Top Motorcycle Insurance Providers in Singapore (Updated 2024)

Top Motorcycle Insurance Providers in Singapore

For enthusiasts who revel in the freedom of two wheels, navigating Singapore’s streets isn’t just about commuting; it’s a passion. Yet, with the thrill of the ride comes a set of risks unique to motorcycling. From navigating through traffic to the unforeseen mishaps that can occur, the road can be unforgiving, making motorcycle insurance not just a legal requirement but a crucial layer of protection for you and your motorcycle.

Legal Requirements and Coverage Options

Singapore’s laws are clear: operating a motorcycle without insurance isn’t just risky—it’s illegal. The Singapore Motor Vehicles (Third-Party Risks and Compensation) Act mandates insurance that covers at least third-party liabilities. The consequences of non-compliance are severe, with penalties including fines and potential jail time. But beyond legal compliance, choosing the right insurance safeguards against financial strain in the event of an accident.

Exploring Insurance Types: Finding Your Fit

Insurance for motorcycles mirrors that for cars, presenting three primary types: Third-party only, Third-party fire and theft, and Comprehensive. Each option caters to different needs and budgets, from the basic third-party coverage to comprehensive plans that offer extensive protection for both you and your motorcycle, covering everything from accident damages to theft.

The cost of insurance is influenced by multiple factors, including the rider’s age, motorcycle type, and riding history. Premiums reflect the level of risk assessed by the insurer, with younger riders or those with high-capacity engines often facing higher charges. Discounts and incentives, such as the No Claim Discount (NCD), reward safe riding practices, emphasizing the value of cautious and responsible riding.

With a plethora of insurance providers in Singapore, selecting the right policy requires research and comparison. Beyond comparing premiums, understanding the extent of coverage and how it aligns with your riding lifestyle is crucial. Advice from fellow riders and personalized quotes from insurers can provide insights into the best options for your needs, ensuring that your motorcycle and your passion for riding are well protected.

The Top Motorcycle Insurance Providers in Singapore this 2024

Selecting the best insurance plan requires thorough comparison and understanding of what each policy offers. Looking beyond premiums to the coverage extent, exclusions, and benefits is key. Engaging with the riding community for recommendations and obtaining personalized quotes from multiple insurers can aid in making an informed decision. Here are some motorcycle insurance providers to help you find the best insurance plan for your needs and budget:

fwd Top Motorcycle Insurance Providers in Singapore

Insurance Provider

FWD Insurance

About FWD Insurance revolutionizes motorcycle coverage in Singapore by intertwining innovation with customer-centric policies. Their approach prioritizes rider safety and satisfaction, making motorcycle insurance straightforward and rewarding.
  • Innovative Coverage Approach: FWD stands out for integrating customer feedback into their insurance products, ensuring policies are both practical and user-friendly.
  • Safety Rewards: Recognition for safe riders through unique incentives, such as a lifetime No Claim Discount (NCD) guarantee, highlights their commitment to promoting responsible riding.
  • Customer Flexibility: Offering policyholders the freedom to choose their preferred repair workshop showcases FWD’s dedication to accommodating individual preferences and needs.
  • Lifetime NCD Guarantee: A standout feature that ensures safe riders enjoy a perpetual 20% NCD, affirming FWD’s commitment to rewarding careful riding habits.
  • Comprehensive Rider Support: The inclusion of 24-hour roadside assistance and transportation costs coverage in case of an accident underlines FWD’s dedication to rider safety and convenience.
  • Flexible Workshop Options: Empowering policyholders with the choice of repair workshop, including FWD’s premium workshops, emphasizes the company’s focus on quality and customer satisfaction.
Address 6 Temasek Blvd, #18-01 Suntec Tower Four, Singapore 038986
Telephone 65 6820 8888
Operating Hours Mon – Fri: 9am – 6pm
Review 1 “FWD’s lifetime NCD guarantee is a game-changer for me. Knowing that my careful riding is rewarded with consistent savings on my premiums gives me peace of mind.”
Review 2 “After an accident, I was stressed about the logistics, but FWD covered the transportation costs immediately. It’s comforting to know I have reliable support when I need it most.”
Review 3 “Choosing my own repair workshop without compromising on the quality of repairs was something I hadn’t found with other insurers. FWD truly puts their policyholders’ preferences first.”


