Top Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Top Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Fancy some sushi?

We had to do a little research to find out what are the most popular Japanese restaurants in Singapore. We had to consult with the likes of Yelp to come up with the list.

The list ranges from some hidden spots in Singapore’s laneways to giant names such as Rakuichi in Dempsey to Megumi at Joo Chiat Road.

What’s the Typical Menu in a Japanese Restaurant?

You’d expect a Japanese restaurant to serve a variety of Japanese foods. But that’s almost never the case. What we have is speciality Japanese restaurants, such as a Japanese restaurant serving sushi only, yakitori only, and tempura only.

Rarely do you come across a Japanese restaurant that offers a broad selection of Japanese foods. But that’s not to say that such restaurants don’t exist.

Plus, their cuisines are distinctly regional. Meaning, they’re each identified with a particular region in Japan: Akita, Hokkaido, Kyoto, Gunma, and so on. One meal, such as noodles, can be served with different ingredients and different broths.

What’s so Special about Japanese Food?

Japan sits in second place as the country with the highest life expectancy, next to Spain. One reason for this is the food they eat

The Japanese diet is based around healthy eating, and not just taste as with many of the foods people eat nowadays. Japanese are also disciplined. So, expect them to eat what’s good for them instead of what they feel like eating.

Health Benefits of Eating Japanese Foods

Japanese foods have been linked to a string of health benefits.

Rich in Nutrients

Nothing like junk food in traditional Japanese diet. Naturally, their foods are rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin A, C & E.

Vegetable Dense

Their foods are also vegetable dense, often cooked in dried fish, dashi, and sea vegetable-based stock. This enhances their flavour and reduces their volume, which makes it a whole lot easier to consume them in large amounts.

Their Foods will Improve your Digestion

Vegetables, fruits, soybeans, and fruits are naturally rich in fibre, which aids with digestion. There’s, therefore, reduced risk of constipation. The food also contains lots of soluble fibres that fill your gut with beneficial bacteria, thus reducing the space that harmful bacteria could have used to multiply.

Promotes healthy Weight

There’ll be nothing like belly fat after eating Japanese foods. Their foods tend to be loaded with vegetables, and are naturally low in fat and sugar. They, therefore, have a very low-calorie count, which works to prevent you from gaining unnecessary weight.

Safeguard you Against Chronic Diseases

Traditional Japanese foods naturally safeguard you from chronic illnesses such as heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.

That’s because they’re naturally rich in green tea, soy, vegetables, fish, and fruits – with extremely low amounts of added fats, sugar, and animal protein, all of which help to boost your immune diseases and keep chronic diseases at bay.

Common Japanese Foods that You Can Order

Sashimi and Sushi are the most common Japanese foods outside of Japan. But they’re not the most common dishes among Japanese people.

Wildly more common among Japanese are rice, noodle dishes, and meat dishes such as tonkatsu.

It’s to be, however, noted that the Japanese have some of the most varied diets you’ll ever come across.

Mitsuba Top Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

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Restaurant Name


  • Donburi Set Lunches
  • All-You-Can-Eat Ala Carte Buffets
  • Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice-Cream
Pricing Click here to view
Address 6 Eu Tong Sen St, The Central #03-88, Singapore 059817
Telephone (65) 6227 0388
Operating Hours Mon-Thurs:
11.30am – 2.20pm
6 – 9.20pmFri-Sun:
11.30am – 2.20pm
5.30pm – 7.20pm
8pm – 9.50pm
Review 1 “Been visiting here for the past 3 years. Fresh thick cut sashimi is really good. They have been adding new items to their menu which is really nice. Food standards are also maintained and did not disappoint during my visits there. Highly recommended!” – Lim.H
Review 2 “Celebrated my girlfriend’s birthday here. Good variety of choice in their Ala-carte buffet! Portioning is done appropriately and the food taste fresh and appetising. Will definitely be back again in the future.” – Zac.P
Review 3 “I dined in for Thursday dinner, had the ala carte buffet. Sashimi is served fresh, grilled food comes HOT, service is quick but food may take a while during peak.” – Donovan.F


rakuichi Top Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Restaurant Name


  • Fresh Seafood
  • Sashimi
  • Bento Sets
Pricing Click here to view
Address 10 Dempsey Road, Dempsey Hill #01-22, Singapore 247700

