Top Marketing Consulting Agencies in Singapore

top marketing firms in singapore

Online marketing is a huge investment for small and big investors and has had tremendous growth especially in Singapore. Recent research statistics in Singapore revealed that about fifty-five percent of the population accessing the internet use their devices to search or purchase products. This proves the need to get into search engine optimisation to try and sell your business brand to the demographic market. Marketing consulting agencies have risen to help business companies accomplish their online digital marketing goals in the face of falling audience eyeballs in traditional media across the board. Here we list the top 20 internet marketing consulting agencies in Singapore.


#1. MediaOne


MediaOne is the very best SEO consulting agency in Singapore. It provides a powerful tool for digital marketing businesses as eighty percent of search engine organic clicks are influenced by SEO. The top priority for MediaOne is search engine marketing. It has a well-versed professional technical team that helps your business rank higher. The agency has already partnered with Google and other big companies including Braun Buffel, Changi Airport, and Singtel. As the best-accredited SEO agency, you are assured of bi-weekly SEO reports, journalist-class copywriting for superior keywords, six months guarantee, and unrivalled SEO.

MediaOne received the award of ‘Best in search’ top SEO in Singapore. More so, MediaOne is the only ISO certified SEO company in Singapore with an 83 percent success rate which is higher than any other agency in Singapore. The company has had more than nine years of service to above six hundred clients. MediaOne helps businesses to skyrocket in the market by ranking your business website on Google page 1. This makes your business enjoy the highest success rate and gives it an upper hand on pay-per-click in driving traffic and promoting higher conversion rates to your website. Fuji Xerox Singapore company has a testimonial about the quality of MediaOne. They engaged MediaOne in 2016 and gained back their rightful marketplace leadership in a few months.

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Havas Group

Havas Group seeks to help brands gain meaningful connections. They have one of the most integrated teams in Singapore, spanning media, international management, entertainment, sport, experiential, and mobile.

Key Speciality: Media Planning (Out of Home, Print, Online, Mobile Media, Newspapers, Social, TV, and Radio.



Performics are always on the hunt for new opportunities. They also solve complex challenges by blending data, technology, and deploying brilliant specialists on the ground.

Key Speciality: Media Planning (Radio, TV, Newspapers, Print, and so on), Marketing Research, SEO, CRM, Advertising, Out of Home, and so on.



Starcom is known worldwide as one of the leading media communication agencies. They’re a subsidiary company of the Publicis Media, and apparently one of the most trusted media agencies in Singapore.

Key Services: Mobile, SEO, Media Planning, Print, Digital Marketing


Zenith Media

Zenith mission is to help businesses increase their revenue. The company still believes the traditional media is still critical in the modern world of marketing, and they’re here to help you harness its power.

Key Services: Brand Monitoring, Direct Marketing, Print (Newspapers, Radio, TV, and Social), Sales Promotion, and Mobile.


Actmedia Singapore

Actmedia is a daughter company of the OMG Group, and the first one to be formed in the group.

It’s an instore marketing consultant company, specialised with a range of media networks.

Key Services: Media Planning (Mobile Media, Online, and Offline).


Demo Power Singapore

Demo Power are billed for offering Total Brand Experience (TBE). They’re the people to consult if you’re looking for a way to get your brand more attention.

Key Services: Media Planning/Offline Buying


Dentsu Aegis

Denstu Aegis was created to help brands realise their marketing goals. All their solutions are geared towards helping brands grow by taking advantage of the new business opportunities around them.

Key Services: Brand Monitoring, Marketing Research, Media Planning (Online, Print, and Offline.


Dwa Singapore

Dwa was started more than two decades ago. They focus is on helping brands take advantage of mar-tech solutions across channels.

Key Services: Direct Marketing, Brand Monitoring, Brand Reputation, Media Planning/Buying (Print, Social, Offline, TV, Radio).


Group M

Group M is an internationally known media investment company, boasting over 30, 000 employees in more than 400 offices in different parts of the word.

The company offers media, data, and technology services.

Key Services: Media Planning (Mobile, Offline Newspapers, TV, Social and Radio).



Mediacom believe nothing exists in seclusion. Every is connected. Their focus is on creating connections and content – owned, earned, and paid.

