Top Massage Spas in Singapore (Updated 2024)

Known for its vibrant urban life and rich cultural tapestry, Singapore emerges as a haven for those in search of respite and restoration through the art of massage. Amidst its bustling streets and towering skyscrapers, Singapore hides a diverse array of sanctuaries dedicated to the art of relaxation and rejuvenation. These top massage spas offer a unique blend of traditional practices and modern innovations, providing both locals and visitors with an exceptional escape from the rigors of daily life.

  • A Blend of Traditions and Innovations
    Singapore’s massage spas are renowned for harmonizing ancient healing traditions with contemporary wellness trends, offering experiences that cater to every individual’s needs.
  • Oases in the Urban Jungle
    Located across the city, from the serene Sentosa Island to the heart of the bustling city center, these spas provide a tranquil retreat without having to venture far from the urban comforts.
  • Personalized Wellness Journeys
    Understanding that each visitor has unique needs, these establishments offer personalized services, from targeted treatments to comprehensive wellness programs, ensuring a tailored experience that maximizes benefits.

Why Singapore’s Massage Spas Stand Out:

  • Skilled Practitioners: The city’s spas are staffed by experienced and skilled therapists who are adept at various massage techniques, from soothing aromatherapy to intense deep tissue massages.
  • Luxurious Settings: Beyond their therapeutic offerings, these spas boast luxurious amenities and settings that enhance the overall experience, making each visit a memorable escape.
  • Focus on Holistic Well-being: With a philosophy that transcends mere physical relaxation, these spas emphasize holistic well-being, integrating treatments that rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit.

This guide is your introduction to the finest that Singapore has to offer in the realm of massage therapy. Whether you’re in need of a brief respite or a deep, transformative experience, the city’s top massage spas await to offer you an unparalleled journey to relaxation and wellness.


Here are the Top Massage Spas in Singapore:


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Top Massage Spas in Singapore (Updated 2024) 1


Oasia Spa

About Nestled in the serene Palawan Ridge on Sentosa Island, Oasia Spa offers an exclusive retreat for those seeking balance and rejuvenation. Recognized with prestigious awards, this sanctuary combines holistic wellness practices with luxurious spa experiences.
  • Award-Winning Excellence: With accolades such as the Honeycombers Readers’ Choice Awards 2023 and Travel+Leisure Luxury Awards Asia Pacific 2023, Oasia Spa is celebrated for its outstanding services and facilities.
  • Serenity and Accessibility: Located at 23 Beach View, Sentosa Island, guests enjoy complimentary admission to Sentosa, enhancing the ease of reaching a tranquil escape.
  • Holistic Wellness Approach: Oasia Spa is dedicated to the harmony of body, mind, and spirit, offering yoga classes and wellness facilities alongside its treatments.
  • Spa Journeys: Tailored treatments aimed at relieving tension, revitalizing skin, and nourishing both body and soul for a comprehensive wellness experience.
  • Transformative Treatments: From the sanctuary’s embrace, guests emerge renewed, with services designed to balance body, mind, and spirit.
  • Unique Wellness Facilities: Beyond traditional spa treatments, Oasia Spa’s holistic offerings include yoga classes and refreshing light meals to complete the wellness journey.
Address 23 Bch Vw Rd, #01-03 Palawan Ridge, Singapore 098679
Contact  +65 6818 3338
Operating Hours 10 AM – 8.30 PM
First treatment starts at 10 AM, while the last starts at 7.15 PM
Review 1 “Had a fantastic experience at Oasia. Made a reservation via email and the team responded within a matter of hours / less than a day. We were given refreshments upon arrival, filled out our details, and shown to the changing rooms and waiting area.Our masseuse/ facialist Carol and Annie were fantastic. We had the couple’s room and received the Elixir Journey (120 mins) treatment – aroma body massage + facial. We both agreed that it was our best experience in Singapore. Carol and Annie had both studied the forms we filled out, and were warm, highly professional and deft in their skills – the entire experience felt comfortable and soothing. The room was comfortable and clean, and the massage bed was very wide. After the session we could enjoy snacks at the waiting area.

Even though the session was not cheap, the both of us had the desire to return soon sometime… perhaps for another special occasion!”

Review 2 “Highly recommended spa experience to rejuvenate and recharge. To start, the environment is 10/10 super tranquil and facilities are thoughtful, new and clean.Loved the option of being able to use the sauna and meditation rooms before/after our treatments.

All the staff, from reception to the therapists, are extremely professional, polite, and welcoming.

I opted for the 90min facial and my therapist Annie is excellent! She was spot on when analysing my skin and provided a treatment that was exactly what my skin needed; every step was meticulous and deliberate, you can tell she takes her craft seriously. I loved the head, shoulder and arm massage as well. I have tried many different facials/spas and guarantee that Annie + Oasia Spa is one of the best.

Would come again for a pampering experience.”

