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Top Natural Gas Service Providers in Singapore

Top Natural Gas Service Providers in Singapore

Natural gas is a form of fossil fuel.

Like fossil fuels inclusive of coal or oil, natural gas derivatives came from plants, animals, or microorganisms which had lived millions of years before.


Drilling and Transportation

Natural gas gets measured in conventional cubic meters and metric cubic feet.

From 2009, the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimated roughly that the worldwide volume of natural gas reserves amounted to around 6,289 trillion cubic feet (tcf).

Most of gas reserves are found from the Middle East, 2,686 tcf in 2011, amounting to about 40 percent of overall global reserves.

Russia holds the second-largest volume of official reserves, containing 1,680 tcf within 2011.

The United States holds slightly over 4 percent of internationally held natural gas reserves.


Reading data from EIA, cumulative global consumption of dry natural gas from 2010 amounted to 112,920 billion cubic feet (bcf).

Within this year, USA registered total consumed reserves of more than 24,000 bcf, a larger volume than any nation.


Natural gas gets mostly extracted through drilling down into the Earth’s surface.

Utilizing the single vertical drill, the well gets limited by the gas reserves found under.

Hydraulic fracturing, horizontal drilling, acidizing refers to processes that broaden the volume of gas which a well could potentially reach, then subsequently stretching its productivity to maximum yield limits.

Still, these drillings could unleash fumes that are toxic to the environment.

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, refers to processes that slice through rock bases using high-pressure jet-streams of water, chemicals, with sand.

The sand props slice open rocks, which unleashes gas fumes that seep out externally, in order to trap, collect the gas.

Still, fracking demands massive volumes of water, that could dramatically lower an area’s water content reserves or drastically pollute aquatic reserves.

The procedure releases heavily toxic or very radioactive wastewater which, when not handled with proper care, could unleash, stain, and contaminate the underground trapped water reserves often taken for drinking, hygiene, or industrial and agricultural purposes.


apoil Top Natural Gas Service Providers in Singapore

Natural Gas Provider

AP Oil International

Specialty AP Oil International Limited, formerly known as Huan Chew Oil Trading Pte Ltd, was incorporated in 1975 as a lubricant distributor. They ventured into manufacturing in 1981, set up the first Singaporean-owned lubricant plant in the Republic. A milestone in 1988 was the establishment of Alpha Pacific Petroleum Pte Ltd.

Services: Premium quality gasoline, gasoline engine oil, Compressed Natural Gas Engine Oil, heavy duty gasoline & diesel engine oil, all-season gasoline engine oil

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 18, Pioneer Sector 1, Jurong. Singapore 628428
Telephone +65 6861 5503
Opening hours 8.30 am to 6 pm
Review 1 Good Lubricant
Review 2 Good factory for lube oil product
Review 3 Oil company engine oil


shell Top Natural Gas Service Providers in Singapore

Natural Gas Provider


Specialty Shell is an international energy company that aims to meet the world’s growing need for more and cleaner energy solutions in ways that are economically, environmentally, and socially responsible. Their strategy is to lead as an energy company by providing oil and gas, low-carbon energy as world’s energy system changes.

Services: Natural gas, cleaner-burning natural gas, renewable energy, lower-carbon fuel, cleanest-burning hydrocarbon

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address The Metropolis Tower 1, 9 N Buona Vista Dr, #10-01, 138588
Telephone +65-62353261
Opening hours 24/7
Review 1 Convenient location outside the city center.
Review 2 Shell @ Metropolis office is a great place to work!
Review 3 Nice!


lubrizol Top Natural Gas Service Providers in Singapore

Natural Gas Provider


Specialty The Lubrizol Additives segment partners with customers to address a wide variety of vehicle needs, including improving energy efficiency, reducing emissions, and enhancing engine reliability and durability for internal combustion engine and electric/hybrid vehicles. For industrial applications, Lubrizol additives enable efficient, reliable, durable equipment performance, delivery of natural gas, electricity.

