Top Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore

Top Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore

How Malay Food Originated?

Located between Malaysia and Indonesia, Singaporean Malay food draws inspiration from the food of the neighbouring Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Java, and the Riau Islands.

Though Malay dishes have imprints of regional influence, it is usually altered to cater to local tastes, context and thus are distinct from their counterparts in neighboring countries.

Located between Malaysia and Indonesia, Singaporean Malay food draws inspiration from the food of the neighbouring Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Java, and the Riau Islands.

Malay Food

Though Malay dishes have imprints of regional influence, it is usually altered to cater to local tastes, context and thus are distinct from their counterparts in neighboring countries.

Therefore, Singaporean Malay food has a distinct flavor despite bearing traces, imprints of regional influence, particularly from Minangkabau and Javanese food.

Roti Prata is a Malay local favorite. Roti prata is a fried flatbread that is cooked over a flat grilling pan.

It is prepared by flipping the dough into a large thin layer before folding the outside edges inwards.

Dendeng is an intricately carved dried meat. Dendeng is preserved with a mixture of sugar and spices and dried via frying. It distinctly shows Minangkabau-influences.

Other Malay dishes in Singapore, include assam pedas, bakso, curry puff, gulai daun ubi, Katong laksa, ketupat, lemak siput, mee siam, mee goreng, naan, nasi biryani, nasi goreng, nasi padang, rojak bandung, roti john, sambal stingray, satay, satay bee hoon, soto and sup tulang.


Nasi Lemak

A signature Malay dish, nasi lemak is a Singaporean staple. A dish of coconut flavoured rice, with boiled egg, fried peanuts, anchovies and a spicy shrimp-based sauce on the side, you will find this dish sold at upscale restaurants for a steep price and even as hawkers sell it for as low as $2.50. It is a local favourite.
A local delight, satay is essentially chunks/portions of meat on skewers marinated overnight before being barbecued over a charcoal fire and served. The marinade used consists of lemongrass, turmeric, coriander, shallots, garlic and chilli, as well as some honey to season the meat.


Assam Laksa

A delectable dish of thick, juicy glass noodles drenched in a sour and spicy broth made by stewing mackerel flakes, tamarind juice, chilli, mint leaves, lemongrass, onions and pineapples, Assam laksa certainly stands out, even if you do not like spicy food.

Although it is rather spicy, the tender flavours of the translucent broth along with the thick, bouncy noodles (including the usual sweet shrimp paste, added to the soup), is a hearty, delectable dish.


Roti Jala

A blend of noodles and pastry, roti Jala is a yellow net-like crepe, made from rice flour, with an almost gelatine consistency. It resembles lace, is often served as an alternative to rice, and is highly sought after during festive seasons.

Warmed on a steaming griddle, the square-shaped crepe comes with a range of side servings, from a customary thick and savoury chicken curry with potatoes, or chicken and beef rendang, or spicy Indian-style dry mutton squares, or even chicken kurma (slightly spicy yoghurt-based curry).

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Mee rubus

Alternatively named “mee jawa”, this dish of thick yellow noodles drenched in thick, sweet and slightly spicy beef stock gravy is local delight. While not strongly flavoured, the translucent brown gravy blends flavours of all ingredients, including slices of tofu, sweet potatoes, bean sprouts, half of a boiled egg, fried onions, chilli slices, and roasted peanuts.


Nasi Kerabu

While the blue-tinged rice surprises, this colouring does not detract from taste. To derive its distinct blue tinge, the rice is mixed together with blue pea flour, while lemongrass, kaffir leaves and salt gives it its distinct taste.

Including dishes of mackerel flakes and grated coconut, turmeric-battered fried fish or beef, coconut sauce, salted egg, and prawn crackers, it is a yummy, delectable local delight.


Nasi Goreng Kampung
Nasi goreng kampung is a Malay delight; a fried rice dish with the usual eggs mixed with rice, including vegetables such as water spinach, diced long beans and onions, with crunchy fried anchovies, delicious chunks of chicken and shallots.


Top Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore 1

Otak is a type of fish cake made of steamed seafood mousse within a rectangular-shaped covering of woven banana leaves, otak otak is an important part of Malay culture.

Comprising Spanish mackerel fish fillets and kaduk leaves, mixed together with spices such as lemongrass, galangal and turmeric, the steamed Otak has an almost jelly like, smooth rubbery texture.


Nasi Padang

Originating from Kelantan, Nasi Padang basically consists of white rice, with your selection of meat and vegetable side dishes.