income Top Motorcycle Insurance Providers in Singapore

Insurance Provider

NTUC Income

About Income’s Motorcycle Insurance stands as a beacon of reliability, offering riders in Singapore comprehensive and cost-effective coverage coupled with unparalleled convenience. Through its unique accident assistance and array of value-added services, Income ensures that motorcyclists ride with confidence, fully protected against the unforeseen.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Tailored to meet the needs of every rider, Income’s policies offer extensive protection against accidents, theft, and third-party damages.
  • Orange Force Assistance: Exclusive to Income, Orange Force delivers rapid roadside accident support across Singapore, ensuring help is always within reach.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Understanding the diverse financial situations of its customers, Income provides flexible payment plans, making insurance accessible to all.
  • Exclusive Roadside Assistance: Orange Force sets Income apart by offering dedicated accident response within minutes, showcasing their commitment to rider safety and support.
  • Customizable Plans: Choice of Coverage tailored to individual riding habits and needs, allowing riders to select the plan that best suits them.
  • Added Financial Benefits: Flexible Payments and Personal Accident Benefits emphasize Income’s dedication to offering not just insurance, but a comprehensive financial safety net for riders.
  • 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #03-18/19 AMK Hub, Singapore 569933
  • 75 Bras Basah Road, Income Centre, Singapore 189557
  • 3 Gateway Drive, #02-40B, Singapore 608532
  • 2 Tampines Central 6, #01-01 Income at Tampines Point, Singapore 529483
  • 900 Woodlands Drive #05-06, Woodlands Civic Centre, Singapore 730900
  • 11 Bedok North Street 1, #01-32 Heartbeat@ Bedok, Singapore 469662
  • 63 Jurong West Central 3, #B1-51/52/53 JP2, Jurong Point Shopping Centre, Singapore 648331
Telephone  65 6789 9595
Operating Hours Mon – Fri: 8.30am – 6.30pm
Review 1 “The rapid response from Orange Force after my accident was exceptional. It’s comforting to know such immediate assistance is just a call away.”
Review 2 “Income’s Motorcycle Insurance gave me the flexibility to choose a plan that matched my budget without compromising on coverage. Their installment payment option was a lifesaver.”
Review 3 “Knowing I’m covered for up to $500,000 in third-party property damages provides me immense peace of mind while navigating Singapore’s busy streets.”


direct Asia Top Motorcycle Insurance Providers in Singapore

Insurance Provider

Direct Asia Insurance

About DirectAsia Motorcycle Insurance empowers riders in Singapore with tailored insurance solutions designed for every level of protection. With a focus on flexibility and customer choice, they offer a range of cover types to suit diverse riding habits and preferences.
  • Tailored Insurance Options: DirectAsia presents a choice of three insurance cover types, allowing riders to select the level of protection that suits their needs.
  • Flexible Benefits: A variety of optional benefits are available, including NCD Protector Plus and 24-hour roadside assistance, providing riders with additional layers of security.
  • Customer-Centric Policies: DirectAsia is committed to offering policies that meet the individual needs of riders, ensuring a personalized insurance experience.
  • Comprehensive Cover Range: From Third Party Only to Full Comprehensive insurance, DirectAsia covers all bases, providing everything from basic liability to full protection including own damage, theft, and natural disasters.
  • Optional Benefits Enhancement: Flexible Add-Ons like medical expenses, personal accident coverage, and NCD Protector Plus, cater to the unique needs of each rider, enhancing the standard insurance package.
  • NCD Protector Plus: A unique offering that allows policyholders to maintain their NCD status even after making a claim, underlining DirectAsia’s dedication to rewarding safe riding practices.
Address 20 Anson Rd, #08-01, Singapore 079912
Contact Telephone: 65 6665 5555


