Top Malay Tuition Centres in Singapore

Top Malay Tuition Centres In Singapore

Do you find it hard to teach your kid Malay language? Malay counts as 1 of 3 formal Mother Tongues from Singapore, regularly spoken by Singaporeans of the Malay ethnicity.

Students belonging to the Malay ethnic group in Singapore need to make choices for studying mother tongue, like the Chinese or Indian students from Singapore.

Many Malay ethnic students register to study Malay as their Mother Tongue language.

These are reasons it remains crucial for your kid to learn, gain capacities to read, write, speak Malay language.

Apart from Mother Tongue, most school subjects within Singapore are now delivered using the universally spoken language – English. As such, English language is regularly utilized for many applications in your kid’s life: Home, Work, School, etc.

Due to this, Malay students now spend less time on the Malay mother tongue language, with many students finding it tedious to study Malay, struggle in learning Malay, then subsequently score low test grades owing to their lack of diligence, effort, practice.

Language study is distinct from studying Mathematics or Science subjects because this excludes intense memorizing of hard mathematical formulas.

Rather, learning Malay demands constant use, practice, in order to gain better comprehension, mastery, of Malay.

To get students to score in Malay tests, the optimal method remains to practice Malay very consistently to develop their comprehension or memorization of Vocabulary.

Still, class time scheduled for mother tongue language within school remains usually less than only 2 hours daily.

To add, residing within a multi-racial country, students regularly converse over with classmates in English, which leaves them with less opportunities to chat speaking Malay in daily mundane activities, living.

The best way to help your kid to score better in Malay studies for tests is to get your kid Malay tuition.


Premium Tutor Top Malay Tuition Centres in Singapore

Malay Tuition Centre

Premium House Tutor

Specialty Premium House Tutors is a Singapore-registered tuition agency founded by a group of Full-Time Tutors. Being teachers themselves, they can understand your child’s needs and are committed to finding tutors who are best able to help your child learn most effectively. They conduct stringent and comprehensive checks on recruited tutors.

Services: Malay language tutor, Malay tuition, Malay home tuition, Malay private tutoring, Malay language classes

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 1 North Bridge Road #07-05 Singapore, Singapore 179094
Telephone +65-8125 6253
Opening hours 24/7


NUSA Top Malay Tuition Centres in Singapore

Malay Tuition Centre

NUSA Malay Language Tuition

Specialty Cikgu Hayati Abdullah is a former MOE teacher and Malay Subject Coordinator in various secondary schools including Cedar Girls’ Secondary School. Former student of Raffles Girls’ Secondary School, Temasek Junior College and National University of Singapore (NUS), Cikgu Hayati actively participates in language and literary activities like debates, oratorical competitions.

Services: Malay Language tuition, Malay vocabulary, Malay grammar knowledge, Malay writing skills, Malay comprehension answering techniques

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address Serangoon North Ave 4, #B1-233 Block 533, Singapore 550533
Telephone +65- 6957 7175
Opening hours 2 pm to 9 pm


Nanyang Top Malay Tuition Centres in Singapore

Malay Tuition Centre

Nanyang Tuition

Specialty Nanyang Tuition is one of the best leading Malay tuition agencies in Singapore that has been rendering amazing services to students of different educational levels. They pride themselves as the best agency for helping students gain mastery of their mother tongue. Their tutors have years of experience to help learning.

Services: Malay tuition agency, Malay home tutors, private Malay teacher, mastery of their mother tongue, Malay lessons

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 5008 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, #04-09, Singapore 569874
Telephone +65-8298 7978
Opening hours 10 am to 8 pm
Review 1 Thank you Miss Lee from Nanyang Tuition. The recommend tutor gets along with my child and showed responsibility in delivering the lesson. She as able to test and assess his abilities first before giving him further activities. Tutor has exceeded my expectation!

Highly Recommend this Home Tuition Agency to parents.

Review 2 Miss Jasmine is very approachable & encouraging, which boost my son’s confidence. We are very satisfied with her. Thanks for engaging her for my son. Highly recommended home tuition agency if you are looking for a home tutor.


Smile Tutor Top Malay Tuition Centres in Singapore

Malay Tuition Centre


Specialty SmileTutor’s qualified Malay teachers are skilled at providing Malay home tuition for Primary, Secondary, JC, adult learners– so your kid can master Malay. Private study helps for overcoming language barriers. Experienced tutors spark strong interest in the mother tongue. Professional assistance, coaching, and fresh insights for excelling in Malay exams.

