Top Korean Language Schools in Singapore

top korean language schools in singapore

Korean language schools are mostly private schools run by locals who hire Korean natives to teach the language or even managed by Korean natives themselves.

Some headhunt teaching talent from top Korean universities. Teachers need to have their qualifications screened by Ministry of Education to gain permission to teach locally.

About Korean Language Schools in Singapore:

Students who have prior knowledge of Korean undertake placement tests to assess which grade or level they should take.

Certificates are issued to those who pass exams to indicate their language proficiency on the condition they meet the minimum attendance requirements.

Courses often cover conversational, business Korean and written Korean.

Sejong Top Korean Language Schools in Singapore

Korean Language School

Sejong Korean School

Speciality Sejong School is located close to Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Teachers are trained with the Sejong standard, unique to Sejong. Many students and alumni have vouched for its rigor, standards, and laud it for sensitivity to Singaporean context. Many examples are contextualized locally to facilitate comprehension. Teachers explain in English.

Services: Korean language teaching, Sejong standard, Localized curriculum, English speaking teachers, alumni commendation

Pricing Pricing:  Request a quotation and consultation:
Address 10 Anson Road #10-25 International Plaza Singapore 079903

80 Jurong East St 21 Devan Nair Institute for Employment and Employability (E2i) Singapore 609607

510 Tampines Central 1 Singapore 520510

Telephone +65-8688 8803
Operating Hours 11 am to 5 pm
Client Vanessa Caitlin Jayne, Meghan Chin, Poh Sam, Amy Kwek, Valerie Cher Goh
Review 1 Vanessa Caitlin Jayne

Nice and conducive environment to learn a new language. Close to the train station. Friendly teachers.


Seoul Korean Top Korean Language Schools in Singapore

Korean Language School

Seoul Korean Language Centre

Speciality Seoul Korea is newly opened. They promise interactive and conversational Korean lessons. Customized textbooks and online programs enhance the student experience. Free Korean alphabet Hangeul course and lessons to read and write Korean letters are provided online. Teachers are qualified and trained. Interactive lessons and class conversation for engagement are practiced.

Services: Korean Language Courses, TOPIK Preparation Class, Free Trial Lesson

Pricing $220-$288 for 12 weeks, excluding texts and course admin. fees
Address 208 Hougang Street 21, #02-209, Singapore 530208
Contact Tel: (+65) 9721-2433


Operating Hours 2.00pm to 9.00 pm
Review 1  “I’ve attended classes at different schools, and I must say SKLC is the best for me.Others wrote about Teacher Song’s patience and dedication to her students, so I will not repeat that.”This has to be one of the best Korean classes I’ve taken. After doing some online, this class was very fun! Not only were the materials good, but the teacher was also very engaging and made us use Korean more than I could ever have imagined!” – Alphonsus Yong
Review 2 “Thank you Seoul Korean Language Centre. Without a doubt, I will recommend anyone who wants to learn the Korean language to come here!”- Lilien Chen
Review 3 “I always want to master speaking and writing in Korean. When I happened to see the Seoul Korean Language centre near my home, that prompted me to go for the trial lesson. Immediately after the trial, I signed up for basic 1. Time flies I am now in basic2. Ms. Song has been very experienced and conducted every lesson with the first 15 mins running through revision. I guess she knew that we hardly have time from our busy schedule to do any revision. Ms. Song is always very patient and encouraging. Her tone, teaching speed, explanation are very comfortable and clear. Lesson was filled with a lot of interaction with classmates and full of laughter. Classroom size is conducive to enable each to be attentive and still focus, never have a moment where you will fall asleep. Look forward to continuing and complete till advanced stage, despite having a busy work schedule”
– Patricia Chew


EzSam Top Korean Language Schools in Singapore

Korean Language School

ezSam Korean Language School

Speciality ezSam is set by Korean natives who love teaching. It is also centrally located close to City Hall MRT. They prioritize professionalism, fun, engaging students and stretching student’s potential. They also believe in imparting knowledge cultural context like pop music, drama, dance, games, and food cuisines to enrich language learning.