Operating Hours Mon – Fri: 8am – 8pm
Review 1 “Choosing DirectAsia was the best decision for my riding needs. Their flexible policy options and NCD Protector Plus really set them apart.”
Review 2 “After my bike was damaged in a fire, filing a claim with DirectAsia was straightforward and hassle-free. Their team was supportive throughout the process.”
Review 3 “The 24-hour roadside assistance has been a lifesaver more than once. It’s reassuring to know that help is just a phone call away, anytime, anywhere.”


markel international Top Motorcycle Insurance Providers in Singapore

Insurance Provider


About Markel Insurance offers robust protection tailored for every rider’s needs, from daily commuters to weekend warriors. They specialize in comprehensive solutions that safeguard your journey and your investment, ensuring peace of mind regardless of where the road takes you.
  • Robust Protection: Their policies are designed to cover a wide range of incidents, ensuring your rides are worry-free.
  • Flexible Coverage Options: Choose from collision, comprehensive, and uninsured/underinsured motorist property damage coverages to match your specific needs.
  • Dedicated Support: Their team of experts is always ready to assist, offering guidance and help whenever you need it.
  • Collision Coverage: Protects your bike in accidents involving collision or upset, providing peace of mind in diverse situations.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Offers protection against non-collision events such as theft, fire, and vandalism, ensuring your investment is safe no matter what.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Property Damage: Ensures you’re covered if the other party in an accident lacks sufficient insurance, bridging the financial gap.
  • Settlement Types: Tailored settlement options including actual cash value, replacement cost, and agreed value, allow you to choose the best fit for your motorcycle’s value and your expectations.
  • Deductible Choices: Flexible deductible options help you balance premium costs with out-of-pocket expenses in case of a claim, including the possibility of a diminishing deductible for ongoing loyalty and safe driving.
Address 138 Market Street, #04-02 CapitaGreen, 048946
Telephone 65 6388 3000
Operating Hours Mon – Fri: 9am – 6pm
Review 1 “The comprehensive coverage was a lifesaver when my bike was stolen. The claim process was straightforward, and the support team was incredibly helpful throughout.”
Review 2 “After an accident with an uninsured driver, I was relieved to find out my policy covered the damages fully. The peace of mind this insurance provides is priceless.”
Review 3 “Opting for the agreed value settlement was the best choice for my custom bike. Knowing I’d get the full agreed amount in case of a total loss gave me immense confidence on the road.”


etiqa Top Motorcycle Insurance Providers in Singapore

Insurance Provider

Etiqa Insurance

About ePROTECT motorcycle insurance by Tiq by Etiqa Insurance offers a shield of confidence for riders, ensuring every journey begins with peace of mind. With a spectrum of coverage options tailored to meet diverse needs, they provide comprehensive protection that keeps you focused on the joy of riding.
  • Tailored Coverage Options: From comprehensive to third-party only plans, ePROTECT accommodates every rider’s insurance needs.
  • Overseas Assurance: Unique coverage for vehicle theft outside Singapore, offering global peace of mind.
  • Substantial Third-Party Protection: Up to S$500,000 coverage for third-party property loss or damage, ensuring significant financial protection.
  • Legal Support: Coverage includes legal costs and expenses, supporting your interests in the aftermath of an incident.
  • Comprehensive Benefits: The comprehensive plan not only covers accidental loss or damage but also extends to theft and fire, providing a blanket of security for your motorcycle.
  • Overseas Vehicle Theft Coverage: Specialized protection for motorcycles stolen outside Singapore, reflecting their understanding of riders’ concerns beyond local shores.
  • Enhanced Third-Party Liability: Guarantees up to S$500,000 in coverage for third-party property damage, a testament to their commitment to comprehensive financial protection.
  • Customized Policy Excess: Flexible policy excess starting from $300, allowing policyholders to choose the level that best suits their risk preference and financial situation.
Address 16 Raffles Quay, Hong Leong Building, #01-04A, Singapore 048581

Telephone: 65 6887 8777


Operating Hours Mon – Fri: 8.30am – 5.30pm
Review 1 “Switching to ePROTECT was a no-brainer for me. The comprehensive coverage gives me total peace of mind, whether I’m riding around Singapore or parked overseas.”
Review 2 “I was amazed at the level of coverage ePROTECT offers, especially the S$500,000 for third-party property damage. It’s reassuring to know I’m that well protected.”
Review 3 “After my motorcycle was stolen abroad, I never thought I’d see any compensation. ePROTECT’s overseas theft coverage was a lifesaver. The claim process was straightforward, and the support team was incredibly helpful.”


