Top Network Infrastructure Companies in Singapore

top network infrastructure companies singapore

In an era of stiff business competition, businesses are investing in liquid and highly efficient networks to stay afloat. Availing a highly performing network to connect your employees, consumers, and locations improve productivity and keep your competitive advantage intact.

Today, a scalable network with built-in security is critical for any business. It’s crucial to partner with a network infrastructure provider that is serious about industry best practices, network access, and usability.

At the same time, business owners need to acknowledge that fact that business agility and profitability requires more than just talent. It requires a reliable, lean, and formidable network infrastructure.

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Without it, your business is likely to offer below par user experiences, and it may become vulnerable to external attacks. This makes it crucial for decision-makers to envision the importance of network infrastructure, possible challenges, and opportunities and how to maximise network elements for rapid growth.

What is Network Infrastructure?

Network infrastructure refers to the hardware and software resources used but people and organisations to capitalise on a particular technology. Modern businesses use a specific form of technology, whether it’s telecom connections, smartphones, desktops, and the internet.

To leverage technology, a company needs infrastructure components that range from cables, routers, switches, data centres, operating systems, and the like. These components facilitate technology connections internally and externally.

To better understand network infrastructure, it’s essential to know the primary elements. It consists of hardware, software, devices, and systems that enable communication between people, processes, services, and programs. Typically, it consists of networking hardware (switches, routers) networking software (Network operations>operating systems) and network services.

The lack of an efficient IT network infrastructure can have far-reaching implications in the future. A venture that is keen on rapid growth and development needs to have a robust infrastructure that supports business operations and processes progressively.

Differences between Network Infrastructure and IT Infrastructure?

The terms network infrastructure and IT infrastructure are used interchangeably. Whereas they can be misconstrued to mean the same thing, there are subtle differences between them. Network infrastructure is a core element of the IT infrastructure in an organisation.

IT infrastructure is a critical component that ensures business continuity, but it’s the network infrastructure that determines the performance and success of the IT infrastructure.

A company’s IT infrastructure consists of elements that facilitate the overall IT operations and functions. The infrastructure comprises of components such as:

  • Hardware-routers, switches, servers
  • Software-productivity, ERP, CRM, and data management applications.

The network infrastructure of an organisation consists of elements that facilitate the connectivity, network communication, and management of the enterprise network.

Network infrastructure maintains internal and external connectivity of core and peripheral systems. Network infrastructure is charged with maintaining connectivity with the software.

Network infrastructure has components including wireless routers, switches, LAN elements, and cables. Also, it comprises networking software, OS, network security applications, and firewalls. There are network services such as IP addressing, satellite, and wireless protocols.

Top Network Infrastructure Companies In Singapore

Top Network Infrastructure Companies in Singapore - X-TRA Communication Pte Ltd.

Network Infrastructure Service

X-TRA Communication Pte Ltd.

About X-TRA Communication is a reputable IT system integrator based in Singapore specializing in network infrastructure, security, mobility, and digital transformation.

The company offers reliable and trustworthy solutions that optimise clients’ IT infrastructure’s performance, security, and scalability. With a track record of over 20 years, customers can be confident in the expertise and reliability of their services.

  • End to end IT Network Infrastructure     
  • System and Network security
  • Structured cabling
  • Managed IT services
  • Project management
  • Network and System Maintenance
Address 202 Bedok South Avenue 1 Block B #03-11 Singapore 469332
Telephones (65) 64969199
Operating hours Weekdays 9 am-6 pm




Top Network Infrastructure Companies in Singapore - KG Sowers

Network Infrastructure Service

KG Sowers

About KG Sowers is an IT services provider dedicated to provisioning managed network solutions for business growth. The firm strives to be the leading IT, cloud, network, and professional service provider in South-east Asia.
  • Managed Desktop
  • IT Asset & Data Management
  • Premises Security
  • IT Equipment Rental
  • Backup Power Solutions
Address 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #08-33, LINK@AMK, Singapore 569139
Telephones (65) 6250 2083
Operating hours Weekdays 9 am-6 pm


