Top Landscaping Services In Singapore

Top Landscaping Services In Singapore

“When the grass is greener on the other side…start watering your own lawn!” – Michael Beckwith

Singapore, with its abundance of buildings in Singapore, houses an ever-growing green backdrop, earning its title of “The Garden City”. The presence of our greenery is seen and felt everywhere. Even when our land’s scarce, you’ll still find lush plants climbing vertically out of buildings! It has not only reduced carbon footprint, cool down the unforgiving heat, and even improve our mental and emotional well-being! It’s no reason why landscapers in Singapore have their work cut out for them!

Let’s explore further at how these landscapers can help improve our environment, and maybe even our lives with their green fingers!

What’s Landscaping? 

Landscaping is the art and science of sprucing up the aesthetics of a plot of land. This is done by modifying your area with flora and fauna. A landscaper’s job scope can also include the building of features, such as water fountains or ponds. 

Often thought as a discipline that mixes horticulture with geology, in recent times, interior architecture and geomancy have also influenced this trade.

What Can a Landscaper Do For You? 

  • Grass Cutting and Weeding 

If your garden doesn’t look inviting for anyone to enter, you may have an issue. The longer you leave it unattended, the more difficult it’s for you to clean up your garden! Who knows how many snail and bug colonies have formed in your thick and lush garden! 

You may be too busy to handle them. Your domestic worker may not even have the proper knowledge to maintain your garden. 

The good news is, several landscaping companies can trim your lawn, either through mowing or a knapsack. They can also remove inferior and unwanted plants to ensure that your garden looks as good as new! 

  • Garden Pest Control 

Nothing’s going to stop these bugs from coming in and feast on your plants! Not even when you have a well-maintained garden. 

A landscaper may also offer garden pest control services to help you rid of all these uninvited guest so that (hopefully), these creatures never return! This is usually done by improving the health conditions of your plants. 

  • Artificial Turf

If you wish to save the hassle of taking care of your own lawn, you can engage a landscaping company to install artificial turf, or carpet grass for you instead. 

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No longer you have to worry about unwanted pests and other lawn diseases, you’ll also save a lot on water, pesticides and additional maintenance fees! 

  • Roof Garden Converter 

The introduction of artificial turf doesn’t have to be restricted to your own lawn. Having a carpet grass over your roof can also store water during a torrential downpour. The water trapped in these grasses can evaporate quickly, which will ease up your sewer system! 

While having a green roof, why not engage a landscaper to convert dull-looking parts of your roof into a roof garden, where you can throw gatherings and celebrations! 

  • Plant Pruning 

Landscaping companies also have their own in-house “plant doctors”, where they help to remove dead or unhealthy branches. This can occur in trees, shrubs and even plants hanging by the fence. 

A healthy tree or plant can make your garden glow and prevent any potential pest infestations. It can also prevent accidents, such as falling branches, from ever happening. 

  • Vertical Gardening or Green Walls 

Creating a vertical wall of greenery is one of the trending branches (no pun intended!) of landscaping services. It’s not unusual to see vertical gardens hanging out of buildings, boosting its aesthetics, as well as its surrounding air quality. Take a trip to Oasia Hotel Downtown, and be enchanted by its designs!  

There’re also many other benefits of curating a green wall. It saves up lots of spaces, which allows you to create another gathering space for everyone to enjoy! Having a green wall can also conceal unattractive or private sections of your area. 

Besides its aesthetic appeal, vertical gardening can also prevent the growth of fungus and the spread of diseases, thus cultivating healthier plants. Pests are also less likely to reach for them in those heights. 

The presence of vertical farming is gaining more prominence land-scarce Singapore, helping the nation to produce its own food once again like the kampong days. It adds value to the local economy and also helps the country to be more self-sustaining. The latter is an increasing concern following the recent COVID-19 pandemic, which sparked concerns over food security. 

  • Water Features 

The presence of a water feature, such as a fountain or pond has been recognised in Feng Shui philosophy for bringing in wealth and inducing harmony when placed correctly. It’s not uncommon seeing a water feature in every office you visit in Singapore! If you’re starting a business, why not consider engaging a landscaper to build one for you and usher in more luck? 

  • Pond Maintenance

It’s crucial to regularly clean your pond, for it can build up algae and bacteria, making it the perfect ground for mosquito breeding ground. Mind you, mosquitos just need a body of water as small as a 50-cent coin to breed, let alone a pond! In 2020, cases of dengue fever have seen a steady increased, with a handful of death tolls. So it’s highly advisable to engage a landscaping company to clean up your pond! 