Review 3 “The peaceful ambience relaxes your mind and soul. The Oasia signature massage is unique and soothing. The therapist customised the massage based on your body needs as well. The staff are friendly and helpful as well. Worth the try.”


Top Massage Spas in Singapore (Updated 2024) 2


Devarana Wellness

About At Devarana Wellness, located within the serene premises of Dusit Thani Laguna Singapore, guests are invited into a world where traditional Thai elegance meets modern luxury. This tranquil retreat is designed to offer an unparalleled wellness journey, inspired by the heavenly gardens, blending contemporary Thai design with an ethos of natural healing and well-being.
  • Peaceful Oasis: Situated amidst the verdant landscape of Dusit Thani Laguna Singapore, Devarana Wellness serves as a serene retreat from daily pressures.
  • Thai Wellness Traditions: With a foundation deeply rooted in Thailand’s rich history of wellness, the spa offers a unique harmony of traditional therapies and contemporary wellness techniques.
  • Recognized Excellence: Accolades from prestigious awards underline Devarana Wellness’s commitment to excellence in spa and wellness services.
  • Bespoke Wellness Programs: Offering personalized wellness experiences that include body scrubs, therapeutic massages, and rejuvenating facial treatments.
  • Devarana Signature Massage: An exclusive treatment combining the best of Thai, Ayurveda, and Shiatsu techniques with soothing Aromatherapy influences for deep relaxation.
  • Tailored Treatment Journeys: From the revitalizing Thai De-stress Healing Therapy to the culturally rich Singaporean Delightful Journey, treatments are customized to fulfill individual wellness objectives.
Address 11 Laguna Golf Green, Singapore 488047
Contact  +65 6841 8888
Operating Hours  10:30 – 20:00
Review 1 “Thank you so much Ms Lisa from the Reception team arrange the lovely card & birthday cake to celebrate mini birthday in the spa. Spa was super clean, big room, tranquility environment & friendly team. Don’t worry if you can’t speak Thai language, the team can speak very fluent in English n Chinese to communicate well for your body needs. The therapist did a good job for my massage too. Will definitely come back to visit the spa.”
Review 2 “This place is spa heaven! Spacious individual en-suite rooms for ultimate privacy and relaxation”
Review 3 “Great hospitality! Privacy is guaranteed with nicely furnished massage room. Masseur assigned to me was really skillful, and I feel more relaxed. Definitely a returning customer”


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Top Massage Spas in Singapore (Updated 2024) 3

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Pablo Blau

About Pablo Blau is Singapore’s pioneering luxury spa, inaugurated in October 2019 at Raffles City, which innovatively combines the therapeutic effects of salt therapy within a luxurious spa environment. Drawing inspiration from the natural and scientific principles and the poetic elegance of Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda, the spa delivers an unparalleled experience focusing on the wellness and rejuvenation of skin and body.
  • Unique Salt Room Environment: An ambiance that mimics the healing atmosphere of European salt mines, complete with rooms coated in pharmaceutical-grade salt and a state-of-the-art salt generator, creating a serene, hypoallergenic space.
  • Inspiration from Pablo Neruda: The spa’s philosophy is deeply influenced by the beauty of nature and the sea, as immortalized in the works of Pablo Neruda, offering a tranquil escape into wellness.
  • Award-Winning Recognition: Pablo Blau has received accolades for its innovative approach to combining luxury spa treatments with the therapeutic benefits of halotherapy.
  • Signature Salt Room: Experience treatments in a unique environment filled with air rich in negative ions and microscopic salt particles, designed to improve respiratory health and skin conditions.
  • Holistic Halotherapy Spa: A blend of spa treatments and salt therapy to amplify healing effects, offering relief from inflammation, irritation, and promoting overall well-being.
  • Exclusive Skin Treatments: Tailored skincare solutions provided in the salt room setting to enhance treatment efficacy, resulting in healthier, glowing skin.

252 North Bridge Road #02-26A

Singapore 179103

Contact  +65 6261 6885 / +65 6261 7886
Operating Hours 11.00am to 9.00pm
Review 1 “Excellent and unique facial experience in a salt room. Service is impeccable and all is reflected in their prices too.”
Review 2 “Amazing service by Therapist Eyan!!! She is meticulous with her facial works, recommending the best treatment for you. Highly recommend.The staff at the centre is very welcoming as well greeting each customers with a pleasant smile.”
Review 3 “Tried the promo facial. Service and process was great. Was given water at the beginning and tea at the end, while the therapist explained the package. No hard selling at all. Used the big salt room for couples and watched the intro video there. I enjoyed the treatment. They are professional”


