Top Marketing Consulting Agencies in Singapore

how to select the top marketing consulting agencies in singapore

Online marketing is a huge investment for small and big investors and has had tremendous growth especially in Singapore. Recent research statistics in Singapore revealed that about fifty-five percent of the population accessing the internet use their devices to search or purchase products.

This proves the need to get into search engine optimisation to try and sell your business brand to the demographic market. Marketing consulting agencies have risen to help business companies accomplish their online digital marketing goals in the face of falling audience eyeballs in traditional media across the board. Here we list the top 20 internet marketing consulting agencies in Singapore.

Top Marketing Consulting Agencies in Singapore

Sales and Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Brand Alignment: Top Marketing Consulting Agencies in Singapore

1. MediaOne

MediaOne, a premier digital marketing agency, offers comprehensive services to elevate your brand. Our expertise spans SEO, PPC, social media marketing, content marketing, and web design, ensuring your digital presence is robust and impactful. We specialize in Keyword Magic, automation, and SEO localization, tailored to meet your unique business needs. Trusted by top brands like Dior, Canon, and SingTel, our award-winning strategies drive growth and engagement. At MediaOne, we blend creativity with data-driven insights to deliver exceptional results, making us your go-to partner for all digital marketing needs.

2. Havas Group

Havas Group seeks to help brands gain meaningful connections. Its team is one of the most integrated in Singapore, spanning media, international management, entertainment, sport, experiential, and mobile.

  • Key Speciality: Media Planning (Out of Home, Print, Online, Mobile Media, Newspapers, Social, TV, and Radio.
  • Website:

3. Performics

Performics are always on the hunt for new opportunities. They also solve complex challenges by blending data, technology, and deploying brilliant specialists on the ground.

  • Key Speciality: Media Planning (Radio, TV, Newspapers, Print, and so on), Marketing Research, SEO, CRM, Advertising, Out of Home, and so on.
  • Website:

4. Starcom

Starcom is known worldwide as one of the leading media communication agencies. They’re a subsidiary company of the Publicis Media, and apparently one of the most trusted media agencies in Singapore.

5. Zenith Media

Zenith mission is to help businesses increase their revenue. The company still believes the traditional media is still critical in the modern world of marketing, and they’re here to help you harness its power.

  • Key Services: Brand Monitoring, Direct Marketing, Print (Newspapers, Radio, TV, and Social), Sales Promotion, and Mobile.
  • Website:

6. Actmedia Singapore

Actmedia is a daughter company of the OMG Group, and the first one to be formed in the group.

It’s an instore marketing consultant company, specialised with a range of media networks.

7. Demo Power Singapore

Demo Power are billed for offering Total Brand Experience (TBE). They’re the people to consult if you’re looking for a way to get your brand more attention.

8. Dentsu Aegis

Denstu Aegis was created to help brands realise their marketing goals. All their solutions are geared towards helping brands grow by taking advantage of the new business opportunities around them.

9. Group M

Group M is an internationally known media investment company, boasting over 30, 000 employees in more than 400 offices in different parts of the word. The company offers media, data, and technology services.

  • Key Services: Media Planning (Mobile, Offline Newspapers, TV, Social and Radio).
  • Website:

10. Mediacom

Mediacom believe nothing exists in seclusion. Every is connected. Their focus is on creating connections and content – owned, earned, and paid.

11. OMD Singapore

OMD has one of the largest workforces, with more than 11, 000 employees working in their 120 offices in different parts of the world.

  • They’re dynamic, influential, and creative. Their invaluable insights will unlock demand potential, and their well-thought-out ideas will spark new desires and improve your results.
  • Key Services: Media Planning/Buying (Online, Print, Media, Radio, TV, Social).

12. Initiative

Initiative grows brands and propel them to stardom through nothing else but culture. Their focus is on media and advertising, which they do by integrating customers insights and collected data to come up with strategies that set your company on the right path to success.

