Top Mentorship Programmes in Singapore

Top Mentorship Programmes in Singapore

What Is a Mentorship?

A Mentorship refers to a programme or relationship between two or more people, where an individual with more experience and knowledge is able to provide guidance to individuals who may be novices in a particular field. Mentorships can take place in any industry and for any duration of time.

The First Mentor

“Athene drew near to him, and assuming the form and voice of Mentor, addressed him with winged words. Telemachus, you will be neither a coward nor a fool in the future”
– Homer, The Odyssey Chapter 2, Line 268-270. 


The role of a mentor hails from generations back. The etymology of the word Mentor originated from Greek mythology, as the term was first introduced by Homer. Mentor was originally a character in Homer’s epic, The Odyssey. He was appointed as a guardian by Odysseus for his son Telemachus, before he left for the Trojan War. Mentor was Telemachus’ teacher and provided much needed support in the absence of his father.

However, the true meaning of the word Mentor evolved from Athena’s interaction with Telemachus. The Goddess of Wisdom, disguised herself as Mentor in a time of great need, to advise Telemachus on how to deal with threats against his mother and himself.  Athena’s actions were crucial in implementing the idea of great wisdom and guidance into the meaning of the word Mentor, as we know it today. As such, it is safe to say that intelligence and experience is not enough to grant one the title of Mentor. Metaphorically, one has to behave as Athena in disguise and pass on wisdom to their protégé in order to be deemed a Mentor. 

Reasons Why You Should Be A Mentor

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For knowledge to flow within any industry or even across industries, Mentorships are crucial relationships to build. They are important in mitigating the circulation of information between generations and facilitate learning for both experienced and novice individuals. Being a Mentor is an essential and rewarding role. Here is why:


Mentees often approach Mentors with challenging and insightful questions. These queries may encourage you to contemplate your choices and decisions as well as peer deeper into the ways of your industry. This will inspire you to reflect on yourself frequently. Mentoring inquisitive individuals will promote personal growth and encourage you to keep learning.

Leadership And Communication Skills

Not just anyone has what it takes to be a Mentor. Just as Telemachus had Athena’s clear wisdom, your Mentees need you to be patient and effective in your communication. While you guide them through challenging situations, you will learn to communicate effectively and lead by example. Mentoring can become one of your sellable skills as you gain more experience.

Become Part Of A Community

When you are a Mentor, you are part of a community bigger than yourself and your mentee. Networks are important for the continued success of any venture. With your mentees’ contacts, you are connected to other mentees and other leaders of industries as well. This allows for the flow of insights, knowledge and opportunities between industries.

Make A Real Difference

As a Mentor, you can be sure that your time and effort spent will always be meaningful. Your protégés will benefit greatly from your guidance and you will make a real difference in their lives by paving their way to success. Seeing your mentees, develop their skills and knowledge under your guidance can be a very satisfying experience. You can rest assured that you will be investing your efforts into building future leaders of industries.

Benefits Of Having A Mentor

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Having a mentor does not mean that you are behind or lack intelligence. On the contrary it shows that you are ambitious and driven to succeed. Here are reasons why you need a mentor in your life:

Gain Valuable Insights

Mentorships allow you to interact actively with seasoned professionals. With their years of experience and industry knowledge, Mentors are able to notice things that we may not. They can observe your work patterns and ethics, and spot areas in which you need to improve or change your behaviours to avoid mistakes. They are trained to be patient and to give constructive criticism. With the help of your Mentor, you will gain valuable insights not only about the industry you are working in but about yourself as well. This allows for both personal and professional development.

Have A Trusted Advisor

Having a Mentor is equivalent to having a trusted sounding board. You can bounce ideas of your Mentors without holding back for fear of failure. Mentors are always there to correct your mistakes politely and elevate your ideas that have potential. With a Mentor by your side, you can let your creativity run wild and broaden your thinking, developing ideas and initiatives you could not before. Your Mentor will encourage you to expand your ideas and motivate you to extend them further, steadily guiding you towards success.