Key Services: Media Planning/Buying (Online, Print, Media, Radio, TV, Social).


OMD Singapore

OMD has one of the largest workforces, with more than 11, 000 employees working in their 120 offices in different parts of the world.

They’re dynamic, influential, and creative. Their invaluable insights will unlock demand potential, and their well-thought-out ideas will spark new desires and improve your results.

Key Services: Media Planning/Buying (Online, Print, Media, Radio, TV, Social).


Initiative grows brands and propel them to stardom through nothing else but culture.

Their focus is on media and advertising, which they do by integrating customers insights and collected data to come up with strategies that set your company on the right path to success.

Key Services: Brand Monitoring, Direct Marketing, Print (Newspapers, Radio, TV, and Social), Sales Promotion, and Mobile.


IPG Mediabrands

IPG Mediabrands operates as a media extension of the Interpublic Group. It’s a company that believes in the power of automating repetitive tasks and making the most out of your marketing effort.

Key Services: Direct Marketing, Brand Monitoring, Brand Reputation, Media Planning/Buying (Print, Social, Offline, TV, Radio).



Isentia partner with their clients’ organisations to help them with decision making, set strategies, and uncover new directions.

Key Services: Direct Marketing, Brand Monitoring, Brand Reputation, Media Planning/Buying (Print, Social, Offline, TV, Radio).


Magna Global

Magna Global develops investment, Innovation, and intelligence marketing strategies for their clients.

They’re able to do this by utilising forecasts, insights, and strategic relationships that provide their clients with a competitive advantage.

Key Services: Media Planning/Buying (Online, Print, Media, Radio, TV, Social).


Media on the Go

Media on the Go was started with one goal in mind – helping businesses figure out the next best step.

Key Speciality: Marketing Research, Data Analytics, Graphic Design, Media Planning/Buying (Offline).



Mediakeys operates as an independent communication group specialised in deploying international marketing campaigns. The company was created in 1993, and has grown to open 45 extension offices in 9 different parts of the world.

Key speciality: Event Planning, Media Planning/Buying (Online, Print, Media, Radio, TV, Social).


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Mindshare is a globally known provider of media and marketing services. They have 113 extension offices distributed in 82 different countries, including Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and the Asia Pacific Region.

Key Speciality: Advertising, Brand Monitoring, Direct Marketing, Sales Promotion, Media Planning/Buying (Online, Print, Media, Radio, TV, Social).


Omnicom Group

Omnicom offers a range of marketing solutions spanning customer relationship management, brand advertising, public relations, and so on. It operates as interconnected network of communications companies.

Key Speciality: Brand Advertising, Public Relations, Customer Relationship Management, Media Planning/Buying (Online, Print, Media, Radio, TV, Social).


PHD Singapore

PHD Singapore combines the best creative minds, latest industry insights, and thought leadership to produce creative, award winning work results.

Key Services: Media Planning/Buying (Online, Print, Media, Radio, TV, Social).


Carbon Interactive

Carbon interactive received the bronze award of the Marketing Magazines Agency of the Year awards 2018. With its key mission of making your business brand shine, Carbon Interactive services include web design and development, digital strategy marketing, brand development, and reputation management. The company has worked with big business companies including Paper One, StarCruise, Grand Prix and Singapore Polytechnic.



Arcade is a marketing and advertising agency in Singapore. Arcade plays a vital part in promoting business brands having worked with a broad network of businesses globally. Arcade is a business partner to Google, IKEA, Unilever and McDonald’s.


Construct Digital

Construct digital is centred around three main service pillars including data and strategy, development and build and digital marketing. The company received HubSpot impact award for client growth and is a Google certified partner. Construct Digital will give your business customers and leads through search engine optimisation, content creation, and digital advertising.


BBH Asia

Bartle Bogle Hegarty company features brand strategy for improving your business brand. Some of the strategy utilized by this agency include creative development, digital publishing, and brand identity. It has e-commerce platforms and a team of business professionals to ensure the development of your business. The agency has been named as a top three agents in the world.


The Secret Little Agency

TSLA is one of the top agencies in Singapore to consult for your digital business marketing. It was established in 2007and has been making its way up to the top. The agency offers quality services in SEO. The agency has partnered with Netflix, Singaporean Tiger Beer, and Cetaphil.