Services: Industrial fluids, natural gas, electricity, Lubrizol additives, renewable energy

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 44 Tanjong Penjuru, Singapore 609032
Telephone +65-6264 1644
Opening hours 8 am to 6 pm
Review 1 Nice environment


chevron Top Natural Gas Service Providers in Singapore

Natural Gas Provider


Specialty Access to energy helps improve lives by driving human progress and enabling the benefits of modern society. That is why they are constantly working to provide reliable, affordable, and ever-cleaner energy for the millions around the world patronizing them. They are leaders in energy because they value responsibility, trust, integrity.

Services: Natural gas, condensate, clean-burning fuel, LNG, liquefied natural gas

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 210 Jln Buroh, Singapore 609831
Telephone +65-63181000
Opening hours 8 am to 6 pm
Review 1 Well maintained and safe working conditions in overall
Review 2 Compatible parking
Review 3 Good working environment…


cnooc Top Natural Gas Service Providers in Singapore

 Natural Gas Provider

CNOOC Limited

Specialty The Group is the largest producer of offshore crude oil and natural gas in China and one of the largest independent oil and gas exploration and production companies in the world. The Group mainly engages in exploration, development, production and sale of crude oil and natural gas, oil, gas assets.

Services: Crude oil, natural gas, independent oil, gas exploration, crude oil and natural gas production, oil, and gas assets

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 12 Marina Boulevard, #34-02, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, 018982
Telephone +65-6535 6995
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm


bp Top Natural Gas Service Providers in Singapore

Natural Gas Provider


Specialty Delivering value for bp, their shareholders and society. Their new business model is more integrated and faces the energy transition head on. They believe it can deliver for the changing demands of stakeholders, with an absolute focus on operational excellence, so that their businesses are efficient, an integrated energy business.

Services: Renewable energy, natural gas, Gas production, LNG supply growth, Inter-regional gas trade

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 31 Jurong Port Rd, Singapore 619115
Telephone +65-62680820
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm


reliance Top Natural Gas Service Providers in Singapore

Natural Gas Provider

Reliance Industries Limited

Specialty Their expertise lies in developing products and markets from ‘concept to fruition’ and beyond. Their constant focus on innovation has helped them to emerge as a trendsetter in various markets and be known worldwide for their unbeatable range of products. Their operations span from the exploration, production of oil, gas.

Services: Fluidized Catalytic Cracker (FCC), Coker, Alkylation, Refinery off gas (ROG) cracker, Pet coke gasification plants

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 27, Jolly Maker Chambers No. 2, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400021, India
Telephone +91-2222028581
Opening hours 10.30 am to 3.30 pm
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bb energy Top Natural Gas Service Providers in Singapore

Natural Gas Provider

BB Energy

Specialty BB Energy is among the world’s leading independent energy trading companies, with consolidated experience in trading, operations, chartering, logistics, storage, refining and financing. Trading 20 million metric tons (MT) of crude and products annually, BB Energy is one of the most active gasoil, gasoline, bitumen, fuel oil traders in the Mediterranean.

Services: Crude and petroleum products, gasoil, gasoline, bitumen, natural gas, fuel oil traders

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 3 Temasek Avenue #32 – 02 Centennial Tower Singapore 039190
Telephone +65 6333 1488
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm


spc Top Natural Gas Service Providers in Singapore

Natural Gas Provider


Specialty Founded in 1969, SPC has interests in oil and gas exploration and production, refining, shipping and distribution, marketing, and trading of crude and refined petroleum products. SPC is a reputable supplier of bunker fuel to international shipping companies at the Singapore port and jet fuel at international airports in Asia-Pacific.

