Top Korean BBQ in Singapore (Updated 2024)

Top Korean BBQ in Singapore

Venturing into Singapore’s vibrant dining scene reveals an exquisite facet of culinary culture: Korean BBQ. This form of dining transcends mere consumption, fostering unforgettable moments with loved ones. Renowned for its depth of flavors and the communal joy it brings, Korean BBQ is a cherished ritual among families and friends alike, offering a platform to bond over the shared act of cooking.

Within the mosaic of Singapore’s food culture, Korean BBQ holds a unique position, celebrated for:

  • The participatory nature of the meal, inviting guests to take the helm at the grill, ensuring each bite is cooked to personal preference.
  • The convivial ambiance, ideal for celebrations or casual get-togethers, elevating the simple act of dining into a communal feast.

At the heart of the Korean culinary renaissance, Korean BBQ shines, marked by:

  • The tradition of grilling a variety of meats, from succulent beef to tender chicken and pork, over gas or charcoal grills that form the centerpiece of each table.
  • The beloved Bulgogi, featuring marinated slices of beef cooked to perfection, embodies the harmonious blend of flavors that define this cuisine.

Navigating the rich offerings of a Korean BBQ restaurant, especially for newcomers, is made easier with a few pointers:

Deciding What to Order:

  • Begin your culinary journey with a choice of meat: beef, pork, or chicken, each offering distinct tastes.
  • The unmarinated pork belly serves as a wonderful introduction, offering a pure taste of the meat’s quality.

The Grilling Experience:

  • The raw presentation of meals invites diners to grill their selections, a task that can be entrusted to the skilled hands of the server for those less confident in their grilling skills, ensuring a delightful outcome.

Sides and Unlimited Refills – Banchan Delights:

  • A cornerstone of Korean dining, banchan, or side dishes, are served to complement the grilled meats, with some establishments offering limitless refills, enriching the dining experience.

While Korean BBQ offers a gourmet experience beyond simpler Korean fare, it’s notable that:

  • The premium nature of the meal reflects in its pricing, which varies across different establishments.
  • Opting for a communal dining approach not only enhances the shared experience but also presents a cost-effective strategy for indulging in this culinary delight.

Singapore’s Korean BBQ scene, with its emphasis on quality, tradition, and communal dining, invites enthusiasts and newcomers alike to delve into a rich tapestry of tastes and experiences, where each meal is not just eaten but cherished.


Here are the Top Korean BBQ in Singapore:

Top Korean BBQ in Singapore (Updated 2024) 1


Seoul Garden

About Nestled in the heart of Singapore, our restaurant celebrates the rich traditions of Korean cuisine, offering an immersive grill-and-dine experience in a contemporary setting. We pride ourselves on bringing families and friends together over delicious meals, fostering community and connection.
  • Community-Focused Dining: Our establishment thrives on the joy of communal eating, providing a warm space where every meal is a celebration with loved ones.
  • Authentic Culinary Experience: Delve into the authentic flavors of Korea, with dishes prepared using traditional recipes and techniques passed down through generations.
  • Innovative Setting: A modern ambience fused with cultural heritage, offering a dining experience that’s both inviting and exhilarating.
  • Marinated Delights: Savor the taste of our signature Bulgogi, marinated to perfection, offering a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate.
  • DIY Grill Experience: Embrace the unique do-it-yourself grilling stations, allowing guests to become chefs of their own culinary journey.
  • Vegetarian Options: A dedicated menu for vegetarians, ensuring everyone can enjoy the Korean BBQ experience, featuring plant-based dishes rich in flavor.
  • 200 Victoria Street, Bugis Junction #02-52, Singapore 188021
  • 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square #03-210, Singapore 039594
  • 4 Tampines Central 5, Tampines Mall #04-01, Singapore 529510
  • 930 Yishun Avenue 2, Northpoint City #03-05, Singapore 769098
  • 23 Serangoon Central, Nex #B1-34/35, Singapore 556083
  • 1 Maritime Square, Habourfront Centre #01-65/66, Singapore 099253
  • 63 Jurong West Central 3, Jurong Point #B1-45/46, Singapore 648331
Telephone (65) 6334 3339 (Bugis Junction Outlet)
Operating Hours
  • Daily: 11.30am to 10.30pm
  • Last Serving: 9.45pm
  • Seoul Gargen Hotpot
  • Two Hana
Review 1
“Price are reasonable and upgrade to premium buffet also no expensive. The soup base must add money too. Foods are fresh but not fantastic however taste are not bad.”
Review 2 “Different type of choices for all kinds of meats and also nice desserts served. Good choice to dine. Customer service oso not bad.”
Review 3
“Great variety of food. Big space. One table for a group of 3 person or less is recommended. Enjoy 🙂”