2stallions is an award-winning agency in Singapore having built more than 150 websites. The agency develops your business website to become mobile friendly for its efficiency in marketing your business. Other services offered are conversion optimisation, generation of more qualified leads and the establishment of your business in social media.


RIFF Digital

The marketing agency helps in the transformation of your online business ambitions to reality. It has a team of qualified professionals who are top specialists in search engine optimisation, digital strategy, online advertising, mobile optimisation, social media marketing, and video & display marketing services. RIFF Digital is a proud partner of AFDigital and Google.


IH Digital

IH Digital are dealers in digital marketing for more than ten years. Their main services include media buying, SMM and SEM. This home-based company has extended its offices to Indochina, south-east Asia Korea, and Japan.



for more than six years since its establishment, iFoundries have had successful services to approximately six hundred customers. More so, it has continuously offered support to companies including Subway, Tanglin Club, Pastamania and Country Holidays. The agency offers marketing automation, digital marketing, SEO and web development.



Mindshare Singapore is a marketing agency offering performance marketing, data management, programmatic strategy digital analytics and time marketing. The agency received the bronze award in the digital category in Singapore.


KRDS Singapore

KRDS Singapore was established about three years ago. Despite its short time existence in the market, it is already a force to reckon. They have already expanded their offices throughout Europe and Asia. KRDS is offering some of the best marketing consultant services.


Click TRUE

click TRUE is an online agency offering online marketing technology services. Their services help business brands captivate, strategize and engross its web experience. With more than ten years in search engine optimization marketing and web consultancy analytics, the company know what their clients want.


Ate ideas

ate group ideas was started in 2006 and has worked its way up by providing innovative solutions to companies marketing and communication needs. They are experts in web development, Google PPC and search engine optimization.


psg digital marketing

Happy Marketer

Happy Marketer has perfectly partnered with HP, Sony, Spring Singapore, Cambridge University and Citibank. The agency deals with CRM and email automation, data and analytics, enterprise search marketing and digital and programmatic ADS. Happy Marketer has received accreditation from Google and received the HubSpot silver digital marketing award.


Splash Interactive

Splash interactive is one of the top-ranked and dedicated consulting marketing agencies. They offer services including web development, email marketing, and SMM. Their combination of visual design, strategy, and technology strategy gives the best solutions to their customers.

Pros and Cons Of Being A Remote Team Worker

Innova Concepts

Are you looking for a reliable, user-friendly, and high-quality web solutions? Worry no more, Innova concepts is a web solution firm providing E-commerce technology consultancy, creative web designs, and data-driven websites. The agency has previously partnered with Toto, Home-Fix, and Avivar.


Ideaverse Network

Ideaverse Network is the best example of an agency with a complete taste of their client’s needs. They offer diverse specialization services including landing page optimization, pay per click advertisement, search engine optimization and conversion tracking. They have successfully worked with some of the best companies including Adidas, Heineken, Street deal and Pokka.



Hashmeta marketing agency mostly focuses on social networks, pay per click campaigns and search engine optimization. Some of its partners include Fuji Tso, StemCord, and The Waffle. Hashmeta is dedicated to ensuring your business is way ahead of your business competitors by offering full spectrum digital marketing solutions.

The above list features top marketing consultants in Singapore. They’re the experts in the field of marketing that business owners from all across the country pay big bucks to be advised on how to move their businesses forward.


What’s a Marketing Consultant?

A marketing consultant is a business professional working with businesses and brands in helping them examine their current marketing standing and devise a strategy or plan to improve on it.

They’re also responsible for implementing the said plan, identifying the most appropriate marketing mix, and monitoring the results.

What Does a Marketing Consultant do?

A marketing consultant is supposed to help you tell your brand story to the right audience and with the required amount of precision.

Here’s a list of things a marketing consultant should be helping you out with:

  • Determine if there are new opportunities to target new clients and engage with ones.
  • Evaluate your current marketing standing. They’ll look into your social media, SEO, paid ads, and any other channel, and determine if there’s a better way to target the customers on each platform or generate more sales.
  • They’ll shape your brand, image or identity, and make sure it’s resonating well with your target demographic.