Services: Oil and gas production, production, refining, shipping, distribution, marketing, trading of petroleum products

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 588 Sembawang Rd, Singapore 758448
Email +6567541770
Opening hours 24/7
Review 1 A convenient place to top up petrol before heading to town.
Review 2 If you have Everyday credit card – it’s a good place to fuel up your vehicle.
Review 3 Pump attendants always courteous, positive and friendly. The counter-staff are never fail to  be polite and patient.


union gas Top Natural Gas Service Providers in Singapore

Natural Gas Provider

Union Gas Holdings

Specialty Union Gas Holdings Limited (优联燃气控股有限公司) is an established provider of fuel products in Singapore with over 40 years of operating track record. Their businesses comprise Retail Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Diesel. They gained large scale client confidence.

Services: Retail Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Diesel, fuel products, Gas Retailer Licensee

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 3 Lorong Bakar Batu #07-04 Union Industrial Centre Singapore 348741
Telephone (+65) 6316 6666
Opening hours 7 am to 8 pm
Review 1 This morning called the office for delivery.. was delivered within 30mins.  Fast & good service from the staff who answered my call. The delivery guy  was also nice 🙂 . My family has used their services for few years.. recommended 👍👍


semb corp power Top Natural Gas Service Providers in Singapore

Natural Gas Provider


Specialty Over the last 15 years, they have powered businesses both large and small in Singapore. The beginning of their utilities business dates to 1995, when they made first utilities investment in Singapore. Overall, they were key to the success of Jurong Island as one of the world’s leading energy hubs.

Services: Natural gas, global energy transition, energy and utilities value chain, energy-from-waste, renewable energy

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 30 Hill Street, #02-01, S 179360
Telephone +65 6727 8833
Opening hours 9 am to 5 pm
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osaka gas Top Natural Gas Service Providers in Singapore

Natural Gas Provider

Osaka Gas

Specialty Osaka Gas Singapore Pte. Ltd.(OGS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Osaka Gas, was established in March 2013 to manage and operate gas and energy service businesses in South East Asia. Full-scale operation began when it acquired a 49% stake in City-OG Gas Energy Services Pte. Ltd., City Gas Pte Ltd.

Services: Natural gas, production, power generation, supply, sales, security of city gas

Pricing Request a quotation:[email protected]
Address 182 Cecil St, #31-02 Frasers Tower, Singapore 069547
Telephone +65-62212456
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm


slng Top Natural Gas Service Providers in Singapore

Natural Gas Provider


Specialty Before the LNG Terminal came into being, Singapore’s only option was to import natural gas via pipelines from Malaysia and Indonesia. The LNG Terminal is therefore critical to Singapore’s energy security, as it allows the country to import natural gas from just about anywhere in the world, looking after the security of supply.

Services: Natural Gas, security of supply, cost effectiveness, environmental friendliness, LNG Hub

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 991G Alexandra Road, #03-29C Singapore 119975
Email +65 6376 7856
Opening hours 8.30 am to 6 pm


concord Top Natural Gas Service Providers in Singapore

Natural Gas Provider

Concord Energy

Specialty From inception in 1998, Concord Energy Pte. Ltd. has grown to become one of Singapore and South East Asia’s leading crude oil and refined products trading companies. Today, based in Singapore, Concord Energy Group is a multi-billion-dollar organization that is constantly developing aspects of business, as an asset-based energy company.

Services: LPG trading, Propane De-Hydrogenation supply chain, LNG, LNG supply, trading, power generation

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 9 #53-02 Raffles Place, Republic Plaza, Singapore 048619
Email +65-6249 8888
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 Great team to work with, nice workplace.


gas hub Top Natural Gas Service Providers in Singapore

Natural Gas Provider

Gas Hub

Specialty Established since 1991, GasHub has a track record as a leading gas piping and engineering services specialist in Singapore. The company has established itself as a market player in both the public and private sectors. Today, the company has an integrated approach to achieve sustainable growth, create innovative energy solutions.