  • Key Services: Brand Monitoring, Direct Marketing, Print (Newspapers, Radio, TV, and Social), Sales Promotion, and Mobile.
  • Website:

13. IPG Mediabrands

IPG Mediabrands operates as a media extension of the Interpublic Group. It’s a company that believes in the power of automating repetitive tasks and making the most out of your marketing effort.

  • Key Services: Direct Marketing, Brand Monitoring, Brand Reputation, Media Planning/Buying (Print, Social, Offline, TV, Radio).
  • Website:

14. Isentia

Isentia partner with their clients’ organisations to help them with decision making, set strategies, and uncover new directions.

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  • Key Services: Direct Marketing, Brand Monitoring, Brand Reputation, Media Planning/Buying (Print, Social, Offline, TV, Radio).
  • Website:

15. Magna Global

Magna Global develops investment, Innovation, and intelligence marketing strategies for their clients. They’re able to do this by utilising forecasts, insights, and strategic relationships that provide their clients with a competitive advantage.

16. Media on the Go

Media on the Go was started with one goal in mind – helping businesses figure out the next best step.

  • Key Speciality: Marketing Research, Data Analytics, Graphic Design, Media Planning/Buying (Offline).
  • Website:

17. Mediakeys

Mediakeys operates as an independent communication group specialised in deploying international marketing campaigns. The company was created in 1993, and has grown to open 45 extension offices in 9 different parts of the world.

  • Key speciality: Event Planning, Media Planning/Buying (Online, Print, Media, Radio, TV, Social).
  • Website:

18. Mindshare

Mindshare is a globally known provider of media and marketing services. They have 113 extension offices distributed in 82 different countries, including Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and the Asia Pacific Region.

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  • Key Speciality: Advertising, Brand Monitoring, Direct Marketing, Sales Promotion, Media Planning/Buying (Online, Print, Media, Radio, TV, Social).
  • Website:

19. Omnicom Group

Omnicom offers a range of marketing solutions spanning customer relationship management, brand advertising, public relations, and so on. It operates as interconnected network of communications companies.

  • Key Speciality: Brand Advertising, Public Relations, Customer Relationship Management, Media Planning/Buying (Online, Print, Media, Radio, TV, Social).
  • Website:

20. PHD Singapore

PHD Singapore combines the best creative minds, latest industry insights, and thought leadership to produce creative, award winning work results.

21. Arcade

Arcade is a marketing and advertising agency in Singapore. Arcade plays a vital part in promoting business brands having worked with a broad network of businesses globally. Arcade is a business partner to Google, IKEA, Unilever and McDonald’s.

22. Construct Digital

Construct digital is centred around three main service pillars including data and strategy, development and build and digital marketing. The company received HubSpot impact award for client growth and is a Google certified partner. Construct Digital will give your business customers and leads through search engine optimisation, content creation, and digital advertising.

23. BBH Asia

Bartle Bogle Hegarty company features brand strategy for improving your business brand. Some of the strategy utilized by this agency include creative development, digital publishing, and brand identity. It has e-commerce platforms and a team of business professionals to ensure the development of your business. The agency has been named as a top three agents in the world.

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24. The Secret Little Agency

TSLA is one of the top agencies in Singapore to consult for your digital business marketing. It was established in 2007and has been making its way up to the top. The agency offers quality services in SEO. The agency has partnered with Netflix, Singaporean Tiger Beer, and Cetaphil.

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25. 2Stallions

2stallions is an award-winning agency in Singapore having built more than 150 websites. The agency develops your business website to become mobile friendly for its efficiency in marketing your business. Other services offered are conversion optimisation, generation of more qualified leads and the establishment of your business in social media.

26. RIFF Digital

The marketing agency helps in the transformation of your online business ambitions to reality. It has a team of qualified professionals who are top specialists in search engine optimisation, digital strategy, online advertising, mobile optimisation, social media marketing, and video & display marketing services. RIFF Digital is a proud partner of AFDigital and Google.

27. IH Digital

IH Digital are dealers in digital marketing for more than ten years. Their main services include media buying, SMM and SEM. This home-based company has extended its offices to Indochina, south-east Asia Korea, and Japan.