Is your brand unique? Is it recognisable? Or do your customers find it professional enough?

  • If something happens and your brand is dragged through the mud it’s their job to control the damage and protect your reputation.
  • Figure out to increase the number of returning customers or clients.
  • Improve customer engage on social media and other platforms.
  • Coordinate the content on your blog and website to improve on SEO and increase organic traffic.
  • Manage your social media, email marketing, SEO, and online advertising campaigns.
  • Manage all other activities related to digital marketing – events, print, and short-term projects.

It’s now clear that marketing consultants aren’t just restricted to one role. Their experiences and expertise stretch far and wide, covering almost all aspects of marketing.

The Questions to Ask a Marketing Consultant in Singapore Before Hiring them

After coming to term that you need to hire the services of a marketing consultant. The next thing you want to do is make sure you’re choosing the right consultant.

To help you make the right decision, we’ve compiled a list of questions to ask every single one of the consultants that you’re interviewing for the job.

What Industry Are You Specialising in?

This question should help you understand the consultant’s area of expertise better. A good consultant will have an industry they’re focusing on. They therefore have a deeper understanding of this particular industry.

What’s the Background of the Team that You’ll be Assigning to My Account?

The company needs to assign you a solid team of experienced consultants, and not just about anyone. Find out about the hands-on experience of the team you’ll be working with, as well as their previous employment.

What’s Your Take on our current Marketing strategy?

Ideally, the marketing should give you a straight answer on whether or not you’re headed in the right question. This is a question you ask when you want to find out if the company understands your current business operation or if they’re making a wild guess.

How will You be Measuring Success?

After establishing your smart goals, it’s only natural that the consultant will want to help you understand how they’ll be tracking and measuring your goals. Tracking your goals is the only way you’ll be able to tell if you’re headed in the right direction.

Will I have a Account Manager? If so, what’s his name?

There has to be someone to oversee your project. This is the person you’ll be working with and contacting when you want to find out something. They’re the people to consolidate the marketing efforts of each team member and direct them towards a common course.

What do You Charge?

Ask the consultant about their charges and what to expect after paying the amount. Keep in mind that different consultants charge differently. Some will charge you per hour. Some will have a retainer fee, and there are those that will be charging you based on the project.

Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Consultant

It’s extremely beneficial to hire the services of a marketing consultant instead of relying on your own intuitions or reacting to things as they come.

Here’s why:

Fresh Perspective

Being close to your business means you understand it better than anybody else. However, it could also mean that your view is narrowed.

It helps to look outside for someone else’s perspective. A marketing professional will shed a new light onto your business and offer you innovative ideas and valuable insights into what marketing angle to take.

Out-of-the Box Ideas

A marketing consultant has definitely worked with companies that are outside your industry. Their inspiration isn’t limited to a single industry – it’s all over the place.

They therefore tend to understand trends better. Their ideas will also be more creative, and not tied down to what you’re used to.

Honest Advice

The worst mistake you can ever make as a business person is surrounding yourself with people who worship you.

They’ll massage your ego by telling you what’s pleasing to your ear.

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A marketing consultant, on the other hand, doesn’t care about your feelings. They only care about what’s best for your business whether or not you agree with their sentiments.

Expertise and Knowledge

People don’t just wake up and call themselves marketing consultants. There’s a whole lot to learn and experiment with before you take up the title.

They have experience and the much-needed expertise to get things done.

They can quickly develop and implement effective marketing strategies. They also know how to monitor results and what to adjust in case things fail to go according to plan.

A Flexibility

A marketing consultant will work on your terms, and only when needed.

You’re free to launch a new marketing program at any point or time. The more your business evolves, the more useful a marketing consultant becomes.

You don’t have to change your stuff or shift your focus – just contact a marketing consultant for some advice on what to do next.

Any marketing expert on the list has been around the block, mustering years of experience and technical expertise that allows them to understand the industry in greater depth, and that’s why businesses and organizations find their brilliance invaluable.

Business management isn’t as simple and straightforward as some people try to paint it. There’s so much involved in every aspect of it, starting with the marketing part. You have to look past your products and services while shifting your focus to your target customers.