Services: Gas piping, engineering services specialist, energy solutions, eco-friendly, cost-effective energy provider

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 8 New Industrial Road #06-02 LHK 3 Building Singapore 536200
Telephone +65-6483 2777
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm


sgs Top Natural Gas Service Providers in Singapore

Natural Gas Provider


Specialty They offer spectrums of services from basic (pre)feasibility studies to full field static and dynamic modelling in the field of Underground Gas Storages. Additionally, services related to drilling and completion design of wells, monitoring of well integrity or micro-seismic monitoring are provided. Their strength lies in their strong interdisciplinary staff.

Services: Oil, gas industry, hydrocarbon recovery, Gas re-vaporization, Gas injection

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address OGC Jurong Laboratory 1 Seraya Avenue Jurong Island, 628208
Telephone +65 64174288
Opening hours 8.30 am to 6 pm
Review 1 Good company with good ppl 😉
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eni Top Natural Gas Service Providers in Singapore

Natural Gas Provider


Specialty They have been trading in petroleum products in the Far East since 2010. They operate in Singapore in the Gas & Power and Refining & Marketing and Chemicals sectors. Starting from 1st January 2021 EGEM acts in the international trading of gas, power, LNG, and Oil derivatives, petroleum products, biofuels.

Services: Gas & Power, LNG, Oil derivatives, petroleum products, biofuels, crude oil

Pricing  Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 391A Orchard Road Ngee Ann City, Tower A, #21-01/02/03/04 238873 – Singapore
Telephone (+65) 6672 7299
Opening hours 8.30 am to 5.30 pm


ocean energy Top Natural Gas Service Providers in Singapore

Natural Gas Provider

Ocean Energy

Specialty Ocean Energy Pte Ltd is a reputable oil and gas industry traders in Singapore. They procure comprehensive arrays of crude oil, petroleum products and petrochemical to meet diverse demands. Leveraging industry expertise, extensive industrial oil experience, they balance up global supply and demand using high-efficient sea transportation, natural gas supply.

Services: Oil and gas industry traders, crude oil, petroleum products, petrochemical, natural gas supply, distribution dealing

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 6 Temasek Blvd, #17-03/04 Suntec Tower, Four 038986
Telephone +65-6327 1160
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 great office environment!


sp group Top Natural Gas Service Providers in Singapore

Natural Gas Provider

SP Power

Specialty SP Group (SP) is a leading energy utilities company in Asia Pacific. Singapore Power (SP) is committed to delivering world-class electricity, gas network performance and superior market support services in Singapore, Australia. More than 1.6 million industrial, commercial, and residential customers in Singapore benefit from SP’s world-class transmission, energy distribution.

Services: Energy utilities company, electricity, gas network, electricity and gas transmission, world-class electricity

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 2 Kallang Sector, Singapore 349277
Telephone +65-69168888
Opening hours 8.30 am to 6 pm
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Review 2 No customer service whatsoever!
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Review 3 Very intelligent Business man Vijay Andy


exxon mobile Top Natural Gas Service Providers in Singapore

Natural Gas Provider


Specialty ExxonMobil, one of the largest publicly traded international oil and gas companies, uses technology and innovation to help meet the world’s growing energy needs. They hold an industry-leading inventory of resources and they are one of the world’s largest integrated refiners, marketers of petroleum products, chemical manufacturers, natural gas suppliers.

Services: Fuels, lubricant base stocks, 592,000-barrel-per-day (bpd) refinery, low-sulfur diesel, natural gas

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 18 Pioneer Rd, Singapore 628498
Email +65-66606000
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm



To add, fracking may bring micro-earthquakes.

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Many of such tremors remain far too minor to get detected at surface level, still certain geologists or environmentalists caution that such quakes could inflict structural damages to concrete or underground linkages of pipes with cables.

Horizontal drilling refers to methods of enlarging the size of the well without getting exposed to many pricey and environmentally destructive drilling practices.