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8 Korean BBQ

About 8 Korean BBQ, launched at The Central at Clarke Quay, introduces a premium BBQ meat experience in a setting that blends sleek industrial design with culinary finesse. Renowned for its innovative 8 Colours Set, the restaurant serves an array of premium pork belly flavors alongside a selection of exquisite beef cuts, prepared and served by a proficient team dedicated to enhancing the dining experience.
  • Unique Culinary Concept: 8 Korean BBQ is celebrated for its pioneering 8 Colours Set, showcasing eight distinct flavors of pork belly that promise a gustatory journey for every diner.
  • Premium Meat Selection: The restaurant takes pride in its diverse offering of meats, including Argentinian Grass Fed beef, USDA Prime, and Japanese Wagyu, known for its unparalleled tenderness and flavor.
  • Expertly Curated Dining: With a focus on quality and service, diners at 8 Korean BBQ can expect an elevated dining experience, where each meal is expertly prepared at their table.
  • Signature 8 Colours Set: A culinary masterpiece featuring eight unique flavors of pork belly, from the rich and aromatic to the subtly spiced, catering to a broad palette.
  • Exquisite Beef Offerings: For enthusiasts of fine beef, selections include the luxuriously tender Japanese Wagyu, along with prime cuts of Argentinian Grass Fed and USDA Prime beef, each chosen for their distinct taste profiles.
  • Holistic Flavor Profiles: The menu is thoughtfully designed to include sides and sauces that complement the main dishes, such as the health-boosting Ginseng and the metabolism-stimulating Red Pepper Paste, enhancing the overall dining experience.
  • 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central #02-79/90, Singapore 059817
  • 1 Scotts Rd,  Shaw Centre #04-20/21, Singapore 228208
Telephone (65) 8692 1188
Operating Hours
  • Monday – Friday: 11:30am to 2:30pm, 5.30pm to 10.30pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 11:30am – 10:30pm
Review 1
“Surprisingly good and budget Korean food! I had the pork, which was pretty alright, but could have been more tender. For the overall experience of price, taste, and customer service (great cashier lady who was super nice), it gets a 5 star! Food taste, 4 star.”
Review 2
“Meat was fresh and well seasoned but the side dishes were a little too sweet for me. No rice provided. Cooking was done by their staff, they were friendly and attentive. We enjoy how our food is being cooked right in front of us. Nice dining experience.”
Review 3
“The outlet is spacious, food and makgeolli was delicious! They have different flavours of makgeolli. Wish to try other flavours during my next visit. Suggest you to make reservation first.”


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I’m Kim Korean BBQ

About Since opening its doors in 2014, I’m Kim Korean BBQ has become a beloved destination for those passionate about Korean cuisine, offering an array of tenderly-marinated meats and a wide selection of sides. Set against a lively backdrop inspired by K-pop culture, the restaurant promises an engaging dining experience that combines the thrill of grilling your own food with the pleasure of a varied, flavorful menu.
  • Community and Culture: At the core of our establishment is a vibrant atmosphere where guests can enjoy the latest K-pop hits while indulging in a feast that celebrates the communal spirit of Korean dining.
  • A Diverse Culinary Journey: Our extensive buffet menu includes everything from free-flow vegetables and seafood to soups and a rich variety of cooked Korean and local dishes, catering to all tastes and preferences.
  • Signature Dish: Don’t miss our I’m Kim’s Signature Korean Chicken Wings, a dish that has garnered acclaim for its unique flavor profile, created from our secret recipe.
  • Marinated Meats: Our selection includes meats marinated in unique blends, ensuring each bite is packed with flavor and cooked to perfection by you, at your table.
  • Extensive Buffet Selection: Beyond the grill, our buffet offers an expansive array of sides, including fresh vegetables, seafood, and a mix of Korean and local cooked dishes, ensuring a well-rounded meal.
  • K-pop Ambiance: The dining experience is enhanced by a dynamic K-pop culture setting, making each meal not just a culinary adventure but also a cultural immersion.
Address 1 Zubir Said Drive, School of the Arts #01-04, Singapore 227968
Telephone (65) 6238 7218
Operating Hours
  • Buffet Lunch: 11.30am – 3.30pm (Buffet Counter closes at 3pm)
  • Buffet Dinner: 5.30pm – 10.30pm (Buffet Counter closes at 10pm)
Review 1
“Meat was fresh and well seasoned but the side dishes were a little too sweet for me. No rice provided. Cooking was done by their staff, they were friendly and attentive. We enjoy how our food is being cooked right in front of us. Nice dining experience.”
Review 2 “Good variety of cooked food and BBQ meat. Dinner options are better for those who prefer more meat dishes. I don’t think they serve seafood though. Staff are attentive and friendly. Restaurant is usually packed and busy, so it’s better to make a reservation especially during dinner times.”
Review 3 “Ate here for countless times, good Korean BBQ buffet at an affordable price. Student price available too. In addition to the wide selection of meat, there’s also cooked food, noodles, Korean chicken wings, and a soups. The soups are surprisingly great. Wide selection of condiments too.”