Your online presence is also at the center of it all. What’s the first thing you do? Where do you start? How do you work on your blog, manage social media pages, build links, and boost your conversion rate?

Simple, with proper planning and thought-out strategies, coupled with faultless execution of course. Failure of which, all your online efforts are completely useless and less likely to generate any leads.

In comes the services of a marketing consultant, ready to step in and show you the way forward. They’re the brains, the strategists, and the technical planners that will be acting as the springboard to get your business to the next stage of success.

With thousands of self-proclaimed marketing consultants in Singapore, how do you go about picking the right one?

Well, this section of the post serves as a definitive guide that will be listing all the top qualities that distinguish a good marketing consultant from an incompetent one. These are the qualities to prioritize on if your plan is to bring on board one of the most competent marketing consultants you can find.

Passion and Drive

A good consultant doesn’t just view marketing as their job, but something they’re passionate about. They don’t just do their job, they enjoy doing it.

The enjoy marketing other people’s businesses and treat it more as a career than a job. It’s everything they think of and the first thing they think about when they wake up in the morning.

A good marketer has a strong drive for success, and they do not need any form of convincing to prove it to you. It’s all in their talk, their portfolio, and everything they lay their hands on. Their campaigns reek of success, right from the outset. And it’s easy to tell if you’re working with a winner without hearing it from them.

They take time to understand their Clients

A good marketing consultant spends the bulk of their time listening to you, NOT trying to convince you how good they are at their job. Their goal is to excel at their job and will always be willing to go the extra mile and do some due diligence on it in a bid to exceed your expectations.

So expect them to understand you as a client. Also, expect them to understand your vision as a business, starting with your short term goals and what you’re purposing to achieve at the end of it all.

A good marketing consultant doesn’t dictate what needs to be done. Instead, they’ll be trying to create an environment where both parties involved are allowed to chime in and offer their input and contributions.

And if their strategies manage to drive your business to success, then it will be because you worked together for the common good of the business, and NOT because of their sole effort.

Goes without mentioning that they should be able to vividly explain to you every step of the marketing process that they employ and how it will be benefiting your business in the short and long run, unless otherwise.


Needless to say, a good consultant should be well organized. They must have the required skill in planning, strategizing, and executing their plans right.

They don’t just jump to business. They’ll instead start by taking their sweet time to reflect on your business and paint a clear picture of what it is that they want to achieve. They’ll then proceed and lay it down in black and white, paying attention to details and making sure that they never miss out anything important.

Time is of the essence too. Every single one of the strategies they lay down must be attached to a deadline. Meaning, it’s possible to estimate the amount of time it’ll take your business to hit a certain goal.

Technical Expertise

A commendable marketing consultant must have an in-depth understanding of how the industry operates. They must be updated on what‘s new or likely to be the latest craze.

This calls for them to have the right education and the skill set required to set a pace that your competitors will only be playing catch-up, and NOT the other way round.

They must understand your consumers’ behavior, be able to identify your target market, and at the same time, have an in-depth understanding of your consumers’ needs and wants.


This is a general requirement for consultants. If anything, consultancy is for the most part about laying out your strategies in black and white and painting a clear picture of where your business is headed and what it takes to get there.

Improve Your Business Sales Efficiency With Data And Insights

The consultancy firm you choose must be extra creative with the approach they take. They must be able to vividly communicate their ideas, and make you understand when something is evidently flying over your head.

A good consultant knows how to express themselves. They also know how to convey your marketing message to your target audience more clearly. Whether written or verbal, their communication must be one that gets your target audience to change their mind and consider taking action.

It must be one that restores their trust in your business or clears any doubt they might still be harboring.


Online marketing is both a science and an art. It’s a science because it can be studied and analyzed, and an art because it thrives on a hefty dose of creativity.

Advertising still plays a central role in marketing. Besides selling your brand, you have to be strategic with how you position and promote your products and services. The consultant you choose must also be in a position to draw creative ideas that you’ll be using to promote your products and services.

They must also be in a position to show you how to cleverly execute them. In short, a competent consultant is driven by the creativity and the ability to think outside the box and outwit all your competitors.