Usually served buffet-style, you will be presented with a plate of white rice and then are free to make your selection of side dishes, which includes beef rendang, mutton rendang, curry chicken, curry squid and fried fish.

Finish off by topping the rice with various curries, which results in an unbelievably delicious meal.

About Malay Restaurants in Singapore:

With robust flavours, aromas from the generous use of spices and herbs and chilli – this is the allure of Malay food.

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With dishes originating from the Malay Archipelago, Malay food is tasty, wonderful as a local delight, very spicy and rich in flavour. Rendang, lemak chili padi, sambal goreng, mee rebus, mee siam are terrific, tasty local delights.

Trends in Malay Restaurants in Singapore:

Nasi Padang is a popular local rice dish. It is also a popular lunch option because you get everything in a single serving on a plate.

Singapore abounds with Nasi Padang joints for those craving rice with yummy curry, rendang sides, topped with sambal and belacan.

Roti Prata, nasi lemak, satay are also local favourites and universally enjoyed by Singaporeans of all walks, ages.

Sample costs of Malay Restaurants in Singapore:

Nasi Padang at Hjh Maimunah typically costs $6.50 to $12 with vegetables, meat and rice, depending on the number of side dishes ordered.

Roti Prata typically costs $1.50 per piece. Nasi Lemak can range from $1.80 at hawker stores to $10 at restaurants.

Satay comes at $10-12 for 10 sticks at hawker stalls.

Benefits of Malay Restaurants in Singapore

Distinguished by a wide range of spices, seasonings—best represented by spicy pastes like rempah and sambal—Malay food exhibits influences from different parts of Malaysia and Indonesia and is usually slow-cooked over low heat.

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The Malay community is fond of richly flavouring their rice and noodle dishes, as well as deep frying their snacks—a technique unique to Southern China and the Mediterranean—while their desserts are made using sweet syrups, coconut milk and gula melaka (palm sugar).

Singapore as a multicultural nation universally loves their Nasi Lemak, sambal, Roti Prata, satay and Nasi Padang as it is bursting with flavour, seasoning, spice.

Pappa Rich Top Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore

Malay Restaurant


Specialty They bring you the best of Malaysian delights with over 160 items on their menu. PappaRich, a chain restaurant offering authentic Malaysian hawker fare, is hawker fare served with style. Combining hawker culture of Malaysia warm, friendly service, they’ve clinched the Top Brand award in Influential Brands Asian Cafe category.

Menu: Nasi Lemak, Rendang, Assam Laksa, Satay, Otak Otak

Pricing $6.30 to $18.90 per dish
Address 3 Temasek Boulevard, #02-386 Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983
Telephone +65 6532 3323
Operating Hours Monday to Thurs 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Friday to Sunday 10.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.
Client Ma. Alona Loma, Uber Zizi, Peter Rand, Jass Chiang, Yee Chen Lim
Review “Customer service is commendable here in PappaRich. We tried availing their treat for Nurses and we were surprise by the way they accommodate us. The staff were so friendly and made treat us like paying customers. We felt special because of their treatment. More so, they gave us good food and ample serving of three courses. First time in PappaRich but was amazes by their service. If you want to eat local food, try PappaRich at Suntec. Thank you PappaRich for the good food!!!” –Ma. Alona Loma


Indo Chili Top Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore

Malay Restaurant


Specialty At IndoChili, they introduce you to Indonesian cuisines’ heritage. Using traditional Indonesian recipes and seasoned by fresh spices, they believe their food is an exquisite offering that is delectable, exquisite, delighting your taste buds. They are proud to have processed their spices and pastes from scratch fresh ingredients, excluding MSG.

Menu: Soto ayam, Nasi goreng, beef rendang, tahu goreng, Nasi kuning

Pricing $4.80 to $18 per dish
Address 54 Zion Road Singapore 247779
Telephone  +65-6445 1766
Operating Hours 11.30 am to 9.30pm
Client Toh Bee Leng, Ben Cho, Alba Tsao, Tanna Cheng, Seruan B Muham
Review “Authentic Indonesian food. The dishes have a complexity of taste which I enjoy. The spices enhanced my dining experience. My favourite dish was Gado Gado. The sauce was creamy and the ingredients fresh. The only gripe is the dishes were lukewarm. I would prefer the food warmer. The food was served quickly. Attentive and warm service. The decor was nice and comfortable. The Balinese music added to the ambience. It was not too crowded. I paid $97 for 5 dishes, 3 plates of rice and 3 drinks.”–Toh Bee Leng


Ayam Penyet Top Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore

Malay Restaurant

Ayam Penyet President

Specialty The difference is a slightly stronger flavoured tempeh with a firmer bite, and a softer, fresher tau kwa, crispier batter bits and more vegetable offerings. Ayam penyet is actually an Indonesian dish consisting of fried chicken, sambals, cucumber, fried tofu and tempeh. The quality of food is consistent, incredibly good.

