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Partnering with a professional marketing agency sets your business up for success. These agencies possess extensive knowledge, skill, and expertise in the modern marketing front.

Small and established businesses targeting optimum marketing efficiency and tremendous ROI need to identify and engage the right agency to realise such results. Notably, the best marketing insights come from agencies that have worked with successful companies in the past.

The ideal marketing agency demonstrates its capability to leverage marketing strategies to build a client’s brand visibility across all channels. In an ever-evolving and competitive market place, the kind of agency you appoint determines whether your business will flop or succeed.

Marketing agencies are always conversant with the cutting edge trends in the industry. They exploit emerging technology and marketing best practices to position your business for future success.

What Is A Marketing Agency?

A marketing agency an entity charged with helping general or specialised businesses to build their brand value in using a highly effective approach. These agencies are responsible for market research, strategy, and advertising, branding product, and services.

Agencies work with unique talents and experts who have an in-depth understanding and experience in different fields of marketing. They rely on proven know-how and proficiency to bring out the best in a small or established company.

Success hungry enterprises engage marketing agencies to distinguish and place products or services a notch higher compared to the competition. The bottom line for these agencies is to drive sales and profit margins using visibility strategies and targeted campaigns.

To improve the efficacy of your products and services, marketing agencies can resort to:

  • Probing your business model, target market and competition
  • Strategising on how to position your business within your niche
  • Assisting your firm to build a realistic marketing budget.
  • Evaluating and choosing the best marketing tactics
  • Creating branding and design quality for marketing materials
  • Implementing, monitoring and reporting on campaign KPIs

Functions of a Marketing Agency

A marketing agency has countless features to discharge. These are well aligned with the businesses’ core objectives from an ROI perspective. The functions can range from new (social) media marketing, media advertising, business consultation, PR, web designing, campaign development, among others.

What Does A Digital Marketing Agency In Singapore Offer?

An online marketing agency comprises marketing experts who leverage new media technology to increase brand awareness & company revenues. They use digital marketing strategies to get new leads and also increase the number of transactions from existing customers. The channels that digital marketing companies in Surat use include social media, company websites, video platforms, blogs, and available web channels at their disposal.

Web marketing agencies offer a variety of services. They could be customised or full-stack digital services. Before appointing an agency, check to see that their core strengths match your marketing needs. If you need to harness the power of SEO, it’s unwise to hire a marketing agency that specialises in PR marketing.

A full-stack agency in Singapore offers a variety of services that can range from:

When scouting for a digital marketing agency, you need to note the differences between one and a traditional marketing agency. A digital agency can leverage an unlimited number of marketing channels. However, you need to ensure that the agency you appoint can transform your stagnant sales projection into a profit-making affair.

Questions to Ask a Potential Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore?

Selecting a digital marketing agency from an overcrowded Singaporean market can be daunting. First-time businesses need to know the pertinent questions to ask potential agencies before signing a contract. If you’re looking to switch from a mundane agency to a top shot outfit, consider asking questions that reveal the proficiency and marketing competency of the firm you’re interviewing.

Some of the questions to ask include:

What are the strengths of your digital marketing agency?

It tells you whether they know how to leverage new media to get results.

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Who will be working on my project?

It indicates whether they have skilled experts or they subcontract projects.

Does your agency hold marketing certifications and accreditations?

It tells you whether they have complied with industry best practices and regulations.

Does your price meet my project needs?

It demonstrates how the agency bills clients.

Is your digital marketing agency familiar with my project/campaign?

It gives you an idea of whether the agency has worked and helped other businesses in your vertical to achieve success.

digital marketing for different business niches

Can you share a portfolio highlighting your successes in my niche?

It informs you whether the agency has an idea of what it takes to run a successful marketing campaign.

Can you provide an estimate of my project’s requirements?

It tells you whether the agency can research your business model and propose a practical way forward.

What is the ideal timeline for the project?

It tells you whether the agency is keen to achieve tangible results within a given time frame.

Essential Services offered by Marketing Agencies in Singapore

Market Research

Singaporean marketing agencies undertake research to enable businesses to make prudent business decisions. Market research can be primary or secondary. Primary research is gathering first-hand data from individuals through interviews, surveys, focus groups, and observation.