Elements Top Massage Spas in Singapore


Elements Wellness 

About Elements Wellness is a sanctuary dedicated to the art of relaxation, offering a comprehensive range of services from massages and facials to body slimming treatments. Established to provide a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being, Elements Wellness combines traditional techniques with modern innovations to deliver personalized care and results.
  • Comprehensive Services: Catering to a broad spectrum of wellness needs with a variety of massages, facial treatments, and body slimming options.
  • Innovative Techniques: Incorporating cutting-edge treatments like Needle-less Rejuran® and Brightening Glutathione Facial for enhanced skin health and appearance.
  • TCM and Remedial Therapies: Specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and deep muscle therapies like Tui Na and Meridian Flush Therapy for natural healing.
  • Medi-Stretch: A unique body stretching service performed by trained therapists to promote healing and restore mobility.
  • Brightening Glutathione Facial: Utilizes ultrasound technology to infuse skin with Glutathione for a luminous complexion.
  • Chiropractic Services: Offers holistic treatments that address the root causes of discomfort and encourage the body’s natural healing processes.
Address 176 Orchard Road, #02-28 The Centrepoint, Singapore 238843

2 Orchard turn #1-30 ION Orchard, Singapore 238801

Contact  The Centrepoint : +65 6737 8488

ION : +65 6738 3788

Operating Hours The Centrepoint

Monday to Friday: 11 AM to 9 PM

Saturday and Sunday: 10:30 Am to 8 PM


Monday to Friday: 11 AM to 9 PM

Saturday and Sunday: 10:30 AM to 8 PM

Review 1 “Great experience! Impressed by their professionalism! I have an eczema skin condition. My therapist, Felicia, always takes good care of my skin.”
Review 2 “Great hospitality and very skilled and experienced masseuse. I have been a client since day 1when they fist had their branch at The Cathay and their service has been consistently good.”
Review 3 “We are long time and regular customers. The new location in Centrepoint is near and clean and we love our masseuses – Lisa and Kiwi. They are very professional and with good massage technic. We always feel very relaxed and refreshed after each visit. The counter staff there is also very friendly.”


Gspa Top Massage Spas in Singapore


G Spa

About G.SPA PTE. LTD is a unique sanctuary in Singapore that combines the serenity of nature-inspired retreats with the convenience of a comprehensive spa destination. Open around the clock, G.SPA offers an array of full-body treatments in an environment designed to rejuvenate both mind and body, catering to the wellness needs of all guests.
  • 24/7 Operation: Accessibility at any time to fit the modern, hectic lifestyle, offering a haven for relaxation around the clock.
  • Holistic Approach: Integrates traditional Chinese wellness philosophies to promote a balanced lifestyle, addressing the mind-body connection for optimal health.
  • Diverse Treatments: A vast selection of treatments, including massages, facials, and reflexology, tailored to individual needs and preferences.
  • Full-Body Treatments: Expertly designed to alleviate stress and restore energy, ranging from gentle to intensive massages.
  • Traditional and Modern Techniques: Combining age-old traditions with contemporary spa practices for a deeply restorative experience.
  • Corporate Packages: Customizable options for businesses looking to offer wellness benefits to their employees.
Address 102 Guillemard Road, #02-02, Singapore 399719
Contact  +65 6280 8988
Operating Hours Open for 24 hours
Review 1 “The spa ambience is warm and cosy and the staff are courteous and friendly. I like the background relaxing music, you can hear them even when you are inside the sauna or steam room. Compared to a lot of 5-star hotel spas, the steam room is definitely one of the better one. Well maintained and I like te part where it is divided into 3 sections of heat where you can enjoy the level of heat which you are most comfortable with. there are two jacuzzi pool, one indoor and one outdoor. Overall, great experience.”
Review 2 “Gspa s heavenly! They got the tastiest food and best spa services in Singapore. Masseurs are superb, you can practically spend your whole day there. It feels like being on a short trip. Will definitely go back again, it feels really good.”
Review 3 “As always, one of the return spot for 24 hours spa and facility for individual or group rest, relax and chiong. Group meeting possible. Corporate package advisable. Hope there are better packages to encourage membership signup. Alternative parking atHDB or office space nearby.”