Top Motorcycle Insurance Providers in Singapore (Updated 2024) 1

Insurance Provider

Budget Direct Insurance

About Budget Direct Insurance offers motorcycle insurance that’s not only tailored to the unique needs of riders in Singapore but also comes with the option to insure additional gear such as helmets, boots, and protectors. Their commitment to affordability and 24/7 support ensures riders are well-protected at all times, without breaking the bank.
  • Tailored Solutions: Policies designed to meet the specific requirements of individual riders, ensuring a perfect fit for your insurance needs.
  • Gear Coverage: Unique option to insure your riding gear, providing comprehensive protection for both you and your equipment.
  • 24/7 Support: Round-the-clock assistance ensures help is always at hand, whether you’re on the road or have an after-hours emergency.
  • Direct Savings: With no agent commissions, Budget Direct Insurance passes the savings directly to you, making their policies both high-quality and cost-effective.
  • Online Premium Calculation: The convenience of calculating your premium online, allowing you to understand your potential costs upfront.
  • Comprehensive Options: From Comprehensive Coverage for total peace of mind to Basic Third Party Only plans for budget-conscious bikers, there’s a plan for every rider.
  • Flexible Usage Plans: Whether your motorcycle is for private, commuting, or business use, Budget Direct tailors your coverage to match your lifestyle.
  • Authorized Workshop Network: Repairs at authorized workshops come with a 12-month guarantee, with the flexibility to choose your preferred workshop from their extensive list.
  • Paperless Discounts: Opting for a paperless policy not only benefits the environment but also provides a direct discount on your premium.
Address 8 Shenton Way, #24-01 AXA Tower, Singapore 068811
Telephone 65 6880 4888
Operating Hours Mon – Fri: 9am – 5.30pm
Review 1 “Budget Direct’s comprehensive plan covers everything I need, from my bike to my gear. Calculating my premium online was a breeze, and the savings were a pleasant surprise.”
Review 2 “The 24/7 support team was a game-changer when I had an accident late at night. Knowing they’re always there gives me so much confidence on the road.”
Review 3 “Opting for the Named Rider Plan saved me money while still covering my spouse. Budget Direct really understands bikers’ needs and offers solutions that fit perfectly.”


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HL Assurance Top Motorcycle Insurance Providers in Singapore

Insurance Provider

HL Assurance

About HL Assurance introduces Motorcycle Protect 360, offering riders in Singapore a tailored insurance solution that combines comprehensive coverage with affordable premiums. Recognizing the importance of both rider and motorcycle protection, they ensure peace of mind with policies designed for the modern rider.
  • Extensive Coverage: Ensures complete protection for riders, their families, and motorcycles, emphasizing safety and security on every journey.
  • Personal Accident Cover: Provides up to S$20,000 in personal accident coverage, alongside additional medical expenses for accidents, ensuring well-rounded financial protection.
  • Exclusive Promotions: Rewards policyholders with free motorcycle servicing or grooming, adding value beyond traditional insurance benefits.
  • High Medical Coverage: A standout feature providing substantial financial protection against personal accidents and covering additional medical expenses.
  • Daily Transport Allowance: Eases the burden of transportation when your motorcycle undergoes repairs, reflecting a deep understanding of rider needs.
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance: Ensures help is always available, demonstrating HL Assurance’s commitment to safety and convenience for all riders.
  • Servicing Promotion: Adds an extra layer of care for your motorcycle, offering servicing or grooming as part of the insurance package, showcasing their dedication to maintaining your motorcycle’s condition.
Address 11 Keppel Rd, #11-01 ABI plaza, Singapore 089057
Telephone 65 6702 0202
Operating Hours Mon – Fri: 9am – 6pm
Review 1 “The personal accident cover and medical expenses benefit were major deciding factors for me. HL Assurance truly prioritizes rider safety.”
Review 2 “Receiving a daily transport allowance when my bike was in the shop made a huge difference. It’s clear that HL Assurance understands what riders go through.”
Review 3 “The 24/7 roadside assistance has been invaluable. Knowing I can count on help at any time gives me immense confidence on the road.”