Top Network Infrastructure Companies in Singapore - DS Global Technology

Network Infrastructure Service

DS Global Technology

About Consider DS Global Technology for your business network solutions in Singapore. The firm offers top-notch network infrastructure solutions and services. It helps businesses to stabilise and secure their networks through cutting edge infrastructure design and security.
  • Server Infrastructure Services
  • Network Infrastructure Services
  • Enterprise Storage Solutions
  • Cabling Solution
  • Unified Communications
Address 67 Ubi Road 1 #06-08 Oxley Bizhub Singapore 408730
Telephones (65) 6384 2864
Operating hours Weekdays 9 am-5 pm


Top Network Infrastructure Companies in Singapore - OTC

Network Infrastructure Service


About OTC is a reputable technology infrastructure hardware and software supplier in the South East Asia region. It focuses on individual business needs while providing IT, Cloud technology, and network automation services. OTC offers solutions based on market-specific and integration demands.
  • Networking and Servers
  • SCADA and PLC
  • Industrial IoT Hub and Gateway
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Machine To Machine services
Address 1 Ubi Crescent,#06-07 Number One Building Singapore 408563
Telephones (65) 6747-1670


Top Network Infrastructure Companies in Singapore - IT Solution

Network Infrastructure Service

IT Solution

About IT Solution provides a one-stop IT package for network implementation, system support server, LAN/WAN, and wireless service needs. The firm relies on skilled network specialists to offer infrastructure maintenance and support to Singaporean businesses. It has been providing cost-effective applications and network solutions since 2013.
  • IT Outsourcing Services
  • IT Managed Services
  • IT Desktop Support Services
  • IT Maintenance Services
  • IT Management Services
Address 51 Goldhill Plaza #07-07Singapore 308900
Telephones (65) 6690 3275
Operating hours Weekdays 930am-6pm


Top Network Infrastructure Companies in Singapore - SPTel

Network Infrastructure Service


About SPtel is a joint venture between ST Engineering and Singapore Power. It offers businesses the agility and flexibility of a professional network management company. It helps businesses to realise network resiliency and reliability for higher ROI.

It provides a differentiated design, unique fibre routes, and best-in-class enterprise infrastructure solutions.

  • Business Internet
  • Dark Fibre
  • Data Centre Interconnect
  • IoT-a-a-S
  • Managed Customer Premise Equipment
Address 3, Ang Mo Kio Electronics Park Road, #03-02 Singapore 567714
Telephones (65) 6602 8228
Operating hours Mon – Fri: 8.30 am – 6pm


Top Network Infrastructure Companies in Singapore - RedTech

Network Infrastructure Service


About RedTech is one of Singapore’s most established IT utility infrastructure providers.  Since 2000, the firm has provided critical IT and network infrastructure frameworks that businesses need to grow. Redtech offers deployment and maintenance of utility infrastructure, network infrastructure, and IT project management in Asia.
  • Fibre Network Design
  • Utility Network Maintenance
  • Red Utility Network Project Management
  • Red Utility Network Maintenance
  • Red IT Project Management
Address 100 Lor 23 Geylang, #09-01 D’Centennial Singapore 388398
Telephones (65) 6846 1784


Top Network Infrastructure Companies in Singapore - FunctionEight

Network Infrastructure Service


About FunctionEight caters to individual businesses and provides them with customised network design and infrastructure ere-engineering. The firm offers network services according to the business’s current needs and budget. It works with proven network methodologies to provide tailored services.
  • Outsourced IT Support
  • IT Support Consulting
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Website Development
  • Vendor Sourcing
Address 20 Cross Street #01-05/06 China Court Singapore 048422
Telephones (852) 2868 2855

(852) 2868 2844

Operating hours Weekdays 9 am-6 pm


Top Network Infrastructure Companies in Singapore - AcaPacific

Network Infrastructure Service


About Acapacific specialises in the provision of Network, Server, and Storage Infrastructure Solutions. It offers Singaporean businesses purpose-built network solutions to transform their growth. The firm provides solutions that allow you to optimise your network.

Acapacific enables SMEs and MNCs to meet the demands of a disrupted marketplace.