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Top Korean BBQ in Singapore (Updated 2024) 2


Chang Korean BBQ

About Chang Korean BBQ, nestled in Dempsey Hill, offers an unparalleled luxury dining experience, blending the essence of authentic Korean cuisine with premium BBQ and à la carte selections. This establishment is renowned for its dedication to preserving the authentic taste of Korean dishes, meticulously prepared by our professional Korean chef to ensure a culinary journey that is both genuine and exceptional.
  • Authentic Korean Flavors: At Chang Korean BBQ, the commitment to authenticity ensures that each dish reflects the true essence of Korean culinary traditions, offering a genuine taste experience.
  • Luxury Dining Environment: Set in the picturesque Dempsey Hill, our restaurant provides an upscale ambiance, perfect for special occasions, intimate dinners, and corporate gatherings.
  • Health-Conscious Menu: Catering to the wellness trend, Chang BBQ introduces a selection of organic and vegetarian options, aiming to please even the most health-conscious diners.
  • Exclusive Premium BBQ: Savor the flavors of our premium BBQ selections, where quality meats and vegetables are grilled to perfection, offering a melt-in-your-mouth experience.
  • Organic and Vegetarian Dishes: Our specially-designed menu includes a range of organic and vegetarian dishes, ensuring that every guest finds something to suit their
Address 71 Loewen Road, #01-01 Singapore 248847
Telephone (65) 6473 9005
Operating Hours
  • Lunch: 12:00pm to 3:00pm (last order by 2:30pm)
  • Dinner: 6:00pm – 10:00pm (last order on Sun-Thu by 9:30pm / on Fri-Sat & PH by 10:00pm)
Review 1
“Atmosphere was great for group gathering and food was pretty decent although it was on the pricier side.”
Review 2 “Tried Ginseng Chicken not too bad. BBQ pork ribs is nice and juicy.”
Review 3
“Always great service! Good quality beef….short ribs are phenomenal!!!”


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Guiga Korean BBQ

About Guiga Korean BBQ Restaurant, located on Tanjong Pagar Road, offers a unique blend of traditional and modern Korean BBQ dining experiences. Renowned for its wide array of marinated meats and distinctive dishes, this restaurant provides a cozy atmosphere for diners to explore the rich flavors of Korean cuisine.
  • Culinary Excellence: Guiga is celebrated for its commitment to quality, serving a variety of meats marinated in traditional Korean styles, ensuring a rich and authentic taste.
  • Ambiance: Nestled in the heart of Singapore, the restaurant boasts a welcoming and contemporary interior, providing the perfect setting for both casual dinners and special occasions.
  • Innovative Menu: Offering specialties like raw marinated crab and beef tartare bibimbap, Guiga introduces diners to unique aspects of Korean culinary culture.
  • Marinated Meats: Guiga stands out for its extensive selection of marinated meats, including the highly praised prime beef rib and black pork collar, promising an unforgettable grilling experience.
  • Unique Dishes: The menu features rare finds such as raw marinated crab and beef tartare bibimbap, catering to adventurous palates seeking to explore diverse flavors.
  • Renovated Space: Following recent renovations, Guiga boasts an updated interior that enhances the dining experience with a fresh and modern vibe.
Address 134 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088538
Telephone (65) 6221 3001
Operating Hours
  • Monday to Friday: 11am to 3pm, 5pm to 11pm
  • Saturday: 11am to 1am
  • Sunday: 11am to 12am
Review 1 “My favourite korean bbq! The sauces are addictive and the sets are great value. I love that they often provide ‘service/free’ items (probably when you get the set?) like steamed egg. The raw marinated crab is a unique experience.”
Review 2
“Excellent service and great value for money.”
Review 3 “Super delicious Korean bbq with high quality meat, great service, and plethora of veggies side dishes including kimchi, macaroni salad, and sweet potatoes. The kimchi pancake was some of the best we’ve had in Singapore. Will definitely be back.”
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Top Korean BBQ in Singapore (Updated 2024) 3


