Top Marketing Automation Software for Singapore Marketers

Top Marketing Automation Software for Singapore Marketers

A marketing automation software can reduce the workflow of a Singapore digital marketer significantly, quite relieving. As a marketer in the current competitive digital business landscape, the to-do list can be overwhelming ranging from optimizing targeted marketing campaigns to facilitating campaign performance tracking.

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Marketing automation software will allow you to focus on the critical objectives and at the same time uphold efficiency.  Automating marketing processes allows you to reach out to your target market fast.

Increase productivity, flexibility, as well as remain competitive by automating marketing processes. The best marketing automation software should be easy to use, provide detailed reporting, integrate with CRM, as well as promote flexibility.

Top 10 Marketing Automation Software

Below are 15 of the top marketing automation software you can use to improve your Singapore marketing strategies. 


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MailChimp is popular among marketers due its diversity. It is the world’s largest automation platform and is compatible with a number of operating systems and this makes it ideal for most businesses.

Some of its crucial marketing features include ROI tracking, A/B testing, campaign management, email marketing, and sales intelligence.

To further support marketing strategies, it provides helpful guidelines, case studies and on-site training for marketers. It is ideal for businesses of all sizes except freelancer businesses.

One of the added advantages is its ability to track consumer behavior and create a forecast marketing plan. Its ability to integrate with other platforms such as Squarespace allows marketers to diversify. 

HubSpot CRM

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HubSpot CRM is an “all under one roof” software for marketers. This software will organize, track, and nurture all leads as well as already existing customers. 

You do not have to worry about making payment after a specific duration. It is 100% free. It comes equipped with sales productivity tools. Consider synching the sales productivity tools with your inbox to ensure you never miss a message from your clients. 


Sealsoar allows marketers to automate and optimize search and shopping ad campaigns. You can keep track of what the target market is looking to buy. 

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It is compatible with all operating systems.  Also, you can link the software to social media sites.

Reduce your workload by more than 50% with this software and at the same time, attract more potential consumers. For instance, its ability to create a link makes it easy to monitor ads and campaigns in real time.

This software integrates the Google AdWords and Google Merchant Centre to produce a high-ranking ad fast. You no longer need to attain statistics from Google Search manually. 


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 ActiveCampaign provides minimal tools to automate marketing. The diversity of its tools makes it ideal for every marketer.

Its functionality is unbeaten in the market. For example, it has a live chat feature that most of the conventional marketing automation software do not have this feature. You can enjoy one-on-one conversations. The direct link promotes raw feedback.

Raw feedback is important especially when venturing into new markets as it provides a better understanding of consumer needs and preferences

It is compatible with various operating systems. Link it to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to promote business visibility.


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B2B businesses will benefit from Pardot software. It is ideal for easing communication between marketers and their sales teams. They work with marketing automation software to create marketing campaigns and maximise efficiency.

Just like other platforms, it is compatible with a majority of operating systems. You can use it to monitor social media marketing strategies on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with Pardot.

It does not allow for customizable CTA and is ideal for drip campaigns, campaign management, email marketing, sales intelligence, and segmentation and targeting. 


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Infusionsoft is ideal for marketing a small business in Singapore. The key objective is to organize, save time, while at the same time grow sales for the company. Competing in the market with giants can be tormenting but not anymore.

The software offers a web-based solution and has the ability to coordinate tasks across different departments. 

Compatibility with different operating systems is not a problem. You can also link with some social media platforms to help monitor business visibility. If this is the first time using a marketing automation software,  you can test it by subscribing to the trial package.

Its key features include contact management, customer opportunity management, lead management, and mobile CRM. Marketers can monitor campaign ads even while they are on the go using  smart mobile devices. Note that regular monitoring promotes convenience and efficiency.


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Marketers seeking to grow revenue and boost customer relations will appreciate Marketo. It is easily scalable, reliable and easy to use compared to other marketing automation software.

It remains competitive in the market for various reasons. First, it is compatible with the major operating systems. These include Windows, Mac, iPhone, and web-based operating systems. Secondly, you can link it to social media sites that are popular in the country such as Facebook and Instagram.

Core features of the software include email marketing, lead management, search marketing, and sales intelligence. However, it does not allow for Google AdWords visibility. It is ideal for both large and medium business sizes.


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The main goal of LeadSquared is to help businesses and companies to manage their marketing campaigns better. 

Features that stand out include search marketing, drip campaigns, Google AdWords visibility, as well as for analytics ROI tracking.

It is compatible with all operating systems so that every customer can have a view of all opportunities. Also, you can link the software to social media sites. The ability to create a link makes it easy to monitor ads and campaigns using one software.

The software has a link to sources such as video guides, on-site training, case studies, and help guides. These support systems make it easier to use the software especially if you are new in the Singapore market.

It supports phone, email, and online (ticket) features. This support systems help marketers to provide feedback and information to consumers more conveniently. Large, medium and small businesses can use the software.


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E-commerce companies can use ContactPigeon to meet specific customer needs. Marketers can deliver custom messages to different customers. Gone are the days when customers were all put together.

Despite the difference in operating systems, the software works perfectly well with all of them. Match this aspect to the ability to link content and ad campaigns to social media sites. The result is unbeatable customer reach.

Outstanding key features include search marketing, email marketing, lead management, and campaign management. Combine these features to ensure consumers can relate to company products and services. The software does not offer customizable CTAs or Google AdWords visibility.

The resource center has plenty of materials that Singapore marketers can read to understand how it functions The resources include help guides, on-site training, and blogs. 


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Medium and small businesses will benefit from SharpSpring visitor ID Tracking. Some of its vital marketing features include ROI tracking, A/B testing, campaign management, email marketing, and sales intelligence.

It supports marketing strategies, provides helpful guidelines, case studies and on-site training for marketers. 

The support resources are ideal for beginner and advanced marketers. They include on-site training, white papers, infographics, webinars, as well as video and help guides.

Important Features to look out for in Marketing Automation Software

Not every software works for all businesses. Alike, marketers have their preferences depending on their product/ service and their marketing strategies. You must be careful when making a decision.

Automated marketing software will allow you to focus on the critical objectives while at the same time uphold efficiency. The Singapore market is rapidly increasing, and everyone wants a share of the market. Automating marketing processes allows you to reach out to your target market fast.

Despite the differences, the following are key features to look out for:

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for a while and a majority of business in Singapore have an active emailing list. However, with additional features such as A/B testing, you will be able to customize content. Different consumers will receive content/information relevant to their needs. Employ email automation software successfully.

Visitor Tracking

Your software should indicate who is visiting your site. It should provide more information such as the time they spend on the site. This kind of additional information will help you to understand the needs and preferences of the customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a popular platform for consumers. Being able to interact with them is every marketer’s dream. Identify software that can link ads and campaigns to such platforms.

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It should be able to schedule posts and ads. An added advantage would be to evaluate the level of engagement between consumers and the content.

Automatic Lead Assignment

As a marketer, you should use software that can assign leads to your sales teams. The ability to communicate conveniently and fast will help capture potential clients on time.

Ease of Use

Go for a software that is easy to use. The user interface should not be confusing or complicated. Imagine having to spend several hours to find a given function. 

Closing Remarks

Reduce marketing workload and increase your productivity by using the best marketing automation software. Contact us for more tips about the best marketing automation software for your business and digital marketing services in Singapore. 

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