Top Machine Learning Service Providers in Singapore

Top Machine Learning Service Providers in SIngapore


 Machine Learning: Concise Definition

Machine learning describes some subsidiary of artificial intelligence which equips IT systems to gain capacities for automatically processing, then performing predictions based on input, captured data.

Predictions could manifest variously – be this zooming in on the phrase “book” within a sentence and connecting it to the semantic association of the booking of a time slot, or a print title, whereas if certain images contain some cat or some dog, machine learning determines instantly whether some email is just spam, or legitimate.

General end goals of machine learning are allowing systems to learn mechanically without human assistance to execute commands that are entered in future.

What Specific Programming Knowledge is needed for Studying ML?

General levels of programming knowledge needed for studying machine learning are based upon desired outcomes for the deployment of machine learning.

Some programming training is generally needed in the event you are seeking to deploy machine learning solutions for addressing practical business issues; on the other hand, in the event you are just seeking to learn the general theory of machine learning, some mathematics or statistics training will suffice.

This is based on the path one seeks to undertake in order to harness the full potential for machine learning.


IBM Top Machine Learning Service Providers in Singapore

Machine Learning Service


Specialty Collaborate across teams, use the top open source tools and scale at the speed your business requires with this leading data science platform. IBM Watson Studio: An on-premises, private, public cloud solution providing collaborative machine-learning platform for teams to explore, model and deploy data solutions, using the top open-source tools.

Services: IBM Watson Studio, IBM Machine Learning for z/OS, IBM SPSS® Modeler, IBM Watson Explorer, Real-time content analytics

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 9 Changi Business Park Central 1 The IBM Place Singapore 486048
Telephone +1800 3172 782
Opening hours 24/7
Review 1 Home of Big Blue
Review 2 IBM, one of the most famous corporations
Review 3 IBM – one of the oldest companies. Best workplace


Near Top Machine Learning Service Providers in Singapore

Machine Learning Service


Specialty Founded in 2012, Near is headquartered in Singapore with offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Bangalore, Tokyo, Sydney. Today, marquee brands such as News Corp, MetLife, The We Company and Mastercard work with Near to provide enhanced customer experiences. The Near Platform powers data-driven marketing, leveraging spatial, retail, audience.

Services: Data-driven marketing, retail data, audience data, spatial data, customer data insights

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address  Centennial Tower, 3 Temasek Avenue #18-01 S039190
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm


Sqreem Top Machine Learning Service Providers in Singapore

Machine Learning Service

SQREEM Technologies

Specialty SQREEM developed large cloud-hosted behavioral data acquisition and analysis capabilities internationally. They map behavioral intent to purchase and target consumers across any channel, in any language, across borders. They built an AI platform able to grasp behavior, context, and logic, at levels of scale and complexity vastly beyond human capability.

Services: Consumer Hagiographic, Lifestyle Patterns Purchase-Journeys, Media Consumption, Purchase Intent, Brand Affinities

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 133 Cecil Street, #15-03 Keck Seng Tower, Singapore 069535
Opening hours 24/7


Evvolabs Top Machine Learning Service Providers in Singapore

Machine Learning Services


Specialty They empower your business with the latest IT capabilities to get you ahead of your competitors. They make you smarter, greener and redefine your work environment and revitalize your business with AI tools and new innovative automation to enhance productivity to complete tasks faster, efficiently to reduce your operational costs.

Services: Machine Learning, Algorithm Developments, Machine Learning Testing, ML Data Services, ML algorithms

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 3 Fraser Street #08-21 Singapore 189352
Telephone +65 6828 1555
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm


Mitrais Top Machine Learning Service Providers in Singapore

Machine Learning Service


Specialty They help global brands develop digital world. Nearshore Software Development Teams for Singapore Companies. Save up to 40% on your development cost. They build managed teams for your needs, perfectly tailored to your business. Since 1991, Mitrais provides software development services and products to business across the Asia Pacific region.

Services: Desktop apps, Mobile apps, Web apps, UX design, DevOps

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 10 Anson Road, #03-05 International Plaza, 079903
Telephone +65- 8311 1374
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm


Oracle Top Machine Learning Service Providers in Singapore

Machine Learning Service

Oracle Singapore

Specialty Traditionally what occurs is people not being able to collaborate. Adding machine learning to Oracle Analytics Cloud helps people organize their work and build, train, and deploy these data models. It is a collaboration tool whose value is in accelerating processes and allowing different parts of the business to collaborate.

Services: Machine learning, deep learning, Image classification, Predictive maintenance, Recommendation engines

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 1 Fusionopolis Place, Level 12, Galaxis Singapore 138522
Telephone +1800 672 2531
Opening hours 8.30 am to 7 pm
Review 1 Great software company
Review 2 Great company
Review 3 A cosy and digital workplace and technology tools for digital selling for cloud solution.