Additionally, poor water conditions can also lead to the death of your beautiful Koi fishes! Might not a very good Feng Shui sign! So please, get someone to tend to your pond if you don’t have the time to do so! 

  • Irrigation System Installation

It can be physically exhausting to manually water every plant in your garden. When watering manually, you might not be able to target the roots of plants, causing weeds to form. On the flip side, overwatering will massively reduce your plants’ oxygen intake, causing them to be weaker.

A water irrigation system, consisting of an automated sprinkler, can help disseminate water equally around your garden. This will help you save lots of time, effort and most importantly, water expenses! 

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Tips to Choose a Landscaper in Singapore

  • Landscape Company Register

The Landscape Company Register (LCR) provides recognition to professional landscaping companies which offer genuine services through a team of well-trained staff.

Started by the National Parks Board (NParks), the award criteria is very stringent. When you engage an LCR-accredited company, you’ll be sure that your greenery will be treated with professionalism. 

  • Landscaper’s Area of Speciality 

Different landscapers have various areas of specialities. Some are more technical-oriented, where they focus on implementing water irrigation systems, while others can be more design-oriented. 

Additionally, find out the kind of companies or homes they have previously served to have a gauge of their expertise. Look through their portfolio or visit their showroom if they have one. 

  • Insurance

Landscaping is a physically demanding job that may hazardous to both the workers and even your property. A landscaping company with business insurance that covers potential liabilities will give you peace of mind as they work.  

Top Landscaping Services In Singapore

Green Fingers Top Landscaping Services In Singapore

Landscaping Service

Green Fingers

  • Landscaping
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Vertical Garden
Address 6 Battery Rd, #30-01, Singapore 409909
Contact (65)  9837 2068


Operating Hours Click here to enquire
Review 1 “Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
It is rare for a company to be competitive in both price and quality. Green Fingers happens to be one of the rare gems in this space. Queenie had been very responsive and patient with her communications from the start, and offered excellent advice without pushing her own services. She went out of her way amidst her busy schedule to fit in my artificial turfing project over the weekend before the circuit breaker measures took effect, and delivered results beyond expectations for the quoted price. I highly recommend Green Fingers Landscaping Services for your next landscaping project.”
Review 2 “Very happy with the professional services of Green Fingers. Queenie is very responsive and she provides good suggestions for creating a beautiful landscape using suitable plants. I now have a beautiful garden thanks to Queenie. Highly recommended!”


Ken Landscape Top Landscaping Services In Singapore

Landscaping Service

Ken Landscape

  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Improvement Work
  • Pond Maintenance
  • Artificial Grass
  • Tree Cutting
Address  Choa Chu Kang North 6, Yew Mei Green Blk 50 #17-02, Singapore 689574
Telephone  (65)  9021 1065
Operating Hours Mon-Fri: 8am – 5pm
Review  “Good quality and reliable landscaping services!”


Green Garden Top Landscaping Services In Singapore

Landscaping Service

Green Garden

  • Janitorial Cleaning Services
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Condominium Cleaning
  • Landscaping Services
  • Tree Cutting/Pruning Services
2 Sims Close, Gemini@Sims 06-10, Singapore 387298
Telephone (65) 6747 5301
Operating Hours Mon-Sat: 8am – 6pm
Review  “Positive: Responsiveness, Value
Have been working with them for many years and very satisfied with their responsiveness and their services. Would highly recommend them.”


Prince's Landscape Top Landscaping Services In Singapore

Landscaping Service

Prince Landscape

Address 53 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 698998
Telephone (65) 6763 7000
Operating Hours 8am – 6pm daily
  • NTUC May Day Awards 2020 – Plaque of Commendation
  • LIAS Awards of Excellence 2019 (Maintenance – Non-Residential / Public & Urban Spaces) Changi Airport Terminal 3 – Best of Category
  • LIAS Awards of Excellence 2019 (Green Wall) Pathlight School – Silver
  • LIAS Awards of Excellence 2019 (Maintenance – Non-Residential / Public & Urban Spaces) Punggol Park Connector – Silver


Imperial Top Landscaping Services In Singapore

Landscaping Service

Imperial Services

  • Commercial & Office Cleaning
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Residential & Condo Cleaning
  • Moving In/Out
  • Specialized Cleaning
  • Landscape Maintenance
Address 8 Burn Road, Trivex #15-13, Singapore 369977
Telephone (65) 81894766
Operating Hours Click here to enquire
  • National University of Singapore
  • Ministry of Food
  • St John Singapore
Review  “Great service. I want to commend Jabez for listening and going the extra mile to cater for our needs. I must say that delivery was smooth and everything was done as promised. Kudos!”