1 Seletar Road, Greenwich Village #02-12, Singapore 807011

Telephone (65)  6474 2143
Operating Hours Lunch: 11:30am to 2:30pm
Dinner: 6:00pm to 10:00pm
Review 1 “Absolutely love the sashimi because it is very fresh and really nice to taste and they have this soup that is a bit sourish to taste but is very appetising. Love the food they serve which includes both raw and cooked food so I guess there is something for everyone. Overall, great experience, would recommend.” – Mellow
Review 2 “The sets listed towards the back of the menu are fantastic value compared to the ala carte items in the rest of the menu. Great attentive service on a Saturday lunch, food quality was satisfying and portions were decent. Like many other reviews, I definitely recommend the aburi sushi. Will consider returning for special occasions!” – Aburi Sushi


Megumi Top Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Restaurant Name


Speciality Services:

1) Megumi Japanese Restaurant is a family favourite and go-to place for
Japanese cuisine for over 17 years due to their premium quality sashimi
and affordable value set lunch options.

2) When dining at Megumi Japanese Restaurant, it’s simply hard to resist
their popular- favourite Ebi Gyoza and their hot local creation, the
‘Shiok’ Ramen.

3) If you love sashimi or wish to taste a wide selection of heartwarming
Japanese cuisines in one visit, why don’t head yourself to Megumi
Japanese Restaurant?

Pricing Click here to view
Contact 6243 0700


Operating Hours
  • Mon-Sat: 11am – 10pm
  • Lunch: 11:30am–2:30pm
  • Dinner: 5:30–10:30pm
Review 1 “Thick sashimi slices. Tasty Japanese food. The service staff is polite and prompt on serving the customers. Seems like they have many regular customers where the managers and staff are able to even address by name. Highly recommended if you are looking for fresh and good quality sashimi restaurants in the East. The only downside is that the price is a little bit high. Otherwise, superb place!” – Brendan.L
Review 2 “Highly recommend the butter fish sashimi and the foie gras teriyaki. Both are outstanding and reasonably priced.
Sashimi slices are very thick, and fresh. The hand rolls are generous in portion as well.
Service is prompt and polite.” – Michelle. Y
Review 3 “Nice Jap restaurant with good selection of bento boxes. The Megumi Bento comprising fresh shasimi, saba fish, tempura and tice is a good selection. Good place to go.” – Derrick.L


sen of japan Top Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Restaurant Name

Sen of Japan

  • Barachirasi
  • A5 Wagyu Steak
  • House Special Grilled Chicken
  • Snapper Special
Pricing Click here to view
Address 10 Bayfront Avenue, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands #01-86, Singapore 018972
Telephone (65) 6688 7426
Operating Hours Mon-Sun: 11.30am – 11pm
Review 1 “Food was excellent. Sashimi was succulent and came in generous thick cut slices. Wagyu A5 steak came almost well done when ordered Medium (no hint of red), but was still tender and flavoursome. Black soy cod and Unagi bowl were also very tender and tasty. Matcha lava cake was pretty good too, though the exterior could be more moist. Service was affable and prompt, and ambience was also good. Fine dining prices, but very reasonable after Amex discount.” – Sihan.G
Review 2 “Nice food, Nice Ambience, Nice Service Staff! Highly recommended. Must try their A5 Wagyu Steak, Sen Sashimi Moriawase and Umeshu Raisin Cheesecake!” – Rene.R


en sushie Top Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Restaurant Name