Secondary market research involves data collection from existing sources. It helps businesses to make informed decisions. Full-stack

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategies drive a marketing plan. These strategies are crafted from research, experience, and business knowledge. Without a sol marketing strategy, a business cannot take off, let alone beating the competition. Marketing agencies leverage strategies to achieve specific business or sales goals


Marketing agencies create the perfect impression of a business. It’s the identifying mark that customers associate with. An agency can position your brand, create relevant messaging, and set standards for your brand.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the artistic side of marketing. An agency creates images that identify your brand using design elements. An agency can communicate visual concepts using unique features and colours.

Website Design

Website design entails a variety of skills and procedures. Agencies handle different tasks, including interface design, SEO, coding, graphics design, and user experience, among others.

Content Writing

Content is crucial for your inbound marketing campaigns. An agency creates content to achieve conversion, engagement, and SEO goals. Generated content drives engagement through blogs, social media platforms, and articles.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation strives to draw traffic to a brand’s website. Marketing agencies have the skill to optimise content to rank high in search results. High-quality content leads to more traffic and qualified leads.

Search Marketing

Search marketing means paying to have your ads ranking on search results. It’s a pay-per-click kind of marketing that an agency can help you to ace.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing denotes paid or unpaid marketing done through social media platforms. An agency can help you to maximise performance by sharing your social media campaigns on cross-media platforms. Share worthy content can deliver optimal results when backed up by pay-per-click ads.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is engaging and sending emails to potential customers within your target audience. An agency can help your business to capture email contacts through an exchange of value. A business prompts a prospect to provide email contacts, and the company sends targeted mail, hoping that the prospect will eventually convert. With this option, an agency helps a business to boost retention rates

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing involves customers who are searching for answers, and a company creates content to fulfil the customer’s needs.

Traditional Advertising

Though digital marketing agencies are the rage in Singapore, some agencies still rely on conventional advertising. This is the use of conventional mainstream media channels including, print, TV, radio, and billboards.

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

Today, digital marketing largely determines the success of your products and services. As such, it makes logical sense to engage a reputable digital marketing agency. It’s the only guarantee that your business will capitalise fully on online marketing strategies.

Digital marketing agencies work with experts who craft customised solutions that keep your business afloat in the digital landscape. The benefits of hiring a digital agency far outweigh the cost. If you don’t know how to invest your marketing dollars, a digital marketing agency will help you to design, implement, and reap maximum returns from the campaign.

What a Digital Marketing Agency Will Do for Your Business

·     Identify Crucial Marketing Strategies

Discerning marketing agencies liaise with clients to determine persuasive marketing strategies that lead to optimal results and the best ROI.

·     Implement Marketing Solution

Professional marketing agencies know how to employ marketing campaigns and solutions on behalf of their clients.

·     Evaluate Marketing Results

Reliable marketing agencies scrutinise marketing efforts and use metrics to drive better campaign results.

Digital Marketing Agency Services

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is the backbone of any digital marketing campaign. It ensures your business gets a high rank on search results. An agency with competent SEO skills will get your brand before the eyes of potential customers. An agency that optimises your content for search makes it easy to achieve your sales goals. The best digital marketing agency fine-tunes your entire website to gain favour from search engines.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM and SEO are keyword reliant. However, SEM leans towards the paid PPC campaign. An agency can handle complex keyword research to find the appropriate keyword set that ranks well for your business. The agency is instrumental in the ad creation and bidding process.

Website Strategy

Your website is the door to your online store. It’s a critical element of your web marketing efforts. If presented in an amateurish way, the site can hurt your SEO and overall credibility. A digital agency can assess your website’s elements to ensure its performing optimally. Also, the agency knows the best strategy to guide a customer throughout the sales journey.

Social Media Digital Marketing

Your business will succeed if you understand the dynamics behind social media marketing. Different social media platforms work well for various companies. An agency will help you pick the platform that best appeals to your target audience. Also, they help you to create compelling and informative content that drives conversions.

Email Outreach

Email outreach isn’t as widespread as social media, but it can generate tons of leads. An agency takes care of the elaborate and involving email personalisation, contact list management, and email targeting tasks. They can expand your email list and craft email campaigns that drive conversion rates.


Re-targeting allows your business to have another go at appealing to visitors who bounce on your site. A digital agency can help you retarget, lure back, and encourage previous visitors to spend on your website.

Quality Link Building

Link building is beneficial yet tricky. If you’re not conversant with white hat backlinking, you want an expert to do it for you. Digital marketing agencies can do the heavy lifting and ensure your site isn’t penalised for spam or irrelevant links back to your site.

What Is A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency?