28. iFoundries

for more than six years since its establishment, iFoundries have had successful services to approximately six hundred customers. More so, it has continuously offered support to companies including Subway, Tanglin Club, Pastamania and Country Holidays. The agency offers marketing automation, digital marketing, SEO and web development.

29. MINDSHARE Singapore

Mindshare Singapore is a marketing agency offering performance marketing, data management, programmatic strategy digital analytics and time marketing. The agency received the bronze award in the digital category in Singapore.

30. KRDS Singapore

KRDS Singapore was established about three years ago. Despite its short time existence in the market, it is already a force to reckon. They have already expanded their offices throughout Europe and Asia. KRDS is offering some of the best marketing consultant services.

31. Click TRUE

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click TRUE is an online agency offering online marketing technology services. Their services help business brands captivate, strategize and engross its web experience. With more than ten years in search engine optimization marketing and web consultancy analytics, the company know what their clients want.

32. Ate ideas

ate group ideas was started in 2006 and has worked its way up by providing innovative solutions to companies marketing and communication needs. They are experts in web development, Google PPC and search engine optimization.

33. Splash Interactive

Splash interactive is one of the top-ranked and dedicated consulting marketing agencies. They offer services including web development, email marketing, and SMM. Their combination of visual design, strategy, and technology strategy gives the best solutions to their customers.

34. Innova Concepts

Are you looking for a reliable, user-friendly, and high-quality web solutions? Worry no more, Innova concepts is a web solution firm providing E-commerce technology consultancy, creative web designs, and data-driven websites. The agency has previously partnered with Toto, Home-Fix, and Avivar.

35. Hashmeta

Hashmeta marketing agency mostly focuses on social networks, pay per click campaigns and search engine optimization. Some of its partners include Fuji Tso, StemCord, and The Waffle. Hashmeta is dedicated to ensuring your business is way ahead of your business competitors by offering full spectrum digital marketing solutions.

The above list features top marketing consultants in Singapore. They’re the experts in the field of marketing that business owners from all across the country pay big bucks to be advised on how to move their businesses forward.

Mastering the Choice: How to Select the Top Marketing Consulting Agency in Singapore

Are you looking to amplify your brand’s presence in Singapore’s vibrant market? The first step is knowing “how to select the top marketing consulting agency in Singapore” that can align with your strategy and deliver the results you need.

With an array of agencies to choose from, it is pivotal to cut through the buzz and find a partner that not only grasps the local marketing ecosystem but also transforms insights into action. This article will guide you through the essential considerations and strategic approaches to pinpoint an agency that elevates your marketing game without the jargon or sales push.

Key Takeaways

  • A comprehensive understanding of Singapore’s highly digital marketplace, including a 96.9% internet penetration rate and a preference for social media, is essential to tailor digital and SEO marketing strategies effectively for local consumers.
  • Defining clear business goals and aligning them with the organization’s vision is crucial, and setting SMART objectives provides direction, while understanding marketing challenges and prioritizing services ensures strategic focus and effective use of resources.
  • Evaluating a marketing consulting agency’s expertise, reputation, and alignment with your business needs, through reviews, case studies, testimonials, industry recognitions, and an analysis of their marketing methodologies and tools, is key to establishing a successful partnership.

Understanding the Digital Marketing Landscape in Singapore

Illustration of digital marketing landscape in Singapore

In Singapore, where the heartbeat of the digital world is strong, an impressive 96.9% internet penetration rate reflects its residents’ high level of digital literacy. Social media here goes beyond mere entertainment. It has become a critical area for outreach as an overwhelming majority—90%—of citizens are active on platforms such as WhatsApp and TikTok.

For companies, this opens up excellent prospects for precise social media marketing initiatives and other forms of digital marketing strategies.

The secret weapon in capturing consumer attention lies in developing bespoke SEO content—an essential component not only for local businesses but also international firms striving to make their mark within Singapore’s market—especially when partnering with specialized marketing agencies in Singapore.

