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Top Magicians in Singapore

What is a magician

A magician is an entertainer and performer who entertain the audience by performing magic tricks, effects or illusions. The stunts performed by a magician usually intrigue the audience and attract their attention to continue watching the show. 

Here are some magicians to consider:

derek magic Top Magicians in Singapore


Derek Magic 

Speciality Kids’ magic shows and close-up magic shows
Telephone +65 9061 0766
Operating Hours Monday to Saturday – Open 24 hours
Review 1 Great with kids. Awesome tricks. Enjoyed the virtual performance very much 🙂

By Sunny Tan

Review 2 Invited Derek for magic show and games hosting on my Son’s 6th Birthday. Throughout the magic show children were so much engaged and there was never a dull moment. My best part will remain when he asked my Son to give tight hug to parents. Games hosting was again TOP notch. Overall experience was very nice.

Thanks Derek.

By Harikrishan Tanwar

Review 3 Thoroughly enjoyed the virtual show. Derek is very talented and kids love him!

By Rabna Umair


jelly bean party Top Magicians in Singapore


Jellybean Party

Address 300 Tiong Bahru Road, Singapore 168731
Telephone +65 9230 5911
Operating Hours Mon – Fri 10:00am – 6:00pm (By Appointment Only)
Review 1 The magician delighted kids and parents alike. The performance was not too short, not too long. Jokes were funny and appropriate. The birthday boy still speaks fondly of the show.

By Andres Luco

Review 2 The talent was skilled, knew how to engage kids and brought great fun to the party. The kids loved Jasper and Winnie the Bear. I (as an adult) loved and was amazed by the card drawing trick. Customer service is very responsive. Thank you.

By Kaelyn Trinh

Review 3 Our kids and family were so impressed by the amazing magic show! Children were so engaged by the professional magician!

By Nina Liu


experience magic Top Magicians in Singapore


Experience Magic

Speciality Close-up magician performances
Address 100 Tiong Bahru Road
Telephone +65 9846 9815
Operating Hours Monday – Friday
10:00am -6:00pm
Review 1 Thank you very much for bringing such a wonderful addition to the evening. Your act was very much a favoured part of what the party offered. We have had quite a number of great reviews from our guests!

By Hilda and Alan

Review 2 We engaged the magician for our member private party and I am sure everyone had a wonderful time with Jasper. We will definitely work with you in future! 

By Felicia Heng

Review 3 asper was professional, pleasant and most of all, very entertaining. He improvised his repertoire to suit the crowd which was majority adults. Everyone, young and old, at the party was very impressed with Jasper’s performance and enquired where I had engaged the service from.

Highly Recommended and Kudos to Jasper! Cheers 

By Desiree Klyne


tricky patrick Top Magicians in Singapore


Tricky Patrick

Speciality Comedy magic show
Address 201 Hougang Street 21, #04-11, Singapore 530201
Telephone +65 9846 6609
Operating Hours Open 24 hours


joeyu Top Magicians in Singapore


Magic Joe Yu

Speciality Animal magic act, Broadway-like shows
Telephone +65 9769 5857
Operating Hours Open 24 hours
Review 1 Joe gave us a wonderful magic show. It was entertaining, enjoyable for the whole family, and my 7 year old and her friends had a great time! They were thrilled with the bunny, and enthralled with the magic show. Joe also taught them a simple magic trick, which was a bonus. They have been practising it ever since! 🙂 Joe was professional, approachable, and flexible.
Highly recommended.By Elaine Yeo
Review 2
Joe has been doing birthday parties for my three children for more than ten years now! He never disappoints! When you hire Joe, you know that your party is going to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Thank you, Joe!
By Heejin Chung
Review 3 An amazing experience. Joe is very good at creating a fun atmosphere and is excellent in interacting with audience. The magic tricks especially the pigeons and rabbit tricks are breathtaking. Would highly recommend

By Joshur Ang


magic of markson Top Magicians in Singapore


The Magic of Markson

Speciality Party events and services, Special magic show packages, Carnival equipment rental and food stalls.
Address 520 Miltonia Close, Singapore 768122
+65 9369 4164
Operating Hours Open 24 hours
Review 1 Highly recommend. Because Markson is not only superb in customer service, yet being very supportive during this unpredictable pandemic situation. Despite only 2 kids around, he still did an engaging and awesome show! Will engage again, looking forward to next magical moment

By Yee Siew

Review 2 Excellent service and magic show =) Highly recommended!

By Karine Kwek

Review 3
Both our kids and adults had a great time. We really liked how Markson has captured the audience and made the show such breathtaking and full of laughter! Thank you Markson for giving us such a wonderful time!
By Lily Yuan


party empire Top Magicians in Singapore


Party Empire

Speciality Complete end-to-end birthday party solution
Address 300 Tiong Bahru Rd, Singapore 168731
Telephone +65 9846 9815
Operating Hours Weekdays: 10am–6pm


true vines kid magic Top Magicians in Singapore


True Vine Kids Magic

Address 6 Ubi Road 1, Wintech Centre
#05-07 S408726
Telephone +65 9234 6300
Operating Hours Open 24 hours
Review 1 My family, both young and old, enjoyed the 30-min close-up magic performance very much! We were wowed by the professionalism and not only were the kids impressed by each and every trick, but the adults were also left in awe too as we wondered “How did that happen?!”. Thanks for the entertaining performance, Ian, and for being so friendly and nice too! Love that you are bilingual and spoke in Mandarin to my in-laws so that they can enjoy the magic show thoroughly too. Will definitely recommend True Vine Kids Magic to our friends and family for their parties!