Services: Mother tongue tutoring, master Malay, qualified Malay teachers, Malay exams, practice Malay

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 21 Bukit Batok Crescent #22-76 Singapore, Singapore 658065
Telephone +65-6266 4475
Opening hours 9 am to 8 pm
Review 1 Smile tutor found a good Math tutor T-Leng Eng for my son who’s in Sec 4. He was able to clarify and explain the Math concepts to my son which enabled him to pass his Math paper, which was quite an achievement!
Review 2 Teacher Zandra is such a patient, supportive and loving Teacher. She provides useful supporting study materials for my girl. My girl total loves her lesson. Thank you, Teacher Zandra!
Review 3 The tutor assigned to teach my son Mathematics enabled my son to achieve a ‘B’ grade for his class test; his highest ever grade in Mathematics for his entire educational life so far.

I would say that is a remarkable achievement and I’m really grateful to Mr Harrison Ng (the tutor) and the agency for easing me and my son’s educational burden.


Mindflex Top Malay Tuition Centres in Singapore

Malay Tuition Centre

Mindflex Malay Tuition

Specialty They have a range of Malay Home Tutors who provide Malay Tuition for the following:

Preschool Malay Tuition
Primary Malay Tuition
PSLE Malay Tuition
O Level Malay Tuition
N Level Malay Tuition
A Level Malay Tuition
Secondary Malay Tuition
JC Malay Tuition
IBDP Malay Tuition
International / IGCSE Malay Tuition

Services: Malay Tuition, Preschool Malay Tuition, Primary Malay Tuition, O Level Malay Tuition, A Level Malay Tuition

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 10 Anson Road #21-02, International Plaza, 079903
Telephone +65 9695 3522
Opening hours 24/7


Edu Front Top Malay Tuition Centres in Singapore

Malay Tuition Centre

EduFront Learning Centre

Specialty Malay & Higher Malay Mastery Program @ Pusat Bahasa NUSA. Pusat Bahasa NUSA is the Malay Language arm of Edufront Learning Centre, providing quality Malay and Higher Malay Language programs from preschool to secondary levels. They have helped thousands of students to prepare for the PSLE and O-Levels Malay paper.

Services: Malay & Higher Malay Mastery, Malay Language tuition, Malay, and Higher Malay Language classes, PSLE Malay, O-Levels Malay paper, preschool Malay

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 533 Serangoon North Ave 4, #B1-233, Singapore 550533
Telephone +65-69577175
Opening hours 2 pm to 9 pm
Review 1 Most of the tutors are NIE/MOE trained. Tutors are caring and interact well with their students. Excellent materials provided and classes are from Preschool up to Secondary levels. 👍
Review 2 Tutors are approachable and engaging, and the admin team is friendly and always happy to lend a helping hand. Materials provided are also challenging, but tutors are ready to help every step of the way.
Review 3 Edufront has no shortage of skilled and committed tutors who aim to help and guide their students in their academic journey. Tutors here are not only qualified, they are friendly and approachable as well should students have any queries.


Tutor City Top Malay Tuition Centres in Singapore

Malay Tuition Centre

Tutor City

Specialty Tutor City specializes in the matching of tutors and teachers for home, tuition centres and companies. Their database comprises of undergraduates to full-time tutors and NIE-trained schoolteachers. The subjects taught by their tutors and teachers are extensive; Primary, Secondary, JC, Poly and University, to non-academic subjects like Music, Business courses.

Services: Malay tutors, Malay tuition, Home Malay tuition, Private Malay tuition, Malay classes

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address [email protected], 50 Gambas Cres, 757022
Telephone +65-9067 2547
Opening hours 24/7
Review 1 I was recommended to Tutor City by my aunt. Ben Sen was able to provide me a list of biology tutors within a short period. Not to mention, my tutor was able to explain the various concepts well. A big thank you to Ben Sen!
Review 2 Was recommended by friends to Ben Sen/Tutor City. After giving him my criterias for my child’s tutor, I was provided a list of suitable tutors for my consideration very quickly. Ben Sen is also very patient to attend to my multiple queries. My child just started the tuition and so far so good. Thanks Ben Sen! 👍
Review 3 I managed to get a high quality tutor from Tutor City for my secondary children, which my children rate to be very helpful. One of them is in an IB school and has been able to improve his grade from 5 to 7. The other is in a top school and he finds her to be very clear in getting him to understand the subject topics.


Bright Tutor Top Malay Tuition Centres in Singapore

Malay Tuition Centre

Bright Tutor

Specialty At BrightTutor, they offer effective Malay tuition for Primary, Secondary & Junior College levels. If you are an adult wanting to pick up Tamil as a conversational language, they provide home tutors for you too. Their Malay tuition rates are the most affordable in Singapore, so speak to their team.