SMU Top Machine Learning Service Providers in Singapore

Machine Learning Service

SMU Academy

Specialty From AI theory to machine learning modelling, this course provides a powerful introduction to and overview of the use of AI in business and practice in a real-world context. The course goes beyond the hype and takes a sober look at the power and limitations of AI, practical application skills.

Services: Machine learning modelling, AI theory, FinTech, Artificial Intelligence, impact of AI

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 60 Stamford Road, Level 4, Singapore 178900
Telephone +65 6828 0101
Opening hours 8.30 am to 5.45 pm
Review 1 A premier university in Asia, the Singapore Management University (SMU) is internationally recognised for its world-class research and distinguished teaching.
Review 2 Great Uni!
Review 3 I have a great experience here, I love this campus so much 😃


McKinsey Top Machine Learning Service Providers in Singapore

Machine Learning Service


Specialty They drive transformation and build businesses by bringing together the capabilities needed to help organizations grow and thrive in the digital age. They help their clients harness the power of data and artificial intelligence, modernize core technology, and capitalize on new technology, optimize, and automate operations, fuel digital growth, digitalization.

Services: Machine Learning, Python, C, C++, Java, Scala

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address One Raffles Quay, Level 24, South Tower, 048583
Telephone +65-65864900
Opening hours 24/7
Review  awesome office


TCourses Top Machine Learning Service Providers in Singapore

Machine Learning Service

Tertiary Courses

Specialty This 2-day WSQ Machine Learning with Scikit Learn Basic Course aims to equip learners with practical Machine Learning knowledge using an easy-to-use and popular Sckit-Learn package.

Course Learning Outcomes:

Understand, apply machine learning concepts

Understand, apply classification methods

Understand, apply regression methods

Understand, apply clustering methods

Understand, apply PCA methods

Services: Machine Learning, Sckit-Learn package, Python, machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #05-18/20/21/22/23, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Singapore 588179
Email +65 96983731
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm


Taiger Top Machine Learning Service Providers in Singapore

Machine Learning Service


Specialty With a dream to free the human intellect, Taiger is a visionary AI company that pioneers next-gen AI solutions. They employ the use of Semantic and Natural Language, along with Processing technologies, to process unstructured data with accuracy for the data-driven automation of mission-critical and cognitive work. Their main solution suite, Omnitive is an industry leader for delivering precise data-driven predictions, insights.

Services: Data optimization, Language-based AI prediction software, data automation, language automation, intelligent process automation

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 1 Grange Rd, #07-01 Orchard Building, Singapore 239693
Email +65-6781 5030
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review  Excellent workplace


Esri Top Machine Learning Service Providers in Singapore

Machine Learning Service


Specialty Esri is the pioneer and global leader in Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. The Redlands, California-based company architected assembly, analysis of geographic information – the science behind modern-day GIS – to inform landmark projects and develop leading-edge products. Director Omar Maher is a machine learning specialist experienced in analytics, AI.

Services: Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, analytics, smart user recommendations, GeoBusiness Solutions

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 29 Media Cir.
Telephone +65-6742 8622
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm


Accenture Top Machine Learning Service Providers in Singapore

Machine Learning Service


Specialty Growing customer expectations. Market-shaping AI. Self-optimizing systems. The post-digital age shows no signs of slowing down, and the need for rapid business transformation has never been greater. They meet clients upon starting their paths to change—in every industry across the globe—and partner with them to create lasting value.

Services: Innovation-led applications services, enterprise application portfolio, cloud, data, artificial intelligence

Pricing  Request a quotation:
Address #35-00 Raffles City Tower, 250 North Bridge Rd, 179101
Telephone +65-64108000
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 Very innovative company.
Review 2 Accenture’s the best consulting firm
Review 3 Brilliant guys


Citic Top Machine Learning Service Providers in Singapore

Machine Learning Tools


Specialty With certified excellence for their comprehensive range of world-class enterprise-grade solutions, CITIC Telecom CPC takes over IT complexity and overhead costs from customers for improved business efficiency. CITIC Telecom CPC covers practically all the vital areas of enterprise ICT, including diversity of innovative communications products, security solutions and managed services.

Services: Cloud solutions, Cloud data center, information security, E-commerce, Logistics

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 1 Fusionopolis Walk, #06-11 Solaris North Tower, Singapore 138628
Telephone +65-6220 6606
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 Sales staff are friendly. They go all out to try and fulfilled your needs.
Review 2 Impressive and reliable network!
Review 3 Brilliant and innovative solution


BioMind Top Machine Learning Service Providers in Singapore

Machine Learning Service


Specialty BioMind® is an award-winning Artificial Intelligence (AI) company providing machine intelligence solutions in medical imaging. As the world’s first company to obtain both European CE mark and Singapore HSA medical device certifications, they pride ourselves in empowering physicians through deep technology, employing many medical professionals, machine learning engineers, regulatory experts.

