What Are The Top Marketing Events In Singapore?

marketing events

Here’s the deal: if you’re a marketer looking to build meaningful connections in the industry, learn about the latest marketing wrinkle in Singapore, and re-energise yourself with new marketing ideas, then make an effort NOT to miss any of the following marketing events in Singapore.

Whether you’re planning to hit the event circuit this year as an attendee, a keynote speaker, or a network expert, these marketing events are a great way to mingle with the industry leaders and other marketers. They also provide the much-needed platform to step up your marketing game as the year rolls and far beyond.

There’s one catch, though – these marketing events and conferences are organised all the time. Singapore alone has dozens of them in a year. So if you were to attend every single one of them, you’d be exhausted beyond measure, with no time left to do your stuff. Plus, since most of these events aren’t exactly gratis, attending them alone could mean over-straining your finances.

To help you start planning for these events much earlier, and even single out which ones among them are worth attending, and which ones to brush aside, we’ve compiled a list of marketing events in Singapore that we can almost guarantee you’ll have a good experience attending – with a lot to learn, at the same time.

There isn’t any shortcut around this – as a marketer that’s looking to grow and step up their marketing game, you have to figure out how to invest in yourself. We’re living in a fast-paced world, where everything is moving fast. One way to ensure you’re NOT left behind or that you’re always ahead of the curve is by making an effort to start attending these events.

You want to gain exposure by interacting with other bright people in the industry, so you can put your minds together and figure out the best way forward.

Simple: read through the following list of events and single out which ones among them do you plan to visit as the year rolls by, without fail.

marketing events
Chief Data and Analytics Office Singapore (CDAO)

If you’ve been in the marketing business for long, then the CDAO must be familiar territory to you. It’s one of the leading events for data and analytics authorities in the whole of Asian-pacific region.

The event is widely favoured for hosting some of the most inspiring speakers and a comprehensive agenda that will be touching on the most strategic concerns that marketing leaders that are specialising in data and analytics face.

Different marketers come together to interact with senior executives in the industry to champion for data agenda and exchange ideas on governance, infrastructure, innovation, leadership, and culture with the sole aim of harnessing data more effectively as one of the most strategic marketing assets.

By attending the event, you’ll get to learn about how CDAO is driving change and the strategies they employ to their organisations to foster analytical maturity. The events are always attended by more than 200 Data Analytics leaders and executives, and keynoted by both local and international speakers.

Why should you attend the event?

To be inspired: This is an event you attend to be inspired, or when you want to find out how data and analytics professionals in Singapore and the whole APCA region are leading change, deriving value, and impacting their business using dependable data.

In this way, you get the unique opportunity as a marketer to ask questions, benchmark, and share the story you have with the industry experts and other renowned leaders you have only dreamt of meeting.

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To get informed: The bulk of the people who attend these meetings do it for the sole purpose of learning. The general setup of the meetings, particularly the discursive, all-inclusive environment is meant to encourage a learning environment for the attendees.

So if NOT for anything else, you might want to attend these meetings to find out what’s latest in the industry in terms of thought-leadership so you can choke out the most value for your business.

Supporting Partners for the Events

The Event is supported by high-profile brands such as IBM, PWC, Oracle, Data Robot, Denodo, Qlik, Tealium, Erwin, and Snowflake, to name a few.
Key agenda: How data is driving digital transformation in Singapore
Organizers: Corinium Global Intelligence.
Venue: Novotel Clarke Quay, in Singapore.
TEL: +65 6338 333

B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

Let’s start by saying that, as one of the leading providers of digital marketing services in Singapore, MediaOne Marketing will be in full attendance of this year’s B2B Marketing Leaders Forum – held on 21st to 23rd of August, 2019.

Suffice it to say that this is one of the must-attend B2B marketing events organized every year with a primary focus on revenue, leadership, growth, and career advancement for those employed.