Simply, a full-service Internet marketing agency provides a range of services ranging from:

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Web design and development
  • Social media management and advertising
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)
  • Content and Email marketing and more

Specialised Digital Marketing Agency

Also known as or specialised marketing agencies, these outfits offer niche-specific services as opposed to generic, all-in-one services. For example, a dedicated SEO agency will exclusively handle search engine optimisation campaigns while a web design agency specifically deals with your website design needs.

Traditional Marketing Agency

Traditional marketing agencies emphasis on conventional marketing practices. Their forte includes:

Three Marketing Agency Benefits

If you’re doubtful that a marketing agency can turn around the tide for your stagnant sales projections, you need to think again.  There are innumerable benefits that a marketing agency bring s forth for your business.

Marketing Agencies Can Identify Profit-Driving Strategies

If you’re not sure about the right approach to use to drive up your numbers, a marketing agency will have in-depth knowledge of the marketing channels and strategies that can work for your kind of business.

Marketing Agencies Help You Manage and Implement Campaigns

You might not be skilled at launching and running a marketing campaign but its marketing agency’s forte. These agencies are well equipped with the technical expertise needed to craft, run, and measure the impact of your preferred campaign. You can rely on an agency’s expertise to position your business where you want it.

Marketing Agencies Optimise Campaigns and Monitor Results

Even the most formidable marketing strategies require continuous assessment and monitoring. A marketing agency knows how to optimise a given campaign to deliver the desired results. An agency can help you manage your marketing budget, and they understand the best channels to use in the process.

Why Choose A Full-Service Marketing Agency?

At times, businesses don’t know the best marketing agency to partner with. However, there are advantages of engaging different agencies as long as the one you pick understands the dynamics of your business vertical. Here is why you need to hire a full-service marketing agency.

Full-Service Marketing Agencies Streamline Your Campaign Management

Dealing with a full-service marketing agency gives your business a one-stop-shop experience. You access a cache of services, including SEO, social media marketing, PPC, web design, and other services in one place. These agencies provide a dedicated account manager and streamlined communication.

Full-Service Marketing Agencies Incorporate Different Strategies

If you’re looking to invest in multiple services, these agencies come in handy. You access experts whore conversant with a variety of marketing channels. The mix of expertise and industry knowledge drives the best results for your venture. Full-service agencies inject agility such that you adopt alternative strategies if the ones in use aren’t fruitful.

Full-Service Marketing Agencies save You Time and Money

A full-service agency can bundle services and discount them. If you’re going for multiple services, they have experts at the ready, and they offer incentives, including service discounts.

In-House Marketing Vs. Agency Marketing: Which One Is The Best?

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Hiring a digital marketing agency helps your business to grow exponentially. You can generate more leads, boost revenue, and sales. However, many companies struggle to decide whether to rely on an in-house team or a marketing agency.

Agency vs. In-House Marketing Comparison

Smaller businesses with a handful of clients may have it easy with an internal marketing team. If it’s time to scale, it’s advisable to work with an agency. Nobody understands your venture more than you do. As such, it’s essential to know the pros and cons of choosing between the two.

In-house marketing

In-house marketing taps on the potential of an internal marketing team. The advantages of in-house marketing include:

·     Brand familiarity

An internal marketing team understands your brand in-depth. It informs the decisions made regarding the marketing campaign and the materials to use. They can craft a killer campaign faster than an external agency.

·     Accessibility

Accessing your in-house team is easy. You can walk up to their office and interact. An agency isn’t your next door outfit. You may have to make calls or send emails to communicate.

·     Focus

In-house marketing teams come with a 110% focus on your business. An agency probably has ten other clients to cater to. Your internal team concentrates solely on your project on a 24-7 basis.

·     Control

When you establish an in-house team, you enjoy control over the marketing projects and campaigns. An agency shares the marketing responsibilities with your team, and you have minimal control over their team.

Agency Marketing

Agency marketing provides an external team to ramp up your marketing efforts. Working with an external digital marketing agency comes with its benefits:

·     Expertise

Marketing agencies boats a pool of exceptional talent, experience, and knowledge. You have the prerogative to select the most competitive agency out there. You can elect to pick an agency with a specialisation in areas like SEO or PPC. You’re guaranteed to get maximum ROI.

·     Capabilities

A digital marketing agency team can provide a grand suite of skills that your in-house team cannot. An agency can offer top of the line expertise in areas where your internal team lacks knowledge.