Services: Native-speaking teachers, central location, fun lessons, maximizing student potential, cultural knowledge

Pricing $300-$380 for 8 weeks, $30 textbook
Address #09-09, The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street, Singapore 179803
Telephone Telephone: 9278 3262  /  9699 3326
Operating Hours Monday – Friday: 10:30 am to 9:30 pm

Saturday – Sunday : 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Review  Verina Dinata

I’m taking the Basic 1 class right now and am very satisfied with all the classes that I’ve taken so far! The teacher is very friendly and kind. She explains the class materials very well and makes it easy for us to understand. The size of the class is small which makes it conducive for students to learn and ask questions easily. I will be having my last class next week and will sign up to continue for the Basic 2 class! Really recommend this place for people who want to learn the Korean language! 😀


Hana Korean Top Korean Language Schools in Singapore

Korean Language School

Hana Korean

Speciality Alex Lim, founder of Hana Korean, believes in developing reciprocal relations with trust, with both clients and businesses believing in each other’s intentions and integrity for fruitful partnerships. Teachers at Hana are trained linguists with native proficiency. Classes are affordable without compromising quality. Small class sizes offer better teacher engagement.

Services: Trained linguists, Native speaking teachers, Affordable lessons, Quality lessons, Small class sizes

Pricing $250 for 8 weeks excluding materials and admin fees
Address 20 Kramat Lane #05-05, United House Singapore 228773
Telephone +65 6589 8674
Operating Hours 10 am to 7pm
Review  Goh Ching

You definitely will find the classes here at Hana Korean worthy of your time. The language is taught by skilled trainers. Even the schedules are flexible so you can choose the one that suits your business. I should know because I am a product of this prestigious school I signed up for the evening class because I had work during daytime. Even the manner we were taught to enhance our listening and understanding skills was so engaging, not to mention, effective.


Hanok Top Korean Language Schools in Singapore

Korean Language School

Hanok Korean Language School

Speciality  Lessons at Hanok are interactive, fun and activity filled. Going beyond linguistics, teachers also contextualize learning with examples from k-pop and k-drama, to engage student interest and apply linguistic ideas to real life or entertainment based contexts for lively conversation and learning. Vocabulary banks reflect latest trends for relevance, contemporaneity.

Services: Interactive lessons, Activity-based lessons, Cultural contextualization, Updated vocabulary banks, Conversational lessons

Pricing $290 for 10 lessons or 12 lessons, depending on level
Address BLK 133 JURONG GATEWAY ROAD #04-293 Singapore 600133

International Plaza, #03-55 Singapore 079903

Telephone 6564 1234
Operating Hours Monday to Thursday: 6PM to 10PM

Saturday to Sunday: 11AM to 4PM

Review  Florence Lai

My favourite place to go every Wednesday for my korean classes. Teachers are awesome and always make the lesson fun and easy to follow for all of us. We always enjoy every lesson and I want to complete as many levels as I can with the school. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Onlyou Top Korean Language Schools in Singapore

Korean Language School

ONLYOU Korean Language School

Speciality May Hanbyul, Park is the founder and principal of ONLYOU Korean Language School. Since 2010, she has extensive experience teaching Korean to foreigners and has obtained a Master’s degree in Korean language education.

We’ve gained our students’ trust over the years by providing high-quality Korean classes that are both effective and affordable.
From beginner classes to master courses, we have a wide range of classes to suit every student’s needs.