The plans to organise this year’s plugin for the event are already underway. Speaking of which, Asia’s marketing leaders and B2B CMOs are expected to gather and learn more about the latest technologies, strategies, and leadership techniques that they’ll be using to turn their marketing departments into revenue-generating machines, as marketers learn more about how to modernise their strategies and advance their marketing careers.

The event is usually attended by 100 participants from all parts of the Asian-pacific region.

Where the Event is held: Park Royal on Pickering, just in the heart of Singapore
Sponsors: As it stands, the event has about 17 sponsors, including Black Marketing, Aventri, Act on Software, Brightcove, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, Seismic, Content Marketing Institute, and so forth.

The event’s agenda:
i. Marketing Leadership: 12 powers of a marketing leader — How you can succeed as a marketer by building more customers and raising your business value.
ii. Sales and marketing alignment: How to start a sales and marketing team that will be functioning like a well-oiled machine
iii. Brand and Transformation Leadership
iv. KPIs, Metrics, Roi, and Attribution
v. Cx, Retention, and Loyalty

Who can attend the Meeting?

Small to medium-sized businesses with small-size marketing teams and limited resources for marketing. Any aspiring marketer or business owner looking for an opportunity to network with other marketers and business people in Singapore.

Website: https://b2bmarketingleaders.com.au/singapore/

Rakuten Marketing DealMaker, Singapore

Rakuten Marketing DealMaker usually brings together more than 100 marketing experts in Singapore every year to network, learn, and plan about their businesses.

It’s one of the leading gathering places for e-commerce and online performance leaders. Among those who’ve attended the event in the past are hundreds of marketing executives and business owners from some of the top companies online.

This year the event will be on 25th July 2019 at the Four Seasons Hotel. It will be a Thursday. More than 100 marketers are expected to attend.

The Venue: Four Seasons Hotel
The Four Seasons hotel can be found along the serene, tree-lined Orchard Boulevard. It’s a luxury 5-star hotel that should take you only 25 minutes to get there if you’re driving from Changi Airport, just a few steps away from the Orchard Road.

Those in attendance will be educated on a broad range of topics, starting with how you can use data analysis to fully comprehend the shopping behaviour of consumers to how you can both create and increase your relationship with fellow advertisers and publishers.

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Among those keynoting the event this year is Linda J. and the current chair of the School of Interactive Computer at Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT), Ayanna Howard. If you can remember, Professor Howard is among the few professors that have been at the forefront of pioneering intelligent technologies with a special focus to make it adapt to the human world perfectly.

She’s an AI expert that will be focusing on how AI is about to shape up the world of marketing for the better, and how marketers can take advantage of this new shift in technological advancement.
Participants: about 100 delegates
Frequency: Annual
Organizers: Rakuten Marketing

Interested Geographies: Oceania, North America, UK, and APAC region
Interested Industries: Education and Training, Apparel and Clothing, IT and technology, Education and Training, Arts and Crafts, Building and Construction, Auto and Automotive, and Packing and Packaging to name a few.
Official Website: https://rakutenmarketing.com/events/
Email: [email protected]

International Conference on Marketing and Tourism (ICMT)

In terms of holding conferences in some of the most beautiful locations in Singapore, ICMT is a hidden gem. Now in its 14th year of taking place in Parkroyal on Kitchener Rd, a beautiful hotel nestled in the heart of the city.
The event is widely known for bringing together some well-known brands in Singapore, most notably those that have succeeded in earning a loyal customer base. Much of what the event focuses on is geared towards instilling customer loyalty.

So expect the conference to belabor on Advertisement Management, Brand Management, Advertising, Direct Marketing, Integrated Marketing, and Business to Business relationships, to mention a few.

Next Event: 2nd to 4th August 2019
Theme: Research and Technology in education

How you can use technology in education.
Use of Innovative teaching methods in classrooms
The overall marketing set up of Singapore

Organizers: SDM Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD)
Venue: Park Royal on Kitchener Rd, Singapore.
181 Kitchener Rd, Singapore 208533
Tel: +65 6428 3000
Website: http://globalbizresearch.org/Singapore_Conference_2018_july3/

Etailer Asia: The eCommerce and Digital Marketing Conference

This is a conference you wouldn’t want to miss if you’re running a retail business and are looking to get into eCommerce. Those attending the event will get to hear it from people who have made it in the eCommerce space, some international brands that you only hear off.