Nanta BBQ

About Founded in 2014, Nanta BBQ pioneered a contemporary approach to Korean BBQ in Singapore, infusing modern twists without straying from the authentic essence of Korean cuisine. Under the guidance of Mr. Kim and his team of skilled chefs, the restaurant offers a culinary exploration that harmonizes Korean flavors with local preferences.
  • Innovative Culinary Approach: Nanta BBQ stands out for integrating modern innovations with the traditional Korean BBQ experience, ensuring a unique dining encounter.
  • Expert Culinary Team: Led by Mr. Kim, our chefs bring extensive experience to the table, crafting dishes that resonate with both traditional and contemporary tastes.
  • Focus on Local Palate: Tailoring the authentic Korean cuisine to suit local preferences, Nanta BBQ has carved a niche in Singapore’s competitive dining scene.
  • Premium Meat Selections: Our BBQ menu features top-tier A5 Wagyu Beef and Aged Kurobuta Black Pork, promising an unmatched quality in every bite.
  • Aged to Perfection: We pride ourselves on dry-aging our meats for 40 days, a meticulous process that enhances the flavors, setting us apart from other Korean BBQ joints.
  • Binchotan Charcoal Grilling: Utilizing Binchotan charcoal, known for its ability to cook meat evenly while imbuing it with a subtle, smoky flavor, elevates the dining experience.
Address 175 Thomson Road, #01-175, #01-177 Goldhill Centre, Singapore 307624
Telephone (65) 6258 1391
Operating Hours
  • Monday – Sunday: 11.30am to 2.30pm, 5.30pm to 11.30pm
Review 1 “Not bad at all! Real Korean and price to portion was good. All this for $60 all in for 3 people. We were quite full too ! Beef wasn’t bad but the bibimbap bowl could be hotter. I’d come back to try more and the BBQ items. They gave lots of side dishes! Didn’t check out drinks but will do later and update accordingly for pricing.”
Review 2 “Good Korea juicy meat to share with friends or families. Best to reserve if you are coming at peak hours. Need to grab waiters attention as no bell to call them.”
Review 3 “You dont have to grill the meat yourself… it’s all done by the kitchen… No smokey and greasy smell when you walk out of the place. Pretty reasonable price. They offer a few sets for sharing. Grilled samba pretty good (not those old and dry fish). I love Korean steamed eggs!”


Top Korean BBQ in Singapore (Updated 2024) 4


Seorae Korean Charcoal BBQ

About Since its inception in April 2007 in Seorae Village, South Korea, SEORAE Korean Charcoal BBQ has evolved into a premier Korean BBQ chain, recognized for its expertise as a pork rare-cut specialist. The brand is celebrated for offering an authentic taste of Korean BB
  • Global Presence with Local Flavor: SEORAE’s expansion to over 300 outlets worldwide, including 6 in Singapore, showcases its global appeal while maintaining the unique flavors that cater to local tastes.
  • Rare-Cut Speciality: Known for specializing in rare pork cuts, SEORAE brings exclusive offerings like the Hangari Dry-Aged Samgyeobsal and Iberico Rare-Cut Tasting Platter to the Singapore market.
  • Innovative Aging Techniques: Introducing the first-ever fermentation dry-aging innovation in Singapore, SEORAE sets new standards in enhancing the flavor and texture of its signature meats.
  • Hangari Dry-Aged Samgyeobsal: A pioneering offering in Singapore, this Duroc Chestnut Pork Belly undergoes a unique fermentation dry-aging process, enhancing its flavor and tenderness.
  • Iberico Rare-Cut Tasting Platter: A selection of the finest cuts from Iberian pork, showcasing the premium quality and exquisite taste of SEORAE’s offerings.
  • SEORAE Signature Galmaegisal: The pork skirt, a rare and prized cut, marinated and massaged by hand for unparalleled tenderness and juiciness.
  • 68 Orchard Road, #02-01 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839
  • 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #B1-10 Jem, Singapore608549
Telephone  (65) 9181 2709 (Plaza Sing)
Operating Hours
  • Sunday – Thursday :  11.30am to 10.00pm
  • Friday – Saturday:  11.30am to 11.00pm
Review 1 “Service was fast and the eatigo discount was even better! The meat itself is pretty affordable, got a really filling meal for $32 which I think is pretty alright! Would come back again for Korean BBQ if I’m in the mood for Korean BBQ! Recommended!”
Review 2
“Came here for the eatigo 50% promotion. My friends and I enjoyed the food so much! Very friendly and helpful staff, food came really quickly, and very decent Korean food.”
Review 3 “Crowded place. Reservations are a must. Very good quality meat. Both beef and pork. Can add on for wagyu beef. Promo set dinner is very worth for 4-5 people. Can choose between all pork or beef or mix of both. Each set includes pancake, soup and rice.. Now promo includes free soju! Very worth.”