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·     Software and tools

When you choose an external marketing agency, you no longer have to spend on tools and marketing facilities. An ideal agency provides top market tools that enhance keyword research, analytics, and research. Your in-house team may not leverage emerging technology, but an agency will leverage AI to generate the best results.

·     Diverse specialities

Agencies provide a skilled pool of experts who are conversant in areas that you want to plunge into. They offer experts in fields such as:

With specialised talents, an agency can leverage multiple marketing channels for exceptional results.

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Agency

There’s no denying that Selecting and on-boarding a digital marketing agency inches a brand closer to their marketing and sales goals. But it’s advisable to ruminate on pertinent internal issues before making the hiring decision.

Why Do We Need An Agency?

An aspiring business needs to evaluate their needs for an agency. If they lack internal capabilities or need to reinforce the existing team, it’s imperative to capitalise on the services of an agency. If your internal capacity lacks digital expertise or a PR organ, going for an agency can be inevitable.

How Do We Shortlist An Agency?

Some brands will hire an agency based on their capability, and others go for chemistry. Brands are at home working with agencies they trust and those that offer compatibility with the internal teams. Also, the marketing budget will determine the kind of agency that a business can engage in.

Do We Need Multiple Agencies?

Not all marketing agencies come with the capacity and capability to handle everything. Some businesses are better off with several specialist agencies compared to hiring one jack-of-all-trades agency. With a stable of niche agencies, your business can leverage the best of breed capabilities.

How Do We Select The Right Partner?

Sorting out an agency from a vast list of candidates is challenging. You need to check references from your networks. You can check with market leaders or associates. When vetting, ask prospective agencies questions that reveal their capacities in your niche.

A Top Agency or a Boutique Firm?

Agencies tend to handle projects based on their size and status. Big agencies may not concentrate fully on a small business marketing campaign. When assessing the agency’s attitude towards the smaller ventures, consider the kind of client experience you can get elsewhere. If a mid-sized agency treats you like their most important account, they’re probably your best option.

Quick Tips to Choosing a Marketing Agency

You already understand the benefits that a marketing agency has for your business. However, you must know how to identify an agency whose capacity fits your marketing needs.

Research Their Marketing Services

From the onset, you need to investigate the services that the marketing agency offers. It helps you to evaluate whether they are fit for your business. For instance, if you need to revitalise your website to generate leads, you need to choose a full-service digital agency. You can pick a traditional agency if you need an ad on prime time TV.

Review The Agency’s pricing

Before choosing a marketing agency, check their pricing policy. You’ll get what you pay for, and you need to be sure that they’re not another cheap outfit. Always go for a company with transparent price packages instead of one with dodgy pricing procedures.

Review The Agency’s Results

Before appointing an agency, check whether they can deliver on the promises they make. Consider poring over their portfolio, client testimonials, and case studies. This gives you a sneak peek into their ability to drive excellent results.

Consider the Chemistry

If you want to verify an agency’s professionalism, take time to connect with their team. You need to evaluate whether there is chemistry between your business and its organisations. Check whether they are personable and willing to learn and understand your company’s goals.

Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency

  • Social media marketing agencies stay on top of the latest trends
  • Hiring a social media marketing consultant is economical
  • Social media agencies are experienced
  • Social media engages your customers in powerful ways
  • Social media marketers offer advanced targeting
  • Social media marketing shapes brand recognition
  • It improves brand recall
  • Fosters constant engagement with your audience

Red Flags to Look Out For When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

  • They recommend a cookie-cutter social strategy
  • They guarantee the first page of rankings
  • They rely on uninformed metrics for SEO without backing it up
  • They offer unrealistic prices with a complicated billing structure
  • No proof of performance or portfolio
  • Skewed online testimonials, reputation, and reviews.
  • They overemphasise buzzwords and jargon.
  • They’re not motivated to ensure your brand’s success

Top 20 Marketing Agencies in Singapore

1.  MediaOne

MediaOne is a widely recognised digital marketing agency. The company has supported small and established companies to broaden their market command and sales. Media one offers a variety of innovative marketing services


  • Digital Marketing Services
  • SEO Services & Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Copywriting and Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Website Design Services
  • Ecommerce

2.  Impossible Marketing

The company offers marketing services and workshops for business.


  • SEO and SEM
  • Social Media Marketing and Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Remarketing & Retargeting
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Video Marketing

3.  Appiloque

Appiloque offers a mix of data, strategy, and customer-centric experiences to amplify business performance.