Top Massage Spas in Singapore (Updated 2024) 4


Green Apple Spa

About Green Apple Spa Singapore distinguishes itself as a leading local spa, renowned for pioneering exceptional massage services in Singapore. Established with a vision to provide a sanctuary for rejuvenation and relaxation, Green Apple Spa prides itself on offering a diverse range of massage treatments that cater to the holistic well-being of its clientele.
  • Esteemed Local Brand: Recognized for its pioneering presence in Singapore’s spa industry, providing top-tier massage services.
  • Holistic Wellness Focus: Dedicated to enhancing the physical and mental well-being of guests through a comprehensive selection of massage therapies.
  • Accessible Location: Conveniently situated at 765 North Bridge Road, making it an easy retreat for city dwellers and visitors alike.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: A strong commitment to exceptional service, ensuring a memorable spa experience for every visitor.
  • Year-Round Promotions: Offers engaging promotions and special rates, making wellness accessible to a broader audience.
  • Diverse Massage Services: A wide array of massage options designed to address different needs, from relieving muscle tension to promoting relaxation.
  • Expert Therapists: Skilled professionals trained in various massage techniques to provide personalized care and treatments.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Open daily with extended hours to accommodate the busy schedules of its clients.
Address 765 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198733
+65 6299 1555
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 12 PM to 4 AM
Review 1 “Very good massage at this place. The first floor is mainly for a foot massage. The second floor is for body massage. For those who want to have privacy, there are two VIP rooms available on the first floor. I did body massage on the first floor VIP room foot massage chair. It was very comfortable. I Will visit again.”
Review 2 “Been a long time customer of Green Apple Spa. The massage techniques are not bad and are highly dependent on which masseuse you are assigned. Chairs felt a bit dated although were luxurious and the foot massage area has a large projector TV showing movies. Calming atmosphere but prices are high.”
Review 3 “Almost always perfect massage experience. All I want is a strong, consistent masseuse who knows where and when to apply the right amount of pressure on pressure points. Has been same experience 8 out of 10 times.”


Top Massage Spas in Singapore (Updated 2024) 5


Heart Springs Spa

About Established in 2002, Heart Springs Spa has seamlessly blended health and wellness to offer an innovative spa experience. With a focus on rejuvenating the body and mind, the spa’s highly skilled and devoted team ensures every visit transforms into a personalized journey towards optimal well-being.
  • Dedicated Team: A passionate and well-trained staff committed to delivering exceptional wellness experiences.
  • Comprehensive Services: From Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments to advanced skincare and body wellness therapies.
  • Holistic Approach: Integrating health with wellness to provide a soothing antidote for stress and tension.
  • Customer-Centric Experience: Personalized care that attentively caters to individual health and beauty needs.
  • Accessible Locations: Conveniently located across Singapore, offering easy access to relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • TCM Treatments: Utilizing age-old Chinese medicinal practices to restore balance and health.
  • Body Wellness: A range of massages and therapies designed to alleviate stress and rejuvenate the body.
  • Lymphatic Slim Therapy: Specialized treatments aimed at enhancing the body’s natural detoxification process.
  • Skin Care Solutions: Advanced facial treatments tailored to nourish, hydrate, and revitalize the skin.
Address Hougang : 90 #04-09 Hougang Avenue 10, NTUC Hougang Mall, Singapore 538766

Tampines : 10 Tampines Central 1, #05-15/16, Singapore 529537

Tiong Bahru : 302 Tiong Bahru Road, #04-102 Tiong Bahru Plaza, Singapore 168732

Contact  Hougang : NA

Tampines : +65 6481 9850

Tiong Bahru : +65 6278 9622

Operating Hours Hougang : Monday to Sunday: 10 AM to 9:30 PM

Tampines : Monday to Sunday: 10 AM to 9:30 PM

Tiong Bahru : Monday to Sunday: 10 AM to 9:30 PM

Review 1 “Spring Into A Better You! HEART SPRINGS SPA is an exquisite spa that allows you to indulge your mind. Simply devoted to authenticity and harmony, the wide range of beauty services available at HEART SPRINGS SPA includes facials, massages, foot reflexology, hydro-therapies, body polishes, bust enhancement, ear handling, IPL hair removal, IPL anti-acne and eyebrow embroidery.”
Review 2 “I have been going to them on and off for neck and shoulder massages for years, sometimes with a package and sometimes a la carte. And I come back satisfied almost all the time. No hard sell and the masseuse are friendly and easy to talk to.”
Review 3 “Evon is a very good when it comes to service. She treat the customers in a nice way. My experience in is awesome. So I love to come at Tiong Bahru branch and always look for Evon For me she’s the best when it comes to customer service and so professional”


Nature Land Top Massage Spas in Singapore


Natureland Spa

About Natureland epitomizes the essence of tranquility and rejuvenation, setting a benchmark for spa indulgence in Singapore. With a steadfast commitment to providing an exceptional escape from urban stress, Natureland harmonizes body, mind, and soul through its meticulously designed therapeutic massages and serene spa environments.
  • Strategically Situated: Accessible havens located within Singapore’s major urban centers, including ION Orchard and Marina Bay Sands.
  • All-Encompassing Service Hours: Offering flexible timings to accommodate even the busiest of schedules, some locations operate up until 2 AM.
  • Diverse Therapeutic Offerings: A comprehensive menu of body and foot massages aimed at holistic well-being and relaxation.
  • Soothing Ambiance: Each spa is crafted to be a luxurious retreat, facilitating a soulful rejuvenation amidst serene settings.
  • Promotional Delights: Regularly updated promotions and e-voucher options that enhance the accessibility of premium spa experiences.
  • Expertly Curated Massages: From traditional reflexology to body wellness treatments, designed to alleviate stress and promote deep relaxation.
  • Premium Spa Experiences: Select outlets offer an elevated spa experience with services tailored for those seeking luxury in a tranquil setting.
  • Round-the-Clock Availability: Natureland accommodates guests at all hours, ensuring a sanctuary is always within reach for relaxation and recovery.
  • Holistic Wellness Approach: Emphasizing a balance between physical relief and mental tranquility through each specialized treatment.
Address Orchard : 160 Orchard Road, Singapore 238842