  • Cloud And Datacentre Solutions
  • Cyber Security Solutions
  • DevOps Solutions
  • Managed Service Provider Solutions
  • Network, Server, and Storage
Address 20 Upper Circular Road #03-01/05, The Riverwalk Singapore 058416
Telephones (65) 6536 1728
Operating hours Weekday 9 am-6 pm


Top Network Infrastructure Companies in Singapore - CommScope

Network Infrastructure Service


About CommScope helps businesses to leverage communication technology to optimise their networks. The firm helps enterprises to solve network architecture and bandwidth challenges. It offers professional cabling, fibre networking, and wireless infrastructure solutions for optimum network performance.
  • Broadband and Video Devices
  • Data Center and Fibre
  • Managed Networks
  • Network Transformation
  • Software and Integration
Address Cintech Bldg73 Science Pk Dr #01-14Singapore 118254


Telephones (65) 63035468
Operating hours Weekdays 830am-530pm


Top Network Infrastructure Companies in Singapore - CTC Global

Network Infrastructure Service

CTC Global

About CTC Global offers end-to-end IT solutions and network outsourcing services to Singaporean businesses. The firm relies on skilled IT experts to conceptualise, implement, and expand its technology offerings to local and overseas enterprises.

CTC Global is reputed for its proficiency in system integration, network infrastructure design, and implementation.

  • Infrastructure Services
  • Support Maintenance
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Data Management
  • Server Consolidation
Address 315 Alexandra Road, #02-01 Sime Darby Business Centre Singapore 159944
Telephones (65) 6701 1600


Top Network Infrastructure Companies in Singapore - Terrabit

Network Infrastructure Service


About Terrabit Networks is an ICT powerhouse in Singapore. The firm offers IT solutions in various disciplines. It provides network management, storage cloud, and network integration services across the APac region. Terabit helps businesses to monitor their networks, optimise their bandwidth, and leverage firewalls for increased security.
  • Structured Cabling
  • Wireless Network Infrastructure
  • Data Center Services
  • Systems Integration
  • Azure Cloud Infrastructure
Address 135, Joo Seng Road, PM Industrial Building, #05-04 Singapore, SG
Telephones (65) 6681 5658
Operating hours Weekdays 9 am-6 pm


Top Network Infrastructure Companies in Singapore - Sysnet

Network Infrastructure Service


About Sysnet is committed to providing top-notch solutions in different fields, including network integration, IT infrastructure, data centre set up, network infrastructure equipment installation, and the like. Sysnet stands out from other providers through the provision of competitive services and support to its clients.
  • Virtualisation Services
  • LAN/WAN Architecture
  • Enterprise System Management
  • Data Centre Consolidation
  • Server Consolidations
Address 237, Pandan Loop, #03-07, Westech Building, Singapore 128424.
Telephones (65) 67730273


Top Network Infrastructure Companies in Singapore - Genesis Networks

Network Infrastructure Service

Genesis Networks

About Genesis Networks provides professional deliver turnkey IT and network management services. It offers reliable installation, configuration consultancy, and supports services. Genesis provides excellent proprietary application capabilities and network integration expertise.

The firm helps businesses to capitalise on a single server and multiple server environments.

  • Data Centre
  • Enterprise Software Solutions
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Managed Services
  • Audit and Consulting
Address Blk 2, Kaki Bukit Avenue 1, #06-06, Singapore 417938
Telephones (65) 6848 2166
Operating hours Mon – Fri: 9AM – 7PM


Top Network Infrastructure Companies in Singapore - StarHub

Network Infrastructure Service


About StarHub has a strong presence in Singapore’s IT sector. It relies on a superb data centre network to offer businesses the resources needed for transformation and growth. It provides cost-effective network management solutions, reliable connectivity, and flexibility to manage various network devices and peripherals.
  • Broadband Backup
  • Data Centre
  • Cloud Services
  • International Connectivity
  • Network connectivity
Address 67 Ubi Avenue 1 #05-01 StarHub Green, Singapore 408942
Telephones (65) 6820 1631
Operating hours Mondays to Fridays from 9 am to 6 pm


Top Network Infrastructure Companies in Singapore - AsiaCloud

Network Infrastructure Service


About AsiaCloud provides managed workplace services that enable businesses to maximise their network resources. It helps companies to leverage network visibility for improved performance. AsiaCloud enables enterprises to monitor their networks and to capitalise on onsite support, back up and monitoring report.
  • Desktop and Server Management
  • Managed Print Service
  • Device as a Service
  • Managed Network
  • Backup as a Service
Address 15 Shaw Road, #05-02Singapore 367953
Telephones (65) 6471 6179
Operating hours Weekdays 830am-545pm