En Sushi

  • Chirashi
  • Signature Moriawase
  • En Salmon Sashimi
Pricing Click here to view
Address 112 Middle Rd, Midland House #01-00B, Singapore 188970
Telephone (65) 6259 8548
Operating Hours Mon – Sun: 11am – 10pm
Review 1 “Great place for dons, sushi and Maki rolls. Having been here a few times, the food has been consistently good for the price with their chirashi Don and alacarte sushi coming in at great value. They have a big menu so I’ve yet to try all their dishes but over the past visits, I’ll definitely be coming back for more.” – Anselm
Review 2 “Value for money. The chirashi don comes with huge slices. Yummy” – Mark.C
Review 3 “Extreme value for money. had the chirashi don and was pleasantly surprised by the huge chunks of fish slices served. on top of many others. will recommend it to friends for sure.” – Josiah.L


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keisuki Top Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Restaurant Name

Ramen Keisuke

Speciality The Biggest Ramen Chain in Singapore
  • Lobster Broth
  • Flavoured Eggs
  • Black Spicy Tori King Ramen
  • Tan Tan Mien
  • Tonkutsu(pork-based) Ramen Soup
Pricing Click here to view
  • 65 Ubi Road 1, #01-92 Oxley Bizhub, 408729
  •  80 Marine Parade Road #B1-18A Parkway Parade, 449269
  • #02-391/392 Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038983
  • 26 Sentosa Gateway #B1-219/220 Singapore 098138
  • 1 Tras Link #01-15 & #01-19 Orchid Hotel Singapore 078867
  • 60 Paya Lebar Road, Paya Lebar Square #01 02-04 & #B1-16, Singapore 409051
  • 10 Anson Road #01-02 Singapore 079903, International Plaza
  • 2 Jurong East Central 1 #B1-18/19-8 Singapore 609731
  • #03-15 100AM 100 Tras Street Singapore 079027
  • 158 Rochor Road Bugis Village Singapore 188433
  • Clarke Quay – 3C River Valley Road #01-07 The Cannery Singapore 170922
  • 8 Grange Road, #01-03 Cathay Cineleisure, Orchard Singapore 239695
  • 16A Lor Mambong Singapore 277677
  • 11 Kee Seng Street #01-01 Singapore 089218
  • 201 Victoria Street #04-01 Bugis+ Singapore 188067
Telephone (65) 6636 0855
Operating Hours Click here to view operating hours
As Featured On
  • NYLON Magazine
  • Time Out Singapore
  • Her World Singapore
  • Weekender Media
  • CNA Lifestyle
Review 1 “Great ambiance. Good food, ordered full toppings, portion was relatively big. Reasonably priced, friendly staff. Free hard-boiled eggs and beansprouts. Definitely worth a visit” – Ming Tai
Review 2 “My favorite tonkotus ramen place…I love the broth plus you get free supply of hardboiled eggs and beansprout side dish.” – Glen.G
Review 3 “I love their rich broth (really has the prawn/lobster umami taste) and ingredients such as the prawn balls and bamboo shoots. Their noodles are thin and looks like a more healthy grain version, really delicious paired with the soup. Meat is chicken char Siew though would prefer if it’s pork actually. You get complimentary unlimited eggs and beans sprouts. No reservation though but they only admit you when whole group is present. Service is prompt and quick.” – Crystal.K


yamato Top Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Restaurant Name

Yamato Izakaya

  • Man Man Unagi
  • Tora Tora
  • Gozen Set Meals
  • Sushi/Sashimi
Pricing Click here to view
Address 65 Ubi Road 1, #01-92 Oxley Bizhub, 408729
Telephone (65) 6935 2925
Operating Hours Mon-Sun:

Lunch: 11:30am–3pm

Dinner: 6–10:30pm

Review 1
“Nice Chill out place & it’s spacious. Especially u can enjoy Man Man Unagi with no queue. And 2 others Famous Japanese Stalls – Hitoyoshi Ramen & Tora Tora.” – Ruth.T
Review 2 “Nice ramen. Delicious broth. The unagi is nice too. Place can be crowded, we prefer to go during off-pear hours. My kids love the fatty pork belly. Do order the gyoza too. Price wise, value for money and reasonable. Prompt service.” – Andy.L


pepper lunch Top Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Restaurant Name

Pepper Lunch

  • Premium Steak Sets
  • Japanese Sukiyaki & Teriyaki Sets
  • Teppan Pasta
Pricing Click here to view
Address Over 39 locations nationwide
Telephone (65) 6509 8644
Operating Hours Mon-Sun: 11am – 10pm
Review 1 “Good pls n good food. Special discount for senior citizens n students.” – Habib.M
Review 2 “Giant beef steak, tenderlish, soft and perfect for soft chewing. It’s a memorable experience.. it’s tasted like butter too” – Jesus.L
Review 3 “I’m the regular customer of Pepper Lunch. Highly recommend salmon pepper rice with cheese, beef pepper rice and pepper steak. Honey brown sauce and garlic soy sauce are the essential sidekicks to Pepper Lunch’s food! I love the combination of salmon pepper rice with cheese and garlic soy sauce, it’s super yummy!” – Hagar.R


shinji Top Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Restaurant Name

Shinji by Kanesaka

  • Omakase Yume/Wa/Shin
  • Setsugetsuka Sushi Course Sets
  • Sushi Edomae
Pricing Click here to view
  • 29 Tanglin Rd, The St Regis Lobby Floor, Singapore 247911
  • 76 Bras Basah Rd, Carlton Hotel Lobby Floor, Singapore 189558
Telephone (65) 6884 8239
Operating Hours Mon-Sat:

Lunch: 12pm–3pm

Dinner: 6pm–10:30pm

Sun: Closed

As Featured On
  • Michelin Guide 18/19:

Awarded 1 Star

  • The Peak Magazine:

G Restaurant Awards 2018 – Award of Excellence

  • Best Asian Restaurants 18/19:

Gold Award (Carlton Hotel)

Silver Award (St Regis Hotel)

  • Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 
Review 1 One of my absolute favourite restaurants in the world! The quality of the food is outstanding and has been since I was first introduced to Sushi chef Yoshizawa! You will enjoy a heavenly dining experience if you book this chef! A very well deserved 5 * rating!” – Aggi.H
Review 2 “Authentic Japanese experience in Singapore. We had omakase and chef made everything infront of us, friendly yet gave us privacy.Making reservations is a good idea however we were able to walk in on a weekday lunch, but it got all filled up soon enough.” – Margoob.C
Review 3 “6 years after my first visit, the quality of ingredients, the presentation of each dish, ambience and service from the staff are still as sublime. impeccable!” – Weiting. H


magurodonya Top Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Restaurant Name

Maguro Donya

  • Maguro Yamakakae
  • Tako Kimchi
  • Hon Maguro O-Toro Sashimi
  • Bluefin Maguro Kamayaki
Pricing Click here to view
  • 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall #03-310, Singapore 038983
  • 7 Wallich Street, Guoco Tower #01-04, Singapore 078884
Telephone (65)  6684 5054
Operating Hours Suntec City:


  • Lunch: 11.30am–2pm
  • Dinner: 5.30pm–10pm

Guoco Tower:

  • Lunch: 11.30am–2pm (Mon-Sun)
  • Dinner: 5.30pm–10pm (Mon-Fri)
  • Dinner: 5.30pm – 9pm (Sat – Sun)
Review 1 The food was great and sashimi fresh and delicious. On top of that, the service impeccable and credit goes to the chef n service staff…i would highly recommend this place.” – Kevin.L
Review 2 Their tuna sashimi is a must try in this place! And the servings of their dish is good for two persons. Worth to try and visit.” – Molly. K
Review 3 “Good quality of otoro and chutoro served, if not the best! Good service by waitress. Raw sashimi is better than the cooked one. Will revisit.” – SH.N


akira back Top Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Restaurant Name