Superstar K Korean BBQ


Superstar K Korean BBQ

About Founded in 2004 as a modest food court outlet, Superstar K has evolved into a distinguished destination for Korean BBQ enthusiasts in Singapore. With a commitment to creating memorable dining experiences, Superstar K combines the finest culinary offerings with an intimate atmosphere, all located in the heart of Tanjong Pagar, a renowned haven for Korean cuisine lovers.
  • Pioneering Presence: Established over two decades ago, Superstar K has been at the forefront of introducing authentic Korean BBQ to Singapore’s vibrant food scene.
  • Exquisite Culinary Experience: Beyond exceptional cooking, the restaurant is dedicated to providing an unforgettable dining experience through a combination of premium dishes, a cozy ambiance, and strategic location.
  • Authentic Korean Fare: Specializing in both traditional Korean charcoal BBQ dinners and delightful lunches featuring Bibimbap, Kimchi Soup, and Saba, catering to a variety of tastes and preferences.
  • Traditional Korean Charcoal BBQ: Emphasizing the authentic flavors of Korea, the BBQ dinner is a highlight, offering a selection of meats grilled over charcoal for that perfect smoky taste.
  • Lunch Selections: A diverse lunch menu that includes favorites like Bibimbap, Kimchi Soup, and Saba, providing a quick yet satisfying taste of Korean cuisine.
  • Cozy and Authentic Setting: The interior is thoughtfully designed to evoke a “true blue Korean experience,” complemented by round tables that foster a communal dining atmosphere.
  • 75 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088496
  • 98 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088519
Telephone (65) 6224 0504
Operating Hours
  • Monday – Sunday: 12pm to 2pm, 5pm to 11pm
Review 1
“Set lunch value for money. Tried the army stew. Though they say can feed 2 pax but I think the portion is good for 3-4 pax. The kimchi pancake is very good!”
Review 2
“One of the lunch spots nearby office, one raffles place. Side dishes are quite nice and main not bad. Always crowded during lunch time during weekdays.”
Review 3
“Food is authentic and nice with reasonable price. I like the cold ramen set.”


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Supulae Korean BBQ

About Supulae, a distinguished Korean BBQ restaurant located on Tanjong Pagar Road in Singapore, has quickly become a cornerstone for authentic Korean cuisine in the area. Since its inception, Supulae has been dedicated to offering its patrons an unforgettable culinary journey, melding traditional Korean flavors with premium ingredients against the vibrant backdrop of Tanjong Pagar.
  • Embodiment of Korean Tradition: Supulae is celebrated for its unwavering commitment to traditional Korean BBQ, inviting diners to immerse themselves in Korea’s rich culinary heritage.
  • Strategically Located: Situated in the bustling neighborhood of Tanjong Pagar, the restaurant is a sought-after destination for both locals and visitors craving an authentic Korean BBQ experience.
  • Excellence in Ingredients: The use of high-quality meats, including US Prime Beef and Japanese A5 Wagyu, underscores Supulae’s dedication to delivering superior dining experiences.
  • Select Meat Offerings: The menu features standout selections such as US Prime Beef and Japanese A5 Wagyu, elevating the standard for quality and taste in Korean BBQ.
  • Unique Marinated Crabs: Among its notable dishes, Supulae’s Spicy Marinated Crab and Soy Sauce Marinated Crab offer distinctive tastes that have garnered widespread acclaim.
  • Genuine Korean Dining Experience: Supulae prides itself on creating an authentic atmosphere, complete with a cozy interior and exceptional service from its fluent English-speaking Korean staff.
Address 80 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088501
Telephone 65 (6225 2248)
Operating Hours
  • Sunday – Thursday: 5pm to 1am
  • Friday – Saturday: 5pm to 4am
Review 1
“Very nice place to eat Korean BBQ while in Singapore! Very cosy restaurant, amazing food and friendly people. Would recommend this place to others. Been to similar concepts in other places and here the smell is not even bad, given that everything is cooked at the table. A place to visit again!”
Review 2
“Enjoyed a delicious meal here… great quality food (A++++ meats), welcoming and friendly service and a warm ambience. Highly recommend and will visit again!”
Review 3
“Stumbled upon this hidden gem when travelling with hungry friends. Excellent food and atmosphere. Customer service is great and we all left happy and satisfied.”


Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ digital marketing


Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ

About Ssikkek Korean BBQ, nestled in the Oriental Plaza of Singapore, is celebrated for its expansive all-you-can-eat buffet that encapsulates the essence of Korean culinary tradition. Offering a flat rate for adults and children, this establishment welcomes diners to indulge in an unlimited feast of Korean BBQ favorites every day, including pub
  • Unbeatable Value: A fixed price point for both adults and children makes Ssikkek an attractive option for family dining without surprises.
  • Buffet-Style Dining: An all-you-can-eat format invites guests to explore a wide range of dishes, from marinated meats to traditional Korean sides, in a limitless manner.
  • Welcoming Atmosphere: Situated in the heart of Singapore within Oriental Plaza
  • Extensive Selection: Diners at Ssikkek are treated to an abundant selection of meats and sides, ensuring a comprehensive taste of Korean BBQ cuisine.
  • Quality Ingredients: Despite the buffet setting, Ssikkek does not compromise on the quality of its offerings, serving fresh and well-marinated meats prepared for the perfect grill.
  • Friendly Service: The staff at Ssikkek are known for their attentive and friendly service, making diners feel at home and well cared for throughout their meal.
  • #01, 291 New Bridge Rd, 01 Oriental plaza,  Singapore 088756
  • 231 Bain St, #02-01, Singapore 180231
  • 44 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088465
Telephone (65) 6220 7119
Operating Hours
  • Monday – Thursday: 5.30pm to 11pm
  • Friday – Sunday: 5pm to 11pm
Review 1
“I love this place as there is no time limit for the dinner buffet. The quality of food is good. The place is clean and the staffs are all attentive to clean and change the grill plate. Worth for money $28.25 (after++)”
Review 2
“Decent quality at great price.”
Review 3
“Cheap and good. Value for money.”


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Top Korean BBQ in Singapore (Updated 2024) 5



About OBBA, a distinguished Korean BBQ and Jjajang restaurant chain, has etched its name in Singapore’s culinary landscape by offering an original Korean taste across multiple locations in Tanjong Pagar, Bukit Timah, and Amoy Street. Founded by CEO JaeKyoung Han, OBBA is committed to delivering authentic Korean cuisine, incorporating traditional recipes and techniques to ensure a genuine dining experience.
  • Authentic Korean Flavors: OBBA prides itself on serving dishes that embody the essence of traditional Korean cuisine, focusing on authenticity and quality.
  • Multiple Locations: With outlets strategically located across Singapore, OBBA ensures that lovers of Korean food have easy access to their favorite dishes, from BBQ to Jjajang.
  • Experienced Leadership: Under the guidance of CEO JaeKyoung Han, OBBA has grown to become a beloved name among fans of Korean cuisine in Singapore.
  • Korean BBQ: OBBA’s BBQ offerings stand out for their authentic flavors, with a menu that includes a wide range of meats marinated in traditional Korean style, grilled to perfection.
  • Jjajang Dishes: Besides BBQ, OBBA offers a variety of Jjajang (black bean sauce) dishes, providing a taste of Korea’s beloved noodle and rice meals that are hard to find elsewhere.
  • Quality Ingredients: Dedication to using high-quality, fresh ingredients ensures that each dish served at OBBA is not only authentic but also exceptionally flavorful.
  • 63 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088484
  • 19 Cheong Chin Nam Rd, Singapore 599743
Telephone (65) 6463 9262
Operating Hours
  • Monday – Sunday: 12pm to 11pm
Review 1
“I love the good here. I saw many koreans eat here and it means authentic taste from Korea.”
Review 2
“Super authentic K bbq! It will give you the feeling of being in Korea.”
Review 3
“Great Korean food. Decently price and the food are quite good. The staff are polite, efficient and professional.”


