
Service was impeccable – kudos to the staff, they were top notch!
I opted for the $450 set and have to say it was worth every penny. The chef’s signature starter was the stand out starter for me as it was a truly innovative dish and thoughtfully executed. The rest of the starters were good but were not mind-blowing (just my 2 cents)
As for the sushi, the stand out dishes for me were the aburri otoro with matsutake mushrooms, abalone in liver sauce, king crab and all the uni dishes. These were some of the best uni you’ll ever get! Only 2 dishes that I was slightly disappointed with were the chutoro and otoro – they were not “melt in my mouth” however still decent by all means.
Ended the night with tamagoyaki and dessert and I’ve got to say the tamagoyaki was absolutely phenomenal!! It was savoury and sweet with a cake-like texture. Awesome!
All in all, I highly recommend Ki-sho as one of the best omakase restaurants in SG.

3. Really enjoyed the uni and wagyu beef while the caramelized tamago was really well done. Every dish was thoughtfully presented and while it was a pricey dinner, it’s a great place if you want a memorable Japanese meal.


Hakumai Top Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

Omakase Restaurant


  • Sushi and Sashimi
Address 10 Anson Rd, #01-50A International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Contact 6224 4790
Price Starting from $150++ for lunch, $168++ for dinner
Reviews 1. We’ve had the pleasure of being hosted by chef Bernard and Gary for the evening. The food and service for their Omakase set has been a great experience. Very personal, cozy service in addition to unique and delicious array of food.

2. Got the $168 omakase set – really value for money. The sashimi was so fresh and the sushi were fantastic! Especially love that the rice in each sushi was less than normal sushi and the fish slices were so big! Great service from Gary, Bernard and the staff.

3. Chef Gary is a delightful local guy who likes to humor us with local vibe. If u are not one who likes such vibe.. This place is not for u. Ordered Premium Omakase and were given generous cut of sashimi 😘


Shinji Top Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

Omakase Restaurant

Shinji by Kanesaka

  • Edo-style sushi
Address Carlton Hotel, 76 Bras Besah Rd, Singapore 189558

The St. Regis Singapore, 29 Tanglin Rd, Singapore 247911

Contact 6338 6131 (Carlton Hotel Singapore)

6884 8239 (The St. Regis Singapore)

Price Starting from $250++ for lunch, $300++ for dinner
Reviews 1. First omakase experience and boy was it mind blowing. Food was excellent and the service was top notch. Words can’t describe how amazing the meal was.

2. Absolutely worth every cent. Went for the 15 pieces option.
Go with your significant other and enjoy the full experience. Highly recommended to try at least once in your life.
Especially now, with the plastic screen on the sides. It feels like you got the chef full attention. I think the experience got enhanced with it.
The sushi 🍣 will win you over. And almost every piece is worth going there.

3. Thee best sushi meal in Singapore. amazing service, amazing food. Props to the place regarding consistency. Alcohol by the bottle being well priced is the icing on the cake!


Teppei Group Top Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

Omakase Restaurant

Teppei Japanese Restaurant

  • Tuna sashimi
  • Reasonable prices
Address 1 Tras Link, #01-18 Orchid Hotel, Singapore 078867
Contact 8831 5185
Price Starting from $80++
Reviews 1. Great omakase experience. Each dish the staff served was amazing. It’s a small place, staffs are very kind. Worth every dollar. Reservation is tough here so you must book super early.

2. The food quality standard is there and definitely worth the money spent, not to mention the creativity and efforts put in by the kitchen staff. The service was impeccable. Though it may be serving in small portions but summing up all the dishes with the main, it had actually filled our stomachs.
For dinner reservation, the waiting list might take up 1 to 2 months. It will be better to plan in advance if you are doing a meal there. So if you are bringing someone for a special occasion, it will be best to make plans in advance.