Akira Back

  • Truffle Tuna Pizza
  • Wagyu Beef Tacos
  • Salmon Sashimi
Pricing Click here to view
Address 30 Beach Road, JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach Level B1M, Singapore 189763
Telephone (65)  6818 1914
Operating Hours Mon-Thurs & Sun:
  • Lunch: 12pm–2.30pm
  • Dinner:6pm–10pm


  • Lunch: 12pm–2.30pm
  • Dinner:6pm–10.30pm
As Featured On 2019 Michelin Guide Singapore – Plate Michelin Restaurant
Review 1 “It was my first time here at Akira Back and it definitely exceeded my expectations. Anyhow, we ordered 15 of their dishes and those that had a fusion twist were delightful in terms of its flavours and presentation. It was truly a feast for the tummy and eyes!
The sashimi items were also wonderfully fresh and of great quality. ” – Jean.C
Review 2 “Great Service and food was good quality and delicious. Sashimi salmon super nice and creamy, yellowtail and snapper very fresh and Atlantic cod, crispy pork belly roll really good, main dish crispy cod fish, spicy king crab soup. Was great too. Yummy :)”-Sheryl.G
Review 3 “Reasonably priced Japanese fusion food. Highly recommend the truffle tuna pizza which was absolutely delicious.” – Angela.N


aoki - restaurant Top Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Restaurant Name


  • Nigri Sushi Jyo-Sen
  • Omakase
  • Taian Bento
Pricing Click here to view
Address 1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre #01-19, Singapore 228208
(65) 6333 8015
Operating Hours
Lunch:11.30am to 2pm
Dinner:6pm to 8pm
Sun: Closed
Review 1 “Aoki has got Japanese cuisine right. With an impeccable selection of the finest Japanese delicacies and excellent service, it is my go-to restaurant for a treat. However, do remember to call in advance to book a seat so that you would not be disappointed!” – Natalia.B
Review 2 “Splendid Japanese meal here at Aoki! 🙂 We came here for lunch on a weekend. Ordered teriyaki cod fish, fried scallop, sushi and bento set. All were yummy-ly good!” – Zhi.Y


hakumai Top Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Restaurant Name


  • Premium Koshihikari Sushi
  • Sushi Omakase
  • Hakumai Speciality Omakase
Pricing Click here to view
Address 10 Anson Rd, International Plaza #01-50A, Singapore 079903
Telephone 6224 4790
Operating Hours
Lunch:11.30am to 2pm
Dinner:6pm to 9.30pm
Sun: Closed
Review 1 “Amazing Omakase at Hakumai. Really fresh ingredient and very delicately presented! The food was amazing, every piece of sushi was like melting in the mouth, I highly recommend to try. The staff are very friendly and prompt in clearing our plates etc. Overall a good experience eating Omakase.” – Shawn
Review 2 “Omakase set is a must-try! Good service with really friendly waitresses. The quality of the food is top-notch and for that price, more than worth it.” – James.P
Review 3 “Best quality/price for Omakase experience. Good fresh fish quality and big portions.” – Javier. V


hashida sushi Top Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Restaurant Name

Hashida Sushi

  • Tachibana
  • Ayame
  • Tsubaki
  • Chef’s Omakase
Pricing Click here to view
Address 25 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 238969
Telephone (65) 8428 8787
Operating Hours Tues: 12.30pm – 7pm

