Top Mergers & Acquisition Law Firms in Singapore

Top Mergers & Acquisition Law Firms in Singapore

What are mergers and acquisitions (M&A)?

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is a broad term used to describe the consolidation, amalgamation, or purchasing of one organisation by another. The term can also be used to describe the consolidation of assets through various financial transactions such as tender offers and management acquisitions. 

Understanding the difference between a merger and an acquisition

While the terms merger and acquisition are often used interchangeably, both are actually quite different in terms of meaning. 

A merger is the combination of two corporations, which subsequently forms a new legal entity under a new corporate name. Both companies are often of the same size that join forces to form a new single entity. 

An acquisition, on the other hand, is when one corporation purchases another corporation in a public deal. In instances where the target companies are unwilling to be purchased, this is often referred to as a hostile or unfriendly deal and can be considered as an acquisition as well. 

What are the types of corporate transactions that fall under M&A?

Here are some of the common transactions that fall under the broad M&A umbrella:


In a merger transaction, the board of directors for both companies will come together and discuss before approving the combination. They will also seek the shareholder’s approval. 

The driving force behind corporate mergers could be for companies to broaden their market reach, expand into new industry segments, or gain a larger pie of the market share. 

The five major types of mergers are conglomerate, congeneric, market extension, and horizontal.


Acquisitions, unlike mergers, are generally not on a voluntary basis. It involves one company actively purchasing the other. 

In the most straightforward type of acquisition, the acquiring company gains the majority stake in the acquired company. The acquiring company also does not change its legal entity name or alter its organisation structure. 


Consolidation creates a new company by combining both organisations’ core business and abandoning the old corporate structure. In a consolidation, the shareholders of both companies need to approve the transaction. 

Tender Offers

A tender offer is when a company offers to purchase the outstanding stock of that particular company at a mutually agreed price instead of market price. The acquiring company typically offers the proposition directly to the other company’s stakeholders. They do not need to go through the other company’s management or board of directors. Most of the time, such tender offers eventually result in mergers.

Asset Acquisition

Asset acquisition is when company A directly acquires the assets of company B. The company whose assets are being acquired need to obtain their stakeholders’ approval before proceeding with the transaction. Purchase of assets typically occurs during bankruptcy proceedings, where other companies bid for various assets of the company that is filling for bankruptcy.

Management Acquisition

In a management acquisition, also referred to as a management-led buyout, company A’s executives purchase a controlling stake in company B, privatising the company. These executives often partner with a financier or a former corporate officer to help fund the transaction. In such M&A transactions, the majority of the shareholders in both company A and B need to approve the deal.

When does a M&A lawyer come into the picture?

A M&A lawyer comes into the picture whenever there are any of the above types of M&A transactions. M&A lawyers often wear multiple hats during the entire merger or acquisition process. 

In a law firm, the M&A practice area is often filled with lawyers that are dedicated to a certain field rather than a M&A generalist. Reason being that M&As are complex processes and it involves a great deal of meticulous and detailed work over months or even years to ensure a smooth transaction. It is also critical to ensure that the outcomes of the M&As are beneficial to all parties that are involved.

What are the various hats that a M&A lawyer wears?


At the very start of the M&A process, M&A lawyers play an advisory role. They are required to conduct in-depth research about the involved parties, both the acquirer and the target companies. Some of the research includes historical financial statements and identifying assets and liabilities. 

At this stage, they are looking for potential red flags that may impact the M&A process in the early stages. 


Lawyers are just one part of the equation when it comes to closing M&A deals. There are often other teams and parties involved such as accountants, bankers, auditors, and other professionals with specialised expertise to get the M&A processes going. 

While every party is integral in ensuring things go smoothly in the M&A transaction, it is the M&A counsel that typically acts as the key point of contact. Almost every aspect of the M&A deal will go through the M&A counsel for their review and approval. In that sense, M&A lawyers  often act as the intermediary between clients and other professionals that are involved in the M&A deal.


A huge component of any lawyer’s job scope is effective negotiation. And this rings true for M&A lawyers as well. While most people have the perception that it means arguing to state their point, it is quite different in the M&A context. 

M&A lawyers have the responsibility to ensure that the M&A deal closes in the way that it is supposed to be, within stipulated timelines and ensuring that all client parties involved benefit from the M&A transaction. In order to ensure this, M&A lawyers will need to negotiate and compromise along the way in terms of deliverables, outcomes and timelines with all involved parties.