3. Great chirashi at a value for money price point! Chirashis are only available for lunch. Do come early if not you’d have to queue like I did. Sashimi is fresh and I had the crab special with uni, ikura, amebi and some crab mayo. The basic chirashi only goes for 15.10++! Seating is all counter-based so you get to see what the chef is doing. They serve free flow green tea along with side dishes too. The braised radish and carrots were really good, but do note that the side dishes arent exactly ‘free flow’ like they were before. When I asked for seconds on the side dishes my request went ignored and they only gave it to me on the second request and also only gave me one of the side dishes, claiming that the other side dishes were unavailable lol. I mean…. what a blatant lie but ok, I’ll still come back for the food. 5 star food but 2 star service so I guess 4 stars will do.


Tetsuya's Top Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

Omakase Restaurant

Waku Ghin

  • Nature-risque design and cozy ambience
  • 2 Michelin stars
  • Exclusive seasonal dishes
Address Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Level 2 Dining, L2-03, 2 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956
Contact 6688 8507
Price Starting from $450++
Reviews 1. Extremely expensive for the portions we got. We sat at the bar and ordered from the ala carte menu. The standout would have to be the Parma ham sandwich which tastes like an upgraded grilled cheese. I would like to specially mention the melon cocktail, which was really good, as they really put an entire slice of melon in there. I loved the fruity flavour so I’d be back for the drinks but not the food.

2. My friend and I visited their bar at 830pm for drinks and dessert. We each had one cocktail from their seasonal menu, and one from their regular menu. The drinks were well made, the service staff attentive and the bartender was happy to mix an off menu cocktail upon request.

3. Excellence on both service and food, detail explanation on each dish, the cooking in front of the guest are the plus point.
Well, good place to dine if you want to impress your guest, your lover or just simply to enjoy a quality meal.


Kaunta Top Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

Omakase Restaurant

Kaunta Singapore

  • Japanese hairy crab dishes
  • Reasonable prices
Address 11 Kee Seng St, #01-12 Onze, Singapore 089218
Contact 8788 3535
Price Starting from $50++ for lunch, $180++ for dinner
Reviews 1. The presentation and quality of food were definitely impressive. My friend and I happened to be the only customers there during that time slot and we got the full attention of the service staff – and hence we have no complains about the speed and quality of service. It was definitely a visual feast at Kaunta and the ingredients were mostly quite fresh. The only downside would be the price point – definitely head there to experience the beauty of their dishes or for a special occasion but I doubt I will return regularly.

2. Every dish was delicious. I went in for the lunch set and it was worth every penny $60 for 8 pieces of sushi, salad, hot dish, soup, and dessert. Service was great and the place is quite modern and upscale. Will definitely be coming back to try the limited Wagyu don (they make only 5 a day).

3. Awesome dinner omakase! First time having aged sushi. Wonderful journey from the appetizers to the sushi to the uni to the beef to the desserts. Thanks to Chef Peter!


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Sushi Kou Top Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

Omakase Restaurant

Sushi Kou

  • Edo-style sushi
  • Fresh and finest ingredients
Address 11 Cavenagh Rd, Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre #01-13/14, Singapore 229616
Contact 6235 5670
Price Starting from $380++
Reviews 1. Very upscale refined establishment, hard to reserve venue. But all is worth the wait and effort. Food is superb as better than most Japanese sushi restaurant in Japan itself. Service is excellent. They are posh on pricing, two can expect to spend at least a thousand dollars here after food & drinks especially if order sake or wine. After all the alcohol pairing will be worth the meal, leaving full satisfaction and closest you can get to Japan experience in Singapore when you can’t travel due to CoVid19 restrictions.