Wed to Sun 12pm – 7pm

Closed on Mon

Review 1 One the few fine dinning Japanese restaurant in Singapore. I like the deco and atmosphere, a narrow walk way leading in to the main dinning area/sushi bar. There you will have the full view of how every dish is prepared. The ingredients is as fresh as it can get. And some aged. Service by the chef and service stuff are all attentive and great. Must try if you are a Japanese food lover.” – Alex. S
Review 2 “New larger place and a more relaxed Hatch! High quality ingredients with some focus on sustainability and new dishes. Go for omakase.” – Ron
Review 3 “Top notch Japanese dining.” – Michael.C


fukusen Top Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Restaurant Name


  • Daikon Salad
  • Tori-Kawa Age
  • Unagi Futo, Dragon & “Shiok” Maki
  • Saikoro Steak
  • Asari Garlic Butter
Pricing Click here to view
Address 33 Jalan Sultan, Hotel Clover #01-02, Singapore 198965
Telephone (65) 6291 4818
Operating Hours
Lunch:11.30am to 2.30pm
Dinner:6pm to 10.30pm
Review 1 “One of the best Japanese restaurant in terms of freshness and taste, but can be slightly pricey. Came here on Vday for a special menu. Amazing sashimi, esp the tuna belly. The sea urchin roe is fresh and sweet. Very clean and well decorated. Service is good. Definitely worth the price.” – Heng.T
Review 2 “We stumbled upon this restaurant a year ago and have been back several times. We experienced consistency in the food and service during all our visits. Momo and his team are great. The hand rolls, swordfish sashimi and salmon carpaccio are my favourite dishes. Keep it up!” – Praveen.K


watami Top Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Restaurant Name


  • Sushi & Skewers
  • Bento Sets & Rice Bowls
  • Grilled W Chicken
Pricing Click here to view
  • 180 Kitchener Rd, City Square Mall #03-53/55, Singapore 208539
  • 9 Bishan Place, Junction 8 Shopping Centre #01-33, Singapore 579837
  • 1 Vista Exchange Green, The Star Vista #02-16, Singapore 138617
Telephone (65) 6694 3643
Operating Hours Mon-Sun: 11.30am – 10pm
Review 1 “One of our favorite Japanese restaurants in town. Must try the wafu pizza with teriyaki chicken and pork – it will definitely be one of the best pizzas you have ever tried anywhere in the world – guaranteed! It even trumps the original Italian pizzas of some places. Another advantage of this place is it offers a wide range of Japanese dishes – takoyaki, tempura, sushi/sashimi, ramen, udon, katsu curry, hotpot, rice bowls etc., whereas most other Japanese restaurants focus entirely on either sushi or ramen or katsu curry. Very good location at Star Vista mall at Buona Vista, gets really crowded during lunch hours.” -Debsubhra. C
Review 2 “Really worth the monies spent. Ordered the hotpot set for 2 and ate to brim fully satisfied. Did not disappoint on all the dishes. The Gyoza’s were the first I had which is soft and melts in your mouth. The soup (Dashi) was delicious. Teriyaki chicken was tender and succulent. The boiled clams were also meaty. Overall a satisfying experience with Watami” – Julian.O


kinki Top Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Restaurant Name


  • Free-flow Buffet Style Brunch
  • All-Star Ninja Set Lunch
  • Golden Mentaiko Maki Roll
  • Hot Dynamite Sungarden Maki Roll
Pricing Click here to view
Address 70 Collyer Quay, Customs House #02-02, Singapore 049323
Telephone  (65) 6533 3471
Operating Hours
Lunch:12pm to 2.30pm
Dinner:6pm to 10.30pm
Sat &PH: 6pm – 10.30pm
Sun: Closed
Review 1 “Loved every minute of it. The salmon is out of this world. And kinki style okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza) was near divine with chunks of Hokkaido scallops, pawns and streaky bacon that’s generously topped with bonito flakes. So much texture and taste in every bite. Also loved the foie gras chawanmunshi. The egg custard was just right! Will be back soon” – Aditi.G
Review 2 “Fabulous food. Very popular and fills up quickly. Definitely to make reservations before going there. Love the set lunches and maki rolls.” – S.Wun


itacho sushi Top Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Restaurant Name