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AIG Top Motorcycle Insurance Providers in Singapore

Insurance Provider

AIG Insurance

About AIG Car Insurance Complete provides robust coverage options for car owners seeking comprehensive protection. This plan stands out by offering immediate coverage upon purchase, along with enticing benefits such as vouchers and complimentary home contents insurance, highlighting AIG’s commitment to delivering more than just auto insurance.
  • Immediate Coverage: Sign up now and enjoy the convenience of instant protection for your vehicle.
  • Value-Added Benefits: Qualify for up to $400 in vouchers and complimentary home contents insurance, enhancing your insurance package.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Covers a wide range of events from accidents, fire, and theft to Acts of God and civil commotions, ensuring a broad safety net.
  • Extensive Third-Party Coverage: Offers unlimited cover for third-party bodily injury and up to S$5,000,000 for third-party property damage.
  • Authorized Workshop Network: Ensures that repairs are carried out at AIG-approved workshops, guaranteeing quality service.
  • Own Damage and Fire Coverage: Provides peace of mind with coverage for damages or losses from accidents and fire.
  • Authorised Driver Flexibility: Covers any driver within your household holding a valid license and permission to drive, emphasizing inclusivity and convenience.
  • Excess Waiver Incentive: Offers an excess waiver of up to S$1,000 for sharing in-car camera footage, promoting responsible driving and claims accuracy.
  • Act of God Protection: Unique coverage for natural disasters, providing an extra layer of security against unpredictable events.
Address 78 Shenton Way, #09-16 AIG Building, Singapore 079120
Telephone 65 6419 3000
Operating Hours Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm
Review 1 “After switching to AIG, the immediate cover feature was a lifesaver when I needed insurance in a pinch. Plus, the vouchers were a nice bonus!”
Review 2 “The comprehensive coverage from AIG has been exceptional. Whether it was a minor accident or damage from a storm, I felt fully protected.”
Review 3 “AIG’s authorized workshop network made my repair process smooth and hassle-free. Knowing my car is repaired by trusted professionals gives me great confidence.”


Sompo Insurance Top Motorcycle Insurance Providers in Singapore

Insurance Provider

Sompo Insurance

About Sompo Motorcycle Insurance offers a comprehensive safety net for riders, ensuring swift and efficient handling of claims with a focus on convenience and clarity. Their process is designed to minimize hassle for policyholders, from accident scene management to claim submission and processing.
  • Efficient Claim Process: Sompo ensures a quick acknowledgment and processing of claims, aiming for a smooth and stress-free experience for policyholders.
  • Guided Accident Handling: Clear instructions for steps to take post-accident help riders manage the situation effectively without compromising their claim.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Offers detailed guidelines for various types of claims including Own Damage and Third Party, ensuring riders understand their coverage scope.
  • Prompt Service Commitment: Claims are acknowledged within 3 working days with a commitment to authorize repairs swiftly, highlighting their focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Mandatory Reporting Support: Emphasizes the importance of timely accident reporting to protect No Claim Discount (NCD) and facilitate the claim process.
  • Accident Reporting Guidance: Detailed advice for immediate actions post-accident, including police report requirements to safeguard policy benefits.
  • Flexible Claim Submission: Offers multiple channels for claim submission, including e-filing through authorized workshops and direct email communication, catering to the convenience of policyholders.
  • Diverse Claim Types Handling: Expertise in managing a wide range of claim types from Windscreen to Loss of Use, ensuring comprehensive support for all scenarios.
  • NCD Protection: Clear policy on NCD adjustment post-accident, underlining the value Sompo places on maintaining policyholder benefits after claims.
Address 50 Raffles Place, #05-01/06 Singapore Land Tower, Singapore 048623
Contact Telephone: 65 6461 6555


Operating Hours Mon – Fri: 8.30am – 5.30pm
Review 1 “After an accident, following Sompo’s guidelines made the process manageable. Their quick claim acknowledgment really stood out.”
Review 2 “Sompo’s detailed instructions for at-the-scene accident management were a lifesaver. It made everything clearer and I felt supported throughout.”
Review 3 “The efficiency of Sompo’s claim process impressed me. From reporting the accident to the repair authorization, everything was smooth and fast.”