Services: Malay Language, Malay tuition, mother tongue language, native language, Malay tutor

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 986A Jurong West Street 93, Singapore 641986
Telephone +65-9058 3085
Opening hours 24/7
Review 1 Have gotten the second tutor from them for my second youngest child. Will say that the tutors they have recommended is really reliable. Thank you!
Review 2 This is a very good platform for students and teachers to know more about each other. for students, they will choose a teacher who suits them more according to the information given by the tutors. for tutors, this is a source of new income.
Review 3 Their coordinators are really friendly and efficient. It takes just about 2 days for them to find a suitable tutor for my daughter


Champion Tutor Top Malay Tuition Centres in Singapore

Malay Tuition Centre

Champion Tutors

Specialty At “ChampionTutor”, their Malay tutors in Singapore will train your children in reading, writing, and speaking Malay. Unlike math and science, there is no short cut formula to learning Malay, for excellent results, consistent practice is the only mantra. Tutoring can give children time apart from classroom practice to learn.

Services: Mother Tongue languages, Malay tuition, Malay tutors, reading, writing, speaking Malay

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 22 Sin Ming Lane, #06-76 Midview City, 573969
Email +65-6850 5040
Opening hours 24/7
Review 1 At the moment I am happy with Teacher Khairun. She brings her own rough paper to illustrate the workings of the mathematical problems. She uses the modelling technique which I am familiar with. She shows more than one type of method to solve the problem sum and asks me to use the method that I am comfortable with. She shows understanding when I do not complete her homework because she knows that I have a lot of school homework to do as well.
Review 2 Chan TC is flexible, will add more hours if he has an exam coming. He’s friendly, personable and extremely knowledgeable. My daughter loves to ask questions and he’s always able to answer hers, or if not he’ll look it up.
Review 3 From the very beginning, Tutor George has understood Angelo’s needs and has customized the lessons to the boy’s learning style, so to engaging and motivate him. George’s teaching strategies are working well, as Angelo is growing more confident about his communication and enjoys attending George’s lessons.


Tutoroo Top Malay Tuition Centres in Singapore

Malay Tuition Centre


Specialty TUTOROO is a teaching platform that links up students with language tutors. The TUTOROO team will coordinate, facilitate the entire recruitment process to ensure each student is suitably paired with an ideal tutor who best matches their wants, needs and budget. For students, they provide a large database of tutors.

Services: Malay tutors, online Malay classes, online Malay tutoring, Private Malay tutors, Malay coaching online

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address CT Hub @, 339407
Telephone +65-9246 1794
Opening hours 24/7


Start Tuition Top Malay Tuition Centres in Singapore

Malay Tuition Centre

START Tuition

Specialty To prepare the students for the academic exams (from Pri 1 to JC 2), tutors for Malay language covers all aspects that are tested in school and the major exams. This includes Comprehension, Composition, Creative Writing, Oral. Standard Malay tuition & Higher Malay tuition for Preschool, Primary & Secondary students.

Services: Foundation Malay, Malay B+, Standard Malay tuition & Higher Malay tuition for Preschool, Primary & Secondary students

Pricing Request a quotation:[email protected]
Address 8 Burn Rd, Singapore 369977
Telephone +65-6100 5422
Opening hours 24/7


Scholars Academy Top Malay Tuition Centres in Singapore

Malay Tuition Centre

Scholars Academy

Specialty Whether you are in primary, secondary school or junior college, they will provide you with a tutor who is punctual, responsible, and passionate in teaching basic Malay or higher Malay. This ensures that your learning is continuous. They conduct interviews with tutor to determine if he is the best fit.

Services: Malay Home Tuition, basic Malay, Malay tuition, higher Malay, primary, secondary school, junior college Malay

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 231 Mountbatten Rd, Singapore 397999
Contact page
Opening hours 24/7


Stanford Tuition Top Malay Tuition Centres in Singapore

Malay Tuition Centre

Stanford Tuition

Specialty They are the best Malay tuition agency of choice – Secondary 1 to 5 O-level Malay. They will fulfil your requirements as per your request. Their Malay tutor will travel to your place and provide 1-to-1 effective Malay tuition and higher Malay tuition at your home, Secondary school, O-level Malay.

Services: Malay tuition agency, Malay tutor, Higher Malay Tutor, Malay tuition, higher Malay tuition

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 111, North Bridge Road #21-01, Peninsula Plaza Singapore 179098
Email +65-6962 1165
Opening hours 9 am to 10 pm
Review  Very reliable and good relationship.