Menu: Ayam Penyet, ikan bakar, ikan joget, empal bakar, ikan pesmol

Pricing $7.20 to $9.40 per dish
Address Lucky Plaza #03-36/37
Telephone +65-67351262
Operating Hours 11.30 am to 9.30am
Client Lynn Gwynie, Teck Keng Poh,Abdul Jabbar Kachi, Philip Sim, Nurul Norman
Review “One of the more authentic Indonesian food in Singapore. Portion is generous and the chicken is soft. However, it has gotten pricey similar to normal restaurant food. Love the grilled chicken and the sweet sauce. The yellow fragrant rice was not bad either. The place is spacious, hence most of the time there will be available seats.” –Lynn Gwynie


GD Group Top Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore

Malay Restaurant

Penang Culture

Specialty Penang Culture will be introducing lobster Nasi Lemak. Other dishes include Sambal Udang, Sambal Telur,Beef Rendang, Fried Chicken Thigh, Penang Archar, Ikan Billis, Rojak, Assam Laksa, Penang Otah, Mee Goreng, Nasi Lemak, Assam Curry Fish head, belacan fried rice, Fried Kway Teow, salmon Assam Laksa, Lobster and Scallop Noodles, Fire Wings.

Menu: Nasi Lemak, Beef Rendang, Penang Otah, Assam Laksa, Sambal Telur

Pricing $5 to $24.50 per dish
Address Vivocity #B2-23E 1 HarbourFront Walk Singapore 098585
Telephone +65-6962 7172
Operating Hours 11 a.m. to 10 p.m
Client wendy khng, Andrew Chong, Soong Ji Young, Jean Wee, Amos Lam
Review “Serving snacks upon sitting down and people are very friendly on top of the splendid food” –haznor21


Hjh Maimunah Top Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore

Malay Restaurant

Hjh Maimunah Restaurant

Specialty Hjh Maimunah Restaurant & Catering Pte Ltd, is a name familiar in relation to traditional, Kampung-styled cuisine. Their Signature Dishes include the delectable and Juicy Sundanese Grilled Chicken, the tempting Lemak Siput and the wide varieties of barbecued fish. Also, dishes like Sambal Goreng, Tahu Telur, Beef Rendang, Oxtail Soup.

Menu: Beef Rendang, Mee Bakso, Nasi Sambal Goreng, Nasi Lemak, Sambal Goreng

Pricing $10 – $15 per person
Address 20 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427357
Telephone +65- 6291 3132
Operating Hours 9am to 5pm
Client Zakariah Saat, Hake S, John Tango, Wilfred Loy, Jarol Lao
Review “The Kueh and the bubur desert for our Tea Time was really awesome.
The staff are very warm, and very helpful.
We love to dine at this place.” –Zakariah Saat


Bijan Top Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore

Malay Restaurant

Bijan Restaurant

Specialty Bijan is a Malay word for sesame seed. Their vision is to lead the F & B industry by providing superior high food quality, service and value. They persevere to have passion for quality, meeting the needs, exceed expectations, winning through teamwork, sharing success and persevere, provide great service, food.

Menu: Beef rendang, Prawn masala, Acar Timun, bubur hitam, Sambal goreng

Pricing $4.50 to $28.90 per dish
Address 511 Guillemard Rd, #B1-02, Singapore 399849
+65- 8339 4748
Operating Hours 11.30 am to 10.30pm
Client Alex Soo, Farhan Yan, RaFFi Hamid, Hakim J, Daphane Yeo
Review “Love the chicken satay. Big stick of chicken and the meat is soft and tender. The beef is also good. Also the sago and chendol dessert.” –Alex Soo


Indo Cafe Top Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore

Malay Restaurant

Indocafe the White House

Specialty Amidst homely atmospheres, they invite you to pamper yourself with a spread of authentic Peranakan cuisine, inspired by the exotic flavours of the spice-rich straits regions for your epicurean pleasure. Experience a cosy, relaxed ambiance perfect for intimate gatherings and business meetings. They provide their guests with impressive events catering.