Expand Your Network

Networking is crucial for any novice trying to make their way in an industry. Your Mentor will be your first step to practicing your networking skills. With them by your side, you will be introduced to various contacts within and out of your company. Communicating with your mentor’s professional contacts allows you to grow out of your comfort zone and establish your identity within the company, leading you to new opportunities.

Encouragement And Motivation

Mentors are the perfect allies to keep you accountable for achieving the goals and targets you set for yourself. Not only can they provide motivation for you to work hard and smart, they are also great at setting firm boundaries for you to work within. Your Mentor can help you develop discipline in your work ethic, which is a trait all successful individuals possess.

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Join A Mentorship Programme Today

Mentorships are free and yet they are priceless experiences. Singapore offers a multitude of Mentorships for people of all walks of life. We have compiled a list of Singapore’s Top Mentorships for your perusal. Join as a mentor or mentee today, and make a friend for life!

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woman to woman mentorship programme


WomanToWoman Mentorship Program 2022 #MentoringMonday

Programme Details This program is geared to educate, inspire and empower women across different generations with the core values, attitudes and skills that are the foundation of quality leadership. It comprises of 1-on-1 mentoring conversations around career/personal development, professional advancement and other unique areas of professional experience with your mentor.


Halogen Foundation Top Mentorship Programmes in Singapore


Halogen Mentoring Programme

Programme Details By offering a structured mentorship programme, we want to enable more working adults from the private sector to provide perspective, share their challenges and victories, and create a space for youths to build upon their life lessons.
Address Halogen Foundation Singapore
336 Smith Street, New Bridge Centre
Singapore 050336
Telephone  +65 6509 6700


Protege Top Mentorship Programmes in Singapore



Programme Details Protégé is a leading mentoring programme focused on the professional development of women in Singapore, Australia, Europe and Malaysia.
Address  54 West Coast Rd, Singapore 126837
Telephone  +65 6509 0768


Singapore ULI Top Mentorship Programmes in Singapore


ULI Singapore Mentorship Programme

Programme Details  ULI Singapore, with support from the Young Leaders Group (YLG), NEXT and Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) committees, presents the 2020 ULI Singapore Mentorship Programme, which is intended to foster an exchange of professional ideas and mentorship between experienced executives in the industry (“Mentors”) and young under-35 real estate professionals (“Mentees”). The goal is to provide mentees the opportunity to reach out to an advisor, supporter and coach focusing on their issues and offering the chance to learn from experienced industry players.
Address 12 Marina View #11-01
Asia Square Tower 2
Singapore 018961


CFA Top Mentorship Programmes in Singapore


CFA Mentorship Programme

Programme Details The Society conducts an annual ten-month long mentorship programme which connects our senior members with younger professionals.
Address 20 Cecil Street PLUS #08-10 Singapore 049705
Telephone  +65 6323 6679


ACE Top Mentorship Programmes in Singapore


ACE Mentorship Programme

Programme Details ACE Mentorship provides several programmes for entrepreneurs to obtain feedback from experienced business leaders and successful entrepreneurs. Mentors contribute their time, expertise, advice and network on a pro-bono basis.
Address 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent #01-13 JTC LaunchPad@one-north Singapore 139955


Empact Top Mentorship Programmes in Singapore


Empact Social Entrepreneur Mentoring Programme

Programme Details The SE Mentoring Programme involves a one-to-one mentor session from senior business leaders to social entrepreneurs, for a duration of 6 – 12 months. This follows a structured approach to create a positive experience for both mentor and mentee. The social entrepreneur achieves concrete and specific outcomes; the mentor also gains fulfilment from knowing that his / her time was spent meaningfully during the programme.
Address 24 Peck Seah Street Nehsons Building #08-02/10 Singapore 079314
Telephone  +65 6951 6732


National Arts Council Top Mentorship Programmes in Singapore


Mentor Access Project (MAP) by National Arts Council

Programme Details  The Mentor Access Project (MAP) is the most established writing mentorship programme in Singapore, developing young and emerging writers in our four official languages – English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

The 12-month programme covers the genres of prose, poetry, plays and creative non-fiction such as biographies, travel writing, art criticism, personal essays and matches emerging writers with established published authors who play a mentor and sounding board. Selected applicants will get opportunities to participate in a residency, dialogue sessions, group workshops and public readings held over the course of the mentorship.

