Top Logistics Companies in Singapore

Top Logistics Companies in Singapore

Logistics are a cog in the wheel of the global economy. Its impact, though nothing earth-shattering, can be felt in our everyday life – because almost everything we use has been shipped or delivered from somewhere.

It’s big business for those involved.

What’s a Logistics Company?

A logistics company bridges the gap between production or point of origin and product consumption.

It’s a company dedicated to planning, implementing, and controlling of movement and storage of goods and services within a supply chain.

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A logistics company can handle some part or the whole of supply chain functions, depending on the logistical needs of the client involved.

What Does a Logistic Company Do?

A logistics company controls the movement and storage of goods and services within a supply chain. Their work is to control all the functions of a supply chain, including warehousing, inventory management, transportation, purchasing, and customer service. They can handle even more functions depending on your requirements as a client.

Different Types of Logistics Companies in Singapore?

Understanding the different types of logistics companies in Singapore will help you make the right shipping or logistics decision for your business:

Freight Companies

Freight companies specialise in moving freight or cargo from the point of origin or production to the final consumer. While a few of these companies specialise in international shipments, others only ship goods locally.

The mode of transport also matters a great deal in this. Speaking of which, your goods may be moved by sea, air, trucks, or railroad. Keep in mind that some freight companies may have more than one transportation option for you.

Freight Forwarders

Freight forwarders are all about finding the most affordable and efficient ways to move a product. These companies don’t exactly move freights. Instead, they work with different freight companies in arranging and negotiating the transportation of freight.

People use them when moving goods internationally. In which case, they’ll be handling the following:

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  • Customs paperwork
  • Coordination of freight delivery and handling
  • Rate negotiation with different freight companies
  • Import and export paperwork required for the shipment

A freight forwarder can be your valuable partner if you’re planning to start shipping internationally. Their expertise and relationship will help you save tons of money if you choose to utilise their services.


Carriers handle the shipment themselves and directly. Their work is to move products from all around the world. They include tracking companies, air freight, and ocean freight.

In some cases, a shipment may require multiple carriers before it reaches its final destination.

Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

3PLs provide outsourced logistics services for some part or the whole of your logistics functions. The services depth to which a 3PL company may be able to offer to your company will always vary depending on the needs you have.

Some 3PLs will offer storage services and transportation services for your freight. In contrast, others will offer to be your logistics department or to integrate technology products as part of their logistics services.

In other words, 3PLs have to look into your business and figure out how to best fit into your supply chain. Their services are, therefore, more customised and high-end compared to the other types of freight companies.

20 cube Top Logistics Companies in Singapore



About 20Cube is a professional logistics firm specialised in freight management, transportation, storage, and warehousing. They are one of the most digitalised logistics companies in Singapore, known for giving customers the visibility they need by providing real-time data and supply chain transparency.
Key Clients ·      ySoprema

·      Samsonite

·      Spotlight

·      BMW

·      Connel Bros

Key Services ·      Logistics Services

·      Warehouse and Distribution

·      Freight Management

·      Industry Sector Solutions



Address: 1 Philip Street, #03-01, Royal One Philip, Singapore 048693

Tel: (65) 6220 5055




white box Top Logistics Companies in Singapore



About Whitebox is one of the most trusted 3PL logistics companies in Singapore. Their services cater to a wide selection of clients, regardless of size. They break the barrier between logistics, data, and technology by delivering practical solutions that have proven to work.
Key Services ·      Storage Management

·      Retail processing

·      Importation

·      Pre-shipment Consolidation

·      Freight Management



Address: 222 Tagore Lane, TG Building #02-18, Singapore 787603

Tel: (65) 6553 0488



Review “I am happy and impressed with the quality of service of Whitebox Singapore. I work with Isaac and Apple; they are very responsive and professional in a friendly way.”


mp Top Logistics Companies in Singapore


M&P International Freights

About M&P is an international freight forwarding and logistics company first established in 2006. It’s a Singapore based firm with a global outlook, priding itself for being a one-stop freight shipping solution. The company offers an extensive suite of innovative freight services, including trans-shipment, container trucking, chattering, logistic fright services, and pick and pack warehousing.
Key Services ·      Warehousing