Pricing Foundation Course (Group)
Foundation class is for students with no prior knowledge.
It consists of 8 lessons and each lesson is held once a week (1.5 hours per lesson). The school fee is SGD 240 for 8 weeks.
PRICE: SGD240Regular Course (Group)
Regular class is for students who have learned Korean or have prior knowledge.
Each lesson is held once a week and one lesson lasts 1.5 hours.
The school fee is SGD 240 per term for 8 weeks. (Printed and Online sub-materials are inclusive.)
Students may purchase the textbook which costs SGD 35 per level (eg. Beginner 1,2,3 – One textbook is used).
PRICE: SGD240/term

Private Course (1-to-1)
A private class is a one-to-one lesson with a native Korean teacher.
This course is recommended to learners who are not able to attend regular classes due to a lack of spare time.
Private classes are available for booking on weekday afternoons (Tue – Fri only).
This course consists of 10-hours lessons in a term.
1-hour per lesson, a total of 10 lessons for SGD 500 per term.
PRICE: SGD500/term

Address 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre #05-06/07 Singapore 588179
+65 8685 8365
Operating Hours
  • Tue – Fri: 2 pm – 9 pm
  • Sat – Sun: 10 am – 5:30 pm
  • Mon & PH: Closed
Review Sienna Qu

One of the best language school in Singapore I believe. Not only obtaining the sufficient knowledge and teaching skills, but our teacher is also very patient, experienced and easy to get along with. The class is very well organised & conducted, interesting yet efficient. Whenever you’re unable to attend the class, they try any ways to make it up for you in order for you to not left behind the others. One thing I like the most is the studying materials – apart from the textbook, learning and practice papers, you’ll get the access to an learning app on your phone for your revision and practice at home in the train or even on a holiday! All these are inclusive in the school fee! I would recommend this school to everyone especially to those working adults with a busy schedule. Try it and be my schoolmates🙃


Korean Explorer Top Korean Language Schools in Singapore

Korean Language School

Korean Language Explorer School

Speciality Korean Explorer plans lessons refecting the syllabus from Seoul National University. Teachers are native speakers. Teachers also speak English and explain and translate Korean terms in English. Teachers provide quality instruction. They help not just with basics but with comprehending nuances in Korean. The instructors are qualified with tertiary degrees.

Services: Korean lessons, Native-speaking instructors, English speaking instructors, Quality lessons, Qualified instructors

Pricing $380 for 10 lessons
Address 137 Cecil Street #07-04, Hengda Building, Singapore 069537
Telephone 65287918
Operating Hours 10 am to 9 pm
Review  Chin Chuanli

My respect and admiration for Korean Explorer cannot be expressed in words. The teachers make an impact on the life of the students. I will remember this experience for many years to come. Thank you for being the positive change in my life.


Ganada Top Korean Language Schools in Singapore

Korean Language School

GANADA Korean Language Center

Speciality GANADA Korean language center is located centrally in Bugis. They are qualified as language training providers and teachers are licensed. The lesson rates are competitive: $220 for 9 lessons. Basic conversation, understanding Korean popular culture through fun and engaging lessons are taught. Teachers are licensed tertiary trained Korean native professionals.

Services: Qualified training provider, central location, competitive lesson rates, Licensed, professional teachers, popular culture context

Pricing $220-$250 for 9 sessions
Address 420 North Bridge Road, North Bridge Centre #02-20 Singapore
Telephone +65 6336 4255
Operating Hours 5pm – 9.30pm (Monday to Friday)
11am – 5pm (Saturday)
Review  Shannon Andes

Currently Basic Level 2 at Ganada and I absolutely love it! Teachers are very sweet, funny and informative. I feel like i can really learn the language well. Will definitely continue my korean classes here. 🙂


iSpeak Korean Top Korean Language Schools in Singapore

Korean Language School

iSpeak Korean Language School

Speciality  iSpeak employs native Korean speaking teachers. The principal taught many years at National University of Singapore and NUS Extension, bringing  rich experience, Teachers are trained and licensed to teach Korean . Classes are lively, engaging, fun and entertaining with multimedia use. Classrooms are close to City Hall, Clark Quay MRT stations.

Services: Qualified teachers, Native-speaking teachers, Engaging lessons, Central location, Licensed teachers

Pricing $240 to $290 for 8 lessons, $130 to $160 for foundation classes
Address 1 North Bridge Road #15-09 High Street Centre Singapore 179094
Telephone +65 9117 5805
Operating Hours Mondays–Fridays : 6pm to 9:30pm

Saturdays : 10am to 6pm

Review  Ms Yoongle rated 5 stars


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Kimmy Korean Top Korean Language Schools in Singapore

Korean Language School

Kimmy Korean Language School

Speciality Kimmy Korean is run by a seasoned teacher who understands the challenges faced by local students. Accordingly, to cater to these needs, 2-3 students rather than large classes are conducted to give individuals greater attention. Thus, teacher student interaction is maximized and comfort and fun to engage students is practiced.