Address Goodman Arts Centre 90 Goodman Road, Blk A #01-01 Singapore 439053
Telephone  +65 6346 9400


We summit Top Mentorship Programmes in Singapore


Women Entrepreneur (WE) Mentoring Programme

Programme Details Women Entrepreneur (WE) mentorship programme is a 6 months long initiative that pairs experienced business leaders with junior and mid-level-professionals. It is aimed at tapping into the knowledge of more experienced mentors and to encourage more budding entrepreneurs.
Address  24 Kaki Bukit Crescent, Singapore 416255


Esplanade Top Mentorship Programmes in Singapore


Baybeats Budding Writers

Programme Details Baybeats Budding Writers is an annual initiative first launched in 2011. This programme enables youth who are passionate about writing for music with the opportunity to be a music journalist. Through a series of workshops, our Budding Writers conduct interviews with the Budding Bands and write articles related to the music scene and to Baybeats. The Budding Writers are mentored by Eddino Abdul Hadi, music correspondent for The Straits Times.

Applications open and close in the first quarter of each year

Address  1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore 038981
Telephone  +65 6828 8377


Invisible Photographer Top Mentorship Programmes in Singapore


Invisible Photographer Asia (IPA) Mentorship Programme

Programme Details The IPA Mentorship Program is an intensive 4 month program by Invisible Photographer Asia (IPA) for those who wish to further their personal photographic vision and goals and importantly, to strengthen their narrative conception and expression. The program, an extension of our traditional on-site photo workshops taught across cities in Asia, is conducted one-to-one and group sessions using the online platform. The aim is for mentees to conceive, continue or finish a photo project or series as a method to strengthen their photography and understand the concerns of their individual practice.
Address  77 South Bridge Road #02-01, Singapore 058707


CAP Singapore Top Mentorship Programmes in Singapore


Creative Arts Programme Mentorship Attachment

Programme Details The Creative Arts Programme Mentorship Attachment is a prestigious programme for budding young writers seeking to further develop their craft in specific genres – prose, poetry or playwriting. It offers CAPpers a unique opportunity to build on the skills and ideas discussed during the Seminar, under the tutelage of established Singaporean writers.

Open to all CAP participants, the mentorship programme runs for approximately 9 months from August till May. Applications open in June; participants are encouraged to take this time to refine their pieces based on their Seminar experiences. Successful applicants are selected based on their portfolio of creative works and their participation in Seminar workshops.

Address 1 North Buona Vista Drive Level 13, MOE Building Singapore 138675


Academy of Singapore Top Mentorship Programmes in Singapore


Artist-Mentor Scheme

Programme Details The Artist-Mentor Scheme (AMS) is a joint initiative by The Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the arts (STAR) and the National Arts Council (NAC). AMS provides opportunities for MOE teachers to deepen their subject content knowledge and enhance pedagogies through partnership with established artists in identified Focus Areas.
Address  2 Malan Road, Singapore 109433
Telephone  +65 6664 1474


SOH Top Mentorship Programmes in Singapore


NAC-NTU English Creative Writing Residency

Programme Details Since 2011, National Arts Council has partnered with Nanyang Technological University (NTU)’s English Division to offer several residencies each year to Singapore and international writers.
Telephone  +65 6791 1744