·      Air Freight

·      Cargo Insurance

·      Trucking

·      Custom Clearance



Address: 37 Jalan Pemimpin, #04-10 Mapex, Singapore 577177

Tel: (65) 6221 2218



Review “Great service done by Nick! Always fulfill our requirements and act promptly to our urgent shipments. He is very responsive and did his very best to settle our shipment issues. Always update us the shipment status and assist to make the shipments timely arrived. Coupled with the competitive price and professional advice, M&P definitely your first choice!”


global alliance Top Logistics Companies in Singapore


Global Alliance Logistics

About Global-alliance is a Singapore-based freight forwarding company offering logistics and international transportation services. The company can transport or ship your products to every corner of the globe. They offer a wide range of logistics and freight services, ranging from shipping and local handling to storage and supply chain management.
Key Services ·      Supply Chain and Customized Solutions

·      Freight Forwarding

·      Warehouse and Contract Logistics

·      Project/DG Cargo



Address: 61 Kaki Bukit Ave 1, #05-10 Shun Li Industrial park, Singapore 417943

Tel: (65) 6886 1973



Review “working with them was easy “


ninja van Top Logistics Companies in Singapore


Ninjavan Logistics

About Ninja Van is one of the leading express delivery companies in Singapore. The company offers hassle-free delivery services to a wide selection of clients. Launched in 2014, the company has grown to be one of the largest and fastest-growing logistics companies in not only Asia but the whole of the Asia-pacific region.
Key Clients ·      Lazada

·      Unilever

·      Shopee

·      Chilindo

·      Zalora

Key Services ·      Custom Service

·      Custom Built Technology

·      Integration Capability

·      Real-time Tracking

·      Cash on Delivery Option



Address: 30 Jalan Kilang Barat, Singapore 159363

Tel: (65) 6602 8271



Review “I’d say they have improved a lot since from the day they had started. So far, I have had no major problems with having them as the respected couriers to most of my orders. Now, it’s been pretty good and convenient for me, especially the delivery man knows my preferences very well.”


baylink Top Logistics Companies in Singapore



About Baylink services span across an extensive spectrum of logistics services, including professional cargo handling, chartering projects, oil, and gas exploration, among others. They have offices in Singapore and Malaysia, and almost all major shipping ports in the world.
Key Services ·      Warehousing

·      Supporting Oil and Gas Exploration

·      Marine Cargo Insurance

·      Permit Declaration

·      Professional Urgent Cargo Handling



Address: 3 Loyang Way 1, #01-01, Singapore 508705

Tel: (65) 6841 7973




aal shipping Top Logistics Companies in Singapore


Aal Shipping

About Aal was founded in 1995 in the Netherlands. However, in 2009 it would be headquartered in Singapore. The company operates as an all-rounded shipping solution with services such as heavy lifting, breakbulk, and project cargo. They’re one of the most trusted carriers in Singapore, having worked with customers from industries such as oil & gas, forestry, energy, construction, and forestry.
Key Services ·      Semi-Liner Services

·      Liner Services

·      Chartering Solutions



Address: 9 Temasek Boulevard, #20-01 Suntec Tower 2, Singapore 038989

Tel: (65) 6248 3600




altron Top Logistics Companies in Singapore



About Established in 1997, Altron has seen dramatic growth over the years to become a recognised force in the industry with a reputation that covers so many parts of the world. Altron is a resourceful one-stop freight forwarding solution comprising of a worldwide network of many logistics agencies. Suffice it to say that they deliver all types of freight to just about any endpoint.
Key Services ·      Transshipment

·      Transportation and Logistics Services

·      NVOO Consolidation

·      Cargo Tracking

·      International Freight Forwarding



Address: 31 Bukit Batok Crescent, #01-07 The Splendour, Singapore 658070

Tel: (65) 6325 6500




im-holdings Top Logistics Companies in Singapore



About Im holding is committed to one thing – helping you get your products closer to your customers. They even have a cloud-based warehouse management system that you can use to track your products in real-time. The company was started in 1999 by the then 28 years old Eddie Siow.
Key Services ·      Local Delivery services