Services: Artificial intelligence, Medical image analysis, Diagnosis, medical treatment, Machine learning

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address Hanalytics Pte Ltd 151 Lorong Chuan #03-01C, Lobby A, New Tech Park, Singapore 556741
Telephone +65 6821 1272
Opening hours 9 am to 5 pm


Amaris Top Machine Learning Service Providers in Singapore

Machine Learning Service


Specialty Dr Patrick Chan (PhD) is a world class data scientist and Kaggle Master. He has spent over 10 years competing internationally in multiple AI competitions with an average of top 2 percent placing. As a proven expert, Dr Patrick’s track record spans industries for big data, middleware, artificial intelligence research.

Services: Artificial Intelligence, Document Automation, Action Recognition, Conversational AI, AI Avatar

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 108 Pasir Panjang Road #03-08 Golden Agri Plaza, Singapore 118535
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm


Kongsberg Top Machine Learning Service Providers in Singapore

Machine Learning Service


Specialty KONGSBERG is a leading global technology corporation delivering solutions with extreme performance for customers operating under extremely challenging conditions. The group has fulfilled demanding customers’ needs and adapted to changing market conditions throughout its history. They service multiple organizations: deep-sea, digital, defense, marine, oil and gas, fisheries, aerospace, space industries.

Services: Digitalization, cloud-based digital ecosystem, data analytics, maritime digitalization, software solutions for oil and gas

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address PSA Vista 20 Harbour Drive #06-01A Singapore 117612
Telephone +65 67 73 14 64
Opening hours 8 am to 6 pm.
Review 1 Future take in devices
Review 2 Taking step 1 K-Chief 700 RBus


Tookitaki Top Machine Learning Service Providers in Singapore

Machine Learning Service


Specialty Tookitaki is providing enterprise software solutions that create sustainable compliance programs for the financial services industry. They are innovating the regulatory compliance space by developing software solutions to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of compliance processes Tookitaki uses machine learning to construct automated models to simulate the hide/seek behavior in humans.

Services: Compliance automation, Anti-Money Laundering Suite, RegTech, FinTech, machine learning

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address #10-05, High Street Centre1 North Bridge Rd Singapore 179094
Telephone +65-6250-2620
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 I have an awesome team who makes my work easy and feel fun. Though working remotely during pandemic there were lot of team interactions and regular meetings so you don’t really feel alone. Overall Tookitaki creates a great working environment.
Review 2 Tookitaki is the best fit for beginners and even experienced people to learn new concepts. You get lot of individual exposure and hands -on programming opportunities.
Review 3 Glad to work with Tookitaki. Teamwork is great and the management is also highly appreciated. Someone from the team is always there to resolve the query


HPE Top Machine Learning Service Providers in Singapore

Machine Learning Service

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Specialty To deliver the value of ML and data science to your enterprise, cloud services for ML Ops through HPE GreenLake is an enterprise-grade ML service for developers, data scientists to build, train, deploy ML models – from pilot to production. This involves optimised hardware stack, powered by HPE Ezmeral ML Ops.

Services: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, cloud services, HPE Ezmeral ML Ops

Pricing Request a
Address   1 Depot Cl, Singapore 109841
Telephone +1 888-342-2156
Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm
Review 1 HP Inc campus in Singapore as asia pacific and japan region head quarter. There are 2 buildings. 1 depot close has big cafeteria with food joints and very pleasant sitting space. 1A depot close building if full HP Inc office. While other building is having HP enterprise and DXC office as well. Paid parking space. Campus has customer welcome center to showcase all HP Inc products at level 10. Recently small HP shop has been opened at level 1 reception area.
Review 2 One of the fortune 100 company, awesome experiences.
Review 3 Great time with HPE gurus. Had a HPE Aruba workshop at Customer engagement Center11th floor for University of Kelaniya. Cool atmosphere and we’ll designed building. Massive Data Center which I ever seen.


Avanade Top Machine Learning Service Providers in Singapore

Machine Learning Service


Specialty They transform businesses for the digital era. Their vision is to be the leading digital innovator, creating great experiences as they realize results for their clients and their customers through the power of people and the Microsoft ecosystem. Through thousands of projects, they have transformed businesses for the digital world.

Services: AI, business analytics, predictive search algorithms, data visualizations, data warehousing.

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 250 North Bridge Road #30-03 Raffles City Tower Singapore 179101
Telephone +65-6592 2133
Opening hours 9 am to 5 pm


UCare Top Machine Learning Service Providers in Singapore

Machine Learning Service


Specialty UCARE.AI’s team of data scientists, technologists and domain experts came together with one mission; to unlock the impossible by creating the most advanced AI capable of making accurate predictions years into the future. Early detection of anomalies and prioritization of resources with AI. Continuous learning of lifetime risk with AI.