Think brands such as Crocs, Under Armor, Louis Vuitton, and platforms such as Zalora and Luxasia. eTail Asia is one of the leading digital marketing conferences in the whole of APAC region for leading tech innovators.

Primarily, the conference was established to offer online retailers a platform to share some of the best industry practices, challenge conventions, and network among themselves and with other authority voices in the digital and eCommerce space.

It’s a three-day event that focuses on digital marketing, technology, eCommerce, and a series of other new age marketing fields. The event is organized on an annual basis by the World Business Research, a well known international organisations that hosts more than 80 annual conferences worldwide. That’s besides offering a full complement of digital marketing services and a series of intimate networking events.

The organisation hosts a long list of marketing events in various parts of the country, including Europe, Asia, and North America.
Date event: The 2019 plugin of the event took place at the Sheraton Towers from the 5th to 7th of March.
Next event: 3rd to 5th March 2020
i. How to enter and succeed in the $800 billion eCommerce market of China
ii. How to Optimise User Experience both Online and In-store
iii. How to become a data-driven organisation
iv. How to navigate the New CX Era
v. Conversion Rate Optimisation
vi. What’s the future of retail in the age of Amazon
vii. How to drive revenue and growth
viii. How to master metrics and test user experience
ix. What’s the future of logistics and fulfilment
Organized by: World Business Research (WBR)
Sponsored by Dan
Location:  Equarius Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore
Contact Us: +65 6722 9455
Sponsors: Dynamic Yield, Adyen, Vinculum, and Stripe, to name a few.
Attendees: Brick and Mortar Businesses, Online retailers, Directors and heads, Senior Managers, C-suits.

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From: Based on past events, 60 percent of those in attendance will be from Asia, 10 percent from the Pacific, and the remaining 30 percent will be from other parts of the world.
Ticket Pricing: Retailer and eTailers
For retailers and eTailers only attending the conference – the amount to pay is 2,028 SGD for the entire event.
For both the conference and focus day, open for retailers and eTailers only – the amount to pay for the entire event is 2300sgd.
For non-retailers that wish to attend the conference – the amount to pay is 4058sgd.


DATAx is part of a gala event organized in Singapore with a primary focus on educating those in attendance on matters of big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, more so by focusing on the big strides made so far in the tech industry.

If you ever find yourself fascinated by tech in general or would like to find out how these new technologies would help propel your business or organization to the next level, this event is a good investment for both you and your team.

By focusing on the implementation, DATAx Singapore will be able to provide a platform that marketers and business owners in Singapore will be able to use to re-imagine their vision and figure out how to take advantage of AI in future for their business success.

This event allows you to meet hundreds of data scientists, C-suite executives, and analytics professionals.
The event is usually attended by representatives from Apple, Netflix, HSBC, Shell, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Nasa, and Microsoft, to name a few.
Date: The event usually takes place around March.
This year’s edition of the event happened on March 5th and 6th, 2019.
Price: The event goes for 1348sgd.
Website: https://www.theinnovationenterprise.com/summits/datax-singapore

The Takeaway

Again, this list is not in any way exhaustive. Meaning there’re other marketing events that take place in Singapore that you might want to consider, but what’s certain is that this list covers the best of what the region has to offer.

So as you plan for your 2019 schedule and some of the goals you wish to achieve before the year winds to a close, we hope that you check out from the above list of events and conferences and make a point to attend a few of them, if NOT all.

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We strongly urge and encourage you to consider investing in the team you have by allowing them to take a few days off so they can go ahead and interact with the outside world by attending any of these events.
The events may appear costly, but they’re worth the spending when you consider how resourceful it can be to your online marketing strategies and business goals.

For more information concerning these events or any other event we didn’t include on the list, kindly contact our customer relationship team at MediaOne Marketing today and they’ll be glad to help.

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