·      Direct Marketing access and Marketing

·      International Freight and Logistics

·      Licensing Solutions

·      E-Commerce Fulfilment Services



Address: 7B Keppel Road, #06-10/11/12, Tanjong Pagar Complex, Singapore 089055

Tel: (65) 6226 0380




llms Top Logistics Companies in Singapore



About LLMS = Le Le Moving Services

LLMS was founded in 2003 as a commercial and residential relocation specialist. However, over the years, the company has expanded its business model to accommodate services such as local delivery, project distribution, warehousing, and so forth.

Key Clients ·      Courts

·      Panasonic

·      Kraft Foods

·      Ceva

·      FarEastFlora

Key Services ·      Storage

·      Freight

·      Movers

·      Courier

·      Local Delivery



Address: 20 Sin Ming Ln, #02-53 Midview City, Singapore 573968

Tel: (65) 6659 5316



samudera Top Logistics Companies in Singapore



About Samudera was incorporated in 1993 and has over the years established themselves as one of the most professional and reliable logistics company in Singapore. Through a well-managed expansion strategy and prudent management, the company has been successful in building up its position as a respected and credible industry player.
Key Services ·      Container Shipping

·      Logistics

·      Bulk Carrier and Tankers



Address: 6 Raffle Quay, #25-01, Singapore 048580

Tel: (65) 6532 3688



Review “Best company to work for. Best people to work with.”


expeditors Top Logistics Companies in Singapore


Expeditors Singapore

About Expeditors Singapore was first established in 1981. Headquartered in Singapore, Expeditors operates as an export and import company with an office in 61 Alps Avenue. Its line of business also includes arranging the transportation of cargo and freight.
Key Services ·      Transportation

·      Warehousing and Distribution

·      Customs and Compliance

·      Supply Chain



Address: 61 Alps Ave, Singapore 498798

Tel: (65) 6510 7900



raffles Top Logistics Companies in Singapore


Raffles Freight and Logistics

About Raffles is a Singapore-incorporated freight and logistics company offering a full suite of international freight-forwarding services, including sea freight, air freight, drop shipment, project cargo, and cross-trade services to name a few.
Key Services ·      Sea Freight

·      Air Freight

·      Drop Shipment

·      Project Cargo



Address: 9 Airline Road, #01-25, Singapore 819827

Tel: (65) 6214 9418




sinoda Top Logistics Companies in Singapore


Sinoda Shipping Agency

About Sinoda specialises in providing professional shipping and marine services to Singaporean traders. They’re mostly known for their competitive tariffs. It’s also one of the most recognised shipping solutions in the country and an impaneled agent that looks after vessels that have been arrested by the Supreme Court.
Key Services ·      Hub agency

·      Brokerage

·      Ship Conversion

·      Ship Supply

·      Consultancy and Surveyors



Address: 10 Anson road, #15-01/02/03, International Plaza, Singapore 079903

Tel: (65) 6227 2711




teckwa Top Logistics Companies in Singapore



About Techwah was founded in 1968. At the time they only served as a humble producer of plain packaging boxes, but have since grown to be one of the most trusted brands to consult when you do not want to take chances with how you package your products. The company is committed to uplifting and enhancing the value of your brand – by striking a balance between your needs and what consumers prefer.
Key Services ·      Lifestyle

·      Packaging Printing

·      Logistics



Address: 51 Tai Seng Avenue, #05-01 Pixel Red, Singapore 533941

Tel: (65) 6872 8181




ecubix Top Logistics Companies in Singapore



About Ecubix is specialised in providing smart solutions for the transformation of businesses through manufacturing, sales, supply chain, and infrastructure services. Their solutions cover digital enterprise, Data Science, and Industrial IoT.
Key Clients ·      Eris