Any M&A deal requires a lot of documentation, essentially ensuring that every opinion, steps taken, contracts, registrations and so on, are accurately recorded down. This is to prevent any misunderstanding and disputes along the way. Given that these documentations can eventually be presented as evidence in the event of a lawsuit, these documentations often go through multiple rounds of reviews before being finalised.

Where can companies engage a M&A lawyer in Singapore?


If your corporation needs to engage a M&A lawyer in Singapore, here are some of the top law firms to consider:

CNP Law Top Mergers & Acquisition Law Firms in Singapore

Law Firm


  • They take great care when assembling a team for each deal, ensuring that there is an optimal mix of specialisation in the clients’ identified areas of concern, such as tax, employment and intellectual property, and necessary industry-specific experience
  • They provide support to our clients at every stage of the deal
  • They also provide post-transaction support to ensure a smooth transition such as the preparation of shareholder agreements, employment agreements, and other relevant commercial documentation
Address 600 North Bridge Road #13-01, Parkview Square (Parkview 2), Singapore 188778
+65 6323 8383
Operating Hours Mon – Fri, 9am – 6pm


Allen & Gledhill Top Mergers & Acquisition Law Firms in Singapore

Law Firm

Allen & Gledhill LLP

  • Offers one of the most established and respected M&A practices in this area
  • With a team of widely recognised leading M&A practitioners, their Mergers & Acquisitions Practice offers a rich selection of personnel, skills and acumen.
  • The team has been involved in many market-leading and innovative matters, and have been setting industry standards and best practices.
  • They cover the spectrum of corporate and M&A transactions, including local and regional deals, joint ventures, share and business acquisitions and disposals, corporate reorganisations, privatisations and mergers, leveraged buyouts, schemes of reconstruction and amalgamation, capital restructuring, and private equity investments
Address 1 Marina Blvd, #28-00, Singapore 018989
Contact 65 6890 7188
Opening Hours Weekdays: 9am – 6pm


Wong Partnership Top Mergers & Acquisition Law Firms in Singapore

Law Firm

WongPartnership LLP

  • Their Mergers & Acquisitions Practice is actively engaged in transactions across the Asia Pacific and Middle East.
  • Some of their clients include Singapore’s leading listed companies, global private equity firms, major international and domestic financial institutions, well established multinational corporations and leading sovereign wealth funds
  • They have consistently received top rankings in various Asia Pacific M&A legal league tables and in many independent legal journals
Address 12 Marina Boulevard Level 28 Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3 Singapore 018982
Contact 65 6416 8000
Operating Hours Mon – Fri, 9am – 6pm


Bird & Bird Top Mergers & Acquisition Law Firms in Singapore

Law Firm

Bird & Bird ATMP

  • They cover all areas of business law on a cross-jurisdictional basis, and have specialists advising in a range of industry sectors – especially where digital transformation, regulation and intangible assets are key.
  • Their comprehensive local market knowledge allows them to deliver practical corporate advice and handle complex multi-jurisdictional transactions and intensive due diligence exercises smoothly and efficiently. T
  • hey use in—house automation tools to reduce risk, improve accuracy and increase project transparency for our clients.
Address 2 Shenton Way #18-01, SGX Centre 1, Singapore 068804
Contact +65 6534


Dentons Top Mergers & Acquisition Law Firms in Singapore

Law Firm

Dentons Rodyk & Davidson LLP

  • Their global M&A group of more than 2,600 lawyers, covers the full spectrum of M&A transactions, which it overlays with strong and deep industry sector capabilities and deep cultural knowledge.
  • They are one of the very few global legal teams that is “in and of the community” and truly able to support the ambitions of local and international businesses the world over.
  • The team team has a proven track record handling complex multijurisdictional transactions from the US to Europe, throughout Asia Pacific, Canada to Africa, the Middle East and beyond.
Address 80 Raffles Place, #33-00 UOB Plaza 1, Singapore 048624
Contact Contact via form here
Opening Hours Weekdays, 8.45am – 5.45pm