Services: Experienced instructor, local context, small classes, fun lessons, Interactive learning

Pricing Request a quote: 8862 1330
Address 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, Singapore 569933
Telephone 8862 1330
Operating Hours Monday – Friday 11:00 – 21:30

Saturday 10:30 – 17:00

Review  Yvonne Hong

Initially, I just wanted to learn some basic Korean for my Dec holiday to Korea but after attending Teacher Kimmy’s classes I’m so happy and always looking forward for her class👍. I’m a housewife and have not attended any classes for more then twenty year but she’s alway so patience and fun. Looking forward to continue with her after my holiday😊 파이팅 ~my Korea trip~ ❤️ 감사합니다 😘


inLingua Top Korean Language Schools in Singapore

Korean Language School

InLingua Language School

Speciality InLingua is a fully-fledged language school for foreign and international languages. Korean is offered, along with many languages. Courses are modular with morning, afternoon, evening time slots. Practical communication is emphasized. Classes are diverse enough for social, cultural interaction. Teachers are licensed and approachable. Textbooks and listening materials are used.


  • Group courses
  • Private courses
  • Academic courses
  • Business and occupational courses
  • Courses for teams and organizations
Pricing $390 for 10 lessons
Address 51 Cuppage Road #10-12, Singapore 229469
Contact Telephone: (65) 6737 6666
Operating Hours 8 am to 9 pm
Review Kookkik Soudachanh

My experience study in Inlingua is very satisfying, I have been attending my Chinese class as beginner and I am really enjoy study here. My teachers are native speaker who have professional skill and very patient. they help me a lot and also encouraging me to confidently speak. All staff are very friendly too, I would highly recommend.


Oxford Language Top Korean Language Schools in Singapore

Korean Language School

Oxford Language Academy

Speciality Oxford Language Academy is a fully-fledged language school for foreign and international languages. Korean is an option. A variety of Korean courses, including part-time private lessons for adults, and corporate lessons for businesses. English is the medium for instruction. Instructors are native Korean speakers and licensed Korean language trainers.

Services: Private lessons, Corporate lessons, English instruction, Native-speaking instructors, licensed instructors

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 15 Enggor Street #10-03 Realty Centre Singapore 079716
Telephone +65 6734 8734
Operating Hours 3pm to 8.30pm


Lingo Top Korean Language Schools in Singapore

Korean Language School

Lingo Language School

Speciality Lingo is a fully-fledged language school for foreign and international languages centrally located close to Bugis MRT. Their courses are designed for beginners with no prior Korean language knowledge. Trainers are licensed, native-speaking Korean instructors. Private classes, semi-private classes, group classes, corporate training and online learning are available learning options.

Services: Beginner’s classes, licensed instructors, native-speaking teachers, variable class size, online learning

Pricing $250 to $420 for 12 weeks
Address 87 Beach Road Chye Sing Building #03-01 Singapore 189695
Telephone 6253 3320
Operating Hours 9.30am to 9.30pm
Review  Ingrid;matchapeachu rated 5 stars


JSU Top Korean Language Schools in Singapore

Korean Language School

JSU Language School

Speciality JSU is centrally located next to City Hall MRT. Asian languages are their focus. Class sizes are kept small. They screen teachers for being specialists and qualified linguists. Course fees range from $95- $150 per hour. Lessons are registered for 6 month intervals. Materials are prescribed according to proficiency, varying.

Services:Trained teachers, Asian languages, Qualified linguists, Varied learning material, Small class size

Pricing $95-$150 per hour
Address 1 Coleman Street #02-25 The Adelphi Singapore 179803
Telephone 9236 5388
Operating Hours 10 am to 5pm
Review  Yoshie Osawa

5 reviews

(Translated by Google) This is the place to learn Chinese.