·      Dalmia

·      Shell

·      JSW

·      Adani

Key Services ·      Smart Supply Chain

·      Smart Sales

·      Smart Channel

·      Smart Factory



Address: #19-8, Prudential Tower, 30 Cecil Street, Singapore 049712




greenlane Top Logistics Companies in Singapore


Greenlane Supply Chain

About Greenlane has been around since 2010, during which they have evolved from a humble freight forwarding company they initially were to a company that also assists businesses source production materials. They even helped one of their clients convert a 20 feet sea container into a mobile laboratory for testing soil.
Key Services ·      Local Transportation

·      Ocean Freight Forwarding

·      Custom Brokerage

·      Air Freight Forwarding

·      Warehousing and Distribution



Address: 7 Airline Road, #01-11 cargo Agents Building E, Singapore 819834

Tel: (65) 6546 2218




j logistics Top Logistics Companies in Singapore


J Logistics

About J logistics was first established in 2003 as a joint venture company. However, at the time of this publication, the company has grown to be one of the most advanced logistics and shipment companies in Singapore, with a combined fleet size of 50 vans, 84 trucks, and 250 prime movers.
Key Services ·      Licenced Warehouse

·      Transport Services

·      Value-added Services

·      Custom Clearance

·      Inventory Management



Address: 40 Penjuru Lane, C&P Logistics Hub 1, Singapore 609216

Tel: (65) 6885 3291



kms Top Logistics Companies in Singapore


KMS Logistics

About KMS Logistics is part of the larger AW Group. It’s a full-service distribution centre, boasting advanced transportation and freight handling facilities, including a modular Hold Hoger Hydraulic type of trailers and U-Bed trailers. The company was founded in 1972 as a transhipment contractor, but over the years it has grown into an integrated logistics firm.
Key Services ·      Road Freight

·      Air Freight

·      Warehousing

·      Sea Freight



Address: 18 Boon Lay Way, #10-126 Trade hub 21, Singapore 609966

Tel: (65) 6863 7080




global Top Logistics Companies in Singapore


Global Energy International

About Global Energy is specialised in the supply of marine fuels or bunkering. They own a fleet of tankers that also aid in the transportation of petroleum. The Company is known for providing top quality products and high-level services to customers that reach out to them for business.
Key Services ·      Freighting

·      Shipping

·      Bunker Supply



Address: 438 Alexandria Road, #13-01 Alexandra Point, Singapore 119958

Tel: (65) 6559 1600





Why is a Logistic Company Important to Your Business?

Any successful business owes part or much of its success to how organised its supply chain is. So long as your forward plan includes growth and expansion – whether regionally or internationally – you need an experienced logistics company to stimulate that growth by cutting down your cost and ensuring timely or prompt delivery of your goods and services.

Enables Businesses to Focus on the Production Side of their Business

Partnering with a smooth logistics company allows you to focus on the production side of things, instead of approaching the whole thing with undivided attention. Having experts concentrate on one of the most delicate and complex parts of getting your products to the market will leave you with the much-needed time to focus on growing your company.

Positive Business Results

The more your business grows and expands, the more it starts to rely on an effectively organised supply chain. You’re mistaken for thinking that supply chains only matter to big businesses. Any business looking to improve its efficiency and profitability should consider leaving the logistics part to real professionals.

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Creates Value

The provision of value doesn’t end with quality products and services. Timely delivery and availability have to be factored in as well. Better logistics means your product and services will be available to an even bigger market segment at their time of convenience or when they truly need it. It increases the chances of your customers appreciating your products even more, which in the end also contributes to the perceived value.

Improves Efficiency and Reduces Cost

With global trade picking steam, logistics are becoming the heart of the supply chain. Businesses have realised that they can significantly cut on costs by partnering with other businesses offering warehousing and transportation services. Also, by outsourcing warehousing and transportation to experts, businesses dramatically become more efficient.