Menu: Otah, Beef Rendang, Sambal Sotong, Assam Laksa, pulut hitam

Pricing $4 to $48 per dish
Address 35 Scotts Road, Singapore 228227
Telephone +65 6733 2656
Operating Hours 12–2:30pm, 6–10pm
Client Alicia Roxanne, P Chong, Hua Mulan, Ai Sian, V C
Review “Very pleasant and heartwarming experience eating here.. the wagyu rendang was amazing! Shout out to Gabriel for his outstanding service :-)” –Alicia Roxanne


Uptown Top Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore

Malay Restaurant

Uptown Malaysian Nasi Lemak

Specialty Uptown Nasi Lemak is founded by two Malaysian childhood buddies. Growing up in suburban Petaling Jaya was a blessing as it is a food paradise known for many Malaysian hawker specialties like nasi lemak. Uptown Nasi Lemak takes inspiration from some of the best Malaysian nasi lemak in Selangor, Malaysia.
Services: Nasi Lemak, Rendang beef, sambal fish, sambal sotong, sambal prawn
Pricing $3.20 to $7.50 per dish
Address 121 Telok Ayer Street #01-01 Stall #7  Singapore 068590
Telephone +65 9845 3537
Operating Hours 10 am to 2.30pm
Review “Order literally everything from the menu to try. Overall review is that the rice is not as fragrance as expected. But the rest (e.g chicken and chilli) were great.

What’s worth ordering? Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah. Chicken was well marinated and accompanied well with their chilli (very good), ikan bili (very crispy and unlike the others, not hard – very good) and acah (very good). The chicken whole leg may looks dry from the outside but juicy in the inside.

Why 4 stars and not 5? Personnal, I felt that they can improve their coconut rice recipe. And also, we ordered their sambal cuttlefish. It was quite watery and the taste was bland.

The price was reasonable for 3 pax. We ordered 2 full leg nasi lemak, a bowl of rendang and a bowl of sambal cuttlefish at a total cost of 21 dollars.” –Wayne Toh Bun Chin


Paddi Busorah Top Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore

Malay Restaurant


Specialty Their authentic Malay food offering fun and tasty time with your friends, family. They are deeply passionate about everything they do, from serving their customers with a smile to whipping up the best and authentic local Malay dishes that are made with the freshest ingredients. They serve authentic Malay dishes.

Menu: Satay, Nasi Ambeng, beef rendang, sambal fish, nasi goreng

Pricing $2 to $20.90 per dish
Address 53 Bussorah St, Singapore 199469
Telephone +65 6291 3921
Operating Hours 11 am to 10pm
Review “One of the Best dulang food u can get.. They will never disappoint ur u… The service crew is always there when u need them… That a big thumb up for me… And when u order, u don’t have to wait that long…” –Mahathir Md Yusop


The Landmark Top Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore

Malay Restaurant

The Landmark

Specialty The Landmark takes pride in inviting you to one of Singapore’s most sumptuous and diverse Halal Buffet Singapore restaurant. With a wide selection of an awe-inspiring range of cuisines from various palettes across the region, The Landmark makes for a stunning and impeccable dining experience with its lavishly designed interiors.

Menu: Satay, Beef Rendang, Nasi Lemak, fish head curry, kuih

Pricing $41.20 to $47.08 per head
Address 390 Victoria Street, #05-01 Village Hotel Bugis,  Singapore 188061
Telephone (+65) 6299 7786 / (+65) 6299 1512
Operating Hours 12 pm to 10.30pm
Review The food is delicious and wide spread. Overall it was a good dining experience and I would recommend it to others because it is worth the money. Will definitely visit again.”–Nguyễn Việt Trung 1992


My Spice Affair Top Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore

Malay Restaurant

The Spice Affair

Specialty At MSA (My Spice Affair), they strive to provide quality halal foods for everyone! They are MUIS Halal certified. Their authentic Malacca recipes are prepared using self-made pastes from wide variety of spices and we only serve dishes made with quality ingredients. Nasi Padang Restaurant, Nasi Ambeng Café.