By Summer Goh

Review 2 my kids LOVED their online magic shows. it was entertaining and real fun/ my son still shows the tricks to his schoolmates. great job guys

By Jana Yar

Review 3 The magic conducted through zoom and it’s my son first time attending an online magic show! It’s very engaging & entertaining! Thanks, Ian for bringing the fun & laughter to all the children!

By Debbie Tan


stefan ebinger Top Magicians in Singapore


Stefane Binger

Speciality Mind Stunts
Address 20 Maxwell Road #09-17
Maxwell House
Singapore 069113
Telephone  +65 8188 2717
Operating Hours Monday – Friday: 8am–8pm
Saturday: 10pm–12am
Sunday: 12am–3pm


kids party Top Magicians in Singapore


Mr Bottle’s Kids Party

Speciality Signature magic performances, Customised magic shows
Address 59 Ubi Avenue 1 #05-10 Singapore 408938
Telephone +65 6515 5921 / 97397503
Operating Hours Weekdays: 9am–6pm
Review 1
Such a memorable and interesting magic workshop conducted by Mr Bottles today! A very experienced and well versed magician, my children found time moving too fast and short to want to learn more….it’s such a good workshop that I will ask Mr Bottle to conduct more over the June Holidays! Thank you for making their birthday such a memorable one! Cheers!
By Pauline Ching
Review 2 We had our 1st experience of an online science birthday party hosted by Kien (Professor Messy) during the circuit breaker period. The kids enjoyed the online session, doing their home versions of lava lamp and bubbles and especially the informative live science show. All necessary materials and information were provided in advance of the party for a fuss free experience, really easy for us! It was a great way to keep a birthday child and her guests happy during a period where movements were limited and doing a birthday celebration was going to be tricky. Highly recommended!

By Yuet Leng Wong

Review 3 Kien was great from the start. Giving great advice and was very patient with my queries. The science show was really interesting and the kids were amazed. The workshop was also great as the children had hands-on experience to make slime. Definitely an alternative experience for the children. Thumbs up!

By Tow Pin Yeow


hongwei Top Magicians in Singapore


Creative Magic Inc

Address Blk 173 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh Singapore 310173
Telephone +65 6353 1615
Operating Hours Open 24 hours
Review 1 A great thanks to Hong Wei’s magic show! Really inspired by this young man with his passion and dedication towards his magic shows and most importantly bringing joy to those around him. Keep it up!

By Jaexus Chik

Review 2 It was a good experience. The magician was very entertaining and Kids enjoyed a lot. Recommended for those looking for party shows

By Rashi Srivastava

Review 3 Sincere young guy who will go all way out to make sure event is successful! He planned and informed everything he needed to make sure all comms and logistics are ready before event so there will not be any hiccups. Thank you magicman Hongwei for bringing so much fun and amusement at my boy’s school birthday celebration and making him Feel like the star of the day!

By Enling Leong


mr egg magic Top Magicians in Singapore


Mr Egg Magic 

Address 1 Sunview Rd, #08-07 Eco tech, Singapore 627615
Telephone +65 9790 0399
Operating Hours Open 24 hours
Very entertaining magician. My kids love his shows! Very humble and a person with a big heart for the kids….. In a time of pandemic like this, he goes out of his way to do free virtual magic shows for kids, just so to bring joy to the kids and a short relief for caregivers, shows a lot about his character. Thumbs up & highly recommended! 🙂
By Jess Tan
Review 2 Hired Mr Egg for my two girls party. He was so spontaneous to accommodate my request to put up a short act at my door step, just to surprise my two girls for his appearance. Yes it was totally successful! My girls with their friends were totally amused and had so much fun laughing at his jokes! Not just the younger ones finds him entertaining, even the older kids and we as parents had a memorable day! Thank you Mr Egg for charging us at an affordable price during this Covid period. You’re one awesome magician!

By Karen Koh

Review 3 Not only my boy likes his virtual magic shows during this pandemic, me too! Thumbs up for lifting our spirits in this time! You rock!!! Would look for you to perform in my boy’s next birthday party! Keep going!!!

By Jennifer Chew


magician of singapore Top Magicians in Singapore


Magicians of Singapore

Address 158 Kallang Way, Singapore 349245
Telephone +65 9745 9753
Operating Hours Daily: 9 AM to 11 PM


emagical moment Top Magicians in Singapore


E Magical Moment

Address Anson Rd, Singapore 079903
Telephone +65 8235 1615
Operating Hours Daily: 9 AM to 9 PM
Review 1 Great services by e magical and team. We bump into their website while researching online, decided to book them, it was easy and professional. Book the magic show package with glitter tattoo, was an amazing show. Kids and adults love the magic and tattoo. Thumbs up! Will recommend E magical moment.