Drew & Napier Top Mergers & Acquisition Law Firms in Singapore

Law Firm

Drew & Napier LLC

  • They are one of Singapore’s leading Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) practices with a proven track record, and are often involved in large and high profile M&A transactions in Singapore and the region
  • Their M&A Practice advises on public and private mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and disposals as well as complex restructurings and reorganisations, with a particular focus on public M&A transactions.
  • With its cross-border experience in the region and beyond, the team is well-equipped to handle multi-jurisdictional transactions, particularly in Southeast Asia, and to service the needs of clients’ increasingly global business interests.
Address 10 Collyer Quay, 10th Floor Ocean Financial Centre, Singapore 049315
Contact 6535
Opening Hours Weekdays, 9am – 5pm


Pinsent Mason Top Mergers & Acquisition Law Firms in Singapore

Law Firm

Pinsent Masons

  • Ranked as a Tier 1 law firm in mid-market M&A transactions by Legal 500 and the British Legal Award’s 2017 M&A Team of the Year
  • Operating a sector led approach, allowing them to work more closely with clients to understand their needs, objectives and align strategies
  • Their advisers act on domestic and international projects of all shapes and sizes, working with many of the leading names in the market.
Address 182 Cecil St, #32-01 Frasers Tower, Singapore 069547
65 6305 0901


Shooklin Top Mergers & Acquisition Law Firms in Singapore

Law Firm

Shook Lin & Bok LLP

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) practice regularly advises financial institutions and corporations in regard to M&A transactions (involving both listed and unlisted targets based in Singapore and the region)
  • Thy are familiar with the regulatory and cutting-edge transactional issues involved.
  • The M&A team works closely with both the Capital Markets and Banking & Finance teams to customise financing and investment solutions for businesses planning to expand.
Address 1 Robinson Road, #18-00 AIA Tower, Singapore 048542
Contact 65 6535


Duane Morris Top Mergers & Acquisition Law Firms in Singapore

Law Firm

Duane Morris & Selvam LLP

  • Selvam LLC is regularly ranked among Singapore’s top corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions law practices by Legal 500 Asia Pacific, Chambers and Partners
  • Duane Morris & Selvam’s corporate law attorneys advise early-stage and mature companies on a wide variety of corporate and commercial matters.
  • Members of their Corporate Practice Group are experienced with mergers and acquisitions, including negotiated acquisitions and divestitures, hostile acquisitions and defense against takeover attempts.
  • Their lawyers regularly represent multinational businesses in transnational transactions.
Address 16 Collyer Quay #17-00, Singapore 049318
Contact 65 6311 0030


Rajah Tan Asia Top Mergers & Acquisition Law Firms in Singapore

Law Firm

Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP

  • Some of our significant cross border M&A transactions include: Acquisitions and divestments of companies (both public and private), businesses and assets
Address 9 Straits View #06-07 Marina One West Tower, 018937
Contact 6535
Opening Hours Weekdays: 9am – 6pm


Lee & Lee Top Mergers & Acquisition Law Firms in Singapore

Law Firm

Lee & Lee

  • The team is active in take-overs, mergers and acquisitions and advise regularly on the obligations imposed by the Companies Act, the Listing Manual of the Singapore Stock Exchange and the Singapore Code on Take-overs and Mergers.
  • They also regularly advise public companies on schemes of arrangement and corporate reconstruction.
  • The team is noted for having a commercial awareness of the clients’ business objectives and goals and is able to adopt practical measures and recommend practical solutions to achieve and accomplish the clients’ commercial objectives in an effective and efficient manner.
Address 50 Raffles Place, #06-00 Singapore Land Tower Singapore 048623
Opening Hours Weekdays: 9am – 6pm


QWP Top Mergers & Acquisition Law Firms in Singapore

Law Firm

Quahe Woo & Palmer LLC

  • Their M&A practice is ranked by leading legal publications including Chambers Asia-Pacific, IFLR1000 and Legal 500 Asia-Pacific.
  • They have vast experience handling both local and international M&A transactions across a broad spectrum of industries, and are able to structure and execute complex high value transactions that are traditionally the domain of larger firms.
  • Their clients include private equity funds, multinational corporations, high net-worth family offices and sovereign wealth-backed entities. They have acted for our clients on both buy-side and sell-side deals as lead transaction counsel.
Address 180 Clemenceau Avenue, Haw Par Centre #02-02, Singapore 239922
Contact +65 6622
Opening Hours Weekdays: 9am – 6pm