2. So much different this sushi restaurant “Sushi Kou”.
Everything delicious !
They are going to open two more brunch in singapore.
I hope getting easy to make reservation 🙏

3. Today we are finally come to Sushi Kou.
Waiting around 2 months.
Located at Holiday in hotel 1st floor.
I’m was surprised all service staff (lady) so cute and warm welcome 🙂
And they have lot of fine wine and sake.
I ask the sommelier he is Makoto san.
He is best Sommelier of Japan second runner up 2014.
He recommend to us “Juyondai Ryugetsu” ! It’s premium Juyondai he saying.
It was really finest and elegant style of sake.
Thank you Makoto san !!
For the omakase we enjoy “Itaru” menu.
They have 380, 450 and 600.
Really want to recommended ITARU menu. Super !
First course we had Chawanmushi serve with kegani crab and black truffle.
This was flavorful.
Please try to go sushi Kou.
I need to make reservation again 🙂


Sushi Airways Top Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

Omakase Restaurant

Sushi Airways

  • Airplane themed restaurant
  • Impeccable plating, colourful dishes
  • Sashimi dishes
Address 20A Baghdad St, Singapore 199659
Contact 6291 1151
Price Starting from $250++
Reviews 1. Best Japanese cuisine I’ve ever tasted so far. Once you have tried them, you probably won’t try the others. Fresh oysters with ponzu jelly and grilled lobster with uni sauce is a “must try” in the menu. Great service by the staffs too.

2. Very interesting restaurant with good food and service! It’s a pretty small restaurant with limited seats so best to make a reservation. The menu is pretty extensive – we absolutely loved the lobster, oyster, and the rolls. ALL were so good. Will definitely return. Came here for our anniversary and were also given a celebratory plate of cake and Japanese desserts.

3. Good dining experience, absolutely a must try Japanese Restaurant. Foods absolutely fresh just imagine getting the taste straight from sea. And foods presentation top notch, colorful decoration and unique way too. Services is good and fast , especially chef given his ample of time to explaining each of every dishes. Thank you.


Sushi Kimura Top Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

Omakase Restaurant

Sushi Kimura

  • Edo-style sushi
  • Sake and wine pairing
Address 390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance #01-07, Singapore 238871
Contact 6734 3520
Price Starting from $120++ for lunch, $330++ for dinner
Reviews 1. Food is really good. The sushi was all great and kimura-san is very attentive. Ensuring food is pushed at the right pace and taking the time to see if you need anything more.
Everything from the appetizer to sashimi to the tea at the end was great!2. This review is quite overdue but better late than never. Can easily say it was one of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had. Each dish was thoughtfully prepared and delicious. The chef did a great job of bringing ingredients together to make some truly fantastic dishes. Hope to be back again sometime soon.3. Some trendy restaurants like to pile truffle on top of uni on top of wagyu to get cheers from the customers, but Sushi Kimura stays with tradition, bringing out the best flavor of the ingredients, no gimmick, no pandering.
The ingredients are top notch, and fish tastes exactly how they’re supposed to taste, with the right texture and flavor. there’re even occasional nice little touches like ice vegetable in the sashimi, or lightly toasting of shirako which kicks the flavor up a notch.
Some reviewers complains there’s no surprises. I guess they’re right in the sense that the dishes are not flashy but they’re honest, faithful to tradition and done right! That’s what matters.


Sushijiro Top Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

Omakase Restaurant

Sushi Jiro

  • Simple, homely sushi dishes
  • Fresh and finest ingredients air-flown from Japan
Address 6 Raffles Blvd, #04-600 Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay, Singapore 039594 (Parkroyal Marina Bay)

2 Keppel Bay Vista #03=01, Marina at Keppel Bay, Singapore 098382 (Keppel Bay)

Contact 6445 3055 (Parkroyal)

6252 4333 (Keppel Bay)

Price Starting from $180++
Reviews 1. The service crew here are highly attentive and friendly. They always ensured that our cups were filled with tea. They provided our party of 6 with a partitioned, cosy room, which gave us lots of privacy. The cooked food (unagi, tempura, miso soup, chawamushi) here that we tried were only average but the service itself was worth 5 stars. I believe their sashimi would be great.