Valley Point : 491 River Valley Road, Singapore 248371

Robertson Walk : 11 Unity Street #01-08/09 Robertson Walk Singapore 237995

Holland Village : 29/29 A Lorong Liput Singapore 277740

Springvale East Coast : 907 East Coast Road #01-04/05 Springvale, Singapore 459107

Chijmes : 30 Victoria Street #1-01/02, Singapore 187996

Orchard Liat Towers : 541 Orchard Road #02-01, #03-01 Liat towers Singapore 238881

Contact  Orchard : +65 6235 6780

Valley Point : +65 6338 6780

Robertson Walk : +65 6733 6780

Holland Village : +65 6467 6780

Springvale East Coast : +65 6445 6780

Chijmes : +65 6266 6780

Orchard Liat Towers : +65 6767 6780

Operating Hours Orchard : Monday to Sunday: 9 AM to 4 AM

Valley Point : Monday to Sunday: 9 AM to 3 AM

Robertson Walk : Monday to Sunday: 9 AM to 10:30 PM

Holland Village: Monday to Sunday: 9 AM to 10:30 PM

Chijmes: Monday to Sunday: 9 AM to 10:30 PM

Orchard Liat Towers: Monday to Sunday: 9 AM to 4 AM

Review 1 “Had a 90-minute massage here and the standard met and exceeded what I’m used to in the US. The staff was professional and the establishment was very clean. My massage was great and I especially enjoyed the ginger tea afterward!”
Review 2 “Natureland at Liat towers (Orchard) is a worth visit place with nice interior, polite, and professional personnel, very attentive to your questions and needs, high quality of all procedures.”
Review 3 “Always love their foot massage! Masseurs are brilliant and no nonsense, above all almost open 24/7 what else you could ask for – 24/7, lean, professional, and brilliant! Perfect place to relax.”


Top Massage Spas in Singapore (Updated 2024) 6


St. Regis Spa

About St. Regis Spa stands as a sanctuary of luxury and tranquility, marking its distinguished presence in Singapore with an exclusive spa experience that honors the art of indulgence. Designed as a modern haven of relaxation, the spa offers guests a unique retreat, celebrating the exquisite and the extraordinary with every meticulously curated aspect from its lavish environment to its premium treatments.
  • Exclusivity and Luxury: A spa that defines the pinnacle of lavishness and private indulgence in Singapore.
  • Sensorial Experiences: Tailored to captivate the senses, combining precious ingredients and lush surroundings for a complete immersion.
  • Strategic Location: Nestled at 29 Tanglin Road, within the prestigious St. Regis Singapore, offering easy access to tranquility.
  • Bespoke Services: Each treatment is custom-created, promising an unparalleled spa journey that celebrates individual preferences.
  • Decadent Treatments: Offering an array of services that epitomize spa luxury, from rejuvenating facials to holistic body massages.
  • Signature Rituals: Unique spa rituals designed to provide deep relaxation and revitalization, using only the most exquisite ingredients.
  • Elegant Ambiance: A beautifully designed space that serves as a private oasis for those seeking a break from the urban flurry.
  • Expert Therapists: A team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to delivering personalized care and attention.
Address 29 Tanglin Road, The St. Regis
Contact  +65 6506 6896
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 10 AM to 7 PM
Review 1 “I used this spa when I visited Singapore in July 2019. I took the early morning slot at 9 am. The masseuse was Elvina. She was thoroughly professional and the massage was excellent – it was an hour-long treatment and I felt completely refreshed at the end of it. The massage room and the facilities inside the spa were modern and very clean. There was a part of the spa that was undergoing renovation and the management had posted an apology for it; otherwise, it was a wonderful experience for the cost.”
Review 2 “The spa ambience is warm and cosy and the staffs are courteous and friendly. I like the background relaxing music, you can hear them even when you are inside the sauna or steam room. Compared to a lot of 5-star hotel spas, the steam room is definitely one of the better ones. Well maintained and I like the part where it is divided into 3 sections of heat where you can enjoy the level of heat which you are most comfortable with. There are two jacuzzi pools, one indoor and one outdoor. Overall, great experience.”
Review 3 “Excellent spa! The therapist William has 20= experience and he was able to help release a few of my knots. This is one of the best massages I have ever had.”