Itacho Sushi

  • Handmade Sushi Specialist
  • Kagoshima Double Wagyu Beef Roll
  • Rice Chirashi & Mini Rice
Pricing Click here to view
  • 311 New Upper Changi Rd, Bedok Mall #B2-42, Singapore 467360
  • 200 Victoria St, Bugis Junction #B1-05, Singapore 1880214
  • Tampines Ave 4, Tampines Mall #04 – 32, Singapore 529678
  • 180 Kitchener Rd, City Square Mall #04-11, Singapore 208539
  • 68 Orchard Rd, Plaza Singapura #02-35, Singapore 238839
  • 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard #B3-20, Singapore 238801
  • 1 Vista Exchange Green, The Star Vista #B1-12, Singapore 138617
  • 78 Airport Blvd, Jewel Changi Airport #B2-210, Singapore 819666
  • 10 Sinaran Drive, Novena Square 2 #02-85/89, Singapore 307506
Telephone (65)  6227 8911
Operating Hours Mon-Sun: 11am – 10pm
Review 1 “Must try Itacho sushi… very well presented and freshly prepare when order many different variety choice to savour this sushi experience at all Itacho outlets… simply well hygiene freshly prepare variety of stunning sushi presentation…” – Mike.N
Review 2 “One of the better tasting “more affordable” Japanese restaurant around. Always busy during dinner time so come early. ” – Nadja.Y


sushi tei Top Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

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Restaurant Name

Sushi Tei

  • Kagoshima Wagyu Steak
  • Dai Dai Roll
  • Eringi Wasabi
  • Spicy Tuna Salad Tobikko Maki
Pricing Click here to view
  • 78 Airport Boulevard, Jewel Changi Airport #03-209, Singapore 81966620
  • Cross Street, China Square Central #01-28/30, Singapore 048422
  • 118 Holland Avenue, Holland Village #03-04, Singapore 278997
  • 50 Jurong Gateway Road, JEM #03-18, Singapore 608549
  • 23 Serangoon Central, NEX #03-15/16, Singapore 556083
  • 930 Yishun Ave 2, Northpoint City #02-15, Singapore, 768019
  • 290 Orchard Road, Paragon #05-04/05, Singapore 238859
  • 252 North Bridge Road, Raffles City Shopping Centre #03-13/14, Singapore 179103
  • 64/64A Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555960
  • 10 Tampines Central 1, Tampines One #04-13, Singapore 529536
  • 301 Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Plaza #03-48, Singapore 574408
  • 302 Tiong Bahru Road, Tiong Bahru Plaza, #03-110 Singapore 168732
  • 1 Harbourfront Walk, VivoCity #02-152, Singapore 098585
  • 154 West Coast Road, West Coast Plaza #01-87, Singapore 127371
Telephone (65) 62431633
Operating Hours Mon-Sun: 11.30am – 10pm
Review 1 “Japanese Cuisine , Ricebowls , Sushi , Ramen , Skewer , Bento , Udon , Sashimi. Sushi Tei has an extensive menu offering fresh sashimi, sushi and many more signature Japanese dishes that are kept refreshed with the seasonal menu that features the season’s best produce skilfully interpreted through creative dishes like special makis. This is one Japanese restaurant which you must visit!” – YuLei.L
Review 2 “It’s a good restaurant where the food menu is extensive. One of the most popular Japanese restaurants in Singapore. This outlet of Sushi Tei is big and staff are friendly too.” – Kya.K
Review 3 “You will be spoilt for choice with the extensive selection on the menu. Prices are reasonable for the quality of food. The Sashimi served were fresh and of generous cuts. The squid was juicy and not overcooked. Love the fried chicken which was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The beef steak could be a little less salty. Quite a few Maki selections to choose from and we were not disappointed with ours. It was very crowded on a Friday evening so if you do not wish to queue for a table, you need to be there by 6pm. A very good experience here as the service staff was efficient and helpful.” – K.C


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the sushi bar Top Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