Top Network Infrastructure Companies in Singapore - Argentra

Network Infrastructure Service


About Argentra operates as a network integrator and IT distributor for top Singaporean businesses. The form helps companies to monitor their networks for future success. Argentra relies on skilled experts who work in tandem with client teams to identify and resolve network issues.
  • Asset Management
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Network Perimeter Security
  • Antivirus & Malware
Address 158 Kallang Way #07-01/02Performance Building Singapore 349245
Telephones (65)6846.2393
Operating hours Weekdays 9 am-6 pm


Top Network Infrastructure Companies in Singapore - RAMMP IT

Network Infrastructure Service


About RAMMP IT Solutions is a leading tech and IT consultancy ion Singapore. It acts as a one-stop-shop for Hardware, Software, Network Implementation, cloud, and LAN/ WAN solutions. RAMMP offers project management, system migration, and IoT consultancy services, among other IT related services.
  • Network Cabling
  • IT Consulting
  • Hardware Support
  • Software and Website
  • Cloud Solutions
Address #20-11 Tong Eng Building;101 Cecil Street Singapore 069533
Telephones (65) 6908 0668
Operating hours Monday to Friday, 9 am – 6 pm


Top Network Infrastructure Companies in Singapore - NTC Integration

Network Infrastructure Service

NTC Integration

About NTC Integration is an Aidas Group affiliate that provides IT services and network solutions to a cross-section of industries. NTC seeks to offer infrastructure solutions at affordable prices.
  • Network Infrastructure,
  • Cloud & Managed Services
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Enterprise Storage
  • Network & System Maintenance
Address Blk 1001 Jalan Bukit Merah #07-03 / 04 / 05 / 06 Redhill Industrial Estate Singapore 159455
Telephones (65) 6276 2823
Operating hours Weekdays 9 am-6 pm


Top Network Infrastructure Companies in Singapore - Inventivo

Network Infrastructure Service


About Inventive specialises in the provision of network infrastructure, cybersecurity, and storage infrastructure, cloud, and automation solutions in partnership with globally acclaimed vendors.

Inventive relies on a team of skilled IT professionals who are conversant in fields, including network cabling, firewall, storage set up, and network auditing, among others.

  • IT Infrastructure Implementation
  • Project Management Services
  • Network Audit Services
  • Networking and Cabling Services
  • Rack and Stack Services
Address 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62,#05-33 Link @ AMKSingapore 569139
Telephones (65) 6802 5364
Operating hours Weekdays 9 am-6 pm


Top Network Infrastructure Companies in Singapore - Primosys

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Network Infrastructure Service


About Primosys operates with the sole objective of providing the best-fit solutions to different verticals. The firm employs experts in the Systems/Infrastructure discipline and the Network and Security sector. It helps businesses to tackle issues such as network vulnerability, cloud issues, network monitoring, and sandboxing, among others.
  • Network & Security Services
  • Datacentre Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Office Relocation,
  • Hardware Maintenance
Address 69 Ubi Road 1, #09-23, Oxley Bizhub, Singapore 408731
Telephones (65) 8200 5677


Network Infrastructure Trends Shaping Singapore Businesses In 2024

IoT network segmentation and monitoring

IoT is shaking up business processes in 2020. The segmentation of IoT devices is likely to be a considerable concern for the network department. Secure micro-segment zones will enable IoT devices to run on the same corporate networks while reducing risks to the rest of the system.

5G for branch office connectivity

5G is already an encompassing topic from a mobile device connectivity viewpoint. Though a wireless concept, it’s set to influence businesses from a static branch office outlook. Network vendors will integrate 5G into their mobile gateways. It will facilitate rapid deployment as a game-changer though it will require stringent network security measures in the process.

Network automation

There is an increasing demand for rapidly deployed networking services. Network teams are likely to experience pressure trying to keep up with such demands. The advent of network automation tools will remedy the situation. Whether a business opts for vendor tools or open-source alternatives, it will be easy to execute duplicating deployments and repeating operational management tasks.

Security becomes central to infrastructure design

Today, network security is no longer a mainstay for network security experts. IT security is becoming an inbuilt resource right from the moment a network infrastructure concept is conceived. The increasing threats to network infrastructure posed by IoT and hybrid cloud environments mean that businesses need to prioritise security throughout their infrastructural frameworks.

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Why Network Infrastructure Is an Important IT Infrastructure Component

Although businesses will invest heavily in a reliable IT infrastructure, it’s crucial to have a robust network infrastructure. It’s the frameworks in the network that enable connection and communication. A secure network infrastructure guarantees the success of your organisation.