MSIG Top Motorcycle Insurance Providers in Singapore

Insurance Provider

MSIG Insurance

About MSIG Insurance is designed to offer riders comprehensive protection and peace of mind on the road. With a 24-hour helpline and a clear, step-by-step process for handling accidents and claims, they ensure that the policyholders are supported at every turn, especially when it matters most.
  • Comprehensive Accident Guidance: Detailed instructions for managing accidents, from preserving the scene to collecting necessary information.
  • Efficient Claim Process: A streamlined approach to reporting accidents and filing claims, ensuring prompt and effective resolution.
  • Authorised Workshop Network: Repairs and assessments conducted by authorised workshops, guaranteeing quality and reliability.
  • Protection of No Claims Discount (NCD): Guidelines to maintain your NCD, emphasizing the importance of timely accident reporting.
  • Accident Management: From emergency response coordination to accident scene management, we provide comprehensive support to navigate post-accident procedures smoothly.
  • Claims Processing: Expert handling of claims, whether you’re claiming under your own policy or against a third party, with a focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Preventive Advice: Guidance on avoiding unauthorized tow-truck operators and repair workshops, helping you make informed decisions in stressful situations.
Address 4 Shenton Way, SGX Centre, Singapore 068807
Telephone 65 6827 7602
Operating Hours Mon – Fri: 8.45am – 5.30pm
Review 1 “The step-by-step guidance was exactly what I needed.”
Review 2 “Navigating the claim process was surprisingly straightforward. Submitting my claim within the stipulated timeframe helped preserve my NCD.”
Review 3 “The advice on handling the accident scene was invaluable. I managed to collect all necessary information without admitting liability, thanks to the clear instructions provided.”


Tokio Marine Holdings Top Motorcycle Insurance Providers in Singapore

Insurance Provider

Tokio Marine Insurance Group

About Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd stands as a pillar in the insurance sector, offering a safety net to motorcycle owners through comprehensive coverage options. Established with a commitment to delivering peace of mind, their policies are designed to protect riders every kilometer of their journey.
  • Heritage and Trust: With years of experience, Tokio Marine has established itself as a reliable provider, underpinning every policy with a promise of security and support.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Dedicated to understanding and meeting the needs of motorcycle owners, ensuring a smooth and supportive insurance experience.
  • Innovative Solutions: Utilizing the latest in technology and processes to offer efficient and comprehensive insurance coverage.
  • Safety and Assurance: Each policy is crafted to provide riders with confidence on the road, knowing they are backed by a robust support system.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Offers extensive protection against damages, loss, and liability, ensuring riders and their motorcycles are well-protected.
    • Approved Workshops Plan: Access to a network of approved workshops for quality repair services.
    • Other Workshops Plan: Flexibility to choose any workshop for repair needs.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft: Protection against fire and theft incidents, in addition to third-party liabilities.
  • Third Party Coverage: Essential coverage for liabilities to third parties for injury or property damage.
Address 20 McCallum Street #07-01 Tokio Marine Centre Singapore 069046
Telephone Telephone: 65 6592 6100


Operating Hours Mon – Fri: 8.45am – 5.45pm
Review 1 “The moment I called the helpline after my accident, I felt reassured. The step-by-step guidance was exactly what I needed.”
Review 2 “Choosing the Approved Workshops Plan was the best decision for me. Quality repairs with no hassle.”
Review 3 “Tokio Marine’s customer service exceeded my expectations. They were patient, informative, and helped me select the right policy for my needs.”