Spring Top Korean Language Schools in Singapore

website design banner

Korean Language School

Spring College International

Speciality Korean classes at Spring cater to those who would like to take up foreign language and learn more about the language. It aims to introduce the students to the new language and eventually enable students to communicate fluently in the language. Partner, group work are standard features of language classes.

Services: Language classes, Culture awareness, Conversation skills, Group work, Beginner lessons

Pricing Request a quote:
Address Blk 135 Jurong Gateway Road #03-327 Singapore 600135

Blk 512 Bishan Street 13 #03-526 Singapore 570512

Telephone 6896 0880
Operating Hours 8.30am to 6.30 pm
Clients Katy C, ji Bosh,Olivia Ang, Chew Amanda,Gary, Ellette L
Review  Vuong Nguyen

I have finished the Part-time Mandarin Course . Teacher Sun is very good in teaching Mandarin Chinese, she helped me a lot. I attended 10 lessons  (10 weeks) and now I can speak and listen to basic conversation in Mandarin Chinese. I think I will continue the course to next level. Many Thanks to teacher Sun.


SP Edu Top Korean Language Schools in Singapore

Korean Language School

Singapore Polytechnic

Speciality Korean 1 introduces participants to the Korean language and its use in everyday situations. Participants will be able to read and write the Korean alphabet. Emphasis will be given to developing participants’ speaking and listening skills to communicate in simple Korean. Participants develop basic reading, speaking, listening,writing proficiency in Korean.

Services: Korean reading, Korean listening, Korean writing, Korean speaking, Korean alphabet

Pricing $365- $684 for full course
Address Singapore Polytechnic 500 Dover Road Singapore 139651
Telephone 67751133
Operating Hours 8.30am to 5.30pm
Client Varun Kidalaya,Venice,SM Gusai,Radin Remi,Roy Chang
Review SM Gusai

Local Guide ・48 reviews

Great Institution for learning as well as personal development.


Agape School Top Korean Language Schools in Singapore

Korean Language School

Agape School of Education

Speciality Agape School offers language courses with Skills-future support. They observe the rise of Korean popular culture.  They offer business communications for those who seek to converse fluently with Korean clients. They also share cultural, historical, business contexts in class. Classes are tailored to meet individual needs. Teachers are licensed.

Services: Korean classes, Korean culture, Korean communication, Trained teachers, Business conversation

Pricing  $425 for full course
Address 153B Goldhill Centre, Level 3 Thomson Road, Singapore 307607
Telephone (65) 6222 2331
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 10 am to 10 pm

Saturday and Sunday: 9.30 am to 7.30 pm

Client Shafeena Bhanu,jy Lee,Trendy Tan,Seian Abe
Review Shafeena Bhanu

Conducive environment…friendly native teachers…and to add on…a good synopsis of the French Language is being taught at Agape School with fun and warmness!…I strongly recommend Agape School as the teachers focus on each and every student and ensure that they learn at the same pace!…I came to Agape with zero knowledge on French and now here I am…conversing fluently with my French friends!…What are you waiting for?…Enrol yourself in Agape School to get your fruit of sweetness of learning a new language just like me! J’ADORE AGAPE !!


Stanford Language Top Korean Language Schools in Singapore

Korean Language School

Stanford Language Center

Speciality Stanford Language Centre offers language courses for Asian languages. Their focus is on early language literacy and conversation such as Mandarin conversation and business conversation, for practical every day and business purposes. Classes are interactive and taught by licensed trainers. The courses assume no prior knowledge of languages, building foundations.

Services: Conversational skills, language basics, business communication, licensed instructors, early literacy

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 3 Coleman Street, Peninsula Shopping Centre, unit 04-18 Singapore 179804
Telephone +65 9737 9914
Operating Hours 10.30am to 9.00pm
Client Yo Say Kim, Evan 维藩, Sandy Choy, Stefanie, Charlie Pao
Review Evan 维藩

Local Guide ・21 reviews

Attended their Basic Thai class . Good experience. Staff are friendly and teacher is good. Value for Money .