There are various network options in the market. They provide different levels of resilience. It’s crucial to think about the effects of such resilience on your businesses before you choose network infrastructure services. For excellent results, it pays to select a network infrastructure design that delivers utmost resilience.

One other reason why network infrastructure is a crucial component of your IT infrastructure is that it impacts your brand reputations, and you’re bottom-line too. At first, it might seem like a redundant expense, but it ends up making and saving your business money in the future. There is a catch to it since you need to have a resilient solution from a reputable networking solution provider.

Essential Elements of a Network Infrastructure

Network infrastructure devices are elements that facilitate the relay of data. Without these elements, your data network cannot function. These elements include:

  • Routers
    They forward traffic and allow devises and networks to communicate. They are crucial in a wireless network infrastructure.
  • Switches
    They’re used to connect your computer to a local area to enhance syncing and connectivity.
  • Hubs and bridges
    They’re used to transmit traffic to connected devices, and they can be used to turn multiple networks into a single network.
  • Gateways
    They facilitate connections to different types of networks.
  • Servers
    They play the server role to other computers, and they enable the generation of webpages in the connected devices
  • Cables
    A key component of your IT infrastructure. They’re used to transmit data between your computers. There are traditional and optical fibre cables.
  • Firewalls
    They regulate the flow of traffic according to network defined parameters and regulations. They are security and safety gateways.
  • Intrusion protection and prevention systems
    They secure your network from unauthorised access. They keep unauthorised devices or individuals from accessing the network.
  • A virtual private network or VPN
    Enables your business to link up with a secure or trusted network.
  • Operating Systems and Network Software
    Your network relies on the OS and dedicated network software to enable connected devices to perform optimally.

The Essence of Network Management Services Singapore Market

Convenient access to a business network is crucial. A business cannot afford extended network downtime given the adverse effects it leaves behind. With a network infrastructure provider in your corner, you don’t have to worry about downtimes or the availability of IT talents/staff. Here’s how your Singaporean businesses will benefit from network management services.

Access to Network Specialists

Your small startup will benefit from the input offered by network infrastructure experts. Engaging a company that provides network management services saves you the money you have to spend on in-house IT professionals. A network infrastructure firm will be committed to managing your network issues professionally.

Unmatched Expertise

IT talents that handle network infrastructure issues are in high demand. When your company decides to hire a network infrastructure provider, there is a guarantee that you’re getting top-notched experts with the best industry skills.

Routine Monitoring

Network issues can occur without notice. With a network management service provider, your business enjoys constant network monitoring. It becomes easy to identify and fix network issues before they run your operation down.

Optimised Processes

Network infrastructure services are broad. It could be network management, performance analysis, maintenance, and the like. With a network management provider on board, it’s easy to visualise performance and to optimise company-wide processes and productivity.

Benefits of Secure Network Infrastructure Services in Singapore

The modern Singaporean business emphasizes secure network infrastructure. It helps them to drive efficiency and streamline disaster recovery. Securing your business network infrastructure comes with benefits, including:


A safe network infrastructure reduces downtime and increases productivity. Businesses lose critical time to a myriad of IT and network problems. With a secure network infrastructure, it’s easy to keep cyberattacks at bay. Your companies will recover quickly in the event an attack occurs.

Peace of mind

Today, there are hundreds of data breaches that are occasioned by weak network infrastructure. Your business, regardless of its size, can remain safe from these malicious attacks if you consolidate the integrity of your network. A secure network infrastructure offers peace of mind even though it cannot guarantee a 100% system defense.

Risk reduction

Your business networks require a constant updating of its security. Workers are increasingly going for Bring Your Own Device-BYOD options. As such, it’s essential to invest in a secure network to reduce the threat and risk surface with such devices being connected to your system.

Long-term savings

Network security seems like a waste until disaster strikes. Though it’s an unwelcome short term expense, it helps to circumvent the runaway costs that come with a data breach or an extreme network security incident. With a secure network, your businesses stave off the possible lawsuit, and bad reputation issues brought about by network breaches.

Benefits of Outsourcing Network Infrastructure Services

Modern businesses are continuously looking for network infrastructure solutions that offer intelligent offerings to maximise the productivity of a more converged network. Here are the benefits of letting a network infrastructure company work for you.