Sofitel Top Massage Spas in Singapore


So Spa

About Nestled within the tranquil surroundings of the heritage-rich Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa, the Sofitel Spa offers a haven of relaxation and restoration. This award-winning sanctuary, adorned with resident peacocks and set amid lush greenery, stands as the world’s largest Sofitel Spa, providing guests with a unique blend of luxury, well-being, and the art of French living.
  • Tranquil Setting: Located in a heritage building surrounded by lush greenery, offering a peaceful escape.
  • World-Class Facilities: Boasts 14 treatment rooms, gender-specific steam rooms, indoor and outdoor pools, including a lap pool and whirlpool, amid a private garden.
  • Holistic Wellness Approach: A dedicated team delivers a wide range of pampering treatments using luxurious ESPA products.
  • Signature Treatments: The Sentosa Massage, a unique combination of Western and Eastern techniques, promises a deeply restorative experience.
  • Award-Winning Excellence: Recognized for outstanding service and setting, enhancing the allure of the spa experience.
  • Luxurious Treatment Range: From rejuvenating body scrubs and wraps to revitalizing facials and massages, each treatment is designed for ultimate pampering.
  • Exclusive ESPA Products: Utilizing high-end ESPA products for treatments that nourish the skin and soothe the soul.
  • Sentosa Massage: A bespoke therapy that embodies the spa’s signature, blending various massage techniques for peak relaxation.
  • Comprehensive Wellness Facilities: A vast array of amenities including steam rooms, pools, and private gardens to complement the spa treatments.
Address 30 Allanbrooke Road, Singapore 099983
Contact  +65 6708 8358
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 10 AM to 9 AM
Review 1 “Nice spa, my hubby treated me here for my birthday. I would like to give thanks to one of the massage therapists named daniel, he was very handsome, I felt his strong hands around my body which was very refreshing and rejuvenating!”
Review 2 “Beautiful environment with hospitable staff. great to relax and chill by the poolside. Delicious acai bowl. Complimentary ginger tea and fruit infused water. Even got a complimentary mini raspberry sorbet by the pool. A real treat under the hot sun.”
Review 3 “Had a really nice spa day with a girlfriend, did a 2.5-hour coconut spa (scrub, wrap, hair mask, massage) and it was very lovely. My therapist Pauline had great skills and I felt at ease in her hands. Do ask for her if you’re going! We had access to the indoor pool/mud bath, it was decent but I did think it would be a lot more well maintained given the brand associated. Overall a fun and would do it again! Left the spa feeling refreshed and rejuvenated :)”


The Thai Spa Top Massage Spas in Singapore


The Thai Spa

About The Thai Spa in Singapore provides a gateway to a serene and peaceful spa experience, where balance, rejuvenation, and well-being are at the heart of each treatment. Garnering multiple choice awards from 2020 to 2022, The Thai Spa has established itself as a distinguished sanctuary for those seeking to escape the daily grind and immerse in a realm of relaxation and tranquility.
  • Award-Winning Excellence: Recognized consistently from 2020 to 2022 for its outstanding spa services and guest satisfaction.
  • Holistic Treatment Offerings: From couple therapies to individual massage sessions, skin care, body treatments, and exclusive services for men.
  • Tranquil Retreat: Designed as a haven of peace to slow down, recenter, and renew, providing an escape from a high-stress lifestyle.
  • Couple Therapies: Shared massage experiences that foster serenity and harmony between partners.
  • Revitalizing Massages: A range of body massages aimed at revitalizing both body and mind, utilizing traditional and contemporary techniques.
  • Skin Care Services: Rejuvenating treatments that promote radiant skin, using high-quality products and tailored approaches.
  • Body Treatments: Indulge in a variety of body treatments designed to invigorate and relax, from scrubs to wraps.
  • Men’s Treatments: Specifically crafted facials and body treatments to meet the wellness needs of men, focusing on rejuvenation and relaxation.
Address Suntec City Mall, Tower 1, North Wing, Level 3, #324, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038983
Contact  +65 8182 8272
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 11 AM to 9:30 PM
Review 1 “I had an hour-long Balinese body massage – the staff there destroyed mu body in a good way. Had my back clicking in places and ways that I didn’t think possible. They even clicked my toes. My toes. God, it was good.”
Review 2 “One of the best spas that I have ever visited and today was my very first massage that was exquisite. the therapists here are experienced. Sophia at the front desk is so charming and friendly; she treats both her customers and her therapist with affection. This place is gifted with talents. Kudos to the team, please continue to keep up the excellent work.”
Review 3 “Excellent service from start to finish. Staff were very welcoming and the entire session was so relaxing. The ambience was good and the place was clean as well. Would definitely recommend this place to my friends!”