Edge Tutor Top Malay Tuition Centres in Singapore

Malay Tuition Centre

Edge Tuition

Specialty The Leading Higher Malay Tuition Agency in Singapore. They offer the most comprehensive and rigorous Higher Malay private home tuition for the following levels and subjects:


Preschool Malay Tuition

Primary School Malay / Higher Malay Tuition

Secondary School Malay / Higher Malay Tuition

Junior College Chinese / Higher Malay Tuition

Services: Malay Tuition, Primary School Malay, Primary Higher Malay, Secondary Malay, Preschool Malay Tuition

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 28 Seletar Green View, Singapore 805126
Email +65-96374802
Opening hours 7 am to 10 pm
Review  Really friendly and value service with a large pool of qualified tutors! The agent helped to analyze the current education scene and introduced an experienced tutor, who managed to engage my sister well. Now my sister enjoys Maths a lot more, has greater confidence and even looks forward to tuition lessons.


Success Tuition Top Malay Tuition Centres in Singapore

Malay Tuition Centre

Success Tuition Agency

Specialty Success Tuition Agency is a Singapore registered home tuition agency. Here, they take pride in searching for qualified and suitable one-to-one home tutors for all our students for all levels and subjects. With over 10 years of experience in the education industry, Success Tuition has over 40,000 tutors in Singapore.

Services: Bahasa Melayu, Malay language classes, Malay tutoring, Malay tuition

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 14 Lichfield Rd, Singapore 556834
Telephone +65-6503 5333
Opening hours 9 am to 11 pm


Home Tutors Top Malay Tuition Centres in Singapore

Malay Tuition Centre

Home Tutors

Specialty Malay Language Tuition:

Private tutor to help overcome language obstacles.

Experienced tutors who are passionate in the mother tongue

Professional assistance and fresh perspectives for excelling in Malay exams.

Expert learning methods that put students ahead of their peers

A useful mentor to practice Malay with regularly.

Malay home tuition

Services: Malay home tuition, practice Malay, Malay exams, Malay Language Tuition, Malay classes

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 59, Ubi Avenue 1 Bizlink Centre Singapore 408938
Telephone +65 9687 8920
Opening hours 24/7


Coco Tutors Top Malay Tuition Centres in Singapore

Malay Tuition Centre

Coco Tutors

Specialty Many Singaporean students have always faced the difficulty of learning Malay or Tamil as a second language. Learning a new language requires intensive memorization, practice, and hard work to memorize the words and word usage, grammar etc. Students who find out the methods and effective ways to learn Malay, Tamil.

Services: Malay Tuition, word usage, grammar, Malay as a second language, Malay writing, answering Malay comprehension

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 88 Dawson Rd, #43-43, Singapore 142088
Telephone +65-9177 9055
Opening hours 24/7


Tutor Bee Top Malay Tuition Centres in Singapore

Malay Tuition Centre


Specialty TutorBee was founded in 2008 to offer home and group tuition services to students. They are a leading agency in Singapore with over 11,000 tutors in our database. Their team of tuition coordinators will screen, assess, and match you with a suitable home tutor. Their matching criteria matched student needs.

Services: Pre – School Children, Primary School, Secondary School, JC & IP, IB & IGCSE

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address Jurong West Central 1 #01-81 Blk 692, 640692
Telephone +65- 9177 8598
Opening hours 9 am to 10 pm


Ace Tutors Top Malay Tuition Centres in Singapore

Malay Tuition Centre

Ace Tutors

Specialty They love all their customers (parents, students, tutors), and they love their colleagues; for love is all there is. They strive to create win-win situations for everyone, and in our tuition agency business this means providing the most lasting and effective match between students and tutors. Studying tips, learning insights.

Services: Tuition lessons, Malay tuition, online Malay lessons, private Malay tuition, Concept-Driven Learning

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 274A Macpherson Rd Singapore, Singapore S’pore 348599
Telephone +65-6100 2237
Opening hours 24/7
Review 1 My experience with Ace Tutors was seamless, efficient and pleasant! They helped me matched a qualified and wonderful tutor for my child, and was responsive to my questions. Highly recommend Ace Tutors to parents looking for home tutors!
Review 2 Ace Tutors website was user-friendly and after I filled up my particulars, I received a callback almost immediately from Jessica. She was very friendly and was able to help me find a qualified tutor in a short amount of time.
Review 3 Have been using Ace Tutors for many years for my 3 kids.  Jessica  tution coordinator is very responsive and helpful.  Tutors are good as well. Highly Recommended.👍👍👍


Udemy Top Malay Tuition Centres in Singapore

Malay Tuition Centre


Specialty Malay Adjectives, Grammar & Vocabulary. Express Yourself in Malay Effortlessly and Flawlessly with Adjectives. Articulate Yourself Clearly with the Many Ways to Describe the Same Object/Person. Express your Descriptions Effortlessly, Make Comparisons and State the Intensity of Your Description. All the Easy and More Complex Grammatical Rules. Malay Refresher Course.