Chen Hwa Top Landscaping Services In Singapore

Landscaping Service

Chen Wa

  • Landscape
  • Maintenance
  • Hardscape (Trellis)
Address 3 Lim Chu Kang Lane 6,  Singapore 718860
(65) 6565 8622
Operating Hours Mon-Fri: 9am – 5.30pm

Sat: 9am – 12pm

  • 3M Singapore Pte Ltd
  • 3M Technologies (S) Pte Ltd
  • Home Team NS


Hawaii Top Landscaping Services In Singapore

Landscaping Service


  • Landscape Architecture
  • Nursery Showroom
  • Golf Course Design
  • Swimming Pool & Water Feature
Address 559 Thomson Road, Singapore 298182
Telephone (65) 6251 3963
Operating Hours Click here to enquire
Review  “Professional landscaping! Reasonably priced fresh flowers too. Friendly cosy comfy attentive welcoming ambience.”


BSG Top Landscaping Services In Singapore

Landscaping Service


Address 2 Yishun Industrial Street 1, Northpoint Bizhub #03-29, Singapore 768159
Telephone (65) 9690 1295
Operating Hours Click here to enquire
Review  “Appreciate the work that BSG has done for me. They completed the work earlier than I expected. The team displayed great efficiency and initiative. Would definitely recommend their landscaping services.”


Everview Top Landscaping Services In Singapore

Landscaping Service


Speciality Landscape Specialist
Address Lot 99-55, Evans Road, Singapore 250000
Telephone (65) 6235 9963
Operating Hours 9am – 5pm daily


Tai Kwang Top Landscaping Services In Singapore

Landscaping Service

Tai Kwang

  • Royal Grass
  • Water Feature
Address 2 Jurong Gateway Road, SPARK #01-09/10, Singapore 608512
Telephone (65) 6793 7779
Operating Hours  10am – 6pm daily
  • Capitaland Singapore
  • Lexus
  • Changi General Hospital
  • Resorts World Sentosa
Review 1 “Great professional service n friendly advise especially fm Celeste. Products that was installed in my place still good after 5 years plus thus engaged them again for my cafe which rec many good compliments. Cheers to Tai Kwang Garden :)”
Review 2 “Excellent service from Celeste and all staff of Tai Kwang Garden ! Celeste gave very good ideas and advice ! Very professional ! The Artificial Turf and Water Features are really wonderful ! Many Thanks once again !!”


Green Spade Top Landscaping Services In Singapore

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Landscaping Service

Green Spade

  • Tree Transplanting
  • Watering Services
  • Grass Cutting
  • Lawn Cutting
  • Residential Landscape Maintenance
  • Urban Permaculture Design & Implementation
Address 31 Kranji Crescent Singapore 728655
Telephone (65) 8869 8827
Operating Hours Click here to enquire
Review 1 “Great delivery time and service. Started gardening 6 weeks ago and am already enjoying my own produce. Recommend the shop and service highly.”
Review 2 “Extremely satisfied with the products and service provided. Delivery for two orders arrived together in a week despite the CB. Further, I had requested for some assistance and they happily obliged, assisting me promptly over WhatsApp with my request. Their website is also extremely user-friendly and I particularly like the features when using your personal account. Highly recommend for those in Singapore hoping to satisfy their gardening needs 🙂 Keep up the great work!!”


Shiners Top Landscaping Services In Singapore

Landscaping Service

Shiners Facilities

  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Landscaping
  • Pest Control
Address 120 Lower Delta Road, Cendex Centre #09-10/11, Singapore 169208
Telephone  (65) 6338 4212
Operating Hours Click here to enquire
Review 1 “We are very pleased with the quality of cleaning service your company has provided to Spanish Village since 1998. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness in terms of support given to the cleaning crew and management.”
Review 2 “The management would like to commend you on the efforts by placed by your cleaning team at Stadford Court since 2005. Your supervisor has handled cleaning matters efficiently and diligently, and is well liked by residents”


Complete Top Landscaping Services In Singapore

Landscaping Service

Complete Services

  • Grass cutting and weeding
  • Fertilization and garden pest control
  • Plant pruning and tree cutting
  • Gardening and Landscaping
Address 59 Ubi Ave 1, Bizlink Centre #04-15, Singapore 408938
Telephone (65) 6227 6515
Operating Hours Click here to enquire
  • Singapore Press Holdings
  • Singapore Tourism Board
  • Nestle
  • Palfinger
Review  “Reasonable rates and prompt service. I was inspired by their customer service and positive attitude.”