Oppa Korean BBQ digital marketing


Oppa Korean BBQ

About OPPA Korean BBQ, a beloved destination for Korean cuisine enthusiasts, has expanded its presence with a new location at the REDI shopping mall, adding to its already popular spots in Kaisaniemi and Kluuvi. Offering a rich selection of Korean BBQ favorites, OPPA is dedicated to providing an authentic dining experience, complete with a diverse menu that caters to various dietary preferences and allergies.
  • Expansion and Accessibility: With three convenient locations, including the latest addition at the REDI shopping mall, OPPA Korean BBQ is more accessible than ever to diners looking for authentic Korean flavors.
  • Authentic Dining Experience: OPPA Korean BBQ prides itself on delivering a genuine Korean BBQ experience, inviting diners to explore a wide array of traditional dishes and flavors.
  • Consideration for Diners: Understanding the diverse needs of its patrons, OPPA Korean BBQ offers a menu that accommodates allergies and dietary restrictions, ensuring a welcoming dining environment for all.
  • Wide Selection of BBQ Options: From succulent meats to fresh vegetables, OPPA Korean BBQ’s menu is designed to offer something for every palate, highlighting the rich diversity of Korean cuisine.
  • Gift Cards Available: OPPA Korean BBQ understands the joy of sharing good food, offering gift cards that make perfect presents for friends and loved ones who appreciate the art of Korean BBQ.
  • Engaging Dining Atmosphere: Through a carefully curated video experience available on their website, OPPA Korean BBQ provides potential visitors with a glimpse of what to expect,
Address  2 Jurong East Central 1, #03-10 JCube, Singapore 609731
Telephone (65) 6339 5841
Operating Hours
  •  Monday- Sunday: 11.30am to 10.30pm
Review 1
“Little meat variety for weekday lunch but it’s cheap and unlimited. Be the first early crowd otherwise you’ll need to queue quite long to get a table. They’re opened without lunch break so you can have your BBQ lunch fix dun at 3pm. Any time before 4:30pm is considered lunch.”
Review 2
“Food is great! Service is great,
Smiling staffs= happy staffs. Given the price, everything’s great. Appreciate that they have the basket to put your bags in.”
Review 3
“The food is great, have a lot of choices. Value for money. Staff are helpful and very friendly especially Ella.”


Maru Korean BBQ digital marketing


Maru Korean BBQ

About MARU Korean BBQ Buffet, positioned as a premium family restaurant on Cheong Chin Nam Road in Singapore, welcomes guests of all ages to partake in a diverse and rich dining experience. Renowned for its expansive buffet that caters to a broad spectrum of tastes and preferences, MARU aims to provide an enjoyable and satisfying meal for every diner, highlighted by its commitment to quality and variety.
  • Family-Friendly Dining: Designed as a destination where families can gather and enjoy, MARU emphasizes a welcoming atmosphere suitable for guests of any age.
  • Diverse Menu Options: Offering a wide range of dishes, from marinated meats ready for the grill to a variety of side dishes, MARU ensures that there’s something for everyone.
  • Premium Quality: Despite its buffet format, MARU does not compromise on the quality of its offerings, striving to provide a premium dining experience.
  • Expansive Buffet Selection: A highlight of dining at MARU is the extensive buffet selection, featuring premium meats for BBQ, alongside Korean staples and innovative dishes that cater to diverse palates.
  • Outdoor Seating Option: For those who prefer dining al fresco, MARU offers outdoor seating, allowing guests to enjoy their meal in a different ambiance.
  • Convenient Dine-in and Pickup Options: Recognizing the varied preferences of its diners, MARU provides flexible dining options, including comfortable dine-in, breezy outdoor seating, and convenient in-store pickup.
Address 16 Cheong Chin Nam Rd, Singapore 599740
Telephone (65) 8183 4939
Operating Hours
  • Monday – Friday: 12pm to 3pm, 5pm to 11pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 12pm to 11pm
Review 1
“Nicely marinated meat, all the meat are tender and delicious. Love the spicy pork collar and marinated beef. Had a series of homemade cooked dishes which are awesome. Oh, and mozzarella cheese is a bonus. Selection is okay for me, quality-wise is good. Oh the only (-) point is that not much drinks avail.”
Review 2 “Great place, great atmosphere. Food selection isn’t too amazing but all the standard affair is here. Meats are all marinated well and are very tasty.
Price is fairly decent, $22.90++ weekday dinner.
Will surely be back.”
Review 3
“Great food and great service.”


Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ digital marketing


Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ

About Wang Dae Bak has carved a significant niche within Singapore’s Korean BBQ landscape, distinguishing itself with multiple accolades that affirm its status as a premier Korean dining destination. Since its inception, Wang Dae Bak has been committed to delivering an authentic Korean BBQ experience, featuring an array of traditional flavors and cooking techniques across its outlets in Cross Street, Amoy Street, and Holland Village.
  • Award-Winning Excellence: Recognized as the Korean Restaurant of the Year in both 2021 and 2022, Wang Dae Bak’s consistent quality and service have earned it a distinguished place in Singapore’s culinary scene.
  • Multiple Concepts: From Charcoal BBQ to Grill BBQ and Pocha BBQ, Wang Dae Bak offers a variety of dining experiences, each tailored to showcase the best of Korean cuisine.
  • Festive Offerings: Embracing the spirit of celebration, Wang Dae Bak introduces special festive sets, like the one featuring Truffle U.S Prime Sirloin and Spicy Iberico Pork Secreto, enhancing the communal joy of dining.
  • Charcoal Grilled Delights: The Charcoal BBQ concept emphasizes the authentic Korean grilling experience, using premium meats for a distinct, smoky flavor.
  • Innovative Menu Items: Apart from traditional BBQ, the restaurant delights patrons with creative offerings, such as the Festive Set, which combines luxury and tradition in a meal designed for sharing.
  • Authentic Korean Atmosphere: Each Wang Dae Bak outlet is designed to transport diners to Korea, with decor and ambiance reflecting the country’s vibrant dining culture.
Address 122 Cross St, #01-64 China Square Central, Singapore 048421
Telephone (65) 6225 2646
Operating Hours
  • Monday – Saturday: 11.30am to 2.30pm, 5.30pm to 10.30pm
  • Sunday: 11.20am to 2pm, 5.30pm to 10.30pm
Review 1
“Very good BBQ and nice free flow of side dishes. Must try their seafood pancake (so big) and rice balls.”
Review 2
“They actually have many seats but there is still a long queue during lunch hours – that’s how popular they are! Not difficult to see why – their lunch sets are priced reasonably and the refillable appetizers are pretty good. Will recommend the bulgogi beef rice topped with cheese.”
Review 3
“Food was not too bad. I like the spicy marinated chicken. Free flow of side dishes. Great food overall. Not too smoky.”


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Pujim BBQ

About PUJIM BBQ, nestled on Amoy Street in Singapore, is celebrated for offering a premium Korean BBQ experience, along with authentic dishes inspired by the coastal city of Busan in Korea. Emphasizing high-quality meats and traditional flavors, PUJIM BBQ has quickly become a must-visit destination for both aficionados and newcomers to Korean cuisine, open every day, including public holidays, from late afternoon to night.
  • Focus on Quality: PUJIM BBQ is distinguished by its commitment to high-quality meats, ensuring a superior dining experience.
  • Authentic Busan Flavors: The menu includes authentic dishes from Busan, offering a taste of Korea’s coastal culinary traditions.
  • Convenient Dining Hours: Catering to diners looking for evening meals, PUJIM BBQ operates exclusively for dinner, making it an ideal spot for both casual dinners and special occasions.
  • Premium Korean BBQ: The cornerstone of PUJIM BBQ, their Korean BBQ, features select quality meats, marinated to perfection, ready to be grilled at the table.
  • Busan-Inspired Dishes: Beyond BBQ, the menu offers a variety of dishes that pay homage to Busan’s rich culinary culture, providing a unique dining experience.
  • Strategic Location: Situated at 82 Amoy Street, PUJIM BBQ benefits from being in a vibrant area, making it a convenient choice for both locals and tourists seeking authentic Korean cuisine.
Address 82 Amoy St, Singapore 069901
Telephone (65) 6224 1588
Operating Hours
  • Monday – Friday: 11.30am to 2.30pm, 5pm to 11pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 5pm to 11pm
Review 1
“Great place to indulge in Korean bbq. The meat is great. The best thing is that the wait staff cooks for you and the meat is done perfectly. Take the membership – you won’t regret it. Will definitely go back again.”
Review 2
“Great food choices with premium meat offerings. The food is generally on the pricey range but well worth for what you paid for. Lovely place to come if you want to splurge a bit on good BBQ. Overall a nice experience.”
Review 3
“Really nice banchan.. like the kimchi, sausage, and anchovies.
Ordered sundubu jjigae.. it was good and so comforting. I recommend this korean restaurant. :)”


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