2. Don’t go here too late if you want to enjoy sushi omakase by the counter, otherwise, they will rush in making the dishes. We came 8:45pm and had 8-course sushi omakase. The quality was good, but service wasn’t as good as expected as interaction was minimum. I’ve had better experiences elsewhere and for the price, I think it makes sense to travel unless you want convenience and if you a hotel guest. Oh, there is $30 corkage fee if you bring wine. Something worth considering.

3. Had the Omakase. Was so so full, food was exquisite and it’s definitely worth the price! I personally don’t eat raw fish (I know some people are gasping), but to me, everything tasted amazing aburi-style and whats important is that it made me happy! Just some pictures of the courses we had.


Mizuya Top Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

Omakase Restaurant


  • Sushi
  • Whiskey
Address 11 Cavan Rd, #01-04 Cavan Suites, Singapore 209848
Contact 6721 9399
Price Starting from 138++ for lunch, 168++ for dinner
Reviews 1. Came here for a birthday and everything exceeded my expectation. It is a simple no nonsense place. The chef really put a lot of love into the dishes. The place is small and intimate, not over the top. Highly recommend and will definitely come back again.
Highlight of the night: all the dishes were good but the fatty tuna was the best!2. Yes to this omakase spot, by Singaporean chef Kenny Khoo. Excellent produce and meticulous attention to detail that made for an absolutely delectable meal. Love how unstuffy it was too, just Singaporean in vibe without any compromise to the quality and service we’ve come to associate with Japan 🙃. Just stuff more of that usuzukuri (hamachi with assorted toppings of caviar, bonito, and whatever that green thing is) into my body already! Will be back, for food and sake.3. The food is really of good quality but towards the end of our two hours dining time is a little rushed as next reservation group needs to come in. Sake has a good variety to choose from. The seating arrangement is all counter looking at the preparation space. Pretty tight spaces but overall spacing between customers is reasonable.


Takayama Top Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

Omakase Restaurant


  • Omotenashi dining concept (Japanese hospitality)
  • Abalone + Uni signature dish
Address 6A Shenton Way, #01-09/10 OUE Downtown Gallery, Singapore 068815
Contact Starting from $150++ for lunch, $280++ for dinner
Price 6224 0864

9168 2639 (Whatsapp)

Reviews 1. The room is very intimate and you’re able to watch/observe the chef working his magic on the food. The items are very fresh and the service is good too. Some items so simple yet tasty and I think this boils down to the great produce and power of the chef’s ability.
We were all so satisfied after the meal and would definitely return.2. First trip to Takayama and we are delighted to find good food and service. As it was a mini anniversary lunch between ourselves, the restaurant pleasantly surprised us with not only a cake but also helped to take photos of us with an in-house Polaroid.
Beyond their service, the food is well thought out in their serving sequence which resulted in a harmonious balance of a gourmet experience.3. It was a day of celebrations. Have been wanting to visit Takayama since last year November but they are fully booked. Finally booked for today 3 weeks ago and was not disappointed. Every dish was nicely plated and you can feel a flow of the theme… From light flavours to a deeper and richer taste. Their seafood and ingredients are mostly imported from Japan, different prefecture. They change menu every month to keep things fresh. I will recommend for special occasions, birthday and important business dinner.


Mizume Top Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

Omakase Restaurant

Mizume Japanese Dining

  • Seasonal dishes
  • A5 Omi beef dishes
Address 41 Hong Kong St, #01-01, Singapore 059680
Contact 6227 5188
Price Starting from 128++ for lunch, 188++ for dinner
Reviews 1. This is my favorite type of omakase – the food is of a high standard yet not without fun and some twists. The chefs are there to serve but are also approachable and engaging, as are the waitresses. I loved the sashimi and sushi – while they have the classic popular items, they also dare to introduce some fish I’ve not tried before. Such a great time

2. Great service and Chef Lawrence will make sure you are entertained. Even allowed to bring your own bottle. This is a place where you will feel at ease.

3. Great to meet Lawrence, a veteran in the Japanese fine dining for decades, in his new set up. Always amazing food, service and fun!


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