Object Ifs Top Mentorship Programmes in Singapore


Shooting Home Youth Awards by Objectifs

Programme Details The Shooting Home Youth Awards is a mentorship programme that gives young photographers aged 15 to 23 an opportunity to learn from some of the most exciting talent in the industry and refine their visual voice. Formerly known as Junior Shooting Home and taking off from our emerging photographer mentorship programme Shooting Home, the Shooting Home Youth Awards aims to help participants craft their own visual style and understand different opportunities in the field of photography. Participants are selected via an open call process.
Address  155 Middle Road, Singapore 188977
Telephone  +65 6336 2957


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APME Singapore Top Mentorship Programmes in Singapore


Art Photography Mentorship & Exhibition

Programme Details Art Photography Mentorship & Exhibition (apme.singapore) is a three-month programme by the Photographic Society of Singapore (PSS) for those who wish to develop their visual awareness, artistic concept as well as learn how to promote themselves in the Singapore photography scene. The program is targeted towards young amateur photographers from the ages of 17 to 35, conducted between October to December and varies from one-to-one and group sessions with the mentors.


Shatec Top Mentorship Programmes in Singapore


SHATEC Industry Mentorship Programme

Programme Details The Industry Mentorship Programme @SHATEC is designed for students to receive expert advice, guidance and gain insights to business practices from practitioners in the hospitality industry. The aim of Industry Mentorship @ SHATEC is to:

·       Provide career guidance, support and encouragement to students.

·       Enable students to network with industry professionals.

·       Offer students first hand insight into work practices in the hospitality industry.

·       Assist students to develop a vision for the future.

·       Increase students’ employability skills and commercial awareness.

Address 21 Bukit Batok Street 22 Singapore 659589
Telephone  +65 6415 3551


FWASG Top Mentorship Programmes in Singapore


FWA Advancing Women in Finance (FWA-AWF) Mentoring Programme

Programme Details The FWA Advancing Women in Finance (FWA-AWF) Mentoring Programme has been running since 2011, and was awarded the AWARE New Initiative Award in 2013.

The programme is designed for mid-career women in the banking and finance industry, who seek guidance in professional and personal development from senior industry executives outside their organisations. To date, we have successfully mentored 100 mentees, many of whom remain connected with their Mentors.

Address  111 North Bridge Road, #21-01 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098
Telephone  +65 8122 5284


Arts Republic Top Mentorship Programmes in Singapore


Mosaic Jazz Fellows

Programme Details Formerly known as Bright Young Things, Mosaic Jazz Fellows is an Esplanade mentorship initiative which was set up in 2010 to discover and nurture the next generation of young jazz talents in Singapore. To date, this programme has given a total of 82 young musicians the opportunity to be mentored by established Singapore jazz musicians and music educators including Soh Wen Ming, Joshua Wan, Dr Tony Makarome, Andrew Lim and Chok Kerong. Alumni of the Mosaic Jazz Fellows continue to be active in the local jazz scene, with many becoming sought-after session musicians, leading jazz interest groups, and performing at clubs, events and music festivals, both local and overseas.
Address  53 Lavender St, Singapore 338711
Telephone  +65 8308 2672


NUS Top Mentorship Programmes in Singapore


NUSS-NUS Mentorship Programme

Programme Details NUSS-NUS Mentorship Programme is a joint mentoring programme between National University of Singapore Society (NUSS) and the National University of Singapore (NUS) to develop students holistically through a support network of esteemed professional graduate communities.
Address Yusof Ishak House, Level 3,  31 Lower Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 119078


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Restaurant Association of SG Top Mentorship Programmes in Singapore


Restaurant Association of Singapore Mentorship Programme

Programme Details A unique 6-month programme that allows young F&B restaurateurs to learn from our team of esteemed industry veterans. Mentors will guide their mentees through individual sessions and provide invaluable advice and insights. The programme seeks to strengthen the ever-growing F&B community and aims to bring business success to more local companies.
Address  2985 Jalan Bukit Merah Singapore 159457
Telephone  +65 6479 7723


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