Harry Elias Top Mergers & Acquisition Law Firms in Singapore

Law Firm

Harry Elias Partnership LLP

  • The team in Singapore provides a full cross-border M&A capability to a diverse client base, which includes investment banks, multi-national companies and major regional corporations.
  • They have extensive experience working with multi-national and regional companies pursing M&A and joint venture transactions both here in Singapore and across the Asia Pacific region.
  • The dedicated team of lawyers has advised on transactions across various industry sectors including energy and natural resources, financial institutions, FMCG, hospitality & leisure, healthcare and technology & media and telecoms (TMT).
Address 4 Shenton Way, #17-01 SGX Centre, Singapore 068807
Contact 65 6535
Opening Hours Weekdays: 9am – 6pm


Virtus Law Top Mergers & Acquisition Law Firms in Singapore

Law Firm

Virtus Law LLP

  • Virtus Law LLP is a successor firm to “Arthur Loke LLP” which was established in Singapore in 1981.
  • Their lawyers are well known in the industry and have an excellent reputation in the various areas including M&A and corporate law
Address 1 Raffles Place #18-61 Tower 2, Singapore 048616
Contact 65 6737 1234


Baker Mckenzie Top Mergers & Acquisition Law Firms in Singapore

Law Firm

Baker & McKenzie.Wong & Leow

  • They have 1,300 lawyers execute more cross-border transactions than any other law firm, gaining the experience and expertise so critical to helping clients mitigate risk and achieve their goals in industries including healthcare, retail, industrials, insurance, food and beverage, and technology.
  • For more than a decade, they have ranked number one for M&A in emerging markets by deal volume
  • Their lawyers assist clients through all stages of a transaction, from preparing the business for sale or performing due diligence, to negotiating the purchase agreement, coordinating the closing across multiple jurisdictions, and integrating the operations of the resulting business.
Address 8 Marina Boulevard, #05-01 Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1, Singapore 018981
Contact 65 6338 1888
Opening Hours Weekdays: 9am – 6pm


TSMP Top Mergers & Acquisition Law Firms in Singapore

Law Firm

TSMP Law Corporation

  • They play a key role in the structuring and strategy of many complex cross-border acquisitions and divestments.
  • SMP has acquired a strong reputation as a market leader in public company M&A’s, advising offerors and financial advisers in some of the most high profile corporate takeovers of SGX listed companies, including some of Singapore’s largest takeovers.
  • They have also acted in the privatisations of Singapore’s power companies and more recently in its public transportation sector.
Address 6 Battery Rd, Singapore 049909
Contact 65 6534 4877


RHT Law Asia Top Mergers & Acquisition Law Firms in Singapore

Law Firm


  •  Corporate and Capital Markets practice handles a significant number of complex and sophisticated transactions for clients around the country and globally.  Advisors need an acute commercial instinct as well as an innate ability to get the job done
Website https://www.rhtlawasia
Address 1 Paya Lebar Link #06-08PLQ 2 Paya Lebar QuarterSingapore 408533
Contact +65 6381 6868
Operating Hours Weekdays, 9 AM – 6 PM


Advocatus Top Mergers & Acquisition Law Firms in Singapore

Law Firm

Advocatus Law LLP

  • They handle deals including strategic alliances, collaborations, joint ventures, acquisitions, mergers, spin-offs and divestitures.
  • The law firm also advise buyers, sellers, investors, financial institutions, funds and private equity investors, high net-worth individuals, principals and target companies on structuring, advising on regulatory issues, due diligence, negotiating, drafting and completing their M&A deals.
  • Their key strength lies in thei substantial experience in cross-border transactions in Asia in particular.
Address 25 North Bridge Road, #08-01 EFG Bank Building, Singapore 179104
Contact 65 6603 9200


Farallon Top Mergers & Acquisition Law Firms in Singapore

Law Firm

Farallon Law Corporation

  • The firm has represented multinationals, financial institutions, private equity investors, and more.
  • Within theirM&A practice, they have served both international corporations who wish to acquire operations in Asia, and local companies who are looking to expand their operations internationally or invest in foreign entities.
Address 6A Shenton Way, #04-01 OUE Downtown Gallery, Singapore 068815
Contact 65 6690 2482


PD Legal Top Mergers & Acquisition Law Firms in Singapore

Law Firm

PDLegal LLC Advocates and Solicitors

  • They advise corporations regarding a range of M&A transactions.
  • Their mainstay work is related to asset and share purchases, joint ventures, disposals and amalgamations.
Address 1 Coleman Street #08-02, The Adelphi, Singapore 179803
Contact (65) 6220 0325

Operating Hours Weekdays, 9am – 6pm


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