Their ideas must be totally unheard off and customized to fit your business and the situation at hand. In other words, there’s no room for regurgitating the same old marketing strategies people have been using for decades.

Critical Thinking

Excellent consultancy isn’t just about spewing outrageously awesome ideas for your campaign strategy. It’s about driving results.

Everything has to be backed up by impressive results. Ideas are great, but without a proper execution plan that goes at length to ensure that everything falls in place as visualized, then the ideas are as good as useless.

Marketing consultants get to act as critical thinkers of your business. But their goal isn’t to cheer you up or get you motivated. But to provide your business with sustainable growth and revenue stream.

Their ideas must generate sustainable results and not just a one-time bloom. In other words, the consultant you think must be focused on setting your business on an upward growth trajectory. Time is of the essence, but that’s NOT to say your success is at the door knocking.

Whether the success comes in drips or as an outpour, the point is to ensure the results are exponential and sustainable in nature. If you can’t see your business making the same amount of money (preferably more) in the future, then that’s reason enough for the marketing strategies you employed to be revisited and revised for the better.

Extensive Network

A good consultant isn’t the one with overflowing ideas. But one who has invested a great deal of time and effort in helping businesses out.

It started with them getting to understand the business they’re in more deeply and getting to know everyone they needed to know to make their work easier and more effective. So they invested a great deal of their time to expand their network to an extent that all it takes to get anything done in the industry is a simple phone call.

Good networking is only good where there’s trust. Being acquainted to a few people in the industry isn’t enough. If your network isn’t willing to do business with you or can’t even step out of their way to grant you a favor, then they’re of no value to you.

If the consultant is as good as claimed, then they must have managed to pull together a team of really influential people. These people aren’t just meant to fill up their contact list, but they’re the people you’ll be working with to boost up the publicity of your brand or products.


Being street smart comes as an added advantage, but it’s certainly NOT everything. With certain industries, key certification and notable licenses are what you need to showcase the much-needed technical expertise and knowledge in marketing.

You want to be sure that the consultant you’re about to entrust with the marketing needs of your company can deliver. But how sure are you that they have the capacity to deliver on their promise without missing a thing?

Their word counts, but unless they have supporting documents to serve as proof that they’re indeed qualified enough to handle the task at hand with the required amount of professionalism, then there’s a fair chance that you might actually be disappointed.


Experience means the consultant you choose won’t be experimenting on your business. Having served as a marketing consultant for various businesses and organizations for quite an impressive amount of time, you can only expect the consultant to have the capacity to quickly diagnose your problem and offer the much-need solutions in your problems in the shortest time possible.

Clean Referrals

One way you can be sure that the company you’re about to hire has the capacity to provide excellent consultancy services is when someone you trust refers you to them. It could be a friend, another company, an agency or someone with prior experience working with the consultancy.

It’s, however, crucial to make sure that the individual or agency referring you to the consultancy firm is in no way affiliated to them. If anything, you have to make sure their recommendation is coming from a place of total honesty.

If you suspect the firm or individual is in any way connected to the firm, then simple logic demands that you take their advice with a flat of salt. It doesn’t have to be so obvious. But even the smallest of the telltale signs that there’s a connection between the firm and the referral is enough to suggest their recommendations may be compromised.

Take your time to understand the interest of the referral. Whose interests do they have at heart? If they’re in any way allied to the consultancy they’re recommending, then it’s pretty obvious that whatever they say may be influenced by the relationship they have with the consultancy, unless otherwise.

Money Sense

Of course, businesses are all about taking risks. If you’re NOT willing to pump in your hard-earned money and purpose for the best then you’re NOT doing business but banking on false hope.

But even with this, it’s important to ensure that you’re NOT investing blindly. You want to give your money the best chance to bring returns by making wise business decisions like hiring the right marketing consultant.

Even more important is to make sure that the consultancy isn’t there to drain your pockets dry. Start by asking yourself if the amount they’re charging is affordable in the first place. Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of investing all your marketing money with them before you’re sure of the effort paying off in the first place.

In other words, there’s no harm in reserving a fairly substantial amount of your marketing money to fall back to just in case it ends up taking longer than you expected for the effort starts bringing in new business.