Timely Delivery

Part of a logistics firm maintaining a stellar reputation is ensuring your products are delivered right on time, and at a place that’s convenient for your customers — no excuses whatsoever. Customers are known for impulse shopping, and can equally grow impatient if it takes longer for a product they ordered to be delivered.

The Future of Logistics: Trends to Watch

As technology advances, so is the world of logistics. Change is the only constant in this line of business.

For instance, Amazon has underway plans to start using drones for short-distance deliveries (not more than 15 miles). This is already in the news, but what other developments are we bound to see in the future:

Rea-time Tracking

The monitoring systems within the logistics industry have been improving with time, and now after integrating with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, their tracking abilities have significantly improved. Not only can it track data, but it can also analyse it, identify issues, and in the end, optimise real-time solutions.


Robotics sounds like something we should expect in the far-off future, but some bits of it are here with us. This is especially true with large warehouses with their autonomous vehicles and order picking systems. But as AI and Machine learning continues to improve in this field, we’re bound to see robotics being used to an even greater extent.

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles are already common with some cargo ports and warehouses. The idea is not exactly new but bound to get better with time. As we speak, some tests for mail deliveries are already underway, with some studies estimating that they’ll be replacing a good chunk of track drives within the next few years.

As you read this, keep in mind that a science-fiction future won’t just happen overnight. Some of these technologies and trends have been in development for many years, while others are still a work-in-progress. As an industry, some of these technologies have been recognised and singled out as what the industry needs to make progress.

Different Levels of Outsourcing Third-Party Logistics

Not all 3PLs are created equal. Nor can they be outsourced the same. That said, here are the different levels to outsource 3PLs:

Transactional Outsourcing

This one is purely based on the transaction, with no real bonding or any long-term contracts between the logistics company and your business.

Tactical Outsourcing

The outsourcing occurs on a long-term basis, with an integrated IT system and negotiated contacts. There’s a lot of supply chain visibility and free flow of information between the parties involved.

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Strategic Outsourcing

The outsourcing is based on projected outcomes and long-term relationships. The 3PL becomes your partner in supply chain management and in establishing transactional transparency.

What to Consider When Choosing A Logistic Company in Singapore

A strong performing logistics company will help you control costs, increase efficiency, and improve customer experience. However, not all logistics companies are fashioned the same. So, how do you choose the right logistics company?


Whether you’re looking to hire your first logistic provider or to change them, you want to make sure the company you choose has a proven process, backed by the right resources and the capacity to integrate with your system.

Establish a Partnership

Don’t approach a logistics company as some vendor. If anything, you have to choose a company that’s committed enough to share your dreams. Choose a logistic company that you can trust and whose work culture and values resonate with what you also stand for.

Choose a Company with a Wide Selection of Offerings

You want to eliminate the need to hire more than one logistics company. For this, choose a company with a wide range of capabilities and one that can customise their solutions to match your growing needs.

Aim for Scalability

One of the key advantages of outsourcing logistics services in Singapore is the shared spacing. The provider can juggle the needs of multiple customers while allowing them to share the cost. They’re also easy to scale up with should your business needs increase.

Safety Records

The safety regulation landscape is never constant. For this, you want to choose a carrier with a strong safety record. Scour around for their safety statistics and ratings. You can find more information about them by clicking on this link.

Seek Scalability

When you partner with a logistics company, you’re entrusting them with your brand. To a certain extent, your business’s success depends on them. So, you want to choose a company with a  proven success history. Make sure the company is financially stable to invest in the right facilities, equipment, systems, and human resources.

Company Reputation

You want to find out all about the logistics company you’re about to hire before you jump into bed with them. The relationship you’re about to start must be tested and clearly vetted before it morphs into anything serious. Time will reveal whether the company has a good, ugly, or bad reputation with its customers employees and suppliers, but don’t wait until it’s too late to find out anything.

  • Are they good or professional to their employees and clients?
  • Are they actively involved in the community?
  • How are they reviewed online?
  • What theme remains consistent in its marketing materials?

What Makes a Great Logistic Company?