Controlled network infrastructure costs

Investing in managed network services reduces the network’s operational, service, maintenance, and software costs significantly. Singaporean businesses that turn to managed network infrastructure services attest to a 25% reduction in their yearly IT budgets. Other than increased control, the network service provider takes care of the upgrades.

Active network maintenance and threat prevention

Managed network infrastructure service companies allow businesses to focus on core tasks. They provide optimal network availability, network speed, and flexibility. These providers have network infrastructure capacities that enable fast implementation and upgrades. They focus on recurrent, proactive, and intuitive network monitoring and preventative monitoring.

Enhanced network security

Managed network infrastructure services guarantee security for your business data and voice network. Professional providers offer businesses solutions that protect them against spam, virus’s network intrusions and malware.

High level of network availability

Businesses need to assess the level of network access needed for the smooth flow of data and access. It’s crucial to work with a provider that guarantees 99.99% uptime. If yours is a venture with high levee data access needs you need a service with exceptional levels of uptime.

Enhanced service quality

Businesses that seek network infrastructure services form reputable providers enjoy improved service quality. With improved call routing, network resource management, and voice quality, businesses will benefit from the increased output. Also, providers opt to run application-aware networks where issues can be solved on the go to maintain high performance.

Consideration When Planning a Network Infrastructure Upgrade

Once your business scales, there is a likelihood that you will outgrow your network infrastructure capacity. Upgrading the network isn’t a short term process. You need to factor future growth and the current state of things. Here are considerations to make.

Number of users and types of equipment

It’s important to assess the number of new users that the new infrastructure needs to support.  You need to review the servers, new devices, or users you expect to handle in the next 12 months at the minimum.

Expected Growth

There is a need to evaluate whether you want to establish a new office or you want to increase your staff. Check whether you want to start a remote office and whether it’s going to be a merger that will change the workplace and network dynamics.

Current Internet Connectivity

It’s important to review how your business connects to the internet. Consider whether you rely on an MSP or you have your equipment indoors. Check whether the MSP will require a hardware overhaul to facilitate upgrades.

Current network infrastructure and design

Bur infrastructure, assess your current network layout and infrastructure. Check the devices on the network and whether they have the right layout. Remember to take stock of the cabling and whether the physical infrastructure is right.

New requirements

It’s important to have a picture of the elements you need to purchase. Check whether you need VOIP capabilities, video conferencing, or a VPN if you are starting a remote office.

Security and privacy

For security purposes, check whether that inject the firewall is ideal and working. The integrated routers of today come with standalone firewall features efficiency and save you space. You may need to check whether you need to go wireless or whether you need to work with a combination of wireless and wired devices.

Tips When Choosing a Network Infrastructure Service Provider

Managing, securing, and monitoring the state of your network infrastructure isn’t an easy task. Some benefits come with hiring a managed network service firm. Here are things to consider when selecting a network infrastructure provider.

Network resilience

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Network providers claim that their networks are resilient, yet they cannot prove it. It’s essential to query their failover and self-healing options in advance. The provider needs to provide meshed and multi-optional infrastructure routes that guarantee data relay if one connection fails.

Multilayer Network Security

For guaranteed network security in the cloud, go with a provider that offers a multilayered security option. The service should safeguard both the cloud and the fibre network through which the data is relayed. They need to guarantee security for routers and other devices in the cloud or on-premise.

Network performance guarantee

Your business will enjoy efficiency if there are high network speeds and bandwidth. Your provider should demonstrate capacity with quality of service and network resource availability. They need to show how they deal with escalations and whether they’re conversant with growing user demand.

Network scalability and flexibility

Your network needs to accommodate the growing and evolving technology without investing in additional equipment. A [potential vendor should demonstrate a capacity to provide cloud services, data backup, and corporate VPN. Also, check whether the addition of these services will disrupt your current operations.

Network connectivity and integration options

Before choosing a network infrastructure provider, make sure that their SLA stipulates an end-to-end network management clause. The agreement should detail particulars regarding connectivity, network type, and reach. Additionally, check whether the provider provisions access circuit options, including fibre optic, Ethernet, and leased cables.

Automated monitoring and surveillance tools

You can differentiate a provider based on their diligence and proactive network management approach. Always check the kind of monitoring, detection, and reporting tools they employ. Providers with automated detection tools will maintain your uptime and network availability as agreed.

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