Top Motorcycle Insurance Providers in Singapore (Updated 2024) 2

Insurance Provider


About Speedzone streamlines the process for motorcycle insurance claims in Singapore, offering specialized support to ensure motorcycle owners can easily navigate the complexities of filing a claim. Their dedicated service ensures a smooth, hassle-free experience from incident report to settlement, emphasizing timely and fair compensation for all clients.
  • Expert Guidance: Speedzone provides professional assistance through every step of the claims process, ensuring clarity and ease for motorcycle owners.
  • Efficient Process: From initial contact to bike collection, Speedzone ensures a streamlined and effective process for filing and settling claims.
  • Personalized Support: Each case is handled with a tailored approach, recognizing the unique circumstances of each claim and offering specialized solutions.
  • Rapid Resolution: Speedzone is committed to facilitating a swift and satisfactory resolution, minimizing downtime for motorcycle owners.
  • Claims Filing Assistance: Speedzone simplifies the initial steps of contacting them and filing a claim, whether through a form or a direct call for immediate assistance.
    • Professional Surveyor Inspection: Engaging with insurance company surveyors to accurately assess damage and ensure all necessary evidence is comprehensively captured.
    • Accurate Quotation for Repairs: Provision of a prompt and precise quote for damages, streamlining the approval process with the insurance company.
  • Seamless Approval and Repair Process: Expert management of the approval timeline and coordination of repair works to restore motorcycles efficiently and effectively.
  • Convenient Bike Collection: Communication and coordination for the collection of repaired bikes, highlighting the end-to-end customer-centric approach.
Address 13 Kaki Bukit Road 4 Bartley Biz. Centre, #01-24
Singapore 417807
Telephone +65 6225 6225
Operating Hours Mon – Fri: 10:00AM – 8:00PM
Sat: 10:00AM – 6:00PM
Sundays & PH: Closed
Review 1 “Navigating through my insurance claim with Speedzone was unexpectedly straightforward. Their team was there every step of the way, making a potentially stressful situation manageable.”
Review 2 “I was impressed with how quickly Speedzone worked to get my motorcycle fixed. From the moment I called them to the day I picked up my bike, the process was clear and efficient.”
Review 3 “The level of support and expertise from Speedzone during my insurance claim was exceptional. They made sure I was fully informed and received fair compensation for my motorcycle’s damages.”


QBE Top Motorcycle Insurance Providers in Singapore

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Insurance Provider

QBE Insurance

About QBE Motorcycle Insurance is tailored to safeguard riders with comprehensive coverage that spans accidents, theft, and third-party liability. This policy is designed with the rider’s peace of mind at the forefront, ensuring protection on the road and beyond.
  • Generous Liability Limits: Up to S$10,000,000 for third-party property damage, ensuring substantial financial protection.
  • Medical and Personal Accident Benefits: Medical expenses covered up to S$300 per person, with personal accident benefits up to S$20,000 for the insured and S$10,000 per passenger.
  • Windscreen and Loss of Use Coverage: Unlimited windscreen cover for the first two claims and loss of use benefits to support riders during repair periods.
  • NCD and Safe Driver Discounts: Offers a No Claim Discount (NCD) protector for all levels of NCD policyholders and an additional Safe Driver Discount with proof of a Certificate of Merit (COM).
  • Unlimited Windscreen Cover: Provides peace of mind with comprehensive windscreen protection, ensuring your view of the road remains unobstructed.
  • No Claim Discount (NCD) Protector: Safeguards your NCD status, offering stability in your insurance premiums regardless of claim history.
  • Personalized Workshop Options: Flexibility to choose between QBE approved repairers or non-authorised workshop options, catering to personal preferences and needs.
  • Enhanced Protection for New Vehicles: For brand-new vehicles up to 36 months, QBE offers new car replacement, reflecting their commitment to rider satisfaction and vehicle value preservation.
Address  1, #29-10 Raffles Quay, South Tower, 048583
Telephone 65 6224 6633
Operating Hours Mon – Fri: 8.30am – 5.30pm
Review 1 “QBE’s coverage gave me the confidence to ride daily, knowing I’m well-protected against a wide range of potential issues.”
Review 2 “After a minor accident, QBE’s claims process was straightforward and efficient. Their support made a stressful situation much easier to handle.”
Review 3 “The unlimited windscreen cover has been a standout feature for me. It’s reassuring to know that such a critical aspect of my bike is covered without affecting my NCD.”