Upon drilling deep below the Earth’s ground surface, drilling could be channeled to move adjacently—horizontally.

This enhances the well’s productivity in gas yield overall, and reduces the demand to create additional multiple drilling sites made below the ground surface.

Acidizing refers to processes of blending acidic components, then pouring them into the natural gas wells, that liquidate rocks that could be halting or blocking the release or external exhaust of gas.


Upon natural gas being extracted, this is very often channeled into pipelines which could measure from 2 to 60 inches in diameter.


Natural gas might then be chilled to around -162°C (-260°F) and dissolved into liquified natural gas, or LNG.

In liquid state, natural gas just inhabits only 1/600 of the volume of the gaseous state.

It may conveniently get stored or channeled to places with no built pipelines.


LNG gets channeled through the special insulated tanker, that retains the LNG within the boiling point.

If some of the LNG vaporizes, this gets released out into the storage space and taken to fuel the shipping vessel.

The United States ships LNG over from countries, like Trinidad and Tobago or Qatar.

However, the U.S. is now expanding their internal LNG production.


Consuming Natural Gas


While natural gas takes millions of years to reach mature stages of ripe growth, its energy was only harnessed recently within the recent past few thousand years.

From 500 BCE, Chinese engineers made fuel from natural gas seeping out from the Earth through developing bamboo pipelines.

Such pipes channeled gas for heating water.

From the later 1700s, British companies supplied natural gas for light streetlamps or homes.


Now, natural gas gets utilized in many ways for industrial, commercial, residential, or transportation uses.

The United States Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that natural gas could be close to 68 percent less expensive than electricity.


Within residential quarters, the most common use for natural gas is heating or cooking.

This is deployed to power home appliances inclusive of stoves, air conditioners, home heaters, external lighting, parking heaters, or laundry dryers.


Natural gas gets alternatively employed in much larger quantities.

The commercial areas, inclusive of restaurants or shopping malls, natural gas is highly efficient or economical method to fuel water heaters, space heaters, dryers, or stoves.


Natural gas gets utilized to heat, cool, and cook in industrial factory outlets, to add.

This gets alternatively employed in an assortment of processes inclusive of waste treatment, food processing, or refining metals, stone, clay, with petroleum.


Natural gas may alternatively get utilized as some added fuel for cars, buses, trucks, or more vehicles.

Now, available are more than 5 million natural gas vehicles (NGV) internationally, and over 150,000 cars in the United States.


While NGVs are pricier than gas-powered vehicles initially, they remain cheaper for refueling and remain the lowest-consuming vehicles internationally in general.

Gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicles release toxic and polluting gases including arsenic, nickel, and nitrogen oxides.

To compare, NGVs could release minor volumes of propane or butane, but emit 70 percent lower carbon monoxide out into atmosphere.


Utilizing modern technology of fuel cells, the energy using natural gas also gets employed to power electricity.

Rather than burning up natural gas to release energy, fuel cells generate electricity by causing electrochemical reaction chains.

Such reactions create water, heat, electricity without the usual concomitant toxic carbon gas emissions.


Gas Tariffs in Singapore

Gas Tariffs with Effect from 1 April 2021

Tariff Category      Gas Tariffs for the Period 1 April 2021 to 30 June 2021 (cents per kWh)

Exclusive of GST   Inclusive of GST

General Tariff        18.07      19.33

Bulk Tariff A

Minimum consumption 1,000 kWh of gas per month     16.99      18.18

Bulk Tariff B

Minimum consumption 50,000 kWh of gas per month     16.45      17.60

Note: The above tariffs inclusive of GST are rounded-off figures; current GST is 7%.

Singapore natural gas prices

Household, kWh  Business, kWh

Singapore Dollar 0.184      0.167

U.S. Dollar    0.138      0.125

The price of natural gas is 0.138 U.S. Dollar per kWh for households and 0.125 U.S. Dollar per kWh for businesses.


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