Identifying Your Business Goals and Needs

In the volatile marketplace, your marketing strategies function as a navigational tool akin to a compass for a vessel, with business goals serving as an anchoring point. It is absolutely crucial to define these objectives meticulously and ensure they are in sync with the overall vision and offerings of your company. Without such defined end-goals, even top-tier marketing consultants are unable to devise a path that leads to business expansion.

At the heart of every effective strategy lies an intimate knowledge of your aspirations, recognition of who constitutes your target audience, and a well-conceived plan both to lure customers effectively and nurture essential business processes.

Establishing Clear Objectives

Steering through the business landscape demands a strategic blueprint, and this is where SMART goals come into play for organizations.

When these objectives are thoughtfully developed with contributions from important stakeholders, they serve as guiding beacons illuminating the route to innovation, content creation, and expansion of your enterprise.

The establishment of SMART targets equips your venture with definitive focus while galvanizing your workforce to chart a course toward these aims in concert. The characteristics that define SMART goals ensure they are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-sensitive

Assessing Your Marketing Challenges

In the turbulent waters of digital marketing, unexpected storms in the form of challenges can overturn your carefully planned marketing strategies. Recognizing these obstacles is crucial to keep your marketing efforts afloat and aligned with your business objectives.

Selecting an unsuitable marketing consulting agency, especially when it comes to conducting market research, could lead you astray—squandering valuable time and resources. Hence, making the right choice among various marketing consulting firms is essential for achieving success in your enterprise’s endeavors.

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Prioritizing Services for Your Business

Amidst a vast array of options, discerning the most effective marketing services is comparable to choosing the optimal sails for your ship. Concentrating on crucial services like web development, SEO services, and cutting-edge online marketing strategies that offer significant investment returns can guarantee not just temporary spurts but robust gusts driving your business growth forward.

Evaluating Agency Expertise and Reputation

Evaluating agency expertise and reputation for marketing consulting agency

When you’re in search of a marketing consulting agency, it’s akin to handing over the steering controls of your company’s marketing vessel to them. It is vital to carefully scrutinize their level of expertise and standing within the industry.

By examining an agency’s previous results and how well they align strategically with what you require, you can gain insight into their capabilities for charting a course through the marketplace as well as their capacity for innovation.

Reviewing Case Studies and Success Stories

Success stories and case studies serve as records of previous journeys, showcasing an agency’s proficiency in successfully traversing the digital landscape. These accounts offer essential perspectives into how the agency plans strategically and fosters growth for their clients.

Whether it’s a local bakery or healthcare providers, the results of customized marketing strategies are apparent through the trail of accomplishments they produce.

Checking Client Testimonials and References

Client endorsements and references act as a beacon, illuminating the path to making an informed selection. Such social proof embodies the genuine caliber and efficiency of services provided by a digital marketing agency. By examining these testimonials, one can harvest valuable insights about the agency’s methods and their work quality, confirming both the robustness of their vessel and the reliability of their navigational direction.

Considering Industry Awards and Certifications

Industry awards and certifications serve as badges of honor for a marketing consulting agency, much like accolades do for a respected captain. They represent the agency’s expertise, innovation, and dedication to excellence. These distinctions stand out as beacons of trust within the firm of marketing consultancy.

Analyzing the Scope of Digital Marketing Services

Analyzing the scope of digital marketing services

In the pursuit of an appropriate marketing consulting agency, it is crucial to evaluate their wide range of digital marketing services. Such evaluation ascertains if they offer a comprehensive suite that should include offerings from a typical digital advertising agency like:

These elements ought to be customizable in order to suit your specific requirements much like a custom-built vessel would.

By examining the past work and portfolio of the agency, you gain insight into their areas of expertise and can thus make an informed decision on whether they possess the requisite skill set to effectively craft your targeted marketing initiatives.

Delving into Marketing Methodologies and Tools

Delving into marketing methodologies and tools

A marketing consulting firm employs various strategies and advanced tools, including artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR), to guide companies through the vast digital landscape.