  • Outreach advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Brand awareness

4.  Actmedia Singapore

ActMedia Singapore is a brainchild of the OMG Singapore group.  It’s an in-store specialist offering high impact advertising to niche ventures.


  • Advertising-Out of Home, Mobile Media, Online
  • Media Planning and Buying 

5.  Dentsu Aegis Network

Dentsu Aegis Network helps clients to attract and retain customers in the digital marketing realm. They leverage data-driven strategies to enhance customer experience.


  • Media Planning/Buying
  • Brand Monitoring,
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media marketing
  • B2B Marketing

6.  DWA Singapore

DWA is a longstanding media marketing agency that helps business to exploit mar-tech solutions on a cross channel platform. The company has offices across the globe.


  • Direct Marketing
  • Advertising, Brand Monitoring and consulting
  • Digital Marketing/Interactive
  • Marketing Research/Data Analytics
  • Social Media,
  • SEO/SEM, Media Planning/Buying


GroupM ranks as one of the most formidable media management agency with a global appeal. The firm is at the leading edge of marketing technology. It has over 400 offices worldwide.


  • Media Planning/Buying-Out of Home, Mobile Media,
  • Online and mainstream media services

8.  Mediacom

Mediacom doubles up as a content and connections agency. It helps businesses to capitalise on paid, owned, and earned channels.


  • Media Planning and Buying-Out of Home, Print, Mobile Media, Online, Social and TV

9.  OMD Singapore

OMD Singapore is a fully-fledged agency committed to helping businesses to unlock their marketing potential. The firm has 120 offices and over 11,000 staff.


  • Media Planning/Buying-Mobile Media, Social, ecommerce marketing, and Out of Home advertising

10. Initiative

Initiative is a global communications agency that leverages data and customer insights to grow brands. The agency strives to exploit new platforms and technologies.


  • Digital Marketing/Interactive
  • Social Media
  • Media Planning/Buying-Mobile Media, Online, Out of Home, Print

11.  IPG Mediabrands

IPG Mediabrands is an affiliate media agency of Interpublic Group. The agency focuses on market automation, digital innovation, and pay-for-performance.


  • Digital Marketing/Interactive
  • Social Media and Mobile
  • Marketing Research/Data Analytics
  • Media Planning/Buying

12. Isentia

Isentia helps businesses to establish trustworthy brands. The firm provides clients with data-driven marketing solutions and strategies that position companies for success.

  • Social Media marketing
  • Media Planning/Buying
  • Corporate PR
  • Brand Monitoring

13. Magna Global

Magna global is a critical IPG Mediabrands resource that crafts innovation strategies, marketing intelligence, and investment insights. They assist businesses to gain an edge.


  • Media Planning/Buying- Out of Home, Print, Social, TV and Mobile Media

14. Media on the Go

Media on the Go is a proactive agency that specialises in the OOH Media field. The firm employs a mix of traditional and digital media planning and buying.


  • Media Planning/Buying
  • Marketing Research/Data Analytics
  • Creative/Graphic Design

15. Carbon Interactive

Carbon Interactive employs a diverse pool of talents (marketers, consultants, strategists) to build refreshing brand campaigns. They are a leading digital strategy consultancy, web design, and development agency.

  • Services
  • Social media marketing
  • Brand reputation management
  • Consultancy
  • Content strategy

16. Clickr Media

Clickr Media provides a full stack of marketing services and solutions.


  • Online media planning
  • Web development and design
  • Campaign management and integration

17. ClickTRUE

ClickTRUE is a specialist in online marketing and technology agency. They boast an impressive client portfolio.


  • Search Engine Marketing and Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Web Analytics Consultancy

18. Clickworkz Solutions

Clickworkz Solutions leverages technology and media market insights to build creative marketing campaigns within a client’s budget.


  • Digital Advertising
  • Creative & Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Marketing
  • Social Marketing

19. CloudRock

CloudRock is a budding digital marketing agency leverages funnel marketing to grow brands online.


  • SEO
  • Online advertising
  • Content marketing

20. Amber Creative

Amber Creative is a highly experienced digital and online marketing agency. The firm is seasoned in Google marketing and website development.


  • Web/App Design and Development- E-commerce Website Mobile Apps
  • Digital and social media marketing
  • Branding
  • Video and Animation
  • UI/UX Design

At MediaOne, we provide the best of breed digital marketing services that suit your small or established business. Contact us at 6789 9852 today!

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