Restaurant Name

The Sushi Bar

  • Sirloin Steak
  • Hamachi Kama
  • Hand Roll & Sushi Roll
Pricing Click here to view
  • 10 Tampines Central 1, Tampines One #04-09, Singapore 529536
  • 391B Orchard Rd, Ngee Ann City #05-34/35, Singapore 238874
  • 14 Scotts Rd, Far East Plaza #04-28, Singapore 228213
Telephone (65) 8818 3535
Operating Hours
  • Tampines One


Lunch: 12pm to 3.45pm

Dinner: 5.30pm to 9.45pm

Sat-Sun, PH: 11.30am – 9.45pm

  • Ngee Ann City

Mon-Sun: 11.30am – 9.45pm

  • Far East Plaza


Lunch: 11.30am – 3.30pm

Dinner: 5pm – 9.45pm

Fri-Sun: 11.30am – 9.45pm

Review 1 “Wide variety of food. Chirashi don is very much worth the penny. Sashimi is pretty fresh too! The beef dish was the crowd favourite!” – Cynthia.L
Review 2 “Love the Chirashi and the aburi salmon 😘 so tasty” – Sion.W
Review 3 “Delicious fresh sashimi at decent prices. Quality is very consistent. It’s our regular haunt for sashimi and sushi. Oh ya. The rice is really good too.” – Desmond.L


Torio Top Japanese Restaurant

Restaurant Name

Torio Japanese Restaurant

Speciality Services:
  • Omakase
  • Teppanyaki
  • Sake Bar
  • Private Rooms
Address 50 Tiong Bahru Road, #01-01 Link Hotel, Singapore 168733
Contact  Telephone: (65) 6514 0115

Email :

Review 1 Do yourself a favour and visit this lovely omakase restaurant. The service is unmatched. The staff truly cares about your experience. The food is absolutely amazing, everything we tasted was so heavenly. Absolutely one of the top best omakase restaurant. Highly recommended! – Chua.C
Review 2 Amazing food and great service. Excellent quality seafood for a very reasonable price. Great value. One of the best Japanese restaurants I tried in Singapore. Will definitely come back!! – Anna.M
Torio has set the benchmark for exquisite Japanese course dining. Anyone looking for fresh fish, good sushi and authentic Japanese plates will not be disappointed. Leave it to the Chef and crew and you’ll be in for a treat. Reasonable prices too. Tan.CC


Restaurant Name

Peace Japanese Cuisine

  • Omakase
  • Best Wagyu Steak Winner
  • Singapore Food Masters Winner (Chirashi Don)
  • Best Takeout Award Winner
  • Okinawa Style Ramen.

Address 6A Shenton Way #03-20, OUE Downtown Gallery, Singapore 068815
Contact  Telephone: (65) 6694 0828

Email :

Review 1 Peace Japanese Cuisine is famous for their Japanese Waygu Steak, Omakase, Grilled Food, Pitan Tofu (rated best in Singapore) & Special Menu items. -LuxuryAsia
Review 2 Celebrated my wife’s birthday with an omakase dinner at Peace Japanese restaurant.Place is comfortably spacious and cozy.  Service crew were all friendly and prompt too.Chef-owner Simon greeted us just as we arrived. He introduced himself and made us feel very comfortable before proceeding to begin the omakase experience. It was an intimate experience with Simon checking in throughout the meal and also personally introducing his courses one by one as they were served. Loved how candid he is and his warm personality!Personally loved the special chilli served with his wagyu beef!Went again on another day for lunch and Simon warmly greets us while we had our Chirashi and Aburi Sake Mentai Don. Both portions were just right and delicious. Ingredients were fresh.Always felt very welcomed here.Last visited on Dec 2020. -Zax Ong
Review 3 Came here multiple times and love the cozy atmosphere and friendly boss! -Jolyn Khoo



Restaurant Name

Japanese/Unagi Restaurants

Contact Tel: 6732 1970



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