Mandarin Oriental Top Massage Spas in Singapore


Mandarin Oriental, Singapore Spa

About Mandarin Oriental, Singapore Spa offers a sanctuary of tranquility and well-being in the heart of a bustling city. With its serene ambiance, expert therapists, and a wide array of rejuvenating treatments, this spa sets the standard for a luxurious retreat designed to refresh, restore, and invigorate both mind and body.
  • Serene Retreat: A peaceful oasis offering a respite from the urban flurry, perfect for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Expert Team: Talented therapists deliver exceptional, personalized spa experiences tailored to individual needs.
  • Comprehensive Facilities: Features a fully-equipped fitness center, an outdoor swimming pool, and offers personal training sessions and yoga classes.
  • Signature Treatments: A selection of unique therapies and treatments, utilizing premium products for maximum well-being.
  • Accessible Luxury: Conveniently located within the prestigious Mandarin Oriental, Singapore, offering easy access for a luxurious escape.
  • Holistic Treatments: From traditional massages to innovative spa treatments, focusing on holistic wellness and relaxation.
  • Fitness and Movement: A dedicated program of fitness activities, including personal training and yoga, to complement the spa experience.
  • Luxury Spa Amenities: Including a state-of-the-art fitness centre, a serene outdoor swimming pool, and relaxation lounges.
  • Personalized Wellness: Tailored wellness programs designed to meet individual health and fitness goals.
Address 5 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039797
Contact  +65 6885 3533
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 10 AM to 11 PM
Review 1 “Extremely professional. Peaceful separate areas to relax beforehand and after the actual session. You get to choose the sent of your massage oil before they start. Wonderful experience.”
Review 2 “Had a 90-minute treatment here while on holiday and it was amazing. Not my first visit but the first time I wanted to write a review. I was greeted in reception, given a tea and a cold towel to relax me. After changing g and sitting in the relaxation room, my therapist met me and introduced herself. She asked about injuries and massage pressure, as selected the toil for my treatment. The massage was amazing and so relaxing. Unlike other places, there was no outside noise to distract from the experience. The pressure was firm when needed and certainly helped get the knots out of my shoulders. The time flew and I could hardly believe the 90-minute treatment was over! Highly recommended.”
Review 3 “Best massage of all time. Treated like royalty. Love the special touches.”


Top Massage Spas in Singapore (Updated 2024) 7


Tang Dynasty Wellness Spa

About Tang Dynasty Spa, a luxurious Oriental boutique spa, offers an escape from the stresses of daily life, promising an indulgent and serene spa experience at competitive prices. Since its inception in 2011 on North Bridge Road, and its subsequent expansion to Bukit Timah, the spa has been a sanctuary for those seeking professional and high-quality massage treatments in beautifully serene settings.
  • Experienced Therapists: Certified and highly skilled therapists specialize in relieving stress and ensuring full rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation.
  • Commitment to Quality: Dedicated to delivering professional service and maintaining cleanliness while providing excellent value.
  • Inviting Ambiance: Oriental-style decor creates a delightful sensory experience in treatment rooms featuring soft padded beds and private shower cubicles.
  • Convenient Scheduling: Open daily from 10:00am to 10:30pm, offering flexibility for relaxation anytime around the clock.
  • Holistic Treatment Range: From body massages to foot reflexology, all carried out in a Relaxation Lounge equipped with modern comforts and free WIFI.
  • Full Body Scrub: A luxurious treatment designed to exfoliate the skin, removing dead cells and impurities for a refreshed feel.
  • Oriental Massage Treatments: Customized massage services that blend traditional and modern techniques to alleviate knots and tensions.
  • Foot Reflexology: Expert specialists provide pampering foot treatments, enhancing relaxation and wellbeing while you enjoy entertainment and connectivity.
  • Private and Serene Treatment Spaces: Enjoy the tranquility in treatment rooms or the relaxation lounge, designed for optimum comfort and relaxation.
Address 790 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198758
Contact  +65 6894 6466
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 10 AM to 10:30 PM
Review 1 “This place will let you experience what does the world relaxing truly means. the place gives you the soothing and comfy feeling. the room where they will massage you has dim light and you can really fall asleep in just a few minutes. The therapists are highly skilled and professional. You can definitely relax and rejuvenate in this massage place.”
Review 2 “Love this place. This is the 3rd time I have visited with my fiance and even brought my family along before and my family is now loving this place too. This place has become our first thing in mind every time we needed a really really good massage. Amazing quality for a reasonable value! It’s also clean and no bad odours which I am sensitive to so that’s a plus point. Their booking system is also smooth and everyone inside is friendly. Their massages are always on point without having to tell them. They are always fully booked most days so you should book in advance. Can’t wait for the next visit. So glad to have found Tang Dynasty by such a random chance.”
Review 3 “Nice cosy place. Ambience is warm and inviting. The masseuse is expertly trained and go the extra mile to ensure comfort whilst performing her therapeutic work. I would come back again. Price is reasonable too.”