Services: Predictive AI, machine learning, risk prediction, cost prediction, demand forecasts

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 360 Orchard Road #10-07A, Singapore 238869
Telephone +65 9112 5837
Opening hours 9 am to 5 pm

5 Top Languages for Machine Learning


Taken from some industry veterans from Springboard, there is no top language for machine learning, all remain effective for meeting different demands.

Certainly, there is no solo machine learning language designated as the top language for machine learning.

Still, you have certain programming languages which remain better suited for machine learning duties over alternatives.

Most machine learning technicians pick certain machine learning languages according to the differing forms of business complications they seek to resolve.

To add, many practicing machine learning engineers like to employ Python for NLP issues, remaining to prioritize use of R or Python over sentiment analysis duties, while several remain to prefer using Java for alternative machine learning apps including security or random risk detection.

Software engineers with some training in Java development switching to machine learning may continue to deploy Java for general programming language for machine learning operational tasks.

5 top Coding Languages in Machine Learning:

  1. Python Programming Language


Best language in Machine Learning – Python

As above 8.2 million developers from global locations use Python to code, Python ranks top with newest reported yearly ranking of trending programming languages from IEEE Spectrum over full scores of 100.

Stack overflow coding language surveys solidly prove Python is an exclusive language climbing steadily over recent 5 years counted.

The Magic Touch of Python

Python remains a popular programming language most prefer for machine learning at several of existing heavyweights from virtual IT universe like Google, Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, Netflix, Walt Disney, YouTube, Uber, Amazon, and Reddit.

Python remains the clear leader, also is certainly a top language for machine learning today, reasons are listed below:


Vast Repository of Libraries and Packages

Python’s embedded libraries or packages offer base-level code; thus, machine learning engineers have no need for initiating writing at ground level.

Machine learning needs data processing and Python holds embedded libraries or packages in nearly all functions.

Such assists machine learning engineers cutting development intervals or boosting productivity in collaboration along advanced machine learning apps.

General customization Python provides lets machine learning engineers pick a programming style dependent over varied forms of issues – occasionally it may remain helpful to catch general status of the item whereas sometimes alternatively the issue could demand circulation between functions as rigid parameters.

Python offers variations for opting for either of styles or reducing overall risks for mishaps.

More than just having neat syntax for programming methods, Python also holds many advantages for practice in terms of wider options as it applies to enforcing changes as machine learning engineers have no need to rewrite source code for clearly made changes.


  1. R Programming Language

Top language in Machine Learning – Python

With over just 2 million R users, 12000 packages in the CRAN open-source repository, reaching  up to 206 R Machine learning technicians have to code algorithms or embed in automation for getting precise predictions.

R language offers some range of functions for teaching or assessing machine learning algorithms to predict future occurrences, rendering machine learning basic and easy.

  1. Java and JavaScript


Top language in Machine Learning – JAVA

While Python or  R continue to rank as top picks for machine learning enthusiasts, Java now rises in ranking as preferences for machine learning engineers coming from Java development training because these have no compulsion for studying some other programming language, including Python or R for enforcing machine learning.

Most companies now hold large Java codebases, while many of existing open-source tools for large data processing including Hadoop, Spark get coded with Java.

Scalability remains a very important end goal that all machine learning engineers need to consider before they start work on projects.

Java renders apps scaling much more convenient for machine learning engineers, making this ideal as an option for overall development of huge or advanced machine learning apps that are easily accessed, reached.

  1. Julia

Top language in Machine Learning – Julia Programming Language

Julia features potent, universally applied performing programming language that emerges as possible rivals to Python or R having major applicable functions confined to machine learning.

Still as mentioned this remains the universal programming language that may get applied to the building of many types of applications, this works well for potent numerical data-analytics or computational processes.


  1. LISP

Top language in Machine Learning – Lisp (programming language) – Wikipedia

Started from 1958 by John McCarthy, LISP (List Processing) remains overall 2nd oldest programming language presently being used or gets usually crafted for AI-centric applications.

LISP features some lively typed programming language which eventually inspired new versions of multiple machine learning programming codes including Python, Julia, or Java.

Machine Learning in Singapore: Insurance

Actuaries, using predictive machine learning models, can analyze what competitors are charging and rankings in the market, they can better balance profit margin vs. volume.

DataRobot not only automates and expedites many of the manual, repetitive tasks that actuaries must undertake; the platform also helps with data manipulation and, most importantly, simplifying complexity.

With tools such as Feature Impact, Feature Effects, Prediction Explanations, Word Cloud, the insights uncovered by DataRobot is communicated to other business owners, allowing for corresponding adjustments to demands.

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