By Julianna Lim

Review 2 Thank you for the great service from E Magical Moment. Our family and guests truly enjoy the entertainment provided by you, the magic show, balloon sculpting was awesome! Thank you so much.

By Christina Lee

Review 3 I have been using E Magical Moment for the last 2 years. I have used the face painting and well as the Magic show. Both have been very well organised organised. They really know how to engage with children. I would definitely recommend that you use their services.

By Karan Singh


jack seet Top Magicians in Singapore


Jack Seet

  • Close-up roving magic
  • Interactive stage magic
  • Roving digital magic
Telephone +65 9066 5546


What does a magician do 

A magician’s primary job is to perform magic tricks for the audience. A magician’s technique should be practised many times before the actual performance to ensure that the performance goes smoothly. A magician will incorporate visual, auditory, and sensory illusions in their tricks to draw the audience’s attention. 

Where does a magician perform

A magician can perform anywhere as magicians usually do not need much space to set up their equipment. Magicians can perform at birthday parties, weddings, restaurants, corporate events, nightclubs, and even television programmes. 

Types of magician 


Illusion magicians usually perform large scale magic on stage. They typically have large equipment such as boxes, smoke and mirrors. Assistants also accompany illusion magicians. 


A manipulator magician does not manipulate people. Instead, the magician manipulates playing cards using cardistry, which is the performance of card flourishing. While magicians who practice card tricks strive to appear clumsy, a manipulator magician openly displays his technical skill. 


A mentalist magician practices and performs mentalism, which is the techniques of magic to demonstrate what looks like an extraordinary mental ability. 

Street magicians 

Street magicians, as their name suggests, are often found on the street. The street magician will usually attempt to draw a crowd and perform magic tricks. The street magician will then pass the hat for tips from the audience. 

Escape artist 

A magician who is an escape artist performs tricks that involve escaping from tight ropes, locked chests, and other locations where he is trapped. 

Comedy magician 

A comedy magician’s performance emphasises comedy instead of magic tricks. The goal of the comedy magician is to make people laugh and serves mainly for entertainment purposes. In some performances, the comedy magician will perform a failed performance on purpose. 

How to become a magician 

Be an entertainer

A professional and successful magician is an entertainer who knows how to keep the audience engaged. No matter how good you are at performing complicated magic tricks, if you cannot put on a good show that keeps the audience engaged and wanting more, you are not a successful magician. 

Practice on your tricks 

As a magician, perfecting your magic tricks is one of your responsibility. Successful magicians take hours, days, months or even years to practice and perfect their magic tricks. Some magicians may have only a few tricks to perform, but they have spent a long time mastering every trick they learnt. The aim of learning a magic trick should be to master the techniques before moving on to add more tricks to the performance. 

Find your niche 

As you progress in your magician journey and learn more tricks, you will start to realise that you master certain tricks faster while other tricks take you too long to master. You can find your niche by narrowing it down to performing a certain type of tricks and the effects to go along with your performances. Once you have decided on your niche, you can start searching for small gigs at small events, to begin with. 

Be realistic about the time frame 

Becoming a full-time professional magician is not easy. Be prepared to spend years of hard work working towards your magician goals. Becoming a magician is much more than simply mastering and performing magic tricks in front of an audience. It involves the techniques of the tricks, the way you entertainer the audience and how you carry out the magic performance. 

Meet other magicians 

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Going out and meeting other magicians can help you in your magician career. Having a connection with other fellow magicians may help you when you are searching for a new gig. Other magicians can recommend locations to get gigs, introduce you to new tricks, and even share their secrets on how to be a better magician. 

Create your brand 

Branding for yourself is very important, and it helps you get gigs through word of mouth. You will need to be very sure of who you are and what type of magician you want to portray yourself. Do you want to be known for your niche, whether you specialise in card tricks, mind reading or mentalism? Do you want people to know you for your personality? No matter what you choose to represent yourself, be consistent with your branding. Building a brand and a reputation for yourself will take time, but it is worth the work when you go viral one day. 

Why you should hire a magician for your event 

Increase audience engagement 

The top reason why people hire magicians is to increase their guests’ engagement level. Having a magician perform at your event can be a refreshing segment of the event and capture the guests’ attention at your event. Most people will not expect a magic show, so hiring a magician can be a pleasant surprise. 

Customised performances 

Most magicians have a broad skill set. Their skill set allows them to customise their performance to meet your event needs. They can adapt their performance to suit the audience of different age groups, the purpose or theme of the events, and even the goals for the interaction between guests.  

Increase participation 

Having a magician at your event can increase the participation and interaction between your attendees. Magicians can invite attendees to be part of their magic show, allowing them to step out of their comfort zone and interact with people. The magic show can also be a conversation starter between the attendees, which will help break the ice between them. 


Magicians can bring fun and entertainment into our lives on different occasions. They can perform at birthday parties, weddings, and corporate events. Magicians can be an excellent way for people to interact with one another as magic tricks are a perfect conversation starter. However, becoming a professional magician will take years of practice and patience when practicing magic tricks. 

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