Crystal Learning Top Korean Language Schools in Singapore

Korean Language School

Crystal Learning

Speciality Crystal Learning provides working knowledge of Korean. They are accredited with Skillsfuture for upgrading claims by employees. Trainers are licensed and have teaching qualifications. Business and recreational conversational skills are taught. Everyday, practical situations are role-played in conversation. Korean culture is also referenced for cultural relevance. K-pop, K-dramas are referenced.

Services: Korean conversation, Skillsfuture credits, Licensed instructors, Business communication, Popular culture contextualization

Pricing Request a quotation:
Address 20 Kramat Lane 05-05, United House Singapore 228773
Telephone +65 6222 0583
Operating Hours 10am to 8pm
Clients Willie Lee, Nicolas M, Flo Yeow, Edwin Kuniarnan
Review Flo Yeow

Local Guide ・2,093 reviews

I’m taking an individual 1:1 Advanced Business Mandarin class with this school, and my teacher is Li Jia. She’s super amazingly patient, and very caring for her students. High recommend her as a tutor!

That said, this school does various types of 1:1 and 1:many classes for 4 main languages: Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesian, Korean and one more.


Beacon Top Korean Language Schools in Singapore

Korean Language School

Beacon International College

Speciality The Korean Basic Course is designed to provide students with basic communication skills in the Korean language. The course aims to foster the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing with related content. The syllabus covers introduction of Han-Geul and Korean culture, basic Korean conversation, and Korean alphabetical writing.

Services: Basic Korean, Korean alphabetical writing, Korean culture, Korean conversation, Reading skills

Pricing Request a quote:
Address 70 Martaban Road Singapore 328667
Telephone (+65) 6338 5595
Operating Hours 9am to 8pm
Client Yaw Pat, Jinto Puthoor, skiller buster, Jayen Lee, Lee Tong
Review  Jinto Puthoor

Better place to start your career. Excellent facilities and faculties.

Sample costs

Basic Korean courses typically cost $290-$300 for 8 weeks or 2 months and textbooks typically cost $30-45 for a copy. Pre-intermediate courses are priced similarly.

Intermediate courses might cost $370-$380 for 8 weeks or 2 months. Pre-advanced courses cost the same. Advanced courses also are priced on the $370-$380 range and textbooks are the same cost, $30-$45 for all levels.

Benefits of Korean Schools in Singapore

Singapore has a significant Korean native population and enjoys good economic ties with Korea. As such, Korean restaurants, hairstylists, supermarkets, food outlets, clothes and fashion stores are common.

Many Korean migrants freelance as language teachers or do full time teaching as Singapore and Korea enjoy good trading ties and the demand for Korean is healthy enough for language schools to receive significant demand for language learning.

The popularity and mass appeal of Korean soap dramas, reality television, and music such as K-pop also piques Singapore interest in the language. Programs like the reality show Running Man are a mass hit as are K-pop groups like BTS. Korean dramas have a teeming fan base here and have almost as much appeal as Hong Kong and Taiwan dramas.

These factors heighten the interest in the Korean language, apart from the ordinary desire to want to speak Korean for business purposes or to communicate to Korean clients fluently in their native language as English is not widely used in Korea.

Trends in Korean Language Schools in Singapore

Many Korean schools are centrally located in Tanjong Pagar or City Hall to cater to those from the Central Business District seeking to learn Korean for business purposes.

Courses cover beginner to advanced levels and are taught via textbooks and workbooks. Courses are priced according to pace: regular classes, intensive classes of greater frequency to proceed in shorter time period.

Alternatively, private lessons are available for students who want to study the language at their own pace and without the constraints of adjusting to a classroom schedule. Such lessons also afford the learner more attention to their personal progress and individual needs.

Editor’s Note:

While every precaution has been made to ensure the accuracy and fairness of this listing, we acknowledge that they may be inaccuracies. Therefore, we urge you to contact the service provider above for the correct information and/or contact us with the correct information.

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