Willow Stream Spa Top Massage Spas in Singapore


Willow Stream Spa

About Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Singapore is an award-winning destination, celebrated for offering a diverse array of massages, body treatments, and facials tailored to meet individual skin and body care needs with premium spa products. Recognized as the Best Hotel Spa in 2022 by Asia’s Best Awards, Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia, Willow Stream Spa stands as a sanctuary for rejuvenation and wellness.
  • Award-Winning Excellence: Honored as the Best Hotel Spa in 2022, showcasing its commitment to unparalleled spa services.
  • Personalized Treatments: Offers a wide range of treatments that are carefully adapted to suit each guest’s unique needs and preferences.
  • Luxurious Facilities: Equipped with separate amenities for men and women, relaxation lounges, whirlpools, steam rooms, and saunas.
  • Exclusive Treatment Rooms: Features 23 lavish treatment rooms, including couples suites with private Jacuzzis, ensuring a secluded and intimate experience.
  • Comprehensive Wellness Membership: Provides a Fitness & Lifestyle membership with benefits including access to the fitness centre, swimming pools, and spa amenities.
  • Tailored Spa Experiences: From invigorating massages to soothing treatments, techniques are customized for individual preferences.
  • Decadent Treatment Rooms: Including two couples suites, designed for privacy and relaxation, featuring private Jacuzzis.
  • Advanced Spa Products: Utilizing only premium spa products for all skin and body care treatments to ensure the highest quality and efficacy.
  • Holistic Wellness Membership: Offering extensive benefits through its Fitness & Lifestyle membership for a comprehensive wellness journey.
Address 80 Bras Basah Road, Fairmont, 06-Fairmont, Singapore 189560
Contact  +65 6431 5600
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 7 AM to 9 PM
Review 1 “Facial, Body Massages, Aromatherapy, Foot Reflexology

Willow Stream Spa offers a variety of different authentically inspired massage, body treatment and facials for all your individual skincare needs using premium spa products. Choose from 23 luxurious treatment rooms, including couple suites featuring private jacuzzis that will give you tat retreat haven away from the hectic urbanite life.”

Review 2 “Had a facial here and it was a great experience. There was a member of staff looking after me at every point. My facial with Stella was amazing. She knows what she’s doing and is super professional. Would definitely come back!”
Review 3 “Truly relaxable and rechargeable place. their massage was wonderful and hospitality was also superb. Highly recommended spa.”


Yunomori Top Massage Spas in Singapore


Yunomori Onsen & Spa

About Yunomori Onsen & Spa uniquely merges traditional Japanese Onsen therapies with Thai spa treatments to create an unparalleled wellness experience in Southeast Asia. With its mineral-rich waters and a range of therapeutic baths, Yunomori provides urbanites a sanctuary to detoxify, relax, and rejuvenate amidst the demands of city life.
  • East Meets West: A distinct fusion of Japanese Onsen and traditional Thai massage, offering a unique therapeutic experience.
  • Signature Services: The spa’s combination of hot Onsen baths followed by traditional massages enhances relaxation and effectiveness of treatments.
  • Therapeutic Facilities: Features an extensive selection of baths, each providing specific health benefits, within a tranquil and traditional setting.
  • Japanese Hospitality: Imbued with a philosophy of exceptional service and attention to detail, ensuring a memorable spa journey for every guest.
  • Innovative Treatments: Offers cutting-edge services like IPL treatments for skin rejuvenation and hair removal, alongside specialized facial and body care treatments.
  • Onsen Baths: Various types of Onsen baths, including modern and traditional, each designed for relaxation and health benefits.
  • Combination Therapy: A holistic approach that utilizes the relaxing effects of the Onsen to prepare the body for the deeper benefits of massage therapy.
  • IPL Services: State-of-the-art Intense Pulse Light treatments for skin lifting, firming, whitening, hair removal, and more.
  • Facial and Body Care: Advanced treatments such as Facial Aging Care with Onsen RG92 Treatment and Body Care Treatment for a comprehensive wellness experience.
Address 1 Stadium Place, #02-17/18 Wave Mall, Singapore 397628
Contact  +65 6386 4126
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 10 AM to 10 PM
Review 1 “Great place to relax and reflect. Glad there is a great Onsen here in Singapore! Not a huge fan of the TVs, but it doesn’t bother me too much. Looking forward to visiting you again after the upgrade!”
Review 2 “It should be a place visited once regardless of which outlet they have in the world. I visited the Singapore branch in Kallang Wave Mall. the facilities are very comfortable, clean and tidy.”
Review 3 “Great place to relax. I went there Friday afternoon, spend half a day! There is 3 to 4 people in the spa. I could enjoy each bath widely. (Soda bath, Steam sauna, Jet bath) After a bath I took a Thai massage for 1 hour. the therapist has great technique (I had experience took Thai massage many times) The food in the cafe is ok. An extensive line-up of Japanese food. My favourite place is the relaxing lounge. There was a lot of spacious sheet for personal, quiet, I slept for a few hours. I hope the facility and service level keep it up.”


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