Menu: Nasi Ambeng, Nasi Padang, Lontong, Penyet chicken, Nasi Lemak

Pricing $3.50 to $64 per dish
Address 12 Kallang Ave, Aperia #02-11. S339511
Telephone +65-8424 2182
Operating Hours 10 am to 9pm
Review “Yummy and spicy. My photo should explain how the portion is. That is worth $7.80 of Nasi Ambeng for one pax to eat and enjoy. They also have other dishes too. Visit them at level 2 Aperia Mall.” –Azri Sabari


Hajjah Mariam Top Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore

Malay Restaurant

Hajjah Mariam Cafe

Specialty Nasi Ambeng is a fragrant rice dish consisting of white rice prepared with meat, vegetables, fried coconut flesh, Sambal Goreng as well as other dishes, best eaten with your hands. With Hajjah Mariam Café, you can savour this unique dish and many more mouth-watering local cuisine any time every time.

Menu: Nasi Ambeng, mee rubus, mee soto, sambal goreng, Nasi Lemak

Pricing $4.50 to $8 per dish
Address 3 Gateway Drive, #B2-08 Westgate Shopping Mall, Singapore 608532
Telephone +65-9062 0041
Operating Hours 10 am to 9pm
Client Haz Izian,K,Gabe Merck,Taufiq Rashid, Jumaat Bin Aman
Review  “A well known place for Nasi Ambeng sets,either for eating-in or takeaways.” –Jumaat Bin Aman


Kampong Group Top Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore

Malay Restaurant

Kampong Group

Specialty Kampong Group was incorporated 6 July 2009 to manage Aziz Dream – a Roti Prata stall in Toa Payoh. The Founder wanted to help his personal driver realise his dream of running a Roti Prata stall. The Group expanded its range of cuisines to include Malay, Indian and Chinese style cooking.

Menu: Fried lala, satay, Roti Prata,lala beehoon, sotong

Pricing $3 to $65 per dish
Address 81 Tagore Ln, #01-10 Tag.A, Singapore 787502 Singapore,
Telephone +65-6100 1629
Operating Hours 10.30am to 9pm
Client Abdul Jalil, Julian Chow, Jimmy Ng, Anthony Lee, S C
Review  “Hi, We had chance the 1st time for delivery order from Kampong Cafe. We had a good dinner. We ordered Slice Fish in Thai Sauce & Hot Plate Tofu, with rice. The food was delivered on time hot and good. Thank you Kampong Cafe & Grab for filling our hunger on time with deliciously cooked dish. We will definitely make the next order.” –Abdul Jalil


Nusantara Top Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore

Malay Restaurant

Nusantara Cuisine

Specialty Nusantara Cuisine 100% Muslim-owned has been in Nasi Padang business for over 36 years. They are located at Telok Ayer Street. They also do catering. Nasi Lemak and bean sprouts for only $5 – value for money. Thursday is Nasi Ambeng day. The Malay food is presented nicely, not expensive.

Menu: Nasi Lemak, Nasi Ambeng, Nasi Goreng, Nasi briyani, bean sprouts

Pricing $5 per dish
Address 171 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068621
Telephone +65 6423 0253
Operating Hours 7am to 4pm
Clients W.M. Liew, Syafiq Shah, Sharifah Othman, Zee Mcvey, Godfrey
Review “Authentic malay food in the bustling street of Telok Ayer!” –Syafiq Shah


Pu3 Restaurant Top Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore

Malay Restaurant

Pu3 Restaurant

Specialty Known for its Nasi Ambeng. Nasi Ambeng is very much like Nasi Padang except most of the dishes are pre-selected. You can either have a choice of chicken or beef for your main meat dish. Highlights are beef rendang, serunding (coconut floss), tempeh (fermented soy bean in a cake form).

Menu: Nasi Ambeng, Nasi Padang, Beef rendang, serunding, bergedil

Pricing $1 to $9.80 per dish
Address 111 Somerset Rd, #02-20 TripleOne Somerset, Singapore 238164
Telephone +65 9272 0034
Operating Hours 10 am to 9pm
Clients Erwan Ibrahim, Keng Hian Lim, Ryan YTH, Ben N, Aileen C
Review “Great place to get your Malay/Indo food fix in town with air-conditioning. Nice bunch of people serving great food and drinks.
You’ll leave with a happy belly and will come back for more 😆” –Erwan Ibrahim


Khong Guan Top Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore

Malay Restaurant

Khong Guan Restaurant

Specialty It serves great Nasi Padang. The chicken set nasi lemak is $3 each. It has the smallest epok epok. Tucked away in a corner of Queenstown is this hidden gem. $6.50 for a platter of savoury mutton rendang, fried beef lung, cubes of eggplant & the always tasty egg omelette.