Marketing Consulting Trends to Watch in 2020

Are you a marketing consultant looking to attract high-paying clients in 2020? Here are 7 consultant marketing trends to observe:

It’s Getting Personal:

People don’t like it when you promote to them. They want to connect with you on a personal level, as the owner or part of the staff. The content you share on your personal page should be the same content that you share on your business page.

Finding Common Ground

Being unique doesn’t matter anymore. Not like it used to. So instead of focusing on being unique focus on what’s common between you and the target market. Find a common ground between you and the market you’re targeting, and a connection will automatically ensue.

Selling Replaced with Storytelling

Traders are making so much marketing noise. The only way to cut through all that noise and get heard is through storytelling. Change the tone of your sales language by going slow on selling and more ham on storytelling.

Start Training for Public Speaking

Public speakers make drastic changes with doing so little. The best part is that you can train to be one, too. Speakers change situations. They also influence decisions in a big way.

Yak Less Interact More

Interactive presentations are the way to go. This is the mindset to wear while interacting with your customers. With every chance you get to address an audience, let the conversation flow both ways.

Personal Brand

Your image as an entrepreneur also matters. Marketing in 2020 means you have to also consider branding yourself. Step into your personal brand, and start working on the public perception of you.

Now Read this

The culture of reading books isn’t dying. Books will be ice breakers, a common connection ground, and transitions in conversations.

Marketing Consulting Books to Read in 2020

Here’s a chance to learn from the best and pick up skills as a marketing consultant. Continue to hone your skills with every chance you get by digging through the following consulting books:

The Mckinsey Way by Ethan M. Rasiel


McKinsey is a well-known consulting firm, one that has lived to be respect over the years. One of the associates decided to give you an inside scoop of how the company handles its business by penning this book.

The Trusted Advisor


This book has a unique take on what a consultant really is, a trusted advisor. It has important pointers on how to win your clients’ trust and develop a healthy relationship with them after that.

engaging the top social media agency in singapore

Case in Point


The case interview is considered the most important part of any consulting interview. It’s the part where you’re expected to read a case quickly and analyse it.

It’s the part that also allows you to understand the key challenges of a company and come up with a way to resolve it. This book allows you to view case interview as an opportunity and not another task.

The Click Moment


You don’t have to rely on luck. You make your own. Frans Johansson, in this book, tries to remind us that success is random. He then goes on to teach you how to increase your chances of succeeding in business.

It teaches you how to lean onto the aha moments or the turning points and seize the opportunities around you.

Hooked: Building Habit-forming Products


Your ultimate goal shouldn’t be to get people to use your product. You have to figure out how to convert them into habitual users. The good thing is that there’s a pattern to achieving this, and that’s exactly what Nir Eyal is trying to capture in this book.

Let’s Wrap it all Here

There’s nothing wrong with hiring an outside consultant in helping you overcome some of the market vulnerabilities and internal strives you face as a company. An extra pair of eyes can help you get an entirely different angle from which you can view your business and figure out the best way forward.

Your business needs to be guided by someone with enough industry experience and the knowledge to understand some of the woes you face as a company.

Your company needs a fully committed and dedicated marketing consultant to show you the way and hidden opportunities.

For more information regarding marketing consultants or help in finding the right one, particularly here in Singapore, you’re kindly asked to consider reaching out to MediaOne today for a free marketing consultation.

In conclusion, Singapore is a ready market for any international or home-based company or entrepreneurs dealing with digital internet marketing. It has plenty of opportunities in making your company known. All that is left is taking the first step and establish your marketing consulting agency.

About the Author

Tom Koh

Tom is the CEO and Principal Consultant of MediaOne, a leading digital marketing agency. He has consulted for MNCs like Canon, Maybank, Capitaland, SingTel, ST Engineering, WWF, Cambridge University, as well as Government organisations like Enterprise Singapore, Ministry of Law, National Galleries, NTUC, e2i, SingHealth. His articles are published and referenced in CNA, Straits Times, MoneyFM, Financial Times, Yahoo! Finance, Hubspot, Zendesk, CIO Advisor.


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How to Do Marketing Research in 2023

Today we’re going to talk about marketing research in 2023. Marketing research is the process of gathering and analyzing data to better understand your target

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