Earthscape Top Landscaping Services In Singapore

Landscaping Service


Speciality Residential Landscaping
Address 15 Joan Rd, Singapore 298899
Telephone (65)  6848 9449
Operating Hours Mon-Fri: 9am – 5pm
  • Science Park
  • Alice
  • Goldprime T-Space


Ecoscape Top Landscaping Services In Singapore

Landscaping Service


  • Landscape Design & Implementation
  • Garden Centre
  • Landscape Maintenance
Address 201A Jln Eunos, Singapore 415803
Telephone (65) 6747 5282
Operating Hours  9am – 7:30pm daily
Review 1 “Very friendly place. Staff are extremely helpful yet discrete. Wheel chair accessible. Garden is easy to find and taxi drivers are familiar with it. Well stocked they have everything i need. Would definitely visit again!”
Review 2 “Eco scape is very nice flower shop with so many photo worthy plants that you could easily spend one or two hours there if you enjoy taking photos or are a serious photographer. The ambience is really good with a lot of natural light aiding in handheld photography. if you are going there PLEASE go in the day and not at night.”


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Chin Ling Top Landscaping Services In Singapore

Landscaping Service

Chin Ling Nursery

Speciality  Landscape Builder & Garden Specialist
Address 10 Bedok S Rd, Singapore 469274
Telephone (65) 6448 8602
Operating Hours  8am – 7.30pm daily
Review  “I have been buying plants from Ching Ling Nursery for quite some time now. And I have always enjoyed the overall shopping experience with them. The nursery itself has a great variety of plants that are very well taken care of by the amazing staff, all of whom are very friendly and approachable. They also have excellent knowledge on plant-care, which I truly appreciate, and this includes the delivery guys too. I have visited some other nurseries, but I always still do prefer buying my plants from Ching Ling Nursery. Thanks for all the beautiful plants, that now surround my house. I will definitely be back for more 😉”


Vertical Green Top Landscaping Services In Singapore

Landscaping Service

Vertical Green

  • Design
  • Maintenance
  • Greenery Restoration
Address 1 Soon Lee Street, #06-14/15 Pioneer Centre Singapore 627605
Telephone (65) 6909 9981
Operating Hours Mon-Sat: 8.30am – 6pm
Review  “Great vertical green wall variety and nice office. First time seeing edible green wall. Very knowledgeable and friendly owner whom is ready to share his wisdom on greening your home and office. If you want to get high on greens, vertical green is for you!”


Nature Top Landscaping Services In Singapore

Landscaping Service

Nature Landscape

  • Landscape Project Implementation
  • Comprehensive Landscape Maintenance
  • Urban Green Solutions
  • Plant Display & Eventscapes
15 Joan Road, Singapore 298899
Telephone (65)  6252 6802
Operating Hours Click here to enquire
  • Resorts World Sentosa
  • Takenaka
  • Tiong Seng Group
  • Marina Bay Sands
Review  “Trusted and love it”


Good View Top Landscaping Services In Singapore

Landscaping Service

Goodview Gardening & Landscape Construction

  • Landscape Design
  • Construction & Supplies
  • Maintenance
Address 54 Maude Rd, #03-02 Townshend Building, Singapore 208346
Telephone (65) 6293 9694
Operating Hours Mon-Fri: 8am – 5pm
Review  “I’m vey happy with the tree pruning by Goodview. The service team is very professional, they removed the huge branch which was on the top part of the tree with little effort. Throughout the entire job, the team was friendly, efficient and detailed. They cleared out all the debris and cleaned up my garden. They did a great job, they totally exceeded my expectation. I strongly recommend Goodview to anyone who is looking for quality service. The charges is reasonable too.”


Stephen Caffyn Top Landscaping Services In Singapore

Landscaping Service

Stephen Caffyn Landscape Design

Speciality Landscape Architectural Consultancy Services
Address  47B Kreta Ayer Rd, Singapore 089006
Telephone (65) 6227 7152
Operating Hours Mon-Fri: 10am – 7pm
  • Outstanding Award – IFLA AAPME Awards 2018
  • Landscape Institute Awards 2018
  • Gold ABC Waters – Certification PUB 2018
Review  “Designs are absolutely phenomenal.”


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