Through these means, they enable businesses to explore untapped markets and innovative ways of engaging with customers by personalizing their approach – essentially acting as the modern oars that propel organizations into new frontiers of marketing insights and consumer interaction.

Investigating the Agency’s Approach to Market Research

An agency’s strategy for market research serves as the navigational tool steering your marketing efforts. This vital step sheds light on the terrain of consumer markets, providing the essential knowledge required to craft compelling marketing communications and to distribute your budget efficiently.

Assessing Technology and Automation Use

Marketing automation technologies stand as powerful sails that capture the winds of efficiency, propelling agencies toward refined lead generation and improved business results. Evaluating an agency’s use of these systems can uncover their competence in leveraging automation to fuel your marketing campaigns effectively.

Understanding Data Analytics and Reporting

Within the immense sea of information, data analytics serves as the navigational tool guiding marketers to their desired destination. The capacity of a skilled marketing agency to convert raw data into actionable insights is paramount for fine-tuning your marketing strategies and confirming that you are charting the proper trajectory.

Compatibility and Cultural Fit

Ensuring that your company and a marketing consulting agency are culturally compatible is the cornerstone of maintaining stability throughout the collaborative process. When there’s a synergistic match, it cultivates an upbeat work environment, thereby elevating team spirit and amplifying the success of your marketing campaigns.

Cost Considerations and Marketing Budget Alignment

Carefully managing your marketing budget is crucial for steering through the financial aspects of digital marketing. To secure both effectiveness and fiscal sustainability, it’s important to set benchmarks in line with comparable companies and commit adequate funding to chosen strategies.

Setting Expectations for Communication and Support

Maintaining clear skies in the relationship between clients and agencies is achieved through consistent direct communication and sustained support. By adopting these methods, it ensures alignment between both parties regarding expectations, objectives, and the requisite support for future endeavors.

The Importance of Long-Term Partnership Potential

Assessing long-term partnership potential for marketing consulting agencies

A reliable marketing agency can be distinguished not only by their quickness in delivering results, but also by their dedication to journeying alongside you over the long haul. Consistently reevaluating your marketing goals and examining the track record of the consulting firm’s partnerships with clients will highlight their devotion to ensuring the sustained achievement of your business, epitomizing a steadfast marketing consulting agency.


As we dock at the end of our journey, it’s clear that selecting a top marketing consulting agency in Singapore requires more than a cursory glance at the surface. From understanding the unique digital marketing landscape to establishing a cultural and financial fit, every step is pivotal in finding an agency that can steer your marketing efforts towards success.

Remember, in the vibrant and competitive seas of digital marketing, the agency you choose will be your navigator, your compass, and your sail. Choose wisely, and may the winds of business growth and innovation always be at your back.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Singapore’s digital marketing landscape unique?

In Singapore, businesses must adapt their marketing strategies to suit the unique aspects of the digital marketing environment, which boasts a robust online engagement and significant social media usage. To connect with consumers efficiently, companies are necessitated to employ digital marketing strategies that include localized SEO content specifically designed for this high internet penetration market.

How important are SMART objectives in business marketing strategies?

In business marketing strategies, the use of SMART objectives is paramount because they deliver precise guidance and impetus for a company, directing how resources are allocated and decisions made. To ensure their effectiveness, these goals must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Can client testimonials really help in evaluating a marketing agency’s reputation?

Certainly, testimonials from clients serve as social proof for an agency’s efficacy and quality, delivering valuable insights into how the agency has influenced growth among their prior clientele. Such endorsements are useful in assessing a marketing already’s standing.

How does marketing automation contribute to a business’s marketing strategy?

By facilitating targeted campaigns and streamlining lead generation, marketing automation enhances a company’s marketing strategy. It aligns with business strategies while also conserving time and resources.

What’s the benefit of a long-term partnership with a marketing agency?

Establishing an enduring relationship with a marketing agency can lead to improved synchronization of goals, flexibility in response to changing requirements of the business, and a consistent dedication towards securing outcomes. This underscores the capability of the agency to expand in tandem with your enterprise.

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