  • Can handle large volumes
  • Their delivery services cover a wide geographical region
  • Has lots of positive feedback and reviews from clients, especially those touching on quick deliveries
  • Has an impressive track record

How Much Does Hiring Logistic Services Cost in Singapore

Main Price Factors

  • Volume products
  • The distance of freight delivery
  • Type of products: Perishable or frozen products may require a refrigeration unit, which makes them more costly

Freight and logistic solutions in Singapore tend to range from S$4000 for simple shipping to about S$40000 for warehousing.

Tricks, Tips, and Challenges

Freight companies charge by volume. That’s to say, any wasted space will still be converted to weightage and billed to you. You can, however, minimise the amount you pay by ensuring the volume you use is in cubic and that your items are densely packed to minimize wastage, especially when dealing with oddly shaped items.

Advice from Other Buyers

If you must choose, go with a bigger brand such as T&T or FedEx. You can visit their sites and ask for quotations. Next, compare these quotes and go with the biggest bang for value.

A good vendor should ensure your products arrive at the destination on time. They’re also to update you every step of the way, and most importantly, be able to accommodate your timeslot when you decide to send your products out.

Choose a credible vendor and run a quotation comparison.

How to Set Up a Shipping or Logistics Company in Singapore

Here are the steps to follow to get your logistic company up and running in Singapore:

Raise the Required Amount of Capital

You need money to start any business. It’s the same thing with a logistics company. The good thing is that finding an investor to fund your business at the start-up phase isn’t hard. The amount of money you’ll need also varies depending on the services that you intend to provide.

For instance, if you plan to operate as a freight forwarder or broker, then you won’t be needing much funding compared to someone that’s setting up a full-service 3PL company. For this, you want to make sure that you have a solid plan to convince investors to fund your project.

Obtain Proper Licenses

Your business needs to be properly licensed to operate legally in Singapore. You can start by incorporating your company. To operate a freight, shipping or transportation company in Singapore, you must apply for several licenses with different authorities.

Here are a few examples of the licenses you might need:

  • Harbour Craft license – you need this license to operate your vessels within the Port of Singapore
  • Post Clearance Certificate – you must apply for this license if you’re planning to operate your vessels beyond the Port of Singapore
  • Ship registration certificate – you need this license to transport goods and passengers in Singapore
  • Port Limit Manning License – for your crew members to operate onboard your vessels and ships
  • Launch-a-New-Vessel Permit – if you’re planning to launch a new vessel, over 15 meters long
  • Ship Station License – you cannot operate radio communication equipment on your ship without this license
  • Ship Sanitation Control – to certify the sanitary condition of your vessel before it starts to transport goods
  • Permit to discharge/transit/load dangerous goods

These are the basic licenses that you might be required to apply for your logistics business in Singapore

Prepare to File Your Taxes

Taxes are one of the primary considerations in this line of business. Your business needs a tax identification number. So, be prepared to register your business for annual tonnage and sale tax.

Study Your Competition

Don’t just run into doing business. You have to study your competitors and know what you’re up against. You need this to adjust your marketing strategy and curve your own niche.

Create a Business Plan

Putting down a business plan will force you to visualise your business from every possible angle. The process of writing a business plan will also help you address the issue of financing your business. You can finance your business on your own, but you have a better chance of growing really quickly by inviting outside investors.

Choose a Physical Location

Setting up a physical office where clients can come and meet you will enhance your credibility. Additionally, this space may also help you with warehousing, storage, and other business aspects. It’s even better when the rental property you choose is located close to a shipping hub.

Insure Your Business

Logistic companies carry great risk. For instance, you truck may get involved in an accident and end up damaging your clients’ products. It’s crucial that you have a compensation plan for the client. For this, you have to work closely with a reputable insurance agency to ensure your business is covered from all the potential risks it’s exposed to.

Hire the Right Staff

At this point, you want to identify the people that you’ll be working with. In other words, you need staff to facilitate the different aspects of running your business. You may also be required to take them through individualised training to equip them with the necessary skills needed to perform their jobs better.


How to Put Together and Manage Web Teams for Digital Marketing

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