Services: Malay Adjectives, Grammar, Vocabulary, Grammatical Rules, Malay Refresher Course

Pricing Request a quotation: [email protected]
Address 408 North Bridge Rd, #02-01, Singapore 188725
Email +65-6635 8116
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm


The Demand for Malay Tuition in Singapore

Many are aware within Singapore that Malay is formally the national language.

It remains broadly spoken within Southeast Asian nations inclusive of Indonesia, Malaysia, or Brunei.

Suppose that you take some business travels to Indonesia for business, working purposes, imagine how much better, more convenient communication would be, suppose you were able to converse with clients speaking fluent Malay?

These are not the sole, exclusive benefits of studying Malay language.

Studying Malay provides many with the chance to converse well with no language barriers or allows an appreciation of Malay culture and heritage with the ASEAN region.

As English has dominated in use, is used widely for most conversing, now it turns exceedingly difficult for parents to help kids to study Malay language.

Still, standards of Malay language assessment have grown more advanced, while parents often are occupied with working or seeing to overlooking household duties, thus leaving little time to coach kids with their studies.

Often for Malay classes within schools, your kid gets trained within a large class of 20-30 students.

This may cut the time, attention you could potentially receive from the busy form teacher, particularly in the teaching of reading, in comparison to 1 to 1 coaching.

School teachers often hand out many Malay homework tasks for students to undertake.

Most Malay students deem these hard to complete on their own. In the case homework is graded, returned, students could be unaware of mistakes unless they get tuition guidance.

Many Malay tutors may identify weak, underperforming aspects of your kids learning, clarify difficult concepts well to your kid.

Such may then facilitate clear and complete grasp of the Malay language taken in overall context, assist your kid to enhance their writing, comprehension, or reading skills.

With most lessons getting delivered in English, Malay language is less regularly spoken, used.

Due to this, your kid may not gain proficiency in using Malay.

With Malay coaching, your kid may get more chances to converse, practice or speak in Malay.

Each language from any nation is tied to the lineage of each culture.

Registering to get Malay tutoring may not simply let a Malay tutor assist kids in learning Malay, this could assist one to grasp the culture & develop your comprehension of vast reserves of Malay vocabulary as well.

Supposing you are studying Malay in school settings, or just seeking to take up Malay just for conversational purposes, you could hire tutors, and tuition centres will assist you to locate the best suited Malay tutor for studying Malay language in the comfort of your home.

Malays that now live within Singapore have the option to select their mother tongue, like many Chinese, and Indian kids. Many of Malay students opt for their native language as their designated mother tongue.

While Malays in Singapore remain a minority, kids’ gradual mastery of Malay should not be overlooked.

From Singapore there are rising numbers of people speaking in English, from home, work, schools, the medium of training remains English, so no matter where one proceeds, most can comprehend English.

Within these conditions, it does not surprise that many gradually start losing grounding in their mother tongue.

It remains a struggle for parents to tutor kids in Malay, with the standard of Malay language getting higher, and parents remain very busy with work or looking after their kids, thus the need arises to engage private Malay tutoring.

Certified Malay Tutors in Singapore

Most Malay parents find it a struggle to get kids interested in the Malay language.

More proven methods of scoring in Malay tests are the hiring of private Malay tutors from reliable tuition centres.

A seasoned Malay home tutor might get down to designing good lesson plans to match the kid’s needs or push towards enhancing your child’s fluency in the Malay language proficiency.

Still, it remains rather difficult to locate a well suited, certified Malay tutor from Singapore.

Low-cost Malay Tuition Rates within Singapore

Tuition Level Part-Time Tutors Full-Time Tutors Ex/Current MOE Tutors
Pre-School $20 – $25 $25 – $35 $45 – $60
Lower Primary $20 – $25 $30 – $40 $45 – $60
Upper Primary $20 – $35 $30 – $50 $50 – $70
Lower Secondary $25 – $35 $35 – $45 $50 – $70
Upper Secondary $25 – $35 $40 – $55 $65 – $80
Junior College $45 – $65 $60 – $80 $85 – $120
International School $30 – $70 $40 – $70 $70 – $90
Adult Language $35 – $45 $50 – $60
University $60 – $70 $80 – $120


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