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Liberty Insurance Top Motorcycle Insurance Providers in Singapore

Insurance Provider

Liberty Insurance

About Liberty Motorcycle Insurance offers comprehensive coverage designed to keep pace with the adventurous spirit of riders. Their policies ensure that your motorcycle, accessories, and spare parts are protected under broad coverage terms, enhancing your riding experience with security and peace of mind.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Policies cover accidental loss or damage, theft, and liability, ensuring broad protection for you and your bike.
  • Rider-Centric Benefits: Tailored to complement the lifestyle of motorcycle enthusiasts, ensuring that the joy of riding is never hampered by worries.
  • Legal Support: Coverage includes legal liability for bodily injury or property damage to third parties, along with legal costs and expenses, providing complete peace of mind.
  • Automatic Coverage: Policies are automatically protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme, offering an extra layer of security with no additional action required from the policyholder.
  • All-Round Motorcycle Cover: Protects your bike, accessories, and spare parts against accidental loss or damage, fire, and theft.
    • Legal Liability Coverage: Comprehensive coverage for death or bodily injury to third parties and damage to third-party property, including legal costs and expenses.
    • Flexible Coverage Options: Offers a choice between Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire & Theft, and Third Party coverage, allowing you to tailor your policy to your specific needs.
  • Enhanced Rider Experience: Designed to ensure that riders can enjoy the freedom of the open road without worry, supported by Liberty’s strong protection framework.
Address 51 Club St, Singapore 069428
Contact Telephone: 65 65423 789


Operating Hours Mon – Fri: 8.30am – 5.30pm
Review 1 “With Liberty’s motorcycle insurance, I feel completely at ease on the road. The comprehensive cover gives me confidence in every ride.”
Review 2 “The claim process was straightforward and efficient. Liberty’s support team was incredibly helpful, making sure my bike was quickly repaired.”
Review 3 “Choosing Liberty was one of the best decisions for my motorcycle. The coverage is extensive, and knowing I’m backed by such a reliable insurer adds to the joy of riding.”


Top Motorcycle Insurance Providers in Singapore (Updated 2024) 3

Insurance Provider

Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd

About Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd recognizes the unpredictable nature of the road and the essential role your motorcycle plays in your life. With a focus on mitigating the financial impact of accidents, theft, and third-party liabilities, Great Eastern offers tailored motorcycle insurance solutions to safeguard riders against unforeseen losses and liabilities.
  • Legal Liabilities Insurance: Covers legal liabilities towards third parties and passengers, ensuring peace of mind in the event of accidents.
  • Personal Accident Benefits: Offers both driver’s and passenger’s personal accident cover, enhancing the safety net for all involved.
  • “New for Old” Replacement: Ensures that in the case of total loss, you receive a new motorcycle, maintaining the value of your investment.
  • Additional Support Services: Includes claims recovery, ambulance cover, and advisory services, offering comprehensive support beyond just financial coverage.
  • Third-Party and Passenger Legal Liabilities: Focuses on protecting policyholders from the financial implications of causing injury or damage to others.
  • Comprehensive Insurance Cover: A complete package covering loss or damage to your own vehicle, alongside third-party liabilities.
  • Personal Accident Cover: Specialized coverage that extends to both the driver and passengers, offering added protection in the event of accidents.
  • Exclusive “New for Old” Replacement: A standout feature providing a brand-new motorcycle in the event of a total loss, reflecting Great Eastern’s commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Claims Advisory and Recovery Services: Offers expert guidance and assistance in the claims process, ensuring a smooth and efficient resolution.
Address 51 Club St, Singapore 069428
Contact Telephone: 65 65423 789


Operating Hours Mon – Fri: 8.30am – 5.30pm
Review 1 “Great Eastern’s comprehensive coverage gave me peace of mind knowing that both my motorcycle and any potential third-party liabilities were covered.”
Review 2 “After an accident, the personal accident cover and the “New for Old” replacement policy were truly beneficial. Great Eastern stood by their policy and supported me through the recovery process.”
Review 3 “The claims advisory service was invaluable. Their guidance made navigating the aftermath of an accident much less stressful, and the recovery service ensured I was not out of pocket.”


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