Menu: Nasi Padang, epok epok, mutton rendang, beef rendang, nasi lemak

Pricing $3 to $7 per plate
Address 49 Stirling Road, Singapore 141049
Telephone +65 6475 9333
Operating Hours 24/7
Client CK Chim, Benny Chong, Victoria Koh, Julian Tay, TB Foo
Review “A tiny coffee shop under a HDB block. It is very cramped with little room for social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This kopitiam has only one food stall (Jawa Corner) selling lontong, mee rebus, mee siam, mee soto, nasi lemak, curry puffs etc.

There is also a drink stall that offers the typical fare of coffee, eggs and toasts.” –CK Chim


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Warong Nasi Top Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore

Malay Restaurant

Warong Nasi Pariaman

Specialty A nasi padang restaurant that is popular with the locals and tourists. The food ordered is great. The rendang, kuah lemak, sambal goreng and grilled chicken is fantastic. They have great Nasi Padang – local Malay food. Beef Rendang ,Sambal Goreng, Eggplant with Sambal, Toufu with Long Beans are highlights.

Menu: Nasi Padang, sambal goreng, Beef rendang, nasi lemak, eggplant with sambal

Pricing $16.60 for 2
Address 738 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198706
Telephone +65- 6292 5898
Operating Hours 7am to 4pm
Client brenda Hsien, M W, Min, Matthew Chong, Alfie Ali
Review Tasty tasty and tasty. Cheap cheap and cheap. A place full of locals so you know it’s good. –brenda Hsien


Coba coba Top Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore

Malay Restaurant

Coba Coba

Specialty In a father and son’s bid to pay homage to their background, the idea of Coba Coba (Bahasa Indonesia:try try) was conceptualised. Established in 2014, they bring traditional Indonesian food to others. They specialised in old-school Nasi Ambeng, Nasi Padang. Signature dishes: tahu telur, lemak siput sedut, sotong sumbat.

Menu: tahu telur, lemak siput sedut, sotong sumbat, Nasi Ambeng, Nasi Padang

Pricing $4.50 to $63.90 per dish
Address 156 Yishun Street 11 #01-106 Singapore 760156
Telephone +65 6382 2622
Operating Hours 8am to 9pm
  • Mohd Radzi
  • Ashraf Shah
  • Tee Andy
  • Raudhah r.
  • Elfi Ghani
Review  “Heard so many good things about this place. So I went to check the place for myself. The place is cosy and you can feel the 60s era ambience with all my the beautiful antiques display around the restaurant. Foods are fabulous and tasty. Be prepared to queue during the peak hours. Happy dining. Cheers.” –Mohd Radz


Kampong Glam Cafe Top Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore

Malay Restaurant

Kampong Glam Cafe

Specialty  No frills venue, not touristy, and very popular with locals. Well located on a street corner and ideal for a break during shopping. Good, genuine local food and drinks, fast and friendly service. Delicious food. Strategic location. Halal food. The Mee Soto, Nasi Lemak, Nasi Goreng Kampung. is reasonable priced.

Menu: Mee Soto, Nasi Lemak, Nasi Goreng, lontong, mee rubus

Pricing $24 for 3
Address 17 Bussorah St, Singapore 199438
Telephone +65 6294 1697
Operating Hours 8am to 2am
  • Kamarulzaman Kamarudin
  • Abbas Hamid
  • Taniah Laah
  • Araa Jahnne
  • Zai Jin
Review “Great food, good portions and awesome price!” –Kamarulzaman Kamarudin


Mufiz Cafe Top Malay Food Restaurants in Singapore

Malay Restaurant

Mufiz Cafe

Specialty Visitors can buy coin prata, Briyani, fried rice, Nasi Lemak etc plus halal meat. There are also cool drinks, different teas. The best part is good value for money. Despite being located by the Serangoon road, opposite to Rochor SMRT station at the ground floor of The Verge shopping mall.

Menu: Roti prata, mee siam, mee rubus, Nasi lemak, sambal prawn

Pricing $3- $10 per dish
Address 2 Serangoon Road The Verge | Ground floor of The Verge building, Opposite to Village Hotel Albert Court., Singapore 218227
Telephone +65 8265 7726
Operating Hours 24/7
  • Mix Mag
  • Koobin Tan
  • Zaw Lwin
  • Cloud
  • mervin sim
Review “Service decent and food is value for money.” –Koobin Tan


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